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  1. Waste of Feathers ---> Major Success

    I don't really have anything that fits this bill per-say; I upgraded Camilla (who seems to be a fairly unpopular unit in these parts, although she isn't uncommon) a while back and she has easily one of my most used units for the better part of the last 5 months. I also 5-starred Corrin-F a little while ago (who everyone seems to agree is quite a good unit, but she never seems to see any actual use), but I haven't gotten around to kitting her out since then, mostly due to real or imagined competition from my girl Nowi.
  2. Official Pull Topic

    I'm not 100% sure about Lyn, but +Atk, -Spd seems a little better. -Atk leaves her with 24 base attack (before taking into account weapon might), which for context is 1 point lower than neutral Caeda. The extra speed has nice synergy with the Sol Katti's effect however, as 40 speed will double a lot of units and Lyn can normally take a hit to get into that range in the first place. On the other hand, +Atk, -Spd leaves her with the same offensive spread as neutral Marth, which is nothing to scoff at. It's up to you. When it comes to Marth, I would argue that +HP, -Atk is preferable, as Marth can't really afford to drop to 31 speed. I don't know if -Atk Marth loses out on any essential KOs though, so I suggest looking into that
  3. Official Pull Topic

    Someone (I believe eclipse) said that the very worst thing you can do in a game like this is setting expectations. Now matter how much planning you do for a summoning banner, luck can and will render your preparations moot, especially when the odds we are talking about here aren't that high to begin with. This is just part and parcel of this genre of game. With that being said, you have my sympathy for your unsuccessful summoning efforts (even if I agree with Vaximillian and Kiran that you got quite a nice selection of units as compensation). There is nothing wrong with declining to invest your time and/or money into such an unreliable experience, and hopefully you enjoy your time spent away from the game ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Anyway, I like rolling the dice far more than I probably should, so here goes another summoning session thanks to the Xenologue/Tempest orbs. Round 46 Pulls The Tempest Trials were significantly kinder in terms of orb yield than I was expecting; without taking into account the potential for the 1 billion point orbs, I should be fine for another summoning session as long as I can I get to 7000 points by the 13th... What a challenge that'll be :P
  4. What units do you use the most?

    Some of my go-to units include the likes of Nowi, Camilla, Priscilla, Klein, Ike, Azura, and Hector. I've also been rocking Sharena + Nino in the arena as of late because it is incredibly difficult to make a semi-defensive team work with vanilla units in the current meta. Honorable mentions go to Effie, Tiki-Young, and Lucina, as they were staples of my team in months past that just don't really fit my team-builds at the moment. HM List
  5. How many 5 star units do you have?

    After a bit of a shaky start, the bride banner has been quite kind to me thus far. Summoned 5* Units (23): Marth (+HP, -Res) Tiki-Young (+Res, -HP) Nowi (+HP, -Res) Cain (+HP, -Def) Klein (+Spd, -HP) Sheena (+Def, -HP) Lucina (+Spd, -Res) Hector (+HP, -Atk) Priscilla (+Def, -Res) Chrom-Bunny (+Atk, -Def) Hinoka (+Spd, -Res) Xander-Bunny (Neutral) Camilla-Bunny (+Def, -Spd) Faye (+Spd, -Res) Lukas (+Atk, -HP) Ike (+Spd, -HP) Azura (+Def, -Spd) Azura v2 (+HP, -Atk) Sanaki (+Res, -Atk) Hector v2 (+Def, -Spd) Lyn-Bride (+Atk, -Def) Caeda (+Atk, -Res) Lyn-Bride (+Atk, -Res) Promoted 5* Units (4): Camilla (+Atk, -HP) [From 4*] Sharena (Neutral) [From 2*] Corrin-F (+Spd, -Res) [From 3*] Nino (+Atk, -Res) [From 3*]
  6. Official Pull Topic

    Welp... Here are a few more summoning sessions before the tempest trials arrive and the world descends into chaos for the next week or so: Round 44 Pulls Round 45 Pulls I spent too long typing this out (as per usual), but now it's time to sink my teeth into Tempest Trials. See y'all in a day or two when I've got more orbs
  7. Grand Hero Battle: Camus: Sable Knight (6/2/17)

    Whoof... This Grand Hero Battle felt like a real step-up in difficulty relative to the other recent ones. I don't think I've had this much trouble since Zephiel's many moons ago. Zephiel's difficulty stemmed primarily from positioning complexities, however; with Camus, I had issues in both team-building and overall strategy. After trying a cavalcade of different characters including Olivia (mayhaps she could've lived a hit from an axe cav), Young-Tiki (once Camus was gone, she seemed like the solution), Priscilla (back before I knew the cavs rocked Goad/Ward Cavalry, I figured Panic might have some utility), an unnamed unit that I recently acquired from the Bride's banner (in case anyone at all is interested in my pulls (), I'll avoid spoiling their identity), Hector (mayhaps tanking Camus' assault is the best approach), and even Sully (for an extra draw back user), I ended up using my arena team for this current season and somehow that worked. Before I get into the unit description, Nota Bene: this strategy is highly dependent on the natures of my specific units in a way that hasn't 100% been the case previously (though +Spd Klein in Xander's map comes to mind...). I haven't read the thread yet, but I'm sure there are significantly more flexible strategies that can be used as a template. With that being said, I used the following units: 5* Ike (+Spd, -HP) w/ Speed +1 seal - +Spd ended up being crucial for this team, as Neutral Spd Ike, even with Speed +1, only hits 32 speed. This is not enough to avoid being doubled by a Goad Cavalry-boosted Camus and koed on turn 1 (which was Young-Tiki's undoing). -HP made that first turn survival a little tighter, but I don't want to crunch the math to it if -Res/-Def would been better in this situation. Anyway, he was originally here to handle the axes/maybe check the red tome. 5* Sharena (Neutral) - I forgot to re-equip the Fortify Res seal on her after the insanity that was team-building; although this would have slightly simplified positioning on the first turn, it didn't end up making much of a difference. In theory, Sharena was supposed to serve as a buff-bot for the Heroes community's beloved cinnamon roll, but she ended up sticking with Ike the entire battle. She still managed to contribute to arguably the second-most clutch maneuver of the battle, so that's something. 5* Nino (+Atk, -Res) w/ Attack +1 seal - My initial plan was to nuke Camus on turn 1 with this dear, but even if she was boosted to +13 by Sharena's buff cocktail, she wouldn't have been able to one round him thanks to those pesky ward cavalry boosts. I also lacked the resources/team composition flexibility to get her the 42 speed she would've needed to double the sucker (+Spd would've made things easier, but I still lacked a viable source of additional speed aside from maybe Seliph, which just sounds like a bad idea all around). Regardless, +Atk ended up coming in clutch, as you will see momentarily. 5* Azura (+HP, -Atk) w/ Spur Def 1 seal - Azura was probably the most replaceable cog in this great machine, as she was here only to dance/potentially handle the red tome if things got out of hand (which wasn't necessary)/pass a Res boost to Nino (this ended up being important on Ike instead, but had I properly outfitted Sharena in the first place, Olivia's Hone Atk would have worked instead). Initial positioning actually mattered for this one, so I had them spawn in with the following order (from L -> R): Sharena, Ike, Azura, Nino. On Turn 1, Ike went up two spaces into the attacking range of Camus + the healer. Sharena also moved up two spaces and Rally Attacked Ike. Nino headed up a space to better situated herself. Azura shifted below the tree, sang for Nino, and Nino finally moved below Ike, leaving them in the following formation: It is also worth noting at this point that Ike has +4 Atk (from Sharena's rally),+4 Def (from Sharena's Fortify Def 3), and +4 Res (from Azura's Fortify Res 3), as this will be essential for what comes next. During the enemy phase, Camus attacked Ike for 26 damage (which would've been 30 without Sharena's fortify) and took 13 damage in return, leaving Camus at 45 hp and Ike at 13 hp. Following that, the healer attacked Ike for 11 damage (which would've been 13 damage and death without Azura's fortify) and Ike got her down to 1 hp (thanks to Miracle) while healing up to 6 hp. Obviously Ike's survival was far tighter than it might initially appear. The other units all piled into the clown car until we had the following arrangement: As Turn 2 finally dawned, Nino finally had her chance for revenge: thanks to Azura's Fortify Res buff, she was able to 47 damage to Camus and ko him. Even without the Ward Cavalries in effect, this was still incredibly tight, as Camus had 45 hp at the time, so only +Atk Nino could have gotten that kill. You might at this point be saying, "Hey Soulless, a simple Sharena buff would've gotten even neutral Atk Nino there - stop being melodramatic, ya doofus!". I once thought the same thing, but Sharena has a far greater role to play, as you will see in a moment. Anyway, Ike took the opportunity to take out the pesky healer. Azura, doing what she does best, hooked Ike up with an extra action this turn. Ike is not usually one to wast chances like this, so he moved up a space and took out the red mage, eliminating another headache before it even began. It was at this point that the true deviousness of this particular challenge became clear - on a previous attempt, I had thoughtlessly buffed Nino with Sharena, expecting that my problems would be over once the red mage was gone, as Ike can totally handle those axe pansies. Little did I know that I had sealed my own doom, as on enemy phase, one of the axe cavaliers took advantage of Pass, snuck by Ike, and obliterated poor Azura before I knew what was happening. On a side note, I kinda wish I was typing this out in Latin instead, because easily distinguishing between the past and the slightly more distant past would have been easier with perfect and pluperfect tense (though it's not like my tenses are particularly consistent to begin with). Hopefully italics gets the point across. Needless to say, I didn't want that embarrassment happening again, so in the present timeline I plopped Sharena into a spot right behind Ike to circumvent those shenanigans and gave him a rally for good measure. On enemy phase, one of the axe cavaliers (it doesn't really matter which one) attacked Ike for a measly 4 damage before catching hands from a very grouchy sword lord (who also procced Aether and healed back up to 26 hp). I'm not going to squander my valuable attachment space to show you the ending position, but it was basically one lone axe cavalier against the world. On Turn 3, the axe cavalier lost his battle against the world, and the battle was over. So as I implied earlier, I found this Grand Hero Battle to be significantly more challenging than the last couple of battles. I'm not sure it is quite on par with Ursula's or Michalis', but I like this direction for them. As per usual, congrats to those who have already beaten it (likely in a far more elegant manner than I), and best of luck to those who still are working away at this conundrum
  8. Official Pull Topic

    And the cycle begins once again... Round 43 Pulls I had a wonderful orb rationing plan going into this banner which would allow me 3 complete pulls to supplement any whaling I might do towards the end. Alas, that plan relied upon a full 2 weeks of bonus orbs, so unless the June quests/the Vortex (if it is actually being released next week?) are especially kind, I'm going to be in for some lean times. Still, it's nice to see that for the most part, y'all have had better luckier than I
  9. Official Pull Topic

    Since the Rite of Shadows banner is ending shortly, I should probably post my last couple attempts at it. Round 41 Pulls Round 42 Pulls So, that's it for me and Rite of Shadows. If any other banner were coming up next, I would spend a few bucks so that my 4% rate doesn't go to waste. Alas, another batch of limited availability units are upon us, meaning all my orbs for the next two weeks are dedicated to the quest for blissful matrimony. This also means that this is the first main banner since Family Bonds where I failed to pull one of the focus units, but I guess since I haven't even reached Celica's part yet in Echoes, life is just imitating art
  10. Four-Fanged Grand Hero Battle: Lloyd

    I would've done this a little sooner, but for once, I actually felt exhausted at 3 am (normally EST/EDT is a great time zone, but this game makes it a struggle at times) Anyway, my team was: Hector (+Spd, -Def) - Normally, Hector's role in grand hero battles is to eliminate any dagger users before they become a problem. However, today was a little different, as he actually had to tank some hits. Klein (+Spd, -HP) - There was nothing unusual going on for this grand hero battle stand-by - this man player-phases with the best of 'em. Azura (+HP, -Atk) - She maybe could have taken out Lloyd? Other than that, she just danced. Priscilla (+Def, -Res) - Any other healer could have done this job (hell, a cleric with Recover could have done it better), but Priscilla got to clock in for this battle due to good behavior. Turn 1: Klein shifted to the very bottom of the mountain. Hector (with an Azura assist) began the slow and laborious process of trying to move into position. Everyone else waited with baited breath. Turn 2: Hector finally got to his destination (the very edge of the bow cavalier's range) and set up shop. Priscilla advanced behind Klein (apparently baiting the axe flier in the process), and everyone else waited. During enemy phase, the archer attacked, dealing 19 damage to our hero and receiving a beating (23 x2) in return. The lance cavalier drew him back, and everyone else began their advance. Turn 3: Klein took the opportunity to take out the Axe flier before he became a problem, and Hector retreated a little. With a little help from Azura, Priscilla healed Hector for 14 hp, leaving him at 47 hp. During enemy phase, Hector received a) 20 damage from Lloyd due to Pavise [(13 x .5) + 13] and dealt 40 back, b) 0 damage from the lance cavalier and dealt 24 damage back, and c) thanks to swap on the lancer, took 21 damage from the bow knight before KOing him, leaving our second favorite armor at 6 hp. I had done 3 previous attempts with +HP, -Atk Hector in order to have a little extra magic survivability should it come to that and to hopefully avoid being doubled, but +HP Hector failed to live that onslaught by 1 measly health point. +Atk Hector could have survived this as well, since he would've KOed the archer on the previous turn. Turn 4: Hector finished off the Lance, Azura finished off Lloyd, and Priscilla (unnecessarily) got Hector back up to full. During enemy phase, the mage approached. Turn 5: Klein one-rounded the mage, and that was that. Overall, this one didn't seem too bad, though the sheer might of the archer slightly complicated things. I look forward to strats from those of you without the easy win button that is Hector.
  11. How many 5 star units do you have?

    After trying (and failing) to get anything new off of the Rite of Shadows banner, I decided to bite the bullet and start upgrading some of my optimal/near-optimal 4 stars. Summoned 5* Units (20): Marth (+HP, -Res) Tiki-Young (+Res, -HP) Nowi (+HP, -Res) Cain (+HP, -Def) Klein (+Spd, -HP) Sheena (+Def, -HP) Lucina (+Spd, -Res) Hector (+HP, -Atk) Priscilla (+Def, -Res) Chrom-Bunny (+Atk, -Def) Hinoka (+Spd, -Res) Xander-Bunny (Neutral) Camilla-Bunny (+Def, -Spd) Faye (+Spd, -Res) Lukas (+Atk, -HP) Ike (+Spd, -HP) Azura (+Def, -Spd) Azura v2 (+HP, -Atk) Sanaki (+Res, -Atk) Hector v2 (+Def, -Spd) Promoted 5* Units (4): Camilla (+Atk, -HP) [From 4*] Sharena (Neutral) [From 2*] Corrin-F (+Spd, -Res) [From 3*] Nino (+Atk, -Res) [From 3*]
  12. Official Pull Topic

    Even with my recent acquisition of Sanaki, I am still woefully lacking in mages, so I would have to be a fool to pass up on this magic-heavy banner. Round 39 Pulls Round 40 Pulls Although Rite of Shadows has been a bust thus far, I decided to 5 star these lovely ladies (Corrin-F is +Spd, -Res and Nino is +Atk, -Res) to help take my mind off of things. Hopefully the voting gauntlet orbs will be a little more helpful.
  13. Official Pull Topic

    Thankfully, awful natures tend to be limited to my lower-starred units (I've gotten my fair share of +Atk healers and -Spd flyers). You are quite right - I've grown to love her a fair amount in these last 2 weeks, and -Atk rarely seems to hinder her effectiveness (she occasionally takes extra hits from weakened-but-not-slain swordies, but that's about it). -Spd is another matter entirely, but it's not like I'd be using my second string Azura for anything besides Dance to begin with
  14. How many 5 star units do you have?

    And now that I've gotten the Pull topic up to date, time for a seriously belated update here as well: Summoned 5* Units (20): Marth (+HP, -Res) Tiki-Young (+Res, -HP) Nowi (+HP, -Res) Cain (+HP, -Def) Klein (+Spd, -HP) Sheena (+Def, -HP) Lucina (+Spd, -Res) Hector (+HP, -Atk) Priscilla (+Def, -Res) Chrom-Bunny (+Atk, -Def) Hinoka (+Spd, -Res) Xander-Bunny (Neutral) Camilla-Bunny (+Def, -Spd) Faye (+Spd, -Res) Lukas (+Atk, -HP) Ike (+Spd, -HP) Azura (+Def, -Spd) Azura v2 (+HP, -Atk) Sanaki (+Res, -Atk) Hector v2 (+Def, -Spd) Promoted 5* Units (2): Camilla (+Atk, -HP) [From 4*] Sharena (Neutral) [From 2*]
  15. Official Pull Topic

    Hello there, friends... It has certainly been a while. Due to a combination of factors (primarily low motivation due to end of term exhaustion), I have been slacking a fair amount in my forum posting duties; as a result, I now have a month's worth of pulls that I need to document all at once Obviously, this may run a little long. So, for ease and convenience, I'll include a tl;dr highlight section right about here: And without further ado... More spoiler tags! Spring Festival Summons World of Shadows Summons World of Radiance Summons Hero Fest Summons Female Mages Summons And that's it. This took the better part of this afternoon to finish up, so thank you for reading through it. Hopefully y'all enjoyed it decently enough, even if it started dragging a bit near the end.