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  1. First, double posting is a no unless it's a glitch (there's been a problem with that recently). Although I do understand that you did it probably because you can't add a new quoting to an edit. The DB crew individually varies vs. the Greil Mercenaries and whatnot. Mia, Edward, and Zihark all end up being pretty similar (and awesome) in the long run. Nolan is faster than Boyd, though not as strong. Leonardo is inferior to Shinon and Rolf, but his personal bow Lughnasdh gives a valuable Speed boost that compensates for one of his weaknesses. Fiona takes an investment the size of China's GDP, but she can compete with Oscar and Titania with it. Jill can outdo Haar at the very end of the game with her speed lead. Generally, anyone in this game can turn out well. BEXP levelups always rewarding 3 stat ups means if someone caps a stat or two that they generally gain a lot in, you can then use BEXP to get them points in stats they don't generally get much of. Some characters need more babying/resources than others, and the DB is particularly needy. But if you want to use them for endgame, just pick 2-4 units you like/that turn out well during Part 1 (you can use more on Easy), and then try to feed them as much experience as you can during Daein's trio of Part 3 chapters (use Beastfoe and Paragon to help). After that, they have two choices for prepping for Part 4 Final- Ike's Team, or Tibarn's and Elincia's. If they're kinda strong, but not quite at the power level you desire, Ike's second Part 4 chapter can be a smorgasbord of experience for them. If they're still on the weaker side though, send them to Tibarn's army and let Izuka spam Laguz reinforcements and feed your DB members them- Beastfoe, Birdfoe (buyable for 1000G in the shop that chapter), Dragonfoe, and Paragon can all help. They should be capable and ready for endgame after this.
  2. FE6, being the first of the GBA FEs, is the crudest of them all in gameplay. FEs 7 and 8 corrected some of the issues of FE6 and tweaked it, in the same way Advance Wars: Black Hole Rising, fixed up some of the original Advance Wars's issues. The spirit of FE4 could be totally maintained with the inclusion of FE6-10 Rescue, that plus an extra point of move on everyone (or at least the foot units), would be a major help. More side objectives or enemies between castle could help too I guess. I played the Turn-Based Strategy game Steamworld Heist and in that game, if you move to any space within your orange movement range, you can perform actions afterwards. However, you also have a blue movement range- sprinting- which lets you move twice as far, but you can't perform actions afterwards. Maybe this is what FE4 needs to fix the polarizing map issue?
  3. Yeah it isn't too difficult sans pair up on Classic Hard, my Einherjar-only playthrough showed me that. Harder, less soloing the on the enemy phase, but not too bad.
  4. From the looks of the custom character species traits. If you're a true Sonic pro, only Bird and Bear matter for you. Getting hit/killed is for the less experienced. Wolf may have some utility if you really need to collect rings for some reason. If non Bird/Bear characters lack a double jump and or homing attack completely, then this may seriously affect level design. BB might break stages at certain points, or their abilities might be very weak and very unneeded. It'll take conscious effort to avoid either extreme.
  5. All lords keep hope dear in their hearts, despite anything which may push them towards total despair. (Can we have somebody who actually submits to their despair? They can jump out of it later and save the day at the last minute. I'm just asking for one who cuts a deal with the big bad/runs aways from it all/wallows in grief without regard to their true duty, for some time, with some consequences (killing off a nice NPC guy and some allied peons/a village or two will suffice)). As for most pessimistic, Micaiah is the one who comes closest to absolute despair, though her situation only gets this way because of how RD's plot works out, and not because of anything innate to her. Late Part 3 pits one lord against another, and because IS made it so the two sides had to fight, somebody (at least for some time) had to lose. And in Ike vs. Micaiah, the demands of the plot and realism (1 kingdom vs. ~3) forced Micaiah to be the victim. And the sense one gets is that Ike and the Laguz tore through Daein's army like they were devouring plates of spicy chicken wings in the mess hall. Lucina is in the gray zone as far as being a lord goes, but if she counts she would probably be considered even closer to despair. Her world was destroyed, unlike the rest of the lords, she knows that it is totally possible for things to end 100% mega super terribly badly.
  6. In terms of maxed out potential, the kids will exceed their parents. If you're into min-maxing and the rather minor multiplayer experience Fates has, then you'll be focusing on the kids. Sans grinding your way to the Moon and back (which isn't necessary to beat the game), they will be inferior to their parents, unless their parents are mediocre already. There was a recent topic about this. That said, many of them can still be useful if recruited late (when they get an Offspring Seal), even if they are worse than parents. Children only first appeared in FE4, where you absolutely had to use them. Children reappeared in Awakening, and then due to their popularity, Fates. In neither Fates nor Awakening are kids needed, they're totally optional. In fact I only once bothered to recruit any kids in Awakening, and in Fates I make due without them most of the time.
  7. The general advice for Dragonshields is to give them to units who already have decent Defense, instead of fragile ones. +2 Def is much less likely to help Raigh (to use a unit you've already mentioned) survive another hit, than it would Milady for example. If you throw Milady into a pack of four physical enemies (reasonable) which will hurt her and all hit, the Dragonshield will have reduced the damage she took by 8 points. Which means she could probably take yet another average enemy grunt's hit. Talismans are the same as Dragonshields, except for magical attacks. Unfortunately, units with moderate Resistance are rare in FE6; and Pure Waters and Barriers aren't that commonly available either. While Angelic Robes work equally well on durable and frail units, that Dragonshield are better for higher Def units means they should be your go to stat booster for helping mages, healers, and low defense physical units live. Goddess Icons should either go to: One, units with low Luck and see visible critical rates from normal enemies- as in those who aren't using Killer weapons or have innate critical bonuses- Raigh would be a such a case, Milady too, but she is pretty bulky and won't mind a critical from a random Steel Lance critical from a Cavalier or something if you don't play too close to the edge. About 10 Luck is enough. Or two, those who have high Speed and rely on dodging to survive- Sue and Swordmasters for instance. Secret Books are those with hitting issues, simple enough. You can use Goddess Icons to fix hitting issues too, and while they're half as effective as Secret Books for increasing hit, if you don't have any other use for them, you can use them on this. Everybody likes an Energy Ring, but when used on a unit who doubles a lot vs. one who doesn't, you get effectively a +4 damage boost vs. a +2 damage boost. Everyone likes Boots too, use them on anyone your heart desires. Note that C16 has a Secret Shop that sells infinite Angelic Robes. And the C21 Secret Shop sells all stat boosters in infinite quantities. Buy some for your favorite characters if you want, just don't run out of money for weapons.
  8. Level 20 Averages: Chad: HP 32.15 Str 12.5 Skl 12.5 Spd 20 Lck 15.4 Def 6.75 Res 2.85 Astolfo: HP 34 Str 10.5 Skl 12 Spd 20 Lck 12.5 Def 9 Res 5 Chad is slightly better at dodging, and better at hurting things. But both thieves are weak fighters, and their primary use is stats-free stealing and lockpicking anyhow. Astolfo's concrete durability leads are small too, but they are still more important for thieves than attacking. Not to mention that Astolfo starts at level 10 and Chad 1, Chad needs a lot more training to be marginally better offensively. Not worth it. That said, Chad does snag you some good stuff in the chapters before Astolfo joins. Plus FE6 has chest bloat (as in treasure chests) seeing how enemies don't drop stuff for some reason. So in many cases you may consider fielding two thieves instead of one to speed things up. In which case, Cath is the crappiest, and since Chad and Astolfo are the only other two, you'll therefore be fielding both.
  9. Coming off Xenoblade Chronicles X, seeing FE in full HD glory would be great. Though I'm open to an aesthetic that isn't overly realistic as well.
  10. I know I'm late to the party, but I just completed Chapter 12 of Xenoblade Chronicles X today. The fights were cake, mostly because I did some grinding and spent all my funds on one of every Medium and Heavy level 50 Skell. Plus some of those Fuel consumables I loaded up on from the Division Rewards let me maintain Skell use into the final phase, breaking it with Meteors and Busters. But a year and a half after getting the game, I just wanted the story done at last. Now I can play with builds not Longsword-Assault Rifle and casually complete all the quest lines, affinity quests, heart-to-hearts, recruit Mia, and tackle the Global Nemesis. Although I though Lin and Tatsu were too prevalent, and the villains were generic, I felt the feel of the plot and the world was good. The Avatar was handled decently (they weren't overly special or praised to high heaven), barring the strange lack of choice on that one C11 moment. Elma was the real main character and was handled pretty well, but the plot wouldn't work if the player could see inside her head from the get go. Here are my speculations by the way- (Xenogears and Xenoblade Chronicles spoilers) Now I get to my topic question. I've never played any other MMORPG before, so I don't know how they handle sequels set in the same world (not expansions- I don't think it'd work here). But Xenoblade Chronicles X begs for a sequel at the very end. So I'm wondering, since humanity probably won't be leaving Mira in a sequel, and the planet seems completely explored and is no longer exotic to the player at least, how would a sequel work from a gameplay perspective? How could a fresh MMORPG experience be maintained?
  11. She's +4 Strength over her average, +2/3 on Skill, -1 on Speed and Resistance. Everything else is where it should be. That is very good! Rath would be proud! Milady's Speed is +2/3 over her average, and Raigh is +1 his average. Provided the rest of their stats are doing well, use them both too. Sue's 6 Con promoted means she can use Steels Bows (and Murgleis) at -3 Attack Speed, Longbows at -4, and the Brave Bow at -6. But Silvers and Irons are fine for her, and Killers are a mere -1 AS. With her naturally high speed, she should be fine. Milady is a similar case with Lances and her 10 promoted Con, -3 from Steels and the Horseslayer, -1 from Javelins, Axereavers, and Maltet, and -4 from the Brave Lance. Raigh's 5 promoted Con means no AS loss from Flux, -1 from Nosferatu, and -7 from Apocalypse. Eclipse is -4, but when are you using that? Raigh would prefer a Speedwing I think. Sue or Milady can get the Body Ring, but Sue should be so fast that barring Sacaen Swordmasters and Nomad Troopers, I'm not sure if there will be anything she can't double with a Killer or Iron- the two bows you'll probably be using most. Milady is also likely to hit her Speed cap, but it's much lower and a Speedwing will do nothing to fix this. So for the Body Ring, I'd give it to Milady, unless you want her to rescue heavy units, or desperately need Sue to double with a heavier weapon. Raigh is not in the competition at all.
  12. I've heard of a FE4 hack that does just this. It lets minor holy blood characters to use their associated holy weapon, but with the stat boosts they offer major blood characters halved.
  13. Video

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  14. A non-aggression pact: Hoshido no hurt Nohr, Nohr no hurt Corrin. Corrin symbolized a tense peace between two belligerent nations. Once they were tossed up in the air and for either nation to grab, the peace was torn to shreds. Hoshido began it's war against long endured injustices and sought to reclaim its lost child as well; whilst Nohr celebrated freedom from caring for dressing up a Hoshidan mongrel and reveled in being able to indulge its primal hunger for glory and conquest once more. Of course I think IS probably, and sadly, literally meant the explody sword thing here.
  15. The Last Story is an RPG that restricted its world to one city on an island for the most part. The story had some world-saving aspects, but it was focused more on the individual characters. The end result? Nothing incredibly amazing I will say. The Suikoden series tried small scale too, to some success, but it could at times be weighed down by things it didn't need (Neclord). I'd be totally interested in a smaller scale FE, but I'll admit that would not be a cureall. Good writing is good writing, bad writing is bad writing. A history of global trade across the millennia can be as nuanced and thrilling, or as illogical and dull, as a history of cloth production in a small medieval English town from 1238-1248 can be. Fates technically was small scale. Only two major countries involved, with some smaller powers tossed in. There was the potential to make everything centered on these kingdoms and a bunch of their royalty. Yet the plot we got despite this small scale was Fire Emblem: Dragon Song (to reference the game that killed the once-great Lunar RPG franchise). My general assertion is that RD had good writing until 3-11/12 brings in the Blood Pact. And if you look at things closely, Parts 1, 2, and 3, up until Daein entered the picture a second time, were generally small scale. Part 1 was wholly contained in Daein, Part 2 was even smaller scale in that there was no foreign foe. Early Part 3 is just two Laguz nations vs. Begnion with the GMs tossed in. (And just to defend some of the latter writing and not condemn it wholesale, Part 4 did well with most of its revelations and individual conflicts, if not all of them, and not to excuse certain elements and pieces of the writings and other faults.) Also, Tellius does cut some corners by leaving the laguz nations, half the continent, free from being battlefields and leaving the countries as a whole a bit undercooked. Jugdral, the other greatly developed macrocosmic FE game, did so partly via artbooks and other things not directly in the game. Plus it leaves the half of the continent not in each generation. Elibe, I'm not sure what I'd say of it. But I will say Lycia in FE7 didn't get great additional development, in spite of being at the center of the plot and most of the other countries being left unvisited.