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  1. Legendary Hero Battle of God, White Sage - Tiki

    I FINALLY cleared Infernal Tiki with 30 minutes left :) Swapping out Camus for Cecilia ended up being the dealbreaker - it took me a few tries to remember how TA+Raven (or in this case Trilemma+Raven) works, seeing as how I never used the combo before. Also Gunnthra gets respect points for ORKOing Tiki on turn one and saving me a lot of headache later on.
  2. Yeah I probably made it bad. To be honest, I didn't think much before writing. Mb that's why I forgot the debuffs. Let's try again: Saizo's Star - 14 MT - After combat, inflicts Atk/Def/Res-7 of target and all enemies within 2 spaces of target. Grants unit and all allies within 2 spaces of unit Atk+7. Bigger (de)buffs, compared to Peshkats, but no spd debuff, and only buffs are to Atk. Also, Atk +7 might be a bit high, since the the highest buffs yet are +6,
  3. Actually let me try that... Saizo: Flame Shuriken - 14 MT - After unit initiates combat, unit and all enemies within 2 spaces of unit take 10 damage. Refine: Poison Strike 3. Basically simulates Saizo's personal from Fates. Allows him to act as a huge out-of-combat damage dealer, similarly to Pain. Notably the weapon's effect is centered on Saizo himself, and not the enemy. Possibly still not as good as Pain Razzle-Dazzle
  4. Fire Emblem: Requiem - V1.4 is up

    You have to open them with switches on the map. Look for tiles of slightly different color inside the fortress, then put a unit on them.
  5. Summoner wishlist, who you want to summon

    I really need some of the newer Legendaries - i'm kinda getting tired of getting L!Ikes and L!Grimas, I have 3 of both. The most recently released legendary that I have is Lyn ffs. I don't even have a single Fire legendary, so I'm hoping to get Hector here. Annd of course I get yet ANOTHER L!Ike from 95 orbs from one red summon I did after all the blue/green sniping.
  6. How's your luck in Heroes?

    Pretty good. Most notably Arrival of The Brave banner where i got both Ephraim and Celica in the very first summon. Then I got two more Celicas (for DB4 fodder), though i would've appreciated getting Hector or Veronica instead. Other than that I get most of my 5* via off banner drops. Except seasonals, where I get one, maybe two.
  7. Create a Skill

    Fastball - Assist. Pushes an ally 2 spaces away. Enemies adjacent to pushed ally take 7 damage afterwards. Basically an upgrade to Smite. The damage is minor, so it's usefulness will be limited. More of a "for fun" skill, though it can also be used to troll things like QR or Guard off of armors. Dragon Ward/Divine Shield - Special, 3 charge (both). If foe's range = 1 (Dragon Ward)/2 (Divine Shield), reduces damage taken by 30%. If foe activated a special with the same attack, reduces damage to 0. An upgraded Buckler/Holy Vestments. The complete negation on special block is powerful, but hard to time, since it procs against regular hits too.
  8. I take it he does NOT retain Distant Counter? Tell it to Summer's Breath - FOUR effects (Dragon effectiveness, Def/Res damage switch vs 2-range, Breath-like special charge and Def +3)
  9. The Map Matchup Thread

    Oops? To be honest, it did resemble the part of the game i proposed, but now that I see the area you shown, it's a much better fit.
  10. The Map Matchup Thread

    New TT map is FE4 Chapter 5 (Doors of Destiny), specifically approach to Lubeck castle.
  11. Try to set the patcher to ignore the checksum. Just backup the ROM beforehand.
  12. FE8 auction #4: Seth enters the Matrix

    It warps the unit anywhere you point to within Mag/2 radius. Your guys need more magic to really make use of Warp, Knoll is unlikely to ger to A Staves within aunless you really abuse staves, and your Natasha has blegh magic. That 0 luck though. He must be secretly a morph
  13. He doesn't even need to fit those - transformed and untransformed laguz use different class descriptions.
  14. FE8 auction #4: Seth enters the Matrix

    IMO you should've went Ephraim route, cause earlier Duessel. Other suggestions - not deploy one of the non-combatants, or take Saleh penalty.
  15. Ugh. Why does the game not allow itself to be put on an SD card? I dread the next update, as I'm afraid I won't have enough memory to install it Also, why is it when I personally counted all the apps with more than 1 MB in size the took 2.6 GB, but the phone says it's 4.7 GB?