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  1. Do you ever give your FE characters dumb/weird nicknames?

    I sometimes call Keaton "Big Bad Wolf".
  2. NA Corrinright/Corrinquest

    My castle address is 13286-83863-06548-39165. Bear in mind that I am in the middle of a Revelations playthrough at the moment so my Corrin is around level 15 for Wyvern Rider. Otherwise I have it set up so that he only has one additional skill, the Throne is unguarded and everyone is ordered to Hold. If you do not want anything above level 10 I could set up a file that has Corrin only around level 10.
  3. Xander Appreciation Thread

    I like Xander a lot and interestingly is more fatherly when recruiting Siegbert than Ryoma (who share similar character traits to Xander) does when recruiting Shiro. And I appreciated that, where despite how stern Xander seems most of the time. He still acted like one would expect a father to when going to visit their son whom they haven't seen in a long time.
  4. Do you think full voice acting should return?

    When done well it can really bring life to characters and I would like to see it return. However Warriors is unfortunately hit or miss it seems with it's voice acting, for example I think Minnerva's voice acting is superbly done but Hinoka's on the other hand really grates on me. So while I would like to see it return I hope that ALL the voice acting is well done not just some of it.
  5. Generally I prefer animations that are realistic and make sense for a given unit, HOWEVER at the same time I really enjoy some of the over-the-top animations like the Hector Copter, the Warrior Crit in the GBA games, the execution of the Collossus skill, Marksmen leaping sky high to perform Deadshot in FE10. So ultimately I would like a combination between realism and over-the-top with perhaps leaning more on the side of realism and saving over-the-top for crits and kill skills.
  6. Should Reclassing Return / Unit Identity

    I have mixed feelings about reclassing on the one hand it can be fun to customize various unit class for example I always get a few laughs out of Azura being in Berserker as it clearly does not mesh with her personality at all. At the same time I believe it further complicates things instead of X unit being in X class and that's the end of it the unit may start in a given class but can change their class to A or B. Which is something I get a little tired of after a while (I'm not talking about branch promotions by the way those are fine). Probably it will return but I do wish that for the next game it didn't and we could take a break from the reclass system. Especially since a unit's class helps to not only define their personality but their role on the battlefield as well it also distinguishes between units making them unique. If everyone can be a Wyvern lord than Cherche's uniqueness is lost (I am aware that everyone doesn't have acess to the same classes through reclassing I was trying to make a point).
  7. Is Fire Emblem Fates a "Good" game?

    Story wise there are elements and locations I wish could have been explored more such as the underground city in Nohr. Now THAT place seems really cool and seems like the kind of place a rebellion group would be hiding. Additionally I think ALL of the Royals should have a corresponding legendary weapon, an axe for Camilla, naginata for Hinoka, etc. Why is it only the sons of each corresponding royal family + Corrin get a legendary weapon? This seems a little unfair to me. Now the game feels like it expects you to grind and customize each unit to your liking which is fine but I this sensation conflicts with Conquest's design of no grinding except for Boo Camp. Now I realize that Conquest was suppossed to be more like traditional Fire Emblem games where grinding wasn't allowed. The thing is there were exploits that one could take advantage if you wanted in those games, such as Arenas on certain maps and boss abusing, so in a manner of speaking you could still grind if you wanted. In other words Conquest tries to be more classic but it doesn't include elements like arenas and the ability to boss abuse if a player wants, resulting in Conquest being harder than most older FE games add on top of that the abundance of skills enemies can have. Now I would not say Fates should be burned but a lot of Fates' design choices were handled in a very sloppy manner such as Reinforcement Spawn, design of the Fog of War maps, the Fatigue of units etc. In other words Fates is alright but it could be a lot better which is unfortunate as there are several interesting concepts to Fates' world (if we can call it a world).
  8. Camilla Is Way To O.P.

    Takumi can only take part in the battle on player phase. Meaning that on enemy phase it's going to be people like Camilla who are doing most of the work. And while Ryoma is better at dodging than the other myrms in Fates, if he gets hit it's going to hurt. I have seen Ryoma get hit when he should have dodged based on the hit chance and it hurts. Because Fates uses a system more similar to Single RNG relying on a unit dodging is generally a bad idea, I'm not entirely sure what the system is that Fates uses but I've heard that it's in between Single RNG and True Hit.
  9. I was going to order among other games Super Smash Bros Brawl for the wii and going on the website that they had for the game and I saw this cool blue haired guy with a greatsword. Which when it comes to swords greatswords are my favourite and I was like "Hmm I wonder what game he's from?". Finding out that he was from a series called Fire Emblem and that it was a turn based strategy RPG, I was like "WHY HAVE I NOT HEARD OF THIS SERIES ALREADY?" At the time my brother and I were playing a lot of chess so thinking this would be right up my alley, I ordered Radiant Dawn. Forget about Brawl I was going to get Fire Emblem. When it arrived I put it in the console and as soon as the music started for the intro I KNEW that I was in for a ride. I had a BLAST with that game I have probably played that game more times than any other Fire Emblem game. I loved the soundtrack, the graphics and artstyle, the variety in weapon types, how the armor looked and the mechanics like shove and the Ledge mechanic I enjoyed a lot. The laguz were fun to use and a cool unit type except for Lethe, Lyre, Kiza and the Ravens they are not useful and get benched. I loved how the tutorial was done where not only was a thorough explanation given but they had a demonstration as well, adittionally you could skip this tutorial and not have to listen to it if you want (one of the things I dislike about FE7's tutorial as much as I enjoy that game). Of the tutorials that we have had for Fire Emblem I would say that the Tellius ones are the most clear and thorough and I hope that the next Fire Emblem game uses a tutorial format similar to what the Tellius games have. I am not sure how long ago it was that I ordered Radiant Dawn but it was probably around 2010.
  10. Which Lord has the most interesting concept?

    I think in terms of concept I would have to give it to Leif and there are a few reasons why but the biggest one is that he's a fugative in his own country. Some other contendors are Seliph where he has to fight against his own countrymen. Lastly but certainly not least is Ike, one of the big things I like with Ike is that he's not a prince or a knight but a mercenary. He has no obligation to do what he does but he still does.
  11. I'd show themHector, Ike and Harr dominating the battlefield. Volug decimating other laguz, Tibarn swooping down on Zelgius.
  12. Any character(s) that have grown on you?

    Azura- When I first saw her I was like "Great another Micaiha. Low HP, low DEF, can't dodge or double etc" However she proved me wrong on some of those points, she will get fast and her STR. will get really good as well. On the Revelations path it feels like she is the lord of the story instead of Corrin (#Azuraisthetrueprotagonistofthestory) especially since she has an actual plight in what is going on, all that Corrin wants to do is resolve the conflict of the two nations without going against either one. Ophelia- At first I disliked Ophelia strictly because of who her father was which is admittedly unfair to her. One of the things about her character that like is that she is a reader, a bookworm if you will. Which is an aspect that I enjoy about her.
  13. Camilla Is Way To O.P.

    Camilla is definatly a good unit but on average her overall stats especially HP, STR and DEF are going to be signaficantly better as a Wyvern lord. The only reason I have ever seen to keeping her in Malig Knight is to pick up skills like Savage Blow. Frankly I prefer the better stats of Wyvern lord, even though I do like Malig Knight's skills so I always class changer her to Wyvern lord. It just seems no wyvern rider in Fates can take full advantage of the Axe or Tome weapon options for Malig Knight most if not all units who have this class available to them will be great with one and alright or poor with the other, which is unfortunate because I really like the idea of a wyvern rider who can also use tomes in addition to axes.
  14. Best Class

    Personally I have more fun with standard classes that for the most part exist in all FE entries, I don't care for the whole avatarr exclusive class thing. Generally I have a preference for physical units but these are my recommondations based on what I've tried so far. 1) Wyvern lord/Malig Knight (frankly I think Wyvern lord is better due to the damage output and defense) 2) Paladin 3) Great Knight 4) Dark Knight 5) Bow Knight (I recommend picking up Point Blank if you have the DLC for it.) 6) Vanguard/Hero (I would only go Hero if it's a Femal Corrin) 7) Berserker (if you can pick up Certain Blow, Death Blow, and Strength Taker, this class can be a lot of fun to use I also like either Renewal or Aethar on this class) 8) Dread Fighter
  15. Minnerva looks like such a powerhouse to play as! But ummm, how big is this castle that you can fly a DRAGON inside it? Navarre looks like a lot of fun to play as, now we just need Ogma to be released so that there can be a Navarre vs Ogma duel like in the Shadow Dragon anime. I'm very happy that Linde is actually a light mage, I was worried that she would just reuse Robin's moveset instead of being a light mage. So is Navarre goint to "change (his) mind again"?