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  1. she does it why both were voiced by Mela Lee so there would be consistent Though it more noticeable on the younger Tiki
  2. I Have Amaterasu on: Hinoka & Subaki Countermagic on: Sakura Aegis on: Xander Insperation on: Elise Castle address is 12013-79371-41563-548454
  3. Equal fanservice for everyone Hector shooting lasers & Takumi punching Altean scum
  4. I have a Felica with Aptitude castle address:12013-79371-41563-54854 everyone is on hold & no one is on the throne
  5. Does anyone have Bowbreaker for Scarlet and Mozu?
  6. Houston, Texas
  7. Karel feeding his blade
  8. 11 5★ no money spent thus far Lyn twice Marth twice Karel Jaffar Sanaki YTiki Lucina Spring Lucina Takumi
  9. got Lucina along with Reinhardt, Corrin and two Eliwood
  10. Happy Birthday Elise!
  11. so I used another twenty orbs in the banner and get three 5 star Sanaki Karel Jaffar and two 3 Star Lon'qu Odin Dark this one of my best rolls thus far
  12. yeah that pretty bad do you have to Heroes artwork to compare to that one I noticed it early one but didn't pay much attention to it either Anyway besides Lyn Linde and Catria most of the girls artwork isn't that bad in that regard
  13. had the same issue at launch though after turning off the combat animations it happens very rarely the numbers of times the game has crashed for me also lessoned with each update
  14. still hoping for elise (made three attempts and have gotton mostly repeats) despite her being on the banner also hoping for Female Corrin and Nowi the two dragons i'm missing and Ryoma the only Nohrian/Hoshidan royal minus Xander of course i'm missing