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  1. Ahhh the maps Everyone says that they're tough but I was able to luck out this season and roll with an all tome team. Its literally the funniest thing you can see Especially since all three of the mages I'm using have draw back LOL. I can see how some people could have issues if your team isn't centered around range + Dancer support because you won't always be able to get in and get out as easily. The defense tiles make it hard to kill things that would ordinarily die (Julia's high res + Tome team = Not good). Not to mention how mediocre Roy is in this game :/ I'm sure your luck will turn, since we have quite a few days left anyway!
  2. Wow that's unfortunate :( Is it because you aren't paying attention to skills and get Wings of Mercy'd out of nowhere or are you just struggling with your team? Hey @Vaximillian Guess how many defense wins I have :^)
  3. "I don't pick fights bets I know I can't win" I was going off of lord status rather than relevance heh
  4. Claims to be a mage
  5. Knows that some Pokemon should only be male or female because they don't exactly look like "It could go both ways" How many stories have you written before Skills btw?
  6. According to percentages, has 7 brothers and 1 sister
  7. >200 orbs >Might sound ridiculous You're a funny guy. I like you ;) Seriously though, WAY too much. 120 seems more reasonable. Gives you 6 full pulls and a nice chunk if you're pulling specific colors. 120 would include gauntlet orbs, and exclude arena orbs.
  8. Well at least you can make an OP OP Healer if you want XD
  9. Has an odd profile picture XD A CHANCE IS STILL A CHANCE!
  10. Assumed that all of Nymbo's older siblings are boys
  11. Interviews

    Sheesh you're starting to sound like me XD Yup. That's what I'm looking for You could have said anything you want, and you decide to give me this scientific garbage!? Disgusting. 113. How many Kingdom Hearts games have you played? 114. Sora or Roxas? 115. Sephiroth or Riku? 116. Handsome Ansem or Xehanort? 117. You think about playing KH II again? 118. Favorite key blade? 119. Hardest boss to fight in ANY KH game? 120. Easiest boss to fight in ANY KH game? 121. one one times one one 122. If they make a Star Wars world in KH III, HOW FLIPPING AWESOME WOULD A LIGHT SABER KEY BLADE BE!??!!?!??
  12. It would be so cool if they put Ephraim and Eirika in addition to the other 4 on that banner when it comes! Then I'd get a chance at pulling Best Prince Ephraim! Wonderful!
  13. I think you misspelled "Eirika". "Welcome to my army you piece of filth" Glad to know you're happy he joined your army
  14. Wow Fypo I like this idea Looks like the perfect balance of "We're not giving you orbs all the time cause we don't want to spoil you, but we still want to make it somewhat enjoyable" I like these ideas too! Maybe we should all spam this idea in the feedback part of the app! Not that it would make a difference but its worth a shot
  15. Is a world-hopper! (also is correct)