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  1. I would have a boner.
  2. Uh, not if it doesn't make sense either character, setting or plot-wise.
  3. Fanfiction is fine. It's another medium where people can express themselves although they're confined to something akin to a sandbox.
  4. Good avatar, good text.

  5. Good fucking lord dude

  6. It's fine, he can punch boulders. Yuno.
  7. The fact that the universal cap outside of HP is 20 and the fact that you can make stat growth adjustment with the Star Shards in Book 2 makes the cast adaptable for lack of better words,
  8. FE4 had specialist classes because it's easier to specialize in weapon type that your dukedom/kingdom is known to be good at. FE10 has NO excuses what-so-ever. My actual problems: Why the fuck didn't Eirika or Ephraim get a second class to pick from. The class that they do get is boring as fuck (all they get is a horse. Yey.) and doesn't change anything in terms of how they play outside of movement. Why the fuck do swords and wind magic dominate FE4? Why the fuck can't they're be a morally ambiguous Lord? Not everyone is morally sound all the time. And not every member of royalty is going to be good. King John of England, anybody?
  9. If it were low key and subtle on dealing with them (i.e. Treating them like everyone else) then I'd be fine with it. If it's going to be like the last three games, hell no.
  10. Everything. It'll be nice that we could clean up the earlier games first.
  11. I think safe spaces are dumb because in a sense, nowhere is safe. Not even home. Someone or something can end your life and you can't do shit about it. Safe spaces as being able to express your viewpoints without being challenged is sketchy to me as if they get used to having everyone in their group agreeing with them and they go somewhere where they have people will disagree with them, it's like their setting themselves up to be triggered.