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  1. Fate/Grand Order General

    Probs gonna spend a lot of my quartz on the JAlter banner. (Not sure if I'd spend all of it, but I'm definitely doing at least one 10-roll.) She's pretty hard to fit into my teams, though, since Nero!Bride is so much better for Archer Artoria even with the longer CD on her Atk up---since targeted Golden Rule is obscene with Artoria's refill. (It also helps that 50% stargen on the Atk up means even an Arts NP will rain stars.) Well, we'll see.
  2. Official Pull Topic

    My only complaint with this pull is that I already had a off-banner Innes with the exact same nature. (+Spd/-Def) Jakob is +Atk/-Def though, which is amazing, so I'll probably try to find a bold fighter fodder for him sometime.
  3. Personally my gripe with the mode is still the same as before---it's actually even worse now, since it feels like unit starting locations aren't consistent across relay sub-teams anymore. That is, 1,2,3,4,5 of your first relay team doesn't have the same spawn locations as the 1,2,3,4,5 of your second relay team. Which exposes just how annoying the brigade management screen is and the huge lack of the deployment phase for your 2nd, 3rd, and 4th relays. That said, the fact that the mode is a lot easier now meant I could get away with crappy starting locations, since taking the right combats aren't as important. Ended up doing the whole set with almost the same brigade as last time (swapped out Summer Corrin for Cordelia, and reordered the units a few times so Cordelia would spawn next to Flying Azura).
  4. That's what I was referring to with 'the hp changes.' IRRC they just lowered hp across the board.
  5. 5th map gives 1 orb + 500 feathers, now. Edit: Didn't realize this was already brought up, haha. That'll learn me to reply before reading every new post. (Not really.) Also, the higher maps feels a lot easier now for whatever reason. I did 7th and 8th the normal way (that is, I hit people until they died) and it still worked out. Guess the hp changes meant more than I thought.
  6. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    I wouldn't really call the current arena scoring system 'bait,' to be honest. Mostly because a pure performance based Arena would be nightmarish to play---a good offense team piloted by a good player is unbeatable, period, but everything worse than perfect play would be punished hard because the top teams would be those teams that are best at punishing mistakes and leveraging unfair arena maps to win. A system based on BST and skill costs is consistent, clear, and about as fair as possible without rating teams based on performance. I'm personally one of the sufferers of the current system---I'm pretty sure I'm good at the game, but a with a dancer and 2 range horses wouldn't score too high even with +10, and they're +1/+1/+6---but I only suffer because I deliberately chose to 'suffer.' That is, I chose to run the units I like over units that score highly. (And I also hoard resources like crazy, but that's neither here nor there.) It's 'unfair,' in a way, since I'm pretty sure I'm good enough to crush every single arena team with minimal changes to my main team (I'd run a staff in place of Horse!Lyn, since she does need the 4 Atk she's missing to keep up with the highest level of arena, whereas staffs don't give a damn), but there's simply no good way to score people based on performance without making arena hilariously unfun to play for everyone except the ones that are good enough to win every single time. Of course, I imagine top tier arena is also unfun right now---armors & dragon spam is pretty trivial to beat, unless, you know, you're shackled shooting for score rather than performance. But that's a deliberate choice of everyone shooting for T21. (Yeah, you get 1 extra orb/week for it, but there's no way you'll ever get enough return out of it to do the amount of merges and pulls you'd need to get a high scoring team if you didn't have one already.)
  7. As someone who had no trouble with the maps in the first place the only difference is that now I get 1 orb out of the whole set of maps instead of 2, unless there were other reward changes than 7th and 8th to being 3 dueling crests each. I mean, I don't care too much, but I'd much rather have 2 orbs with one of them being harder than normal content than 1 orb without trying.
  8. Oh I didn't give a damn about her staff---it's literally all her flier mobility type that had me stoked. Gravity is so much better than every other staff it's not even funny.
  9. Rein's rated highly because of his combat. Rein's a broken mess of a unit because he has near armor level combat while being a ranged horse. It's the ranged horse part that's broken, not his combat itself. I actually don't care too much about his combat---I run a +1 Horse!Lyn as part of my standard team for Abyssal stuff, and I get away with it because it's not combat that makes horses broken. Healers have actually eclipsed Rein in terms of sheer combat a while ago (you don't need dual phase combat if you have Gravity, since enemy phase capabilities is mostly a positioning tool, and Gravity is comparable if not outright stronger)---it's just that I've never quite been willing to lose reposition to run a healer, especially since horse healers didn't have horse dancers. Edit: I might not be too clear, but essentially Reinhardt's pros, ignoring his combat, are: 1, His excellent personal mobility 2, His excellent team mobility support (horse repo's are damn good) 3, And his access to Type Buffs 1 & 3 combined make him very good at giving and receiving positioning intensive buffs like Ally Support---it's fairly simple to give a 2 range unit an ally support when they're partnered with another 2 range unit, at least in my experience.
  10. New seasonal Banner: Land’s Bounty

    Dark Mystletainn. But yes, IS has historically been very good about future proofing.
  11. Probably going to spend all my spare orbs (+ finally do some of the story maps & chain challenges and whatnot that I've been leaving around) to pull for Mia. I'm personally 'alright' with her as a character, but it's very, very hard for a flying healer to be any less broken than Reinhardt right after SI. (I'd rate her somewhere around 8.5/10 even if she had 1 for all stats, I think---although I'd hate to use her like that.) There simply isn't any tools to deal with healers right now outside of a huge positioning advantage (either via tons of units, weird ass maps, or the player being bad) and flying mobility is the positioning move type. I usually say it's a mobility advantage, but that's just a shorthand like how I treat 2 range weapons as mobility. It doesn't help that fliers have their own god damn dancers---Azura's the main problem here, since she's about as budget as a 5* gets, being both a dancer (usually 5* locked) and having Hone Fliers. The best part is that she's not obviously broken like Reinhardt (who's rated highly for just one of the many, many reasons he's a broken mess), so I doubt IS will be in any hurry to release checks to healers.
  12. DC weapons have niche uses with Breath Effects. Less true now that you can use special fighter + followup weapon or high natural speed, but +2 when being hit is relevant for 4cd skills. (Instantly active when taking a brave hit and suffers a tad less versus guard effects.) Fierce Breath is also more or less trading 4 Atk on defense for 5 hp, which is occasionally worth it. Edit: It also frees you up to run Vantage QR for B and S slot, although that's mostly for defense teams. Not sure why you care about best in slot for armors, though. Their combat will be stellar no matter what you do with them---combat was never an armor's weak point.
  13. Brave Weapons, the 1 dancer that's allowed, enemy phase combats, and the fact that you don't actually need double your unit count in unit-turns, so it's fine if your Galeforces aren't up every single turn. I don't remember the reinforcement counts, but the enemy starts with 8 units and you start with 5, so 3 Galeforce triggers is already enough to one turn wipe, but you don't need to force the one turn wipe if you don't want to or can't. It's fine to pick people off with enemy phase combats before you fully commit, which both charges your Galeforce and ideally lowers the enemy count. The best way to think of it might be to look at default Cordelia---that is, the TA3, Galeforce, Brave Weapon build---she can either: x4 a lance\blue dragon, eating a counter, and trigger Galeforce straight up. Counter-kill a red melee and then trigger Galeforce on player phase, thanks to the extra special charge. Tank a red mage hit, kill that mage, then get danced to kill someone else. Which triggers her galeforce. Mind, TA-3 Brave Weapon Galeforce is still a weird ass set---it's deceptively strong, but Slaying Lance L&D has such a strong neutral matchup on both phases that I don't feel like TA-3 Brave is worth it unless you're on a very tight budget.
  14. Oh no, you can do an offensive +0 run too. It's just expensive as hell due to Galeforce being unlocked at 5*s, which is basically a merge's worth of resources per Galeforce. The key about offensive teams is that you always pick your matchups, so you can, if needed, pick for color advantage and damage type advantage (that is, you hit a red with low def with a blue physical), the problem is that the stat inflation means your neutral matchups will be pretty bad---you still won't die in most of them, because the enemy units are running default sets, but 2 rounds of combat will probably kill you---so you need Galeforce to kill almost everyone or else your front line breaks. But being able to choose your fights is why during my arena binge a whiles back my team could get away with using level 1 A-slots---offensive units don't actually need all that much BST to kill people, it's avoiding being killed that needs BST. Beyond that, a simple Hone Type is 15 merges worth of offensive stats. (+6/+6 versus +4/+4 for 10 merges), so a high mobility team won't have a problem at +0 so long as it's fully kitted out. The main problem with an offensive strategy in Relay Defense is turn generation, not combat limitations, and only because you start outnumbered and they get reinforcements without losing their field units. (If you kept your field units and got reinforcements the mode would be trivial, though, so that makes sense.) Hence Galeforce.