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  1. I'm waiting for the Navarre Grand Hero Battle and my next bunch of summons - which, I'm hoping, will happen simutaneously. I've been saving orbs this whole banner and man... there's so many its getting hard to control myself. I hope someone digs Navarre's lvl 40 stats early too, like with Michalis, since even tough what I lack the most is a decent sword user, I'd love to promote either Michalis or Cherche to 5*. EDIT: Just checked and the next four Grand Hero Battles are ALL red swordies. Is this for real? Now I feel like hoarding feathers till May!!
  2. I agree with what Sias said. I think Sol works much better (and even then it's not amazing) with very high attack units. Maybe if you plan to give Abel death blow or defiant attack in place of his +HP on A, it could work a little better, but I don't really think it would solve his survivability problems. Attacking skills, on the other hand, could enable him to deal with other blue units or even some green ones (on this front, I prefer skills with fixed damage, like Iceberg/Glacies). Your idea of giving him Aether, tough, seems nice (and costly). It's a slow trigger, but helps with both attack and survival. I wouldn't say it's the best, but it seems like it would work. If you're adamant on testing these ideas, what I recommend is burning some useless 3* and giving him the lesser form of one of these skills, like daylight, and trying it out. It's costly too, but it's what I've been doing with my units, since I rarely upgrade from 3* unless it's a really nice IV anyway.
  3. My Sully is a -def +spd, with 18 def and 32 atk total (she's level 39). In my succesful Michalis run, I used her to bait Michalis into going north by placing her in front of the red cav. After the cav attacked her on his turn, he was left with 13 hp (if I attacked him first, he would kill her on enemy phase by triggering his special). I then used Leo to lock red cavs movement and sully's draw back to position them out of his range (she was on Michalis threaten range, so she couldn't attack the cavalry this turn). Only on the third player phase I finished red cav off with sully. Fae, Roy and Leo dealth with the pegasi on the south, Roy finished Michalis and Fae the remaining spearman. It's a bit of a pain to explain, since there was quite a bit of draw back repositioning and some brynhyldr shenanigans.
  4. Can Abel actually take a hit? Mine is a 4* -def, mind you, so he's mostly a glass canon. I always tought something like iceberg would be best for him, since I'd value more OHKO possibilities over survivability. But maybe if yours got +def, +hp or something it could work out? Oh, and I'm talking about Sol. In the case of Aether, I've never tested it, but it looks amazing - on paper - on any brave user with a breaker skill.
  5. This has really gone out of topic but... If I can add anything at this point, -def Sully actually has 19 def at 4*. After being hit by the cavalier on Michalis map, she can't take a hit from anything else (mine also didn't OHKO him either), save maybe from the swordie pegasus. In my experience, tough, she performs better than Abel (I tried both, both are -def). I just beat the map using her to bait the cavalier, but that was abusing draw back and Leo's Brynhildr (and it also took me awhile because of sheer dumbness). The interesting fact is that, by shoving Sully forward and placing her just in front of the red cav, Michalis breaks away from the pegasi, going north after her (or, at least, that happened with my line-up 5*Roy, 5* Leo, 5*Fae and 4*Sully).
  6. Oh. It wasn't my intetion to dismiss Gordin at all. He's quite good, in fact, I even trained one of my own (which was, unfortunately, +Def -Res, but this was before I even knew about the boon/bane system). But yeah, I do see why I sounded dismissive. I only meant that (1) he's optimal build is quite standard if you're looking at a Brave Bow+ +atk archetype and (2) that his skillset is quite lacking, so he needs to eat a lot of his friends to be any good. But he's definetly one of the underdogs to watch out for on the skill inheritance meta (I'm still placing my bets on brave-Cherche, tough). Hmm. Any kind of Nowi you're particularly having trouble lately? She's kind of my MVP right now, and I really can't decide between swordbreaker, risposte and vantage for her. I'm also looking for a suitable finisher, but with the slow trigger due to lightning breath, I don't think that's as important as a B skill.
  7. Yeah. I'd say Taku*Vantage is probably going to be standard meta from now on. Probably not as common as in the initial Takumi meta, but pretty common overall. I'm also waiting a bit for the meta to stabilize, but mostly on account of what will happen with all the Hectors, Effies and Marths - neomarth, (F)Marth etc etc. You mean, basic Gordin? Like, abusing Brave Bow+? I guess the Death Blow on A is standardfare. Maybe stack it with some breaker on B? It all depends on what you need to deal with. Swordbreaker and Bowbreaker are both strong options. Maybe add Bonfire as finisher? Gordin's Def is pretty reasonable for an archer. The sad thing is that, even tough he's got nice skills, they're not really the best for his archetype (kinda like my sad benched Roy in that regard).
  8. I just got my ass handed to me after spending my whole stamina on the tenth stratum with my underwhelming cavalry team. Five battles, four losses, one win... (but only two men alive, so, no points). I have barely started, and this shit is already like watching the yied massacre on an eternal loop.
  9. Hey ppl. I'm nearing my second promotion to 5* from feathers so... I've been wondering, in your opinion, do any of these units award a promotion? Abel (+Atk, -Def) Cherche (+Atk, -HP) Robin(M) (+Def, -Spd) Tiki(A) (+Atk, -Spd) (I selected units from my roster which Boon/Bane combo seemed interesting overall. And I'm not particularly in need of any of these in my team, I'm just planning fo the future) Basically, all Gunther cares about are attack and defense, so yeah, first one best one.
  10. As of now, I have 5-5*, four through pulling and one promoted. I only used free orbs and have been playing since day one (but I do ignore the arena more than I should, though, else I would probably have two promotions by now). The list is, in drawing order: 1x Roy (+Atk, -Def [Devotion]) 1x Jakob (+Def, -Res) 1x Leo (+HP, -Atk) 1x Nowi (+Atk, -Res) 1x Fae (+Def, -Res [Promotion]) I don't know for sure, but I don't think I've been neither particuarly lucky or unlucky up till now, as my rate of pulling 5* is around the 6% and their Boon/Bane combo has been halfway good and halfway terrible.
  11. My 5* Nowi has the same stat variance, and she actually one-shots most Lucinas without the need for additional skills. I think Marths are possible one-shots too, but I don't really remember. With a backup character to weaken them, in case she can't one-shot'em, any falchion user is no trouble (I use a Leo due to savage blow). I only wish she could one-shot Takutrash as well, but nah. Not even close. So I'm thinking of giving her skills to deal with that... maybe quick risposte, maybe vantage... or maybe even lancebreaker, so she can counter two different colors - I'm still not sure which direction to go. But I don't think she needs triangle adept all that much, since there are many greens with low res, and she can still be useful even disadvantaged.
  12. I have a benched Roy that's +atk -def. Any tips on what to do with him with the whole skill inheritance thingie? I don't see any synergies with his skill/stat set. I also have a Fae (-res +def) waiting for some skills, but what I tought would work best with her overall were either Fury or Ardent Sacrifice. But Fae gets doubled by pretty much everything that matters (red swordies) even at 28 spd, actually, so I don't think the extra spd will help yours much.
  13. :/ That's sad. Like. Real sad. #makehealerscoolagain Me too. I'm lost on which skills are going to be game changers. And golden sets like Lon'qu, Shannas and the like need to be sacrificed used carefully. I guess I'll stop before I try to give my whole main team vantage.
  14. TOO MUCH INFORMATION TO PROCESS. I had benched a +atk Cheche that suddenly became a very interesting character. My 4 useless Shannas suddenly became sacrificial gold. The idea of having savage blow healers and/or giving iceberg to Lucius... oh god.
  15. Well, there's a lot of characters, really. (Some that have already been mentioned, btw). But if I had to choose only a few, it would be like Genealogy: Lewyn/Seth(just give us Holsety already), Finn and Travant Binding/Blazing: Echdna, Dieck, Legault, Pent and Louise Sacred Stones: Seth, Innes, Joshua, Lute and L'Arachel Radiance/Radiant: Shinon, Titania, Soren and Pelleas I'm quite happy with the direction they're going and I'm sure some/many of these will be added over time. I'd say the ones from the HolyWar saga are what worries me the most, but they already gave us 4 units from that title, so there's still hope, right?