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  1. I'm getting tired of this....
  2. Repeated his last post. And it still applies despite me getting ninja'd.
  3. Favors the most recently released Fire Emblem game.
  4. Learn2displaynamehistory
  5. Kai, 2017 LOL
  6. From one of three states that Donald Trump surprisingly won in the 2016 US Presidential Election.
  7. Shirley knows a ton about Soledai lol
  8. Didn't just complete an alternative playthrough of Mega Man X3.
  9. Wait until you guys hit 30
  10. How bad was it?
  11. Windows Vista is dead!
  12. Take the Celsius temperatures, multiply them by 1.8, then add 32.
  13. Still favors Radiant Dawn.
  14. Got suspended from this forum for two months.