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  1. I like Dynasty Warriors because it's the successor to the Golden Axe beat 'em ups now that Beast Rider killed the franchise and the Romance of the Three Kingdoms is prime Fire Emblem material.
  2. I when I really think about it, only Genealogy was justified in having kingdoms specialize in one weapon thanks to only being 110 years old or so. They're young nations being only founded little over a century ago.
  3. I mean Sparkle Japanman.
  4. Both Ike and Micaiah are just awful, The former is awful because in his own game (FE9) the story TRIED to make him an important character but not THE important character but back peddled on that damn fast by having almost everyone stroke Ike's metaphorical dick on how much potential he has like Ike is a Shonen hero. In a war setting. In a tactical RPG series that regularly has 'War is hell' as one of it's main themes. This also ruined any tension I was supposed to have with the Black Knight because everyone kept on hyping Ike up to high heaven. In, FE10, he and his group stole the spotlight from the Dawn Brigade like how Kira Yamato stole the spotlight in Gundam SEED Destiny and Ike proceeded to do jack shit with it basically becoming Not-Guts. Even his new weapon, the Ettard look like the Dragonslayer, Guts's iconic sword. Ike in FE10 forgot the most important thing that Guts has: his humanity or his ability to go through any trauma and recover from it whether emotionally or physically. And in FE10, Ike is the Chosen One in but name only because for some reason, he's the one who strikes Ashura down in the end. Micaiah is bad because doesn't deserve the in-universe hype that she gets other the freedom fighting because she does NOTHING ELSE. She also denies Ashnard's war crimes which is like saying Hitler did nothing wrong. Her pragmatism is the only I like about her. She's also a REALLY shitty unit especially for a Fire Emblem lord. She never got good for me.
  5. Ike needed to have his metaphorical face in the dirt more. Or suffer in more clearer terms. And after FE9, be the Fire Emblem equivalent of Red from Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal or a previous player character that becomes an opponent. In and only in the End Game of Part 4 does he become a playable character. Elincia should have been made playable earlier (mid game) and after FE9, she becomes Eliwood in Lyn's story to the Dawn Brigade's Lyn. At the start of Part 4, she becomes playable again. Micaiah and the Dawn Brigade should have been the main characters with Micaiah and Pellius being the Lords.
  6. "What the fuck are you doing in my bed? I'm not even straight..."
  7. If we're going to have an avatar character I want them to be the view point character that records everything for future historians but not THE Hero. I also want a legit rival to the Avatar. A Sima Yi to the Avatar's Zhuge Liang, to use Dynasty Warriors as a reference.
  8. Corrin is shit. The end.
  9. I would have a boner.
  10. Uh, not if it doesn't make sense either character, setting or plot-wise.
  11. Fanfiction is fine. It's another medium where people can express themselves although they're confined to something akin to a sandbox.
  12. Good avatar, good text.