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  1. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    @immatx Yeah ive made a purchase or two using the bluestacks emulator so you'll be fine. on that note though if you had any orbs on your old phone and it was a non android model you probably won't have those orbs when you sync your account if you can even sync it at all (idk since i haven't actually had that problem myself luckily). i can't 100% confirm that though since it was just what i was told.
  2. Easily elise and sakura since it baffles me that 1000 orbs in and another 100orbs spent on banner with elise in it and still nothing. minus xander i already got all the other sibilings including both corrins
  3. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    @immatx If your looking for a phone emulator as a replacement in the meantime look up either bluestacks or nox. I heard nox is recommended more but i "have" and still use bluestacks on my computer for my second account and it gives me little trouble. This site more or less gave me the gists on setting it up
  4. Even though most of them are 5 star only I'm still trying to sakura, elise, ryoma, and azura. Also my kingdom and all 9 of my odin's for nowi to finish my dragon collection.
  5. Voting Gauntlet Discussion Thread

    Yeah i left sanaki in my first slot just to others get their quest done even though my nino destroys everything. Also my last post got sent twice for some reason whoops.
  6. Voting Gauntlet Discussion Thread

    I love this event for letting me try out azura for once. I also hate this event since i can't look at Olivia anymore in comparison
  7. Voting Gauntlet Discussion Thread

    @Thany Same as Sharena did fighting the master race...i mean lucina
  8. How Much Feathers Should Promotion Cost?

    I can understand why the 20,000 feathers is really steep for a lot of reasons *Shakes fist at list of non 5* pull able characters* but in one form or another they gave out over 15,000+ feathers last month through giveaways and quests so for the most part i was totally ok with it. If they continue finding random events to give us more feathers like that every month i'll be ok with them keeping it at 20k to promote to 5*. If not then yeah make it 10k.
  9. Thank you for the very interesting list of charts showing the popularity of chracters for each game, it was very interesting to look through and on that note soren ranked wayyy higher then i thought but deserves it. lastly in the fates royal family rank poor hinoka waifu
  10. What i ended up doing when my units are lvl 30+ is seeing what higher level stratum i could handle without getting wrecked. If all of them were too high i would go stratum 1 and just surrender to reset them all till i got one that within my team level range and wasn't completely sided (aka i wouldn't go into a fight with against two archers if i had two flyers and etc). Beyond that just takes a lot of patience and expect to lose a units here and there along the way since enemy units one shooting yours are fairly common at the 8th and 9th stratum unless their armored units.
  11. Arena team Assistance

    @eclipse Yeah sorry about that i didn't mean to. But for the robin and corrin combo i was thinking i just do that but i actually like the idea of using Ephraim and Merric even if Merric is 4*. That way i could deal with the lords. keep Lucina for Hector or Narcian and hopefully Merric can kill any blue units as needed. Only thing left to worry about Kagero and takumi but F Corrin can atleast bait them out if so. But yeah ty for the advice Eclipse. Gonna go work on leveling merric right away.
  12. Arena team Assistance

    @Roxachronc Yeah i have been enjoying Julia on my team for awhile but whenever i fight against a Calvary or Pegasus knight with high res they end up cutting down robin and Julia with ease since i'm usually dealing with Takumi or some other unit that requires priority. Overall i'm thinking i need to get better placing with F Corrin and enemy units and i could probably by pass that. On that note i have gone through so many blue orbs how i don't have nowi, Linde or Azura by now is kinda insane. So Olivia for now since she my only Dancer sadly.
  13. Arena team Assistance

    @eclipse Easiest way for me to Deal with Hector is either with Young Tiki or Hector since they turn him into swiss cheese. I ended up choosing Lucina since 4 magic users on my team sounded like a really bad idea. That and her weapon just good on so many levels. But yeah ive never once had a problem with hector. Effie on the other hand a different story.
  14. Arena team Assistance

    So i posted this in the Ask fire emblem questions and get them answered here topic a few days ago with no luck so i decided to just make my own. Not sure if that a problem or not though but anyway Gotten to the point where i'm just mostly grinding through arena while letting my stamina recharge since i'm up to date on all the new quests we got this week.. The current team i'm using consist of 5* Robin (personal favorite) as takumi counter. Young tiki to counter hector/low resist units. Lucina can't really think of what she counter but she carries her weight overall. The problem i'm having is about 8/10 games usually i end up having 4* camilla just sitting in the backline looking pretty so she doesn't get oneshot by half the meta. I'm currently debating on replacing her with Julia so i can still counter all 4 colors which i did this week but i end up having the problem where high res units are running me down.. So other choice would be F corrin since she doesn't get double by takumi and destroys all the red color units. Honorable mentions i also consider would be 4* felicia, 5* Ephraim, 4*Raven, 4* saizo, 4*Arthur and either 4* Azama or Maria. Taking multiple opinions in case i missed something. If possible though i'd like to avoid using the pegasus knight fiesta of characters i have for the same reason i can't use camilla.
  15. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Personal opinion would be to wait for the next few banners to pop up and hope it the character you want and just save orbs till then. Although i got a lot of characters i wanted Like young tiki,robin and Lucina, Their still a few i'm really trying to get like azura, Nowi, Ryoma and etc and ive already spent all the in game orbs plus like $300 in orbs so for that same itch you probably have thinking "I'm sure to get one of them this time". As for me i'm just gonna pray that we get FE9 surplus of characters soon so my impatience doesn't make me cave before then.