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  1. If it were low key and subtle on dealing with them (i.e. Treating them like everyone else) then I'd be fine with it. If it's going to be like the last three games, hell no.
  2. Everything. It'll be nice that we could clean up the earlier games first.
  3. I think safe spaces are dumb because in a sense, nowhere is safe. Not even home. Someone or something can end your life and you can't do shit about it. Safe spaces as being able to express your viewpoints without being challenged is sketchy to me as if they get used to having everyone in their group agreeing with them and they go somewhere where they have people will disagree with them, it's like their setting themselves up to be triggered.
  4. all of your opinions are shit
  5. GUYS, GUYS, GUYS! We all know that My Unit/Avatar/Robin/Kamui/Corrin/whateverthefuck is going to be in Emblem Musou because the feature is popular and wishing that it won't is like wishing that Nintendo would stop making Pokemon or Mario games. All three are an exercise in bullshit because we all know it's going to be a thing because IS/Nintendo knows their going to make then a shit ton of money. Hopefully though it'll be a simple create-a-character thing. Also do you think that since characters are in classes, there might be clones?
  6. lel chrom Alucard, Castlevania Symphony of the Night
  7. NO. Fucking no. I hate her and I don't like girls. Oliver.
  8. Even though I'm gay, I'll take that machine gun and explosives toting Magical Girl anyday. Arvis/Alvis, FE4.
  9. Holy War, Thracia 776 and Blazing Sword.
  10. Please pay attention to the last line on my sig. Google Chrom.