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  1. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    I agree, I find Delthea harder to work with. Of the "Ests" that are in Echoes, I think Jesse is the easiest due to: 1) Higher movement 2) Being a mercenary he is more robust than Delthea allowing him to take more of a beating if necessary. (unless it's magic) 3) Seems to do crits a lot 4) I think he's funnier than Delthea "Turns out attacking a bandit fort all by yourself is not a good idea."-Jesse Another reason I've never been motivated to use Delthea as I've always been like "I already have Luthier who is already a reliable mage/sage. Sure Delthea MAY turn out better eventually but that's going to take a lot of babying." However to those who DO use Delthea, more power to you, for me she comes too late to make any use out of and I find any unit who's locked at 4 movement hard to get them where I want them when I want them.
  2. Yeah, I absolutely agree with you there, it's something my brother and I have discussed on a variety of occasions that Conrad in addition to taking the focus away from Celica, he himself also is not needed at all, There is not anything that his presence contributes to the story, furthermore instead of the setting being that Celica is the sole heir to the Zofian throne there is now Conrad who is likely also an heir to the throne. So that presents a dilemma there. Now on Alm's route you have Faye who like Conrad is an additional character that has been added and does not contribute to the flow of the story, the difference is that the player is perfectly free to not even take Faye essentially completely ignore her existence. The same cannot be said for Conrad, if they were going to essentially make a 3rd protagonist which is what it almost feels like Conrad is. He's in this weird spot where he's not the protagonist but you also aren't allowed to forget about him either, which if they were going to add a 3rd major character I would have rather had Valbar be that character. He was even on the boxart of the original game, now he still wasn't a major character but still there would have been more basis of making Valibar a more plot important character than adding an additional new character.
  3. Conrad might need to be outright removed or adjusted somehow as his frequent appearances steal the spotlight from Celica and his always saving her WHEN SHE IS PERFECTLY CAPABLE OF RESCUING HERSELF. Something that bothered me is that on multiple times the game had a setup for being eerie and unsettling but, they tell you what's going to happen. A good example is the first Cantor battle, while it makes sense that Celica would know of other types of magic casters it ruins the drama and suspense of this map that the original had.
  4. I imagine that a different program would be used for the Switch but I am also a very non tech savvy guy so, what do I know. At the same time I expect that a lot of mechanics and features from the 3ds and hopefully from games pre dating the 3ds ones as well will make a return. Most likely we'll see the pair up system return among other things I'm hoping though that the designs and textures of models and backgrounds will mirror what was done in Radiant Dawn, to date this game still has the best designed classes and even the backgrounds are still pretty incredible looking. When two flying units would engage in combat they were in THE SKY not a few feet above the ground. I also still prefer RD's forging and skill system and hope that these return as well, I think EVERY FE game has something unique to offer and I hope that we'll see the next FE game include mechanics and features from as many FE entries as possible. For instance the Personal Skills idea from Fates, Pair up from Awakening, Traversable Map from SS, etc.
  5. Ok, I'm going to be restricting my choices to characters from games that I have played repeatedly, and I will only list those that I actually like or dislike. In other words no "I don't care for this character but I also don't hate him/her either" selections although I may include characters that seem to be less popular. Here goes. Radiant Dawn: Ike- Titania-Boyd-Shinon-Soren-Nolan- Edward-Aran-Jill-Tauroneo-Geoffrey-Makalov-Kieran-Marcia-Brom-Nephenee-Mordecai-Harr-Muarim-Tormod-Skrimir-Caneighas-Giffca-Volug-Naihalah-Reyson-Tibarn-Kurthnaga-Renning. There aren't many characters that I dislike in Radiant Dawn, but I guess it would boil down to mainly Astrid, Micaiah, and Sanaki as characters that dislike Awakening: Robin-Frederick-Henry-Cherche-Gregor-Vaike-Sully-Stahl-Basillio-Kjelle-Flavia-Cordellia-Donnel-Gaius-Gerome-Panne-Inigo-Severra-Laurent-Nah-Walhart-Brady-Maribelle-Long'Que I dislike Chrom-Lissa-Emmeryn-Cynthia-Owain-Tharja- Fates Gunter-Felica-Flora-Jacob (this guy has awesome lines)-Elisse-Effie-Hans-Arthur--Leo-Silas-Sophie-Xander-Siegbert-Beruka-Benny-Ignitus-Charlotte-Scarlet-Rinkah (I lover her supports)-Keaton-Velourie (another person with awesome supports, in particular Kana's)-Saizo-Kagerro-Fuga-Kilma-Hinatta-Shiro-Niles-Ninian-Selena-Laslow-Shura Characters I dislike: Kaden-Selkie-Hana-Takumi-Ryoma-Queen Mikoto-Yuki something or other-Percy-Odin (I disliked him in Awakening and that sentiment has not changed)-Ophelia-Orochi-Peri-Camilla. I think it's fair to point out that even of characters I like their gimmick is either overdone or is repeated too often. A good example is if Camilla's gimmick was toned down where she was a motherly character with ALL of the party members she comes in contact with and of course a COMPLETE REDESIGN I probably would like her more, another example is Arthur's and Keaton's gimmick is I think brought up too often and overdone, and other characters like Peri was either intended to be a parallel to Reina or was intended as a repeat of Henry's character type. Either one failed to deliver, because I like both Henry and Reina and was even able to buy into their character. Peri on the other hand feels forced and is not convincing other than that Peri is in serious need of mental counseling.
  6. Authority/Leadership Stars Idea

    Sounds awesome to me. I like the Authority Stars idea and would like to see this mechanic return again with more depth added to it. Additionally I want to see the Affinity Bonus mechanic again, I have always liked this idea and I find it sad that since the 3ds games we have not seen this again. I hope that with the next FE game ideas such as these will be reused.
  7. Ultimately a split paths approach to a FE10 remake while on the one hand it might drastically change the game experience to the point that most players prefer the original. At the same time if done right I think something like this could definitely improve the game and story. Another improvement is instead of skipping over battles and only have them narrated (this happens in Part 1) actually turn those narrated battles into maps that the player and the Dawn Brigade fight on. So while I might be wary of such a change I think that if it was handled right it could fix a lot of the balancing problems this game has, and overall improve this game for the better. Which would be great as the Radiant Dawn is my favorite game, I still have not played Path of Radiance sadly mainly because my Wii won't run Gamecube games which is aggravating and I do not have a Gamecube. But I have few ideas in mind to address this I just haven't gotten around to it yet. If a remake was done I would like it if the remake included FE 9 & 10 in one game and I would also like it if the growths and bases for some units were adjusted for example give Micaiah a higher speed growth, Meg better strength and defense bases and growths, give Fiona MUCH better bases, adjust the growths of most laguz. Like decrease their luck stat growth which is unnecessarily high and put it into stats like strength, speed and defense, this is especially on laguz units that the player is more likely to use like Skrimir and Volug although I think it can also apply to Mordecai and Muraim. Lastly I would have it that the Satori signs allow Laguz to learn both their respective mastery skill (Roar, Savage, Tear, Ire etc.) but also give them the Formshift skill. Maybe some would disagree but I've always thought that laguz who acquire a high enough level should be able to achieve this skill. Even if a remake doesn't get made I would at least be happy with a re release of Radiant Dawn and by association Path of Radiance.
  8. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    SoulWeaver, I just wanted to say thank you for your compliment and I'm glad that you found my explanation satisfactory. I also agree with what you had to say about Awakening incorporating the kids better. I think one way of fixing the roster ratio would be to bring back the Gaiden chapters that the GBA and other FE games have had, and these chapters a cool character and good unit is recruited, rather than instead of Gaiden chapters we have Paralogue which are almost exclusively reserved for the 2nd gen characters. Another alternative would be including some late game pre promotes but of a king Caneighas caliber. Where yes he/she joins late and probably won't level up at all BUT they don't need any level ups due to how awesome they're bases are. I also am not completely sure what the solution is but, I think these two options would help with the roster ratio a little bit. And yes, I agree that it's not quite an even 50-50 split but in Fates and especially on Revelations it definitely FEELS like it's 50-50 which is why I said about because it might more be like 1/3 of the roster or something. I would LOVE a Genealogy remake especially as that would entail 3d models of units like Sigurd and Lex, both of whom would look awesome in 3d.
  9. I really like the idea, it would be an interesting focus for one thing. Also I enjoy it when Fire Emblem has pre established couples like with Pent and Louise in FE7 and in Echoes with Clive and Mathilda technically those last two were probably more specifically engaged vs married but they talked and acted like they were married. I think it would have been cool if if Fates Charlotte and Benny had been that pre established couple.
  10. Would YOU like to see a Second generation?

    I voted no for 2nd generation and child units, but a lot of it depends on how they are included into the story and game. They COULD be included in a way I find believable and enjoy, but that has not been the case with the last 2 games that had children. Although Awakening did a better job than Fates, that's not saying much.
  11. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    You're right I should have clarified what I meant, I just didn't feel like going into detail with every single point. So for starters I don't like how the children do not feel important of needed for the story, there's no point at which you need to recruit these characters or else miss out on them all together. At least Awakening had war council scenes where Lucina was present making her seem like a more essential member. Now while Awakening handled this better I don't like the whole time travel or in the case of Fates an outrealm with a different time zone idea. I think it's the whole kids being the same age as their parents theme that's been done twice. Awakening was all about time travel so I was able to buy into that idea more easily, Fates by contrast had nothing to do with time travel so how the kids were implemented was less convincing. Another thing that I don't like about it is in Fates by the time you have gotten the parents to S support the game is probably going to be about half way over unless one was DLC grinding for supports. What I'm saying is I don't think the game has enough battles or chapters to include the kids, this is especially true on Revelations. Also I think it's a lazy way to fill up the roster, where it seems like about half the roster size is made up of child characters. And when this is done it feels like the game is focused too heavily on supports where you need to start pairing off units immediately or else miss out on half the potential roster. Which I find to be a pain unless one is Support grinding as I like to call it on DLC battles or something. As I touched on briefly I dislike how the kids are supposed to be roughly the same age as the parents. Where I think if kids are going to be included there should be an actual time jump say for example Part 3 of a FE game is where the kids are introduced and there's a 15 or so time jump where the parents are all 15 years older making the kids all about 15 years old. Time travel also works but I tend to think that there's only so many times you can pull off the time travel explanation. Primarily why I dislike the child mechanic boils down to 1) The work involved in recruiting the kids 2) The kids seem to make up half the complete roster size 3) The kids being about the same age as their parents 4) Lack of importance to the plot 5) How they are integrated into the game and story
  12. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    I was referring to the fact that in Fates; Silver, Brave and a lot of other high rank weapons gave significant stat debuffs, Echoes on the other hand I never had any problems especially as I could give food to whoever was fatigued and reverse the effects. Additionally I always seemed to have plenty of food to go around, whereas there don't seem to be any ways of working around Fates' fatigue system outside of just not using Silver weapons. Which is a bummer because I REALLY like the design of the Silver weapons but the negatives are too extreme. Which is why in this case I would much rather have a weight system and durability in place instead.
  13. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    I don't know if the following statements are unpopular or not but we'll see. I dislike: Fates' fatigue system Avatarrs Children mechanic Reclassing (this does not include branch promotions) Gimmicky skills like seal defense and Rallies I find to be mostly useless I like: 3rd tier class systems Branch promotions Radiant Dawn's master skills Berserkers, axe cavaliers, axe armor units more berserkers oh and Warriors too. Laguz units are awesome, I want the lion, wolf and hawk laguz units back. And Kurthnaga is my favorite dragon shifting character. Lords that are good units like Ike, Hector and Sigurd. Radiant Dawn's forging system and it's skill system Ok there you go some positive things and negative, you know what they say. If you're going to criticize someone make sure you also say something nice about them.
  14. Pairing your Avatar.

    For Birthright I chose Scarlet, for Conquest my favorite pairing that I have done so far is Effie. For one thing she seems to have a quieter personality than the others also she works out. Which in real life is something I do regularly, too bad I can't have Corrin respond to Effie in that way.
  15. There are many, many mechanics and ideas that could make the next Fire Emblem game the "Breath of the Wild" equivalent and would not be easy, but I think the best way to ensure that this is done would be to include as many features from the various Fire Emblem entries as possible. I will attempt to list all of the mechanics and features that I would like to see and hopefully I won't forget anything. 1) Affinity boon and Leadership Stars. Both of these mechanics are great ideas and I would like to see both of them return the Affinity boon was present in the GBA games and both were in the Tellius games. Leadership stars would give a boost to hit and evasion abilities of those under that person's command, and is an aspect that I think has a lot of potential, affinity boons on the other hand primarily affected the bonuses received from supports. This is something that I believe should return with the increase emphasis on supports I am surprised this mechanic has not returned as it would give even more incentive to unlock a variety of supports beyond the conversational aspect. Additionally in Radiant Dawn every map was of a particular affinity, any units with an affinity matching the maps had a slight boost in combat on that map and had a better likliness of finding hidden items, bosses also usually had a matching affinity. If the affinity boon returned this would encourage deployment of particular units. 2) Weapon durability and Weapon Repair. I miss the weapon durability and want to see that brought back, I believe having the durability encourages resource management instead of just buying an iron weapon for everyone and then never needing to buy a weapon again. Additionally this is a mechanic that has been apart of Fire Emblem for so long I would hate to see it permanently removed, I will add though that exceptions would be applied to legendary weapons and personal weapons like Lynn's Mani Katti or Stephen's Vague Katti. If Fates had durability it would given more significance to Xander's Siegfried sword or the Yato, but it's just another weapon with infinite uses. Additionally I want the Weapon Repair feature from FE4 to return, if a game with both durability and the aspect of repairing weapons, tomes and staves was in place this could make for a very interesting, unique and fun experience. 3) Forging. I expect to see forging again, but I hope that I do not see Fates' forging system that was way too gimmicky to the point of removing the enjoyment of forging to begin with. The forging system that I enjoy the best is Radiant Dawn's not only did the player have complete control over forging the various weapon stats, but could choose to have the weapon be a particular color such as blue, orange, pink and many other color options. My only gripe was that Brave, Killer, Poleaxes, Greatlances, and the Blade swords could not be forged and I would want that changed. I will add that I enjoy the evolve aspect of forging from Echoes and would like to see that return where you could choose to improve the weapon or evolve it to a stronger variant, such as choosing between enhancing the handaxe or evolving it too a tomahawk. 4) More weapon varieties. I liked Echoes' weapons like the Zweinhander and the Ridersbane and while I would like to see these return, I also want more variety in the weapons, Halberds, Poleaxes, Heavy Spear, Greatlance, Greatsword, Blade, and I want to see Iron, Steel and Silver variants of all of them. And while we're on the topic of weapons, I hope that weapons like Javelins and Hand axes go back to not only their original design and how they functioned in the GBA and Tellius games. Design wise I prefer the original and I don't like how say the spear for instance is locked to only 2 range use. What? What about the spear is preventing one from using it at close range, and get rid of the stat penalty for using silver or brave weapons. 5) All mounted units have Canto along with the Saviour skill or some equivalent. 6) Bring Constitution back I like this mechanic and think there's a lot of unused opportunities here. Additionally give all units the Shove and Rescue mechanics, Shove especially is fun to do and there are some interesting strategies one can pull off with it. 7) Radiant Dawn's ledges mechanic, I don't know why this has not returned yet as it could have added some unique dynamics to Awakening and Fates. 8) Visitable Villages and explorable dungeons and caves. I also would like the Main Base or Barracks to have access to a FE4 Arena. 9) Radiant Dawn's skill pool. With skills being learned either through the class or by assigning the corresponding scroll to that character. And some skills like Nolan's Nihil were essentially a personal skill and did not take up any points. Of the skill systems used to date I like this one the best, and while I don't care too much for the Combat Arts system there were some that I think should be turned into a skill. Such as Hunter's Volley for bow users and Tigerstance for Dread Fighters these are two abilities that I would like to see again but reworked to being skills. 10) Variety in map size and theme, I would like to see some huge maps like what FE4 had but then smaller maybe urban setting maps with a GBA type arena and maps that are in between these two examples. HOWEVER, I would say that if there are going to be huge maps and I would like to have at least some of them be that way, foot units in general will need higher movement but Armor Knights especially should have more movement and should have the same movement of other foot units such as mercenaries. 11) Bonus and Group EXP and automatic promotions. Echoes, had the group EXP, Radiant Dawn had bonus Exp and I would like to see both of these combined but I especially want to see Radiant Dawn's automatic promotion upon reaching level 21. 12 Third tier unit class system. I really enjoy this and want to see it reused, however I also enjoy Echoes' Villager class and would like to see more done with this maybe expand on the class choices available to them a little such as Pirate and Fighter lines. I am sure I'm forgetting something but this is some of the mechanic I would like to see.