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  1. That odd interaction between Silas and Camilla is an another unfortunate change made by Treehouse. In the original A support, Silas doesn't say that he is in love with Camilla, only that he was jealous that Corrin had siblings that cared for him. It ends with Camilla doting on him and asking that he call her Big Sister. It does leave things open for developing a future relationship, but there's nothing as cut and dry as Treehouse's version. Some have speculated that Treehouse was uncomfortable with Camilla's obsession with Corrin so they tried to soften it by having her be in love with someone else. Whether that's true or not I can't say, but it does make the A support rather odd.
  2. [RELEASE] Fates: Conquest Story Overhaul Patch

    I have limited free time, so I'd rather put that creative energy to work on re-writing the Revelations route. In order to transcribe a working script from the program I use, I would need to copy and paste the twenty or so individual sub-chapters, arrange them so they were chronologically consistent, then go in and manually review each section to edit out the remaining artifacts the game uses to process in-game events. This would need to be done for every chapter. Additionally, this is intended to be experienced as audiovisual media. There are moments, especially in latter chapters, that will completely lose their emotional impact if restricted to simple text. This is why I've gone through the effort of uploading the chapter videos, so people who do not wish to mod their 3DS can still experience the story in its completeness.
  3. [RELEASE] Fates: Conquest Story Overhaul Patch

    Thank you! I'm very curious to see what you think by the end! I'm working on a Revelations re-write so I unfortunately have my hands too full to parse the script from the programming language. However, you can find find the uploaded chapters here, which also include the vocal and musical changes that add to the experience. Once I'm done with Rev (and possibly BR) I'll see about going back and creating it in a script format!
  4. [RELEASE] Fates: Conquest Story Overhaul Patch

    New patch added! I also added a link to the playlist which contains all the uploaded chapters for those not wishing to mod their 3DS.
  5. Fates Fanfiction Central (Spoilers)

    This seems like a good thread to mention that I completed a Fates: Conquest re-write gamehack in the Fan Project section of the forums. Conquest Story Overhaul Patch. If you don't have a CFW capable 3DS but would still like to see some of the changes, I've uploaded the scenes from the first 10 chapters.
  6. [RELEASE] Fates: Conquest Story Overhaul Patch

    Updated OP with New Trailer and link to latest download, which fixes a few spacing issues. Check the main page for more details!
  7. ROM Hack and Fan Game Directory

    I've finished a Fates:Conquest story re-write. Can I get it added to the list? Link
  8. [RELEASE] Fates: Conquest Story Overhaul Patch

    I've made some significant updates to the original post over at GBATemp, which will give a greater overview of the changes. I have also recorded the first few chapters in case you would like to see the changes without having to mod your 3ds! Link to the first chapter is here.
  9. Fire Emblem Fates: Good Guy Garon Edition TRAILER & RECORDED CHAPTERS HERE HEAD HERE FOR THE LATEST PATCH AND UPDATE NOTES: MAIN THREAD To use this modification you will need to either have CFW and Luma3DS installed, or another method to modify the game's core files. Information: Chapter Videos: Overview of Changes (Mild Spoilers Within): Download (Updated 1/02/18): Installation: (via Luma LayeredFS) Special Thanks: SecretiveCactus for their Fire Emblem Conversation Editor thane98 for their Fire Emblem Fate’s Editor DeathChaos25 for their Fates ROM Hacking General Thread
  10. Question: Does anyone know the in-game model ID# for Bölverk? It'd be Wep_ax000 or something similar. Thank you!
  11. What Should Conquest have been like?

    Conquest is frustrating because it has so much potential to be a good game. Running through the script you can see areas that could easily have been tightened up that would link to create a beautiful (and tragic) world. The best stories involve the interplay of strong themes and create lasting impressions through epic and quiet moments and characters. Twists by themselves amount to nothing if the reader has not been invested properly. Similarly, antagonists serve to propel the story along while also (if properly written) create an investment in the hero's journey and sweep up the reader, however this does not have to be limited to them being evil for evil's sake, which was the route Conquest chose. The most iconic villains have glimpses of humanity and can cause us to empathize with them even while we hate their guts. All this to say, I think Garon is woefully written and casts a shadow on everything he touches, which, unfortunately, is almost the entire game. This is infuriating because there are SO many themes to work with. Family/Honor, Sacrifice/Retribution, The perils of naivety in a broken world, Patriotism/Fanaticism. Making Garon a more sympathetic character focused on Nohr creates a more compelling narrative for the reader and leads to a much more powerful finale. My changes to the script are as follows, however please note that while these are mostly positively alignment changes for Garon, the overwhelming interactions with him inside the game remain negative until the end. --- (Pre-Game Backstory) -Trade agreement between Nohr and Hoshido exists, with Nohr supplying weapons/iron and Hoshido supplying food. Famine is believed to be spreading from Nohr to Hoshido, causing Hoshido to focus on it's citizens/store food/adopt isolationism. -Nohr has begun to starve without the food from Hoshido. Attempts to cultivate other food sources fail, leaving Garon (who has immense pride in Nohr and is just at the time) broken and desperate. He supplicates first to the Dark Dragon, then to the Light Dragon, then finally to any and every deity good and evil for aid. Enter Anankos who begins to corrupt Garon, whispering words of war and preying on his feelings of duty to Nohr. Provides him power and encourages him to attack Hoshido. -After killing Sumeragi and taking Corrin, Garon feels himself changing, slipping into madness, with the intensity of Anankos' hold on him exploding when he sees the child. He knows whatever is whispering to him wants Corrin for it's devices, so in a moment of lucidity he orders them kept in the Northern Fortress. While he allows visitors, Garon himself never comes to visit in fear of the madness gripping him again. Instructs Corrin to be raised so they may fight for the glory of Nohr. (Chapters 1-5) -Garon has slipped much, much further into madness. Outbursts of crazed laughter are common, particularly when it comes to defending Nohr (i.e., his glee in ordering the execution of the spies). When Corrin prevents the execution of Kaze he is unhinged, threatening to kill Corrin and anyone else who would threaten Nohr or give aid to it's enemies. Xander curses Corrin's naivety and his offer to execute the prisoners is met with enthusiastic approval, exceeded only by Garon's perverse laughter when Leo intercedes instead. With the prisoners dead (to him), Garon returns to relative normal and admonishes Corrin for putting Nohr at risk, stating Hoshido cannot be trusted and as a royal of Nohr they should remember that. On his way out, Garon instructs Xander to educate Corrin about the ways of the world. Corrin wants a perfect world but Xander mentions the trade war and it's impact on the kingdom. Sympathetic but unconvinced, Corrin muses about living together in peace. -Garon, in a relatively benevolent mood, rebuffs himself for his expectations of Corrin. Having been in a tower their whole lives, they could not appreciate the glory of Nohr, having never truly seen it. He instructs the royal siblings to take Corrin on a tour of the land, however, upon Iago's objections. his attitude changes and in a crazed fit of giggles he agrees Corrin should go alone. At the border, Hans uses the presence of Hoshidan soldiers as a pretense to attack, suggesting they are a scouting party attempting to invade. After the battle, Hans does not mention it was Garon who ordered the attack, just that he was simply following orders. (Conquest) Going to be more general from here because I've spent way too much time on this already -When Corrin returns Garon looks almost pained when he notices the Yato, remarking negatively before bitterly dismissing it and the prophecy of saving the world. As the game progresses we see Garon occasionally attempt to resist the allure of Anankos' madness, arguing with himself and being contradictory. He treats Corrin's successes as triumphs, remarking on how they serve the glory of Nohr. -It is revealed by the rainbow sage (who had originally sealed the Yato in Hoshido) that he spoke with Garon during the king's pilgrimage and that they discussed something other than power. The rainbow sage mentions that he tried to stop the madness but could only delay it. -In Valla, Azura explains that she had tried to cure Garon of the influence of Anankos by her dance/song, but that it was impossible. She shows Corrin the image of Garon, stating his heart is gone and that he must be destroyed before he destroys Nohr. Corrin rejects this, believing their father is still inside somewhere. Corrin quickly remember Mikoto's words regarding the Hoshido throne, that those who sit on it regain their true form of mind. Corrin resolves not to tell their siblings as any difference in attitude they showed to their father would be detected. Together they move to take the throne, however Corrin is still naive and believes they can take it peacefully. -Garon becomes completely unhinged after the reveal, with Corrin mentally pleading with him to hold on during their interactions. Many chapters of terrible and awful Garon actions later, when Garon ascends the throne we see a hopeful exuberance from Corrin and Azura. After entering the throne room we get the Gooron cutscene, it obviously did not work. However while his body is under Anankos' control, his mind still fights and pleads with the siblings to destroy him before Anankos takes complete control and causes ruin. -Swamp Thing -Takumi, enraged by Ryoma's death and the assault on Hoshido, calls upon the power of Anankos in his rage so that he can destroy the Nohrian scum. Further possession ensues and he states he will not be satisfied with just them, but will destroy the entire Nohrian Kingdom and everyone in it. Corrin passes out after the attack. In the dream, Mikoto and Ryoma play out as normal but instead of Takumi joining them as a surprise guest, it is King Garon. We are treated to a bittersweet moment as the King encourages each of his children in a matter that speaks directly counter to their vices (i.e., Elise is so grown up, Leo stands out, Camilla is loved, Xander will be a wise ruler). Corrin is perhaps most distraught, having sacrificed so much for nothing but Garon is thankful for these few moments and remarks of how proud he is to have Corrin as a Nohrian, and as his child. Garon reveals that when he went to the Rainbow sage they spoke of the prophecy and the Yato, with the sage planting hidden knowledge of the location inside. He'd always believed that Corrin would be the one to save the world, and had been subtly suggesting that Anankos bring them there. He implores Corrin to take up the Yato, his gift, and protect Nohr, with gentle prodding from Mikoto leading him to also include protecting Hoshido. Corrin vows to defend Nohr and it's citizens even if it means slaying their brother. (I cannot tell you how disappointed I was that they did not include Good King Garon in the dream) --- What I like about this is that it manages to give the player a positive goal to work for (We've got save our dad!) instead of a negative one (We've got to..kill our dad?) and rewards the player for completing the game with emotional closure. It also removes the stench of evil for evil's sake about Nohr while still giving plenty to wax philosophically about (Is a war ever justified?) and creates growth in Corrin from starry eyed dreamer to a person who must kill to protect their homeland. This obviously changes Garon from the unlovable monster in the original, but I'm a sucker for redemption stories and tragic father figures.
  12. Hello! I'm trying to fix the fates storyline to make it more bearable, but since this is my first time doing any significant hacking I want to make sure I have my steps right. It's my understanding that I need to: 1) Either dump or decrypt the CIA on my 3ds to my PC 2) Extract the CIA onto my PC 3) Edit the text via FE Tools or FE Conversation Editor 4) Take whatever changes I made and make a patch/apply it to the game. This part I'm pretty fuzzy on. 5) Celebrate! Does that sound about right, or am I missing something? Also if I can get a little help with step 4 that would be fantastic! Thank you!