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  1. October is Here!

    October stinks. Fall is when everything transitions to Winter, and I hate Winter.
  2. Opinions on Lyn

    Least favorite lord. She only exists for the sake of the tutorial mode. She isn’t even that cute compared to other lords like Eirika.
  3. Is Trick or Treating Dead?

    Halloween is almost nonexistent these days. Not nearly as cheerful and decorated as it was about 8 or 9 years ago.
  4. Pokémon also has an experiment that goes wrong.... Mewtwo!
  5. Yes but hot dogs are especially bad when it comes to this if you don’t cut it into bite sized pieces.
  6. There’s a better reason to not eat hot dogs than “it’s unhealthy”; it’s easy to choke on it!
  7. Barbecue sauce, although I don’t really eat chicken nuggets anymore....
  8. The Last To Post Wins!

    My life has had no meaning for quite a long while. I’m used to it.
  9. The Last To Post Wins!

    You know that nobody will win this game unless the thread gets locked, SF closes, or otherwise anything that would make users unable to post in this thread, right? What’s the point if nobody wins?
  10. I need Nap Taking Tips

    Doesn’t exercise just make you feel more awake, and therefore make it more difficult to sleep?
  11. when you did stupid?

    Trying to play Fire Emblem. It’s way too difficult and frustrating to me, as I get impatient very quickly.
  12. I'm lonely and need friends

    Oh, I'm so sorry. My favorite FE character is Eliwood, and I'm also upset when people ignore him.
  13. I'm lonely and need friends

    I don't like playing Fire Emblem, so why would I care about Xenoblade?
  14. I'm lonely and need friends

    This is what I was talking about. Nobody understands me! UGH!