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  1. Artwork and Sketches of the Book II Characters

    Sometimes the opposite, or both. The Proxian Mars Adepts in Golden Sun display immunity to their native cold and the scorching heat of the desert. Or her skin has suction cups on it. Or the clothes are made of her, like Bayonetta's. And honestly, if your so powerful with magic and can shapeshift, I don't think you even need clothes. Lucifer in SMT has no problem fighting in the nude in several games and he still ranks among the most powerful of mythological entities. He also enjoys genderbent shapeshifting. Which reminds me Old Design Loki and Sexy Odin are both nearly nude, as is Old Lilith and loads of other SMT demons. And they can still own you in spite of it. Heck Incubus can own things with his giant standing "horn" exposed all the time (I know this because I used an Incubus for a while in Nocturne). Sometimes people live through being hit with a mini sun itself. Ask all those RD baddies who got hit with Cymbeline and lived. Or who got bathed in Rexflame's lava bath.
  2. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Here is the official website with all classes and class art shown: Nothing is really all that close. There is green haired Shaman, and a green haired male Warlock too- but its much older looking. The really dark-skinned Pugilist might have dark green hair, but it's possibly black, at least its younger than the Warlock though.
  3. I never played this game before

    Is there a problem if I like One Winged Angel most in its original rendition? Latter variants aren't bad, but there is something for a piece that pushes what it has to work with to its limits. It's why Dancing Mad is best in its original form too. Nobuo Uematsu took the textbook definition of a symphony- four movements, and made each part of the final battle one. I don't remember too much of either FFVII or VIII's soundtrack, some pieces I recall, but certainly far from all. FFVI's on the other hand I do remember well, probably because it was just from a more formative time in my life. The variety within it is amazing.
  4. Is a timeline connecting all the games possible?

    There is not nor should be nor need be a single timeline. I'd be happier if there wasn't, just stick to Outrealms as the answer. What does having Elibe in the same world as Jugdral do for either? Nothing, nothing at all. The games don't influence each other, barring some silly forced remake retconning if IS wanted to. Even if by some remote chance the Ending Winter was the cause of Archanean dragon decline- I don't see it really doing much, as Archanea never learns of this and the two continents never interact. The Ending Winter of Elibe might as well not exist for Archanea, and Archanea might as well not exist for Elibe. If IS wants to set multiple continents with distinct stories in the same world, yet integrate those continents, they're best off doing this with a series of brand new games and not reworking the old ones. Chrom's knowledge of non-Archanean-Valentian-Jugdralians worlds is purely a fanservice thing that gives him the ability to inform players unfamiliar with the older games of the origins and nature of Priam and the Einherjar characters. The games seems to share in a similar magicology, and elements of dragonology, but the differences are stark. Tellius in particular sticks out like a sore thumb. While the dragons when caught up in the spirit of chaos are said to be the most terrible of the Laguz, they never degenerate and live seemingly far shorter lives (1000+ instead of thousands) than Archanean dragons, on top of never needing dragonstones. Then on the magic side of things, Canas and his academic Elder Magic is a far far far cry from Tharja and her hexes. Nope. Divine Dragon Queen Naga died at Thabes after creating the Falchion of Archanea and the Fire Emblem/Binding Shield- the former a weapon for humanity in case of anti-human dragons, and the latter a seal on the Earth Dragons that wanted humanity dead. Naga died a martyr for humanity. And also her daughter, as the Binding Shield keeps baby/child Tiki's power under control. The Naga of Awakening doesn't have an actual body it seems, they're just a spirit. I doubt she could degenerate in such a state. And Grima in SoV is retconned/revealed to be the product of experimentation on Divine Dragon carcasses (being born in Thabes, just might be Grima was made with Naga's body). Grima was insane from day one. A pitiful creature knowing only how to rage and consume.
  5. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    The bigger problem for me was too much shouting over Xenoblade Chronicles wonderful battle soundtrack. Battle shouts get repetitive faster than music does. These little things are always appreciated, and it hurts when they don't exist. Like losing the ability to jump once you get the flight module in XCX. And every time you go airborne post-flight module, the area's theme resets when you land instead of doing the much better thing of picking up where it left off.
  6. Voting Gauntlet: Enduring Love!

    You forgot Homer, and Jake counts too I think. Inigo counts too right? One more and we'd have a full 8 philanderers. I guess we could add Beowolf? He did make with Lachesis and some other noblewoman. Make it female Corrin and change Camilla's name to Sugar.
  7. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    From sentiments thou has expressed before, would you do LanaxSeliph if the original ba ba staff sheep was in? As for Nyna, I'm afraid they'll overemphasize her SD/NM outfit's kinda bizarre blue split breast aspect. Who decided on that? Edit: Random desire, I wish Kazuma Kaneko of SMT fame did some character designs for this game. And whomever does Etrian Odyssey class designs- they're so good. The ladies can be scanty, but also modest. The men manly sometimes, but other times androgynous (and the ladies the same). Happy cute and badass angry alike coexist in EO. Not saying all designs are perfect, but they're great.
  8. I never played this game before

    I played FFVII long after its original release. I didn't fall in love with it, but I didn't dislike it heavily either. Doesn't help that for reasons I took a long break after the Midgar stuff. I also used a guide for finding out what monsters gives what for the Enemy Skills Materia plus sidequest stuff, and somehow ended up overleveled by like 10-20, I don't know how. The translation is eh given the era. And I didn't like one move that was apparently praised at the time (spoilers just for the sake of hiding my criticisms): I acknowledge its impact, but it isn't my favorite FF. I guess that'd be V or VI. I need to play IX and XII though.
  9. [Hard] Radiant Dawn Semi-Blind

    I concur Part 4 is rather non-eventful until the Tower. I can understand why, when 99% of people in the world have been stoned, it makes sense to a degree. You can't have those grand scale military conflicts you did in Part 3 and earlier. The side character stuff is helpful as compensation, if not enough by itself enough to counteract the dullness. I really like the Hawk Army's chats in particular. I think 4-1 would be better in gameplay if reworked a little. Make the campsite on a more pronounced hill for a little height-mechanic fun and turn the battle into a survive for X turns, with Ena's death a game over for a defend element. The boss eventually moves out on their own accord, and some enemy Falcoknights will fly over, but not too many. Expand the area beyond the campsite a bit to the east and west, and add some torches beyond the campsite. The enemy will douse them, but you can relight them if you go beyond the chokes and take the offensive. That sounds better to me. Almedha is in mourning if Pelleas died of course. She ends with a begging for forgiveness from Rajaion- since her affair with Ashnard is what killed him. Also, there is an unused desert theme deep in RD data, it sounds out of place for RD being too Arabian in feel, no wonder they dropped it. RD has a bunch of unused music, including two versions of Tibarn's and Naesala's old PoR themes, which might be what King of the Sky and Wheeling Corby, their battle themes, are based on. Mist also has a remix of the Galdrar of Rebirth as her unused theme. Talking about unused things, there is this totally unused CG in the game's data that would be perfect for the post-battle Sanaki scene. Why didn't they?: On the topic of the Tower, the Tower of Guidance is the destination of all three teams as you well know by now. The Tower of Guidance is Part 4 Final, the end to RD. Now the Tower is a long climb- or in other words, it's multiple stages- like Chapter 17 in PoR and Chapter 1-6 in RD (I won't say how many). Once you're in the Tower, there is no pulling out. You'll be forced to bring several characters, but you'll obviously have room to select some units too. Make one of your selections Soren, since you've already gotten the A Ike and might as well go for what it gets you, which is in the Tower. The rest is up to you. Spend all your money before you get inside as it'll be your last chance to shop. Strip everyone you're not going to bring of their skills and weapons and throw it all in the convoy. You can still access the convoy in a defiance of logic however. And, a couple fights in, you will regain access to some Base functions- namely Base Conversations, BEXP distribution, support building, and skill assignment. At certain point (the game makes it obvious when), equip all your Beorc with their best weapons- either an SS (don't worry if you don't have them all before entering the Tower), a Brave, or a Forged Silver for physical units, Amiti is an option for Elincia if you bring her. For magic users- give them an SS or siege tome, light users could equip Nosferatu too (but your Micaiah is too slow to Nostank for you)- but do not equip a Staff. I won't tell you why you should do this, you'll see why. The individual battles in the Tower aren't super long thankfully, and given your style, you could chop through them rather quickly. However the Tower is packed with revelations and drama between each fight. If possible to maintain the drama and the thrill, try to complete the entire Tower of Guidance in one gameplay sitting (break it up into multiple videos for our watching though). You might want to take care of prep work before entering the Tower in a separate video and gameplay sitting just to make things easier on yourself. One last hint. When in the tower you see a friend, spare them the bitter end. And also the person two spaces to their right. They bite, but won't move. Your mercy will be rewarded in both gameplay and story expose. Oh wait! One more thing, the Tower has juicy boss conversations if you wanted them all, the team to field is:
  10. Here's another idea for FE10.

    According to his 3-F Ike battle convo Pelleas never stepped on the field of battle before. Just how strong are these Spirit Charmings? I want one now! You can feed on me all you want if it lets me hit people I don't like from a safe distance with Fenrir. I find it odd that all the Spirits we see in the Tower, which you'd think would be the things, or like the things which are like the things, which Spirit Charmers bond with, are all Anima aligned. Although a little blurb in the Tellius Recollections say Dark = Yune association = chaos association by inference since Yune is pure chaos (yet the Recollections contradicts RD on how the Zunanma came into being so it doesn't always align right). So I guess it's more than just spirits? Then again maybe dark ones exist, they just don't appear in the Tower of Guidance since the tower belongs to Ashera goddess of order, who must equal light? No light spirits exist because Ashera contains all that power? As for Micaiah getting Dark Magic. Save it for Tier 3 promotion, an auto S or SS rank from that sounds fine to me. Since Yune is chaos and Micaiah spends all of Part 4 channeling her, I see no problem with giving her Dark Magic due to this specific reason. And Sephiran, while said by Sigrun before the desert chapter in PoR as being able to commune with spirits, we know he most likely hasn't Charmed one. His Dark mastery being easily explicable by his unparalleled affinity with the goddesses (and really they didn't need to give him the Dark rank- but they did). Channeling a goddess is kinda like charming a spirit, Micaiah literally welcomes Yune into her body, with free use of the voice box.
  11. Is Radiant Dawn worth playing?

    The nice thing about Part 4 pre-final being all routs is that it gives you some time to bash everything in with your favorites, something you can't really do in the prior parts. I think the maps in P4 are problematic owing to the length of RD catching up to it and things being a little rushed at the end in map design. But it wouldn't take too much to make some of the maps better. Another issue may arise from unit stat caps differing from something like Archsage Ilyana having a 30 Spd cap, while Raven King Naesala has a 50. With no Wary Fighter and no Awakening/Fates levels of cap-transcending stat boosters in one form or another, it's a little hard to program what is too tough and too easy. The Laguz are explicitly said to choose leaders based on strength, while the Beorc don't. This is just being reflected on in the gameplay, Elincia starts kinda weak, Tibarn is godly out of the gate. And having done most of a draft run of RD, I tried soloing part of one P4 map with Ulki and another with Naesala- I spent way too many turns picking off annoying 2 range foes on the player phase. 1-2 range helps massively, if not in survivability, then at least in making maps go by faster.
  12. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    T776 to the rescue! Or they could give us Kieran, perhaps drawn by the artist who did Arthur. He does come with a Steel Poleax in RD (okay, not anti-cav, but it a poleax regardless).
  13. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Would anyone actually use Thoron+ though if they made it available? It not existing isn't as bad as no Firesweep Sword and Firesweep Axe, and no Poleax either. Not that anyone is screaming for the Poleax.
  14. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Well unlike Halloween, the "Christmas spirit" lingers for a while thereafter, I don't consider the Christmas season over until January 2nd, or if you want to go the 12 days of Christmas, you have until Epiphany on the 6th. At the latest, you can keep Christmas decor up until Valentine's Day, any longer and I have the right to arrest you. That's gracious enough a grace period. There was, it's from long ago, since Heroes was supposed to release around this time last year, but got delayed. Who knows what else they'll have in store for us? Hopefully they'll have taken the time to update Tharj and Rob's weapons, skills and BSTs. Since what flew high back in February doesn't necessarily fly now. The days of Takumination and Hector havoc are over.
  15. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    You're assuming humans always choose what is best for the long term. If they did, overfishing to the point of crashing fish stocks wouldn't be a thing. Sustainability is not something humans always keep in mind.