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  1. Yeah, that's what I was referring to. I apologize for it taking so long. I think I have the sprites that I want, but there's something bothering me about the way she looks at the moment. I'll probably have to redo some parts. I am still working on it, however. If you want a sneak peak, it's here. A lot of the trouble for some of these custom sprites is finding the right pieces for the head, since I prefer not just recoloring one from a different character. Mia's head, for example, uses six different characters. And without a solid plan for where to go, it's hard to maintain momentum on a project. That's why it's important that requests are as detailed as possible.
  2. Thank you, and by go ahead. She's one of my absolute favorite characters in the franchise and I really like how it turned out.
  3. I got stuck on a project and decided to make this instead. It's Radiant Dawn Mia! Hopefully this doesn't become obsolete once they finally add her...
  4. I could do without more 3* Jagen. Pulled three in a row in two sessions, looking for Brave Lucina, I think. Aside from having a feather cost to fodder him for his useful skills, Horse Emblem isn't my priority now or anytime soon. At least a 4* can be foddered right away or made into a competent +10.
  5. Do you mind sharing what program you're using? Or even outline how these were made? It seems odd that Imgur would poorly upscale images automatically. I'm particularly interested in how you set up everything and how you exported the final image.
  6. Might I ask how you're making and saving these sprites? They're well made but look a bit fuzzier than I'd expect; it's as if they've been increased in size and anti-aliased in the process. From experience, these sprites shouldn't need a canvas much larger than 256x256 px. A similar thing happens when the sprites are rotated too many times with the wrong settings. They'll have less well defined edges due to the program wanting to nicely blur them for you. Also, and this goes for anyone making sprites, I'd recommend using a transparent background unless, of course, you're constructing a scene or the character exists in a vacuum of emptiness. It allows the images to be more versatile in where they get posted. For example, suppose the background of the page you post your image to is violet. On the left is how an image with a transparent background would look and on the right is the same image but made with a white background-the default in some programs. In summary: Use transparent backgrounds!
  7. Oh, sweet. Thanks! And this is why we're collecting sprites in the first place...ha..ha. Doesn't help that it's been a while since I played Echoes. As it happens, turning her torso the other way causes the cape to be too short. So I've fixed it by using the perspective tool. I should play around with this more often.
  8. Dang, I had just finished this one. But keep at it! We can use all the help we can get. Guess I'll leave mine in a spoiler for anyone who wants it: I also have a standard Jagen, Linde, and, well, Sonya for @NekoKnight's collection.
  9. My animation was inspired by looking at the ones on Reddit and thinking, "Yeah, I can do that." I also don't have a Reddit account. I appreciate the complement! To be fair though, I cheated in the sense that I used a frame-by-frame of her GBA animation as a reference for each frame I made. As the failed attempts preceding that one would have me know, making an animation from scratch is much harder. So kudos to you for that. It was also really time consuming so while I would love to do more, they'll be a once-in-a-blue-moon sort of thing.
  10. Sure. In fact, you can link to the DA page I started a little while ago. I've also made some quick adjustments so that I could use a non-scaled weapon sprite. And a bonus attacking pose, why not. I'm pretty busy so more complex requests are out of the question for a bit. Sorry folks!
  11. Having bounced between the highest tiers for a couple months and since the Brave units are worth a lot of scoring points, I tried to play with the intent of staying in Tier 20 for once. Much frustration and many crests later, I've broken my previous records and scored 4890 which is rank 2352 as of now. Score range was between 694 and 700. From what I've seen of past weeks, it might be just enough to stay above the cutoff though if I was able to do it, it's likely that many others could do better. Also going to say that this week's map rotations plus Brave units and horses don't make me very eager to do it again. Highlights of the run included getting lucky with the placement of mages on the lava map and Nowi taking hits from bladetome Leo and Brave Roy on the same turn on the bridge map. My team (for those interested and for future reference):
  12. I appreciate the willingness but cavalry sprites have quite a number of pieces and need more care than normal. If you still want to try him or another character, I don't mind sending their sheets over. @NekoKnight The Archaneans are mine. I'll send some of them to you by pm later.
  13. @NekoKnight Well, I was going to argue that thanks to Vaximillian's initiative that we should digitize the catalog for efficiency, but then it kept bothering me that without a mega whale on our side it would be unlikely that we would have all of the characters. So as painful as it'll be, I guess the best option is to recreate every sprite for the benefit of the many. I think I'll start with the Archaneans that @GenericHero hasn't yet made. This is going to be a slow burn. I'm still wanting to have them accessible on Serenes, but I wouldn't know the logistics behind that. That being said, I took three characters as a test and they got to imgur at 1440x2560 which is probably unnecessarily large. @Vaximillian How did you get your images up? Oh, and Michalis is in there twice which is why I included Minerva.
  14. I'm willing to help, of course, when I have some spare time. Maybe it would make sense to host them on the Heroes page of this site? It wouldn't be as cool as the in-game catalog but it's something. The question now is how to go about organizing everything. This is a lot of pictures to save and send. @Luna of Dragonblood Get well soon, and don't spread it to me. In the end, I think I like the violet better. Even Heroes goes as far as avoiding pure black and white in its sprites a lot of the time. I just redid the head sprite on Ishtar anyway to be inline with how I now organize my work. Violet is also my favorite color but who would be interested in that?
  15. Thanks! A commendation from an artist like you is worth a lot. And props for putting that sheet together; it'll be super convenient. Needs to be updated pretty soon though. And this isn't directed specifically at anyone, per se, but it would also be really nice if the internet had a uniform database of assembled sprites. Possibly even a gallery of Hero Catalog screenshots would be a convenient way to go about it. I'd give what I can, but I'm only at 108 of 168.