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  1. @Dragoncat
  2. Ok so, sorry guys but I have absolutely no idea how to introduce Xandra, can someone help me please? Again, sorry -.-
  3. I'm in, I'm not the person to give up (Unless someone gives me food, then I will give up as soon as possible)
  4. @Dragoncat
  5. the real question is @Rezzy HAVE YOU?!
  6. the real question is @Flee Fleet! CAN YOU?!
  7. @Dragoncat
  8. Between Est and Ymir? Hmm, I pick Est
  9. This is confusing, I thought you were last so by being first I just picked someone, If Stryker wants someone I picked then I'll just pick again
  10. I'll take Est and Ymir, also @StrykerZ you forgot to edit the post
  11. I'll take Etzel and Tomas
  12. Striker you picked Linde, why does Sturm have her, also now to try to find the non trash units!!! And you misspelled Caesar Elice and Roger
  13. We gotta decide which difficulty star
  14. omg this is so confusing Merric