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  1. The data-mined Camus from back in March had Hone Cavalry. Obviously, it isn't an official source, but it's the closest we have atm.
  2. Note that this doesn't include Weapon Might or any skill-based stat increases. Edit: Greninja'd yet again
  3. My point exactly
  4. After a stamina potion and a few different team builds, I managed to beat this with: 5* Lvl 40 Priscilla (+Def, -Res) 4* Lvl 35 Olivia (+HP, -Atk) 5* Lvl 40 Nowi (+HP, -Res) 4* Lvl 40 Nino (+Atk, -Res) Turn 1: Olivia/Nowi/Nino positioned themselves in a line directly below the danger area. Priscilla moved below Olivia. Turn 2: Nino attacked the armor for 39 damage. Olivia danced Nino, and Nino used Drag Back to maneuver both of them out of range. Nowi moved into the red mages range. During the enemy phase, Nowi was doubled for 26 damage, and dealt 25 damage back. The other enemies engaged in some Swapping shenanigans, resulting in the following positioning: Turn 3: Olivia moved to the back row, Nowi shifted to the rightmost alcove, and Prisicilla slid in next to Nowi to deliver some much needed healing. Nino stayed put in her location. On enemy phase, the movement shenanigans continued, ending up like so: Turn 4: Nowi took out the weakened red mage, and after being danced by Olivia, retreated to the back row. Priscilla moved up to the top of the right alcove, and Nino dragged back Olivia horizontally to safety. Come enemy phase, they were up to their usual theatrics, and rearranged themselves as follows: Turn 5: Nino moved up and finished off the Blue armor. Everyone else moved out of danger, leaving a nice little diamond pattern. The blue mage moved forward to attack Nino, dealing 12 damage and receiving 30 in return. Zephiel moved behind the blue mage, and the green armor swapped with him, leaving them situated thusly on the battlefield: Turn 6: MVP Nino added the badly hurt blue mage to her list of victims. Olivia moved right below Nino, Nowi moved over to Olivia's old spot, and Priscilla moved to the back row and gave Nowi another 10 hp heal. The green armor and Zephiel advanced toward Nowi: Turn 7: Nino (with some dancing assistance) brought the green armor down to 7 hp. After a good luck heal from Priscilla, Nowi moved past Nino and finished off the green armor. During enemy phase, Zephiel attack Nowi, dealing 17 damage and receiving 37 for his troubles: Turn 8: From here, it was just a matter of chipping Zephiel with Nino before sealing the deal with Nowi, and voila! Zephiel was mine (again). I actually found this Grand Hero Battle to be significantly more difficult than Navarre's and Michalis', mostly due to the surprising tankiness of every unit involved (particularly the mages and their damned specials) and the very limited movement options. It took me another hour and two additional stamina potions to recreate my steps again, though this might also be because it is 5 in the morning here . Anyway, good luck to those who are yet to complete it, congrats to those who already have, and I'll get caught up on developments sometime this afternoon... Cheers
  5. Not only have I also not pulled Catria, this Catria is even guaranteed to not be -Atk, which is how my luck tends to go with flying units (looking at you, Est/Caeda/Cherche/Beruka)
  6. Welcome to the posting life, it is good to have you :) Of the three options you presented, I would go with DB3 on Reinhardt, as even with a neutral nature, he wrecks shop (Ampharos had some terrifying calcs a few pages back). If you are going outside of those options, +Atk, -HP Nino is incredibly good assuming you have the team to complement her (Eirika, Sharena, Ephraim, or an assortment of secondary buffers). Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought +Spd, -Def or +Atk, -Def were preferable for Eliwood, as his Res is quite substantial for a cavalry unit?
  7. Fae's little "wee" is so adorable
  8. Nothing really jumps out to me. Darting Blow might work to mitigate his meh speed a little bit whenever Swordbreaker is inactive, Triangle Adept/Death Blow would gel rather nicely with Swordbreaker, and Atk Def 2/Distant Counter would be more universally applicable good-stuff skills (while being much harder to acquire).
  9. You're right, of course. I've avoided targeted summoning up til now because of concerns over orb efficiency, but I guess if I'm going to become the most adorable little Wailmer over this, I might as well maximize my chances for success. Yeah, I'm at 3.75% atm, which should hopefully speed up the process a wee bit, provided I don't have Sire's Blazing Shadows luck Well, the easy part is done. Now I need to actually convince myself that this is a good use of those funds... I'll be back later this evening once I've worked out some summoning limits/gotten some moral support from a Wailord friend of mine.
  10. If this is still an open question, and your other team-mates can accommodate either option, go for Anna just cause.
  11. Merry springtime to you all I would have uploaded these a little sooner, but I had to prune through my attachment in order to have sufficient space for the pretty pictures you all seem to somewhat appreciate. Anywho, I had enough orbs for two full summoning sessions, and all I wanted out of them were bunnies as far as the eye can see. Round 26 Pulls Round 27 Pulls
  12. It has been a few weeks, so I might as well update my totals/reformat the list for ease of use. Summoned 5* Units (11): Marth (+HP, -Res) Tiki-Young (+Res, -HP) Nowi (+HP, -Res) Cain (+HP, -Def) Klein (+Spd, -HP) Sheena (+Def, -HP) Lucina (+Spd, -Res) Hector (+HP, -Atk) Priscilla (+Def, -Res) Chrom-Bunny (+Atk, -Def) Promoted 5* Units (2): Camilla (+Atk, -HP) [From 4*] Sharena (Neutral) [From 2*]
  13. I cannot explain just how much this new stamina bar triggers me... I mean, I'm excited about the update and all that (especially pre-battle swapping and the sacred seals system, plus the upcoming Echoes foci), but would it have killed them to properly seperate the [xx/99] and [x:xx] components ?
  14. In the interest of actually posting before this thread reaches the end of its natural life (seriously, I still have 60 fracking pages to go through), I'll share my overall thoughts. On the whole, I had a blast with this gauntlet. IS did a great job fixing a few particularly irksome issues with the first iteration: the feather rewards felt a good deal more balanced this time around while still maintaining their intended boost in the final round, and reseting the flag quests each round helped immensely improve the experience for those "burn through all your flags as soon as you get them" types (i.e., myself and a fair amount of the casual horde) without significantly lessening the effectiveness of hoarding or selective splurging. I also personally had more fun on the match-to-match grind for this gauntlet. Part of this was due to backing one particularly enjoyable unit throughout the entire gauntlet (yes, I was a proud member of Camilla's legion) as opposed to switching from Elise -> Chrom -> Lucina. A more significant factor was that this gauntlet seemed notably more diverse in terms of teammates. Anyone who was on Team Chrom or Team Lucina last time can probably confirm my assertions, but roughly 40% of the time, I was stuck using mono-red sword teams (typically Lyn + Lucina + Lucina/Chrom) against an onslaught of blue forces, which is neither enjoyable nor particularly stimulating. Contrast it with this time, where it never got any worse than 2x Camilla + Lucina, which at least offered slightly varied gameplay options. However, I had one particular issue with this gauntlet, one that the last gauntlet managed to avoid: outside of possibly Subaki v. Beruka, none of the matchups were particularly exciting to participate in/hear about. I 100% understand I brought the former upon myself; for better or worse, Camilla rofl-stomped everyone in her path, and that is something we have to get accustomed to in future brackets (ex: Hector in an armors bracket, Tharja and Miciah in a mages bracket, and Ike in any bracket whatsoever). However, I don't think I was out of line to hope that the other half of the gauntlet would have been more interesting... Except Minerva basically got floated through to the finals without a challenge, no offense intended to the people's champ, Subaki. I personally think Cordelia v. Minerva would have at least been a teeny bit more exciting, but I guess an exclusively Fates bracket would be a bit redundant. Overall, I did pretty well for myself (I got 1711 total rank even with horrible time management and some flag spending inefficiencies) and had quite a lot of fun this go around, and here's hoping that the next bracket is a little more competitive (I need my Manakete v. Taguel/Laguz gauntlet soon, Nintendo).
  15. If I recall correctly, the last gauntlet almost perfectly lined up with the end of that main banner (to be exact, it ended at 12:00 am on 3/13 and the banner closed at 3:00 am on 3/14), so it was understandable that they couldn't roll out the orbs within a day. Given the easter banner ends 4 days after the gauntlet, I would be slightly incredulous if the orbs don't show up by then.