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  1. Sacred Stones: Sacred Memories

    Well i was thinking of having lyon join eirika (s support compatable keepo) and struggle with having to face down his now insane father (because of a dual Demon King Vigarde body), and other struggles that would come for the group facing a different fight.
  2. Sacred Stones: Sacred Memories

    I got to thinking, what if Sacred Stones's Story went differently? What if instead of Lyon using the Dark Stone, what if it was Vigarde? It's that premise that I was thinking to change Sacred Stones's story, adding some classes, characters, chapters, and many supports. I also was thinking of adding things from other games, like awakenings pair up and children system, both Awakening and Fates paralogue, system, and some other features I still need to think. My question is thoughts, suggestions, and has it been done already? I don't wanna take someone elses idea :/
  3. Awakening(?)

    I feel like with class change there'd habe to be a seperate place to store the rank of each weapon rank within the character definition. So like, using c++: Chrom_weapon-rank { Sword = c; Lance= 0; Axe=0; ... And so on. Correct me if i am wrong. EDIT: Tomfooling around with some pallet editing and I got a better then I expected Olivia.
  4. Awakening(?)

    Actually, i wasn’t planning on making verbatum Awakening. Adding a couple characters, adding supports i would have liked to see (#freecordelia) and some class additions/visual edits and such. Granted it will probably be just as hard or harder but w/e. I’m doing this for fun anyway. Character creation is going to be the hardest part methinks. I mostly want to do it for my love of gba’s visuals really, and to try and think of some other ways to explore the characters.
  5. Awakening(?)

    I'm a huge fan of Awakening. Also a huge dan of Sacred Stones's looks and their Wyvern Knight class (kreygasm). I have been looking and studying and thinking and thought it'd be cool to see awakening (with some tweaks and additions) using a hyper modified Sacred Stones. My research shows it'd be a massive ammount of work but hey. Thoughts, suggestions, tips, am i crazy?
  6. Confusion about Nightmare And modding of FE8

    Oh my days I am dumb. Thank you so much! Though I do have questions on how I modify the existing assets (Graphics, animations etc) and add new ones to the game, if someone could answer that.
  7. I was looking at trying to edit FE8 (Sacred Stones). Downloaded VBA, Downloaded Nightmare GBA, but ii cannot figure out how to run anything within Nightmare or even get to be able to edit. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. No idea where to start: General Tomfoolery with Sacred Stones

    Bumping this, Delet this if not allowed lol. I guess even a tutorial on how to do it would be greatly apprectated.
  9. Nowi: Pedobait Nah: Nah Inigo/Lazlow: Lemme Smash... Please. Owain/Odin: DEUS VULT Camilla: Incest is Wincest Hinoka: Overly Attached Sister Can't think of any others...
  10. No idea where to start: General Tomfoolery with Sacred Stones

    Kinda, usually when I mod it ends up a hodge podge of randomness, but that's the idea.
  11. O/ all

    Idunno... Don't think I've signed up here before. *shrugs* That is also true, General with sword was awesome.
  12. I really liked utilizing Vanessa, Saleh, and Colm. For vanessa changing her to Wyvern Knight kicked some solid butt, Saleh is also really good. For Colm, changing him to assassin never disappointed me.
  13. Sacred Stones, being the first FE I've played, holds a very special place in my heart. As I've played other games, seen other things, there are things I'd love to see put into SS, like the Tactician class of Awakening, and characters from certain shows I watch made into classes with animations and stuff. Only problem is I'm clueless on this stuff. Any help is appreciated, again, I'll probably make a organized mess with the game, but hopefully make something cool out of it to show to ya'll. WyvernKnight
  14. O/ all

    Hiya. New here. Kinda just decided to join after a while of lurking. Looking at having some fire emblem funsies in the forums, and hopefully learn how to hack Sacred Stones, got lots of things I'd love to see done in that older style. Plus that gen had cooler critical hits. ;)