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  1. I think the pointy bits at the bottom right are part of the dress. Anyways, I'm going to go with my gut feeling that the one on the right is Eirika. Mainly because the banner would probably include popular units based on the CYL poll and the little bit of hair we do see matches.
  2. I can see that the left is Lyn but can't for the life of me tell who the right one is. The veil obscures practically all the hair, which is the most telling feature. What do you think the weapons are going to be? I keep thinking the right one is a giant spoon with a bow but surely that's wrong....
  3. If I manage to get a deathless run this week, I should be able to move on to tier 18, otherwise I'm stuck in tier 17. This week's rotation of maps is screwing me over. I don't see myself moving any higher then tier 18 anytime soon. Getting higher scores require merges....
  4. I used to run 3 5* and 1 4* unit, as I had no luck with focus units. I normally had a score of around 4770 deathless. With a full team of 5*, I saw my score jump to about 4790. So I'll say it makes a rather large difference.
  5. I finally have motivation to promote Narcian to 4* and level him up to lv40. Now I have all the GHB units at lv40 4*. But I'm now 2k feathers farther from promoting the Askr trio
  6. I typically find that the adding/removing of a single skill doesn't make much difference, kinda like how adding a single merge doesn't make much of a difference either. These two things aren't weighted too heavily. Though adding specials make a more noticeable variance.
  7. Faced my first all hector team today, I just parked Ryoma in front of them and had Nino feed him ardent sacrifice every once in a while. Roy didn't even see combat. Easiest win by far. Now to see if I can keep up my luck and get a deathless run this time. Only need to win tomorrow's three daily swords and I'm good (but considering my current single death streak had a death on the 7th battle, I'm not getting my hopes up).
  8. Map 2 is great for getting HM. I can just throw together a team of mostly blues and run auto-battle. No effort required and it only costs 5 stamina.
  9. Did trials 1-4 with Ephraim, Nino, Ryoma, and Takumi. Had to switch Takumi for Klein in trial 5 as he wasn't killing the mages fast enough.
  10. I wasted a bunch of crests trying to get deathless and I fudged it up on the last battle....So now I have a score of 4724 rank 3386 in tier 17. I think I'm going to take a break. Sick me does not mix well with all this strategic thinking.
  11. Curse the diagonal mountain map and the boat map. I had to face armor emblem + dancer on the boat map, which usually is fine.... EXCEPT THERE'S NO ROOM TO MOVE. So now I have one win out of my three swords. At least it was on the last battle of the day...
  12. I'm missing lots of skill fodder still so a lot of my units are works in progress. Ephraim: Nino+1: Ryoma:
  13. I'm moving up to tier 17 with an offense score of 4812. I hope I'll be able to move to tier 18 next season, I want those 4 orbs.
  14. Seeing as the likelyhood of me pulling either Ryoma or Ephraim for merges is almost non-existent. I've been thinking about switching those two for heroes available at 3*. Ephraim could be probably replaced by F!Corrin who should be speedy enough to make up for some of her horrible atk. Sadly there doesn't seem to be a fast and hard-hitting red sword with decent def like Ryoma, plus I'll be losing built-in distant counter. Maybe I'll try Olivia, because at least she's a dancer.
  15. Just slap Ryoma with a Fury and he should be able to ORKO Hector while taking 12 damage in return, though you'll need a atk buff to kill off some varients like +hp or +def (or just use moonbow on Ryoma like I do). I use Ryoma as my Hector counter and he works great. Fury will also offset you spd bane which will help Ryoma out a lot. He likes to double.