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  1. Hello there! Is this project still ongoing? Just wanted to know if it's gonna be updated again or is this the final release? Thank you :D
  2. With the creator's permission, i would love to help updating the patch. I have lots of free time at the moment and would be more than happy to update the names in the patch. Tested on my own game and it looked great. Let me know if you want my help :)
  3. Yeah, will do. Thea was called Thite on the voting website so who knows what else they changed
  4. FE4 Translation Patch (Open Beta v7)

    Will the names be changed to the ones on the Heroes website? Genealogy has the most updated names Sorry in advance if it has been asked before
  5. The FE6 characters showing up in Heroes at the moment are: Roy Lilina Shanna Clarine Gwendolyn Fir Bartre Raigh Cecilia Sophia Fae Narcian Zephiel