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  1. I didn't really have any trouble with the first three maps. I used mostly a 5* Zephiel overall (and a 4* Cherche for the flying blues on the watery map). The fourth map is giving me some trouble, though. Gonna try again tomorrow with with a fresh mind (and your generous tips).
  2. Ike is really good nonetheless. I wouldn't discard the option of giving some skill do buff other characters, specially when you already gave him reposition. But that depends on your team composition, mostly. There's characters who just live and die by means of Hone Speed and/or Hone Atk. Reposition Ike seems really good at pulling mages out of the way of a counter, since Ragnell helps him perform on the opponents phase. If not that, I'd say Threaten Def and Threaten Spd are your best options (Threaten Speed mostly if you take away his swordbreaker, threaten def seems best otherwise). Scratch that T Spd recommendation. I had +Spd Ike in mind when I said it, sorry. Zephiel approves.
  3. Yeah, I'm going to evaluate some matchups to see if he does well enough. I really like this build, but I hadn't drawn a single good mage to try it on yet (just a nice Robin, but my blues are covered). I think this Soren might just remedy some trouble I'm having with pesky blue horsemages. I'm thinking about it too (It's a shame I've only got the feathers for one skillset). It will probably feel very nice to sac one of those +def Ninos I keep rolling. You've got a pretty nice Nino, right? I think I saw someone mentioning that a while ago. Does she perform well against other casters like Reinhardt (meaning OHKO)? Oh, and thanks, both of ya ;)
  4. You know what's funny? Rolling a -HP/+SPD Soren, that's what The other one is +ATK/-SPD though. I'm at loss at what to do, really.
  5. I'm also curious on how to build Soren. Maybe a Raven/Adept build? Probably going to have do to some math about it to see if he has potential as an archer bane =/
  6. Yeah. That's just bizarre. Soren's built to be skillfood material... I think even Zephiels Life & Death is more useful. I'm sad that I got two of them and I'm having a hard time figuring out a build that's not Nino clone (And I've never even considered using a single one of his skills). Is building up Soren more trouble than it's worth? =/
  7. That's actually a nice Mist, congrats. I know healers aren't usually something to go crazy about, but at least she's got good skills and nature
  8. "Hmm. My name? I am the mage Soren. Now, I have a question for you. Is Ike here?" NO. FOR THE LAST TIME, SOREN, IKE IS NOT HERE. Just burned through my 240 orbs today. Most pulls were really underwhelming. A ton of Eliwood and Olivia etc etc, don't really need to go into the details. Managed to grab two Sorens, which may become nice custom Ninos someday. And an !Azura! as well (yeah, best thing of the banner came out of a blue pop, who could say?) I didn't give up hope, though. Still got 10 orbs! waiting for the next full session
  9. I think it's quite possible that we get a few new characters aside from the banner ones. It's the first time we're getting a new chapter, after all, and it makes sense that a story chapter would add more characters to the game than a paralogue. I'm just not sure if IS is going to add them to the summon pool right away, or if they're going to save them for something else. I didn't say anything before because the dataminers didn't find a single trace of it, so I started believing this was just wishful thinking on my part. But a story chapter with only 4 characters in it is a bit underwhelming, ain't it?
  10. Oh, history curriculums can vary a whole lot. I can tell you that even as a univeristy graduate, for me, Millard Fillmore only sounds like the name of a brewery. On the FE topic: Am I the only one that actually likes RD Ike? I think his character is a nice variation from the usual FE noble/finesse archetypes from earlier games, by being both muscular and mercenary. I kinda wish Path of Radiance Ike was more designed like him, really (that may be the only thing RD does better though). And about Leaf, thanks for that. I had completely forgotten about Leif the navigator. Everytime I read Leif (instead of the Leaf I had grown used to) I could only think of Le1f the rapper.
  11. Oh, how I wish Soren and Titania became good summons... But really, I can't see them making Soren outclass (or at least compete) with Ninonuke. Titania could be like a mounted Cherche, but I guess she'll end up as more mediocre Gunther? Please IS, prove me wrong.
  12. Oh, I wonder how I completely forgot about that. So... I didn't need to rush-train Zephiel this week. I've been getting one or two defenses every week, and normally there's one worth 284 points. Does 284 means the opposing team ragequit or something? I've been a little puzzled about it cause it's always the same number (or nearly that, as I think I saw one 285 once)
  13. The arena is already open and with the last season's bonus heroes. Doesn't that mean you can try for a high score with the same line-up as last week? Has it always been like that?
  14. DID YOU LOOK AT HER EYES? I'd say the reaction you got pretty much covers that topic, right? Personally I'm not that bothered by Rebecca's art. I'd even say it looks quite nice overall (if not for that missing bowstring that can't be unseen). But on the topic of art style, I wouldn't be bothered if Yamada Akihiro drew the whole game, so... I guess I'm also too quick to associate sparkly eyes and round faces with moe/chibi style.
  15. That's gacha for you. I got Alm in my second SoV summon, and that was my first banner focus summon ever. Don't give up hope! About Lachesis: It's horrid. Don't go there. I'm just waiting for the day when either Lachesis or Rebecca's artist chibi-curse draws a male fan favorite. Let the rant flow. On a side note: Armored Mage Baron best class ever