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  1. New Tempest Trials Mini: Shrouded by the Storm!

    I can no longer edit the above post because I made it so big, but ignore that part about using Phantoms since its and just read the spoilered stuff for those who want an explanation of the trick. I was stupid for not just doing that. I thought so, since I used the trick once myself. It's good if you want to grind in Valni without wasting Gold doing so. Beyond Tethys (just turn off her animations and that'll be fixed), the trick does little to no harm. Although I do recall bringing Stone to the Link Arena once, and after getting Stone and killed or something, Gilliam said his death quote, which is weird since characters don't do that in Link Arena battles normally, but I don't remember much else from the one time that happened. And Nils would be adorable with Excalibur since you've put the thought in my head. And Ninian obviously deserves Fimbulvetr.
  2. New Tempest Trials Mini: Shrouded by the Storm!

    The wrongly named "Mine Trick"- after the control enemies glitch using a Mine item in FE7. Put a Phantom on a former broken wall or snag tile and let them die. As they die, reset the game. When you start up again, you'll be able to control the enemies. Anyone can use the monster exclusive Dark Magics like Evil Eye since it has no weapon rank associated. Stone, obtainable from Gorgons and Gorgon Eggs in Neleras Peak, give WEXP, which means if a PC uses two Stone tomes in full, they'll gain a Dark Magic rank and can use Flux and the rest of the human stuff. Animations for a non-magic user won't work if they attack with glitched magic though, and with Tethys animations might freeze the game from what I remember. Myrrh can use monster weapons like Hellfang, Sharp Talons, and even Wretched Air too. Explanation here:
  3. New Tempest Trials Mini: Shrouded by the Storm!

    They are doing that right now with Micaiah and her bodyguards. The female pool of additions is smaller than the male, so outside of seasonals, factoring in their overuse of females so far, male slanted banners might be getting more common. Also, I'm not big on Marisa. I'd attribute much of her popularity to being a cute looking female with a sword. Change her sex, and she'd sink like a rock. I just minutes ago reread her supports after eons, and my bile for her has been tempered. I wouldn't say she is Mia bad, and I'm willing to forgive a stoic character for being stoic more than a perky one for being monotone (aka I don't forgive Mia), but personally she isn't amazing. She was raised by a hard-knock father who only trained her to fight and nothing else, so she is stoic, though not actively hating others. Her supports were better than I remembered, but not particularly amazing, just average-ish overall. Of course not everyone need appreciate everyone deeply, not even I do, having shallow loves is fine, and so is thinking characters are deeper than others would say they are. Anyone can use Dark Magic in FE8, if Tethys gets it, then I demand a Demon Surge Eirika. And a Demon Light Amelia. Just who oh who is the reward going to be? Eirika and Lyon already exist. I'm at a loss as to who. But I don't think they'll pick anyone bad. "Um, could I borrow all your Orbs for a minute? Please? I'm not going to do anything to them, I just have this one disease, and Orbs are the only thing that will treat it." Options: Give all your Orbs. Give all your Orbs. You are too sweet to choose otherwise. Well "I will multiply you" is quite funny a mistake so at least you succeeded in failure. Made me think of Gaiden Mogalls (fun memories), and procreation.
  4. Who is the most powerful dragon boss (lore-wise)?

    Not correct. Dragonskin halves damage. The Book of Loptyr halves Attack. If I have 50 Attack and the enemy has 30 Defense and the enemy has Dragonskin, I'm dealing (50-30)/2 damage, or 10. If I'm fighting the same enemy with the Book of Loptyr, its 50/2 -30, which equals 0 since 50/2 is 25. The Loptyr effect is much stronger than Dragonskin, but I think the reason they abandoned Attack halving is because it is too strong and makes the player too reliant on the special weapon to kill the final boss. Medeus in FE3 also had Atk halving.
  5. Choose Your Legends: Round 2 - Jan 21 - 28! Who will YOU vote for?

    Camus's nickname is Black Knight (or Dark Knight- either works). The fan translation here on SF for Mystery calls Camus this. Now for Shadow Dragon, since Tellius was just past, they presumably didn't want in the English version to use the same nickname twice, so they changed it to "Camus the Sable" or Sable Knight Camus. Sable is a shade of black, so the meaning is the same, the wording is just a little different. Camus is thus the original Black Knight. Ares also bears the title Black Knight- he even calls himself this when you converse with his Einherjar on Awakening's world map if you summon him. The FE4 Ares profile sprite is almost identical to his father Eldigan's, so I was joking with saying Ares deserves to power creep himself, because he and his father look like the same person (and thus that Ares deserves to be much better than Eldigan). And it is because Jugdral has a Black Knight that we likely got a Telliusian Black Knight. Since Jugdral is the ancestor PoR was channeling, just as Magvel channeled Gaiden and Elibe Archanea. Well Dark Emperor Hardin will give us an Armor Gradivus at least. And they could always put Renewal in a Gradivus! A sweet little cherry on top it would be.
  6. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Like Raven before him, once Gerik promotes in SS, he actually ends up being an Axe user first and foremost, for 1-2 with Hand Axes mostly. Gerik actually gained two Con in the international version, so with the additional +2 of Hero gives him 15! That can handle a Steel Axe without AS loss. His bases are very solid, and his growths keep him awesome with no issues anywhere (60 HP, 25 Str, 26-27 Skl, 23-24 Spd, 16-17 Lck, 22 Def, 13 Res on average at 20/20- flawless, absolutely flawless). Yeah, Gerik is one of my SS favorites as well. L'Arachel is good too, and if I had to pick a third, well Myrrh for gameplay would be good. But I'd be fine with a lot of SS's cast for that slot.
  7. Choose Your Legends: Round 2 - Jan 21 - 28! Who will YOU vote for?

    If the most recent incarnation of a Black Knight power creeped himself, then the original BK deserves the same, it is only fitting. Which begs the question- when is Ares coming? I rest my case.
  8. Choose Your Legends: Round 2 - Jan 21 - 28! Who will YOU vote for?

    We need Sirius Feinschmecker first. Ideally with Gradivus.
  9. Don't Count the Mods Out

  10. FE16 "leaks"

    Please oh please oh please oh please do not contaminate Tellius with the filthy world of Fates! That. Is. It! Caineghis, summon the your nephew at once! Elincia send Geoffrey to lead the vanguard NOW! Micaiah, start predicting! Tibarn rain down upon the Nohrians! Naesala, work your way into Hoshido and destroy it with treachery! The Begnion Central Army will follow all of you led by Zelgius! Ike and the GMs will bring me Corrin's ugly head! Ashunera- neutralize Anankos and make statues out of everyone else! Ahistorical people and places have no true right to the world of living! They shall all be annihilated and their remnants left to the historical and real! *Cough, cough, cough* Sorry, the idea of the poorly built world of Fates, and quite possibly the very best built world coexisting in the same, is a little irksome to me. I in no way cast judgement upon the people of Nohr or Hoshido. Whatever the next FE is, I'm probably going to skip watching any trailer and just buy the game when it releases, no hype is better for me.
  11. Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition

    I get what you're saying here. Insofar I learned her, all of her C2-C5 can each flow into her C1 triple hit "Giant Butterfly Regular String Combo" once the foe is airborne, which you then frequently will follow up with a Strong Attack butterfly slam since the timer on the butterfly will be nearing empty after one full combo. This is the heart of Agitha's play style. The C2 takes the shortest time to use, but is the trickiest to C1 off of; it is also great for Officer juggling and I think it's a near/true infinite. The C3 is okay crowd clearing, takes not too long to perform, and packs a good bit of damage. The C4 is the easiest to follow with the Butterfly, but take a little longer to execute and lacks any use outside of the Butterfly. The C5 has power, okay crowd clearing, and is possibly easier to Butterfly off of than the C3, but takes the longest to execute. Agitha is a bit slow, her attacks aren't therefore the safest. Her crowd clearing isn't that great, and her Giant Boss potential is average. Though on crowds, Agitha massively benefits if an Officer easy to WPS off of is present amid the peons, because she gets one of the best WPSs in the game, with gigantic crowd wiping and solid power. And I think Agitha is easier to learn than the Dominion Rod, as any moveset that requires consciously managing a second object- Rosalina and Ice Climbers in Smash for instance- probably has a naturally high learning curve.
  12. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Vigarde had Spear as his weapon in SS, with an S Lance rank. But being that the Sacred Twins are called what they are, if Lyon got Gleipnir, then him getting Garm is likely. Whenever Vigarde comes, who will be retroactively brought from pre-death to make him actually have a personality and not just a puppet, I'd look forward to it. As a boss Vigarde is actually rather intimidating in SS, yes that is highly handicapped by him not moving, but 14 Crit and good stats make Ephraim alone 100% safe on him. Hope he'd get a good spread. Also, Vigarde is sexy. I don't mean to be necrophilic, but that flowing light lavender hair with that beautiful facial hair on a stern but not angry face- it's perfect! He's a DDILF. Like father like son, the hair and face are magnificent, and their attires, are subdued but beautiful. Why couldn't SoV Rudolph learn from him? He's an anti-DILF.
  13. Don't Count the Mods Out

    She was a fairly good character. And Radiant Historia was a fairly good game. Could've had more (I'd want more Diaz and his companion whose name I forget), but overall in spite of whatever faults it's a good game, one of the best original DS JRPGs. I did love the double narratives since Standard and Alternate History had different foes and different feels to them. I wonder what that 3DS port is adding, besides questionable new artwork. 175
  14. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Ya know I've been hopelessly wishing for them to give the choice between OC art and the freelance new stuff, except now I see how out of place that would be. Given my love of SMT, I would have thought it'd work out better. Maybe I'd get used to it. Worry not, Lord Iceifer (do not call them Lucifroz!) is a lenient master.
  15. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    The Kingdom of Naga belongs only to the chaste, you shall suffer for eternity for your indulgence of such base desire.