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  1. Henry Appreciation Topic

    There are exceptions. Maerchen, for one, is irredeemable as -50 HIT RATE AND EVASION to all allies in 3 spaces. Though he is from TRS, not an FE game.
  2. Henry Appreciation Topic

    Oh god, that would be a team that JUST WOULD NOT DIE. Except Arthur
  3. The Map Matchup Thread

    Now that I look at the map... No mountains (there are in LHB) and the water is below the ruins (in LHB it's to the left). So...doesn't look like it.
  4. The Map Matchup Thread

    Sorry for double post... Someone on TVTropes stated that Lucina's LHB is Awakening Paralogue 7 (Noble Lineage). I don't have a map of the area, so I can't say. Datamined Tempest Trial's final map (Chaos Named) is Fates Chapter 5 (Mother), except looks like it did before the explosion.
  5. Fire Emblem: Order of the Crimson Arm

    If you're playing an emulator, then just move the save file from the directory with the old ROM to directory with the new one, and rename it to have the same name as the new ROM.
  6. TearRing Saga Prelude: Access Entire Game

    And it's there! You can enter Blaad at any time, and it will act exactly as you described. The boss moves in the final version. In fact, there's a unique cutscene if you win the chapter without killing the boss. I take it there's no Yth chapter or tower of Morse? I guess... bring extra door keys and have Alfred act as a door opener for the first three turns while hauling Runan, Holmes and Sennet to Gerxel? Also, is Sennet still there?
  7. Let's play FE Green/Midori, HM!

    Wait, Level 20?
  8. Not really. For example, you can have Lachesis buy the Return in Ch.2, then just have her and Edain repeadedly Warp/Return one another while your horses do things (because yes, it's one chapter where Horse Emblem shows its ugliness, and Lachesis suffers from three idiotic knights). By the end of chapter, Edain should be easily 20, and Lachesis should be close - no need to slow down at all. Then there's also the fact that NOTHING pushes you to actually end chapters fast - once enemies are gone, you have all the time in the world. Unless it's a draft. Then yeah, Horse Emblem. Ok, I'll stop that, it's a derail. The classes I really want back are brigands/pirates, actually playable soldiers (FE14 doesn't count and 15 they are a stepping stone on a road to Knight - and nobody ever used them because 4 move for the entire game sucks), and actually combat-able troubadours a-la FE4/5.
  9. The catch is that - either you fight untransformed, and you die without Earth support, because no speed or defenses (though WITH earth support that works really well, as long as you can deal damage EXP will flow), you fight transformed against enemies on your level, and got maybe 5 exp per kill, or you fight transformed against enemies of much higher level, and struggle for obvious reasons. Royals get the pass, since they don't need to get stronger. IMO that was the main problem with laguz in RD - the gauge is not as problematic, because Olivi Grass/Laguz Stones exist.
  10. This is also a game Return exists, and it's CHEAP to replair (only 5000), and it and Warp allow you to get healers up fast. AND it's also the game where Physic and especially Fortify give a ton of exp. On my play of FE4, Edain hit 20 about by the end chapter 2, Ethlyn about halfway through the same chapter, Lachesis by the end of 3, Lana i don't really remember - about end of 7, I think, and Coirpre was 20 by the end of his join chapter thanks to Fortify spam (though I'm sure he'd be worse off with any father other than Claud). Make the bonuses back to how they were in PoR, because there the laguz didn't die from a stiff breeze when untransformed. Get rid of transformation EXP penalty, that sucked SO hard. Definitely keep the untransformed counterattack. For varied gauge speeds - cats were too fast (they untransformed too quickly), dragons and ravens were too slow (took forever for them to transform without a Laguz Stone or Olivi Grass).
  11. The Map Matchup Thread

    EDIT: I'm an idion, don't mind me
  12. Chill skills IDK, but Ploys and Threatens might just work. DC and CC should be rare as hell if they are to appear. Or they should stay enemy only, as a bit of a "F*ck you, player".
  13. The problem with direct Speed minus Weight?

    Weapon Rank Bonus wants a word with you) It's one of the few things from Shadow Dragon that I really liked.
  14. Elibean Nights

    For Rath's tale, see my advice a few comments above (basically, ignore the chests and rush the level like crazy). I though Arch has fixed that bug? For Nino's... That's the first time I hear of the tale at all. Must be a recent version thing (I didn't play EN in quite a while). Unless you mean Louise's Tale (the assassination attemp on Pent in Douglas' mansion).
  15. Who's your best unit in any Fire Embem Game?

    FE3: Jubelo actually, his 50% magic growth really kicked in, and ended up being my best mage (and best unit period). A shame that both Merric and Linde have exclusive weapons, and in Merric's case, being necessary to get Elice back. FE5: Orsin/Finn/Machuya - I have a hard time choosing, all three of them ended up so goooood. FE6: Roy, of all people, by jackpotting the RNG roulette and capping Str and Def (and nearly capping Spd) before promoting. Enjoy your spotlight, cause you deserve it. Other that Roy, there's also Sue, who ended up maxing both SPD and Luck, hesulting in an unhittable, arrow spewing beast. FE7: Blegh. EVERYONE got screwed one way or another. Except Isadora, who at least avoided her usual stat problems, and got good. FE8: Bless the orange knight. That is, Amelia. FE9: Hard to choose, I'll just that say that it sure as hell NOT IKE (that 14 Str by endgame ffs). FE10: Fiona + Volug, the inseparable duo with about 100 avoid. I was pleasantly surprised by both. FE11: Frey, cause Frey SMASH. He ended up being my top guy. Sadly, he's beaten to death on Hard :( FE12: Phina, HOLY SHIT. She ended up with capped Str, Spd and Luck by about CHAPTER 16. Just HOW did she do that is beyond me. FE3DS - never played, cause I don't have a 3DS.