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  1. Lodestar class is missing

    Thanks for the reply Topaz Light. This problem could probably be fixed if I had another Hero's Brand. Too bad that festival of bonds dlc seems unlikely to come out over here.
  2. Lodestar class is missing

    So I gave my male Corrin the Hero's Brand for the Lodestar class and leveled up to get the four skills. After that, I went through some of the other dlc classes and eventually decided to use a Heart Seal to go back to Hoshido Noble, but i noticed that Lodestar was no longer an option. I can still use the Heart Seal to go back to Dark Falcon and Dread Fighter and I also retained the skills of the Lodestar class though. I've tried on alternate files to see if it would happen again, but in all the attempts, I was still able to use a Heart Seal to go back to Lodestar. Does anyone here know anything about this or have any suggestions on how to fix this? In the end, it doesn't really matter much, but I would still kind of like my Corrin to have the ability to go back to Lodestar.