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  1. We have new info on FE16!

    If time travel were limited to at most a few hours, certainly not a day, I'd assume it to be due to exponential costs in the effort to time travel. Which is to say that at a certain point, say going from two hours to four hours for a hypothetical, the energy cost rather than double, quadruples or quintuples or something even greater. And to keep things balanced, you'd also have to assume an initial spike in power consumption when starting to time travel, such that it'd make going back two hours twice unfeasible as well. I'd probably do a cold run for my first play. Probably Hard, minimal use of class flexibility, probably without paying attention to the plot or characters. I'll wait to see how the jury plays out before determining whether I'd want to imprint the cast and story on my being (weird, but so I've become with FE). Subsequent runs could be Normal if I wanted to give the narrative and cast a chance, presumably an unlockable Lunatic if I sought to try a challenge. Although having to unlock Lunatic would not be that strange, if a semi-dated mechanic, Lunatic Reverse and Lunatic+ in FE12 and Awakening had to be unlocked, and Hard in FE7 was also unlockable. I think this explains how and why he exploded back in Grust, he didn't want Lang getting ahold of the magic dial, so he destroyed it alongside himself. So we're looking at another identical name instance in FE? Lorenz and Lorenz, and in Japan this game is also doing this with new Claude and the old Claude of Edda. Can they please randomly assign the name Marth to a new playable character that looks absolutely nothing like Marth and has no relation to him whatsoever? Sounds like it could allow for creativity in what effects WTA could provide. I'm not one to be hung up on the weapon triangle, it's nice, but FE doesn't need it. Fox-tossing minigame fox-tossing minigame! Get rid of the Arena and let me bet on bearbaiting and cockfights instead. Don't forget to prepare a glorious jagd, pack those fawns into the fences like sardines. Give me realism! I joke. Animal cruelty is cruel.
  2. We have new info on FE16!

    And to support your argument, Cross from Xenoblade Chronicles X. They are silent went it comes to actual conversations beyond player chosen answers, yet when it comes to battle, you've the choice of 7 personalities (each a different VA) in English and 10 in Japan per gender when it comes to shouting stuff and making post-battle commentary. Being vocal in battle =/ being vocal in story and normal conversation. It's the latter which defines whether a protag is silent or not.
  3. SF's "Write Your Butt Off" Competition HD II.5 Remix

    I've written about 4400 words of something, the problem is this isn't quite what I intended. Only now I am getting to the part where I go beyond rehash and embellishment, and begin becoming much, much, more free with what I write and driving home the central point stated at the beginning of those many words. I think then I'll have to dump my plans for doing a second story bound to the first by being criticisms of the opposite thing, albeit of a different event. Since that'd then exceed 10000 words easily. Unless I draw a micro out of the macro I am writing; something simpler, more dramatic, and more poignant which gets to the essence of my point.
  4. SF's "Write Your Butt Off" Competition HD II.5 Remix

    *Bites tongue, but proceeds to speak with blood being spit with every rolling pronunciation* This topic might be workable for me, just maybe. It's not too character-centric, my great weakness as I've stated before. But I'm not quite sure I have a good idea the one I can readily conceive, it's too detached for most. And this slight twist I have in mind might be objectionable to the rules of this low-key competition.
  5. The Fire Emblem averages page.

    Actually, Thracia does too. Genealogy doesn't, nor anything else before it. Yet Gen 2 Genealogy would be something of a hot mess with variable children, and it really isn't needed for Gen 1 b/c they're more dependent on bases, class, skills, and weapons than growths, which are on the lower side. Mystery is a maybe, but given low enemy stats much of the time and Starsphere Shards in Book 2, it isn't in high demand. FE2 has barely any growths and FE1 is rather comparable to FE3 sans Starsphere Shards.
  6. FE Heroes x Dragalia Lost Colab Coming

    My that sounds good! A 20% reduction in summon costs. Though they won't offer a refund of 20% of the Wyrmite you've spent so far of course- cetaceans would be breaking the limit then. Imagine how much better it'd be for FtPers in FEH if a full summon was 16 Orbs. It would make full summoning a little more appealing if you were intending to snipe. I'd say decrease the cost on the 3rd summon to 3, and the 4th and 5th to 2. If I assumed 200 Orbs per month, which I think is less than what is given on average, you'd be able to full summon three more times.
  7. I'm assuming the reason Bayonetta got in is b/c Sakurai is a Lumen Sage then. Lightspeed gives you all the time in the world, relative to everything else.
  8. Famitsu Articles Coming Out

    Pretty obvious how:
  9. Took me a moment to assemble what this was supposed to be- the dragon tank boss at the end of the prison escape. With Cloud presently spawning above being a way I guess of mimicking leaping into the air ready to perform some skill?
  10. Analysis of Armoured Units being added to Heroes

    Wait, when did this happen? Oh happy day! Why didn't Micaiah defect too? How could she possibly be so stupid not to if pathetic pliable putty Pelleas did? The end of RD just might not have happened if she allied with Ike. I joke of course, you meant Zihark. Although as a tangent, Pelleas having blue hair not only aligns with Ashnard, but does make him visually related with Ike. The two being both blue-haired, but totally different characters.
  11. Analysis of Armoured Units being added to Heroes

    I started with EO4, when I heard the term "Yggdroid", I thought they sounded so cool. Only much later did I learn how awful they were in gameplay. And then I saw the artwork, and my dreams of them were crushed like walking blindly into a 6th Stratum superboss. How did they get it so wrong? Why not try some techno-gaian fusion of machine and verdant tree? Some people complain of Himukai's FEH artwork, the Yggdroid has nothing good going for it. Female Warlocks aren't too bad. No pants, but the thing that gets me more is it looks like the staff they are wielding is suggestively being held and pointed at their life magic zone. But maybe I'm just of a dirty mind. Also Gladiator I think qualifies as bad.: The men are excellent, with a measure of androgyny in the redhead (neither a good or bad thing), but the girls have issues. Besides having only bras on, the pinky is in her underwear, the other has pants thank goodness, but she lacks the ferocious expression of the pink one, undermining the leaping-at-you pose. Then I'm lucky I usually play Fates with animations off and don't use Effie in FEH. Nor have I seen her official artwork- if it has been released yet. I don't know if it has or not, or if the Pellucid Crystal artbook releasing in a few days- April 25th- will have it. So I've never really noticed her lack of groin protection. Well they had to have a "trainee armor" I guess from a gameplay perspective. Since the Dawn Brigade is supposed to have all the tier 1 units of RD with "potential on their side", and it wouldn't feel complete without an armor, just as Jill and Fiona fulfilled the quotas of one tier 1 flier and one tier 1 cavalier. Brom wouldn't have worked, nor Gatrie, nor Tauroneo- the first two wouldn't go to Daein, and the third is a former Steadfast Rider- too experienced to demote to tier 1. Thus, they invented Meg. But they didn't have to invent her specifically, they could've invented a native Daeinian or anything else to be the tier 1 armor. And again, I can agree she is a weak character. If RD had actual Supports, maybe she could have been good. The Zihark could have gone: "Pookums! Uh... no thanks." "Pookums? Sorry, I can't no matter what." "Sir Zihark, thank you. Meg, there is certain to be a good man out there who would love to have you.". That would have allowed her to grow and mature past it. Other supports could more subtly state "I came to Daein for love at Daddy's suggestion, I'm staying for something else.", that "something else" being whatever she finds by the end of the support and is meaningful and fulfilling to her. -But unfortunately, said hypothetical Supports don't exist, so I can't call Meg a strong character or anything near it. At most, I can call her "charming"- which is to say shallow, but I like that little something about them. Not saying she is charming for me, only that that is the best she could be. 11 & 12 Generals too, they were Lance & Bow for some reason. Could give the personality-free Macellan a niche.
  12. Analysis of Armoured Units being added to Heroes

    But they do sometimes break with norms when deciding how units will play out in FEH. Sheena never had good Resistance b/c very few did in Archanea, yet here she is a splendid mixed tank. Florina was the fastest Peg in FE7, and yet here she is glacially slow, while the sluggish Subaki got much faster. Effie was also notable for a really good Spd growth for an Armor, just lacking at base due to class and base, yet here she is outright slow. Seliph was one of the only units with Resistance in FE4, yet here he is poor on that front. They can be creative and mess with how things actually were to spice it up on the BST side. And yet they gave us on Regal Rabbits a boring old and plentiful Lance Flier- why? If they can get away with that, why not throw us a canon Armor? A canon Armors, if deemed the demote for the banner, would at least add to options available to players in general. Furthermore, what difference does it make if a New Heroes has a Sword Infantry or Lance Armor? None. If anything, it favors the Armor due to us presently having less than those. Canon only has so many weapon-class combos, there will be a lot of redundancy going purely on canon. Seasonals cannot fix this inherent fact, unless the game scraps New Heroes altogether. But doing so with what is presently far less than full inclusion of FE's heroes, would be an insult to those who play this as a celebration of FE as a whole, both the big games and names and the small. I am one of these players. The novel creation of a Red Bow Armor means diddly squat to me if it's Jill shooting Habanero Ice Cream. I on principle want everyone even if it means nearly doubling the Sword Infantries to ~77 units. *Eyerolls at Necromancer and Yggdroid who lusts after robots?* Although even then, in a few rare instances we do get some nice things. Like the shirtless male Dancers in IV (although this is a point for you in how tasteless the girls look), and the Old Woman Rover in V. I also felt the Dark Hunter females looked tasteful despite the immorality aesthetic of the class (not so much for Nightseeker though), and the Wildlings made an attempt to balance the sexes- men being shirtless but with pants, the females having tops, but not pants. And similarly, Necromancer has muscular ripped shirt males, it's just the females are so much worse. And I'm going to agree with the sentiment that Meg doesn't look that bad.: She is fat, but not an Oliver lardy cake deep fried in bacon fat. It has form within boundaries, it does not overflow. As for her head, the only other thing not covered in armor until FEH, the parentage of Brom is clear, and she otherwise looks ordinary. Which isn't bad, just plain with a hint of cute. And it does fit with her character ending: "Wayfaring Country Girl – Meg Meg had an ordinary marriage in her village and had an ordinary family. Her house was always full of laughter." I mean I can get her being bad in gameplay, and her being derived from a comical support convo in PoR. With her attempts to woo Zihark, most of what little we see of her character due to no real Supports in RD (they could've helped her) being a poor joke and inappropriate given Zihark's tragic and serious reasons for not loving any other woman beyond the one he once cherished. But visually, she isn't a trainwreck.
  13. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Stupid, I misread it! How I'd make that mistake?
  14. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Although as you've probably figured out already, it's only giving, no taking. Cain can give an Iron Lance to Abel, but not take a Javelin from him at the same time. FE1 is like the ideal spirit of Christmas, which nobody really in their hearts like by itself, so taking was added later. And honestly, I found the no-trading + Pawn Shop + individualized gold accounts issue not really at all bothersome to me. It keeps me from abusing the Bands and Rings and best weapons with everyone all at once, but I can work with that no probs. It's a sand grain compared to FE4's other issues (not to bash it too much, I don't like doing that).
  15. Favorite Rendition of the Fire Emblem Theme?

    Since yesterday, April 20th, was the 29th Anniversary of the Fire Emblem Franchise, I felt it appropriate to ask this question. The Fire Emblem Theme has appeared in some capacity in each game in the franchise (although some less than others- see Gaiden/SoV), and each time it has been spun differently. So, which version of the franchise's overriding theme is your favorite? Note that for each game in the poll, I'm counting any and all renditions that appear in it. Having sampled most of the renditions, I'm most fond of Genealogy of the Holy War's, it has a perfect sense of grandiosity and elegance to it. Mystery of the Emblem's is similarly elegant, but crisper and not quite as orchestral. I would further say that the original NES composition is surprisingly good. Hamstrung by a lack of real instrumentation and other forms of embellishment, it does show how the essential structure of the piece is very solid. Tokyo Mirage Session's is very silly in context, but that is precisely why I love it. Thracia, SD and NM, and RD all occupy a middle group for me. Good, but not so much great. I guess I'd toss Awakening in here too. The GBA trio are handicapped by the poor quality of the GBA's audio. They can't be that good because of it, even if they try. I'd say Path of Radiance's, although I love Tellius, has a weaker take too. Maybe it's because I heard it too much as a kid. I'd also consider Brawl's opera rendition outright bad. It tries to be great, glorious, grand, and classical, but ends up being too rich for its own good, it gives my ears indigestion. Genealogy aimed for the same, but graciously averts it and rises high. Codename S.T.E.A.M.'s is just too fast for its own good. Use it as an alarm, use to defibrillate someone, but don't use it as music.