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  1. OH yeah I remember you were trying to do that unless it was someone else Well if not fury you can always just keep Amored Blow. Or use Death Blow. Or use Life and Death. Or even just some good ol' +3Spd How much total buffs do you have for Flier emblem btw?
  2. Yup.... I'm going to Sacrifice, a Roy/Takumi, a 5 star Cecilia, and an Adult Tiki/Male Robin himself to make a set like this (Roy is kind of meh, so that's relatively cheap and affordable somewhat) Meanwhile, all Male robin needs is an Abel or a Sully to put in work. Look, nobody needs to convince me that Female Robin is "Good" or "serviceable" or whatever the heck you want to call it I say, Give Nino Gronnwolf and Blue Tome breaker and call it a day ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ read above When I said "Female Robin is a good counter to Horse Emblem" I didn't mean that she wasn't. I was just saying that being a good counter to horse emblem isn't exactly making me go "OMG! I need Female Robin in my life!" Its more like "Well I'm just gonna sit here and wait until horse emblem becomes an actual thing, then I can whip out my Female Robin". I know that she is good at her craft, but she isn't really that great otherwise Unless you use Ice Dragon's expensive A build You'll find it funny that my Female Robin is only 4 star level 36 after all this time To me, if you're gonna promote Catria you'd be better off using Sharena instead since (to me) she's just a better lance user in general. Or just use her for Luna fodder Quick Riposte is really good on her though. Along with Fury to make all of her stats essentially become a boon.
  3. "Female Robin is a good counter to Horse Emblem" Bro You say that like Horse emblem is running amok in the arena Also, if anyone sacrifices a Nino to make Female Robin somewhat viable, I'm bungee jumping off a cliff. Female Robin doesn't have the speed, nor the attack power for a blade set. She'll basically become a Green Odin Life and Death. Period. LOL
  4. If we're going to be doing this every subsequent battle, I'm gonna need some more stamina potions Grats Ice Dragorn!
  5. Good question...... I still haven't found a use for them so whether or not we get them, I'm not really going to use them. Navarre is at the very least somehwhat salvageable (And can even somehow be used at vanilla) but Female Robin? She's less than meh. Narcian is what I'm looking forward too the most. That Lance Breaker fodder shall be put to good use!
  6. They knew his map was easy bangerz
  7. I just fricking knew it Yup I knew he just stank too much Welp! at least now you have some fodder for Blarblade + Horse Emblem (Or moonbow if you don't swing that way)
  8. There were implications that there may be other rewards for completing it. I'm hoping for some more orbs
  9. @MrSmokestack was the one who told me, I haven't seen anything official.
  10. BLAM!
  11. I think After Zephiel is Xander, then after Xander is Camus.
  12. I think relating to characters as a whole is stupid I don't really think so. As long as they have mad epic powers (or are just funny/good at what they do) its all good for me Examples: I don't find Phineas or Ferb relatable, but the show is still fricking awesome I don't find Edward (Full Metal) relatable but, again, the show is still fricking awesome
  13. If you're gonna do Horse Emblem, I'd wait until we get Xander ;) Not to mention Camus is coming too (He's supposed to have Goad Cavalry himself) I guess it'll help with -Atk. There are certain people on this forum who tell of tales of this Death Blow Reinhardt of destruction. Appearantly it's supposed to be busted. You can even go one step further and use Olivia for an Attack buff + Dancer support.
  14. I remember Navvare's focus, but Female Robin's is kind of pitiful. Narcian is what I'm most excited for. I'm gonna get that Lance breaker fodder since I wasn't able to do it on Lunatic before hee hee hee
  15. Wait a minute I just realized something If the Grand Hero battles are coming back, Will they also bring back the focuses for them too? I'm trying to remember if there is anyone worth pulling for on the Narcian and F Robin banners.........