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  1. If you can't seem to get it, I have it here. (It would still be good practice and you can PM me if you want some tips.) Sure? I don't post to Reddit so feel free to reap the karma. They've got some good sprite art already though.
  2. @Lord Albert What are you going to do with all of these versions anyway? The number of spriters and the hours that they have free to take requests is limited so patience is appreciated. There are some fine details that I would've wanted to iron out, but it looks close. Was there a rush to get it done? The most time was spent making the head, since I didn't have any recommended sprites to go off of. Turns out Myrrh looks a lot like And now I'm taking a break. Good luck in the meantime, everyone!
  3. When the game gives you Mathilda instead of Delthea, that's how you know to throw in the towel. +Def/-Res too which is alright.. Maybe she'll be useful for a GHB down the line. Now wondering if I should toss in five more orbs on one desperation pull before the banner ends.
  4. I use GIMP for my amateur art needs but Photoshop or other similar image programs will work. After that, you can try searching for a tutorial somewhere, but I use two different methods though there are more. In GIMP: The most important thing about making these sprites in general is how to use layers. And just trying stuff. You can always undo if it doesn't look right. And here's Summer Ace:
  5. Sure thing. I'll take this one since it's the first, but I don't want to open the floodgates to requests from everyone just because I've been pretty active (at least during the summer). While that's the rule, I've looked at these sprites a lot by this point. Just by looking at her official art, I already had an idea of who to use for everything. Umm... maybe aside from the dress. It helps that her design is relatively simple. Reminder for everyone making requests that you can browse all of the art assets (and download the zip files for yourself) in this MEGA album.
  6. Duly noted. It appears that most of the internet has come to a consensus on unit builds anyway, making discussion non-existent/uninteresting. And I'll leave the replies at that.
  7. Are you sure you don't want the color changed? I can make a couple variations without much additional work.
  8. I posted recently in the Questions thread and didn't receive a response. I've seen build based questions here so I thought it'd be sufficient to start discussion. Everything is spoilered so people don't have to wade through it on the way down the page. All in all, I should just build my own builds. But thanks for your time.
  9. Has anyone built a F!Corrin here? Alm's Army now refuses to give me anything but 3* blues and now I have two that are +Def/-Res and one +Spd/-Res. That's three out of my four pulled F!Corrins just on this banner. Windsweep is out of the question and I feel content just building off of her base kit. What A skills do tanks want other than Triangle Adept anyway? I'm facing a similar dilemma with Ephraim, who currently has Spd +2 to patch his Spd bane though I was going to replace it with Def+3 when I get the fodder. He's +Hp though so maybe a Boost skill would be good. This thread was meant for Heroes discussion, right?
  10. @lilacshadows : "[Image editing] Magic is everything!" I was already tinkering with how to fit the background into the image when I saw the castle request. Oh well. I did both. And why wouldn't I want to? It's a lot of fun to bring life to other people's ideas. And I'm not doing anything else with my time anyways. It also helps when there's no drawing involved. I should probably get a tablet one of these days...
  11. @GuiltyLove : "This oughta do it!" Anything you want changed? I had to shrink the sprites to fit to size and redo some of the axes so that they blend with any background instead of getting cut off. Background is transparent. Fun Fact: mounted units are already smaller than their infantry counterparts. The Thunder's Fist is literally smaller than normal. Bonus image: FYI:
  12. @Lord Albert That was fun! I'm no fashion designer so I hope the trim I've added is about right. Also, this one is centered since for some reason it didn't occur to me to center the last image. This sounds hilarious. Unfortunately, I have approximately zero animation experience so it wouldn't look good or it'd take forever. It might be useful to specify the size of the whole thing though.
  13. Since I have the project file, I'll get this done. Hopefully the recolor to black doesn't present any problems. I'm also assuming that you'd like the same image but with Xander's color scheme, more or less.
  14. : "All right~" Not sure if that was what you were looking for. I went with something with more saturation but without trying to make it blinding. Let me know if you want other changes/poses done! - - - Also for all future requests/amendments to requests: "bluer" or "a brighter yellow" aren't exactly precise terms. Unless you'd rather leave it up to interpretation, try to find something that matches the color that you'd like. We appreciate the cooperation!