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  1. Rate The Unit - #16 Muarim

    Muarim. He's fast and hits hard. He has the same problem as Tormod of poor availablity in that like Tormod I think he should have joined a LOT earlier. In spite of this however Muarim can hold his own quite well even in the late game. And should be doubling most if not all enemies, due to his bases and his high movement when shifted I consider Muarim a valuable potential asset to the team. He certainly is very appreciated during part one. While Muarim can't counter at a range his movement and bases I think make up for this and if I remember the map he joins correctly while there are certainly units with 1-2 range a lot of them attack at 1 range, barring units like mages and the like. I would probably give Muarim a 7.0 for his bases, his help during part one, his movement and that despite lack of availability he will still hold his own during Part 4.
  2. Rate The Unit - #16 Muarim

    Tormod is probably my favorite mage in this game at least in terms of character and personality. Tormod comes with good bases and is a welcome help to the DB there is little he can't burn to a crisp. Tormod's main downfall is his lack of availability in my opinion he should have rejoined around the time that the Laguz Alliance hired the Greil Mercs, perhaps a chapter or two later. However in spite of this it is relatively easy to get Tormod from Sage tier to Arch Sage what with all the goons he can kill on the map where he is finally playable again even more so if you slap paragon on him. Another thing that makes Tormod very useful and desireable is his Celerity skill which increases his movement by two, and while you could reassign it to someone else it's Tormod's personal skill meaning that currently it doesn't take any points for him. All in all Tormod is a solid Fire Sage for your team and I'd give him a 6.0 for bases and his Celerity skill.
  3. About a Jugdral remake...

    I would love a FE4 and FE5 remake, at the same time the idea makes me apprehensive. As I'd worry they might change too much about the game(s). Especially when I think of what was changed from Gaiden to Echoes. While for the most part I appreciate the additional details they added. I do not like that they changed it from Celicae and co. fighting Judah's forces and Alm and co join forces. To Jedah captures and turns Celicae to a witch while Saber and co are fighting Terrors, Alm save's Celica and they join up with Saber and co. Now I like most of what Echoes does but things like this make me apprehensive at the thought of a FE 4 & 5 remake.
  4. Breaking or unbreaking weapons

    I think all weapons should have durability. Weapons should wear down after a while, along with that there should also be a weapon repair function. (basically how weapons and staves were handled in FE4). However I see nothing wrong with certain weapons being unbreakable, namely legendary weapons they are after all legendary. But at the very least there should be a weapon repair function.
  5. Rate The Unit - #16 Muarim

    Fiona, ok as a character I really like Fiona and I like her design too. AS A UNIT HOWEVER.......SHE IS BAD. Which is really unfortunate as first of all she's a cavalier and will be the only cavalier the DB will ever get. On Normal mode she will take a heavy beating on the first map where she's playable (of which there are only 2 which doesn't make any sense considering her join time and level). Enemy cavaliers on the battlefield have better stats when you see Fiona (I can't remember if this is just Hard mode or if it is true of Normal as well) which is a big problem. Now Fiona CAN BE MADE to be good, but it requires a lot of effort and babying something I don't generally care for. She is the 2nd unit that requires a lot of effort to be good, the first being Meg. Both of them have less than desirable bases for their join time and are a struggle to be made good or at least reliable. But if one is going to spend that amount of effort to make a unit good I would say between the two Fiona is the better unit to spend it on because at least she's mounted and can perform Hit and Run tactics. Simply I think Fiona can bring more to the table after investment than Meg. As Aran can already do Meg's job better and there's Tauroneo whereas Fiona doesn't have anyone to compete with except maybe Jill who's a dragonknight. What I'm saying is if you're going to spend that amount of effort on a bad unit anyway I think Fiona has a better payoff in the end than Meg. I was going to give her a 2.5 rating but she's mounted so I'll bump it up to 3.0
  6. "Is Rebecca good?" Experiment

    You're doing good man! I think the only ones who would do what you do are those who like Rebecca already, so as I said already I commend you on doing this experiment. Me, I like Rebecca as a character but not as a unit. Generally Will is already hitting harder than Rebecca maybe doubling too, so once Eliwood and co. join up with Lynn if there's only room for one archer I have little reason to choose Rebecca over Will and don't get me started on Rath. He's fast, hits hard, has decent avoid and.....IS ON A HORSE! My point is you are doing this for experiment reasons, aside from that there's no reason to use Rebecca unless 1) you like her 2) you have no other archer available. But in most cases it's going to be the former. Which is what I think it was on a certain forum when a certain somebody has been and still is insisting that Rebecca is good. Uhhh......NO. She's useable no denying that, may even surpass your expectations, but she suffers from the archer curse and is more of a support unit than a frontlines fighter. Keep it up man! You're doing great!
  7. I can agree with your sentiments and apprehensions about the next game whole heartedly. It's why for right now I'm holding back any excitement for the game until I know more. At the moment things look pretty good from what the trailer showed but I can't really say for sure until we know more such as overall premise of the plot, details about the game mechanics in paticular Combat Arts and Formation. I'm interested and curious to see how the game will unfold and continue to reveal itself. But for now I am reserving all hype for when I feel more confident about this game. You might want to play the Jugdrael games seeing as you like the Tellius games so much, assuming you haven't played them yet already of course. I agree with you about Jill. I sometimes wonder if she or Titania are my favorite it's often hard for me to decide between them.
  8. Rate The Unit - #16 Muarim

    Tauroneo, I LIKE this guy he's already a General and level 2 at that, so once he can actually earn a reasonable amount of experience he should get to Marshall really quickly. He's a really good tank without any investement and while his availablity is meh. In Part 3 when the DB are defending from the cliffs he is EXTREMELY useful there. Give him some handeaxes and javelins and slap Paragon on him and he'll probably be close to promotion by the end of the chapter if not outright able to promote.. ESPECIALLY when Resolve kicks in which I find very useful on units with good strength, defense and a lot of HP. I'll give him a 7.0 for how useful he is, his bases I would have made it a little higher but his availability is off and on. That said the maps he's available for he is VERY helpful on.
  9. Rate The Unit - #16 Muarim

    Jill is a dragonknight, and as such she is extremely valuable she's mounted so she can perform hit and run tactics if desired, she can fly which is extremely useful. She is a kind of dragonknight that leans more towards speed and avoidance vs strength and defense though she certainly will have healthy amounts of those. Jill while in the same tier as Haar will dodge attacks more while Harr on the other hand tends to just soak up damage. It's kind of like the difference between Nephanee and Aran, Nephanee is the fast one while Aran is the tanky one. Depending on the level of difficulty Jill may struggle at first with killing things, I like to forge her an Iron Axe because 1) I like the forging system in this game and it's fun to forge 2) I like giving Jill a Pink Axe-another reason I like this game's forging system 3) It doesn't cost that much about 3000 gold 4) a forged weapon will allow her to make kills and do more damage faster. And Jill will only be available for deployment for 3 maps not counting the final one. You want to make the most of those maps you can have Jill ready to promote or at least almost ready by the end of these three maps and I would encourage you to do so. All in all I think I'd give Jill an 8.5 rating. She's mounted, she can fly, has good 1-2 range weaponry and I think giving a unit like Jill anything less than an 8 would be herasy.
  10. Your favorite Gordin?

    Midir is my favorite. Mostly because he's an archer on a horse. Everything's better when you put it on a horse. And I like his devotion to rescuing his liege in spite of the fact how he just got his ass kicked. Midir is just a simple, but loyal archer man and I like him.
  11. Vampire nonsense interest check

    This sounds really cool, consider me intrigued.
  12. For the time being I don't think we can be sure that weapon weight has returned although it seems very plausible that it has. During the trailer when Eldegard selected Steel Axe and went to attack a sword guy in the stats rundown of her such as Attack, End.(which is probably def.) and so on Attack Speed was at zero. Something that should not be unless she has zero speed (which I highly doubt). So while we can't say for sure it seems weapon weight at least if not build or constitution as well will be making a comeback. Something I'm very excited about as I've missed weapon weight for a while. But to answer the main question, no it wouldn't I would still use her and I would still use axes. I might stick with Iron for longer or something like that which I'm assuming would be lighter but otherwise I would still use axes.
  13. Is Nihil a contradictory skill?

    I always thought of Nihil as more of a defense skill as oppossed to a combat skill. So no I never have found it odd or contradictory, but I can kind of see where you're coming from.
  14. Laguz focussed is a lot of fun, I might try doing it again sometime. Although there are a few Laguz I consider useless but most of them are quite viable at least.
  15. Rate The Unit - #16 Muarim

    Zihark, a very solid unit he has good attack while still haveing the strengths of myrmidons that being high speed and skill. I also really like his laid back and rather chill demeanor and personality. I generally will prioritize training the Dawn Brigade up rather than Zihark killing everything, as if you can get at least most of the DB members promoted by the end of Part 1, Part 3 where they come back into play will be easier and the DB has I think the tougher battles of anyone in the game. Comparetively speaking anyway. What this means is that I will use Zihark during part one if I can take all the DB members and still have room for Zihark. If that's not the case than Zihark get's left behind (during part one let me clarify on that). Part 3 is a differant story I will bring him along, his bases are such that even if one didn't use him at all during Part one he will still wreck stuff up in Part 3. Zihark has several thing going for him. He's already promoted with some nice bases also giving him more movement than the rest of the DB, comes with a Killing Edge (not that he needs it) has some very good skills (vantage and adept) and has a bigger skill pool to work around. Zihark is a very solid unit to use consistently and throughout your playthrough, I think I'd give him a 7.0 rating for his bases and killing edge.