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  1. yo arc where tf you @, everyone's worried in EiMM and so are your buds that are not in EiMM

    also, Moxie and I are friends now, I guess

  2. Aether Raids General Thread

  3. Official Pull Topic

    Something something bold fighter food
  4. Holy crap LOL That's probably the best nature for him... I wish I had your Nature luck ~
  5. You BEST have peeped Tha Carter V! 🔥💯

  6. October Legendary Banner Expectations

    What we need is another Ephraim
  7. SF Interviews 2.0 - Lanko

    I refuse to follow the crowd and nominate @#!/dev/haru
  8. Green infantry duelist was the best thing to happen to my Nino I feel justified
  9. Gosh... What's it that you like so much lol Is it Relay Defense
  10. I'm both confused and concerned? Whatever Anyone here like feh?
  11. Surtr is my favorite Heroes OC, fight me

    I think people dont understand that only serious gachas that plan to make a ton of cash actually have a good story and all that other good stuff Heroes is literally a low effort get rich quick scam scheme made by people who have never made a gacha game before, at least to my knowledge. Expecting a good story is unrealistic IMO... heroes isnt even canon. And yet they probably made enough money to fund the next 7 FE games. Yknow why? Cause all people really care about is getting their faves, not some insignificant OCs + Anna (okay maybe a lot of people might care about Anna but that's beside the point). If you got a story like this for something you paid $40 or $60 for, then we'd all have a right to complain HEH Anyway, a little more on topic: Surtr is hot. That is all.