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  1. Not quite as impressive as some here but I finished at rank 36,377 overall 4k feathers
  2. Congratz to everyone here still powering through, I got to 50k for the seal and I've not actually attempted this mode since - gone back to levelling one of each unit up to 40 again. I will say however that I find the Tempest Trials have improved my overall competence at the game, I have found that I def. die less in arena now, I did play Fire emblem awakening (far too much) with permadeath and on hard-lunatic (played it a few times over) and I have the FIre Emblem fates Limited edition - so I may be a relatively new player to the franchise I do know my way about the games - but I think Heroes being a mobile game made me think - not exactly less of it but not on the same level as a "proper" game, my characters couldnt die like they could any other time I played a fire emblem game, so I know I personally removed some of my strategic thinking from the game and mostly went all out offensive - if a unit died then so be it, but these trials definitively made me put more effort into the game, trying to get the most from each run, very good addition in my opinion.
  3. Id say my goals are pretty standard - trying to level atleast 1 of each unit to 40, aiming for 4*, then if i ever get a surplus of feathers 5* the really usefull ones, but that'll prob. Never happen lol, il end up mostly with 4* units because any excess feathers atm are being used to 5* units with good skill I can inherit onto my main team. Decided to have a quick count and I've gotten 44 seperate heroes to level 40 - a handfull are sitting in the high 30s a few in the low 30s and couple in around the 20s atm
  4. Now that I got quickened pulse I can go back to leveling some of the new units I got.
  5. Stayed in Tier 14 this time around
  6. Quickend pulse is officially mine now, just hit the magical 50k
  7. Every blue unit I'm actually hoping for her - not a 5* haha
  8. I'l admit it is just collection purposes - I'd like to keep 1 of each.... my reasoning being - just cus xD
  9. Thanks for the info - I'l bookmark her for desperation when I get it ( I need alot of shannas for everyone I have that needs desperation ....or sacrifice my last Navarre lol) - same with Life and Death 20K feather investment :-/ - I can throw fury 3 on her though in the meantime (have loads of hinatas it seems)
  10. So I managed to get a Athena (-def +hp) yesterday, any good SI you can suggest - I generally have a look at the wiki before but I dont really have the recommended IVs for either build so thought I'd just ask here
  11. Just broke 45k - Quickened Pulse will be mine Haven't used any Stamina potions (yet) but I've been thinking as a F2P player when I get the final 5K would it be worth my while to burn through some potions for orbs I have 73 potions so thats not really an issue, but it's running the Trials so many times over again - those 15 orbs wont even be a full summon....but can you really turn down a stamina to orbs trade?
  12. Just got my 1st perfect run :) scores sitting at 42k
  13. Personally I summon all 5 - F2P I dont want to (or can afford to) waste too many orbs lol
  14. Just hit the 40k mark - getting closer to that final main reward :)
  15. Another week past another summoning - 4 3* and 1 4*, one new unit 3* - hana,raigh,lissa,odin 4* - Camilla, new unit iv -def +res Decided to do a 2nd summon - 5* Athena -def +hp 4* Boey - def + res Florina 3* - Barte,Lonqu