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  1. Elibean Nights

    1) Not really... Surrendering means that Heath/Geitz don't die along with Raven, but that's about the best you can get out of it. 2) Use the matchmaker, and set Priscilla's pairing to be with Erk. Whoever is set to be with her will appear in place of Heath.
  2. Question about berwick saga

    Unless Japanese/Chinese guys made one then no. We did't even have translation until halfway through January. IIRC PS2 games are also quite resistant to being edited, and that gave Aethin some grief during the translation.
  3. FE7x: Immortal Sword - Part One Complete

    I don't think that's gonna happen unless you seriously grind him. One thing that really irks me is that you put recruitable chars (first Bennet, then Karin) in a situation where they get Reaver-WTD right off the bat. I mean, recruiting Bennet would've been much less of a pain if he had ANYTHING but an axereaver while being chased by mercenaries. Similarly, the first enemy Karin fights is a mercenary with Lancereaver, and even a prepromote has problems fighting with -40 Hit/-6MT (if I recall Weapon Triangle bonuses/penalties correctly). It's annoying as hell, especially since you can't quickly heal Karin after recruiting her since Renewal Staff can't do that. I hope this trend stops in later chapters. As far as I can see, Uther fall into the same hole Eliwood does - he is too balanced, which means he is liable to get RNG-screwed, especially with lower growths and no empty-level-protection.
  4. Berwick Saga Translation (Beta Patch Out!)

    This topic has GOT to be pinned.
  5. Berwick Saga Translation (Beta Patch Out!)

    WHOA, Holy crab! Berwick Saga is one game that I really wanted to play, but couldn't due to not knowing japanese, and not trusting myself to play in the blind. I'm DEFINITELY watching that stream.
  6. What skill? Wildheart reduces stats from transforming, not from leveling up, if you meant it. And from part 3 onward, you aren't even forced to keep him Halfshifted all the time, he can transform normally even with Wildheart equipped. That is, unless Dunal changed how Wildheart works. Also, AFAIK, Leo is MUCH better here than in the normal FE10, you shouldn't have let him die.
  7. FE7x: Immortal Sword - Part One Complete

    Why not? I admit, she's not very good (for a bishop), but an extra body is an extra body) She is in the house, where a party member notes that "it's locked", you have to enter it with Eliza.
  8. New Teased Modes - Discussion

    Town building - depends on how they implement it, the rewards it provides, and how much paying in real money it requires :D Real-Time PvP - again, depends on implementation. It would work if there are objectives to fulfill, rather than just straight up slugfest like Fates, but given Heroes' small scale, that would be wishful thinking. Co-op - Real-Time Co-op doesn't sit too well with me - that needs communication, which Heroes are currently lacking. But something like, "you pick one hero, your friends give you the rest" might be pretty fun) Sleep advancement - as long as it does not require an app being on the entire time - I HATED that Bravely games required that you stay in the game to advance Norende/Fort Luna and ESPECIALLY SP (i mean, sleep mode only, bummer for Citra-users). Also I wish that they make the entire game movable to SD card - otherwise 8GB phones (like mine) will be eventually unable to update it (I mean, I ALREADY get "not enough space" errors with just FEH and Viber installed - fkin unremovable apps)
  9. The Map Matchup Thread

    Raven/Lucius BHB is Whereabouts Unknown (FE7 Ch16E/17H), directly below the part used for 3x-3.
  10. FE7x: Immortal Sword - Part One Complete

    I'll just say for all - 1x is to not let the boss open the chest. 4x is either visiting all houses in 4 or getting Ella (you DID get her, right?), can't say the exact requirements, 7x is to not let any green units die. As for ranking requirements... it's possible, I S-ranked it.
  11. Didn't he note that he boosted certain units' love growths? It might be that.
  12. The Map Matchup Thread

    From what was datamined about upcoming Tempest Trial, it's final map is Awakening Ch.6 (Foreseer), except all festive.
  13. Well, the mini TT might've also been an apology for all the problems of the first TT (I mean, you had to spend ALL stamina you got during that TT on it to get all rewards). As for GHB reruns, I'm still waiting on Xander/Camus coming back. I mean, FRobin/Narcian/Michalis were on their... fourth run? IIRC, and all others except Arvis were rerun at least once (even fkin Berkut who is only useful for his lance and Ward Cavalry, while being an absolute bitch to get). They're not even the top Cavalry dogs anymore, with Sigurd/Fury 6 Eldigan/Brave Roy being better Sword Cavs than Xander
  14. Which language do you play this game in?

    Well, it's not THAT bad... but it's like they looked at SC2 translation, and decided "Let's make a better translation than that" and failed at actually doing it. IMO, it's is on about the same level as 7Wolf's Brood War translation. Tbh, it's not like i'm any good at judging translations, unless they REALLY screw it up (i couldn''t unhear russian voices in Silent Hill 3 for several days after finding english voiced version)
  15. Which language do you play this game in?

    Well, I'm playing in English. Why is it that you can choose Russia as a region, but there is no russian language. Even it were there, I'd be afraid of how they would butcher the terms (i'm still reeling from awful SC Remastered localization) And yes, english is my secondary, but I usually play games in english because, well, awful localizations, or no localization at all.