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  1. So with my A-team locked down and at max level, with just some SP to fully unlock their skills, I'm training up a bunch of other units for future use. Currently it's my 5* Fae, 4* Subaki, 4* Lilina and 4* Jeorge. For Subaki, I'm going with the ultimate facetanking set (at least on defense) with Swap, Armored Blow, Renewal, and some C skill (probably gonna be either a defense or resistance buff, but I may go for an attack buff), and Glowing Ember/Bonfire. Debating on if Swordbreaker would be a good fit on him, just to facetank and destroy red swords even more than he already does. Fae is going for a juggernaut/defensive build. Light Breath, Daylight/Noontime, Draw Back, some A skill (suggestions would be good), Axebreaker to counter any Hectors, and some C skill (maybe an attack buff?) I just might sacrifice my 4* Nowi to give her Lightning Breath for that built in distant counter, but I'm unsure. Fae's biggest weakness that I can see is that she's a green around all these swordlords, but I can run Subaki alongside her to get rid of them. She does make an excellent counter to lances and blue mages. My Fae's stats far exceed my Nowi's, and she's a whole rarity level up on her. I'm not 100% certain about that Axebreaker, but I don't really have any other ideas other than just slapping Renewal on her to help her tanking abilities. I still don't know what skillsets I want to put onto Lilina and Jeorge. I've given my Lilina Glacies and Threaten Res 3, but I can't decide on A or B skills to put on her. Jeorge doesn't have any skills at 600+ SP to spend, lol. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  2. I've got a 5* Klein (+HP, -Spd which isn't optimal, but with a Brave Bow+ it doesn't really matter) at max level, running Death Blow 3, Bowbreaker 2 and Hone Attack 3 set. He works wonders for me in particular, so long as I keep him out of the reach of M!Robins, Cecilias, and the like. He's tanky enough to take a hit or two from both magic and ranged, so I don't have to worry about him getting 0HKO'd unless someone has one of those effective against colorless weapons. I've got Draw Back on my own M!Robin that I run alongside him on my A-Team, so it's easy for me to pop Klein up to 0HKO someone, then draw him back out of range, with Cherche and Pivot to position in front of him so that melees can't get at him. Profit! He's easily my best bow (no Takumi...Q-Q), and I'm still training up my Jeorge and trying to decide what set I want to run on him. Granted, Jeorge is still only 4*, so I'm not sure if he'll match or outshine Klein. If he does, I'm looking into promoting him. Klein's amazing, basically.
  3. I think swordmasters for the most part are perfectly fine where they are, and I actually really like them. People complain about the swordlock a lot, but from my experience that's never a problem, simply due to hugenormous amount of axe units that the enemy fields in general. The weapon triangle in the main games aren't really make or break like it tends to be in Heroes. But the swordmaster class' strength is very delicate, so to speak, as they require a favorable RNG in order to truly shine. When you get Fates' weird 1 Rn when calculating hit percentages sub 50, swordmasters suddenly start getting hit by 30% hits that otherwise they'd easily dodge, and it's then that their awful HP and defense starts to shine through. I can only see that Rn change as a way to nerf the prevalence of dodgetanking in the Tellius games and Awakening, as a dodgetanking swordmaster that proc'd Astra or a crit was pretty much a one-man army, no matter what was thrown at them. Without those crits, their mediocre attack starts showing through, and they stop one-round killing things with decent defense, despite doubling them most every single time. A swordmaster who can't proc a crit or an Astra, or dodge attacks thrown at him, is a very sub optimal unit that's liable to get itself killed very quickly due to its low defenses and HP. While other classes may not dominate like a swordmaster with a favorable RNG, their performance is generally more consistent - armors will always be slow, good at tanking physical hits (unless they're named Meg...), and with good attack but with poor resistance and movement, for instance. Mages will be fragile to physical hits, but tear through armors. Swordmasters are ultimate luck-based glass cannons, which with a slight tweaking of RNG and some bad luck can be rendered pretty bad as units. Of course, this is speaking of the default swordmaster stat spread, not a tank like Hinata or a god purposefully strong unit like Ryoma. There's really not much you can do to the default swordmaster spread that would "fix" their weaknesses, other than buffing their defensive stats in order to make them less RNG/luck reliant, but that turns them less into glass cannons and more into strong all-arounders, which is where the mercenary class is meant to be (with less luck, speed and crit stuff).
  4. yeah he sucks a lot and is worthless as hell I have a 5* Seliph, and am constantly struggling to make him viable. I'm at least going to use my Gunter fodder to give him Armored Blow, so he'll be the tankiest thing in existence...as long as a mage doesn't breathe on him. I'm honestly not sure what a 4* Seliph could even get close to doing, since my 5* is still really, uh, challenged at things. Like, I guess you could inherit Brash Assault onto someone else...?
  5. I'm leaning toward wolf laguz, since I really, really like Volug and Nailah. Just the image of a gigantic bear-sized wolf is really cool to me, plus I did dig their models and animations in RD. The Wolfskin didn't really do it for me, since I'm one of those weird people who prefer my werewolves to be actual wolves (well, gigantic wolves) than the kinda awkward part-human stands-on-two-legs kind. Was a hair's breadth away from voting for hawk laguz, just because of Tibarn's utter badassitude. EDIT: @ManaketeofYlisse Oh, there are male manaketes. Most of them are enemies, though...the only recruitable male Manakete we've had thus far (other than a male Corrin, but as he's an avatar character I'm not sure he really counts) is Bantu in Shadow Dragon/New Mystery. Xane from the same two games was a manakete who lost his transformation powers, as was Gotoh, who also can no longer transform.
  6. I think this case is the result of a ton of things, a combination of hype, in-universe reputation, stats and growths, plus story feats. In both Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn, you have other characters constantly marveling at and praising Ike's strength. His sparring partners are constantly defeated by him, with no real hope of winning. Even when he's a rookie, he manages to overpower Boyd, who, while also being a rookie, is much more experienced than him and rather strong to boot. His stats are pretty off the charts, especially in comparison to other lords, who while not really awful, aren't all that spectacular either. Eliwood's about average in all areas unless you get ridiculously blessed, Hector is very strong, but also very slow (unless you get RNG blessed), Lyn is fragile and fast, Marth is roughly all-around, but lacking in defense, etc. Ike excels in pretty much all areas, save for resistance. Ike's a one-man army even as a low-level unit, plowing through pretty much anyone and anything. People bring up Sigurd and Seliph, and they're undoubtedly strong, but their Holy Blood is a good portion of that. Seliph starts off very shaky, and while Sigurd is strong from the outset when you get him, he's also overexperienced (overleveled) for the units he fights early in the game. Ike lacks any sort of inherited bloodline or ability -- his Aether is learned. He defeats the Black Knight, who wears armor blessed by a god and has a godly weapon himself, who's hailed to be the greatest human fighter on Tellius. In Radiant Dawn, he's the most important mortal on the continent, pretty much. He has to be the one to land the final blow on Ashera to beat the final battle, he is the one who possesses the powered-up Ragnell with enough power to defeat a goddess, and not just any goddess, the creator goddess of their world. I can definitely see him as being the lord with the most raw power in the series as a result.
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the Archanea saga and Marth mega popular in Japan (far more popular than it is here) to begin with? I'm not surprised that a remake of Gaiden failed to sell as much as the Archanea remakes, especially the remake of Mystery, which if I recall correctly is still the most beloved game by Japanese fans of the series. And yeah, since Gaiden was controversial as hell when it first released, I'm not surprised that people who didn't like Gaiden mechanics to begin with didn't pick the game up, even with its new bells and whistles.
  8. Ooh, this thread seems fun, lol. I feel like this is gonna be a little long, so I'll put it in spoilers.
  9. Update from latest pull. Didn't get my Soren or Ike. D: Current Total: 11 Pulled Seliph Julia Klein Fae Faye Alm Clair (+Atk, -Res) Clair (+Spd, -Res) Karel Mist Promoted M!Robin
  10. First pull on my search for an Ike and a Soren! 3* Gunter (Armored Blow fodder! I finally have something I can put on my Seliph...) 5* Mist +Def, -Res (Oh. Uh. Cool, I guess? But what the hell is that bane/boon combination, Mist?) 5* Karel +Atk, -HP (Wow, a useful nature for once. Lol. I'm not sure how direly I need another red sword, but...I guess I can set up the classic Fury/Desperation build that'll work wonders on him due to his vanilla special and having Desperation for free.) 3* Odin (Moar skill fodder. And that makes 3 Odins I currently have...) 3* Stahl (Skill fodder. He's Stahl number 4 at the moment...) Uh... Well I got a Tellius character first go round! ...And it's the one I didn't really want. Blah, oh well. I weirdly get insanely lucky (two 5*s in the same pull, let alone a banner character), but at the same time don't get exactly what I want. Well, at least with my Lon'qu and Navarres, I've got the full "I'm an edgy, antisocial myrmidon club." I'm probably gonna whale a bit come May, once I get paid... Gotta get that Ike and Soren...
  11. This nickname... The best out of context sentence in existence. e.e But yeah I want more of my favorite characters to be added, even if they're not what people would call "viable" (healers tend to fall into that category, and I'd love a Rhys added). While part of my love for a unit is battle performance, I still do keep units around that I personally just like. Which is why I want a Soren very, very badly, even if his vanilla skillset doesn't seem to be the greatest.
  12. Omg. Yes, this is all perfect! I think this is a great banner for Path of Radiance, and it's time for me to obsessively pull for a Soren and an Ike. I'll be pretty happy to get a Titania, because she looks pretty cool too. But I need this Soren in my life. ._. My poor, poor wallet. Lol.
  13. Yeah, greens in general kind of get the shaft, especially because the vast majority of lords in the series (and the most popular characters) are red swords. Axes are already fairly rare on the player side, so it's not surprising there are so few of those. Getting more pullable greens (and ones with good stats and skills) would definitely be welcome.
  14. Beat both Navarre and Robin maps on both difficulties with my main team (Alm, Klein, M!Robin and Cherche) for the first time, since I had no high level units when those two were run the first time. Was a struggle until I got the positioning down perfectly, and Draw Back on my M!Robin clinched the victory. I had to break out the Olivia on the harder Robin map, just to have an extra turn to finish off that last lance before it killed off Alm. Thank God for built-in Renewal in the Falchion, so Alm could tank those mages. Whew. I think that was 5 or so stamina potions used? Still have plenty left, at least. So had a ton of orbs saved up. Did a bunch of pulls and got a 4* Effie, 4* Cain, 4* Abel, 4* Peri (ew, Peri, but I heard she's at least a good unit), a 4* Fae, a 4* Camilla (ew, Camilla, but she's a good unit), 4* Seliph and a bunch of skill fodder like 4* Eliwood, 4* Oboro, 4* Raigh, and some 3* Pallas, Sophias, another Gwendolyn, and all that.
  15. Yeah, definitely colorless. They'd be dancers, but more mobile due to being flyers (except Rafiel, of course). They could sing, debuff and deal damage with their galdr on enemies, and gives allies extra turns by singing to them. Definitely! XD I look forward to hear him screaming about rushing into battle for the glory of Crimea, and wondering where that squinty-eyed knave Oscar has run off to this time. Same! I don't really run healers on my serious teams, but if I pull a Rhys, that's going to change. Yeah, I guess this makes sense. Of course the flying laguz would be weak to bows and Excalibur, and the beast ones would be weak to the stronger fire spells like Bolganone. Dragons being weak to Falchion, I guess I could see it.