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  1. Yup. And I'll have you know, you made me look like a weirdo taking that picture while the rest of the house haven't finished chewing their dinner. Good. No, this update is definitely shorter than usual. My hypothesis is that it's Lilina's fault.
  2. Don't worry, I'm almost out of them. All I have left is a couple that I've been saving for... uhh... the boss' death. Looks like he has snow way out of this one. Reference thoroughly understood. Completely unrelated, but... Do you really eat bread with garlic for breakfast? Or is it just a myth? Scrooge you, Martel. That'd better not be... ...Nevermind. You're not that kind of person.
  3. Ice-see what you did there. That's one of my favorite supports in this game. Hi Nimue Niime (man, screw the new localized names). Ice to see you. Geez Roy, why do you have to be so cold? Woah Tate, cool down for a sec. This edit is so creepy, it sent a chill down my spine. Also the Martells of Dorne. All of them.
  4. Roy's support made Marcus able to swordmance (Lancemance?) as well! TRY SPINNING! THAT'S A GOOD TRICK! ...aaaaaaand jinxed. ggez. A poisoned mutton. Get your memes straight. YOU ESTENOGRAPHIST! PHARMACEUTIC! CHARLEMAGNE! LUDONARRATIVE DISSONANCE! MISSISSIPPI! Totally out of character. He should have used a javelin. My plot senses are tingling. This guy is a traitor.
  5. It's not "for no reason", it was because I had people over and my shitty internet wouldn't load the damned page! Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. DWNLHKS(Douglas Will Not Leave His Kings Side)counter: 3. You've brought this upon yourself. I'd say we've got another team member for the Elibe Olympics, but I can't think of any discipline that involves dodging lightning. Dodgeball maybe?
  6. "It's a very sharp flute!" "Ah, yes, of course. A flute, that's what it is. I didn't for a moment think otherwise." It makes sense, she's a teenager. Your lord and savior* Agreed. My headcanon is that it's the name of some pagan god that was worshipped before the Scouring. That might be why Elimine created the church, to prevent the spreading of this cult's potentially Pro-Dragon ideas. Brendan. Bertram is a minor boss from POR.
  7. Ice puns, basically. It was intentional. I read the update when he died, skipped the april fools update, saw Dayni's reply, went back to see what happened, and replied to Dayni's quote. So is this the newest meme? Attaboy! Show that Ostian bitch whose father is the best most-inaccurate-but-most-damaging-weapon user! ...why do I even comment on levels? You're not a knight, you're just a common soldier. Stop being iconsistant in such minor nitpickable ways!
  8. Sorry for not replying lately. I made an apology meme. It's a very late apology meme, but isn't it the intention that counts? It still has wings, so it's still technically a peg. Maybe all the promotion does is strap an ice cream cone to its head. What you get for fighting on tiny floating platforms. Oh, not again. Can't you stop messing up the timespace fabric for a damn minute? I sense a great disturbance in the puns. ... I've had that exact line saved for this exact moment, ever since the LP started. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a Batman movie to rewatch. Is it just me, or did the writing suddenly jump up in quality from the last time I was here? And now we're back to the usual. Joy for our Boy, who is Roy. And his wife and child, according to the collection of art and text InSists intsys holds some relation to this story. This is why I hate April fools.
  9. Because I am SMART! S-M-R-T SAMRT! Dorcas is the guy who would rather stay at home playing videogames working out, but is afraid his wife wil give him shit because he hasnt stepped out of the house for a month. Hatchet should be the lord of FE16. Actually, he should be the lord of every FE. I second this.
  10. Raudrwolf. Don't worry, that's far from the least pronouncible name in Heroes. Valaskjálf is an example. Also, Sophia doesn't have Apocalypse either, which is a relief. Aaand that is 30 shots that were also worth shotting. Astounding. Easy. Sophia is just making shit up. Off to a great start. Horribly Douglas. Fear not, you haven't falied as an entertainer yet. Oooo, colors. That's how you know someone is messed up.
  11. Are you kidding? She's too frail to be called a Wet Blanket. Wet Tissue Paper suits her better. No, it would be even better, because Florina X Hector is no longer a possibility. Dayni's Unfunny "Deaf characters" Joke counter: 1. They made her pass the final exam out of pity. It's the only way I can think of. You're dead to me, Sain. Saving Kent's reaction for future use. RU"DC"Jcounter: 5 Dayni Stealing Ruben's Jokes counter: 1 Please restrain yourself from speaking such blasphemy.
  12. Please give Sid a break. God knows he deserves it. You had the chance to say "Lot me guess". Just saying. And I had the chance to say Ein got Ein-nihilated, which is why i'm saying it now. Noted as 4, just in case. Armads, Thunder Axe Of Durban counter. That makes no sense. She's a Valkyrie, she would have been the first to die. Fae is the cutest manakete to ever grace this series. That is a fact. This, sadly, is also a fact. I don't need to. This chapter has been drilled into my brain by sheer terribleness. :Zephieling intensifies: RIP Echidna. It's a female name btw. uuuuhhhh... ...Zeiss? WAScounter: 28 SRFRcounter: 3 Countercounter: 8
  13. Ask and you shall receive. PS: can someone count the RU"DC"Js for me? This thread is way too long already. He remembers an 80yo man with a creepy grin who coincidentally had the same name as you. Also, didn't you say at one point that you wouldn't make that many references to that LP? sigh. It wouldn't be a Saint Rubenio LP without copious breaking of your own self imposed rules. The axe siblings could also compete in hammer throwing. They've got more than enough strength. WAScounter: 23 ZGH"HAA"Scounter: 1 RU"DC"Jcounter: TBC Countercounter: 7 Countercountercounter: 1
  14. >Ignoring the fact that Iñigo exists I'm trying so hard to find conspiracies I didn't notice the one that was right in front of me. Just like the fact that the jews secretly rule the world. THIS BLADE IS FOR PROTAGONISTS ONLY! YOU GOT THAT? Sigh. There it is. The line that launched a thousand memes. But we don't have any axes yet. Which means our party right now is worthless. He got his glASS kicked. And me when she carried the entire main story. Congratulations, now you know what the FEH Arena mode feels like.
  15. According to the wiki, the game takes place exactly 1000 years after the scouring, so... Is the Armads cave some sort of time machine? T i m e m a c h i n e c a v e Or he considers the bandits noxious fumes. Yup, that's the same level Lyn got a couple of days ago in Dayni's LP. :/ :D See my reaction to Geese's level earlier. Tbh I still think Oro was stupider. WAScounter: 18. ATAODcounter: 3... maybe 4 I think? It's hard keeping track of so many counters.