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  1. Help with making a Nightmare Module

    Okay, so after going over it with one of my friends he pointed out how in "Additional.txt" I didn't have some spaces after some the lines, this was the problem I had as well as the fact that one of lines in "Effectiveness.txt" also had that problem. It seems like it would take 2 lines for those and threw that error. So if you want to make Nightmare Modules, don't forget to put the spaces after each item in the files for it.
  2. Help with making a Nightmare Module

    I changed it to 3 and tried again but it still didn't work, so sadly that doesn't seem to be the problem. Also, in regards to the Iron Sword data in the background that's the Shadow Dragon Item Editor module opened up in a New Mystery rom so that's probably the error there, I had it open when I was trying to see anything different that I messed up on in the module I tried making.
  3. So, earlier this week I decided to open up Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem in a Hex editor and see what I could learn from it, and actually learned a good amount of stuff for items. So I decided to try and make a Nightmare Module, with the help of some of the SD Modules, for an Item Editor to make it easier for me to work with. But I ran into this error whenever I tried to use it and, after several hours of trying to figure it out myself, turned to here for help. After I got this module to work I was planning on learning about unit data in the hex editor and then making a module for that to also help, so any help in this regard will be welcomed gladly. Here's a dropbox link that contains a .rar file with the module that I tried to make and text files that go along with it. Item Editor.rar?dl=0 Thank you for any help ~Rute