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  1. "Around 35" according to the character ages page on this site. That'd put This reminds me, a colorless sketch of Titania from one of the art books reminded me of Evayle. I mean colorless yeah they would obviously look similar, but it got me thinking. If Tellius was a return to Jugdral like Elibe was to Archanea and Magvel Valencia- was Titania inspired by Evayle? A mother to the motherless Ike and Mist like Evayle to Leif and the whole of Fiana? Titania's "apparent age" by the way is 30.
  2. My heart says Palla for some reason. But in gameplay, her leads over Catria in bases are nothing compared to Catria's leads in growths. Now just give us Whitewings Adventures Part 2: Est Discovers a World of Pure Chaos and the Sisters Give It Form, Scientific Law, and Life; and Before Leaving They Leave Behind Three Golden Symbols of their Special Attack
  3. One of the revival Lion Heads also offers stat boosts. Even with Casual, they could keep the revival lion heads, just give the two mono-revival ones stat boosts/experience as well. And I think they might get rid of the revival character team transfer thing. Seeing how it would be something Classic players could do that Casuals couldn't. Though turning revival into "warp" could work too.
  4. One last comment on the laguz power loss thing, as much of a tangent it is from this topic's main inquiry. The power loss is likely not reversible. Light of Creation – Lehran At Lorazieh’s urging, Sephiran lay himself down within Serenes, and was healed by the songs of the herons. Lehran is healed by the Herons, but that may just have been his mind and soul at last having all the trauma and sorrow it has accumulated over the centuries alleviated. "lay himself down" might not mean laid down for a ritual, he just decided to live in Serenes amongst his fellow Herons and the other Bird Laguz. The Epilogue suggests he still can't sing Galdr anymore, the trademark Heron Laguz power. Ashunera: “Lehran. I’ve missed your songs. Would you sing for me now?” Lehran: “I… I no longer…” Ashunera: “Well, then I will sing. And you may sing with me. Is that all right?” Lehran: “…Yes.”
  5. Except Yune had no knowledge of the Branded. And the first was not conceived until Lehran and Altina were married- after Ashera went into sleep. The Goddesses explicitly had no idea the Branded existed- which is probably why Ashera's stony judgment doesn't affect them- it was specifically made to target only Laguz and Beorc- animals are explicitly stated as spared.
  6. Actually, I took some time and collected Growth Rate Totals (all a unit's growth rates added up) data for most FEs, and I found something interesting when I was looking at FE6-9. FE6: Marcus: 185 Allen: 290 Lance: 285 No prepromote exceeds 215 barring Karel or Klein (270). 270 is about average for anyone else not a thief, Fae, or Roy. FE7: Marcus: 250 Sain: 290 Kent: 290 Lowen: 300 Marcus is about representative of an average prepromote's GRTs, and Lowen's of a non-lord/Nils/Nino unit. FE8: Seth: 325 Franz: 295 Forde: 300 Kyle: 295 Your eyes do not deceive you. Seth exceeds everyone in GRTs but Myrrh, the Renais twins, Tethys, and (international) Lyon. FE9: Titania: 390 Oscar: 310 Kieran: 310 Astrid: 305 Makalov: 305 Ike: 365 Yep, Titania even exceeds Ike (who is significantly above the average). No unpromoted unit but Sothe beats her. Only Laguz and other promoted Beorc win out. GRTs aren't everything, for Seth surely is more imbalanced than Titania due to lower enemy stats in his game. And Bastian, the man with the highest GRT among promoted Beorc (395) has crap stats and nobody praises his combat contributions. The story is clear: From FE6 to FE9, growths for prepromotes creeped and creeped higher and higher. Allen could destroy Marcus at 20/1 vs. Marcus at 20/20. A 20/10 Sain is stronger by 4-5 points and faster by 2-4 points against a 20/20 Marcus (while losing Skill), to completely destroy him he needs those last 10 levels. A 20/20 Franz wins vs. a 20/20 Seth by mere few HP and Speed- Franz can never radically outdo Seth. Titania actually pretty definitively loses to Oscar when both are at 20/20, it's closer to FE7 Marcus vs. Sain than Seth vs. Franz, so in way she was actually a step back from this prepromote power trend. In RD, to be a prepromote means little. Awakening and Fates give most prepromotes excellent or at least decent growths to compensate for high enemy stats, and to appease all fans by making their all favorites capable of having glowing green numbers across the board.
  7. Jugdral needs a double remake first! Also, I'll say no to more characters in FE6- the cast is already large enough. Instead fix the lack of balance in that game (I suggest giving Gwendolyn wings and Fimbulvetr). The game as a whole seems the crudest of the GBA FEs (which makes sense- it came first). Delete the Nils level requirement on 19xx- it is utterly tedious. The reasoning behind it I guess is that Nils's being at level 7 suggests he has gained increased stamina through experience, which Ninian also benefits from. And which thus allows her to run away from everyone else- causing 19xx. I'll concur with another statement made above: make it more possible to piece together Nergal's background. By this, I mean give us hints as to how Nergal then completely forgot he had kids and never mentioned them to Athos when they were friends. That'll fill in the one major void in our comprehension of his past. Is it because he knew they would have crossed through the Dragon's Gate by the time he returned, and with Aenir dead (it'd be also nice if they could tell us whether it was Man or Nature which killed her), he'd never be able to see them again? Or did the grief of Aenir's death cause him to subconsciously repress his wife and kids? You know, the more I think on Nergal, the more I think of him as a shell of a former human being. The main villain is FE7 is utterly hollow inside, he has no depth, no real conviction. He is but a victim infected with the impersonal darkness's corrupting power and hardly a truly active participant in causing the events of FE7. Nergal is but the scion of a force of nature which is the real villain- darkness. You can't say the same of the generic Demon King or Manfroy. You can of Gharnef, but to be fair he came from an earlier time when a more generic story was more acceptable in FE. Though Nergal is more pitiable than Gharnef.
  8. Agreed, the new skill system seems like an excellent edition to flesh out physical units, as I discussed in an earlier post. And, as something else I feel is also worth repeating: Celica and Priestesses can possibly take advantage of sword skills and magic! I very much doubt it'll be broken, but some niche might arise from it.
  9. Reina. She's the closest thing that isn't Felikob which BR has for a Jagen. So glassy she can scarcely solo maps, but remains a viable, if not ideal, player phase unit to the very end of the game. Also, let us hereby abolish this Oifaye nonsense! The inventor of the term Oifaye meant to salvage the reputation of some Jagens, but it is pretty clear now that on SF at least we do not need such a term. We have embraced Jagen-ism, we have turned a pejorative catchall into a phrase of highest esteem!
  10. They do have Russian Lady Gaga. I'll concede defeat.
  11. Lucifer is so much better! http://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/megamitensei/images/a/ae/Smthelel.png/revision/latest?cb=20170213115441 The idealized human form (if a bit anorexic). Six magnificent white wings. The red hair a splendid contrast. A pose of poise and confidence. A face of deep contemplation, or shallow self-assured arrogance. Only his horns suggest of his fallen nature. 'Tis beauty that hath made many a soul consider the ways of chaos! And when he's angry, he looks quite serious and less beautiful, but still very good! http://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/megamitensei/images/d/db/KazumaKaneko-Lucifer.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20080926062734 Just don't ask about the bald, middle-aged-gay-pimp/generic-1980s-cartoon-gang-boss-with-a-tumor redesign. It's a crime against nature! God cursed him I say! http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/megamitensei/images/b/b9/Lucifer_smt_4.png/revision/latest?cb=20130906211305 And when the tumor bursts. (Eyes are for some reason missing from the artwork despite being in the game.) http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/megamitensei/images/b/ba/Lucifer_II_SMTIV.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20160527004207 Did I mention that Lucy is also in touch with his feminine side? And children and the elderly too. Even the middle-aged businessman. Unfortunately, you'll have to take me at my word on these. For an avatar, I've been considering a semi-Lucifer for it for some time. Why, he even lets you get to know Lucifer if you get to know him! You do have to ask whether extending humanity's existential freedom is worth it though if you want to get that close. http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/megamitensei/images/9/97/Melancholy_Man_ingame_portraits.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20111121030100 Why haven't I put his pic in? Laziness I guess.
  12. I was thinking of Fates a little and imagining if it had been done like Radiant Historia (Lilth and Azura give you the ability to traverse time and space at the moment you decide your route. You then alternate between BR and CQ, and then gradually you come to realize you shouldn't have sided with either to fight Anankos and end up going back to create Rev.. Only to get stuck there eventually and force you to finish BR and CQ before at last vanquishing Anankos.) And then I decided on having a little-not-so-creative funsies: Introducing Radiant Fateoria: A Parody Starring: (Cast is currently pending)
  13. Stream of consciousness on full display here on SF!
  14. Liked Pokemon Conquest enough, not bad, but not tremendously great. It introduced me to Samurai Warriors, though I didn't buy one until Hyrule Warriors came out. My criticisms: Enemy AI is extremely predictable. Each country has only one battlefield- they should have included 2-4 variations for each, with which one you get on a given occasion being randomized. My biggest criticism- only one move per Pokemon was extremely limiting. This is baby's first strategy RPG, but one move? C'mon! Many Pokemon have twice as many types as that! I want at least two, ideally three, per Pokemon in a Conquest sequel. Also- don't make it so I can blitz most stories in four months or something with Guardian Charms and Dragon Rage. Though I did reset on a number of occasions when I saw I wasn't winning a battle, so I probably could have just avoided doing that to extend things a little.
  15. Dunno why Laguz lose their powers, that is never explained. In the case of a Laguz mother, it happens when she is impregnated- I can get some sense of a fantasy logic behind that. But it makes zero sense in the case of a Laguz father because it doesn't happen until the child is out of the womb. A male body has no way of knowing whether it has conceived a child on a woman or not, and of course no way of knowing whether a such a woman has given birth or not. Also, what if the woman aborted the child/it died in the womb? Would the Laguz father lose his powers then? Unless, by some really strange coincidence, sexual contact between a male Laguz and female Beorc always carries the potential of infecting the male with some form of gradual Laguz power decline which takes say ~ten months for the symptoms to manifest (a pregnancy + some time before it during the attempting to make a baby phase and the post-birth phase). Basically a kind of STD. But then how is it that a pregnancy always seems to be accompanied by a power loss if sexual contact only carries the potential of infection? And why only Laguz males? Or do females get it too, but pregnancy accelerates the appearance of symptoms? I'm thinking too much on this.