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  1. It's actually the ghost of Arran's killer. Only executing Etzel will appease his spirit now. This line is ultimate, irrefutable proof that your Matthis is the best Matthis to ever live. FMAB Wrath? Wow, he actually does.
  2. La hora se acerca, compañero. Hoy, el subforo. Mañana, el mundo! Wait. If this is the same Yodel from FE6... then Etzel is actually Canas' long lost older brother! It all makes sense! Is there any other way to do it?
  3. Is your hatred for Rody so intense you can clone yourself now? Do you mean Castor or Pretzel? it could apply to either of them, really. You seem to be forgetting yubello exists. EDIT: I say you should keep the hat.