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  1. If Alm Decided To Grow Facial Hair...

    Reminds me of this: As for Alm, neither. He borrows from Nomah instead, and ignores how people start calling him "Spinach Rag".
  2. What is the avatar of the user above you saying?

    Silly human, you can look up my dress all you want, but just remember that when I feel like it. I. Will. Kill. You.
  3. The "Proper" Way To Do What the Above Poster Says assemble whatever food you on hand into a makeshift broom and use that. So if you have french fries and hot dogs, you use the fries as your broom's head, and assemble the hotdogs into the stick, making a glue out of condiments to hold it all together. The proper way to use an umbrella is...
  4. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    Here is an even BETTER question: Why does Hell have (with a few individuals holding multiple titles): 9 Kings 23 Dukes 7 Princes 15 Marquises 5 Counts 1 Knight 12 Presidents and only one top chef?
  5. One, I have my doubts about Ogre Battle 64. Two, Dr. Mario and Pokemon Puzzle League aren't on here. Nor are Quest 64 and Superman 64. And if you're including Konami, then Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon and Goemon's Great Adventure are possibilities, more so the former.
  6. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    You don't, you instead invest in smart-endoscope. Why does Hell have a paymaster?
  7. In An Alternate Universe...

    Goes down in history as the victim of genocide in the 1840s in Ireland. And presently would be staging a campaign against oil attacks, unfortunately, it backfires because too many people find the imagery graphically delicious. In an alternate universe where the US Post Office delivered mail by missiles...
  8. Rate the Above Poster's Ridiculous Invention

    Sound cool, but how hard would it be to walk in them over a metallic surface? And how much magnetism would they need to lift a human being, of upwards of say, 300 pounds? If they threaten to cripple your electronic devices, or interfere with clothing, or medical implants, then they're useless outside of dedicated magnet boot recreational rinks. As for daily use, they'd need, if it was feasible to walk in them, magnetic walking paths specifically for them, or to repave old ones in a thin sheet of something magnetic. And worse, even if it was possible to walk in them, would it end up being more calorically intensive than normal walking? If so, then they're nothing more than a workout fad. Cool at first is a 8/10, practical implementation sounds more like a 4/10. An oven that can scan the surface and internal temperatures of whatever you are cooking, and then display the thermal mapping of such to you.
  9. Post a fact about the person above!

    Looks to be on the surface of the Sun.
  10. Count Until Mods Post! Current Count: 69

  11. This Pokemon Go Imitation Sounds... Divine

    Why not Togetic/Togekiss? Or perhaps Blissey?
  12. What is your Fire Emblem story?

    Started with Melee, then came Nintendo Power, which did a little guide for Lyn Mode Chapters 7-10 and Eliwood 11. I got interested, and then come Easter, I got FE7 in a basket, plus the official NP game guide. And I had the Double Dash Bonus Disk too. It's been love ever since. I discovered GFAQs as a kid via relative, back then I thought of it as being helpful first and foremost. It was from there I discovered SF, from which I learned of FE's past, this was sometime pre-RD release, since I still remember that section being in its proto-phase. Discovery of the forums came significantly later, I can't pinpoint when. So burnt out, that twice the game froze over due to lack of heat.
  13. Which should mean Issac is nigh-invincible there, assuming the lighthouse is lit, although that is more to animate if it is- could be a potential on-and-off stage hazard. Which ones would they then pick for a tour? No to the underwater place, since it is underwater. Maybe the half-ice-half-fire world to kill two birds with one stone. The first Mayan/Incan-looking place being the first world in the first game would be feasible. The horror world would be nice, the polluted rusting ship was apparently infamous in the day. And because it is visually distinctive, I'm thinking the wacko place in the sky. Tick-Tock Woods- or whatever the four seasons forest was called, IRRC has a beloved composition attached to it, with seasonal distinctions. Hopefully it could sneak into the soundtrack at least.
  14. Should when the time come we make a separate DLC topic? Or just throw it all in the currently-existing news topic? Cynically assuming this present leak to be real, I'm more focused on DLC at the moment. Not that much interest in the new crew. And a question, if the leak is real and B&K are in, shouldn't they be getting a stage? If so, what would it be? The big green overworld- what was it called- the Isle O' Hags if memory serves me right? Sounds a little boring if childhood memories are anything to go by. What would be a realistic, but interesting, stage pick? I'd ask the same thing for Golden Sun, although one of the Lighthouses seems like the easy bet here. A modern remix of the Saturos Battle Theme should send me into ecstasy BTW (as long as they don't fumble it like they did with BKO's Valedictory Elegy).
  15. Would You Like to See BEXP Return?

    Bonus experience is a concept unique to the Tellius games, it can a strategic resource, or a means of favoritism. It can also be an incentive on the battlefield, like but different from rare weapons and items, adding to map side-objectives diversity. But, BEXP did have its issues. In PoR, the infamous "Marcia BEXP dump", or whoever you favor, can break the game pretty easily. RD tweaked BEXP to give 3 stat points per level guaranteed, no more, no less. Given most Beorc have growths exceeding 300 in total, leveling via BEXP, at least until one or two stats are capped, hinders unit growth, but afterwards is equal to or better than it. It allows Haar to fix his Speed issue for instance with the need for a Speedwing. And for Laguz, BEXP just generally just a boon given their sub-300 growths. BEXP can't really work within a game with infinite grinding, like Awakening and Fates Rev & BR, since it makes BEXP seem frivolous. However SoV did have its little group EXP thing, and Golden Apples and certain Sacred Springs gave a finite number of free level ups. I wouldn't mind Golden Apples returning, if not BEXP. One change I would make, is that there would be a soft cap on the maximum level attainable at any time. If you attempt to raise a unit beyond the level of the highest leveled unit at the same tier (because otherwise Jagens would void this for much of the game), you'll see BEXP cost shooting up significantly beyond what it would be otherwise. So if going from 10 to 11 normally costs 125 BEXP, it'd cost 188 or 250, a 50-100% increase, instead. If they brought back Golden Apples, they could work in such a scenario with BEXP, for in such a scenario they'd be best suited for someone presently at the higher end of your levels. And I'd certainly say no to RD's guaranteed three point gains. Add a Fixed Mode (why hasn't this ever returned?) instead. So, would you like to see BEXP return?