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  1. Been watching a lot of Gundam, namely UC (0079, Zeta and CCA) and 00. I just realized that ZAFT making as many Gundams as they do doesn't make sense to me. Wouldn't it make much more sense to make something similar to the Qubeley or the Sazabi?
  2. Worst Fire Emblem Lord?

    Worst Lord in terms of design: CORRIN. I don't know what the fuck he/she's wearing but I want to punch them in the throat for it. Eirika for having the most forgettable design in the series looking like a female Marth before Lucina was a thing and her Gary Stu brother is worse at not looking like Marth. FE2!Alm and Celica are archaic to the point where the Old Mystery art looks better. Dark Dragon!Marth would be here but I enjoy that design like how people can enjoy The Room and Birdemic. Worst Lord in terms of writing: FE10!Ike because I don't really know why he's given a third of the game that should have went to the new characters when Ike is being bland and boring as shit because the writers have no idea what the fuck to do with Ike because his story/character development ended in FE9. Honestly, I think that FE10!Ike is the second worst lord next to CORRIN. Speaking of which, FUCK CORRIN. Male, female, Conquest, Birthright or Revelations, CORRIN will forever be shit regardless of what route you take or what gender you make them be. Sigurd, for all of his badass-ness and reliability feels like all of his character traits are on cliff-notes and didn't really express any character because most of his conversations are there to flesh out the plot further. I blame the SNES/SFC's limitations so Game!Sigurd gets a dishonorable mention. Manga!Sigurd is MY headcanon and I'm sticking to it. Worst in the lore: CORRIN, because literally everyone likes CORRIN except assholes (Iago and Hans), blob monsters (Garon), and people being possessed by evil dragon god abominations (Conquest!Takumi before he dies.) so they don't fucking count. CORRIN can't go anywhere without anyone praising them even as they constantly fuck up. The prime example of this is Hinoka in the ending of Conquest. CORRIN ravaged her country, killed her mother by proxy, killed many loyal soldiers and retainers, killed both of her brothers, took her little sister as a hostage among other things and she treats it like a slap on the wrist because it's fucking CORRIN. Hinoka literally has a pile of good reasons to want to have CORRIN'S head on a fucking pike. I hate when people use the term Gary Stu/Mary Sue for characters that they hate because most of the time it's not the case. When I mean the term Gary Stu/Mary Sue, the narrative itself will bend over backwards to convenience the character in question. Which, CORRIN has in fucking spades.
  3. Favorite Fire Emblem Villain?

    Arvis, The Black Fang as a whole (take out Sonia, Ursula and Nino). Trabant and Ashnard.
  4. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    My concern is that all the Gay options are all trash-tier.
  5. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    I never liked the Laguz. Ever.
  6. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    There were too many characters in RD for the support conversation depth that players like myself wanted. And I also feel that Greil Mercenaries already got enough character development in PoR that we can have them be playable in only part 4. Also not to mention keeping all the characters is really dumb when the game is more large-scale and more political then PoR ever was. The gay options in Fates were actually pretty bad because it didn’t feel like they were pandering to a LBGT audience and more to fujoshits and Yuri fanboys. If they were actually going to pander to the LGBT crowd then I’d have the same-sex options not be confined to another version of the game pre-Revelations like Silas and Azura. Oh and have more then two gay options.
  7. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    FE10 needed to cut so many more characters then Largo, TBH.
  8. Edward and Nolan and once Laura.
  9. Third-Tiers or Branching Promotions?

    Honestly I had both branching promotions and third tier classes in my class tree. You could pick your class in first your first promotion but not your second. Or well you technically could it just depended on your first class that you picked.
  10. The most underrated Fire emblem game

    It's either this or Old Mystery.
  11. "Waifu Emblem" Features.

    Avatars: I like created player characters but I HATE how IS has used it. First there's the fact that I can't make a staff using or bow using lord which pisses me off to end as your given other units that can fight so let us pick how we're going to operate during a fight! On that note: Do not and I mean it, do not force us into a class. Even with the Tactician/Grandmaster classes being a nice throwback to Mage Fighters/War Mages, I hated the fact that I couldn't start as a Fighter or a Myrmidon. Oh and if you're going to have some gay option(s) have them be varied or you fuck off with it. As for Avatar in the story, I believe that Chris Avellone said it best (although I'm paraphrasing): "The player should be a Shonen hero, the game however should not suck the player's dick."
  12. The Lucina of this game.

    If they do have another Lucina, I want them to be male so I can have another hasubando. Also, I want them to be a magic unit.
  13. Games You Like, But Most Do Not

    I like Dynasty Warriors because it's the successor to the Golden Axe beat 'em ups now that Beast Rider killed the franchise and the Romance of the Three Kingdoms is prime Fire Emblem material.
  14. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    I when I really think about it, only Genealogy was justified in having kingdoms specialize in one weapon thanks to only being 110 years old or so. They're young nations being only founded little over a century ago.