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  1. @Rezzy That looks terrifying :O Bet she'd be even more terrifying with Life and Death and Desperation
  2. I see that you are a man of culture.
  3. So Clarisse is basically the anti-Lachesis. Her voice is way higher than I would have expected from her art .__.
  4. fate

    I can no longer remember a time when I wasn't rerolling. It feels like this has been my entire life. When will Waver come home to me </3
  5. The problem with Hawkeye is that there is literally no set he does that is not done better by another unit. His Brave Axe set is completely obsolete compared to Cherche running the same set. A T-Adept magekiller set is inferior to Titania, Camilla, and Anna running a similar set because they have similar res but far more speed. Hawkeye is considered bad not because he isn't capable of producing results (I still hold fast to the belief that literally any character in this game can be made usable) but because there is nothing he can do that someone else can't do better. He will always be obsolete.
  6. That's my exact cavalry team (though I'm going for 4* +10 Cecilia) lmao I gave Hone to Xander and Cecilia and Fortify to Camus and Reinhardt. This setup allows me to split them up into two-horse pods of Xander/Reinhardt and Camus/Cecilia while still allowing everyone to receive a buff that benefits them. You can switch around the buffs for Camus and Cecilia if you want since they both make good use of both Hone and Fortify, but at the very least I recommend giving Xander Hone and Reinhardt Fortify.
  7. If you can win without Camus needing his special, then yeah the Growing/Blazing skills and Aether/Galeforce are ideal. Otherwise stick to specials that are useful instead of just whatever gets you points.
  8. Throwback to the good ol days when Takumi Emblem was the "ideal" defense team
  9. If you're on Team Elise, a lot of people are planning to run cavalry buffs, so setting a unit like Xander or Camus would be great. Otherwise, an archer would be fine since most healers have low def. Dancers and Distant Counter units are always appreciated as well. Also since it's a healer gauntlet, -raven mages like M!Robin are also welcome!
  10. It's not silly at all! On the home screen, just go to Misc. -> FAQ/Etc. -> Customer Support -> Feedback
  11. If it makes you feel any better, my only Effie is +Spd, -Atk which is the absolute worst nature for Effie :/
  12. Just a friendly reminder: In addition to posting suggestions here (like the suggestion to add a tier that triples stamina cost and points earned), you all should also send feedback to Nintendo directly through your Heroes app! There are a lot of great ideas here, but they aren't a whole lot of good if Nintendo never sees them (and I doubt they have employees lurking on SF, though it's not outside the realm of possibility). So make sure to send in official feedback, and hopefully when the Tempest Trials return they'll be a lot better!
  13. Death Blow 2 is perfectly serviceable. If you don't have Death Blow fodder at all, then I suppose Atk +3 is your next best bet. Also I personally think QP/Moonbow is better for defense while Luna is better for offense since you control him and can get Luna primed pretty easily whereas on defense you just want him to run in and kill something before he gets taken out.
  14. You want someone with Hone or Fortify (or no preference)?
  15. Yaaaaaaaay :D It's good to have you on board <3 I mean I don't have Elise, but that's not about to stop me from supporting my beloved cinnamon roll to the best of my ability~ Oh okay cool looks like we're friends :D Still not sure who to set. Usually my go-to is Reinhardt, but healers tend to have high res. Maybe Ryoma instead? I'm open to suggestions.