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  1. For a game I really know I'll want and like, I skip reviews. For games I am less certain about and would like to know more, I do consider them, from "professional" reviewers more than fans. Nothing too much, but enough to get an idea of the game's strengths and flaws.
  2. Ys and Xenoblade Warriors being considered

    They'd probably twist Namco's arm again for Kos-mos, and hopefully more. Unfortunately, even though Square would NEVER allow it (why do they hate XG?), Fei Fong Wong would be great as a martial artist, Emeralda would be fun with her nanomachine form shifting, Citan is Dunban's grandfather, and Grahf would be the Lu Bu expy. As for XCX, I'd say we'd be getting: Elma- Dual Blades and Dual Guns Lin- Shield and Gatling Gun Lao- Javelin and Sniper Rifle Doug- Photon Saber and Raygun Male Cross- Longsword and Assault Rifle (better than Gwin) Female Cross- Knife and Psycho Launchers (better than Hope in gameplay please!) We change up the Cross weapons a little, since Cross's starting class Drifter using Knife and Assault Rifle, the other one could then get Longsword and Psycho Launchers. This should allow for all six XCX melee and ranged weapon types to be covered, as well as story relevancy and gender equality. We don't need the Ganglion for enemies, or if we must, please make it Goetia, and not Luxaar or that ANGRY Ryyz girl. If Link worked, Cross can too, they even have battle shouts and victory lines from a number of different VAs for different personalities. I'd like some Skells in as well, but how would one integrate those? A temporary god mode wouldn't work, most of the XC1 and XC2 casts couldn't get it lacking mecha of their own. Telethia as a giant boss thing- if they could get it to work better than HW's. The Prog Ares too would work here. For battlefields, New Los Angeles would be the obvious first pick. The Lifehold Core is too small and spoilers. If we couldn't have all five regions (but why not?), then I'll take Sylvalum and Noctilium, or replace Noctilum with Cauldros, as it is the Ganglion center in Mira. If they wanted to make the XCX crew play a bit differently from the XC1 and XC2 crews, then no Chain Attack feature for them, but exclusive access to Overdrive. Think of it maybe balanced as demigod mode ("mode" as in buffed state) for 3 or a god burst (a single attack), vs. god mode for 1.
  3. My cat is drunk

    My opinion of cats: I'm more of a dog person, and while they do silly lovable stuff, nothing so sassy or outlandish as the above. Also, remember that getting a cat means eventually having to shave your eyebrows.
  4. I don't pay attention to the details of Smash U too much, but they aren't bringing OGA back? Why? Too much technical drain the Switch when online? Can't say I loved it, but better than Two Views of the Great Fox. And Star Fox is classic Nintendo, but its genre isn't so big, and I think that is its issue. It can't sell well in the present age. This said, KI:U one might be able to call Assault's secret followup in ways. It has on rails shooter sections, and on-ground stuff as well, much better on-ground stuff than SFA had, with weapon diversity and nuance. I'd be fine if the franchises merged to create Star Icarus: Uprising Assault. I say that as someone who liked SFA, despite the issues it had. It included traditional sci-fi narrative stuff with the Aparoids, with a hint of fear/darkness (for reasons, I've been recently reminded of Pigma). Nothing crazy dark or original, but I liked the tone, about as far as I'd want it to go as a Nintendo franchise. Never played Command, but the idea of ship variety sounded cool, even if wifi only supported the standard Arwing.
  5. We have had: 18-19 stages, more if add in more Yoshi and possibly DK. Of these, I don't strictly see many grasslands, until more recently, as in 4. I would love that, it'd give meaning to the idea of a tour stage. Maybe put it on the back of the Zu Pharg (the head as a stage hazard?) with Smash-invented warp powers to change places quickly? Or some Skells can hold platforms and Wir Fliegen! And please add some random weather potential.: Primordia in the night can have a possibility of Meteor Shower- no effect. Chance of Energy Mist if you're in Noctilum at night- gradual heal for everyone. Sylvalum can have Spores clouding parts of the stage in the day, moving slowly across it to change the affected areas- good luck figuring out where you are! Oblivia gets Electromagnetic Storms in the day- gradual damage to all. Cauldros gets anytime Brimstone Fire- rather than gradual damage for all like the EM Storms, small brimstone pieces would rain on the stage, damage and knockback dealt if one comes into contact with them. And NLA can have daytime Rainbows- no effect. Alas! This to be too resource intensive and never to happen.
  6. Neimi vs Innes

    Innes. In a no-grind scenario, Neimi is a great chore. She has less 3 Spd at base than Eirika, the same pitiful 4 Str, and no Rapier, making it difficult to get her kills or for her to contribute at all. Artur and Lute join just one chapter later and do a much better job of being fragile 1-2 range attackers, with superior bases and targeting Res. Both of them can also heal on promotion and Lute can match Neimi's future horse. On Eirika's route, Innes joins early. If I get Neimi to level 10 by then and promote her (reasonable), she'll have: 26 HP 11 Str 10 Skl 12 Spd 8 Lck 7 Def 8 Res Which is all inferior to Innes's bases, who will also have 9 Con to her 6. Ranger would give her a horse and a much better 8 Con, but her stats would otherwise be quite similar. Saleh is functionally similar and joins not much later with Innes-like bases, on top of being able to heal. If I were to keep her unpromoted in hopes of outdoing Innes eventually, I would have to do without that glorious +3 Str gained by promoting for a longer time, during which she would be just inferior to Innes. On Ephraim's route, Innes joins much later, giving Neimi much more time when he isn't around. Nonetheless his bases are solid enough to qualify as filler. But let it be stressed that Neimi is, on a no-grind run with some notion of efficiency, an investment with little payoff. Innes might not be as great at 20/20, but he has no investment to start being good, he can deal a solid chip and sometimes kill at base, with a couple levels gained along the way. Enemies in FE8 outside of a few of the later chapters- namely 19- are weak and hence super stats aren't needed. For a better investment on a functionally similar unpromoted unit, Lute and Artur exist. Fliers aren't that big a threat in FE8, bows aren't needed, and sadly, bows aren't effective on the Mogalls, while Artur can be as a Bishop, while still ripping apart whatever Wyvern Riders you encounter.
  7. Who’s your favorite “Bad Unit” in FE?

    Admittedly I've never used Arthur because he is so crit-prone and lacks for Spd. Rhajat- well I've only ever recruited her as a lategame Onmyoji, so I can't speak of game-long issues with her. (That is how I usually view the kids- late game filler, only select kids do I consider getting early: Shiro, Ignatius, Percy, Ophelia.) Skill and Luck aren't total junk stats (and Fates's tweaks to the hit rates and crit formula help correct this issue), it just normally isn't that great in exuberance like with Midori. If I'm going to use a balanced unit with leans in certain stats, I'd rather have them placed elsewhere, namely among the classic good trio of Str/Spd/Def. Better than Setsuna? Reasonable assertion. BR and Rev Setsuna alike have a real rocky start. I'm not calling Midori the absolute worst. As for class skills well yeah, they're more cherries, hot fudge and whip cream than the ice cream and brownie that is the character themselves upon which they rest. I just was accounting for them.
  8. General JRPG Topic

    I think the lines are supposed to be I'll let you play the game all the way through first, but ShulkxFiora was eh to me. ShulkxMelia I preferred. But that is just me. Also, when at a certain moment in the game you're assigned control of Melia alone again, pay Shulk a visit and chat to him a few times. Won't say any more about it, but this optional scene should be noted. I wouldn't say they're THAT plentiful. And while they do impose some restrictions, you can normally find ways to walk around them, even when they're aggressive, their vision/hearing ranges aren't that large. And death means little in this game if you do get spotted. Of course this comes from someone who spent hours exploring XCX evading and sometimes dying as I snuck around places. It can be strategic in ways, but yes, I admit that more than anything else, the combat system can make or break one's likings for the Xenoblade games. You're not alone here, and I understand the criticisms. Although I personally generally like it and have bought every game since. It is wholly luck-based, no denying that. The best approach is save before using it, and then using two characters with low Affinity towards each other to separate desirable qualities from undesirable ones, and bring them as close to 100% as possible without actually making gems. Then you take two high Affinity characters, I think is ideal for this for his ability or something, and then combine the cylinders to possibly get Mega Heat gems. The irony of this statement is that this is, for Monolith, supposed to be oriented towards gameplay more than plot. Xenogears and Xenosaga- its prior works with Square Soft (now Square Enix) and Namoc- were both heavily oriented towards the story. Tetsuya Takahashi, the father of the Xeno franchise, actually let up on the plot in this game in attempt to develop better gameplay. He more or less forgot about it entirely in the followup XCX for reasons of learning how to develop in HD. But XC2 seems to be a returning to form.
  9. Who’s your favorite “Bad Unit” in FE?

    From a gameplay perspective, I do think Midori is lacking as a unit. Her highest growths are Skl and Luck, stats which have never been awe-inspiring. Her Personal has a little use for a PvP party trick, but not really relevant to the actual game itself besides a few extra 300gs. Her base class is Apothecary, the only in the game. Yet the class has eh skills, not bad, just not really good. It's promotions are Merchant and Mechanist- the first has terribad skills without very very planned setup, and the latter is balanced and lacking outside of the late coming Replicate. Kaze gives Ninja and Master Ninja, which help, a bit. Ninja means Poison Strike and Locktouch if you make her a Mechanist, and they get Shuriken. Ninja actually specializes in stats, which is good since Midori is just too balanced at base, she isn't an amazing tank, nor a glass cannon, she doesn't do any particular role real well. Are there worse kids? I could see some cases being presented, but Midori is at least in the lower half. As for pairing Kaze- I can give Camilla (to use a godly mother) to Kaze, and I can equally give her to Laslow. Some differences in terms of ideal class inheritance yes, and in this case I can't do Camilla!Siegbert (not that he really needs her, daddy already gives WR), but not too many differences normally speaking.
  10. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    Why?! The gamepad map isn't enough justification. A little more of a hassle, but that could work in a menu. Money? Would this really cost more to port than it'd bring in? How much work must be done to port this? Monolith Soft isn't a large company I'd imagine though, and financially, if they don't have enough team members to both tackle an XCX port and a new game of some kind, then monetarily, it does make sense. I'd seriously consider double dipping for once. I don't want to delete my save and yet I want to start all over again with all the knowledge I've gained (like swapping to Elma at the start for an easier time). And if BotW is anything to go by, it's possible, or so I heard, to use separate profiles on a single Switch for the same game to create pseudo-multiple slots for a game with only one. There is also a list of changes I'd hope for, some bigger, some smaller. I'll just throw them in spoilers for space's sake. And a little peeve, but it annoyed me the person in the video say "ex", I believed it is supposed to be pronounced "cross", that is normally how that works in Japanese titles. Although I don't know if it actually applies to XCX. Anybody? @Lightchao42 and @Armagon I remember that scene you mention. I just didn't quite put it together with the rest. It does in a sense justify Milton more, since Mythra being childish as well would mean two charges for Addam. Weird that the daddy-ish figure isn't old-looking, but like Lora, I guess the game broke from usual age perceptions and ways here. Did they ever actually explain how Elemental Awakening works? I don't think so, I notice the technique's name though when it activated. I guess you could save your Specials until the Party Gauge is full and then launch a Chain Attack right after the Elemental Awakening. But then you'd only get 3 orbs on the enemy, and I've never Full Bursted with only three, thereby limiting the true power of the Chain Attack. And there is always the risk that you don't Chain in time and get wiped that way. Which reminds me, I forgot to mention in the final battle, Malos got Overkilled by I think Jin, and then Team Addam Full Bursted him. A fitting ending blow. I didn't actually. My eyes were too busy taking in the moment and looking for other parallels. Although Elly I think did pop into my head as I was watching it. But wow that is a striking remix of the old ideas- originality doesn't always mean abandoning what you've done before. Although just to very briefly comment on your comments in spoilers And thanks for the future advice. I don't think I had the auto-save on actually, and I only when ending my play sessions manually saved most of the time. The cause being the lack of a penalty when dying. I'm normally much less careless than this in games. And thanks for telling me of the tutorial issues. Doesn't say anything about this one glitch that happened to me. I was in Aletta, fighting a Grady in the lake, I was controlling Aegaeon and used one of his arts- whichever is a flurry of sword strikes. When the enemy was killed, the visual effect of the flurry of strikes remained behind. I didn't having any issues controlling my character, but the flurry animation (without Aegaeon in it- just the sword strokes) wouldn't stop by time alone, it remained there over the water, as if it was a trick of it. Eventually it went away, I forget how, but even walking some distance away with the camera aimed at its spot, it remained there clearly visible.
  11. Do you love bacon?

    Here you are loving bacon drippings- presumably mostly fat, and yet disliking the deliciousness of fat on steak. Not totally hypocritical, different meats, different circumstances, but I do enjoy the fat on my steaks, wholly lean is mean! But I think we can live with each other's differences *pull you close for hugs with a giant pork rib*. In meat we eat towards happy coexistence with each other, if not with livestock. And A1 is disguising, I had it once, and I believe it should be placed in the same secure facilities we store nuclear waste for hundreds and thousands of years to come.
  12. Do you love bacon?

    I'm a simple person, your standard steak suits me fine. Not filet mignon though, that is a little small. Always medium, unless a good restaurant, medium-rare is fine there. If it needs sauce, Peter Luger, but if it is a good enough steak, and the last one I had (at home no less!) was, then I shouldn't need any accouterments. I also make sure to let the steak rest a few minutes before eating, to let the juices settle. Pork or beef, sausage can be good, but I think it depends on the link/patty, sausage seems to be a mixed bag in the meat world when it comes to quality- some good, some aren't. Unfortunately, I'm a meat and cheese person, my palette for fruits and vegetables is limited- although asparagus and spinach ravioli are good and I'm gradually getting better. I wish I wasn't so though, and perhaps in the later years of my existence will try to cut back. If not for the animal suffering caused by it, then for the sake of environmental sustainability. For all the feed and space wasted to produce a pound of meat, so many more pounds of fruits and veggies could be grown instead. The US eats a disproportionately large percentage of the world's meat, we should set a better example for those who see us as the peak of the modern good life. But I won't swap over to eating a more sustainable protein in the form of insects. Not consciously at least.
  13. Do you love bacon?

    I eat non-racist/misogynist/avaricious/political/human pig, but I don't care for bacon actually. Haven't had it much, but from what I've had, I'm not fond of it. Nor am I of cold cut ham- the holiday dinner kind is fine. Pork tenderloin or BBQ is the best way to have swine. I think overall I'm more of a beefeater. I've also been reading The Jungle for school recently. It's free online, take a gander over a few chapters. It's muckraking propaganda for a good cause, sans the Socialist endorsement, but it is terrible as literature- the main family is just way too gullible and the events a little too dramatized.
  14. General JRPG Topic

    I felt Van was supposed to have ties with the main party, but they just weren't felt. As for Yggdrasil From my limited Tales experiences, ToX had perhaps the best villain so far, not necessarily great, but certainly likable and not too unsound.
  15. Rate the video game song above

    The final battle theme, not bad it was as I chopped through it today. Slight "soft" Latin element to it with the guitar, not crazy epic, but I do like refined elegance, and that it has in the spades. Not sure how much I paid attention to it in the final battle though- just that usual "lost in the moment" deal. 9/10 I'm feeling in this moment. Less subjectively and more removed from this moment, I would say at least an 8, maybe still a 9 if I was musically trained enough to determine that the composition was technically sound. It does to me, but again, I don't know anything. And now for something completely different (I'm not a Monty Python fan in the slightest, nor a Jpop one) The Labyrinth, from Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE: