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  1. New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin

    Precisely the problem! As I've said before, Awakening, Fates, and SoV (and soon to be 3H) are practically the only titles to be widespread accessible for modern gamers unwilling to put in a great deal of effort. And since the 3DS is practically dead now, access to the 3DS era is starting to die too. Everything not 13-15 is not easily accessible. FEs 1-6 + 12 need emulators, and that has a tint of illegality and requires a some effort to figure out (which is not nothing, since I borked my chance at TRS and can't figure out how to correct it). 7 & 8 are available on the Virtual Console... on that big flop called the Wii U. Tellius requires a Wii or a real good computer to emulate and are expensive. FE 11 is a DS game, compatible on the 3DS, so it is accessible, but still not quite so accessible, and the game itself isn't exactly likely to win converts to older FE, since its minimalism is an acquired taste. With Nintendo unwilling to put GBA Virtual Console on Switch, nor have they put any old game on iOS/Android- an accessible and enduring playing system (and touchscreen controls would not be terrible with not-Tellius FE), the foreseeable-future chances of increased accessibility for any old FE is unlikely. Save in remake form. I am lucky to be a childhood Blazer who became a young adult Telliusian. I could choose to like/dislike Awakening and Fates if I wanted to, newer gamers don't have the choice about liking or disliking (which is fine- different strokes for different folks) Blazing Sword or Path of Radiance or so many other titles. Since they can't do such a thing with a game they can't play.
  2. Opinion on Blossom?

    Beside what has been said above concerning Laguz and getting a character to ~90 EXP before a battle, I do think Blossom is a bit more limited in usefulness than it ideally should be. For I'd say BEXP with its guaranteed 3 stats per levelup thing, decreases the desire for it. If Haar caps Str and Def, then he doesn't need Blossom to get Spd, he can just use BEXP for easier and more reliable Spd procs. In another game, it'd be more useful.
  3. New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin

    She is almost certain to get into the next Fates NH at this point, think on the bright side. CYL3 means they'll be keeping an eye on her, and Fates is IS's safe place when it comes to FEH. Nope, Tybrosion is as well. What can be said? For those of the Awakening-Fates generation, Tellius is unknown to them. These are the only beasts they know and can reasonably access. Not to personally criticize any of them in personality, I can't do that. Also, I think is relevant.:
  4. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Not bad, a little arm, some delicious midriff. But his tucked in shirt just above his tail looks like a giant wedgie to me. And if only he had even a small tear on that shining black caboose.
  5. Chinatsu Kurahana is Three Houses New Artist

    I didn't mean that post all too seriously, more with a lighthearted joviality. Also, I'd rather have a bare minimum of fanservice any way at all as well. I'm not big on it. And just in case you have not seen and read this, a 1996 Kaga interview recently translated, well here you go. It's alllllll about Genealogy, with lots of good stuff. Relevant, towards the very end, Kaga said he made Genealogy according to his own desires, he NOT want to appeal to the fanbase. Although he did exercise a little restrain on his desires. That sounds terribly selfish and arrogant, and in certain contexts, I can see that producing terrible results. But! I can see there being some value to not always appealing to the fanbase. What do I mean? Fates. If we assume the "Family that raised you vs. family that shares your blood" was a developer desire, and "let us copulate with everyone" was something the developers thought fans wanted. Then we might have an instance where appealing to fans might have backfired and IS should should have stuck with what it wanted- which would have avoided the "not actually related to Hoshido" plot issue.
  6. New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin

    A skip for me. But I'm happy for those who like this and it gets them out of the way. And it all new characters as well, another good thing. That thumbnail Selkie art might have been drawn when the artist blacked out in a love hotel with a Roomba though. Have you seen the abuse characters in this game go through? He is so very afraid you'll throw Fury 4 + a Fury 4 Seal on him. Nobody told him you can't die here yet, or rather he doesn't believe it and is hiding out of self-preservation. YOU WON'T GET ME POACHERS! Well none of them can be Kitsune or Wolfskin. Unless Keaton could secretly spread it to Cammy or Elisey with a well-meant bite. Or maybe Kaden or Selkie could disguise themselves as Cammy or a really-out-of-character Hinoka- Kitsune are known for taking the form of seductive women as part of their trickery. I'm expecting broken offensive stats on Selkie, the fav of the bunch I'd think would "deserve" that, according to some.
  7. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    At least she is Infantry, so there is a movement type difference. She'll just be welfare Nailah to take a cynical guess. Its roster is 38 in size with the Cipher quartet, 34 without. It presently has 20 playables in, which means 52.63% with Cipher, 58.82% without. That is pretty darned good! Magvel has 33 playables sans Creature Campaign, and it only has 11 in so far, exactly 33.33%. I think you can attribute SoV to partly the Whitewings, partly a generous two TTs, and also just a generous influx of characters when they got in the one time. Also, Binding has 22.22% of playables in sans Trial characters, 12/54. Tellius has 21.92%, counting the two Ikes as one, Danved and Devdan as one, and excluding the BK, 16/73. So in other words, next month, a game that has had nobody added since launch will exceed a game that had nobody at launch in percentage of included playable cast, yet has received multiple banners.
  8. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Excellent and predictable! No FH2 is good. Although Panne as GHB is a little weird, since usually, it's villains. She did start not exactly kind to humans though, and it gets her out of the way, which is good. No Yarne, but he seems to be as popular as sending sexting pics of your rabbit to your parents. Recalculating the percentage on those two games for my list, Panne makes for 29 of 51 playable characters from Awakening, meaning 56.86% of its roster. Fates now has 45 out of 69, or 65.22% of its roster. Fates is just one percentage point short of 2/3rds completion.
  9. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Wait? They revealed them? Where is the topic?
  10. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    She plans to move said people across the desert in her ending. But where they go and whether they integrate into Gallia or are granted a cession of land to call their own country is unknown. Either way, Nailah through experience with Tellius probably maintains her title as their leader, if not an independent queen. Fair enough. Though the masses still don't know nor understand and Sanaki probably wouldn't want to rock the boat with them. A gradual weaning off the Apostle title and emphasis on Empress seems like the likely course she chose. I'm pretty sure Aimee already tested his limits of niceness. I wonder how much he wanted to vomit when charming her in RD for that Silver Card.
  11. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Would Soren want it though? Would Daeinians want him though? The antisocial shadow of Ike, cold and probably through his genius mind he would be a glorious king in making and administering policy. Yet no charisma nor popular support are significant blows. And if Soren doesn't want the kingship no matter what, well what is Daein going to do? Do you want a king that hates their job? In the meanwhile, Begnion might be thrown for a tizzy if it was revealed their Apostle was fake and this Daein girl they don't know suddenly took the title. Not to mention Micaiah has no bond with the people of Begnion. In the meanwhile, Daein loves Micaiah and she loves it. Although you just might want Sanaki gone, since this Soren-Micaiah shift would demote her out of the top leadership, and I know you dislike her. Okay then. But you don't have to add Soren to do this, just have Micaiah rule in a personal union both Begnion and Daein- they used to be one country after all.
  12. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    "Queens of Tellius" They can call it. I like how at the end of RD, although all Laguz realms are ruled by males, all Beorc ones are ruled by women, each of whom has in some way earned the right to rule through at least a little development. And random thought, since they made the Solar and Lunar Braces into skills, why not have BravEliwood get Heaven Seal? The objects are acknowledged in-game as having great power and Eliwood uses one to promote. Plus Lyn and Hector have already received alts which would've been worthy of such a named skill, but never got it.
  13. Count Until Mods Post! Current Count: 69

  14. Chinatsu Kurahana is Three Houses New Artist

    Actually Nintendo has opened up a Japanese minisite just for advertising Otome games (dating sims for straight females for those who don't know) on Switch. Well it isn't like FE has to cater to straight men anymore with its mainline games. FEH has that covered, 3/4s of male sexual fanservice in FEH, 3/4s female sexual fanservice in mainline, sounds like a good balancing act to me.
  15. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    I would not be pleased with a Fallen Heroes 2, particularly if it had some unjustified alts on it. And if there was a dead Vallified Azura on it, alongside some other characters already in the game who've gotten plenty of attention, I'd think IS is getting to a pattern of safe-"risky"-safe-"risky" for the banners. Laguz is risky, Hot Springs is safe, GD risky, FH2 safe, BB banner risky, Spring 3? safe. They should make every third banner safe if they must, not every second. The New Heroes will be coming with a Forging Bonds event, how would that go down if everyone was possessed/corrupted? 1st Conversation- "Rrrrgggh.... me want to kill YoU!" 2nd Conversation- "Arr... why are you that.... way? Why me.... like this?" 3rd Conversation- "Guu... I... I... I... failed life. Because I... was weak. ....But I MISs... the..m." 4th Conversation- "........Make e feeeeeel Sssstaaaaayyyyy and and... mAybE........" @Jotari, since there was talk about the Fire Emblem earlier, just in case you're interested and so you'll notice it, there is a recently translated 1996 interview linked on this page on SF. Kaga outright stated there that the Jugdrali Fire Emblem was a late addition of little significance. I made about 50 bullet points about what Kaga said in it.