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  1. I needed another one Character and Origin: Sophia, FE 6 Image: Text: Sophia Style (either SF or Eientei): SF
  2. It's great anyway, thanks.
  3. Are you still doing this? Character and Origin: Sophia, FE 6 Image: Text: Sophia Style (either SF or Eientei): SF Also I would prefer for the background to be purple. Thanks .>.
  4. The Hunger Games are a ripoff of Geneology of The Holy War, because they both have child hunts. Fates Selena is a ripoff of Saki Myo from Yandere Simulator, they both have twin tails.
  5. Think it's good now
  6. @NoahStratos If you check right, Base Stats are 8, Growths are 16, so I was going for an Est. And yeah, Luck +4 is ok.
  7. This sounds really cool, I'm not the best at remembering stuff, especially RP's. But I'll try. Tell me if I messed up something.
  8. Shaman/Druid Reason: SOPHIA
  9. You already have the whitewings, so why not have the Macedonian royalty? In the ending of FE 12 Michalis departs to conquer another country (Some people believe it). Maria's ending is extremely vague, so she could have left the convent at any time. Minerva is the biggest problem, if Michalis lives then she claims the throne of Macedon. However in FE 3 B2 she abandons Macedon and works alongside Maria at Lena's monastary, so, like Maria, she could have left at any time. As for names, Rhajat could be named Silver, as "Rajat" in hindi means Silver. If you decide to use Erika, Erina would be the most obvious solution. As for Selena maybe Fildelia? As it is an adaptacion of the latin word "Fidelitas" which means Loyalty.
  10. New Mystery, SD was WAY to easy, while New Mystery actually made me restart sometimes save states. Plus New Mystery had supports to flesh out the characters a bit more, althought not much, it was still something. I also loved Yubello, So Mystery by a long shot.
  11. Oh boy... *ORANGE EMBLEM: THE ORANGING* Staff users have garbage base stats and cannot level up, In addition they all come at level one and cannot promote. The only cleric that can earn experience and level up joins in the final chapter. To get the best ending this cleric must be Level 20 by the end of the game. Oh and I forgot to mention, every staff gives 10 EXP. Pegasus Knights, Falcon Knights, Heroes, Armor Knights, Generals, Cavaliers, Paladins, Troubadours, Valkeries, Lords, Pirates, Berserkers, Fighters and Warriors now wield swords as their solo weapon of choice. Axe Cavaliers and Great Knights are the only classes that wield Axes, they are enemy only. Soldiers are the only ones that wield Lances, there is one playable soldier, and he has garbo stats. There are new weapons! Or should I say a bunch of new swords! Like the Renewal Sword that heals the user after combat! Or the Imbued Sword that boost the magic of the wielder by a whole 1! Oh and don't forget the Res-Taker sword, has one might and doesn't have any other effects! These are just some of many other Swords! The Avatar is an amazing developed character, with a fascinating backstory and personality and actually has flaws! He's playable in the prologue alongside the main lord. In chapter one he becomes the tactician and you are given the perfect, flawless and flatter than paper red headed Lord with some Abs showing. The Fire Emblem has no impact to the story, but a random shield found in the ground in the middle of a chapter called the Orange Emblem can destroy the world. Marriage is back.
  12. /join not exactly danganronpa but this will do Could you please explain the voting phase better?
  13. You think Lena is bad? Ha! Just wait till you get Maria, I mean I love her but goddamn are those bases trash. Her growths are a bit higher than Lena's And Wrys but not enough to compensate for her bases.
  14. He hates being called out because of liking Conquest. Nope, I sleep like an Angel.