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  1. I pulled Lancina after choosing lyn as freebie, then pulled a random brave lyn a second time! I'm only missing spring Lucina for Lucina emblem bwahwhwhshwhahwhwhwhawhah
  2. Official Pull Topic

    Welcome ~ baby grill has come home ☆ ANNIHILATE ALL TEH HORSES AND ARMORS
  3. Do you guys put ketchup on your mashed potatoes?
  4. That isn't the question you dingo!
  5. Wow r00d What did I do to deserve this treatment Hmm I see Ive never had eggs on a burger before though!
  6. I actually agree... when I still ate hot dogs this was really great You don't like lettuce and tomatoes? D: no u the article I read that from is buried in an SF PM with over 100k messages
  7. BLEH That sounds... BLEH Im one of those people who eat ketchup and mac n cheese though so I cant judge
  8. That's because fast food is just disgusting LOL That's why I don't eat fast food anymore ~and instead I visit red robin every now and then
  9. Did you enjoy your rectum?
  10. @eclipse Ban this scum
  11. Nah, the issue isn't the meat. It's the way they make it. They don't clean the meat before it's grinded into pieces, all the bacteria and stuff in certain parts of the things they use is still there. They use water to help mix it which kinda ferments all the nastiness... you can eat a hot dog made out of literally anything and it'll always be bad for you That being said, even a beef burger can be healthy. It's just fast food places that are like, consistently unhealthy. There's more to a burger than just what kind of meat it's made out of no honey mustard?
  12. That is untrue, burgers from a fast food joint are usually unhealthy (and I don't eat fast food anymore) Gourmet burgers and homemade burgers are not only not as unhealthy, but also can be healthy for you, in fact! All hot dogs are unhealthy though, no matter who makes em or where you get em. Eating a hot dog every day will do more harm to you than eating a burger everyday I see, at least we both agree honey mustard is great ~ I like the puke-a-thon reference HONEY MUSTARD PEEPS STAND UP That's fine, I put ketchup on a lot of things I probably shouldn't
  13. Nobody wants to fite you because honey mustard is actually just good lol I've stopped eating hot dogs actually... they're extremely unhealthy ON the other hand, honey mustard on burgers, fries, salad, pretty much anything is just the bEst Why don't you like it on chicken >>
  14. Barbecue is really good Honey mustard though... it's too good