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  1. Across the series there are several characters that I really like their design. Duessela from SS along with Giliam, Garcia, Tethys and Dozla to name a few, from FE4 I enjoy Seliph's design, love Alteana's design, Hannibal, Oifey, Lex, Raquesis among others, Skrimir, Harr, Caineghas, Degnesia, Stephen, Naihala & Volug from Radiant Dawn, Ike, Greil, Petrine, Ashnard & Jill from PoR the Tellius games has some of my favourite designs it's game models I think are especially good. Many of them still seem the best design of their respective classes such as General, and Wyvern lord. I like Minerva, Marth, Darros, Arden, Ogma, and Borst's design from Shadow Dragon and I love the Berserker class design from this game, it's definitely one of my favorites.
  2. Overall Favorites: Lords

    It's hard to narrow it down to top 5 as there are several lords that I like and enjoy. 1) FE1, FE3 & FE11 Marth 2)Alm 3)Celica 4)Sigurd 5)Seliph 7)Hector 8)Eliwood 9)Lynn 10) Ephraim- I like the premise where he's both a well trained soldier and a solid tactician 11) Robin- enjoy his role as the team's tactician and I love his chess refrences 12)Ike- Radiant Dawn was my first game so I doubt Ike will ever lose points for me 13)Morgan
  3. Dorcas Emblem 2.1

    I would play this in a heartbeat.
  4. Favorite GBA character?

    Oh boy, there are many characters that I like a lot but here are some of my favourites. Blazing Sword: 1)Hector-who else did you expect? 2)Dart- he's awesome 3)Dorcas-I really like this guy, he doesn't stand out but I like him. 4) Harken 5) Hawkeye- can't not include him. 6) Heath 7) Kent 8) Marcus Sacred Stones: 1) Cormag 2) Garcia- that beard, neck and traps! 3)Gilliam 4)Ross 5)Dozla 6)La'Archael 7) Duessela 8)Gerik Sword of Seals: 1)Garret 2)Dieck 3) Wade 4) Lot 5)Sue 6)Melady 7) Igrene 8) Echidna
  5. Fire Emblem 7 Remake?

    I would very much enjoy a FE7 remake especially if some characters such as Lynn, Dorcas, Dart etc. had stronger ties to FE6 which I think should also get remade and released around the same time if possible (hypothetically speaking of course). Now while giving Mark a little stronger of a presence, role and significance might be a good idea as he seems to most of the time not even exist. I would be very wary of a marriage system and the inclusion of child units. In the first place I think these two elements would clash very strongly not only with the story of Blazing Sword but also the events of Sword of Seals. In conclusion while I love FE7 the way it is I would not mind seeing a full on remake of it, (imagine Hector in 3d!) things like 3d class models and map sprites I would very much enjoy, and if a remake could make Fargus playable, yes please! At the same time I would be wary of tampering with the avatar system that it has and I would not want to see marriage or child units added to the game. I think for FE7 marriage should stay as it is where certain characters can marry at the end of the game if they have the appropriate support level.
  6. Which Weapons should an Avatar use?

    A combination I would love to use if given the choice on useable weapons would be Axe and Dark Magic, I will add though that I dislike the Avatars class being pre selected instead of up to the player same thing with the weapons. In general the avatars for Fire Emblem are very lacking in customizable options compared to other games that feature a character creation such as Dragon Age Inquisition.
  7. How should weapons be handled?

    When I say better than, I'm referring to how in most instances Corrin will not One Round K.O. any unit but will when equipped with a sword and maybe tome as well (depending on magic stat) mainly due to how Corrin can and usually will double with sword or tome but is not allowed to double with the dragonstone. Now the dragonstone does give a very nice boost to def but I only find this to be necessary in the early game, later on this is not really an issue, plus you have at least 2 healers on your side. Hence why I'm bummed out about not being able to double with dragonstones, especially since I thought Corrin transforming into a dragon was so cool it would have been nice to use the dragonstone as Corrin's main weapon but the lack of doubling really annoys me for reasons that I've previously said. I understand what you mean about ninjas not having good str and therefore are not overpowered and I even agree with you to a point. When I say ninjas are overpowered I mean that first of all the have Poison Strike, but it mainly revolves around they primarily use a direct and indirect weapon meaning they can counter any attack that is 1-2 range but they don't experience the penalty of not being able to double that a Hero does with a handaxe. In short I feel that either all direct/indirect weapons cannot double including daggers or they can all double. Let's not be picking and choosing when and where a rule applies. I see what you're saying about the hand axes and javelins, however my thinking is that you don't nerf one thing to make another thing seem like a viable and good option. For example in FE4 swords and wind magic are the best weapons due to their incredibly low weight, this got changed in later games not by nerfing swords but by making the other weapons on more equal ground with the swords. In the same token I believe that a better approach to making bows good and giving them a niche as you put it would be to give them first of all greater range than what handaxes, javelins or daggers. Because if I'm being honest handaxes and other direct/indirect combat weapons having the same range as bow is absolutely ridiculous. Bows should have more range than the aforementioned handaxes etc. One approach that may have given bows a more prominent place but without nerfing any of the weapons would be to give all bows 3 range. Similar to when in FE10 when Shinon promotes to Marsmen ANY bow can be fired up to 3 squares regardless if it's a longbow or not, additionally maybe longbows could have greater than 3 range say 5 for instance but are actually good, lastly shortbows could be included which could function similar to bows in SoV. EXCEPT that they only have up to 3 range and instead of hits being an iffy thing, they are more or less accurate. In this scenario I think I've effectively described how bows could be made better than handaxes without nerfing any pre-existing weapon. It is possible Nosferatu needed to be nerfed I never used it much because I wasn't a huge fan of it's animation I always liked the Flux, Luna or in the case of Awakening Ruin's animations better. Also I'm not a huge mage user, however I still hold that making a weapon in this case a tome which is the only weapon option of Sages and Sorcerers that it cannot double is a very bad move. And while I still don't like the nerf on hand axes and javelins at least Heroes and the like can switch to a sword or some other standard direct attack weapon. I know for myself the only weapons I have ever hoarded were effective damage weapons because I wanted to save them for their intended use, killing weapons because steel does more damage without relying on a crit. In general weapons that I had moved past onto equivalents with higher might. I do still hold that I miss both weapon uses and weapon weight as it seemed to add a realism factor that I enjoy, also I think that if you had both weapon uses and the weapon repair feature there are some interesting things that could be done there. For instance instead of just forging a weapon and it breaking after say 50 uses you could repair it at 30 uses or maybe the player chooses to forge it some more and then repair it etc.
  8. Overall Favorites: Axe Infantry

    When it comes to Axe users I LIKE ALL OF THEM! However, some axe users I think are better than others, for instance Nolan is probably the most well rounded axe user in FE, Hawkeye has a lot of def. Dart is ridiculously fast he even double sword masters, Darros is a pretty cool character, Geitz is awesome, Dorcas has a beard so he's good automatically, Dagdar has a beard AND A HAMMER so we know he's awesome. Charlotte, Rinkah and Arthur are all cool with Rinkah and Arthur being tankier on average. I think I like Orsin's character more than Halvan but both are pretty good I think. In FE7 I usually bring every Axe user I have, Fates and Awakening I always use any axe infantry I get my hands on. This forum popped up at a very convenient time, I'm doing a run of Fates where I'm turning everyone into Axe users, Berserkers, Wyvern lords, Great Knights, Heroes, and Dread Fighters with an emphasis on Berserkers and Wyvern lords. It's turning out to be a lot of fun.
  9. Favourite Fire Emblem Games

    I selected Radiant Dawn along with the 2 Jugdrall games. FE 10 was my first but I am thoroughly enjoying FE 4's story and will play FE5 after it. Also all three GBA games are very enjoyable to play though I usually only play them when I want a more easy going FE game.
  10. How should weapons be handled?

    I do not like Fates weapon system AT ALL, and for several reasons. 1) Unlimited Uses. In FE games where you can buy everyone a weapon unlimited uses is not a good idea, for one you end up with more money than you need due to not needing to replenish weapons. Also it removes the realism factor of weapons having a limited number of uses and needing to be managed either by buying a new one or like in FE4 of repairing the weapon. Now because EVERY weapon has unlimited uses it removes a lot of the uniqueness of the legendary weapons like the Siegfried sword as it's just another weapon with unlimited uses, but if only the legendary weapons had unlimited uses it would have made them more special. By the way Legendary and Character Specific weapons should definitely have infinite uses. 2) Weapon Balance. The weapons are very poorly balanced, with there being favoritism towards the Daggers/Hidden weapons. In Fates we have hand axes, javelins, and daggers all of which are 1-2 range weapons, HOWEVER the rule of "cannot double" ONLY applies to the axes, javelins and certain tomes. This is why Master Ninja and Dread fighter are such OP classes because they have access to the ONE weapon that can counter attacks both up close and at a distance . The problem that I have isn't that Master Ninja and Dread Fighter are OP, I generally enjoy classes and characters that can become OP, my issue is that hand axes and javelins which are 1-2 range are prevented from doubling even if one has enough speed for it, but this rule does not apply to the daggers which are also 1-2 range. If daggers can double then so too should the hand axes and javelins. And having certain tomes not be able to double is ludicrous when sorcerers can only use tomes, and spears and tomahawks only useable at 2 range. That is absurd, why can tomahawks and spears only attack at 2 range? Part of the advantage of hand axes and javelins was during enemy phase (which is where most of the action happens) if enemies had ranged weaponry your units could counter them but with the nerfing of hand axes and javelins this isn't really a strategy anymore. Silver weapons subtracting your Str. by 2 points on every use means that no one is going to want to use SIlver weapons, they might as well have not put silver weapons in the game for all the good it did. Just go back to weapon weight and uses. 3) Beaststones vs Dragonstones. Corrin turning into a dragon was a very cool idea, but this is shortchanged by the fact that Corrin can't double attack when using a dragonstone meaning that swords, or tomes will always be a better option. And yet Keaton who uses a beaststone CAN double and usually does. So why can Keaton double when using a beaststone but Corrin can't when using the dragonstone? What I'm getting at is if Keaton can double with the beaststone than Corrin should double with the dragonstone, I want the same rules to apply to similar weapons. 4) The Forge. I like forging a lot but Fates has the worst, and most gimmicky forging system of any FE game. It makes it not only tedious but you have to spend more money to forge a weapon compared to FE 10 for instance. Additionally I miss being able to choose a color for my forged weapon. Change the forging system back to either FE 10 or 11. Bottom line I do not like the infinite uses for all weapons certain weapons is alright but not all, I dislike that daggers which are 1-2 range are given different treatment than hand axes and javelins which are also 1-2 range, I do not like it that Silver weapons nerf one's stats so severely that one doesn't even want to use them anymore, some tomes cannot double as well as the absence of Anima, Light and Dark magic, and dragonstones not doubling but beaststones do.
  11. Dual System? Yay or Nay?

    I would rather it not be in FE at all but if it stays I would like to have a feature in the options menu where the pair up features can be turned off. This way it's there for those that enjoy this mechanic, but those that don't care for it can turn it off and aren't forced to use it or be punished for not using it.
  12. Least Favorite Character

    Below are my least favourite characters of the games I've played. 1) Owain- despise this lunatic 2) Delthea- a spoiled brat who deserves to be benched 3) Conrad- steals the focus away from Alm & Celica 4) Kris- steals the spotlight from Marth 5) Corrin- nothing about his character makes sense, makes stupid decisions, and it doesn't make sense that he's in charge when Ryoma of Xander are around. 6) Severra- complains about everything for no reason, one redeeming quality is that she has red hair and is a mercenary 7) Farina- just shut up about how much you're being paid and that you're the "best" mercenary. 8) Oborro- she's racist 9) Hana- she's trying to be Mia without the aspects that made Mia enjoyable 10) Chrom- stop trying to make everyone think you're like Ike when you're an ok unit at best.
  13. Overall Favorites: Troubadors

    Troubadors are ALWAYS the best healers, and there hasn't been one I didn't like. Elisse is adorable, Maribelle is awesome and a better unit than Lissa, I like Clarine as well. Priscilla is a nice character even though I like Serra's character better, however I think my #1 favourite would be......dun, dun dun La'Archel.