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  1. You're still keeping this up? I honestly don't think Barth such a bad unit. What is an armorknight´s purpose in gameplay? Being a def tank. What is the thing that Barth does better than every other knight? Def tanking. Because that's what Roy is for. We need a r/zephieldidnothingwrong. Not quite. She gets +1hp. For the first 15 or so seconds I thought it was the pokemon theme song. Judgfirus had better be a fire type.
  2. Now that I think about it, people in some regions (North of Argentina) do pronounce z/th. Let's just assume it was the first one. Marcus, Paladin of Pherae, wore purple the day he was to kill a king. As for the Undertale reference... I've got you covered. She probably put on a brown cloak. Look, a typo. The correct spelling would be A WIZARD DID IT. Impressive, how someone's opinion can change over the course of one measly LP. Not mine though. I started this LP hating this game and I still do. I don't think you've made any TLP references so far. Just to be sure, though... I love this fandom said no one ever. Aaaaand the counter reaches 40! Congratulations! In other news, Sophia is useless and Igrene's backstory is sad. It's probably the Universe thinking Welp, he made it this far despite all my efforts, might as well give him an easy final chapter. Strap in for the true endgame though. Agreed, but that "someone close to you" line makes me doubt. It's not like Raigh has anyone else besides the virgin Lugh/ the chad Chad.
  3. No. NO. NO! NOOOOOOOOOO! ...I feel cheated. You're so mad that the background went back to FE12? You misunderstood. I was tempted to say something along the lines of "Fire emblem" or "This LP", "I", etc. Thank you. So what is it pronounced in Spain? Pereth? Peresh? I always thought it was written Perez and pronounced Peres. heretic ˈhɛrɪtɪk/noun a person believing in or practising religious heresy. He's not a heretic. He's just a asshole. 27 Mag + Nosferatu. Holy bongoes on a pogo stick, why isn't this guy Murderock's best general instead? Hell, I think he could even kill Murdock given the chance. You know what? I'm going to believe it. Nice catch! Generic Bern Druid is still best druid. Hey, what is your problem with Pent? Alright, now you've really outdone yourself. Sofisti-fucking-cado? He's a warrior!
  4. QEPD Lombriz. He was more likable than a recolor has any right to be. Also, you finally managed to catch a bishop crit! Hurray! It's tempting, it's so very tempting...but no. Look, Ruben. it's obvious you can't do this anymore. Take a break. if you go on like this you'll just hurt yourself even more. Please. Have some fucking mercy on yourself. It's almost as if you were fighting some kind of war.
  5. This gives me an idea. I feel like this has already been said, but Sue is the Castor of this LP. Never quite amazing, never quite terrible, I forgot she was even there. I don't think that does him justice. Marcus is best Marcus. So much for the most accurate magic type. Assuming you even get to chapter 24. Man, when was the last time we had the "Ruben is bad at FE rolflolxd" brand of comedy? inhales Writes angry reply with a lot of profanity Deletes because banhammer. So yeah. Let's just say I'm really mad.
  6. A Bad FE Player Ironmans Revelation

    I voted for Jordan. Get hype!
  7. Nope. I'll just assume that was a positive statement. Thank you. Y-Man is probably playing along, knowing that this is the exact same garbage he dropped at Lycia ~20 chapters ago. Also applies to Florina, Shanna, Tana, Marcia and just about every early game peg. Affirmative. I denote the spectacularity of this event. I may also take this opportunity to express my Finger quotes "Amazement" at your tactical abilities, Saint Rubenio. Byrlyat? Is he Ilian Russian? ... Google Translate says it's just gibberish. No such luck with... Earthworm. Pfffffft. Has that sentence ever been this wrong?
  8. Frost sure knows how to motivate his men. I don't know if this is common knowledge, but this is mildly interesting. Okay, that's the last one, I promise. Some things never change, no matter how effed up the ROM may be. Ahaha! I fooled you! You can't tell me what to do!
  9. It could be worse. It could be Mr. One Good Line. Seems to have walls everywhere? Roy, did all the ice puns mess with your head? Apparently not! Good for him. Seriously now, in what universe is "build more walls" a sensible plan? I once had Lilina carry Armads along with Forblaze for nearly the whole game, does that count? It matters a Lot, doesn't it? That pun was so easy, I'm almost ashamed. Almost. And so, order is restored to the universe. No amount of order is going to be enough to fix this trainwreck, but it's nice to see it's trying. Are you up to date with Heroes? That is IS' idea of a joke. Tick, Tick, Tick, BOOM. DAKINGINDANORF!
  10. Jahn should be higher up I think. All he did was vomit exposition, but at least it was kinda interesting exposition. That should get him up to Meh-tier at least. Also, isn't it ironic that Thebrilliantdumbass is a recolor of the highest-rated characters here? Maybe you pointed it out in one of the updates I didn't read. (and Elen and Sue and Galle and Hugh and goddammit IS stop Eating Fates' Hotdog.) The fat mouse that powers my internet is having a stroke today. This is what I can do for now. I love how you can almost hear the sound effects just by looking at those two screencaps. TIL. That name is so widespread in the community I doubt many people actually know where it came from. And now I have another FE6 LP to waste my time with after this one ends. Yeah, what the kell, Hel? After all the madness that Jagen has pulled in this run, this wouldn't surprise me at all.
  11. Before I begin, I want you all to forget my last reply existed at all, and replace it in your minds with a letter that reads: "FRANP3 IS A SHITTY PHOTOGRAPHER WHO CAN'T EVEN BE TRUSTED WITH REPLYING IN TIME" Thank god, we're long overdue for some decent minor villains. Honestly, One scene of relevance in this game is far more valuable than any prep screen. ...And she's your last hope for a dark elder magic user, so you're pretty much forced to use her. Oh, so Tate is learning swordmancing too? What a nice mental image that was. 32. This LP has officially surpassed the last one in terms of "What the actual f#ck" HAHAHAHAHAHA, that must be merlinus' only good line in the entire game.
  12. Yup. And I'll have you know, you made me look like a weirdo taking that picture while the rest of the house haven't finished chewing their dinner. Good. No, this update is definitely shorter than usual. My hypothesis is that it's Lilina's fault.
  13. Don't worry, I'm almost out of them. All I have left is a couple that I've been saving for... uhh... the boss' death. Looks like he has snow way out of this one. Reference thoroughly understood. Completely unrelated, but... Do you really eat bread with garlic for breakfast? Or is it just a myth? Scrooge you, Martel. That'd better not be... ...Nevermind. You're not that kind of person.
  14. Ice-see what you did there. That's one of my favorite supports in this game. Hi Nimue Niime (man, screw the new localized names). Ice to see you. Geez Roy, why do you have to be so cold? Woah Tate, cool down for a sec. This edit is so creepy, it sent a chill down my spine. Also the Martells of Dorne. All of them.
  15. Roy's support made Marcus able to swordmance (Lancemance?) as well! TRY SPINNING! THAT'S A GOOD TRICK! ...aaaaaaand jinxed. ggez. A poisoned mutton. Get your memes straight. YOU ESTENOGRAPHIST! PHARMACEUTIC! CHARLEMAGNE! LUDONARRATIVE DISSONANCE! MISSISSIPPI! Totally out of character. He should have used a javelin. My plot senses are tingling. This guy is a traitor.