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  1. After the thankless task of grinding up the free Subaki and Gunter to 4*, I was able to beat the Cavalry quest with 5* Cain/4* Ursula/4* Gunter/5* Priscilla. What's more, I was dumb and forget to equip Hone Cavalry for the first 12 wins (), so I had to make do with decent team synergy as opposed to buffing cheese. Thank goodness for Priscilla, as this quest would have been miserable had it been necessary to rely on Cecilia instead... As for the Flyer quest, I'm fed up with -Atk Caeda failing to win even beneficial match-ups, so I'll probably just go Subaki/Shanna/Camilla/Cherche and just skip any maps with Greens.
  2. I'm legitimately impressed with how quickly Intelligent Systems and Nintendo are responding to the concerns of the player base, you don't normally see this kind of attentiveness outside of the Indie scene.
  3. Yeah, it seems like her attack is too low to really damage other manaketes (aside from maybe adult tiki), and she gets blown back in return. I don't plan to inherit any time soon (I truly prefer the Vanilla meta currently), but I'll take that heart if I come around to all that nonsense. Thanks for the advice
  4. Yeah, I do very much like that extra security that +Spd offers on Corrin (see below). Thanks for turning me on to +HP, -Def Corrin, and turning me way off of -Spd Tiki (she gets doubled by some very nasty units, including Julia, Lilina, Nowi, Sanaki, Chrom, and Ephraim). If I'm reading the chart correctly, +Spd Corrin is safe from being doubled by every un-boosted unit except for +Spd Lon'qu (notably "protecting" her from +Spd Anna, Lyn, Linde, Lucina, and Nino), which is music to my ears. Likewise, she picks up doubles on a few notable units, including neutral Kagero, Young-Tiki, Roy, Sharena, Camilla, and Elise. I'll check up in the morning if +Atk gets any really cool 1rkos, but +Spd looks slightly more tempting atm. As for Tiki, Tiki-Young seems to outclass her as an offensive unit (and possibly a defensive unit as well), but it's good to know that -Res is the way to go. Thank you both for your help
  5. Out of the following options, what would you folks consider to be the best natures? For Corrin-F, the options are: [Neutral], [+HP, -Def], [+Atk, -Res], [+Def, -Spd], and [+Spd, -Res], all currently at 3*. If you want to distinguish between a preferable defensive and offensive build, feel free. For Tiki-Adult, the options are: [+HP, -Atk] at 4*, [+HP, -Def] at 3*, [+HP, -Res] at 3*, [+Atk, -Res] at 3*, and [+Def, -Spd] at 4*. Again, feel free to select a good defensive nature and a good offensive nature if you want. I likely will not be dabbling in Skill Inheritance anytime soon (if at all), so factor that in to your analysis if it is applicable.
  6. I just pulled a Priscilla yesterday, so now I'm up to ten 5* units (9 natural, 1 synthetic)
  7. I pretty much always pull when I've amassed 20 orbs, as, outside of the Awakening cast, I don't really have any personal attachments to the units, so there is really no point in me hoarding orbs waiting for my favorites. However, I'm starting to exhaust the pool of 3/4 star heroes I have yet to obtain, so I might start sitting on my orbs after my 5* rate resets.
  8. Hello again, friends and compatriots. Thanks to the new Lunatic Challenges, I managed to get more than enough orbs for another summoning session. I pulled this particular batch earlier today, and I've already gotten back up to 16 orbs - it truly is a good time to be completing quests. Anyway, the last few pulls have been a wee bit bereft of 5* units. As a matter of fact, I had tied my longest gap between acquiring new five stars, though unlike my earlier drought, these summons have actually been decently spaced apart. Now, with a combined 8.5% chance of attaining a shiny gold unit, will I get the luck I so crave? Or am I just boosting my future odds a little bit higher?
  9. My apologies, this is the very definition of a random observation; Jamieson Price (the va for Hawkeye/Virion/Zephiel) has an unspeakably lovely voice. The voice acting in this game is especially good to begin with, but Hawkeye just makes me weak Carry on.
  10. I have nine 5* units at the moment: Eight of them were summoned w/o spending any money (Marth, Young Tiki, Nowi, Cain, Klein, Sheena, Lucina, and Hector) and the last one was upgraded from 4* (Camilla). Edit: In case this becomes a stat in the future, I re-rolled for Marth and Young Tiki. Edit 2: I also just realized I have had more summoning sessions with two 5* heroes (3) than I have had with only one (2). Which is kinda interesting I guess.
  11. Thank you very much *insert a little bow here*, though I've gotten incredibly lucky when it comes to my armor pulls :) If you have the capability, it seems like giving all of them Escape Route/Wings of Mercy could help with movement issues, though there's only so much you can do to counteract Mages/Armor-slayers outside of Fortify Armor and hoping for good fortune. Edit: Also, you may want to be careful about double-posting - it tends to give the mods conniptions.
  12. I finished the Infantry and Armor quests over this last weekend and I'm currently in the process of training up sufficient units for the Cavalry and Flyer versions. Infantry went pretty smoothly overall; obviously team composition is quite flexible for this quest, but 5* Lucina/5* Nowi/5* Klein/4* Olivia (all level 40 except for lvl 36-ish Olivia) worked tremendously well, going deathless on ~70% of the battles they attempted. I quite enjoyed this one. Armor on the other hand... Even with as close to an optimal team as you could possibly get for this sort of thing (5* Hector/4* Effie/5* Sheena/4* Draug, all level 40 except for lvl 39 Draug), it was a complete pain to get through. Draug was a massive liability most of the time, as he often just did chip damage in even or advantaged match-ups, and was destroyed by mages without a second thought. Additionally, the only movement "booster" I had available was Shove on Effie, meaning I frequently lost good runs because I wasn't able to get a damaged unit to safety in time... The strategy basically depended on Fortified Hector being able to tank and KO any enemy mages that were around, and praying that the rest of my squad could clean up the rest. Oh boy, do I have a story for you... I'd give the armor quest a 2/10, purely for a tiny amount of masochistic pleasure and the fact that 3 orbs are objectively superior to no orbs. As for the flyers, I might give it a try with 4* Caeda/4* Shanna/4* Cherche/5* Camilla (all soon to be level 40 aside from lvl 29 Caeda, who is just there for Fortify Fliers anyway) while I train up Subaki/Michalis. For Cavalry, I'm basically going to need to train 2* Gunter and/or a healer from scratch to even have a shot at it, so it'll require roughly 3000 years a significant time investment.
  13. Welp, it is that time. The time when an intrepid, though ultimately very foolish, lad begins to waltz with the gacha once again... Although he dreams of pulls bedazzled with golden stars and S-tier arena threats, the summons of yesteryear have hardened his heart and steeled his resolve. The mournful clangs of bronze do not deter him, nor do the plaintive wails of distant Adult Tikis and Femuis cause him to falter in his step. Ever still, he carries on, guided by the thoughts of Budding Flower's sweet scent and the Oracle of Destiny's wise teachings... Do I have an inspiring way to end this introduction? Not really, I've got class in 20 minutes, so let's just get to the pulls. Round 20 Pulls
  14. You may want to try Azura (or maybe Merric if you really want a check for the 2 blue units) in lieu of Hector, as 1 movement is pretty killer on this map - you might be able to make it work regardless if the Spur Attack is 100% essential, but a dancer will help make proceedings much smoother. Other than that (I was a wee bit concerned about Chrom, but Axebreaker should be enough to safely counter Michalis), everything looks pretty good.
  15. That... Actually went far smoother than I was expecting going in, especially considering how difficult Ursula's map was even with Hector to simplify things. I took 3 tries to beat hard, and ended up running through Lunatic on my first try thanks to an interesting decision by Michalis on turn 2. My team for both difficulties was Lvl 39 4* Olivia (+HP, -Atk), 5* Klein (+Spd, -HP), 5* Lucina (+Spd, -Res), and 5* Nowi (+HP, -Res)... I swear @MrSmokestack and I came up with our teams independently; we must just be tuned to the same strategic wavelength or something Intro Turns: These turns were purely positioning shenanigans (thank god the enemy units don't agro in these maps). By the end, I had stationed my units on the right side; Klein sat just outside of the range of the blue pegasus knight/red cavalier (to the right of the stone wall), Olivia was positioned right behind him, Lucina chilled out directly below the stone wall, and Nowi held it down in the corner. Turn 1: Klein moved up and one-rounded the blue pegasus knight. Olivia swooped in and danced Klein, allowing him to retreat behind her, although this left her in range of the cavalier. Lucina and Nowi just chilled in their spots; in theory, Nowi was supposed to have used Rally Defense on Olivia before she rescued Klein, but I forgot. On the enemy phase, the cavalier attacked Olivia, leaving her with 3 hp (unless Olivia normally gains an extra point of HP/Defense at level 40, neutral Olivia would have perished here), and the red pegasus knight moved to the side of its cavalier brother (right above the wall). At this point, instead of being helpful and joining the swordies by the wall, Michalis decided to be a hero and flew straight down, aiming to strike at the heart of my defenseless army... In actuality, he just left himself open to be baited by Lucina the following turn. Turn 2: With a little help from his friends (more specifically, Olivia's hips), Klein finished off the weakened cavalier and obliterated the red pegasus knight. Lucina shifted to the bottom of the mountain to engage with Michalis, and Nowi, after finally remembering her role in the mission, Rally Defense-d Lucina. During the enemy phase, Michalis attacked Lucina, doing a fair amount of damage but getting doubled in return. Turn 3: Lucina finished off the weakened Narcian, and everyone else basically sat around twiddling their thumbs, waiting patiently for the errant lance unit to make his way over to the party. Turn 20xx: The lancer finally got within range of Klein, who promptly wiped him from the face of this good earth. Everyone rejoiced. It seems like your team is fairly well suited for this map already, but I might consider swapping Catria out for either Nowi (for Rally Defense purposes) or a dagger user, depending on whether you want to live hits better or get some extra chip damage in there. The two best team builds seem to be Powerful Archer/Dancer/Red Unit/Filler (I think I gave an alright description here, but there are a couple other examples scattered throughout the thread) and a squad of super-buffed flyers (Palla seems like the glue for all of those efforts, but I'm not intimately familiar with them myself). It also seemed that synergistic good-stuffs teams didn't have too bad a time with the map. In terms of units, Narcian, Minerva, Klein, dancers in general (particularly Azura), Palla, and Abel all sound like effective picks. I also found the right side to be a little more inviting than the left or middle, but that might just be me.