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  1. I'm slightly sad that Takumi lost. But now Leo ain't that lonely. But can we take a moment to appreciate that Shanna took the win during the last hour without a multipler helping her?
  2. This week Nino is now +6! Got a deathless score of 4964. I'm happy with this run since I was able to do it on my first try despite running into 2 fully merged ranged horses + bonus teams. One of them was even on the damn boat map.
  3. Small Things That Have Gotten on Your Nerves

    When the transit just doesn't show up or is extremely late. There's a display thing at the station that tells us when the next transit will arrive. It updates in real time. So it should be accurate. Except sometimes they don't show up. Like it showed up every Friday at 6:03 before. Why were you not there last week? Had to wait an extra 30 min in the cold...
  4. I'm going to run my +1 Arvis. Can't wait to use my ploy boy!
  5. What do you do with your grand heroes?

    I'm sitting on all of them. One day I'll be able to merge them all and make a beautiful 5* +10.
  6. Game Mode Idea: 5-Hero Chain Challenge

    I want an escort or maybe defend the castle type of map. I also want some game mode that limits the amount of units on your team so you can only bring 3 or less. Also more maps that split up your team
  7. October 30 - Halloween Banner

    I'm surprised I actually don't care about the flying tome user for the third time. Nowi is fine as a character but I'm not a fan of her art. I do like Sakura's art and am happy about our new Hoshido seasonal. I also want Jakob. Mainly because that bow looks cool, plus ranged armor! I like Henry too, both as a character and a unit.
  8. October 30 - Halloween Banner

    I just selfishly want Leo on the banner so I can be one unit closer to Leo emblem. Or Pirate Xander or even Pirate Anna (I want a pirate). But I really hope it's something like the bride banner where we had 1 Fates, 1 Awakening and 2 non-3ds characters. Also hoping for a scythe weapon because those are cool
  9. Grand Hero Battle Before Dawn: Ursula

    I cheesed it using merged Nino. Maybe you can do it with unmerged Nino. She also had DD3 to give her extra bulk since she's -res. Plus Nino has summoner support. She takes out Ursula and the green cav after being buffed by Azura and Eirika on turn 1. Hector kills the bottom dagger on turn 1 too. On turn 2, Azura WoM to Nino and kills the red cav and Nino draws back her to safety. Hector baits and kills the other dagger. Nino and Eirika team up to kill the remaining green armor
  10. October 30 - Halloween Banner

    I could be completely off but the coffin is 1 person, then there is another person next to the coffin with feather effects over them. The next pair is the witch and the weird thing to the left of her, which I assume is a little ghost thing
  11. October 30 - Halloween Banner

    YES! Halloween banner! But they are really making us guess this time around. I can't even distinguish 4 bodies. One is a coffin, probably mummy Setsuna or Vampire Leo. Next to that is something feathery, Henry is that you? Next is obviously a witch. Could be any female since the huge hat obscures the entire head. Last up is ghosty little kid. Fae? Nowi?
  12. Gave AA another try and got my deathless streak of 4940! I replaced my +4 Eirika with an unmerged Roy in my starting team to lower my score and it was slightly easier. Top 1k is still so very far away
  13. Favorite games by letter

    #- 999 A- Assassin's Creed B- Bravely Default C- ??? D- Disgaea E -??? F- Final Fantasy VII G-??? H - ??? I - I am Setsuna J- ??? K - Kirby Super Star Ultra L -??? M - Mario Kart N: Nier Automata O: Okami P: Persona 4 Q - ??? R - Rune Factory 4 S - Super Mario Bros T - Tomogachi (these count right? I loved my pixel pet to death) U - Undertale V - ??? W: The world ends with you X - ??? Y- ??? Z- ??? Look at all those empty spaces ;_; I tried
  14. Favorite gaming series

    1. Persona (4 and 5 we're beautiful. I never finished 3.) 2. Final Fantasy ( Overall good series but there were a few blemishes here and there.) 3. Zero Escape (I love the VN style of this game. I'm a natural bookworm.) 4. Fire Emblem (Obviously since I'm here) 5. Pokemon (would have rated this higher but recently it just doesn't hold the same magic anymore) 6. Mario (especially great when playing with friends) 7. Bravely (Great combat and job system, decent story, good art, sometimes questionable execution) 8. Professor Layton (I really enjoyed the first 3 games. But it's been going downhill since then) I...don't play too many series games. So while I like most games on this list, my favorites is probably quite different. Though going through the responses on this thread, I might start Xenoblade and the Tales of series.
  15. Where in the World are you?

    Toronto, Canada where I was born and raised. Hopefully we get some actual snow this winter. Not like the pitiful amount last year.