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  1. How do you feel about giving Leo Raourblade and running him on a cavalry team? With offense like his, he should be able to OHKO the likes of Hector no problem (a single Hone Cavalry buff and no other buffs would be enough to give neutral Leo with Raourblade+ enough of a boost to OHKO neutral Hector even without Triangle Adept). EDIT: Because I'm a failure who can't math and had to redo calcs
  2. My +Spd/-Atk Effie says hi EDIT: Agreed though. +Res/-Spd isn't ideal by any means, but it's far from a "horrible" nature. In fact -Spd is probably the best possible bane for Effie to have since Wary Fighter renders speed irrelevant anyways.
  3. @Snowy_One There are 3 main methods for dealing with Takumi. 1) Have a unit tanky enough to deal with multiple hits while capable of killing him in return. As many others have said, a neutral male Robin with Triangle Adept takes literally 0 damage from all Takumis except for +Atk (+Atk Takumi deals 1 damage to neutral Robin. Big whoop) while Robin OHKOs or comes close. This isn't exclusive to Robin, of course; you can do this with any mage that has a -raven tome, either naturally or inherited. Hector also trivializes Takumi, or any armored unit with Distant Counter. Even without Distant Counter though, many tanky units like Iote's Shield Michalis or Effie can just tank a hit on enemy phase and smack Takumi on player phase. 2) ORKO him Pretty self-explanatory, but what units can do it? Well, any mage or archer with Bowbreaker for one, but also many mages are fast enough to double and ORKO, such as Linde (provided she isn't -HP or -Def). This can also be achieved by any -blade tome user, such as Nino, with enough buffs, who will outright one-shot him. Another unit type that's capable of this is a strong Brave weapon user, such as Brave Axe Cherche or Reinhardt. Kagero also gets an honorable mention for being able to OHKO most pineapples. If you have a mage that is capable of killing him in two hits but isn't fast enough to double him, Quick Riposte is another option in addition to Bowbreaker that would let you tank a hit then kill him on enemy phase. Alternatively, if you have a unit that IS fast enough to double him but is so frail that they cannot get their two hits in because Takumi's counterattack kills them (so Linde for example), consider getting Desperation on them to allow them to double him before he gets a chance to retaliate. 3) Vantage Fight Vantage with Vantage. It's pretty straight forward, but if you cannot tank through multiple hits but also cannot ORKO him, you could stick Vantage onto a ranged unit (or someone with Distant Counter like Nowi or Ryoma). Just attack him on player phase and let him suicide against you on enemy phase. This also works on Takumis with Vantage since Vantage doesn't activate if they're the one attacking you. These are some tips off the top of my head, but if you wanted a more in-depth answer, it might help to show us what units you have. EDIT: Bonus calculations time! Double EDIT: Put calcs in spoilers to avoid clogging up the thread.
  4. @Anacybele I think a lot of times you just forget to check enemy stats (which I think everyone here has done multiple times, certainly myself), and that's why you get caught off guard. If you get into the habit of checking all the enemy's stats before your own, it will save you quite a lot of trouble in both Arena and Training Tower. Since there are no random crits or misses in Heroes, you can always know with 100% certainty whether or not a unit will double you or how much damage they'll do to you before you even enter combat. I get that doing all the calculations are cumbersome; I'm not always going to bother with a calculator for every little skirmish. But at the very least it should take no more than a few seconds to take a quick glance at all the enemy's stats and see which of them have 5 or more spd than your units (and if they or their allies have anything that would boost speed unexpectedly, like Darting Blow or Spur Spd) so you know who doubles whom. I still get tripped up every now and then in Arena or Training Tower, but I've found that more often than not it's because I didn't look closely enough at enemy stats or skills. If you get into the habit, it'll save you a lot of grief in the future :D
  5. I would actually love them to flip stereotypes if they did something like that. Like having the stereotypically "pure" characters like Elise dressed up in a devil costume, for example.
  6. Omg how did I not think of Fae! Now I wish we had her popping out of a colorful Easter egg, the beautiful hatchling that she is~
  7. That's perfectly fair. If you're low on SP, I'd recommend filling in his B-slot first and then changing his special second (needless to say, priority as you level him should go towards upgrading his weapon whenever you can). Changing up the other skills are less important, so they can be left until later.
  8. It just means you've been playing in Arena for 9 weeks. Tiers aren't so much a measure of skill as they are a measure of how long a person's been playing.
  9. Well, even if you do summon the girls, there's the chance they'll be great units :D Camilla's the flying mage, so she already has that going for. And with how good vanilla Lucina is, I wouldn't be surprised if bunny Lucina is the next coming of Linde.
  10. So I've seen people here and there that aren't overly fond of the Easter costumes certain characters will be getting. Some think Lucina and Camilla are too sexualized while others are upset at how ridiculous Chrom and Xander look to them. And so I ask, what kind of costumes would you have LIKED to see instead? Obviously this is more for the ones that aren't satisfied than the ones who ARE excited about the costumes. That said, if you did enjoy the costumes, what other things would you have also liked to see? Also feel free to branch out into the kinds of costumes you'd like to see for future holidays. For me personally, I'm fine with what we got, but I really wanted them to go for more of a "cute/adorable" route with Easter (like a big, fluffy bunny onesie for precious cinnamon roll Nino) than sexy. Oh well, here's hoping for that to happen next Easter!
  11. Just to be sure are we asking if he's sexy or sexualized (because those are similar but not inherently equivalent)? Because I don't think his outfit screams fanservice like Lucina's/Camilla's bunny girl outfits (I was hoping for a cute rabbit onesie instead of sexy casino bunny girl but I'll take what I can get), but damn. DAMN. I'd tap cuddle that. (Serious answer: I don't find him sexy but not really "cute" either. The word that comes to mind is "goofy", which is what I think they were going for in the first place. It's just meant to get a wry chuckle or two out of us, and I'd say it succeeded in that department)
  12. @Anacybele You aren't expressly telling anyone they shouldn't pull on the banner, but sometimes being so vocal about disliking a banner can be discouraging to other people. You likely won't change the opinions of people who are really excited, but some of the ones more on-the-fence might be less likely to pull when others (I'm not just singling you out; I'm aware others do this too. I'm addressing you only because you were asking why SoC keeps addressing you) are so vocal in their disappointment. I don't speak for @shadowofchaos of course (so correct me if I misinterpreted you), but I believe what he's trying to say is that you don't need to share your opinion on every banner. He'd be a lot less prone to calling you out if you refrained from expressing disappointment or exasperation ("can't believe I have to skip the banner AGAIN") on every banner you weren't fond of and instead just wait until a banner you DO like comes up. However, I don't want to repress your voice or anything. You have just as much of a right to share your opinion as the other people expressing their disappointment. The suggestion I have for you then is to make a qualifying statement of some sort. Perhaps instead of saying "I won't be pulling in this banner, and I'm disappointed" you could add "I'm won't be pulling in this banner, but I'm happy for the Elibe fans that wanted X characters" or "I won't be pulling in this banner, but good luck to the people who ARE excited for these characters" or something along those lines. Those may seem like small, maybe even insignificant changes, but I think they would go a long way towards improving the reception you get. Anyways, I hope this doesn't come off as overly harsh or patronizing or anything. It's not pleasant for you or for anyone else on the forum when you get called out and arguments start up, so I'm simply trying to minimize that.
  13. I'd say he's a pretty solid unit, plus he could be your bonus unit for the next Arena season if you don't pull any focus characters on the upcoming banner. His signature weapon is, in my opinion, too good to pass up (16 mt Killer Axe hell yeah), but I'm personally not a fun of Blazing skills, even with a killer weapon, because there's a very low chance you'll ever get to use them in Arena (or by the time it's active, the match is already close to over). Instead I would go for a lower CD skill for damage (Ignis and Bonfire are great choices to utilize his monstrous defense) or Noontime/Sol for sustain. His A-slot depends on your Arena BST range. If you're at the range where archers are relatively common, then of course Iote's Shield is the best option on him. However, if you're in higher tier Arena where archers are essentially nonexistent, I'd actually suggest replacing Iote's Shield with something to improve his tanking, such as Fury. If you don't like the self-harm of Fury, you could also consider skills like Defiant Def/Atk or Armored Blow/Death Blow depending on whether you want to improve his tanking ability or his offensive power. For his B-slot, I would personally recommend Quick Riposte to make up for his low speed and allow him to double on enemy phase more. Alternatively, if blue or green mages are a concern, you could slap B or G Tomebreaker on him to prevent them from doubling him and then allow him to ORKO them on player phase. However, I would only recommend this if you don't already have a reliable way to deal with blue/green mages since his res isn't amazing, and you'd rather him tank physical hits than magical. If you wanted more sustain over damage, Renewal is also another option. Finally, Wings of Mercy is a fun utility option that works on just about any character, and it can be fun to teleport into an enemy's face from far off. For his C-slot, this really depends on his team's needs and should generally go towards a Hone/Fortify/Spur skill that benefits his team. However, if you wanted a C-skill that benefits Michalis most personally, I'd go with Threaten Atk/Def depending on whether you want to improve his tanking or killing potential. As far as assists go, just about any of the positional skills work, though I personally favor Swap. However, Reposition, Smite, and Pivot are all good options if you can utilize them well. In the end, assist skills are a lot less dependent on specific units and a lot more dependent on the individual player controlling them, so it's a harder question to answer since there's no "overall best answer". Anyways, I hope all of this was helpful! If you have any more questions just let us know!
  14. Welp I figured I wouldn't stay in the top 1k with a score of 4576, but I didn't expect to get knocked out by morning :/ Went from 758 to 1068 overnight RIP On the bright side, I've already gotten 5 defense wins, which is a lot more than I'd usually have by this point :D
  15. After seeing a team of 4 Sakuras take down the Michalis Lunatic map, nothing surprises me anymore.