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  1. Anthony Elise Setsuna Anankos, Tiki, Fae, Myrrh Nowi & Kanna
  2. Skill Request Thread!

    I have Renewal for both Xander and Benny castle address: 12013-79371-41563-54854
  3. Skill Request Thread!

    I have both Tomefaire and Axefaire on Camilla Castle Address: 12013-79371-41563-54854 castle name Ft. Hakuryuu
  4. Skill Request Thread!

    I have Axebreaker, Bowbreaker, Shurikenbreaker, swordbreaker & Lancebreaker on Selkie & Rend Haven on Felica
  5. Skill Request Thread!

    I have Odin with Vengeance castle address: 12013-79371-41563-54854
  6. Skill Request Thread!

    Just updated the castle so she should be up
  7. Skill Request Thread!

    I also have rend haven for Orochi
  8. Skill Request Thread!

    I have Bowbreaker but not luna
  9. Skill Request Thread!

    I think I fixed it I also have Siegbert with aptitude
  10. Skill Request Thread!

    I have a Soleil with aptitude castle address:12013-79371-41563-54854
  11. she does it why both were voiced by Mela Lee so there would be consistent Though it more noticeable on the younger Tiki
  12. I Have Amaterasu on: Hinoka & Subaki Countermagic on: Sakura Aegis on: Xander Insperation on: Elise Castle address is 12013-79371-41563-548454
  13. Jokes and Memes about Heroes Equal fanservice for everyone Hector shooting lasers & Takumi punching Altean scum
  14. I have a Felica with Aptitude castle address:12013-79371-41563-54854 everyone is on hold & no one is on the throne
  15. Skill Request Thread!

    Does anyone have Bowbreaker for Scarlet and Mozu?