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  1. I'm hungry for something that'll lift my spirits during the desert chapter- one Naesalad please! (Naesala to put it in fewer words.)
  2. I don't think multiple Major Holy Bloods is actually possible (barring a hypothetical superhuman project where you transfuse others' Holy Bloods into one person). I'm inclined to think that one can only have 2 Holy Bloods- one Major and one Minor (or both Minor) tops, maybe 3 Minors. The two blood restriction ingame might be a gameplay mechanic, but I do think Julia and Seliph didn't inherit Loptyr blood at all. Now that superhuman project idea- sounds like a bad fanfict, but maybe it has potential.
  3. Doing some Badge lookups, Power Plus P (which is very unviable at a 6 BP cost, but I want to get it out of the way) can be obtain in Glitzville and Rogueport Sewers via Star Piece exchanging. P-Up D-Down P is even worse, not until the Palace of Shadows is it obtainable. On the plus side, Charge P is available as early Glitzville. And if we're willing to manipulate Yoshi's HP ahead of time, we can use Quick Change on top of Power Rush P (buyable at the Pianta Parlor and the Lovely House of Mowz) and Mega Rush P (obtained in Petalburg) to boost Yoshi's damage by 7 (if I'm doing my math right). For a level 3 perfectly executed Ground Pound/Stampede, this means it deals 8-7-6-5-4-3 damage (33 total) on a 0 Defense enemy, 21 total on a 2 Defense enemy. At Super Rank (which we'll be putting up with for a while), it's 8-7-6-5-4 for 25 damage on a 0 Def and 13 on a 2 Def. It'll be a chore to set up at 9 BP cost (but Quick Change by itself is generally worth it, though on a tier list I'm not sure if it should be brought up, because it basically reduces all the Partners to a single unit) and the HP manipulation, but you can do all of this as soon as Yoshi joins. If we exclude Quick Change, then things get more complicated, as Yoshi can't be out when there are enemies with AoE or who can bypass Mario, who has to tank in such a scenario to keep Peril Yoshi safe (though we might be able to kill the dangerous enemies first).
  4. I've been waiting for this data. Finally, it arrives! And I think'll splurge and buy the Cipher characters after all. My immediate analysis: And assuming the maps you need to unlock the Cipher 4 really are early Act 3 difficulty, then this makes the characters even better. As early Act 3 is kinda nasty, so having characters with strong starting stats by Act 3 standards to ease the challenge- even if you plan to drop them later on, is quite the boon.
  5. Nephenee is the transfer from a small rural town. Leanne is the foreign exchange student. Canas is the really nerdy professor who happens to be a pushover, and it'd be interesting having him interact with Niime (senior faculty member who rarely teaches and mostly engages in independent research) and Hugh. Shinon is the professor everyone hates and who is intentionally provocative, but his outspoken nature draws students into taking his classes- even though he's a tough grader. Pent on the other hand is the professor whom everyone loves and who girls find very attractive despite being in his forties. Calill's reputation is similar to Pent's, albeit the boys are a good bit less into her than the girls Pent. Ellerean is the jealous/envious student who occasionally resorts to underhanded means to undermine his rivals. Heather, Leon, and Kyza (plus maybe the custodian Devdan, and Rhajat, Niles, Soleil, and Forrest) form the school's LGBTQ society. Iago uses his tenure status and place on the Board of Education to conceal his verbal and academic abusing of students who he dislikes for whatever reason no matter how petty it is. Lilith becomes the mascot character for the secret group who fights supernatural psychoanalytical threats in their free time. Members include Takumi (insecurity issues) and Tine (physical and psychological abuse by auntie Hilda and an inability to get over her mother's death).
  6. Bow over Lakilester. Although Spike has AoE (a weak one IRRC) and can actually damage foes with defense, Bow's Outta Sight still has more uses than he ever will. Whether Yoshi is better than Koops is debatable I think. Koops can attack enemies with defense, spikes, and on fire without spending FP, unlike Yoshi. But Yoshi does can attack airborne foes, and given a large investment, Yoshi can deal some the highest partner damage outside of Multbonk Goombella. Either way, both certainly beat out Ms. Mowz (who'd be a bit better if Smooch was more FP efficient).
  7. You hacked Celica the Beloved Zofia, but didn't have her use Ragnarok Ω? And why no Falchion or Regal Sword for Alm? Not bad for laughs- seeing the kids crit is cute.
  8. Reminds me of Super Robot Taisen Original Generation. The first game has the Divine Crusaders- the main villain for most of the game- is led by a guy named Bian Zoldark who leaves openings in his plans with the hope that someone will take advantage of them. His basic goal- prepare and unite humanity before the Aerogater aliens invade Earth. If someone stronger than him and the DC should emerge- they'll be entrusted with the future of humankind. However, if no such contender arises, he'll push on and do the uniting and defending himself. While a few members share wholeheartedly Bian's idealism and goals, there are those who don't get the "if someone should be stronger than us in a fair fight, we submit", and there are others still who just want to conquer and kill (which is what the DC devolves into once Bian dies).
  9. I see them selling the Issach Campaign as DLC in the vein of Rise of the Deliverance and Hidden Truths. Ideally they'd give us playable battles from both Byron/Grannvale's side, and the Maricle/Issach side. I wrote up my own scenario of how that'd go down, and a brief take on the Rivough issue. The Rivough issue ends in my version with the King of Rivough fleeing into Yied with his son to escape capture by Manaan's forces. Issach won't be satisfied until King Rivough's head is theirs, and thus brings troops into the desert, which get close enough to Darna for Manfroy to fabricate the incident which leads to the Issach Campaign.
  10. Micaiah: Sacrifice (duh), Janaff and Ulki already have personals too (Elincia does as well, but having Mercy permanently a part of her would be bad). Although Volug and Shinon aren't the only ones able to use Halfshift and Provoke, I consider these their personals because they suit their personalities so well. Jaffar: Angel of Death- increases Silencer's activation rate by 6% (halved vs. non-final bosses). Duessel: Obsidian- when HP falls below half, increases Lck, Def, and Res by 4. I know obsidian is a fragile rock that breaks easy, but I don't think IS does. It's a defensive and nerfed version of Resolve. Shinon: I'll give him another. Taunt- for 1 turn, decreases the Def of all enemies within 2 spaces by 3 points, but increases their Str and Mag by 6. Haar: Sleeper- regenerates 7 HP and cures status at the start of the player phase if there are no units within 3 spaces of him. Naesala: Vortex- command- a magic attack with the same statistics as Tornado (Elwind is too weak vs. Naesala's Talon), plus a load Crit to compensate for lack of Tear activating abilities. I dislike that RD took this interesting little skill from him, he'd need his Magic stat buffed to make it viable though. Giffca: King's Shadow- increases Hit, Avoid, Crit and Dodge by 5% when within three spaces of Caineghis. Will also take hits which would kill Caineghis if adjacent to him. Caineghis: King among Red Lions- can walk on water. Stefan: Latent Blood- chance equal to Luck of increasing Strength by 10 for a given hit. Pelleas: Spirit Charmer- command- sacrifices HP equal to the equipped tome's base Might and adds it to Atk (if Pelleas doubles, HP will be consumed for both attacks).
  11. Plus I think China had kings during some of its earlier dynasties, which are generally considered empires. Not European so it doesn't count? Fine, the Roman Empire- Herod the Great, a devout minion of the Romans and King of the Jews. Emperor is a greater title than King, King serves Emperor (or Empress in Naga's case), simple.
  12. I generally disagree with the later assertion. As for gameplay, she isn't that bad, better than Roy for sure. Healing in Part 3 and Part 4 is nice (her being forced guarantees you at least 1 healer for 4 Final), and Thani gives her a decent chip. She is fragile- but she's a mage, that is to be expected. Her Speed I admit is something which could be better and holds back her offensive potential. Celica was a stronger magic lord, but she was from the get go a hybrid unit (albeit one you'd use magic with much more often than not). As for you @Carter, if you need any advice, go ahead and ask. What difficulty are you on by the way? Easy should be cake, so use whoever you want, anyone can be made to work. Normal and Hard are trickier, but you can still use some favorites at the very end thanks to a chapter that is loaded with EXP.
  13. Once more Mordecai.
  14. Perhaps a little blame belongs on the game have two protagonists with separate stories- tracing the development of a weak Deliverance would require a fair bit of time to accomplish. It'd start with a disorganized and ineffective Deliverance numerous generic members who are whining "War is a chore." and "Why do we have to fight? Mila will save us eventually". Over time, this organization gradually grows in strength and with the liberation of Southwest Zofia convinces Zofians that they should stop begging for Mila help and take their their lives and fates into their own hands. Acts 3 and 4 for Alm would be him pushing more and more the Rigelian emphasis on struggle and fighting onto the Zofians, possibly beyond the degree which they, and normal people, should be able to handle. If Alm is special, might as well make it into a flaw by having him not realize his immense power/merit isn't shared by all and therefore his strength-based approach is problematic. That'd be one way of reconciling her gameplay trouncing of countless foes, and distrust in her own strength in preference to that of Mila. I recall Grieth's last words as being something like "Another me is certain to spring up sooner or later". China did treat bandits sometimes as a force of nature rather than human beings- and humans can't kill nature- hence the Great Wall projects (you can't kill it, so you block it out). If Celica treated bandits and assassins as a force of nature (Terrors certainly are), then she would reasonably assume there is nothing she a mortal can do- only a goddess like Mila has the power necessary to combat nature. Therefore, solving the problems of Valentia demands Mila's return at all costs. Another way of reconciliation would be to add a line or two wherein she states her strength is wholly the fruit of her faith in Mila. Without that faith, she cannot bear to struggle at all. Add some peasants and clerics alike who engage in devotional worship to Mila, worship which makes them out as a little too passive and trusting in Mila and fate, but which Celica nonetheless finds dear to her. After all, peasants and clerics are weak, but perhaps they downplay the potential for their self-development too much (Alm's side would show this). Then we get to the question of how to treat the Rigelians- are they at all really handled decently? We only really see them with the one village on Alm's route right? Showing how these people used to struggling adapt to a more relaxed and trusting lifestyle could be of some interest.
  15. We don't have any real evidence for anything here, but if I had to hypothesize, it'd be the Geosphere contains the essence of Earth + all the other Anima elements (Fire, Ice and Wind included). Earth just so happens to be the predominant element in the mixture. As for the Mage Dragons, Life or Star would contain some Mage power plus whatever else I speculate. If Earth = Anima as a whole, then the Spheres represent what, retrospectively with FE4, are the basic types of magic in FE. Anima, Light, Dark, and Heal (Staffs), with Star representing who knows what (non-healing staffs like Hammerne and Warp?).