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  1. Finally did infernal after 2 stamina potions lol, with this team. Camus, Sharena, Xander and Olivia
  2. Thanks so much, your strat helped me clear infernal. Used almost the same team - Masked marth (Reciprocal Aid, Luna, Darting Blow 3, Renewal 3, Breath of life 3, spur def 1 seal) -Sharena (Rally Attack, Luna, Speed +3, no B skill, Fortify def 3, Hp+3 Seal) -Nino (Draw Back, Draconic Aura, Fury 2, Desperation 3, Hone Attack 3) -Ninian (Dance, Moonbow, Fury 2, Sword breaker 3, Hone Attack 3, Fortify res 1) I dont know why my sharena didnt need vantage and managed to survive all of berkut's hits, i think the fortify res seal on masked marth helped with that.
  3. Thanks X Ray, Do you think I could also run fury + desperation?
  4. I'm having an easy time with lunatic just wish i had one of the 40% heroes sigh.... I'm using my staple tempest team since last tempest, not caring about sp for other units, my team consists of -Nino, op fury 2 and desperation 3 -Nowi, handles almost all colorless and all red with quick riposte -Olivia, axe breaker and triangle adept. -Priscilla- renewall and her vanilla set All of them are 5 stars except for priscilla, i usually get to map 7 with this team kill as many units as I can and then wipe the reaminign units using a random team containing ither sharena or lukas for the 20% bonus.
  5. Finally beat Infernal, took 2 stamina potions! I used a Strategy Similar to this one, but with a different team. ( thanks kiran for the help) I used the following team all 5 stars and no merges - Nino (Fury 2, Desperation 3, Hone Atk 3, and +1 Atk Seal.) - Eirika (Darting Blow 3, Drag Back, Hone Speed 3, and Spur def Seal. -Sharena ( Vanilla + Drag Back) - Olivia (TA2, Axe breaker 3, Spur Atack 3, and fortify Res seal.) Drag Back created some interesting oportunities for my units to finish of celica and also to get themselves out of danger.
  6. Finally did it, I beat Inferno after about 10 tries! I think I need to Build myself a Horse emblem team :(. Used. Male Robin Ike Bride Lyn Ninian
  7. Get a cheap android phone or tablet
  8. Finally beat Infernal took me 2 stamina potions! Did it with this team all 5 stars no merges - Nowi (Reposition, Moonbow, TA2, QR2, Threaten Res 3, hp +3 seal) -Kagero (Draw Back, Reprisal, Fury 2, Vantage 3, No C skill LOL and no seal) - Olivia (Moonbow, TA2, Axebreaker 3, Hone atk 3, fortify res seal) -Nino (Draconic Aura, Fury 2, Desperation 3, Hone atk 3, Speed +1 seal) Took alot of careful movements and patience, started round 1 killing right legion with kagero dancing her and drawing olivia back with nino, positioned nowi to take counter kill red mage. Round 2 Nowi killed red mage, kagero tanked and killed blue cavalier mage olivia took care of Bottom legion spawn and nino took care of bottom blue mage spawn. That was my initial set up for all tries and then I dont remember the rest of the movements i did, just need to be very careful.
  9. Hi guys I have a question! I inherited Draconic Aura from Female Corrin to my Nino. I know Draconic Aura is a 3 cooldown special but when i click on it it has a number 4 highlighted in red, what does this mean?
  10. Too bad i didnt win :(, anyways congrats to the winners on their super good pulls!
  11. I want Orbs!
  12. Wouldnt leaving luna on ike be better than aether cause of shorter cd + heavy blade he would be activating it more often.
  13. Yea they totally did that on purpose! Im afraid to pull colorless cause of the horrible staff users, and my favorite characters are all the archers ;(
  14. Its pretty easy to lvl a character to lvl 30ish you can start tackling lvl 35 enemies from 30+. Took me less than 1 hour of gameplay to lvl lvl 1 3* subaki to lvl 32 and finished the quest easily. Dancer+ lvl healer plus lvl 40 mage tank (m robin) lets me kill enemis easily.