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  1. Interviews

    I see this as a challenge Challenge accepted Ah me too! Okay Hatt-man, let's see if you can keep up. 22. A country you'd like to visit. 23. What's it like in the UK? 24. Is your living space organized or chaotic? 25. What do you think of dogs? 26. Favorite meme. 27. Opinion on The Bee Movie 28. Favorite holiday. 29. Favorite TV show. 30. Do you like/watch anime? 31. What color is your hair? 32. Anything you're planning on drawing? 33. What do you like about Lyn? 34. What's in your pockets? 35. Turn around. Do you see me?36. What if I told you: 36. Can you cook? 37. Ever had a chocolate covered croissant? 38. Beans or peas? 39. Potatoes or tomatoes? 40. Favorite fruit? 41. Favorite drug 42. Ever been 2 da club? 43. Android or apple? 45. Bread or rice? 46. Opinion on baguettes~ 47. Favorite childhood cartoon. 48. What came first, the chicken or the egg? 49. Knock knock! 50. Have you ever honky-tonk'd? 51. Prove that you're part of the illuminati.
  2. I'd do it, but you like, suck at heroes :p
  3. The 5 horsemen (1 is a woman) of the Askr kingdom? But sheesh! That set looks... super awesome! Wings of mercy for ultimate cheese
  4. Interviews

    Ohmigosh! thank you~ Well you don't have to read all of them anyway, I was just wondering cause like, I'm not sure if the people who actually follow me read what I say. I do say some suuuuuper weird stuff though. don't think I'm a freak please :D Wow! I tooootally appreciate this! Thanksomuch! YOU HEARD HER "GOD FOOD" "REAL WOMAN'S 'TATO" "HASN'T LIVED" "ROASTED OR FRIED" Oo Living on the edge That's tooootally impressive! I like you ;) 12. Am I a weirdo or what? 13. What got you into art? 14. Favorite Italian food? 15. Favorite French food? 16. Favorite tea? 17. Juice or milk? 18. Guns or roses? 19. Here's what Arcanite looks like naked: Weird huh? 20. Why do you like cats? 21. Favorite cheese?
  5. Knows that I like, tooootally forgot to respond to their PM
  6. Ohmigosh! I don't even like, look like a robot either! Arcanite is tooootally a robot!
  7. Interviews

    I bet you can't beat 150 questions HEY NATALIE! 1. Do you read my posts? I won't be hurt if you don't heh 2. What do you think of me? 3. YA LIKE JAAAAAZZZZZ? 4. Write 4 sentences (at least) explaining the power of sweet potatoes. 5. Pie or cake? 6. Cheese or butter? 7. Blue or orange? 8. Find something that could rhyme with orange. 9. Burgers or hot dogs? 10. Ya got any drugs? 11. Ya got any weed?
  8. Yes! You like, tooootally need to do it! You can't let that rate go to waste! But if you like, get someone else with your rate, you should just cut your losses :\
  9. Well sure! That, like, makes sense I guess. I mean, I could pull for her, but like, I probably won't. Unless her stats are like, super duper OP I can tooootally make animal sacrifices for you though ;)
  10. I love you too 😘 I'M GIVING YOU MY ENERGIES
  11. Like, in all of my play throughs, she was either benched or dead. So I never really, like, got to appreciate her or anything.
  12. Guidance seems cool, and her weapon is great I guess, but like, I already have 7 blues though. I guess I would to, but I already have blues everywhere!
  13. 2. Get over it You can like, be happy that he's here y'know? He doesn't have a lance. Boo-hoo. But like, you can't change what's been done anyway, right? Complaining about him not having it isn't going to, like, make it appear on him as if nothing ever happened! He's still the same Seth we know and love~ But like, who said she's a must have? O.o
  14. So you basically just insulted anyone who likes that game Alright then... Yeah, it's tooootally worth it! Cormag is my personal favorite <3 But like, everyone in that game is a character that I like because it soooo awesome! You do realize if you pull him you get 1. Stahl except you didn't spend 20k to 5 star him 2. Your favorite character on your inevitable horse team BE HAPPY