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  1. This wasn't that hard. Did it with Nino, Azura, Rein, and Erika first try. I was a bit surprised at the different placement of Hawkeye.
  2. Not a fan of the +3 skills. Normally I only use them for placeholder skills. As for Glacies....the number of Fir and Felicia I get means I could give Glacies to every built unit I have and still be drowning in that skill. Also I generally prefer 3-cooldown skills like Iceberg due to its synergy with skills like QR.
  3. Fir is annoying to get. She's not even good SI fodder. The other persistent red is Raigh. Blues are pretty decent for me right now. But Greens are filled with Gunter, Fredericks, and Arthurs. Colorless is usually Wrys, Lissa, Niles, or Setsuna. All units I don't need :(
  4. Well that was fun. Faced a B!Lyn, Rein, B!Roy, and Elincia on the two walls map. Didn't think I'd make it, but I did it deathless. Woot! Erika's Drag back actually helped me for once as it allowed her to move out of Elincia's range. Running a no blue team certainly makes some things harder. But I'm not switching in Nowi till I've completed her build. Still need QR3, reposition and hone speed :/
  5. I expected the other way around with the Crimeans + BK at 20% and Ike + friends being at 40% since the previous TT banners always were the 40% bonus. But I guess they changed the formula this time around.
  6. I'm so glad I have Ike. No need to waste orbs pulling on the banner. Though I'm surprised they made the Crimean banner the 40% bonus since it's still ongoing. Makes more people want to pull I guess.
  7. I ran into the most rage inducing team today. A horse emblem team of Rein x 2 and CYL!Lyn x2. Obviously I lost my deathless streak. There's a special place in hell for people who run such defense teams. I'm just sad that I lost what would have been a new high score for me :(
  8. Y!Tiki and Ninian to complete dragon collection. Alm because I like his art and Celica because she's an awesome unit Leon and Innes because I adore archers and they are the only ones I'm missing besides BB! Cordelia. Leo, Elise, Hinoka to complete Fates siblings but most importantly Leo for favoritism ;_; Chrom and Lucina because Awakening was my first FE and I want to build the family. B!Roy and B!Lucina to finish off the Brave collection Lastly Julia and Sonya because I want another solid standalone green mage that's not Nino.
  9. With the incoming of BK, I guess its time to say goodbye to Zephiel. Unfortunately I will probably never 5* him now....there's just no more room for him on armor emblem.
  10. Goodbye CYL banner. While you were kind in 5*, most of them were non-focus. The one CYL unit I managed to pull was Lyn and she is -spd +atk....oh well. And with this, I choose you, B!IKE! Would have liked a Roy but Ike had higher priority since I don't have many greens.
  11. Sending home or using 3* Nino as Draw back fodder when I plan on making a 5*+10 Nino. I thought she would be more common but whoops and now I'm stuck at +3 :/
  12. This is the first week I'm using Eirika too. So 3 merges + AoE is about 25ish points.
  13. Story Maps won't work but Chain challenge does :)
  14. How about CC chapter 4 Hard? That one has a lv 35+ F!Robin in it and you don't have to worry about keeping your allies alive.
  15. Gave Ryoma an AOE to boost my score. While still not good enough to stay in tier 20, I did get a new high score of 4880! Better then my old high score by a good 20+ points! Bow Lyn is probably the most annoying unit to deal with, so much so that I even passed on one team that had her as a leader for the 7th battle. It would have sucked to get so far and have my streak broken on the last match...