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  1. But they also protect Ninos and Julias from scary reds
  2. I do what I must for feathers I'm willing to sacrifice my dignity to gain the resources necessary to spoil my true loves, like Nino and Celica
  3. I already have a +Atk Reinhardt, so I think I've got that covered :P
  4. I've been meaning to do this for a while, but I have no Ogma to sacrifice RIP (I have one at 4*, but the thought of spending 40k feathers to promote Alfonse to 5* and also Ogma for the sacrifice is quite daunting)
  5. Well that's a shame. I was hoping they'd add a new Lunatic difficulty for 4* Narcian whenever they came around to reviving his GHB. Looks like I'll have to grind up the 2* quest reward Narcian if I want to give away Lancebreaker! I say grind but really I'll just be dumping shards.
  6. Honestly, with how difficult and expensive 5* +10s are for non-whales to get, a 4* +10 is honestly probably the best route to go for F2P. You would need the 5* to be at a merge level of about +5 or so to match the stats of a 4* +10, and even a +5 5* is difficult and expensive to attain for F2P. The only real advantage of having the unit at 5* would be the access to better weapons and skills, but that advantage can be circumvented with inheritance. For ranged units, I find that running two or even three dancers drastically increases SP farming rate (I mean that applies to any unit, but ranged units in general are easier to train imo)
  7. Same as Symphonica ^ I'm currently 17 but am guaranteed a spot in 18 at the end of the season
  8. Oh, no, you're fine. I looked back at the previous posts, and you didn't seem like you were trying to start an argument or anything. I don't want the potential for an argument to start up is all. Totally agree. I also don't think any debates on whether or not the thing happened are going to lead anywhere productive though.
  9. Honestly, I hardly think it's relevant that @Anacybele did or didn't use to want to use dancers in the past. She seems perfectly fine with using them now, so I don't think there's really a problem.
  10. Interviews

    I can talk however I want to for the sake of puns
  11. Interviews

    I can't believe you missed the perfect opportunity to say you're "smokin hot"
  12. Tbh though, even though he can't reclass to it in-game, I think axe-wielding berserker would really fit Atlas's character. Also General (well, technically Baron) Tobin leggo
  13. Magic Kliff is best Kliff I'm actually really curious what classes the Echoes villagers will be in Heroes if they ever get added eventually :O Watch them go the Faye route and make every villager something they can't normally reclass to. Healer Kliff incoming
  14. Interviews

    11. First vs current impression of me? (gonna steal Rezzy's question :P) 12. Favorite FE in terms of story? 13. Favorite FE in terms of gameplay? 14. Thoughts on Echoes? 15. Are you planning to get FE Warriors and/or FE Switch (tentative name)? 16. Top 3 Heroes artists? 17. 3 things you would change about Heroes? 18. Favorite cinnamon rolls outside of FE? 19. Are there any cinnamon rolls you don't like? 20. What are your favorite desserts?
  15. I'm glad the new maps are easy enough to all take one try. Easy orbs are always welcome :D