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  1. Grand Hero Battle Arvis

    Finally managed to beat Lunatic with Celica, B!Lucina, PA!Olivia and 4* Anna. My account is fairly new and I have limited access to good units/SI but it worked out in the end thankfully. I'm not sure whether I even want to attempt Infernal though. Two copies of Arvis should be enough. One I'll keep but probably only use for TT if he's a bonus unit since I have two strong 5* red mages with Celica and Lilina already and the other I'll use as Def Ploy fodder in the future.
  2. So I got my pity rate broken by a Soren with bad IVs recently and the sight of him annoys me, which is why I want to get rid of him and use him as Watersweep fodder. +SPD/-DEF PA!Olivia or +ATK/-DEF Celica seem to be my best options at the moment. Should I go with one of them or wait for a better recipient?
  3. Official Pull Topic

    My free summon ended up being a 3* +SPD/-ATK Shanna and she will most definitely end up being Desperation fodder. Pulled out after since every other orb was colorless. Really unsure whether I should pull on this banner or not. I have about 60 orbs saved up but I might just spend those on the Performing Arts banner since I only got Olivia from it and the free TT/GHB units seem more interesting.
  4. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    Berkut is not necessarily a bad villain but he's overrated and I don't get why everyone's hyping up his voice actor so damn much.
  5. I'm having a lot of fun with my second account I made around the time the starter support orbs started rolling in. My goal for this account is to only use the starter trio, HB, GHB, Tempest Trials and free summon units and keep accumulating orbs until I reach like 1k maybe. I was inspired by someone on reddit who did the same thing but started at launch. I purposely rerolled for a 4* Klein with +ATK/-DEF IVs since he was my first 5* on my original account and I felt nostalgic + I can't stand the sight of Virion lol~ I've mostly been using him, Olivia and the starter trio so far. Alfonse and Sharena are already at 4*, Anna will follow once I've gathered 2k feathers again. I'm in the process of figuring out decent SI builds for them with the free units available so any help would be appreciated. I'm already at around 200 orbs and I haven't even beaten half of the story maps so far. Can't wait for some of the better GHB units like Xander, Camus and Ursula to return to beat PVE content more easily. Hopefully I won't get tempted by CYL. I only intend to spend orbs any time soon in case they release special versions of my favorite archers (Leon and Niles), mage Lucius, Pent, Louise, Orochi or Aversa/Nuibaba (although the latter 2 would most likely be GHB units).
  6. Haha yes true. Funny how Gordin was actually my favorite archer until Klein came along, looks like I had a thing for brave archers from the get go. I'd argue that Gordin at least kept his niche as a defense tank though, Leon was the one that truly powercreeped him.
  7. Sacred stones banner

    My poor Klein is crying in a corner over getting powercreeped by yet another archer. At least he still has 1 more ATK at +ATK than neutral Innes so hope you all pull him with shitty natures. lol jk.
  8. God Valter's art looks amazing. Can't wait for his GHB and really excited for Narcian's return as well.
  9. SoV is my absolute favorite FE game and has been from the first few hours of my first playthrough. During my second and third playthrough, however, I have started to become less and less fond of the story and certain events in Act 4 and 5. Nowhere near as bad as Fates though and I still hold the story in high regards compared to other games. I also have to agree with opinions on Palla and Catria. They have always turned out rather mediocre for me so whenever I see them at the top of SoV tier lists I'm always like hmmm.
  10. I was wondering if there are any units that actually prefer having neutral IVs and not have any of their stats tinkered with. I know there's arguments for Olivia and Merric (or at least have been in the past, I'm a returning player) but are there any others?
  11. Leon is amazing and with how bad this game's map design is, especially on Celica's route, he's invaluable for the sheer fact that archers have crazy range. His growths are so average in all areas that he can end up anywhere from one of the best to one of the worst units on the roster stat-wise. My Leons always end up Atk-blessed but Spd-screwed so there's that. Overall, my personal bias for him aside since he is one of my favourites, he definitely deserves a 8/10. Can't really add much to what has already been said about Luthier. He pales in comparison to Kliff and Delthea and his only niche as a unit focusing on crits is off-set by his shitty stats. 4/10.
  12. Skill Inheritance Discussion.

    His default set isn't too bad. You should place emphasis on compensating for his low Attack with an appropriate A skill. Literally anything works but Life and Death/Death Blow/Fury are probably best. Then you can give him Reciprocal Aid/Ardent Sacrifice and Moonbow to complete his skill set.
  13. Official Pull Topic

    So I summoned again and got another non-focus 5* - Leo with a +Atk/-Def nature. Definitely better than the -Atk Leo I had before but he's just not that good outside of horse emblem unfortunately and I don't see myself running said team comp anytime soon. That is definitely it for this banner for me. Sad I didn't get my hands on any of the new characters but I'm more interested in Celica and her army anyway. At least I got a 4* Palla and 3* Hinata for Moonbow and Fury fodder though.
  14. We need a more diverse roster of 3*s

    I can only encourage you people to send IS feedback by using the customer support feature. I actually suggested a more diverse 3* pool a while ago and it still baffles me why they did not add arguably mediocre units like Lachesis and Rebecca as 3*s after their focus banners.
  15. Official Pull Topic

    60 orbs spent and got a bad IV 5* Fae and all 3 and 4 star dupes. Fed Fae to my Eirika to give her Renewal 3. Guess I'm gonna have to use Navarre next arena season unfortunately so just gonna slap a low budget A skill on him like Attack +3 and Moonbow.