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  1. Rate the video game song above

    Given this is the first trip inside the actual Mechonis and not just the sword, the music is appropriate. It is mechanical, but slow and chill compared to the Central Factory. The beginning in particular is filled with a certain sense of curiosity, quiet awakening to the extraordinary sights of giant moving machinery, it is almost playful with it, as if you could imagine someone leaping in clockwork synchronized motion from machine part to part. Whereas the Central Factory is more coldly focused on progressing with the mission at hand, Mechonis Field is about coming to really understand the Mechonis as a living, wonderful world. 9.5/10. The Woodlands of Frozen Flowers from Etrian Odyssey Untold 2: The Fafnir Knight.
  2. Men of Serenes Forest!

    Well if you look back at all three of the other loliketes before her: FE1/11&3/12 Tiki, Fae, and Myrrh, they all have really bad bases, which are compensated for with extraordinarily high growths exceeding what practically anyone else has (although these are restricted by not being able to promote) and massive Dragonstone stat boosts- more so Myrrh and Fae than Tiki. They're weak little girls, but carry incredible power in the palm of their hands and have great potential inside them, as in lore, so in gameplay. Nowi has low bases and starting level, like the prior loliketes, and when you add all her growths together, it adds up to 360- higher than anyone else not Donnel with Aptitude, and Nah. Manakete also adds the most in total growths out of all the classes. So although they aren't mind-bogglingly higher like Fae's 600 and Myrrh's 580, Nowi's are still on the higher side. If Nowi has an issue, it is that the reduced Dragonstone stat boosts and power, combined with Awakening's stat inflation, make her not as outstanding at base nor with levels. Whereas Manakete was a special class with rare and limited weapons in the older games which you fielded reservedly, Manakete in Awakening has been made into a more "normal" class, resulting in the awesome power only truly restrained by limited Dragonstone uses being curtailed for balance's sake. Not useless at all, they just aren't as special now as they used to be. And they could use tunnels like the stairways in several of Fates's maps. Less in the getting from room to room approach, as moving to different sides of the same room I'd want. I'm always up for more worldbuilding. Something as simple as cave murals depicting celebrated aspects of Taguel life and myth would help.
  3. Your Spending Habits With Games?

    Video games are relatively speaking to some other interests, not that expensive. A new system every couple years for a few hundred, paid online if you're into that, maybe some extra controllers and data storage, otherwise it is just the cost of games and DLC, which are pretty stable. Still, games are a luxury purchase, and as few people ever have all they money they could want to buy everything. Thus, we all have to have some sort of reason internal logic to our buys. So getting past my high school essay worthy opening sentences. What are your behaviors when it comes to buying video games? Do you alway buy at release full price for anything you're interested in? Are you a miser patiently waiting all the time for just the right sale? Do you stick to what you know you'll like? Or do you experiment and take a lot of risks in your purchases? Do you keep your backlog small and buy only as you complete games? Or do you just keep buying more and more? Pre-ordering? Special editions that cost extra? What about buying the same game multiple times on different systems? How much DLC? Do you read a lot of reviews/discussion and or watch a lot of videos before you buy a game? Do you prefer to avoid reading too much about them before you buy? For myself, I tend to wait a while nowadays before I buy for games I'm not absolutely set on getting, I never do preorders anymore. I tend to keep my DLC purchases light, never anything cosmetic nor grinding, nor super challenges that exist just for their own sake. Nonetheless I do tend to buy more than I should given what else I have laying around. Still, as I complete more and more games from yesteryear, I think it might hit the point where I just play new stuff and can't find anything old and cheap to have in my backlog. I also tend to read a lot of reviews and really hesitate over my purchases, even for things I'm pretty sure I'll enjoy.
  4. General JRPG Topic

    I've started Tales of Xillia...
  5. Men of Serenes Forest!

    Given all the Taguel save Panne and son are dead, well that should be a lot of souls, many probably yearning for revenge against humanity. Oh Grimaaaaaaa found some allies for you! Just use a pinch of black magic to put some meat on their decaying bones and they'll hop right to eradicating mankind. Sounds like another potential battle idea. I do wish the Taguel had more weapons in Awakening, like a Killerstone and Bravestone, just to give them a bit of the weapon variety otherwise hogged by other classes. Fates was onto something with the Beastrune and Beaststone giving different stat bonuses. Not to build up any hype or expectations, but I remember during your interview you said you liked Stahl, so you might like Ranulf. He is also known for being a generally nice guy. Serious when the situation calls for it, he can at other times crack a joke, complain (for good reasons), or be a little playful. He isn't the strongest guy around and he knows it, but nonetheless he is willing to give it his all.
  6. Random theory: the Summoner grows up to be Hubba

    A most joyous thought. That the summoner becomes an old lech is wonderful. It was the one thing that made me not really like Sage Yulyana as much as I should've in Bravely Default. Also, this would mean Kiran first "appeared" in FE4. Since I forget where it was stated here on SF, but Hubba was apparently based on the old man who gives love auguries (determining how in love two characters are since visible love points aren't a thing) in the castles.
  7. Men of Serenes Forest!

    I get this. Those who keep their avis the same for a long enough you kind of inevitably associate their true selves with the avis as strange as it is. Sometimes its better to see people only with their masks on, not because they are ugly without them (I'm sure Eclipse looks perfectly fine for one), but because you just don't want to see their ordinary self. It's like with actors and actresses, sometimes you only want to know them in the personae of a certain role, and seeing interviews where they show their self IRL outside of that personae kind of detracts from your appreciation of them in the personae because you can't just separate the two. It isn't bad in the actual game. I didn't notice Aht was pantsless until somebody pointed out online and then looked at the full artwork. You only see the top half of her official artwork in conversations with the text box blocking the lower half. The sprites too aren't so detailed as to be able to really show the pantlessness either. The other members of her race the Satyros- Satyrs- include her uncle and his lady companion (not wife- just fellow traveling entertainer). The uncle wears a skirt with a longcloth over his hairy, hoofed legs. The grown woman on the other hand, just a long loincloth over her's, which is still more than Aht has. *Sigh* Japan, Japan, Japan. And to add to the litany of issues that Awakening's Taguels have, I don't like how they get on all fours before transforming. It seems so.... rudimentary, crude, in a way stupid, and in another a way to give people a picture of Panne in a potentially compromising pose. Their inspiration the Laguz never did that. They would strike a pose in gameplay- some movement of the head and arms, typically like they were about to take a deep breath and roar, at most they did a backflip. In the cinematic sequences, they could shift while moving with varying degrees of speed, Caineghis doing it slowly transitioning from a running lion to a walking humanoid, Tibarn falling and shifting completely instantaneously. Why the Manaketes in Awakening don't do such a silly as the Taguels either! I don't think that even the Kitsune and Wolfskin in Fates did that. The sad realization that dawns when you come to when you realize that this doesn't mean video game characters and you can't name anybody real.
  8. Randomized Drops Make No Sense

    Much too harsh, since while the sidequest rewards can be decent, none are essential at all and all the Metroidvanias can be perfectly completed without them. Well you do need certain souls for the good endings in Aria and Dawn of Sorrow, but fortunately those souls have decent drop rates. One of the absolute worse instances of random drops in gaming have has to go to the Fiends in the original Shin Megami Tensei- Pale Rider, David, and Daisoujou. Each has a 1/256 chance of appearing in one of handful of forced encounter rooms scattered through the game (so good luck finding this out in the first place). And, each drops the ultimate sword for a given Alignment, at a 1/256 rate. So your chance of encountering one of them and getting their drop is 0.00001525878.
  9. Names for Alternate Seasonal Units

    Suntan is a word you know. And that is appropriately short, so SunTan can work. The only issue is someone might think you mean Summer (Duke) Tanas- Summer Oliver.
  10. Rate the video game song above

    Overall, it a good not overly dramatic boss battle theme, the scattered bits of pseudo-intercom talk is fitting given this is for Gear battles. 7.8/10 Throne of Creation- the final battle theme from the original Etrian Odyssey (also available in Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl if BGM Style is to "Old"). Note that for those interested in the game, do not look at the rest of the soundtrack- certain track names have spoilers in them. Don't look at the comments either of course.
  11. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Who is riding her? Every horse needs a rider. Casual phrasing makes for a bit of casual fun. My logic exactly! That and like grandma's cookies, having swimsuited characters around all the time ruins the Feel the Magic XX/XY too. Half off summoning for 20 full sets? Some sort of temporary discount provided it doesn't kill profits might be a solution.
  12. And I'll post it again, we have 37 virtually guaranteed future Axe additions to the standard summoning pool. Plus about 30 more potential additions, although I'd realistically expect only 1/3-1/2 of them going Axe. The major issue with almost all of them is they are male. And they are often old, and often burly- traits that don't appeal to the low hanging Orbs never to be used not on pixels and pictures on those money-wastin' otakus. Although to be fair, they aren't exactly appealing even to non-otakus. However, there are a couple who don't fit the profile of being brainless and or ugly and or old men, and yet none of these select few have been added yet. The list: Must have bought their sunscreen from the world of Xenoblade Chronicles, for some reason over there it offers high Ether Defense.
  13. Randomized Drops Make No Sense

    Drops in the Metroidvania games were on the whole generally too low a rate despite how limited in usefulness many of them are. And if you want to talk bad, the Circle of the Moon DSS Cards- they're such a part of the combat system, but all but the first two are randomly dropped by enemies. And CoM doesn't even have a shop, so if you want more potions and other healing items, you just have to repetitively kill enemies. Random drops do make sense to a degree. Perhaps in most cases the Death Fish's body was too badly injured to have safe-to-eat harvestable meat in a lot of cases? If you smash too many internal organs while killing a buffalo or deer IRL, the contents of those ruptured innards will quickly spoil the meat. And maybe that particular purely hypothetical Stone Scorpion didn't emit during its life enough of the excretions to make a Stone Jewel. Random drops are easy to program, and they can easily be balanced. Guaranteed drops can work as well, but you better make sure the game has an item storage and management system suited for that. Conditional drops are a neat alternative, Etrian Odyssey has a lot of these, but do it all the time for everything and players will be at a total loss as to what you need to do for what with so many drops to memorize the conditions of. Plus not all conditional drops are bound to be easy, I'm looking at you Curse Damage Kill on the Hollow Queen! EO does have Formaldehydes (guarantees all drops on the turn the Formaldehyde is used) to compensate though- yet these aren't necessarily easy to farm and you better pack several just in case the enemy clings on by like 10 HP on the turn you pop the Formaldehyde (thanks EOU Blizzard King!).
  14. Men of Serenes Forest!

    Why would you actively seek out a guy in the first place? Why not be lesbian instead? The question here is what would be the thing that most indicated heterosexuality? A literal interpretation would say to be as hetero as possible, you would have to go for the guy. However, if we base things on who you are attracted to and you know your body swap is a temporary state of being, then deep down you are still a cisgender male attracted to females. And therefore to "prove" your heterosexuality, you would go for the girl instead, the difference in plumbing being a superficial matter. If you happen to be stuck in your new female form forever, which needn't be the case in the day and age of reassignment surgery (although that would make you transgender as opposed to cisgender), and you accepted this permanent change, you would realize that now you are a lesbian unless you go for guys. Unless you declared male to be your gender still! The gender-sex divide complicates things here. You could have female anatomy and still consider yourself transgender male even without the changed anatomy. In this case, I guess you be straight if you went for women. The bigger question to me is what would the woman you're having sex with be? How much does that plumbing compared to gender determine sexual preferences?
  15. Men of Serenes Forest!

    Here is an article on it that I felt was rather good. Well they have plentiful hair down there, which apparently works to explain this away. The same logic is used in Radiant Historia with Aht (but strangely not Gafka the big burly ape-humanoid).