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  1. There is, but it's an illusion. And yes, that was a 3DS FE reference. Next time you have that dillema again, go for the bloody geysers. I've never actually played VH because ePSXe still refuses to work, but DAMN the blood geysers are satifying. Also you should do updates like this more often. It's much less hassle to read.
  2. You say that like it's the first time. I bet you 500 imaginary dollars it won't. Glad to see you've still got some confidence in them. I stand corrected. Good for him. Ah, good old FE cutscene reinforcements. Always arriving just when the battle is over.
  3. I demand credit for this. Is this a recurring gag for the chronicles or what? Pretty much the plot of every RPG videogame of the 80s. He does check the "helpless" box though.
  4. Honestly, who wouldn't be at this point? A knight getting doubled? Pfffffft! Pathetic! Hey mods, what about angry Etzel as an emote? You could have said he was stabbed in the gut or something. STOP TRYING TO DEFY CANON FOR NAGA'S SAKE! Would it be illegal to tell me what emulator you're using? ePSXe kicks my ass every time I try to configure it.
  5. Should've clarified the mockup wasn't made by him, but it was part of a ragefest hack he helped playtest. Now please go back and finish his GhebFE LP, if only because the ending is incredible. Aha! You fell right into my trap! In America! See? That's how you properly make a meme.
  6. Yeah, I got just far enough in 11 to recruit him, and I was shocked at how terrible he was. He couldn't even hit Lena with his javelin! Not that I didn't give him enough chances, being the terrible player I am. Don't worry, I'll say it for you. Rutger is an overrated, boring, excessively edgy, and bland character. And something that I forgot to do in my previous reply: Hmmm, this definitely seems familiar, but I can't quite remember wha- Oh.
  7. Man, this update was 100% worth the wait. More like The Legend of the squire that was benched as soon as the prologue was over. I'm just as shocked as you, if not more, Matthis. That's it. I'm using you in my FE11/ eventual FE12 playthrough. We should consider ourselves lucky that IS didn't turn Bantu into yet another dragon loli for the remake. Taking a minute to notice Michalis' magnificent jacket. And this, kids, is why Awakening saved the series. Whenever you think Tomas is forgettable, remember Glade. For what I believe is the first time, I agree with Luke. i noticed a small mistake on the death count, and proceeded to fix it.
  8. Perfectly undertandable. I think we all remember what happened last time you tried to LP while "pretty tired".
  9. Needless to say, don't worry about the update. IRL stuff happens, that's all. Hey, It might be a trainwreck of an LP, but it's a hilarious trainwreck of an LP. (Hilarious for us, at least) User KnightOfNohr of the Serenes Forest, I hereby name you a Huge Nerd, with a specialization degree in Grammar National-Socialism.
  10. I wrote it thinking about myself, actually... My most sincere apologies, Yubello. Turns out you were only the 2nd worst mage in the game. I think they were fine, and a good way to signal the "End" of the LP. shame I can't remember who half these character were, though. That's right, someone is even more forgettable than Tomas! It's... crap, i can't remember. It's...Checks death list Norne! My personal favorite was Eremiah's. The eye details look amazing. I came up with a magnificent insult today, and I see no other place to put it. I'll speak slowly, Pretzel, so you can maybe understand it with the piece of shit you have instead of a brain. YOU ARE THE WORST PROTAGONIST IN FE HISTORY AND A PEERLESS DUMBASS. I HAVENT EVEN PLAYED YOUR GAME YET AND I'M ABSOLUTELY SURE OF IT. What is left of your dignities. See what I meant with my first comment? Do you need another hug? Minerva is still embarrased by her failure of a brother. I remember finding some similar theories a while back, but FE15/SOV already disproved this. In it, Grima is a dracozombie that was infused with divine dragon blood, and serves as the postgame superboss. REALLY dissapointing if you ask me.
  11. No prob, I know the feeling. What do you think I've been doing for the entire LP? It's not so much that I like it (POR might take its place in the near future), but that it has so many cheap memes to exploit. Congratulations, Knightofnohr! You're the only person in this thread that isn't pedantic, annoying, or a downright horrible person! Aaaaaaand that's every single self-imposed rule broken for this LP. I'm speechless. I know it's far too late for this kind of stuff, but... THE FE12 IRONMAN LP DRINKING GAME Materials needed: 6 bottles of alcohol. [1][2] A small glass, of approx. 200ml. [1] On average, per update. [2] Vodka is prefered, but beer or wine may be used depending on your tolerance. Da Rools: Take a shot every time you see a bad level. That is all. 99% of test subjects pass out before 50 screencaps.
  12. hahahahaha oh my god, how did I never notice that? Although most of the SNES-era artworks look derpy as hell. Every insult that comes out of Valter's mouth is pure gold. Yet another great character ruined by Heroes ;_; No problem! Julian just needs to hand over 30.000 gold to Yumina and... wait, wrong game. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I'm trying really hard not to make an FE4 reference. ... ... :Clutches Naga tome: Ese final... Santa puta Ruben. Matthis general, tu que moriste por nuestros pecados, proteje este LP de su propio creador. El Contador de Reinicios Deshonorables sigue ahí si estas interesado.
  13. Fine. Lex from FE4. Good luck finding anything meaningful to trashtalk though. Ha ha ha ha Ja ja ja ja Huehuehuehue Also, pretend* Nah. That f*cking chapter. In my first (And so far only) run of FE6, It took me nearly 2 hours to get to the second-to-last room, and my supremely underleveled Fae was killed by an ambush spawn I wasn't aware of. I tried to load a state, but the most recent one was at the beggining of the chapter. So far, that was the only time I've completed an FE game with anything but a perfect survival score. Australopithecus! Birdshit smuggler! Iconoclaste! Hauteclaireuser! Sternoclaidomastoideus! How did I do? Please, stop showing your lack of Knolledge about the 3DS games. This LP has so many deaths, i'm going to start playing the Game of Thrones theme before reading every update.
  14. Joke's on you then! It's Frey. Oh boy, we are well into the endgame now. :Grabs popcorn: ...wait, I don't like popcorn. :Throws away popcorn: :Grabs Doritos: Much better. Look at that! Frost is such a nice guy he made Pretzel temporarily smart! I'm frozen in shock from this discovery! I'm so sorry, but if I don't make a pun every update i'll have to give my job to Dayni. Look, Marth, all the light touches is our kingdom. He rammed into and destroyed the "demigod" point a long time ago. The Church of Growth Drop Matthis opens next week.
  15. Frost doesn't actually heal anything, he just cryogenically preserves people until a better unit comes along and does the job. Why is he considered the Est of this game again? Still, 20 damage to your strongest character is nothing to sneeze at. Not in this game. If he did have a brain he wouldn't have chosen the worst mage in the continent to be his bodyguard. Now the DLC chapters.. I vote for you to do them, but with less pressure on your part. Since they are separated from the main story, you could do something like an update every 3-4 days instead of daily.