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  1. I'll do one! I call it: Living Legends! Athos has called for the help of the OoH. His desire? Liberate Bramimond from possession! For the 40% Characters: Roy, Eliwood, Hector, CYL Lyn For the 20% Characters: CYL Roy, Fae, Sophia, Raigh. You and Pantsless Marth! Might as well have a Tempest of Booze where everyone is drunk and in their underwear. Listen to all your favorite Heroes quotes put through a drunk filter!
  2. I'd boil Ryoma alive! Get past the hard outer shell to that delicious soft meat. Or I'd upgrade him to Metal Lobster, with anti-paint optical lenses because he deserves it. As for Olivia, the pink hair contrasts with the black succubus costume. It's nice to see she's gained some self-confidence too. With minimal tweaking it could work as a Marisa too I think.
  3. I totally forgot about Florina's joining chapter. IS can make threats of sex slavery invisible/bearable to the innocent eye. And yeah, its in character for bandits so I'm fine with it too.
  4. I'll agree she is one of the better done characters in the bunch. Neither a poor aesthetic nor an out of character portrayal (Finn looks too naughty). The other shining lights are: Camus, Julian, Ninian, Karel, Chad, Anna, Sanaki, and the Black Knight (though to be fair he doesn't look any different). Then there is a middle category of those with an issue or two, but are otherwise fairly appreciable: Ashnard, Feena, Lachesis, Sigurd, Eliwood, Robin to name a few. She's the Goddess of Thunder Thighs.
  5. Plegia Arc- Chrom leads the protag duo. Valm Arc- Things shift towards being equals. Grima Arc- Robin leads the protag duo. The final battle is totally their's and not Chrom's. Id is more or less Robin's theme after all. Having paid attention to your adamant defense of Celica's choice (which I find a bit contradictory given you say Micaiah was being dumb), I think I can now say you're a SoV apologist/devotee. Not that it's a crime at all to be one, be as you wish, I'm tolerant.
  6. I know that. I was just liking to imagine the chaos such a release would have. Also, I personally don't want hype and expectations- it's a rollercoaster I don't want to ride.
  7. I'm in agreement that even though Ephraim is a bit too good a fighter (the Valter-Renvall situation), he does have justification behind it. And by the way- how did Robin learn to strategize? All we know is that they were a runaway Grimalealean, nothing more. I guess the only thing really holding FE back from going full on Tales is that Tales has fantasy sci-fi elements and those would have issues relating to FE gameplay. I also think IS's modern sensibilities approach may be hindering its plots. Tellius for instance has Laguz-Beorc conflict, and while it is mentioned that Laguz were the oppressors at one point and hate on the Branded, the picture one feels of the situation in the game and not just the lore is that the Laguz are always the oppressed, and the Beorc always the oppressors. IS can't quite accept the (controversial) idea that the oppressed are capable of oppressing. But at least IS tried to balance the picture with Tellius, and I praise their effort. Fates and SoV weren't so lucky. IS creates a path of Conquest, but modern sensibilities say "being an aggressor in war is bad, self-defense is the only reason to ever fight". Thus Corrin cannot actively approve of conquering Hoshido without the magic throne, and even with it is being dragged along whining all the way by the totally evil Garon. For SoV, the back of the game box says "The way of the sword or the way of the heart?", but modern sensibilities say "The way of the heart is the only way!". Thus, Alm is compassionate and the dichotomy between him and Celica is ruined because he has a heart already, on top of a sword. The irony of the CQ and SoV situations just described is that neither game was really supposed to approve of conquest or the sword. Conquest was to be about reforming a corrupt kingdom from within, with the conquest, in part at least, a fruit of the corruption that would be fixed. The path of the sword was supposed to be wrong all along, and in the end Alm would have to learn that both the sword and heart were needed. Yet, IS simply couldn't let itself be seen as promoting the sword even for a moment, so it made sure to load Alm up on heart from the get go. Even though it destroyed his potential character development and made him perfect while Celica actually had to grow, which made her weaker than Alm.
  8. But Anna told me to bring my firstborn to the mountaintop and offer their soul! She promised me I'd be RNGproof if I did. I guess the "kid" you describe could be a "golem" or "doll" of sorts. A magical creation imbued with life from another source.
  9. Because golden rain and brown bombings are perfectly legit strategies in FE warfare. Underwear gets in the way of that. Nothing can be more humiliating, and if by some chance it arouses your foe- the blood flow away from their brain make it easy to bash into it.
  10. Honestly anything is better than his headshot in NM, it makes him looked pained.
  11. Okay, I was being vain and dramatic a bit, not just with Mist, but with some of the other artworks. I confess my sins and I'll yield. I won't stubbornly continue any fight, Duma can have my soul.
  12. I admit I was being a bit too gut reaction-based with the Nino and Lyon selections. I could've selected better bad choices I think. Lyon's problem was just being a little too girly looking from that angle. I like his soft expression and long hair, but that particular piece didn't do him well. Speaking of Lloyd and Linus, said artbook was bad to the both of them- were they trying to replicate the FE1-2 aesthetic? Also, WTF is Travant and Adean, and Sirius. Lilina and Ranulf have strange clothing too. I don't love super chibi, don't get that impression of me. But I don't care one bit for Clarine either. The aesthetic itself isn't bad, but shoehorning FE characters into it just doesn't work for me. We'll just have to agree to disagree.
  13. The face! How is that good?
  14. Oh, now that is hideous! On the bright side, looking for the hideous art, I think I found a treasure trove of it in the 25th anniversary artbook- which gave us the Einherjar DLC artworks, l think I found the worse Mist ever in it: And Nino is bad too, though not as bad: And Lyon is Leona:
  15. You mean this one? Because if you do, oh how bad it is indeed. If not? Then I dare to wonder what it is you dread so. Isn't that the case with every decade from the 70s or 60s on in America? It the shop must cater to all crowds. I don't care if there are lolis if I get stranded on a deserted island since childhood Ryoma (with his hair just as it is).