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  2. Just give us an artistic heroic nude/near nude mode- let us see how well IS can sculpt the human body. Given its Antiquity Greek inspirations, SoV should've been authentic to the aesthetics of the time and given us one. Exceptions: tattoos and body paint are permitted, as well as a few sparse articles of clothing. Mask wearers are allowed to keep their masks on, and if necessary one may wear a leotard of a single solid color (such as Lucina and the Black Knight, who is also allowed to keep his helmet on).
  3. I always wait until for a unit if unpromoted to hit level 20 before using a DLC class item. Using them early lets you have the cake of not gimping a unit out of all their available level ups, and eat it too and get an early immediate power boost. Even if you use the items early, if you're playing on Hard or Lunatic, the combat EXP curve will keep that unit from getting so ahead in leveling that they'd overpower enemies later in the game. And once enemies promote, the stat lead of early promotion bonuses will be mitigated. Add in enemy staff and skill use, and you should still find the mid and late games challenging.
  4. Something magical. Could be any element, but nothing hybrid like Dark Knight, nor a pure healer.
  5. How I wish we actually got to see what Stefan's vilage looked like- how large is it and how can an abode for the Branded endure for what I imagine must have been centuries. As a side note, I've kinda felt that Grann Desert existed just to have a desert in Tellius, it doesn't make much sense to have one just plopped right in the middle of Begnion. And what is the backstory with the Vague Katti? Smithed by Soane himself after he lost his powers to be his new fang? I pity Astrid- she refused marriage to an old bastard, but then ran headlong into amor with a hopeless sleazeball who is saved by Elincia's all too good graces alone. And as a side note, since Marcia was a member of the Holy Guard, I guess her own family is nobility in Begnion. Either they forgot about that when writing her character, or her family is petty nobility and there isn't much she's missing out on having abandoned Begnion (hope she kept in contact with her parents though). They did go a little too far with calling Lekain an instigator of the Mad King's War. And if he was the one who really came up with the idea of the Serenes Massacre, he had to be one bold and despicable ~30 year old. I'd have thought older Senators who by seniority had authority, and are now mostly dead from the passing of time, would have been the chief architects of the Heron extinction.
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  7. I should have been a little more clear with my spoiler in a spoiler, I wasn't thinking of that character from the second game in the third,
  8. I'm assuming you mean I'm reminded of how Eternal Sonata, while the game should be focused on Frederic- it's all in his dream world after all- tossed in a generic young sword wielding male in Allegretto, likely because Frederic is 39. And I wouldn't mind an older FE MC, for pretty much the reasons everyone here has said so far.
  9. Much better than the actual adventure ending boss battle. 8.5/10 Le Ali Del Principio from Baten Kaitos Origins
  10. As a fun fact, there was a Prince Arthur though. Henry VII of England's firstborn son and heir apparent was named Arthur to evoke the image of the legendary king. It would make for a great propaganda ploy with the masses and society as whole if their ruler was a King Arthur. The prince himself was not lacking for talent and daddy Henry had high hopes for his son. He was married to Catherine of Aragon- which would have insured for England good relations with Spain- then just entering its days of glorious grandeur and the peak of power in Europe. Unfortunately Arthur died months after being wed, ruining England's and the world's chance at a real King Arthur. Fortunately for Henry VII, he a had spare, if not the heir he wanted, in the less talented Henry VIII.
  11. I'm liking these designs, they're a little more muted than DW7 & 8. Those tiger skins do add some wild pizzazz to Sun Quan, I wonder how'll they'll redesign his big bro. Make him even more powerful looking because he was more talented? Or tone him down because he isn't quite as present in the TK period because he died much earlier than his bro (and didn't sire the family like his father)? Diaochan looks better showing less. The legs are still on full display (and I've heard from a China historian the Chinese traditionally like the legs) and she has plenty of cleavage with a little topside breast showing too, which clearly signifies her as being a beautiful mistress and a seducer. Yet, her design doesn't show so much as to come off as fanservicey now (her 8 design is nearly naked). She's no common cabaret concubine- she's a lady with some class, some grace and some maturity. And I agree Liu Bei benefits from having mustache- it adds age, seriousness and competence to him. Stacheless looks a little... unsteady, insecure? Like less of man than his sworn brothers, tactician-minister, and Cao Cao? And this is just a question for those out there who have read RoTK- but is there any particular rendition in English that is the best to read? I want to go through it, Suikoden, and Journey to the West some day, and I want to make sure I have good translations of the texts that flow well, don't mistranslate the content, and maintain the underlying spirit of it all.
  12. Plot-wise, it might not be canonical given you still have the Falchion. But the stuff you find out in Thabes is in all likelihood canon- though Alm and Celica in the actual canon don't visit Thabes and do things there is all. I do sort of like the addition of Furia Harbor, it's proof of civilized human settlement north of Khadein. And the final Archanea Seaway battle was fun, if I had completed it faster I could have possibly avoided the reinforcements.
  13. I feel its worth noting that in FE12 remake, they gave Marth two distinct character endings. In FE3, everything ended happily even if you didn't nab all five Spheres. In FE12 on the other hand, failing to get all the Sphere has Marth's character ending, the last on the long list of character endings, begin on a happy note, but then sours with mention that just as he was rebuilding, he had to fight another war against the revived Shadow Dragon. Given FE13 and FE14 now permit the heroes to fail in alternative dimensions, I think that when IS remakes Binding, they may do the same thing as FE12 and have Roy's character ending say on the premature ending "but the Dark Dragon returned one day...". I know Marth's ending didn't say anything about losing to Medeus, but I'd expect even with victory that the damages would be worse than had he stabbed Meddy soon after killing Hardin.
  14. The game just has to be built for 2-3 range, or whatever range bows get. If bows were to be 2-3 range as their standard, healing staffs need to be 1-2 range to so healers could heal the frontline and only risk being attacked if the archers move right next to the frontline- which wouldn't happen if there was a close range unit occupying the necessary spot (as in what'd normally happen at a chokepoint). Durability also has to be balanced for enemy bow users- if bows are too strong, have too much range and there are too many enemies with them, then it becomes difficult to defend against them and everything else. SoV's Bow Knights and Snipers are bearable by non-fliers or mages despite their massive range because they're fairly weak- but if they all packed Killer Bows and Hunter's Volley'ed- they'd be too much of a threat. Bringing back crossbows, while making them better in some way, wouldn't be a bad idea. Nor would trying out Berwick Saga's Shooter skill, or making arrows separate from bows (but you need equip one of both to attack).
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