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  1. Official Pull Topic

    My pity was at 9% - 1 green orb 4 blue orbs, got 3 3* and 2 4* - hearts broke lol, at 9.50% now and not an orb to my name
  2. Official Pull Topic

    So after having my pity ruined by a -atk Merroc I decided to summon some more hoping for better luck, 1st summon had 2 green orbs and 3 colourless, got nothing of note until the last colourless orb - summoned a +atk -def Takumi, even though he hasnt been meta in a while I am very pleased with considering I've been playing since day 1 and this is the first Takumi I've managed to get, one of the units that I've wanted for a while.
  3. Official Pull Topic

    Been spending all my orbs for 1 of the love abounds heroes, my % was around 4%, got 3 3* 1 4* then the final orb was the new Hector, really happy I got him, checked his iv and hes -spd + res
  4. Official Pull Topic

    So was summoning on the new banner and ogt my pity broken by a -atk +spd Effie :-/
  5. So I managed to get a 2nd Shiro in recent summons, hes +hp -atk, I got my 1st rather recently and he;s -def + res, do I sacrifice the new one (because -atk is never good) into the 1st Shiro I got or is it work using him for SI for Steady Stance for someone?
  6. Official Pull Topic

    Just spent 60 orbs on the current banner, was sort of hoping for a Takumi ( been near a year now and no where to be seen) But manage to get a +spd -def Siegbert
  7. Official Pull Topic

    Just pulled Zelgius - he's +hp - spd
  8. Beautiful Hero Battle: Oliver

    Full skill inheritance on these units but they are my generally the 1st team I use to clear anything but just got through infernal using Julia/Azura/Tharja and Klein, though klein was mostly useless and I'm pretty sure almost any unit would have been better than him, but julia and tharja did all the heavy lifting with azura for the dance
  9. Official Pull Topic

    Just spent my last 20 orbs on the new years banner, was up to 4.25-4.5% 5* Shiro (-def +res) 4* Selena Donnel Florina Sheena
  10. How many 5 star units do you have?

    Julia - (-def,+spd) Azura - (-def,+hp) Klein - (-spd,+res) Tharja - (-hp,+spd) Ephraim (-atk,+def) M!Corrin - (-spd,+hp) Alm - (-atk,+hp) Titania - (-def,+hp) Masked "Marth" (free) Athena (Lv.40) (-def,+hp) Athena (lv.1) (-atk,+res) Tobin Neutral Leo (-spd,+def) Soren (-atk,+def) Gray (Lv.40) (-def, +atk) Gray (Lv.1) (-atk, +res) Clive - Neutral Lyn (brave heroes/free) Camilla (-spd,+atk) Lyn - neutral Ike - (-spd,+atk,) oscar - (-spd,+def) innes (-def,+atk) black knight (free) roy - lachesis (-res ,+spd) arden - free hinoka (-atk,+res) sheena (-res,+atk) jeorge (-atk,+res) sonya (-hp,+spd) xander spring (-hp +def) ike (-res +atk) lyn brave (-hp +atk) fjorm (free) joshua (free) deirdre (-def +hp) hector (-hp +spd) xander spring (-spd +def) Chrom Winters Envoy - Neutral Shiro (-def +res) Just added my -def Shiro
  11. Voting Gauntlet: Winter Festival vs. New Year’s!

    I went for Chrom, purely because he is the only unit I have from the options so decided to support him.
  12. Official Pull Topic

    Got another 20 orbs so decided to try the 8% banner got : 5* Lyn bridal Blessing (neutral) 4* Olivia Fredreick Catria 3* Sully
  13. Official Pull Topic

    Just did my 1st full summon on the new 8% banner : 5* Charlotte (money maiden) -hp +def 4* Palla Stahl Cherche 3* Palla
  14. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    So I managed to get W!Chrom, decided to level him and throw him into my main team (as they have the most SI) so my team had W!Chrom/Tharja/Azura/Klein - got 7 wins (cant remember if I did it deathless or if I picked up a death at the start, just dont remember) managed to get a score of 4800 - I think that's the highest I'l get, not enough for me to go from 19-20 aww well
  15. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    So had been a while since I properly attempted the Arena so had dropped down alot of places, finished off this past season and managed to sneak into Tier 19, Thanks to the bonus unit of Ephraim which I had, I swapped out Azura for Ephraim and ran him with Tharja/Klein/Julia ended with a score of 4790, looking at the current bonus units I dont fancy my chances, but I'm well pleased at reaching tier 19 as F2P