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  1. Official Pull Topic

    You'd think he'd lose the midriff on promoting amid Begnion snowfall. Micaiah apparently likes the midriff. And the full body artwork of PoR Sothe, just to show it: Then I want a world where Festvius is a thing. Pluto IS a planet- a dwarf planet! Why do you insist on whitewashing it into being like everybody else? Be kind to its differences.
  2. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate News and Discussion: A Krool Captain N Reunion

    It looks like most of the knights have been changed, the entirety of the scene looks different in some ways. Has gone from Daein to Valm, or maybe Begnion. Whether this means the lord of Unstoppable Destiny will be taking up arms, I don't think we can say. But this would clear up a semi-oddity if he were in, particularly if playable.
  3. An Update to LHBs Incoming (datamined)

    Corrected. My question is what they'll name the new difficulty. What could be above Infernal? Godly? Transcendent? Heroic? Legendary? I just don't want it to be Infernal+, that'd be generic and boring. I wish they had a Merciless, after FE11's hardest, but that'd be a downgrade from Infernal, and even Lunatic in adjectival intensity.
  4. General Warriors Thread: Orochi 4 Gameplay

    I see this topic hasn't been updated in a while, despite some news of it coming out. I'm sure some people here have already taken notice of it, but I'll post it anyhow for those who aren't aware. They announced four new mystics in the playable roster: Athena, goddess of war and wisdom using the shield Aegis: Ares, god of war using twin dragonhead spears known as Typhon: A demigod in the form of Perseus, who is rather heavenly with a tree-like staff (name of weapon?): And ...Odin? What? How did the King of the Norse gods get into a roster of Greco-Romans?: We also have three new Deification Forms (in addition to Zhao Yun and Yukimura Sanada who we already know): Guan Yinping: Your favvvvorite @Etrurian emperor! Mitsunari Ishiida: Bovine Urine (Cao Pi): And lastly, Sacred Treasures, equipment for characters. I don't think it's exclusive to anyone in particular, but they only showed them on these characters: Talaria- Hermes's Sandals: The Pestle of Exorcism: Artemis's Bow: Gullinbursti: Gleipnir: There are also transfer bonuses for Warriors Orochi 3 and Dynasty Warriors 9. Sadly, if all you have is a Switch and play in English, you're outta luck for either bonus. Fortunately it's just some Bonus EXP for WO3 data, and costumes for Zhenji, Daqiao, Yueying, Wang Yuanji, and Diaochan for DW9 data. Links from Siliconera:
  5. What type of illness or eating disorder does Ilyana have?

    I'll say that Makalov is more justifiable than Ilyana. He is scum, but he is petty scum, and him being an irredeemable gambling drunken lowlife is in a way appreciable, since it makes the heroes out to be a less than a band of total moral paragons. A lowlife or two, like Rickard and Lifis, adds a little realistic contrast- for no army IRL is devoid of the bad apple or three, and bad apples aren't always the extremes of psychopathic murder and former assassin. Ilyana doesn't contribute that. RD in some scenes tried to play down her hunger side, but it wasn't enough. The developers also failed to use an easy way of giving her a nice character- she travels with the convoy quartet, have her say they're like family to her- Muston and Aimee like mom and dad, Jorge and Daniel like brothers. It's strange how she never brings them up in supports, nor ever has a Base Conversation with them. Not sure what illness Ilyana has. But it might be genetics, Kirby Branded and all.
  6. Differences between TearRing and FE?

    PS1. It makes me wish TRS had been brought over back in the day. The PS1 was highly popular and had a glorious run of JRPGs. TRS would have fitted in perfectly with all this I would imagine. Of course, I could say the same of the SNES and FEs 3-5, since it was another JRPG golden period.
  7. Differences between TearRing and FE?

    Well I can tell you it isn't stats. Most caps are rather low, not exceeding 25 outside of HP/Lck. A few units do have outlandish stats though (hello Narron, Zeek!). You do find some bonkers weapons though. Can I mention a 60 use personal sword that halves damage taken, on a good unit with great availability, and 20 Crit and 10 Mt? Plenty of skills too, some very powerful. Includes a Witch with self-warping and attacking in the same turn. I can't say too much though, for as much as I've been wanting to play TRS, I just haven't been able to get it to work for me. I will say though that if you go in blind, you'll likely miss out on a lot of the good stuff. No weapon triangle as a side note, but I don't mind.
  8. Official Pull Topic

    Hopefully we'll get the second Sothe eventually. Yet it'd be bizarre if he ended up powercreeping his RD self, given PoR Sothe can't promote and is stuck with garbage Knives, giving him the worst combat in the game. He also looks much less intimidating as a child. And yet, as the sole possessor of Blossom in PoR, Shothe would possibly get a trainee BST bump, which barring poor distribution, means he may indeed end up surpassing his growth spurted form. Young Sothe's quips would also likely be odd in FEH. It'd be "I'm looking for someone, but won't say who.", which would be futile since FEH players would know it to be Micaiah. Beyond this, PoR Sothe is a little antisocial, a bit of a noble-hater, and a slight Ashnard liker, and that is about it. Although they could get creative with the Micaiah lines and give emotional details of what Micaiah means to this younger Sothe who only sees her as a mother or big sister.
  9. Boyz II Men's thread

    Error. 'Taste' = not found Heathen! Say you have it with ketchup, and may you spend purgatory being flogged in marinade and then slowly grilled over charcoal. Now this is how I prefer it. Rare is too rare, well done is shoe leather, medium is fine for home and most eateries not specializing in high quality steak- the perfect place between flavor and safety. Medium-rare in the hands of a fine steakhouse one can absolutely trust is divine. Speaking of baking, I've been watching the whole of the Great British Baking Show for the past few weeks. Ten episodes, three rounds each, all non-professionals, covered quite a variety of baked goods. So many delicious things, shame there are all too difficult for me to make. I love watching Good Eats reruns. I stumbled on it as a kid (I had a Food Network phase), and rediscovering it years later, it has been nostalgic and enlightening in a way. The scientific analytic aspect is certainly useful, particularly with baked goods. And I'll never forget the little historical skit moment on the Dutch East Indies and alcoholic punch.
  10. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    A couple problems with this. FE has so many characters, certainly more than 365 if you added them all together. Every day would be a birthday celebration. Would Seasonals be another issue, or would the birthday flag just be turned off for them, or something else? While the calendars, or at least the birthdays in Afatening are given in Gregorian values, and one could retcon it into other games owing to us not knowing the details of their calendrical systems. Shadows of Valentia uses its own four-month calendar, so how would one plot them out in FEH? I forget what the Valentian Accordion says, but I guess you could convert the dates into what they'd be in the Gregorian. Not a bad idea, and I like birthdays, but I'm not sure if FEH could really make it work as is. Unless they limited how many birthdays you could celebrate at given time. Maybe you have only so many birthday cakes to hand out? But then this could possibly set you up for guilt trips. I have one birthday cake left, and tomorrow is April 19th- Kana's birthday, but the day thereafter is April 20th- Lucina's birthday. Who must I be forced to neglect? I'll agree with you here, but I'm not quite sure what IS's view on fixed ages is. On the one hand, SoV has fixed ages for all. The other is Tellius, where outside of a select few characters, everyone has "approximate" ages which they were designed around, but which they aren't necessarily exactly.
  11. Summer Vacation is almost over...

    I sort of like the Summer and still have a few games I want to play. But being a bit too directionless at the moment, I think I need school, ennui is creating existential anxiety that is making me melancholic presently, and I'm not liking it.
  12. Ursula's programming in HHM

    I think so, for killing Denning in his chapter does the same for that chapter's reinforcements. Maybe the same happens with the Talons Alight boss as well.
  13. Ursula's programming in HHM

    The Rescue staff is in one of the chests in this chapter, the left one in the right treasure room.
  14. the mages from fe4 G1 all ended up having absurdly tragic lives.

    Well again, it depends on your criteria. Tailtiu did suffer more, but her death is much more tragic and dramatic than what Arden, Naoise, Alec, Dew, Beowolf, Jamke, Chulainn, Midir, and Ayra all experienced, which was likely being swiftly stabbed, burned, or chopped at Belhalla. Mundane, boring deaths all in all. So, to address this aspect of what you said: I'm arguing that by giving Azelle, Tailtiu, and Lewyn such distinctive, dramatic endings, Kaga LOVES them. When one thinks Tailtiu, one inevitably pities her for death by broken heart and abuse, and Lewyn's death/possession is pivotal to the 2nd Gen's plot. On the other hand, nobody thinks the same of Alec, because Alec died an ordinary war death, which makes him more forgettable as just another Belhalla statistic.
  15. Enemy Crit Percentages

    Those are the formulae? I've been wondering what it is, SF still doesn't have the calculations for SoV or Fates up yet. I did figure out SoV's effective damage bonus- if the bonus is passive (e.g. Ridersbane, Bows) then multiply by 3 only the weapon's base Mt. If the bonus is from a Combat Art, multiply by 3 only the added Mt from the Combat Art. Just to list this here to for anyone interested in adding this to the site.