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  1. SF Interviews 2.0 - Taav

    Never heard of this field before! 6. Ya got any drugs, homeslice? 7. Your profile picture, where is it from, broham? 8. Do you like ham, hambro? 9. What's your opinion on potato chips, dude? 10. Do you like Salsa with your chips, compatriot? 11. Do you like salsa dancing, compadre? 12. What interests you about code, bro?
  2. 4840 Ive never scored that high myself LOL Congratulations~
  3. *Looks at Cherche* I mean sure that's all fine and dandy but no one is going run Hinoka because she is inferior to three other lance fliers in this game In which case, one can get an easy Hone attack fodder from someone else and give away her brave lance+ and hone fliers to someone who would use it better!
  4. I should be careful around you.... 39
  5. Interesting Well I cant wait for this one to start Hopefully I can act non-suspicious enough uwe hee hee 37
  6. You can play this game in real life? This is serious business 34
  7. 31 tfw everyone lynches you first day
  8. Kemono Friends Mafia - Sign-ups

    Im a total n00b at this but yolo beam me up scotty
  9. I dont want to see you die ;-; 27
  10. I should join to protect you! Also people die what th Well it is called mafia so...... meh alright Time for me to skim read the rules again! I enjoy receiving and giving lynches 24
  11. Honestly I have no idea how anything works I skimmed the rules like 2 months ago LOL It is hard to say no 21
  12. Grand Hero Battle Arvis

    One turn clears are gonna be easy it's too bad Rein cant get gale force
  13. Why are we talking about the mafia 16