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  1. 14. Started the new system at 10 I believe, went to 13 (where I was before new system) and was brought up to 14 with most recent season Looks like everyone's pretty much in the same area. 14 is looking average. Highest is 18 (satsuma, cough) which isn't too shabby. We've got a good spread goin
  2. It's all good :) I'd be honored :)
  3. These all look great! Thanks :)
  4. Ooh, I like that idea! Some of the villains are actually characters I'd love to see developed/included. Let's see.. Excellus (Red Mage)[4-5*] Black Knight (Sword Armor, Comes with Legendary weapon Alondite. Built in Svallin's Shield)[5] Walhart (Axe Cavalry, comes with Legendary Weapon Wolf Berg, comes with distant counter built in)[5*] Garon (Axe Armor, comes with Legendary weapon Bölverk, comes with built-in Wary Fighter 3)[5*]
  5. Sorry, should've been specific that there aren't sheathes, looks fine tucked. Looks good! Don't mean to be nitpicky, but it looks kinda stiff... Actually, now that you mention it the blade over the shoulder would look good. Hope it isn't too much trouble to change that. Thanks again @NekoKnight
  6. That's wonderful
  7. How viable is Leo? (Don't have his IVs) Thinking about sacrificing him for Ike to give him QR 3. I never use Leo, but he's my only mounted mage
  8. Haha I did mean that. Thank you, I always misspell it. Oh the irony
  9. Hey @BANRYU, these requests are looking great as usual. I'm gonna make another one! Here in actually going to be listing a large amount of assets. Just tell me if something can't be done. To start with the head: Body Weapons/Pose Hope this isn't too much. Also I saw you on a different site pointing out that weapons were missing in an asset collection lol :)
  10. Hey everyone, looking for some assistance with SI... Right now I have 2/4 of my main team unit's built and progressing totheir full potential. (Defensive Tank Xander, Swap, Escutcheon, Renewal... and Go Big or Go Home Robin, Blarraven+ (default), Triangle Adept, Swordbreaker) Now that they're well-under way, I figured it's time to start on my last project (Ravens kinda dead weight until I can 5-star Nino lol), IKE. I'm thinking an offensive rush unit that can take some damage (+Def helps lol) and dish it out sevenfold. My current thoughts are Pivot (for mobility), and maybe Threaten Def. Any help with possible B SKILLS (unless I should just keep Swordbreaker) and possible C SKILLS is greatly appreciated. :)
  11. I can do just that. I love running errands :) could you possibly provide a place to start my search? I used google with a bunch of different terms and no tumblr results even came up lol
  12. Is that male Sharena.

  13. Love his artwork, but anyway Of course he's good. Trench coats for life
  14. @BANRYU do you guys make animated sprites? As in an already made-sprite? (In-game character)
  15. Take out Camilla on Nohr's side, put in M!Corrin. (And for fairness, maybe take out Hinoka on Hoshido and put in F!Corrin)