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  1. Infernal this time wasn't too hard even if I had to use a new strategy. No more smiting Hector across the river to kill the archer and blue mage. Infernal was just a full-on attack and retreat tactic with Nino, Reinhardt, Olivia and Ryoma.
  2. My 5* roaster is growing quite big. :D Focus Pulls: Off-focus Pulls Promoted:
  3. When TT started, I promoted my barely used Reinhardt. He now has 9999 sp... I've also finally reached 100k! 101.510 pts puts me at rank 8031. I should be good for top 10k! 6k feathers here I come! I would have aimed for top 5k but the grind has got to me and I don't want to touch TT anymore.
  4. You could have had both if you had fodder to inherit lower levels of the skills. The main problem with this is that both skills have to go on the same unit. I want Klein for his deathblow and QR3 but i need the skills on different units so this method isn't terribly useful in my case.
  5. I've promoted 10 units to 5* so far and should be good to promote my 11th after TT ends. I haven't used many feathers to promote 3*->4* except in some rare instances when I really needed the SI. So far I've promoted: Reinhardt Tharja Nino x 3 Camilla (so many regrets on this was my first promotion when I didn't know any better) Sharena Alfonse Anna Xander The problem is that I still need a boatload of feathers just to promote my high priority list. Cecilia needs to be promoted, She also needs Gronnblade. Camus needs promotion, Nino needs more merges for arena, Cordelia needs to be 5* and the list goes on.....
  6. May I know what builds you used for horse emblem? I just started building my own and if yours could beat CC 11/12 well...its obvious that it works well.
  7. It took a few stamina pots but I finished Infernal with Minerva, Olivia, Nino and Palla. When Infernal added the extra unit it gave me quite a scare. I had to completely rework my team. Having to start off with your team divided is scary so I ended up using Palla's WoM to regroup after the first turn.
  8. I just finished this...finally. What screwed me over was always map 7 since my team tended towards heavy magic nuking and having two blue pegs coming at you is not good. I used Nino (she's merged +2 though. But this shouldn't be too much of an issue except against maybe Soren), Olivia (4*), Reinhardt, and Genny. Genny only attacked once on map 7 to get rid of Titania. My problem is that I only have a few built up units so if Team A falls....Team B/C aren't optimally built. Anyone who finished 11/12 have any tips before I start?
  9. YES! Took way too much stamina but I finally completed lunatic 9/10! I kept messing up on the 7th battle but once I got all my team mates to survive that map the rest was easy. (One of the main problems of having only a few built up units). MVPs were Nino+2, Reinhardt, Olivia, and Genny. They almost managed to complete the entire thing by themselves. Reinhardt died to Embla Ike on map 9 and Olivia, Genny, and Nino died on the last map (Time maps are a pain), leaving only Ike and the blue cav to be cleaned up by Sharena and Minerva. I already finished the paralogues so I only have chapter 11/12 left. This map set is going to be hard as well. Tempest is so much easier then these....
  10. I tried...used 100 orbs and no 5* to show for it. On the bright side, I got some new units. Lukas, Clair, Effie, and Serra finally showed up.
  11. I only buy orbs by using the Google Survey rewards thing. Granted I probably only bought 6 orbs total but I wasn't going to buy anything else from the play store.
  12. Still haven't pulled Serra somehow despite playing since launch. Ah well, there could be worse units that avoid me. I've only pulled 1 Shanna help me As for 4* I haven't pulled Abel Athena Boey Chrom Clair Effie Erika Jakob Lucius Lukas Ogma Priscilla Roderick Sakura Titania
  13. Unfortunately no. ;_;
  14. it give +4 res when attacked :/