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  1. Fire Emblem Sacred Stones - Weapon Reversal

    Try Ocean seal? IIRC, Ocean Seal is one of promotion items that Master Seal can't substitute.
  2. The Map Matchup Thread

    Blegh Duma Mythic Hero Battle is obviously the final map of Gaiden/Echoes.
  3. FE6 Reverse Recruitment with Trial Map units

    *Looks at stats* Hector with a bow? Why not an axe? Also lol'd at Karel's bases. 4 base health? Speaking of, who uses Binding Blade, since SOMEONE needs to to open Zephiel'sMarcus' room?
  4. Fire Emblem: Order of the Crimson Arm(FinalVersion1.0 out)

    Does the game call it a "wall" or a "fence" in terrain window? If it's a "wall" then it's indoors wall, which are impassable for everyone (though why they are used here is anyone's guess). if it's a "fence" then we might have a bug here.
  5. What got you into Fire Emblem?

    Well I got into FE after I randomly ran into AbdallahSmash's LP of Awakening when browsing Youtube. At that time I was burned out from action games, so I decided to look into something slower paced. And when I finished with that LP, I decided to play other FE games. Suffice to say, I was sucked in and spent a LOT of time on it :) Although while it was an LP of Awakening that got me into this, I wasn't actually able to play Awakening (and Fates/SoV for that matter) until maybe 2 months ago, when I replaced my ond 32-bit system with 64-bit one, and got a hold of Citra.
  6. Aether Raids General Thread

    From what Maaka wrote earlier, that's only 1 lift per merge. Thank god the effect from merges is minor... At least I hope Maaka is correct :)
  7. [FE1] Fire Emblem: Ballistafest

    Oh thank god it's not in FE11. That would've been DISASTROUS!
  8. I'm guessing the difference is in the order of recruitment of certain characters. Specifically 3.2 considers that Eirika route is default in terms of who replaces who (for earliest example, Lute is replaced with Knoll), while Ephraim patch assumes that Ephraim route is default (for earliest example, Lute is replaced with Saleh). Anyone who is recruited before Repalced!Lute, as well as after and including Replaced!Myrrh are not affected.
  9. FE7x: Immortal Sword - Part One Complete

    Well, there WERE cases where knowing the character has good growths when it's not obvious is literally the only thing keeping them from reject pile - FE11 Wolf/Sedgar for example. Would you have even tried to use them, considering they are lvl3/1 prepromoted horsemen with about the same bases as Roshea (a Lvl 3 cav) and only very slightly better than Castor (who is a lvl 3 Hunter), without knowing how crazy their growth rates are? I wouldn't.
  10. How would you rank the FE lords?

    I think you meant FE4? His promotion in FE5 is IMO the weakest lord promotion in the entire series outside of Gaiden/Echoes (+1 Str/Mag/Skl/Spd/Def and THAT'S IT. Not even a Mov boost). Or possibly you meant that the game still considers him unpromoted even after he promotes? Binding Shield gets him +2 to all stats over caps, so it's kinda a very late promotion? His stat caps hurt him tho. Ok for the list of how they turned up to be gameplay-wise is... (never played 3DS games) 17) FE9 Ike: How many times can you lose a coin toss? If 32 out of 38 is your answer, then you can get what happened to Ike's Str. And with me stubbornly refusing to use Energy Drops on a fkin main character with 50% Str growth he ended up being pretty much unusable in the endgame. 16) FE11 Marth: It seems you still need to grow a few years before you get good at combat. Ended up being underwhelming in most stats, only having above average Skl. 15) FE2 Celica: Struggled through most of the game, being squishy as hell HP wise. After promotion she got more HP, but still remained quite risky to use. 14) Lyn: Got Def a grand total of TWICE in the entire game. Other stats were mostly good, but sorry Lyn, glass cannons are not my forte. At lest she got safer after promoting thanks to bows. 13) Eirika: Not as def screwed as Lyn, but still bad. Bonus points for the horse and much better endgame personal. 12) FE3 Marth Book 1/Eliwood: Holy crap the two ended up identical early game, and only sligly differed later on. Both had huge Def lead early on, but had bad Str, and mostly evened out later. Both also underperformed in the end due to below average personal weapons (Falchion just sucked in general, while Durandal's issues are widely known) 11) Micaiah: I don't like glass cannons, and she's the glassiest there is. Helped by the fact that she's a ranged attacker, and mostly shifts into support role in part 3. 10) Hector: Did anyone expect HECTOR of all people to get Def screwed? At least he got good Str and decent Spd to make him a good attacker, plus he got over his bad def in the lategame. 9) FE12 Marth: Average. Starts good, but that's all he remanied for the entore game - he didn't rise above "good". 8) Sigurd: His bases carried him for half his game, but his growths failed him - he really slowed down in Ch.4 and only picked up the pace after getting Tyrfing. Then he got the sun dropped on him. 7) Leif: Manster Escape is the time when he's God. After that he was just a really good Charisma-bot with Kingsword and his huge support pool. 6) FE2 Alm: Really good Ch.1, slowed down in Ch.3 until Royal Sword arrived, then got better. Then became "throw Alm at it and it dies, no questions asked', but a little too late. 5) Ephraim: Was great for most of the game, but 24 Spd/23 Def caps were problematic, not to mention he has next to no Res, and cound't fight Lyon due to Lyon oneshotting him if he hit. 4) Seliph: Really strong once he go over his shaky start. Starting with Ch.8 he steamrolled most things that got in front of him. 3) FE10 Ike: Surprisingly massive improvement over how he ended up in FE9. Must be the huge bases. 2) FE1 Marth: Wow Marth ended up being the wargod of FE1. Got really good in anything except Res (because only Gotoh is allowed to have Res in FE1). 1) Roy: Surprised? He stomped the game starting with about Ch.5, slowed down in Ch. 16 due to hitting the level cap. Then grapped the Binding Blade and started stomping again for the rest of the game. Must've stolen those levels from Ike :) the ONLY things he didn't cap in the end are Def and Res, and those ended up being very close to capping anyway
  11. Which free unit do you want to merge up?

    Wrong Heroes, man. The people here usually use either might OR magic :) Nice to see that we're actually getting a chance to finally +10 those guys. Now if only Askr tro could also be merged... For me the first will be Masked Marth, cause +7 already (missed the first 5* copy, damn you Dark Clouds over Awakening), then probably Camus, as he is one of my core PvE guys. Then I'll do the rest. Now, feathers are an issue...
  12. FE Shadow Dragon Gaiden Requirements Removal Patch

    I don't know, but try using Full Content Patch instead - it also fixes the bug with Ymir's movement, adds Prologue to Hard modes, allows recruiting Norne without killing units in the Prologue and adds Online Shop exclusive Items to the actual game. Although, for all I know, it can run even worse than this patch. Also, Necro :)
  13. FEE3 2018: Can't stop, won't stop!

    Man, check the video schedule on prev page. It's clearly noted that Immortal Sword will be showcased on Day 9.
  14. I believe Mr. Mister wrote something on ch. 1-2 crash earlier in the thread. Now I don't know if this can apply to your case, but it's worth a try, right?