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  1. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Cool so I can use my 1st B!Lyn for her skills and the new one (with +atk) for a more optomised build With Ike being less usefull for skill fodder Il just merge the 2 together keeping the -Res one - thanks, i dont like getting rid of strong units unless I'm sure (f2p and abit of a hoarder haha)
  2. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Question regarding some of the summons I've gotten recently, I recently got my 1st Ike (normal, his ivs +atk - spd), I chose B!Lyn as my free summon back durning that even, I did some SI on the units, because its not often I get dups but because of the 8% banner I did manage to another Ike and B!Lyn, Ike is -res +atk and B!Lyn is -hp +atk, is it worth using the new Ike and B!Lyn over the old ones (and either merging them or using the older units as fodder)?
  3. How many 5 star units do you have?

    Julia - -def,+spd Azura - -def,+hp Klein - -spd,+res Tharja - -hp,+spd Ephraim - -atk,+def M!Corrin - -spd,+hp Alm - -atk,+hp Titania - -def,+hp Masked "Marth" (free) Athena Athena Tobin Leo Soren Gray Clive Lyn (brave heroes/free) Camilla Lyn - neutral Ike - +atk, -spd oscar innes black knight (free) roy lachesis arden hinoka sheena jeorge sonya From here down was the 8% banner xander spring (-hp +def) ike (-res +atk) lyn brave (-hp +atk) fjorm (free) joshua (free) deirdre (+hp - def) hector (-hp +spd) xander spring (-spd +def) I spent alot of my orbs on the most recent 8% banner, I really wanted a Hector - finally got my 1st one thank goodness
  4. Official Pull Topic

    So been doing alot of the hard quest missions - I had let them slip and had alot to catch up on stacked up enough for 3 morr full summons - on the 3rd final summon i finally! Got a Hector - about bloody time, hes -hp +spd though The 1 of the 3 full summons before hector I managed to get a Deidre too, il check up in her ivs Shes +hp -def
  5. Official Pull Topic

    I had a great start to my Legendary summons - 3* Barte/Fir/Jagen/Gaius Then finally an end to the 3* run with.... 4* lissa grrrr So did a 5 full summons, what I got in the end was : 5* Brave Lyn (already had from the free summon but cant complain) -hp +atk iv Ike (already own - got not that long ago but again cant complain too much) -res +atk Spring Xander (new unit) -hp +def 4* Lissa Lucas x2 (new unit to me) 1 +atk -res 1 +hp - spd Erika Peri Nino Azama Est Florina Odin Sakura (new unit) +spd -def beruka Cadea Barst 3*Barte x2 Fir Jagen Gaius Eliwood Clarine Barst Gunter I'l check the IVs of some units and update, was hoping to get some new 5* but oh well haha
  6. FE Heroes Questionnaire

    Since when do you play this game? - About 1 week after launch, I downloaded the game on launch day but my phone broke the same day, typical How did you get introduced into this? - I played the 3ds game, heard that a mobile game was coming and kept an eye out for it On which kind of device do you play it? I play it on my mobile phone - S7 Edge Is it your first mobile game? No I've played a few before - geometry dash lite, a few yu-gi-oh games etc Have you beaten all main story and sidequests in all difficulties yet? No, at the start of the game I kept ontop of all main story and side quests but as times went on I've slipped behind on some of it Have you beaten all main story chapters yet in at least one difficulty yet? Yes Have you beaten all side quests in at least one difficulty yet? Yes Have you beaten all challenge chains 3 battles in at least one difficulty yet? - No Have you beaten all challenge chains 6 battles in at least one difficulty yet? - No Do you usually try to beat all Grand Hero Battles in all difficulties? - Depends, I try to beat GHB in all difficulties if the rewards are orbs, if it's a unit I tend to do 1 difficulty to keep on top of my barracks Do you usually do the daily quests (challenges which repeat every day)? - at the start I did but not recently no From which banner have you pulled the most yet? I'm not sure I did spend alot of my orbs trying to get a Hector on a banner he was focused on From which orb colour have you pulled the most yet? I'm not sure, I tend to do full summons when I can pull (limited orbs) so I've prob. an even amount of orb colour. Who have you pulled the most yet? I'm not sure but I've 7 lon'qu atm in my barracks and I've used some for SI so prob. him Who was your first 5* pull? (free pick from the Lord banner excluded) Ephraim Who has been your best pull yet? I recently got a +ATK Ike he's prob. one of the better IVs I have Do you care for stat natures? I do, but beggars cant be choosers and even if I get some bad natures (gotten my fair share of -atk) I have to make due with what I got Who did you promote to 5* first? At the minute the only units I've promoted to 5* were units I wanted to use for SI, not sure who I used first Three characters you haven't pulled yet, but want to so badly? Hector, Takumi are in 1st and 2nd place by a wide margin, they've taunted me from the start 3rd changes often tbh but atm would be a brave ike....or any 40% unit on TT (stuck with a 20%) Who's your favorite character gameplaywise? hmmm this is a hard one I'l go Klein ...for now ;) What's your preferred team (four units)? my main team Klein/Tharja/Julia/Azura - at the start of the 1st tempest trials I did find it difficult to get 7wins and get my score up, I was trying a few teams but settled on those 4 and started to use SI for the first time, they are the 1st 4 units I fully equipped skills with and just the main units I use if I need to try and brute force something Who of the new protagonists and antagonists (Anna, Sharena, Alfonso, Veronica, Bruno) do you like the most? Sort of consider them all about the same, havnt got a favorite atm Which three things do you like the most? I like how many orbs they give you - I am able to save orbs up quick enough to have a few full summons, Involvement of IS - they do a very good job of interacting with the community and keeping the game updated, simplicity of gameplay with how fun it can be Which three things do you dislike the most? while I do like all the new content I find it hard to keep up sometimes, limited banners removing the ability to get certain units after a limited time, - I know its part of the game and they do re-banners but something I dont like - I have spent all my orbs on limited banner before to not only not get a 5* focus but not even a 5* atall - then the banner goes and you feel like you've wasted a portion of time, not having a way in game of checking/marking IV's of a unit - I forget some of my units (ones I wouldnt use the most) boon/banes and not having a way in game to write/mark a units IVs would be nice What's your opinion of the map design? some maps I like some I dont - think its balanced What's your opinion of the skill system in the game? I think it's reasonably balance - not perfect but not terrible What's your opinion of seasonal banners? they are something that I understand but can be abit annoying with how some powerful units can come and go with limited access to them How stingy are you with all your orbs? semi stingy - Il save up a few (100+) then take a blow out back down to 0 haha, I used to do a full summon 1 time a week. Have you ever had a moment while you couldn't do anything because you were out of stamina portions and orbs? I've never been out of stamina potions but I have been out of orbs more than once Have you ever invested real money in this game? Nope not a penny Do you try to beat as many time limited quests as possible? I do try to get any seals/TT units as possible and so far I think I have got them all Do you usually give bonus levels to your units? Not yet, I try to keep spare units for SI but if I get enough of the same type I would give bonus levels Do you care for Gauntlets? I did care for the first few, fell off for the last couple Do you care for skill optimizing? I do - its prob.a bit of a problem because I'm F2P units are hard to come by and I have alot of units in my barracks I've got for SI but not sacrificed yet because I'm afraid I'l get a unit that could make better use of the skill Do you try to get all the rewards in the Tempest Trials? No that would take alot of effort - I try to (and always have) get the highest reward seal then I take abit of a break How often do you play the arena? Every so often but not every day Do you use the training tower aside of fulfilling side quests? Yes I often use it to level new units Are there any things from this game you would like to see returning in a regular FE game? I'm not really sure tbh (il update this if I think of something) How would you rank the game overall from 0 to 10? A solid 8 I'd say Will you play more mobile games in the future? More than likely - I take notions for small pick up and play games every now and then
  7. Something I would like to see (more of a creature comfort than anything else) would be a way to mark units IV's, I've a fair amount f heroes now, and a few duplicates of 4* heroes that I eventually want to get around to levelling - I know I've checked the IV's of them and Favorited the ones that have decent IVs but I dont always level them at the time and re-check them later, wouldnt mind a way in game of say highlighting the the boones/banes.
  8. What are your obsessions besides Heroes?

    Heroes has been falling behind recently for me, I play it when events are on but even then I've been slacking more and more (played it alot when the game 1st came out), when super mario run went on sale I picked it up and played my way through it (collecting all the pink/purple/black coins etc) but after that it drifted off, only play it every couple of days now to up my toad count, been playing some casual hearthstone - notion comes and goes for me. Havnt really found the next game I'm going to obsess about, my main obsessed game was Diablo 3, thats fallen off ( I go back when big content patches release - but I've done everything there is to do over the years really ) and havnt found the 1 game to fill its void yet.
  9. My Attachments

    If you click your profile drop down and my attachments it shows them in a list form, to the right of the attachment it says what thread it was posted in, if you click that it brings you direct to your post - from here you can edit and delete the attachment from your post (its what I've been doing) Edit: didn't realise the post was so old, my mistake.
  10. Official Pull Topic

    So just got my first summon with more than one 5* :D Innes is + atk - def while Oscar is + def - spd
  11. Your unit wishlist (Current pool)

    I always wanted hector and takumi from when they were first released and op, wrecked me in arena, but still 2 units I'd be happy to see, if even for collection purposes, I'l have to post back but I know there's a few units I always seem to be missing when I look into SI for skill fodder but off the top of my head I'm not sure
  12. How many 5 star units do you have?

    Been a while so heres an update (still F2P) Azura - -def,+hp Tharja - -hp,+spd Julia - -def,+spd Klein - -spd,+res Alm - -atk,+hp M!Corrin - -spd,+hp Ephraim - -atk,+def Titania - -def,+hp Masked "Marth" New from last update (in june) : Athena Athena Gray Tobin Lyn - neutral Ike - +atk, -spd Leo Clive Camilla Soren Lyn (brave heroes) All from summons, I'l update the Iv's in a bit, started levelling some of them before I check the Iv so have to get them to 40 before I'm sure
  13. Official Pull Topic

    Havnt been able to play as much as I'd like recently but been keeping up with the 1 free summon and have gotten rather lucky over all I'd say, managed to get Lyn (normal lyn not the brave heroes one which was 100%, her iv is neutral) and Ike (+atk - spd) back to back, got a Soren a few summons back and a sometime can remember when, I ake this for compensation for getting to 5.5% on the Focus:CYL top 8 (block A) spent all my orbs trying to get a damn hector and as f2p ended up not even getting a single 5* before the banner ended, those were dark days
  14. Official Pull Topic

    This is the 1st tempest trails where Ive not had a 40% bonus unit, last few days just been playing with Alm for 20% but as f2p I decided to saving my orbs up to spend on a banner coming up that i like the look of, have about 100 orbs but decided to go for one of the bonus units - had fully intended on spending all my orbs but got rather lucky - this is the result of my 1st attempt (I always complete a full summon fyi)
  15. Official Pull Topic

    One free summon you say - lets take a shot in the dark Sorry about the bad screenshot - didnt realize it was so bad until I went to upload it lol -atk +def - Ive far too many of my 5* as -atk :( lol