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  1. Would you believe me if I told you I facepalmed IRL when I read that? I don't presume to speak for everyone, but the problem with Arcadia is that it only screws you over if you don't use the right kind of units (Fliers and mages), which is really unfair to the player. This one, on the contrary, is more or less doable with any team. Sophia says hello. That reminds me, we've had surprisingly few instances of Haddock insults so far. ANECDOTE TIME! For my second playthrough of this game, I decided I didn't hate it enough and decided to do a Horses Only run. Treck ended up being the best of the four cavs, Allan and Lance ended up in second place with the exact same stat total, and Noah got left in the dust. Milady and arena abuse were the only things that got me past chapter 16, in case you were wondering. Quick, I need an appropiate song! Perfect. Welp. Better start training Sue then. Oh.
  2. PMU for Pokemon Platinum.

    Onix --> Steelix (If you can, if not just leave it unevolved)
  3. One of the most annoying? Who is this mysterious character that I don't know about? I mean yeah, Douglas exists, but still... Excellent edit right there. Look, a non-sarcastic, actually positive Franp3 comment! It only happens once in a blue moon clipse or something. Kinda unrelated, but I just realized we won't have any smug/unimpressed mugshots in this LP, because people lost the ability to blink somewhere between FE7 and FE6. Debatable. The axe siblings kill a Lot of people this chapter. Brother? Isn't he just some random dude?
  4. On one hand, I'd like to see Hugh finally get his time to shine. On the other hand, It's effing Hugh.
  5. The quotes are displayed as spoilers because Firefox decided to screw up at the worst time possible, and the only way to salvage the reply was to copy it to a .txt file. If only we could get Generic Priest for a PC. There's no way he could be worse than Ellen, in any case. I'll help you! For the glory of the best Dark Mage in the game! Remember, the best second best third best one of the best archers in the game is coming next chapter to take his place! (I actually wrote this thinking Sue's chapter is next, but whatever, it works just as well) I'm not leaving, I want to see some more Mario 64. I saw a video once of a guy beating Idoun with a lv1 unpromoted Roy, so at least we know it's possible. Oh nooo... now you'll need to use Barth... such a shame... Or Wendy. jk nobody uses Wendy. If he had been higher in the CYL poll and had a Brave Lance, he'd be Brave Brave Lance with a Brave Lance. Brave^3 Lance for short. If Lugh had a Thunder tome by this point, it would have been an Eriktrifying death. Don't. It's not worth your time. NOOO!!! LUGH! Oh my god, this means... You'll have to use Lilina. Kaga have mercy on your soul.
  6. What the hell is that??? Apparently, the "bare minimum" is better than 90% of the cast so far.
  7. Stepping out of my lurking cave to wish you a good recovery. Remember, you can't make LPs if you're dead! That... sounded less grim in my head. ANYWAYHOWEYHOY this is a really fun read. #prayforFlomi
  8. WHO IS THE INSECT THAT DARES AWAKE ME FROM MY ETERNAL -Oh damn a new Rubenio LP. That was way faster than expected. Come to think of it, the most we get to see of Etrurian culture is the tilesets they use for their palaces. Insert comments about what Damas meant and Hostia's religious meaning that got deleted after seeing that they were unnecesary. Eh, it makes the reply slightly shorter I guess. To be fair, that is a REALLY low bar to pass. About ground level I'd say. I'll jump on the "what the hell happened to Wrys' face" boat. He looks like he got slapped with a frying pan. Geez, you don't have to be so... Rood. Hey, I have to defend that title somehow. DAMNIT! Let me copypaste a comment I made on reddit the other day. The plot of FE6 in a nutshell: Merlinus: Milord no! Roy: Milord yes. One great mercenary. the rest are crap. I request for generic soldier to appear in the Terrible Fanfic scenes.
  9. Aaaaaand here I come to ruin the moment! A typo! Oh right, I'm supposed so say something meaningful. Well, this was one of the best, if not the best LP i've ever read. I couldn't have asked for a better excuse to not go outside for months. I'll be happy as long as there is another LP, really. I wish you the best, Ruben, and never stop underestimating your comedy skills.
  10. He's the one messing around with time travel, remember? I thought it was the appropiate time to share this. (From my FE11 playthrough) Ogma is unimpressed at Navarre's weak attempt at a comeback. I'm by no means an expert in this time period, but it's safe to assume they talked in japanese. I have to say, Arran does a great Navarre impersonation. Who are you talking about? Even after the fabric of timespace has broken into pieces, Navarre finds ways to be edgy.
  11. Remember when Ruben's greatest fear was having to LTC Matthis' chapter? Good times indeed. Undertanding her is already a pain 90% of the time, and I still have no idea what "Vun Voman" means. Maybe she's refering to some children the bandits have captured? After reading: I was right! Sort of, because Athena just kind of vanishes at the end of the map. Oh no! He's starting to learn his lesson! Quick, somebody praise Pretzel! You are, in fact, mistaken. Another dumb theory: What if the phantoms you can summon in FE8 are actually the ghosts of all the Roros that died during FE12? So, Etzel is responsible for yet more innocent deaths. How horrible!
  12. She'll lose many, many, many times. Forged Elfire burn right there. C'mon Elrean, if you could trashtalk Pretzel when nobody else could, surely you can find something to say to "Merric". Or maybe Michalis already dried out the snarky comeback pool for this map. Why couldn't you be in Nyna's chronicle? Completely unrelated to the LP, but I just noticed the Excalibur animation looks like one of the weapons from Megaman X. Can´t remember the name right now. Oh, she only died once. Good thing, otherwise you would have grinded your teeth to oblivion by this point. I doubt anyone gives a crap at this point. GOD FUCKING DAMNIT. AND HERE I THOUGHT ELREAN WAS A GOOD CHARACTER BECAUSE HE HAD AT LEAST SOME DEVELOPMENT IN THE MAIN STORY, BUT NO! TURNS OUT HE'S FUCKING POSSESED BY GHARNEF AS WELL! WHY DOES THIS SCENE EVEN EXIST?! You know what? I'm just going to assume these chapters are a byproduct of Etzel screwing around with time travel. It's better for everyone.
  13. DAMN YOU, CASTOOOOOOOR!! Also, KnightofNohr, this is the kind of thing you're supossed to prevent! Seriously now, i am really honored that you quoted me in your sig. I can think of a couple people off the top of my head. I was told the genderless pronoun can also be used with animals! Ha! Take that, Nyna! Ruben, you've been grinding your teeth for the last month or so. That can't be good for you. Please don't. It's way more entertaining like this. PS: Yay, convoluted time travel shenanigans! My favorites! PPS: NO WAY IN pluscuamperfect HELL AM I READING THE ENDING OF THE CHRONICLE. I refuse to put myself through more of Nyna's iconoclastics.
  14. My thoughts: 1. Navarre switches very quickly between "Surprisingly likable" mode and "I could cut grass with that edge" mode. 2. Castor's con acting skills have come a long way. 2b. Someone sees through Castor's BS for the first time in the game. And it's in a DLC chapter. That take place before the actual story. That has no impact at all on any of the caracters. (after typing that I realized I was being a little too critical with this scene. But come on, It's the one time anyone isn't having Castor's crap and it's forgotten 5 seconds later?) I'll make sure to read more Tintin books before the next (potential) LP. I'm giving this pun the official Franp3 Seal of Approval. Enjoy your newly acquired bragging rights. No idea why I did that. It's happening to all of us. See the above comment. Bro, I dodged that axe, and I was, like, in a mirror world. I could, like, feel it, bro. I've heard people talk when high, and yes, they do talk like that. It's an experience I wouldn't like to repeat. It's not wasted at all, really. I got some good replies out of this one.
  15. A thread with sprites in it. I guess.

    I don't even watch JJBA, but i can still tell this thread is a gift to humanity. PS: I remember seeing this .gif on a spanish meme site some time ago. weird. EDIT: "Eliwood has been watching too many hoshidan cartoons"