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  1. Sprite Assembly Request thread

    In the op of this thread we have a small collection of sprites that people here have made to use as reference. The Priscilla can help for getting a stationary horse to look at. My advice for assembling is to pay attention to the position of pieces relative to each other...And use an anti-aliased tool for edits. Happy spriting!
  2. Official Pull Topic

    I got Katarina! The list of characters I really want shrinks by one. Hey game, wanna give me a certain spacey green mage next? Apparently I'm still on a +Def streak so it's a shame I haven't summoned anyone who'd appreciate it. -Res hurts since shes a great magic tank otherwise and Atk ploy depends on it. Here's hoping to merge into a better one someday.
  3. Sprite Assembly Request thread

    I'll take that compliment! And that makes me satisfied since Fir's crit is the most ambitious art project that I've ever finished.I also really like how Mia turned out, but that's a biased opinion. It took a fair bit of dedication and time (the latter of which I haven't had for a while). It's essentially making an image for each unique frame and putting them together. Remaking sprite-era animations is great since you can step through a video frame-by-frame as a reference. So give it a shot if you're able! FE needs more spectacular magic animations. I'm looking forward to having some time to do more of these.
  4. Bound Hero Battle: Children of Fate

    I juat cleared Lunatic with a team of Alfonse, Sharena, -Atk Dierdre, and Arvis so it's definitely possible.
  5. Official Pull Topic

    My overall luck at the end of October/beginning of November has been scary. I'm expecting a drought anytime now.
  6. Official Pull Topic

    I managed to summon a Neko Sakura! Went in with 9 orbs and there were three colorless. She was in the first one I chose. It's such a relief since I was going to try saving for once but ended up committing to the Halloween banner anyway. That makes her my third seasonal unit since the start of the game (second if you don't count duplicates). Also got another merge for Nino on the way so I'm pretty happy. Like Delthea and Ayra before her, she's +Def/-Hp. But if it means getting characters that I really like then it's no big deal. I think she can face down the typical Reinhardts I meet (~58atk w/ QP Moonbow) too if she has a little support. She'll be a great option for AA once I get her up to speed. And she had dagger valor too! In the rare case I want to train a dagger unit.
  7. I've been running Nowi+4, B!Ike, Nino+3, and Y!Tiki+1 which has gotten me a score of 4936 this week. Last week, I tried setting them as my defense team as well after not getting one for a long time and to my surprise, ended up with multiple wins within a day. I didn't expect a Triangle Adept Blue and two greens to work so well. And I wouldn't think they were people looking to give a free win because of the number of them. Hopefully the mid-November banner features a blue and green that are good so that I can hopefully add more merges instead. And I still need to decide on a red unit to merge to +10 in the long term.
  8. Sprite Assembly Request thread

    I'm unable to take any specific requests right now. Also, from the OP:
  9. Sprite Assembly Request thread

    I've also been busy. And not in the mood for spriting. Life sure is something. What you've said is still valid, however. That being said, I've felt really bad having this project on the back burner for so long. I'm writing out some stuff about this one since I think it warrants it. Again, I'm sorry for the delay. Hopefully I finished soon enough before she's added to Heroes that it's meaningful unlike my Urvan and Tailtiu sprites...
  10. Sprite Assembly Request thread

    There is an excellent tutorial made by GenericHero that is linked in the first post. PaintNet appears to support layers so it should work just as well. In general, just give it some time. Play around with the sprites and have fun with it. Until you're experienced with posing stick to the game as a reference.
  11. Sprite Assembly Request thread

    Yeah, that's what I was referring to. I apologize for it taking so long. I think I have the sprites that I want, but there's something bothering me about the way she looks at the moment. I'll probably have to redo some parts. I am still working on it, however. If you want a sneak peak, it's here. A lot of the trouble for some of these custom sprites is finding the right pieces for the head, since I prefer not just recoloring one from a different character. Mia's head, for example, uses six different characters. And without a solid plan for where to go, it's hard to maintain momentum on a project. That's why it's important that requests are as detailed as possible.
  12. Sprite Assembly Request thread

    Thank you, and by go ahead. She's one of my absolute favorite characters in the franchise and I really like how it turned out.
  13. Sprite Assembly Request thread

    I got stuck on a project and decided to make this instead. It's Radiant Dawn Mia! Hopefully this doesn't become obsolete once they finally add her...
  14. I could do without more 3* Jagen. Pulled three in a row in two sessions, looking for Brave Lucina, I think. Aside from having a feather cost to fodder him for his useful skills, Horse Emblem isn't my priority now or anytime soon. At least a 4* can be foddered right away or made into a competent +10.
  15. Sprite Assembly Request thread

    Do you mind sharing what program you're using? Or even outline how these were made? It seems odd that Imgur would poorly upscale images automatically. I'm particularly interested in how you set up everything and how you exported the final image.