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  1. Is Lowen "Good" experiment.

    Oh I know exactly what you mean, I like Dart as a character and he becomes AMAZING he's always part of my end team. I have gotten him to level 20 pretty quickly using the maps you just mentioned, giving him an Iron axe or two for his first few initial level ups also helps I think. While yes his skill, def and res are poor, his HP is so high and his speed and avoidence will likely cap and once he promotes these issues don't seem to be a problem. Usually one of his hits lands, I have even seen him double Swordmasters. SWORDMASTERS! Is that insane or what?
  2. Is Lowen "Good" experiment.

    I find that if you get an Iron axe or two on the boat battle on the chapter prior to Dart joining and give them to him he does a LOT better. Now back on topic, even though Lowen is a mediocre cav I find I HAVE to use him maybe I'm a sucker for average joe characters I don't know. Maybe that's why I always end up using Dorcas a lot. But it is really nice to see him performing so well.
  3. Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn Favorite Character?

    I would have a very hard time picking a number one favorite from Radiant Dawn as there are so many that I like a lot. Obviously I like Volug a lot, but there's also Stefen, Skrimir I like a lot as well, Harr, Titania, Boyd some of the Dawn Brigade in paticular Nolan, Aran and Edward. Of course Tibarn, and Caineghas Tormod is probably my favorite mage in the entire game. I'd probably say Skrimir takes the number one spot but it's hard to say for sure. I'll just say Skrimir is my number one favorte.
  4. Is Lowen "Good" experiment.

    Lowen is doing good, I'm very happy about this. A Is Dart or Is Heath good experiment would also be interesting to do but due to their join time I'm not sure how good of an experiment that would be. Just thinking out loud here.
  5. Who do you usually give Paragon to in Part I?

    Usually Volug. He has high movement on top of good bases, and I like trying to maximize his weapon rank so I use him as much as possible, and giving him paragon might allow him to get some level ups and hopefully some better str, sp or def. Which are still good at base but having more would certainly be nice.
  6. Is Lowen "Good" experiment.

    Hey @This boi uses Nino you sort of asked why Slim Swords exist. When we're talking GBA Slim Sword, THAT my good man is a VERY good question. BUT did you know that in FE4 (Genealogy of the Holy War) they had the SAME stats such as might as Iron while being lighter. Pretty cool huh? Clearly they got quite the nerf, I think Slim weapons should exist for those of lower build and the like just like heavier weapons are better for higher build characters. But I think they got an unecessary nerf.
  7. Master of Arms is so underrated

    Weapon Master itself I like quite a bit, and is my preferred class between Swordmaster to Weapon Master. Better str and def boost, wields three weapons which is really appreciated. There are a few things I don't like though, axe and lance animations are the same as sword which doesn't make any sense, I'm not paticularly fond of the skills learned and I would have liked it if characters had a unique desing when going into this class instead of just using the generic design. This can be said of other class lines as well but it still bears mentioning. That aside I do like the Weapon Master class and would not mind seeing it's return someday.
  8. Is Lowen "Good" experiment.

    This is looking good. I like when just average characters/units can get to a point where they're not necessarily a fighting machine but they are pulling their weight and contributing to the team.
  9. I Want To Meet The Community!

    Hello and welcome. I gotta say, I LOVE the sprite that you have for your avatarr. Awesome, looks gritty, the guy has obviously had some close encounters and is still alive and at the same time does not necessarily look like this edgy edgelord character as is usually the case. Which I just appreciate as I think you can have a character who has faced grim experiences without them being an edgelord.
  10. FEE3 2018: Can't stop, won't stop!

  11. Average Units

    I have a weakness for average characters, personality or otherwise. Dorcas and Lowen are probably the best examples, they don't have any trait about them that makes them stand apart from others in their class, they don't have this outlandish personality and there are probably other characters who perform better in their given class. Despite this I can't stop myself from using Lowen and Dorcas.
  12. Who do you like more, Lloyd or Linus?

    I prefer Hector to Eliwood both as a character and a unit. Me I like Linus over his brother, I guess I just like the characters that are more action oriented even if they're a little brash and reckless. That's not to say I dislike Loyd he is a pretty cool character and seems more laid back which is another trait I like but I prefer Linus, but it's possible my like for mercs and heroes over myrms might have something to do with it. Meaning if both Linus and Loyd were heroes my choice as to which one I like might be harder to make.
  13. Should you level up your lords to above 50?

    Honestly I think this all boils down to personal preference. I try to level all of the lords to level 20 as I like Geitz, he's a cool character with a pretty good bow level and I like the Fighter types. I do this as I prefer to recruit Geitz rather than Wallace.
  14. FEE3 2018: Can't stop, won't stop!

    It would be cool if Mekkkah, Deltre or DonDon did this year's FEE3.
  15. Under Grey Skies: An FE8 ROM Hack

    I WOULD LOVE to see this in action. I hope it get's showcased at the annual FE E3, I like the concept and the screen shots make me interested to see more.