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  1. Also F2P here. This banner has been unbelievably kind to me. Got a couple new units like Gordin and Cain but I also got my wonderful 5* Ryoma, Caeda, and Hector. But this stroke of good luck was after pulling 50 units in a row (note that not all were from the same banner) with no 5*. I blame Takumi who I pulled right before that 5* drought. I think I've gotten every 3* unit except for Shanna. Which sucks because I need her for Desperation. I still want Klein and have pulled 7 Felicias and 6 Clarines to show for it....
  2. LD3 Kagero who is hiding behind someone so I can't freaking reach her. With a team of all infantry, she screws over my team if I can't reach her first.
  3. Even if they rerelease the maps, I doubt we'll be able to get the units again if we got them once already. Which sucks because I want more lancebreakers available at 4*. Also I'm surprised Navarre is one of the rereleases. His map was fairly recent.
  4. Score of 4750, Rank 9602. Gonna get kicked out of 10k soon ;_;
  5. Not including the free units, I've gotten 6 Olivia, 6 Nino, 6 Clarine, and 7 Felicia. As a F2P player....Give me more blue orbs. I want Shanna.
  6. I beat it with Nino, Ephraim, Olivia, and Sully. Ephraim had reposition. It was literally a game of get Nino to hit and move everyone out of danger....
  7. Updated Pulled: Ephraim, Takumi, Caeda, Ryoma, Hector, M!Robin, Minerva, Roy Promoted: Nino+1, Camilla
  8. I don't see much difficulty with this map. The blue mage is basically a free kill. The armors are too slow and it'll be easy to knock out the red mage and make a run for it after. And lastly just kite the armors.
  9. Wait...where did we get the info that these will be the units in the GHB tomorrow? Did I miss a datamine or something?
  10. Lilina's and Sophia's tome have no difference yet they have different names :/
  11. If its any consolation, I completed the quest with a 3* lv28 Est. You don't really need to train her up too much. She just needs other units to soften the enemy up.
  12. Ephraim with Hone attack and Reposition and the nuke Nino with Fury make most things a cake walk. Add Ryoma and M!Robin and I think that covers everything. That would be the team I would run But bonus units exist in the arena so M!Robin got kicked off
  13. More free units! Doesn't matter if I already have them all. Free is free. Though I wish they included Shanna as I'm missing her. It was nice playing a full flier team with Minerva leading the whitewing squad.
  14. Tried pulling again for Alm using the new orbs from the quests. Open up the summoning circle and.....3 colorless and 2 greens. Okay, maybe I'll get Faye? NOPE. Throws me a curve ball and gives me HECTOR!!! This is legitimately the nicest banner. I haven't gotten any focus units but with 80 orbs I've gotten Ryoma, Caeda and now Hector! :D
  15. If IS really wanted to screw with us...they'll have the two armors accompanying Zephiel have distant counter :P It sucks that Zephiel has Wary Fighter, makes him harder to deal with as I can't nuke him with a high speed mage. But at the same time, it means we get a free wary fighter fodder!