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  1. I know this is old business for most of you, but did anyone manage to deal with error 3001 with the bluestacks emulator? I've been using it since my phone died early this year, and, besides the anoyance of the error itself, it's making some game modes unplayable (the gauntlet was tough already, but tempest trials is ridiculous - when the data corrupts, you don't get any points, not even the losing bonus. And it corrupts 70% of the time.). I've tried running Nox, but couldn't get it working on my laptop, and stopped trying ever since I heard IS banned some users. If any of you know anything about it, please share. I won't be able to get another phone for a while and this is making me barely play FEH lately.
  2. The art looks REALLY good this time around! Cordelia looks amazing, specially her special pose (never thought I'd consider pulling for art only...) Is it only me or Charlotte has a Lloyd-mouth thing going (but with teeth)? Not complaining, btw, I found her artwork really sweet sorry
  3. It's a double galeforce activation, it seems
  4. I managed to get 7 wins this week, reaching a total score of 4808... and I'm still up for demotion by quite a margin, it seems. Is anyone able to guess what is the cutting point for promoting to the 19th? I need info to decide if it's worth trying for. Rank 18 sucks, shoulda stayed on 17th for a little while more. I hadn't realized that there was no 'staying rank' from the 18th onwards, only promotions and demotions.
  5. You know... even though I broke the joke, you're the one who actually made me want it. #DraugQueenBestQueen #VoteForDraug
  6. Ponytail and spear? Oboro confirmed. And the one in the right is Draug, I'm sure of it.
  7. Hey, Xander's great, specially so if you don't have Ryoma or Ike. Just get him to 5* and you're set for your red slot for a good while. Me neither. But to tell you the truth, I'm kinda grateful for that. I got to enjoy a whole new set of strategies because of this. I didn't even pull hero fest, as I would end up sacrificing them for skills. I guess I built up a little hate for Takumi, Hector, Reinhardt and Kagero because of their awesomeness.
  8. Well... I think Ferry is pretty low priority, seeing as, up until now, the whole Genealogy seems low priority. But really, I didn't expect Clair appearing on Alm's banner either, so, if she came, I wouldn't be that surprised. The thing about pegasi (and armors, and even wyverns) is that so few of them are actually "main characters" in their own stories, that, if they really want to push them as a archetype in Heroes, they'll have to add minor ones sometime. About Warriors: I just saw a promotional video of Chrom bashing loads of enemies Dynasty Warriors style. Is that real? Was it trolling? Is that real? Did I ask if that's real? Cause I'm really really surprised
  9. That's a tough question, really. We have had no mention of these characters coming at all. There are currently three different lords missing in Heroes: Micaiah, Sigurd and Leif, from Radiance, Genealogy and Thracia. I'd say they're likely to be added sometime in the next few months. There will also probably be a banner dedicated to their next title, Fire Emblem Warriors, which I think is scheduled to be released by the end of 2017, but I don't really know much about the title in itself. All in all, I think the chances of Mia and Erk being added are rather slim, while Ayra and (not likely)Ferry could come in Sigurds banner, if that really happens. But I wouldn't bet on it. I think the important thing is starting to save orbs just after you get a 5*, not to waste too much .25% bonuses. And save like mad as soon as you hear anything about genealogy (in case Ayra indeed gets added along with Sigurd).
  10. Yeah. No daily orbs sucks. I'm used to hoarding, but it feels strange trying hoard when there's barely any orb influx at all. It's like I'm sitting on 20 orbs just because. I try not to summon if I don't have at least 80 (it feels horrible to lose those 0.75%~1.25% when the summoning banner rotates). Now I have no idea when that will be.
  11. Hmm, you're right, I don't think I remember a single swordmaster that's actually old. The oldest might be Karel or Eyvel... But then, there's few old people at all on the series, right? I guess it goes with the "build your team from lvl 1" playstale. Most old people are pre-promotes that join you later on the game, after all.
  12. 5* Lloyd! Toothless swordmaster is best swordmaster.
  13. Oh, so I'm not the only one going for the OP 4* strategy, then? In my case, I have enough for a +7 Hana... I just haven't decided her skillset yet. I could go the Olivia route too, but I'm still not conviced it's worth it, really (I have another dancer already)
  14. Duessel? I guess... Most of the others are only optional characters. Maybe some villains, but I don't remember anyone worthwhile. Well... they made Raven an Axe user, so who knows what they'll make with non-obvious choices, like Makalov
  15. Rolled my last orbs trying to get Celica (only reds). Got tankyTharja instead (+def, -spd). It's sad, cause she was the sole reason I skipped the mages banner (if only I knew). I guess that's it for now, see you guys in my next pulling session (gibe genealogy plox).