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  1. My Attachments

    If you click your profile drop down and my attachments it shows them in a list form, to the right of the attachment it says what thread it was posted in, if you click that it brings you direct to your post - from here you can edit and delete the attachment from your post (its what I've been doing) Edit: didn't realise the post was so old, my mistake.
  2. Official Pull Topic

    So just got my first summon with more than one 5* :D Innes is + atk - def while Oscar is + def - spd
  3. Your unit wishlist (Current pool)

    I always wanted hector and takumi from when they were first released and op, wrecked me in arena, but still 2 units I'd be happy to see, if even for collection purposes, I'l have to post back but I know there's a few units I always seem to be missing when I look into SI for skill fodder but off the top of my head I'm not sure
  4. How many 5 star units do you have?

    Been a while so heres an update (still F2P) Azura - -def,+hp Tharja - -hp,+spd Julia - -def,+spd Klein - -spd,+res Alm - -atk,+hp M!Corrin - -spd,+hp Ephraim - -atk,+def Titania - -def,+hp Masked "Marth" New from last update (in june) : Athena Athena Gray Tobin Lyn - neutral Ike - +atk, -spd Leo Clive Camilla Soren Lyn (brave heroes) All from summons, I'l update the Iv's in a bit, started levelling some of them before I check the Iv so have to get them to 40 before I'm sure
  5. Official Pull Topic

    Havnt been able to play as much as I'd like recently but been keeping up with the 1 free summon and have gotten rather lucky over all I'd say, managed to get Lyn (normal lyn not the brave heroes one which was 100%, her iv is neutral) and Ike (+atk - spd) back to back, got a Soren a few summons back and a sometime can remember when, I ake this for compensation for getting to 5.5% on the Focus:CYL top 8 (block A) spent all my orbs trying to get a damn hector and as f2p ended up not even getting a single 5* before the banner ended, those were dark days
  6. Official Pull Topic

    This is the 1st tempest trails where Ive not had a 40% bonus unit, last few days just been playing with Alm for 20% but as f2p I decided to saving my orbs up to spend on a banner coming up that i like the look of, have about 100 orbs but decided to go for one of the bonus units - had fully intended on spending all my orbs but got rather lucky - this is the result of my 1st attempt (I always complete a full summon fyi)
  7. Official Pull Topic

    One free summon you say - lets take a shot in the dark Sorry about the bad screenshot - didnt realize it was so bad until I went to upload it lol -atk +def - Ive far too many of my 5* as -atk :( lol
  8. Official Pull Topic

    Had a few uneventful summons But finally had an okay summon 5* Leo (-spd +res) - new unit and a 5* cant complain 4* Hawkeye - Already have a hawkeye but cant complain Shanna - happy with this - desperation 3 fodder for someone 3* Sophia - eh lol Cherche - may be 3* but a new unit - leveling her atm
  9. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    Managed to get myself up to tier 18 after the last season whup
  10. What is your Arena tier?

    Updated my vote - been moving up in the world lol
  11. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    Turns out I did manage to jump 2 levels, went from 15-17, was more of an experiment - swapped out 1 unit in my main team for one of the bonus units to see how my team held up, might keep it up see if I can get further but I'm happy at 17
  12. Old tempest thread, plz delet

    Havnt played this mode since I got the final seal on saturday - burnt out abit on it - with all the events on it's burning up all my stamina, havnt levelled a new unit to 40 in what feels like ages xD
  13. Damn it I misread the seal grrr haha thx anyways Decided to give it to my Alm haha
  14. So just got Phantom Seal and been thinking of which unit to give it too and think I've settled on my Klein, I do tend to lean on him alot, but he came as -spd so thinking giving him Phantom Seal 1 could help off-set that - good idea?
  15. Old tempest thread, plz delet

    Wasnt able to play much today but just got past 40k in points so Phantom Seal 1 is mine :D