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  1. And what happens in voting?
  2. Hmm, sure, why not? Count me in. When are you starting this? (Plz not immediately, I have to go soon)
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  4. SO... Is this going to have character growths and level ups or not?
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  6. Name: Xandra, Crazy Prodigy Class: Thunder Mage Skill: Crazy Risk [10% chance of dealing double damage, 10% chance of hurting herself] Appearance:Bright and messy ginger hair, has a yellow T-shirt with a black "X" on it, orange gloves, a rainbow tutu, orange witch boots and has a big yellow cape with an "X" markd on it, she usually puts a faint pink makeup thing (I don't remember how it's called) around one of her eyes. Personality: She does not like to be treated like a child, she believes that every single children can survive on their own, because she herself has survived on her own. She hardly simpatizes with adults, being rude to them, but being kind and nice to children. She is willing to fight for what she wants and will kill her enemy without regrets. Some of the things she does can be considered "crazy" by many, but she always says that every action she does has a meaning. History: She was traumatized after seeing both her parents suiciding in front of her when she was only 5 years old in the Continent-War. After disappearing for 8 years, she appeared at Cilae to dedicate herself to studies, after being rejected because of being to young, she started casting thunders so powerfull that she had to be accepted. Some time later she became the youngest teacher of Cilae.
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  8. Ok, count me in.
  9. So 4 turns per Undrafted unit that joins the chapter?
  10. Questions: What is the "4 turn penalty"? If I read this right, we can only take 20 Turns per chapter?
  11. Hmm I'm still not busy right now, but when "Test week" as we call it begins, my time will go mostly to studies... I pick uh... Option 2, we need more people to make this work. Thanks for being here while it lasted Flee Fleet! Mono you are now my idol
  12. I'm new to this so I don't know who you were paired with already And I'm not reading all of this Lester
  13. So I saw @CtrlAltSandwich's Original thread and I liked it a lot, so I decided to make one myself. I decided to make one for one of my favorite characters, Yumina.
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