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  1. TRS did this in that Runan/Holmes/Enteh/Katri have about equal importance, while Sennet/Tia are pretty much heroes of their own stories. IDK about Berwick, though.
  2. One question I wanted to ask but never got the time... What's with Hector's DEF? Why is it green? Also, this one for SF in general, how do I increse max total size of files i can upload?
  3. Official Pull Topic

    So, made one last summoning from Tempest Trial's banner before it expired, the end result is weird Well, one Neph for the keeps, another for Wrath, AND Faye for Firesweep? Hell yeah. And it was a free summon to boot, so all that was from 3% chance. After that I blew 95 orbs on legendary banner. Got Legendary Ike (mb Warding Breath fodder?) and Legendary Lyn (I kinda need more greens, so it's good that I got her). I now kinda have every single Lyn EXCEPT base Lyn...
  4. Well, I think a "band-aid" change would be to make Aum 2-use - so that you can revive both Tiki and whoever dies in the prologue, otherwise you have to choose between either getting Norne and NOT going to 24x if you want no-one to stay dead OR you skip Norne and go to 24x - the only way to get both is to cheat another use into Aum. Still removes at least one of the prologue guys into the game until 24 (by which time they are basically useless), but better that them staying dead. Alternatively, add a second Aum to 24x somewhere.
  5. I don't know if this is a place to ask, but do you still need to lose someone in the prologue to get Norne?
  6. [non-hack] Micro Emblem

    I still have it. PM me if you need it.
  7. [non-hack] Micro Emblem

    I can send you the archive with the game, if you want.
  8. The Map Matchup Thread

    Uhh, what? I know, it uses slightly edited map of Proof of Power (aka Heroes Prologue Map 3). More correct would be saying it's based on Lefcandith Gautlet, much like how Warriors Map 6/7 notes they are based on A Brush in the Teeth/An Oasis of Magic rather than Return to Mystery/Wind and Light.
  9. [non-hack] Micro Emblem

    Famicom Wars - Mission BGM Type A. Mission BGM Type B also appears a few times.
  10. Dear Nintendo, 80 DOLLARS ARE NOT 80 EURO

    Yep, tried that. The thing is, I had to change Google Play's region, but for... reasons, I couldn't. So, there's that.
  11. Dear Nintendo, 80 DOLLARS ARE NOT 80 EURO

    As always, Russia get the worst deals. To me it seems like half the european countries can't use those gift cards (rememer when I won one in a giveaway here, and couldn't use it?) in the first place, hence why they are not sold there.
  12. Elibean Nights

    1) Not really... Surrendering means that Heath/Geitz don't die along with Raven, but that's about the best you can get out of it. 2) Use the matchmaker, and set Priscilla's pairing to be with Erk. Whoever is set to be with her will appear in place of Heath.
  13. Question about berwick saga

    Unless Japanese/Chinese guys made one then no. We did't even have translation until halfway through January. IIRC PS2 games are also quite resistant to being edited, and that gave Aethin some grief during the translation.
  14. FE7x: Immortal Sword - Part One Complete

    I don't think that's gonna happen unless you seriously grind him. One thing that really irks me is that you put recruitable chars (first Bennet, then Karin) in a situation where they get Reaver-WTD right off the bat. I mean, recruiting Bennet would've been much less of a pain if he had ANYTHING but an axereaver while being chased by mercenaries. Similarly, the first enemy Karin fights is a mercenary with Lancereaver, and even a prepromote has problems fighting with -40 Hit/-6MT (if I recall Weapon Triangle bonuses/penalties correctly). It's annoying as hell, especially since you can't quickly heal Karin after recruiting her since Renewal Staff can't do that. I hope this trend stops in later chapters. As far as I can see, Uther fall into the same hole Eliwood does - he is too balanced, which means he is liable to get RNG-screwed, especially with lower growths and no empty-level-protection.
  15. Berwick Saga Translation (Beta Patch Out!)

    This topic has GOT to be pinned.