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  1. SF Interviews 2.0 - Soulweaver

    Shin Megami Tensei's version (well one version, another looks very different) of the mythological Queen of the Fairies- Titania.
  2. Count Until Mods Post! Current Count: 69

  3. Count Until Mods Post! Current Count: 69

  4. How do you kill an Earth/Divine Dragon?

    Well it all depends how deep Xane's shapeshifting goes.
  5. Valentia Accordion Translation Project Thread

    Actually, what the game says is: This dirge must be a Galdar. We have one of Rebirth. One of Sleep, of one Release. We have Bliss and we have Sorrow. So if Rebirth heals and Galdars seem to have opposites, then a "Galdar of Ruin", of massive destruction, may exist. Because destruction is chaotic and the Herons are inherently peaceful, the dirge is forbidden. The altar must just be a great place for using magic for some reason.
  6. We're far from the forest, right?

    Something like this? 🧜‍♂️ Actually, it is possible the entirety of FE outside of Tellius takes place underwater and we just don't notice it because the kind of water is so much like air? Or what if we actually had mermaids in FE? Sain: Oh beautiful maiden of the sea! Would allow me to swim with thee? Undine: I prefer men with scales. Sain: Ouch. You sunk my battleship! ...Maybe not then.
  7. Best and worse skills in the games ?

    Best: Wary Fighter- Generals have always wanted this, shame it took so long. Adept- The simplest proc skill, but a good one. This a personal favorite. Well Lancebreaker would be amazing on Ryoma, and Death Blow has a use on Kumagera, but otherwise it is bad. I'd also say Spendthrift and Profiteer are bad, since you can't choose when to activate them and they rely on mostly luck-obtained gold bars.
  8. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    A spoonful of sugar. If Mary Poppins had an evil sister, would she give a spoonful of cinnamon?
  9. YOU WONT BELIEVE who the next legendary hero is

    Nope. It's Legendary Aimee. Staffs, items and specialty good- she is the ultimate utility unit. On foot that is. Legendary Merlinus (Horse Version) is the ultimate Cav utility. Tent Merlinus is the ultimate Armor utility. And Legendary Deliveryman Haar is the ultimately flying utility unit.
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  11. Valentia Accordion Translation Project Thread

    Except the Medallion was always in Serenes it seems, and Yune is only referring to Herons, so she couldn't hear things that far away I think. I could buy pre-Awakening Naga strong than Dheginsea. Gameplay-wise a blessed Wyrmslayer is strong on him (why no Nullify built into Mantle?), and Falchion is a super Wyrmslayer. Naga also has great magical wisdom, something Dheg seems to lack outside of that one AoE attack, his blessings are goddess-sent. Well leaving a man like Validar to rule Plegia wasn't exactly for the best. A benevolent occupation of Plegia where Ylissean aid poured in until stability was returned with a reasonable good-natured Plegian monarch might have been the best choice. During this, you selectively and carefully eradicate the Grimleal. As is, Ylisse just abandons the country when the war with Gangrel is over and the Grimleal profit from it. Valm and Ylisse should have standardized trade over the continents. Maybe do some mercenary work to earn enough money to pay for a voyage and then check out the Gemstones over there. At the least, Tiki might have been willing to hand over Azure. And being able to just monitor the Gemstones and ensure their safety and acquiring when the time comes would have been better than nothing. If only they had worked together as a group offscreen in the shadows doing things, like Gemstone or Grimleal monitoring.
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    313 Sniper
  13. Valentia Accordion Translation Project Thread

    I was being a bit too bitter there I admit. Actually, I went to find the lines and all I could find was this: Music, someone to comfort her, that is all she had. She did not necessarily speak to the Apostles. Ashera could have dictated messages from on high to the Apostles below who could receive her word, but not partake of the world itself. Yune never claims to have spoken with all the Apostles. I meant before Awakening existed, not before it chronologically. Before Awakening existed, Naga was the Divine Dragon leader, she led dragonkind through prosperity and decline, and helped humanity in two continents and made some powerful objects, a very strong mortal, but that was the end of it. She died and never reincarnated (and Nagi in itself wasn't a bad idea). She had nothing to do with Valentia, because that connection was not made until SoV, she had nothing to do with time-space travel. And does it make sense Lucina did not say to Chrom "eradicate the Grimleal at all costs, collect the Gemstones just in case, Robin is the blood of Grima, and Walhart is going to attack us"? Even if Lucina never saw Robin become Grima and didn't know it, shouldn't the much-knowing Naga have known and told her? That the other kids did absolutely nothing? Every plot has its issues. Nergal had like five chances to win, but missed them all. Anankos had untold numbers of chances. Julius as many if not more. Medeus just lets Marth waltz to the door of Dolhr in FE1, Gharnef is even worse. Zephiel and Ashnard might be some of the only biggest bads who don't make many glaring issues. I don't mind Caineghis surviving the blast being a Laguz King, nor the main group of heroes, I can understand the criticism of Bastian and Tormod though. Tormod was poorly handled and Bastian and Izuka just had to be crammed in somewhere, but wasn't exactly the best way.
  14. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Birthright does have the Venge Katana/Naginata/Club, which had doubled Mt on the enemy phase. Not very useful, and they required an A rank to use. Not as as good as EP Brave effect, but they could bring them in. I hope the next New Heroes Banner doesn't have people I want. I asked for another ban from this site until sometime in May. I've.... slipped terribly. I need to write ~25 pages in the next 18 days. It didn't have to be this way, I just never asked for IRL help against flight into this dark playground I call SF at all in the past few months. I can do it, but I hate myself for this. And I have only myself to blame. No pity needed, nor deserved. As I type this, looking at this site, I've trembled with the dependency shake of an addict for the past days. I've have slept uneasy, thinking you did NOTHING today, NOTHING! You will burn for this! But I love SF, and when the crisis is past, will return. I commend all with greater discipline, and offer myself as a warning to those who descend the same terrible way.
  15. Valentia Accordion Translation Project Thread

    Ashera was tucked away in a giant magical tower, Yune was in a little medallion. Ashera I guess could have accrued a massive reserve of strength via it. And we don't actually know who spoke to all the Apostles. We know Yune spoke with Micaiah, but we don't know about everyone else. It could have been Ashera with her being inside the Tower of Guidance which is in Sienne, where the Apostles resided. The nature of the Goddesses being a bit strange is addressed in the Japanese Extended Script: Again I'll ask, what alternative would you have preferred? No hostility in this question. Death to the Outrealms, death to mythological powercreep because its more epic. If Tellius got a remake, either Ashunera will kowtow to Naga *spits on her feet*, or Ashunera will gain the same and equalize the playing field. Naga pre-Awakening was less than Ashera and Yune, much less. A mortal she was, just a really strong mortal. I doubt that. Petrification as a status does not exist in FE4. Stone came into being only with FE5.