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  1. Another fairly easy chapter, although too bad Camilla got like 10% of what feels like a hundred mooks or something on this map. (I did get both Nyx and Niles to 15, though, and Selena's bulk is pretty great again---too bad her offenses are forever dumpstered unless I staple a Rally bot to her.) I also feel kind of stupid now, since this map had like 20 Pass Falcon Knights I could've used. (You'd still need to train up your own pass units in no castle visit runs* & the ones you train up get +1 move, but in a run like mine it's pretty easy to just capture like 6 on this map and be set on Pass forever.) *Since it's kind extremely useful to have your jail free before you do Ryoma's map. Only got like half a moral reset (not expecting Hinoka to change winds before I use a dragon vein meant that my turn 2 was 40% awful) for the run, which was nice. No crashes or normal resets. Like always now that my free time's pretty limited again, gonna be a while before I post the chapter.
  2. Fate/Grand Order General

    The being unable to say offensive things thing is mostly because the absolute number of idiots increases as the total population increases, even if the proportion of idiots decreases. Generally speaking, if a country has a large population it's probably because their population in the aggregate is doing something right, so the per capita amount of idiots goes down as population goes up, but because the population goes up the total amount of idiots goes up despite that. With access to good communication and transportation it then means that you're more easily exposed to said population, hence why getting stuff like your real name and address getting exposed online is pretty dangerous, since it only takes one retard who cares enough to fuck up your day to fuck up your day, and there's a lot of idiots that have the ability to get to wherever you live, these days. That said, when you say stuff when you're just walking around or whatever the population thing doesn't apply, since the number of idiots per square mile tends to go down over time---it's just that the number of square miles that can be considered to have 'easy access' to wherever you are goes up over time, so it's a bit dangerous if you leave your personal info in random places online. If you're just talking in public then the people who have access to you are pretty much just the people within 20 or so meters of you. If you're talking online then pretty much your entire country has access to you, and big countries have a lot of idiots. Mind, this is all just theory crafting---that is, this is how I expect the world would work given what I understand about it. It's not like I actually tried to deliberately mess people up by exposing their addresses or whatever and posting under their names to get idiots riled up. It's just that it seems like it'd be really easy to do that if I wanted to.
  3. I'm not 100% sure, but I believe Xander was in range of Takumi's Ballista for this screenshot. Takumi's Ballista is only 30 MT, so Xander wasn't going to care about it anyway. Mind, the 'right' way for my team to do Hinata's pack was to just abuse my better mobility and kill all of them in one player phase (since I can threaten them without being threatened back), but it would've been pretty shaky for me to grab the 2 Rally mooks if I went down that path, hence why Xander charged in to thin things out a bit.
  4. *Spoilers* I probably won't be using Pass at all. *Spoilers* Pass is mostly for 1 or 2 turn clears for the final map, when you're low on budget and usable units but happen to have 1 really strong unit (if you aren't a masochist Corrin easily fills this role) and Hexing Rod. Hexing Rod is only available as a 1,800 point reward for visitor points in Conquest, IRRC. I have like 800 visitor points right now. I'm mostly leveling my pass mooks as a backup plan in case I decide I'd rather do 250-340 castle visits than actually min-max my team for the endgame maps. (Hexing Rod works vs. Dragonskin, IRRC, but I already have a plan for taking on Takumi's 75 hp worth of Vengeance without needing to trivialize the maps with Hexing Rod and Pass abuse.)
  5. Chapter 23: Pre-Map Planning: I'll be honest, I have a feeling the difficulty will be going down rather than up for the maps after this, if only because my units are going to be flooded in stats for the chapters that matter. (+6 stats from Rallies and Tonics are pretty ridiculous.) The map is pretty straightforward---it's basically a Birthright map, the difficulty comes from enemy stats rather than map weirdness. If you're willing to use a Freeze staff the only difficult pack of the map is trivialized as well. Objectives: 10,000G, Boots, Goddess Icon, 3 Rally Mooks (technically 4, but more on why I'm not getting all 4 later). The Goddess Icon is guaranteed, and the 10k & Boots are pretty trivial. The Rally mooks will be a bigger problem, mostly because 2 of the 3 are stapled to Hinata's pack, and those mooks are basically walls of stats. The Rally guy is cool, and note how his stats are pretty damn good relative to my team, meaning I don't lose any combat for swapping him in place of one of my 2nd stringers. Also note how enemy units tend to have fairly high hp relative your own mooks, so they're quite good at being bulky as long as you're using the 2HKO'd = bulky definition. These guys are the real gems, though. Their bulk is 'only' 22 Def, 16 Res, but their offensive stats are stellar and being Spear Master means that they have an invisible 10 dodge, so they effectively have 31 Luck when it comes to avoiding critical hits. The main problem of using capture'd units is how they're all basically Arthur, but Spear Master mooks side-step the whole issue with their +10 dodge. The S-rank in spears is also great for Dual Naginata stuff---WTA is 2 damage, 20% hit at S-rank, and dual weapons double that. (S-rank is also 3 Atk, 10 hit when using spears.) They are foot locked losers, though, but you can't have everything. The back side is identical, so technically you can grab 4 excellent Rally mooks on this map. I don't bother since it's a duplicate + it'd probably cost me a freeze staff to grab the last one. Front side is typical Counter Archer we've seen everywhere. Back side is this asshole. He has 14 more ATK than the front side thanks to using a better weapon & Life and Death. Don't forget the 18% crit. (If it wasn't for the fact that Takumi is even more outrageous this guy would be the Takumi of the map.) Note the Duelist's Blow + Seal Def. It's so that you can't get around the Seal Def by counter-killing unless you have a lot of accuracy. You can just freeze staff him for simplicity, though. (Enfeeble doesn't work if you're trying to AI manipulate by making him do the least damage, because nobody else has Quick Draw, so he'll still have the best damage.) Hinata doesn't matter. He has something like Sol + Armored Blow so he's hard to kill, but as long as you take care not to trigger his 50% counter most of your tanks should be fine to pull the pack. He even helps you out with Armored Blow---his 50% counter is only Axes, Swords, and Lances, so you'll actually have to try to drop him below 50% when he initiates on you. This mook should give you an idea of the melee mooks on this map. Hard to counter kill + Lunge means that you have to take multiple enemy phase combats. (This is another one of those maps that's 'gently' nudging you to use offensive teams.) The Basaras are basically the Mechanists of this map. Technically they do things, but they're mostly on the map to give your under-leveled mooks exp. Occasionally they have Rallies and such, but honestly, who cares. Typical archer mook. Very high crit (not even Bronze + Pair-up sees 0% at this point), and fairly high offenses to back the crit rate up. And also the whole counter to make killing them annoying & Lunge to make baiting them annoying thing. S-rank bows means this is a Sword-breaker and Tome-breaker. Beyond that this guy's only an issue because of his 23% crit chance. Takumi's Ballista has like 30 MT and 130 accuracy or something. Note how the ballistas cover basically the whole map. I don't mind the damage (I don't actually care about the bulk of most of my units), but I do mind how it makes getting accurate threat ranges so much more annoying, since you have to manually select people. Unless you do some Entrap Shenanigans you have to get onto the wall from the left 2 stairs, which leaves you in range of these Lunge mooks. Who occasionally have 2-range weapons & effective damage. The fact that he Lunges with 2-range means that there's not a lot of squares where you can take all 3 Lunge combats and remain out of range of Oboro's pack. (But there is at least one---right to the left of the Ballista works, for example.) Oboro's mooks also have Lunge, so if you fight one on EP you fight them all on EP. (I'm pretty sure Lunge completes even if you counter-kill if the back side is alive, but don't quote me on that.) Seal Atk is very interesting, seeing how it'll basically never matter. Note how the front and back side both use 2-range weapons by default, so it's pretty easy to use these 2 to spam Savage Blow on Oboro's pack. Oboro herself has Luna, Counter, and basically 50 Atk versus most of your units. Best to chip her a bit with a 2-range unit and then OHKO to ignore Counter. (Note that Counter only works if you attack into them---it doesn't work if Oboro attacks into you. That said, I'm not too sure face-tanking Luna is a good idea.) Back side technically exists. This guy also technically exists. Careful with the double Seal & Lunge---don't fight too close to Takumi. I have no idea why enemy stats are so weird. Most people are actual threats and then there are entire classes that are complete jokes. Typical Sniper to round out Takumi's entourage. Say hi to Mr. OHKO. He OHKOs your entire team. You need some serious stat stacking to see 0% crit versus 26% base (unless you do stuff like using Vanguard's hilariously broken +15 dodge skill---Vanguard's DLC, though), and if you don't see 0% crit then he can just crit your face off with a special proc. (I'm not 100% sure, but I believe you do, in fact, triple special proc damage when you crit, so yeah.) Bowfaire means that he has 51 damage, and unless you can see something like 0 damage despite that he's probably fully capable of killing you in a single Rend Heaven crit. He also has Vengeance just to make doubly sure he triggers specials all the time. Your best bet is to ORKO him with someone that has a full Shield Gauge. (From killing his mooks.) Aside from that your second best bet is to have Corrin face tank him with Dragonstone+, debuffing with Draconic Hex, and then finishing him off by stacking enough Luck to see 0% crit. (Vengeance and Rend Heaven should do similar damage unless you really fuck up combat math and end up with Takumi at like 10 hp or something, so it should be only moderately difficult to make sure you're 2HKOd rather than 1HKOd.) You can also just Enfeeble him, but that's expensive. He does have 64% avoid and 30% from the gate, making it 94%, but you really should be seeing 100% hit rates anyway. Like so. (Note how I'm using a Bronze Sword because I'm not a fan of getting my face shot off---Takumi does something like 24 damage on the counter thanks to his special proc.) I can actually stack ~30% or so more hit on top of this if I wanted to, thanks to Gunter (I brought him this map) and Support Bonuses, so Takumi's another one of those bosses who happen to be far less threatening than their mooks. I'm bringing Gunter rather than Shura or Flora because his Shelter is more important than minor healing\debuffing utility, and you might notice that my lineup isn't at all optimized for this map. (Dark Knight Leo and Nohr Noble Corrin both do amazing on this map, and Adventurer Odin doesn't have the weapon ranks to use Iron---nor the Str to handle Raider.) General plan was just to death ball my way slowly and steadily all the way to Takumi, Capturing 3 rally mooks on the way to fill out the bottom of my line-up. And that's pretty much what happened. My Castle Stuff: Pretty meh rolls on both sides, although it's nice that the higher level'd lotteries give multiples of your random forging/cooking resources. Str/Spd/Def +1 is fairly decent, but still a low roll, relatively speaking. Enemy stats and skillsets are getting so good that it's a giant waste not to be abusing Kidnap\Capture at this point, so I upgrade the jail to max. Kidnap, by itself, is easily servant tier, by the way. As in, you can stick it on Mozu and it'll automatically put her on the level of Jakob and Felicia. You'd think it gets worse in no grind runs since you don't have the maps to persuade or the resources to bribe, but it actually gets better since it's one of the very few inexpensive ways to get important skills and cheap stats into the team. It's less good than Kidnap in a castle visiting run, but everyone else also gets worse in a no grind run. A good Capture is basically half a child map in terms of how much resources it gives, since the best Capture units are comparable to kids, except you don't have to do a map for them. (And doing child maps in a no grind run involves a really strange definition of 'no grind', so Capture ends up being the only source of cheap stats and skills in the late game in a no grind run.) And if you do stuff like Castle Visits then Kidnap ends up being worth something like 6 Paragon scrolls + near perfect skill access, which is stupid good. Resource Distribution: R.I.P. over 10k gold. (Mind, my economy's a lot better than it looks since I'm walking around with something like 2 full sets of stat boosters and a bunch of vendor trash I haven't sold.) I've pretty much seen enough of Swordmasters to know where to place them, now. tl;dr, they need boots. (Movement +1 from Outlaw doesn't count---you don't get it fast enough to matter unless you rush for it.) They're basically just Charlotte (or class changed Keaton) with better availability. They dodge more counters and have more Speed, but unlike Charlotte they don't have 43 max Str, nor her Str bases & growths. On Corrin it's fairly decent for pair-up purposes (Swordmasters give +5 Speed and Corrin gives +2 Str/Mag/Def/Res and basically +10 Skill thanks to supportive), but Nohr Noble is too important for her to want to be Swordmaster outside of the endgame maps---which Swordmaster is great for, seeing how it saves her 2 Speedwings. You don't really need a lot of Charlottes in the team---you only need one or two people who can consistently ORKO and the rest can leverage stuff like Savage Blow and Attack Stance to contribute the right amount of KOs, so they're one of those 'I'll use them if I feel like it' units. It's also better to have high Str than high Speed for Attack Stance since you don't get to double. (Charlotte happens to have both, but Keaton has a bit more Atk so they're pretty comparable for Attack Stance purposes---Charlotte is just better at the consistent ORKO lead-in bit, thanks to her Speed.) Odin goes Adventurer to try and pick up another copy of Pass. Losing 2 Str, 1 Speed, and access to Iron weapons hurt, but he'll pick up some good skills in Adventurer. (And it's a lot safer to use Iron weapons when you have 2-range.) Adventurer has fairly low skill, whereas Odin is skilled as hell, so it's going to cost him quite a bit of Skill level ups. But we're already at the point where stats don't matter anymore, thanks to my 3 new Rally bots after this map. Corrin picks up Odin's Bronze. (I forgot about his Iron until the middle of the map, and Jakob picks it up from the Convoy at that point.) The second Heart Seal isn't a mistake, I went in expecting to get her to 15 and swap her out immediately---Nohr Noble is just way too important to lose. Especially considering how Leo just lost 6 points of Def, meaning we don't have any decent mage tanks for Hinata's pack. He doesn't pick up a staff for the same reason he doesn't have a sword in Dark Knight. Namely, triple Spirit Dust offenses. If we need his bulk he'll swap back to Dark Knight, if we don't we'll probably stay Strategist since he does pick up a tiny bit of extra offenses* in exchange for the massive amount of bulk he lost. (3 hp & 6 Def is no joke.) *The extra point of base Mag doesn't actually matter, since losing A-rank tome access remove that 1 damage anyway, but his Mag cap does get a bit better. The three class changes I did are basically the definition of 'greedy,' I sacrifice utility now in exchange for making later chapters easier, since Leo with Gentihomme & Inspiration would make dividing my team a lot easier, Samurai skills on Corrin would make her combat quite a bit better, and Adventurer Odin gets me another copy of Pass (and gets him +1 Movement from the skill). Conquest is easy enough that you basically never need to make the 'greedy' play, though. My team's perfectly fine for the endgame already if we ignore the fact that Nyx is missing Pass and the fact that I'm missing a Hexing Rod, which should trivialize the endgame maps when combined together. We'll see. Note how Gunter has 37 Atk. He has -15 internal levels, so technically he's an un-promoted mook. Yeah his bases are kind of stupid good. (I found another Beserker's Axe on the ground.) He's ORKO'd by everything and only 3RKOs people if he's lucky, but that's more than enough combat for him to be worth bringing. (Camilla brings a lot of 3RKOs into 1RKOs thanks to Savage Blow, Rose's Thorns, and her crazy strong Attack Stance---Berserker's Axe cost hp even in Attack Stance, but when 80% of my team is ORKO'd sitting at 1 hp with doesn't even matter. It's not like the AI will be polite enough to not go for the guaranteed ORKO just to hit, say, full hp Hero Camilla.) The Map: Attempt 1, by the way. I'm pretty awful at positioning when I can't rely on the threat range display. (Thanks to the ballistas messing everything up.) Reset Counter: 27 Anyway: The mooks didn't do anything Turn 1, so I take it easy and have Xander fight the Snipers. 1-2 range Bronze Swords are pretty great, especially when you have someone giving you something like +30 stats. (Admittedly, most of that comes from the +15% hit, and the Skill\Luck to hit exchange rate is pretty awful.) Bottom mooks moved forward when top mooks were pulled, so I send Camilla bot to start the KO train. Jakob is using a either a Bronze +2 or a Raider Naginata for the Attack Stance, by the way. (And yeah, his stats are definitely more than good enough for the endgame when he has Samurai access, so that's that crossed off.) His damage is outrageous when he finally gets Odin's +4 Iron, although, unfortunately, not quite OHKO level. Pity Savage Blow is based on unit location rather than target location, or else Leo would be overkilling this guy for like 12 damage or something. Doop. Fishing for crits. (Rolling the crit would mean we ignore the Counter damage.) Just fishing for a bit of extra combat exp. Pity combats cost so much hp on this map, thanks to all the Counters. Great level, but still no Speed. (That said, I'm pretty sure Corrin already has enough Speed for the endgame bosses, so her levels don't matter too much at this point.) Pity most of the player phase damage is coming from Counter rather than counter-attacks at this point. I unpair everyone so I have the maximum amount of unit-turn available next turn, just in case reinforcements spawn behind me. (From the 2 forts---nothing ever spawned there, which was a bit odd.) Doop. The nice thing about offensive teams is that it's pretty easy to trade unit-turns for hp like this. (Since you don't need enough hp to tank the counter if you just kill the guy.) Defensive teams usually have to pay hp to take combats since mooks don't attack you unless they do damage, most of the time. Pretty iffy level, but considering Jakob has 25 + 18 = 43 effective Str on top of his 27 Speed he doesn't really need stats at this point. I do this to test if you get Counter'd between brave weapon hits. (Which you totally do.) Bulk is what changing to Strategist chunks for Leo, so I'm okay with this. I'd still like some more speed, though. Pretty okay skill, but Seal Magic is probably better. (Since it's easier to do choke-points if you can constantly debuff one guy you're not quite killing to have him clog up everyone else.) Just setting up Inspiration. Front line Felicia pretty much only cares about these two stats. But she also needs to be walking around with a pretty specific set of skills---which this Felicia doesn't have. Still a good level, but I don't think she'll get enough levels for her combat to be too relevant. Doop. Great level, especially the Speed. (Corrin's +5 is great for Xander, but she'll be out of Swordmaster before the end of the map.) Swordmasters are all giant babies, honestly. Azura gets this dancing Corrin. The fact that she gets a lot of combat stats means that she passes quite a bit down to her kids (and she can have two), pity about her skillpool. Sky Knight is pretty great, but then you have Sky Knight Azura running around. Voice of Peace might be decent if you can somehow make Azura have a kid who isn't made of paper, though. Low hp gaming, right here. Pretty much a perfect level, honestly, considering the stuff she's supposed to fight. (She's pretty much just a more consistent Xander in Nohr Noble.) Vantage pretty much doesn't matter at this point, unless you're doing something like Life and Death Vantage Nosferatu Odin. Fast forward a few turns and I pick up Odin's +4 Iron from the Convoy. And also try various ways to bait Hinata's pack into me. None of my attempts work, by the way. Not even this one. Finally I go, 'eh, whatever,' and Rambo Xander in after giving him Rally Def, Rally Skill, and Azura's buffs. (He's supposed to die from the EP combats, incidentally---I didn't bother doing combat math.) My team's scattered around the threat line and also very carefully not blocking the fort. (I wanted the reinforcement exp if more mooks spawned.) Pictured, some scary ass Bow Numbers. (It's a bit better than this since Xander was fast enough not to be doubled with Azura's buffs, and Rally Def meant that he would've only taken 17 damage.) Pity about how 17 damage is all the hp that Xander had. Moral Reset Counter: 9.5 This is easily survivable if I just have him chug a Def tonic before-hand, though. (Or have Nohr Noble Corrin do this instead---since she doesn't take effective damage & she debuffs.) Anyway, I run him back for heals and buffs. He has a turn because Azura danced him before being Sheltered by Gunter, which I used to chug a Vulnerary from the Convoy. Amazingly, the Hinata's mooks do not chase me. So I buff Xander up and have him camp the Gate. (You don't quite have the move for this normally, but I gave Xander a bit of extra move by dancing him in threat range and Sheltering Azura afterwards.) I have no idea why Hinata didn't bother getting back onto the Gate. After that I just slowly chip the group down until I can run in and Capture the mooks I care about. Not a fan of this level, but it does give Xander a bit more accuracy. You shouldn't depend on Aegis, so it ends up being more like a really bad Sol than anything else. I guess it's a less crappy Miracle if you're into having RNJesus save your ass. It's kind of weird how the mooks tend to wander a bit, but whatever. Anyway, at this point I decide I have enough to just go in and wipe the pack while getting everything I want. It's a Lunge combat, incidentally. Deciding when to just go in is probably the only hard part of offensive teams---everyone else can be fixed with proper teambuilding and resource distribution---but learning when to go in will probably need you to play on casual and just save before going in, and reloading if it turned out you didn't have enough after all. You could also just math out when you have 'enough,' but that tends to get pretty tedious. Note the Beserker's Axe. Camilla didn't need it for this combat, but I wanted it for the Attack Stance + she wasn't going to be the one tanking hits on EP anyway, thanks to Takumi's 90 damage Ballista, so her hp didn't matter. Str helps her do the go in and ORKO thing to setup my other combats, and bulk is bulk. Could be better, but Camilla already has more than enough stats for the endgame. Savage Blow dropped this guy, who was in the back, to 1 hp (he was low from fighting Xander in the turns before), so it's an easy Capture. Luck, Def, and Res give maximum bulk, since Luck is pretty important for Dodge purposes. (Amaterasu is also pretty good if you're a cheapskate like me.) Doop. Chipping this mook for the capture---also note how Hinata's walled off from the rest of my team at this point. Losing 2 MT from using Nyx's +3 rather than his own +4 hurts Nile's combat a bit, but I don't actually want to feed him too many levels this map, since I'd rather he get Pass at 15, and Niles is already 13. Note quite maximum physical offenses since Luck gives accuracy, but close enough. Also Amaterasu. Setting up Inspiration + trying to KO Hinata or drop him below half so that his 50% counter matters less. Didn't end up working, but whatever. Next turn Hinata explodes. Note his counter magic. I'm pretty sure it doesn't work on Enemy Phase, so it's fine to bait him with Dragonstone Corrin. Bulk is more important than damage at this point for Corrin, since I'm pretty sure she already has enough offenses for the endgame. (After we consider all the stat-boosters we have lying around---offense levels do matter, but only in the sense that it saves us some Speedwings and such.) Vantage is more consistent than Astra, but honestly neither one is all that valuable. (I mostly only value offensive skills when I'm willing to reset spam to RNG my way through a map---and there's no real need to reset spam except for the endgame chapters, and even there the RNG is mostly on Hexing Rod.) Hinata's cleared up so I move on to the next set of mooks. Who, weirdly enough, don't bite. So I just run Xander back to full heal him before dancing him back in to smack a mook. This is apparently the sign for reinforcements to spawn. The Masters of Arms don't really have threatening stats, but they all have interesting weapon collections. Anyway, 4 mooks popped out next to my squishy ass team (since Camilla straight up doesn't get to tank with Takumi's Ballista around, Leo's gimped, and Corrin and Xander are doing something else), so I need to smack them. I shelter Odin to free up a space and heal Jakob so he can take a counter. Camilla spreads some Savage Blow damage + KOs a mook. *Fake Celebration Noises* Exactly a OHKO, which is pretty important because of Counter. (So 2HKOs aren't an option without being at full hp.) Pretty shaky hit rates thanks to the gate, unfortunately. Good thing this side is guaranteed. The gate is out of range of the Masters of Arms so I'm safe to trade swap Leo into Horse Spirit with Felicia, who I heal to full. (He missed his first attack but landed the second.) Nobody can attack Elise so I have her Mend Xander to full. To be honest it's probably better to just force your way left rather than letting yourself get boxed in like this trying to handle both sides at once, but eh. Lots of effective weapons on this side, hence why Dark Knight Leo or Nohr Noble Corrin would be great. Pity we don't have either. Healing Camilla because I'm bad at sequencing. (I should've did the right side first, then the left side.) This combat is why I should've did the the right side first, since it leaves Odin in a vulnerable position. Meh. Good thing Odin's in Adventurer for skills rather than stats. I have more than enough Locktouch, but it's better than nothing. In retrospect I should've just swapped to Corrin and had her kill this guy---she can't be OHKO'd if I use Odin's Bronze Sword, and the Shield Gauge means she can't be 2HKO'd. I was mostly worried about Ballista damage but even in Swordmaster she had 23 Def, 25 after Xander pair-up, meaning she takes 6 damage total from 2 Ballista shots, which should've left her out of OHKO range. Instead I did this, which doubled down on how vulnerable the right side ended up being, since Jakob is definitely 2HKO'd and doesn't have a full Shield Gauge to play with. (I also wasn't 100% sure how Life and Death interacted with Ballista shots, since if L&D worked for those Jakob would take lethal on the first combat---fortunately he dodged the ballista shots.) So I ended up having to do this rather than just having Corrin kill the Spear mook. Moral Rest Counter: 10.5 Even at this point it still wouldn't be a moral reset if I had Felicia's turn available, since I can try to Freeze again if the first attempt failed, but I sequenced wrong. (This is assuming L&D doesn't affect ballista damage, though.) Got to love bringing level 11 unpromoted units to nearly endgame maps. This was all that was left on the left side, so Leo finishes. Don't like how this turn ended at all---it was pretty easy if I just sequenced + played it properly, but I ended up needing to use an expensive 60% hit rate option just because of multiple fuck ups. Would like some Speed and Defense, but I guess more Mag doesn't hurt, even if Dark Knight is over it's Mag cap at this point. This is far more important, though, since Jakob isn't carrying it anymore. I still want Leo in Strategist if I can afford it so that he can pick up Inspiration, though. Healing Niles because the Master of Arms is using a 2-range weapon. I could fix the imperfect accuracy by just swapping to Corrin for the Attack Stance, but I didn't care enough. (Since I could've just danced Niles if he missed, anyway.) This guy has the most important Rallys, so if you could only get one get this guy. The Amaterasu guys come with Skill and Luck, which this guy doesn't have, but you do get Luck from Izana (if you're willing to pay the Dragon Vein points), so it's probably better to get the Skill, Strength, and Speed Amaterasu guy if you could only get this guy +1. Izana also comes with Rally Magic, which none of these Rally mooks have, incidentally. Normally I wouldn't do the Corrin combat, since she's .1% dead, but I didn't mind resetting this chapter anyway because of the pair of moral resets I got. This map is beatable without needing to do risky stuff, so I didn't actually like the way this clear turned out, hence why I wouldn't have minded Corrin exploding here. It's a good thing Camilla's stats are so freakishly high that she doesn't need a lot of hp to function, because god damn the ballistae are annoying. The way Savage Blow, Rose's Thorns, and Leo interact is just silly. Doop. Note how I'm using the Killer Bow so that Camilla gets exp. (I wasn't joking when I said the Killer is on Nyx so that she does 0 damage.) Pity about her level. She's only on the team to get exp at this point, though. Once she hits 15 she'll be benched until the endgame. My turn count is pretty inflated since I'm too miserly to use staves on this ballista infested map, meaning it's Healing Descant + Fort healing all the way. These guys have 1-2 range, but also no counter, so they're fairly decent sources of exp. Basically perfect level, which is amazing. More important is how close she's getting to 15, though. (I really wanted Corrin to be Nohr Noble for Takumi.) Fast forward a few turns where I let Healing Descant heal my team up a tiny bit---the Ballista takes a lot of the healing away---and I buff up Xander before having him smack a mook in this spot, which is safe from Oboro. Everyone's clustered around the left two staircases since I'm not sure how the aggro on the wall works. (Everyone is aggro'd to start, if you were curious.) So much Speed for everyone who isn't supposed to be lightning fast. (Xander's still fairly slow, of course, but you're not really supposed to get him fast through natural means.) I see this and Nope the hell away. Note how Xander didn't move since he managed the ORKOs on the Lunge mooks---I think he also managed to crit kill one of the stair blocking Basara, so it's really easy to get onto the wall now. Fast forward a turn or two and Oboro reset where she was, letting me leave Xander up here to finish the last stair blocking Basara. Took a few turns to move everyone right so I get the maximum amount of time to kill the archer mooks before dealing with Oboro. Mook has Counter, but the price had to be paid just to get in securely. (Leo is like my 2nd or 3rd exp priority anyway, since I want him in Dark Knight if tankiness is needed.) Occasionally you have weirdos with Amaterasu rather than Counter, so I have Corrin pick up some exp. (Note the Odin pair-up for doubling purposes.) This one has counter, though. Nyx grabs the boots and Niles grabs the 10,000G. I heal Corrin up since she and Xander want to be full hp to function properly, but I'm fine leaving everyone else almost dead. I do heal Jakob as well, though, since him being able to tank a counter might end up important. Note how everyone is unpaired for maximum unit turns. A minor note if you're into offensive teams, if you're too lazy to properly calculate out the right position for all your units a good rule of thumb is strong units in the front, weak units in the back, and you start the KO train with your weak units after your lead-in unit gets their Savage Blow or whatever off. Being in the back means that they have few options to attack, and being weak means that they have few options to contribute. You'd think this makes them harder to use, but it's actually easier, since starting with your weak units means that your strong units with tons of reliable ORKOs get to fix the possible bad RNG your weak units generate, and having the strong units in front means they have the reach to get to the combats that need fixing. You can also just be lazy and have everyone with 7+ move, though. Anyway, I go with my gut feeling that I have enough to fully wipe Oboro's wave despite 80% of my team being OHKOd, so I start off with Felicia. (Camilla is the ideal lead in, thanks to Savage Blow + Rose's Thorns, but she couldn't ORKO and leading with Inspiration is almost as good as Rose's Thorns.) Post combat damage doesn't matter if you're already in ORKO range anyway. Honestly Beserker's Axe is probably worth at least 8k gold if you had to pay for it, so it's amazing that it's a free drop. I'm pretty sure Str and Speed are already capped, so bulk is the only thing that mattered for Camilla. I'm not going to bother using Eternal Seals since she doesn't need any more skills or stats to function---I might class change her if necessary, though. This wiffs. (Good thing I'm leading with my un-reliables, so this is fixable.) Camilla is so damn convenient for ORKO purposes. This was a misplay, by the way---I meant to swap into Beserker's Axe so that this was an ORKO, but Selena didn't have the weapon rank for Beserker's or Dual Club. In retrospect Camilla wanted Beserker's to KO Oboro, so it was just as well Selena couldn't take it, but eh. Also note the Savage Blow damage going out. (Being able to stack Savage Blow is a big part of why offensive teams can get away with some awful combat stats.) Like so. (Gunter's damage isn't usually this bad, remember that he has nearly 40 Atk with Beserker's. Peri's is just a very low MT weapon.) Typical Gunter level. He doesn't really need stats from his levels to function, though. Gotta love random 2-range weapons. Danced Camilla for this to setup the last few combats with Rose's Thorns in a better position (her old spot was filled up) + spread even more Savage Blow. Like I said, technically Basaras exist on this map. Like I said, not quite a OHKO, but post-Swordmaster Jakob's offenses are really silly. Butler Jakob tends to have 24 Speed at this point, and Paladin usually 22-23. Paladin has 1 point worse Speed bases and 5% worse growths, so it ends up being about 2 points worse than Butler around now. It's kind of stupid how blessed he is. Cheers. Pity you need A-rank for Braves, because Jakob would be amazing with them. Fast forward a few turns and we have this. Note how I'm carefully camping all the nearby stairs, just in case there's reinforcements. Conquest just feels like the kind of game that would have map-locking reinforcements in it, doesn't it---like, I wouldn't be surprised at all if a reinforcement pack spawns on Takumi's platform, blocking the stairs, while a bunch of reinforcements also spawned on the lower stairs so you can't run below the wall with your B-team. Normally I'd welcome the mooks as free exp, but it's late enough in the map that I didn't want to risk getting RNG screwed if I were forced to rush Takumi. The fact that I have 3 mooks Capture'd also means that exp matters a lot less, since they'll stiffen my team's stats by a lot. Pretty sure Corrin has a nearly full Shield Gauge, by the way. Otherwise this is retarded since a pair of crits would kill her. Honestly this is like 50% of a perfect level, even though it looks pretty bad. Speed and bulk is all she needs. Corrin doesn't need stats anymore (pretty sure she has 4RKO on the endgame bosses, which is all that's needed), so I unequip Nobility for Swordfaire. The offensive skills can also be considered for dropping if you're into controlling damage (for Shield Gauge\anti-Vengeance purposes), but Bronze weapons disable them anyway. I run Corrin down to class change her back to Nohr Noble. And back up again. For some reason this mook refuses to move, though. So, you know, whatever. I smack him around with a Levin. It's a good thing Corrin's defense is so high or the 4% crit rate would be troubling. (Note that she's pair'd with Jakob for another +3 Def from his Personal.) Turn after I do this to completely fill Corrin's Gauge. These are some MonkaS numbers. Reminder that 8 + 7 (15/2 from Rend Heaven) = 15, and 15 * 3 = 45. And Takumi has 2 tries for that. Azura gets this level while I'm messing around trying to figure out a way to get less scary numbers from Takumi. Who is just flat out terrifying. 10 + 18 = 28, so Corrin's like 20 points overkilled if a Rend Heaven crits. Even Vengeance would do 10 + 14 = 24, which is way more than enough if he crits. (Takumi's been shooting Ballista bolts the whole time, incidentally, even on the turns where I left Corrin in range.) Finally I go 'screw it' and use a Levin to debuff Takuni and his hilarious stats. 10% means that Dragonstone pushes the crit rate down to 0%, so this is safe on EP. I'm pretty sure the extra 1% Dodge came from Elise's C-rank support. (Camilla's A-rank also has 5% Dodge---which is lowered into 5/2.5 = 2, but I don't remember if Camilla and Corrin are A-ranked yet.) And next turn we have this picture. (Takumi decided to shoot his Ballista again, by the way.) Either Gunter's Personal or Heartseeker (Leo's providing it), would've pushed the hit rates to 100%, so I just kill Takumi. 6 + 18 = 24 so even a Rend Heaven wouldn't put Corrin in serious danger, thanks to 0% crit rates, nor does the weaker 6 + 16 from Vengeance. The map would've been so much easier if Corrin was Nohr Noble the whole time, or if Leo was Dark Knight, but whatever. Epilogue: We had another lottery thanks to all the time I spent on the map, and we get a hell of a high roll. Another stat booster joins the pile. (Disappointingly, it only sells for 1k. So if you're gold starved rather than stat starved the lottery isn't that good at fixing the problem, although it does help.) Xander gives +10 dodge if you're A-rank and in Attack Stance with him, or +20 if you're S-ranked, so having your main female S-ranked with Xander is pretty amazing, seeing how it's basically 40 Luck worth of dodge. Corrin also gets Sky Knight from Azura. Just in case +4 Speed from Swordmaster isn't enough to double everything forever for some reason. Felicia probably isn't getting S-ranked with Niles in time to matter, so my 3 Pass candidates are Niles, Nyx, and Odin. They'll probably be the top exp priority after Leo. Say 'hi' to our prisoners. Who have some god damn amazing skills and stats. Remember that Spear Masters have Lancefaire, so if I somehow feed the Spear Masters 4 levels they'd get 5 more Atk, and their offenses are already near the top of my team. And that's ignoring their stupidly good support with Rallies & Amaterasu. Bribes cost ~30 minerals\food for these guys, so it's pretty hefty if you didn't do a lot of coliseum, wasn't lucky with lottery\Keaton to grab the resources you're missing, and don't visit castles. Just don't ignore Keaton if you're not visiting castles and it's only moderately difficult to bribe, though. Like, honestly their stats are pretty comparable to Odin and Jakob's, and their skill sets nearly as min-maxed (just support focused rather than combat focused). Kidnap is stupid good.
  6. Pretty easy chapter this time around---only difficulty was the part where I play'd greedy and swapped Corrin into Swordmaster for 5 levels. (Nohr Noble completely destroys this map.) Still managed to get Elise killed since I'm pretty bad at positioning when I can't just use the threat range display. (Thanks to all the god damn ballistas.) Plus there's also a moral reset from Xander dodging a bow he wasn't supposed to. Edit: Actually, make that 2 moral resets, there's also something stupid I did that needed a 60% freeze staff to fix. Will probably be a day or two before I post, though, pretty busy.
  7. Main issue is that you either keep him Great Knight, in which case his Speed problems become even worse (you turn him from possibly surviving one round from mages to probably dying to every single mage ever forever, thanks to 1 point less Speed and 4 point less Res), or you turn him back Paladin afterwards, meaning you paid 4k just for Luna. It's fixable if you just feed him some Speedwings while keeping him Great Knight, but then I'm feeding him Speedwings just to get Luna. I don't hate Great Knight Xander or anything---it does bulk him up even more on the physical side & give him a decent chance at one shotting stuff in exchange for being worse against mages & 1 less move, but you do have to make him stay Great Knight to take advantage of that. If it's just for grabbing skills I'd much rather turn him Bow Knight or something to get stuff like Strong Riposte or Movement +1 from the prepromote skills, and then possibly Shuriken Breaker. Selena probably isn't staying Malig Knight, since she's mostly in there to grab Trample. There's not much point going Wyvern Lord since Malig Knight's higher Res is relevant for tanking and killing mages, and sword users are kind of a joke in Conquest. (So I don't care about Sword Breaker.) Not because their stats are low, they just don't usually have the right combination of traits to really screw with you---take Hana, for example. Yeah, two Rend Heaven procs kills everyone on my team other than Corrin (Dragonstone+ is a magic weapon, so it uses half her Mag for damage,* which is like 7 extra damage, not enough to get Corrin killed---Camilla and Selena can also do this, probably, but they don't debuff after combat), but she's also foot-locked with only 1-range weapons, so you can just deal with her however you want. Master Ninjas have lower stats than Swordmasters, for example, but they tend to have far more dangerous skills like 40% post-combat damage and whatnot on top of being able to counter at 1-2 range. *Edit: Mind, I'm not 100% sure Rend Heaven uses the target's weapon type to determine which stat it uses, but a Rend Heaven proc did ~16 to Corrin in one of resets for this chapter, and that feels too low if it was using her 28 Str. Since that would mean Corrin was taking basically 0 before the proc, which doesn't seem likely. Hero would be ideal since Axe Breaker & Sol are pretty great for her, but it'll be hard to get Selena to level 17 in time, since I want to make her stay Malig Knight till level 15.
  8. Chapter 22: Pre-map Planning: It's a tad odd to call this 'pre-map' planning considering half the screenshots are from turn 24 or something, but whatever. Chapter 22 is one of those maps where you don't learn about the main gimmick until you're halfway done with the map. Namely, it's actually a defense map---except you don't have to protect the throne, so you can pick wherever you'd like to make your choke-points. (The left side has way better chokes, so if you want to be lazy about the map you can just start everyone left by pairing up your entire team.) It's pretty interesting map design, since you slog your way through a castle and then end up defending it, but incomplete information on maps grates on me, and for some reason the Conquest designers love making maps where the chief 'difficulty' is the kind of stuff that only works once, because you only need to know about them to trivialize them. Assault: Yukimura guards the Throne, and drops a decent amount of gold if you kill him. (Killing him before he gets to initiate an attack gets you the gold bar as well.) I'm not sure if the +5 hit he gives to everyone is displayed on the stat screens, so bear that extra 5% in mind if you're doing dodge tanking stuff. Despite how it looks, there's actually 3 + 1 + 4 = 8 mooks inside Sakura's little box. The immobile Mechanist gets a mobile replacement like 2 turns or so after you kill him, and there's a wave of 4 pair'd up mooks some time after you trigger the last wave. (I'm not 100% sure what they're tied to.) We're not in the endgame yet, so it's pretty easy to bait out the freeze staff uses---Sakura only checks if someone in range to be attacked 'normally' for using her Freeze, not whether the person doing the attacking would actually initiate the attack. If you park a Bow Knight next to the Mechanist, for example, they'd much rather shoot their little -5 Def/Res Shuriken Launchers than take 70% of their hp from the counter, but Sakura will still try to freeze the Bow Knight. The mage mook with Sakura is basically just here to tell you that it's a really good idea to use Bow Knights rather than Shuriken users for anti-mage duties on this map. Because the best mages on this map are actually Falcon Knights for some stupid reason. (Which you don't know about until a fair ways into the map.) Sabaki has max'd Skill, meaning it's pretty likely that he blocks 1/2 of the damage bows do to him, problem is the bit where he's OHKO'd by a decent bow user, and natural Bow Knights are fast as hell in Conquest, so it's trivial to double him. Even with Darting Blow he only has 28 speed and 39 damage, which is less than the regular Falcon Knights on the map. I'm pretty sure Hana has a 1HKO on 80% of my team thanks to Rend Heaven + 17% crit. The 37 speed means that she has a very consistent ORKO on all of my team. Your best bet is using Corrin with a Dragonstone+ to tank her---yeah my Corrin has an Atk boon, so Rend heaven hurts like hell, but she also has like 35 Defense with the Dragonstone+. Xander can also tank her, but he doesn't debuff -4 to everything. (Draconic Hex also triggers before the Silver stat debuff, so Hana loses 6 to Str and Skill.) It's a bit odd that all the immobile Mechanists have Inspiration, but I guess it's so that you can't just do choke-point shenanigans without taking care of them first. +2 damage from Inspiration & +5 from their Launcher debuff makes it a bit harder to choke-point. That said, these guys can be smacked to death from the left side of the wall, so this choke point is trivial regardless. Their Launchers are Shurikens, which have 25 Atk (AoE) and leave a -5 Def, -5 Res debuff. This mook has 29% crit on offense, so be careful. Oni Chieftains are fairly tame on this map. It's hard to double them if you're resource starved, and their bulk is pretty damn high, but their offenses aren't too hard to deal with as long as you aren't made of paper on the magical side. (A ton of them carry scrolls.) Blacksmiths have way worse bulk, but also 5 extra speed & crit chance, so they're a bit more dangerous. tl;dr of the left side is that Corrin solos everyone without problems, though. (Assuming, that is, you kept her in Nohr Noble.) Left side was Def heavy, the right side is fairly Res heavy. The Automatons tend to have Pass or Yumi (but not both, I believe). Not really a problem unless you get swarmed. Pretty high Atk (especially considering the +4 damage on even turns), but the non Falcon Knight mages on this map don't have much speed, so as long as you stack some Res to compensate for the Launcher -5 Res they're easy to deal with. Unless, that is, you get swarmed. Kind of like the 29% crit mook from the left side, this guy's Vantage is mostly to catch you off guard for a random reset. tl;dr of the right side is that you have no idea what the right side is like at the start of map, since this side spawns Falcon Knights with 30 speed and fairly decent Atk. (In raw stats their Strength and Mag isn't that much higher than the stuff we've faced before, but we're getting to the point where the team is expected to be underlevel'd if you aren't doing child maps, so their stats are growing faster than ours.) Anyway, that's the first half of the map. My original strategy was to have Camilla, Leo, Corrin take the left (since Hana looked pretty scary if I couldn't clear the mooks around her before having Corrin do the 1v1), and have Xander + Felicia or Elise deal with the right side with his 1-2 range sword. That didn't work out because the Falcon Knights on the right side destroy him. That was reset #24 or something. Reset Counter: 26 Moral Reset Counter: 8.5 The total resets for this map was 2 from me losing units, 2 from crashes, and 1 moral reset from me having to use AI Manipulation to deal with the reinforcements from the center. The right side looked easier at the start of map but ended up having more troublesome reinforcements, whereas the left side looked harder at the start but their reinforcements are jokes. So what I ended up doing was shifting the Leo & Camilla pair right (they're very strong individually and Savage Blow and Rose's Thorns makes Leo's offenses pretty crazy), with Niles and Felicia tagging along to deal with the Falcon Knights you had no way of knowing about. Defense: The second half of the map starts once you get inside the last set of walls. (Maybe even a little bit outside---I played it safe and left my units pretty far away from the the center before rushing in.) The turn after that the first half of the last wave spawns. Over here we have a wave of mages. The unpair'd mooks are the same as the ones we've seen before. Note the Rally Magic and 39 Atk with Calamity Gate. Back side is Tiger Spirit. Onmyoji gives 4 Mag, 4 Speed, so this guy actually has 40 Atk, 27 Speed. Silver Yumi and Certain Blow, so you'll want to counter-kill these guys somehow if you were using a Wyvern to handle the right side. They start with the Saw equipped, so if you counter-kill the front side the back side can't counter when you kill them on player phase. These guys have Pass, but honestly it's the Silver Yumi that's the bigger problem. It's not like they'll run through your units unless they're doing 0 damage, since they'd still want to enter combat, so as long as you remember about them they're pretty easy to deal with. Bettering Club is 2-range only, I believe. Note the high crit chance, and 25% chance to block 1/2 of Axe, Sword, or Lance damage. The unpair'd guys have effective damage and Quick Draw. A rally guy will move back to Rally if they can't do damage to your choke point unit, so bear that in mind if your choke point unit has only barely enough bulk rather than massive overkill. The unpair'd mooks are the same stuff we've seen before. These are the mooks that spawn immediately after Sakura repairs the walls. (If you managed to kill Sakura before she does this I suggest you make someone repair the walls anyway.) The turn after we have another wave of Reinforcements. The Mechanists still kind of have jokes for stat spreads, but their debuffs could matter if your tank is only barely holding on. tl;dr of the left side for the defense half of the map is still Corrin solos everything. Since Dragonic Hex + Dragonstone+ ruins any chance of the left side doing damage to her. It also neatly dodges any chance of effective damage since you're using a dragonstone. 35 Atk, 30 Speed, 9 move. Not a problem if you knew they were coming and were position'd for that, but a pretty big problem if you didn't and Sakura still had Freeze staff uses left. Yeah I spawn camped these jerks like crazy after my first run---they're conveniently in range to get destroyed by a danced Niles. 41 Atk is nothing to scoff at, but the main threat of these guys is the fact that they hit both sides of bulk, so if you kill half beforehand almost anyone could deal with the right side. (Assuming the mages were taken care of---the right side's choke points aren't as good, so you can't have just 1 person blocking all the enemy mooks.) Their Atk is way higher than it looks, since that's a Silver Club they aren't using. I think they have around ~42 Atk physically speaking. Back side has 43 Atk from Even Handed. (Fortunately Oni Chieftain doesn't give Mag in a pair-up.) If you want to tank the middle wave the best bet is having your designated tank coming in from the left---where you can kill the Mechanists spamming debuffs and wait until you don't have debuff'd bulk. If your tank(s) are coming in from the right side instead you're probably going to need to chug tonics, maybe even Talismans\Dracoshields, on top of the normal AoE buff stacking & pair-up stats, thanks to their fairly decent Atk and the very good chance of you still missing some Def/Res from the -5 of Launchers. I ended up cheesing these guys with AI manipulation so that even if both my tanks (Xander and Selena) are 2RKO'd they still wouldn't die because they'd only take 1 combat each. I think Camilla has the stats after chugging tonics to tank these guys normally, though. (She'll be debuff'd, since she's my designated Yukimura killer, but she has 30 Def, 26 Res, and 40 hp. Selena only has 28 Def, 22 Res, and 39 hp.) But I'm not a fan of chugging tonics when I can just play better to deal with it, hence why I did the AI manipulation thing---which did cost a moral reset, mind. Just like Chapter 10, you pretty much always have enough resources to deal with the mooks, the main problem is making sure each side has just enough---since if you give a side more than enough your other sides will suffer. I dropped Shura for Flora since Flora's high Skill and Shuriken access means that she can approach 100% accuracy versus Hana, which is pretty useful if I'm not using Corrin to debuff instead. (Corrin can debuff at range as well with her Levin, but Flora actually deals damage---Hana has decent Res but low Def.) She has pretty typical stats for a unit joining the team on Lunatic---that is, she'll be OHKOd if you fight on the side you're not supposed to, and she's 2HKOd if she is. She also 2RKOs mooks she's supposed to fight. General plan is just to deathball my way nearly to the last set of walls, and then chill for a few turns to bait out staff usage, thin out the mooks in Sakura's box, and let my left side recover from debuffs. (The right side doesn't get this luxury since I don't think you can hit the Mechanists on that side without triggering the last wave of reinforcements.) Once the last wave happens the general plan is to kill off as many of the dangerous ones as I can on player phase, and then rely on choke point(s) for the rest. My Castle Stuff: Turns out Steels only sell for 750g (and Silvers for 1,000g), meaning Silvers do have a role after all. As basically the kind of random weapon you pick up off the ground that's occasionally useful. Similarly for all kinds of other random junk---it's pretty hard to find something that sells for a significant chunk of cash, unless it's a multi-forged Bronze or Iron. Pretty mediocre roll on the kitchen, but eh, you can't get perfect rolls everyday. (Technically I can, since I don't mind doing castle visits, so I can just reset the RNG, but I have to give a damn to do that.) Resource Distribution: R.I.P. 3 speed, now even Camilla's doubled by Hana. (If Hana could be captured she's easily endgame material with just her bases.) I give Camilla Selena's Fire +3 (and a Thunder +1) since we don't really need Selena to do a Malig Knight Camilla impersonation now that we have Camilla back. We're getting to the point where we're hitting stat caps, so things like class changing for stats are becoming a factor, but there's no need to do that as of yet since it's cheaper to chug tonics if needed. Flora picks up a bunch of random Shuriken and Shura's mend. Note how she only has 29 hp, and 15 base speed (she's getting 2 from Shuriken and 1 from food). Her growths are pretty okay, but her low speed and hp will remain a real issue since it's pretty likely she gets ORKO'd without a speed pair-up. I swap some staves between Elise and Felicia. (Note how Felicia picked up my other Rescue, since they'll be on different teams.) Gave Charlotte a Killer Axe and then forgot about it for the entire map. Jakob's inventory stayed the same, but he ended up with this set for the map. Slot issues means Gentilhomme will be dropped soon, which is a real issue since we don't have another Butler. Leo's the best option since he has it naturally + tends to be around Camilla a lot, but having to pick between shoving him Arms Scrolls or forging up a Bronze Knife is pretty annoying. He can't even staff for exp since Heal gives jack all for exp at this point. The tomes don't really matter on Selena outside of Shield Gauge building, but I do swap out Rally Skill for Lunge. (Niles has it at this point + I tend to have more than enough accuracy to go around---or at least enough turns that imperfect accuracy doesn't matter.) The Map: Had Camilla flatten the Levee using the right side Dragon Vein first thing, before ending turn in this formation. Niles is using the Bronze Bow since this is an odd turn, and I want him to counter-kill both mages. Leo's baiting the bow using puppet with his Horse Spirit. (Charlotte's there for the extra 4% accuracy from support bonuses.) As a reminder, Jakob has Life and Death for 10 more damage. These guys are bulky as hell. (Mind, part of this is also because he's swinging a sword that only costs 2k---you get what you pay for.) Jakob clearly doesn't like being below 25 Speed, so he gets on fixing it immediately. I unequip Gentilhomme for Elbow Room, since the main Gentilhomme target is Corrin, and he's better off pair'd up for his -3 damage taken personal. Doop. Nyx's bulk honestly doesn't matter (not even her Res), so Mag, Speed, Skill, and Luck is pretty much all I care about from her. End of turn one. Pretty great level for Niles, but he needs a lot of physical bulk before he can do things other than counter-killing mages and sniping fliers. Not much to do on this side before I Dragon Vein the levee away. Reinforcements don't spawn from this little hidey hole, so it's pretty much only for aggroing Hana and choke pointing purposes. Doop. I have Elise break the Levee so the right side can advance. And Xander smacks a mook to aggro Hana. Right side ends like this. Note that reinforcements will spawn if you step even 1 more square forward. Also note the pair'd up people below where Xander is, if you can see the map. That's Corrin & Jakob trying to bait both the mage mook and the 2-range axe mook at once, since the 2-range Axe mook tends to ignore Xander. The AI is a bit random on how it positions for Attack Stance, so occasionally you can just snipe Hana across the wall and kill her. Missed Jakob's level up stats, but anyway I drop Shelter because you don't really need more than 1 or 2, and Xander has 1. I dance Corrin up---I believe this is in range of the 2-range axe mook, and have Xander smack the Oni to death. You need to put in a lot of work to get Xander to the point where he isn't doubled by the faster units (remember the Falcon pair-up's 30 Speed), but Nohr maps tend to have slow as molasses units so you can usually get him to double the slower units fairly easily. Conquest has a deceptive amount of high Speed pair-ups. (Odin has Swordmaster, which gives 5, and Adventurer and Wolfssegner both give 4.) This is a ORKO if I position'd Felicia first, but this is still from my original run (which crashed), so I'm doing tiny exp efficient stuff like this. +1 Atk, cheers. Prepping the left side for the reinforcements. Niles is 3RKO'd but Bronze Bow means that he's guaranteed to need 2 hits to kill a mook, meaning he easily fills a Shield Gauge even if he started from zero for the third hit. Remember how I said occasionally you get to snipe Hana? (Also note her hilarious Avoid---not really too much of a problem since you can just bait the 2 range units to their deaths and have Corrin choke-point the melee mooks + Hana to death, but it's a lot easier to just not have to deal with Hana at all.) Both hits land, so I have Corrin finish this mook. Then I dance her down to intercept the stragglers from Hana's pack. Very defensive level from Niles---he got this by counter-killing the mage reinforcements. Pretty meh level from Odin. (This is from Guard Stance exp.) Falcon Knight jerks spawned, so I send Camilla to hold the fort and Niles to see if they were stupid enough to attack into him. Corrin's holding her Dragonstone+ since I'm not 100% sure she sees 0% crit rates with any other weapon. I use Lunge for positioning, note the Elbow Room and Beast Killer---the Falcon Knights do annoying amounts of damage. Other side only has Silver Naginata. But again, note the annoying amount of damage. (I mean, it's 0 on Niles, but he has WTA rather than WTD and isn't being doubled, unlike someone like Xander.) Lots of good physical bulk levels for Niles. If he gets enough I won't need Selena to be Bow Knight again. Right side ends like this. Jakob smacks a mook. It'll be nice if Azura gets level 35 for Foreign Princess, since it'll make the last Invasion map a tad easier, but beyond that her levels don't matter. Azura got her level dancing Jakob, so he gets to smack another mook. Really want Corrin to get some speed. Swordmaster is nice as a class, but Nohr Noble is ridiculously good. End of turn 7. Just chucking random Axes. Hero caps Axes at B, so there's a decent chance I'll be swapping Charlotte into Beserker once I grab Sol. (She's very good at OHKOs and cleanup, so having Sol means that she can mitigate the hp cost she takes for 2HKOing mooks somewhat.) Weird that she didn't get hp, but it has Str and Speed so I'm fine with the level. Slow and steady wins the race. Note that Niles is baiting the mage mook with Vantage on the right side. It's actually kind of annoying to bait the blacksmiths, since my units have two modes: 1HKOd or taking 0 damage. (Corrin does both at once because of the bulk difference between dragonstone and her regular weapons---mostly because of the crit chance issue.) It's some kind of law that only people with 60% Speed growths can't get Speed, I guess. Even Gunter managed to get Speed. Not much for Leo to do since Camilla's the one baiting Subaki, so I have him take down the levee. Minor patching up. Duelist's Blow makes it pretty annoying to counter-kill Subaki, but if you have someone with good mixed bulk you don't really need to rush the right side. (My original run didn't have anyone with good mixed bulk on the right, so I had to position everyone as close to the Levee as possible before bringing it down and KOing everyone except Subaki, who was blocked off from my squishier units.) Yeah... halving Bow damage occasionally doesn't really help when you're taking double your max hp in damage. Not nearly as nice physically as Selena (or Camilla), so Niles won't be soloing Kinshi & Falcon waves, but hopefully it's enough to counter-kill Kinshis while surviving the odd Falcon Knight poke. Left side ends like this, with Leo and Niles each baiting a different mage. Trying to bait the Blacksmiths without triggering the reinforcements, still. (The reinforcements don't matter too much, since worst case you just rush someone with high Def onto the fort below the blacksmith mooks, while everyone does a choke point thing in the place where we aggro'd Hana.) To be honest I don't actually like baiting the puppet like this---Camilla can get away with it since she takes 0 damage from the Shuriken Launchers, but most other people will have bulk issues. End of turn 11. Nyx kills a mook left side. (Corrin counter-killed one, I believe it was a Dragon Fang proc.) I move Camilla away and have Leo murder the Mechanist. He'll get a replacement in a few turns, but doing this lets me thin out Sakura's box a bit. End of turn 12. Note how I have two people triggering the reinforcements left side---two just in case Sakura freezes one, meaning I have to pair-up to move. Healing up Leo---pretty sure he did manage to counter-attack, it's just that Sakura healed afterwards. And I swap to Niles to murder this mook. Slowly walking everyone into position for the bum rush turn. (Taking Shuriken damage the entire time.) Reinforcements spawned on the left, they're all 1 range losers, though, so it's pretty simple to deal with them as long as you remember Dual Club gives a bit of extra crit. You need 28 luck with just a pair-up to see 0% crit, so best to have a Bronze Weapon as well. I dance Corrin for a second attack, which doesn't finish because of the doubled WTD. Oh well, I have Jakob trade swap Corrin into using Dragonstone+ before pairing him up. Doop. Xander doesn't need a pair-up since he has enough Luck to see 0% crit thanks to his sword. The mook behind this one has a Bow, so be careful when handling these guys. (They also don't aggro when you hit them, only when they're in range to hit you, which is interesting.) End of Turn 14. Gods this is a lot of Def out of nowhere. Niles went from more or less average on Def to being 3.4 ahead. He is like 2 Str behind his average, but he's also using Bows, meaning low Str isn't too hard to fix. Leo got this great level from guard stance exp on EP. This is Mag capped and a lot of random speed. He's 3.5 above his average Speed. In retrospect it would've been more cost efficient to chug Mag tonics and give Leo 1 less Spirit Dust, but whatever. Note how the replacement Mechanist gets to move. More mooks spawned on the left side, but they don't have 9 move or anything (like the random ass Falcon Knights), so we have another deal before we need to care. Randomly carrying a Naginata is pretty useful for Breaker and Dual mooks. I'm not going to go through the trouble of finding out Jakob's average stats (because of the class changes he did, which affects growths), just know that he's hilariously blessed. Don't expect your Jakobs to be this bulky or this fast. Dropped L&D because I don't really need his damage at this point---I don't need him at all in an ideal case, and in the worst case he'll be swapped forward because Corrin got too low, so he doesn't want L&D in that situation. In the screenshot run I drop Tomebreaker instead, though, since by that point I realized there's no way Corrin dies ever. Doop. Speed is pretty damn important (despite how Nyx is one of the fastest units on my team already), because her role doesn't usually give her the luxury of a pair-up, so she wants enough speed to double naturally. I have no idea where Beruka is getting these levels from. Note how she has the same Str and Speed. She's ahead in Strength, by the way. She's also 1 Speed higher than her level 20/20 averages. (She's 5.8 Speed ahead of her 20/8 averages.) Kind of tempted to swap her into Hero.* Wyvern Lord isn't that slow, so she'll only get 2 Speed from the deal, but Hp +5 and Sol are damn sweet, and it's even possible that she'll get Axe Breaker in time for it to matter. Main issue is that part where she'll be foot-locked. *Beruka has Fighter as an alternate class---technically she can give any other fighter a run for their money, but the Wyvern line is kind of insane in how good it is, so you don't see her as Fighter all that often. She's has a bit less hp and Str compared to Arthur, but is comparable or better everywhere else. It's just hard to find a time when it's worth giving up the raw mobility a flying unit brings to the team. Corrin goes here to bait the new reinforcements. They have clubs and scrolls. Niles is technically in range to be attacked (but the Mechanist isn't stupid enough to go for it), so he'll be baiting out the rest of Sakura's staff uses like this. Like I said, it's hard to get Xander out of double range of the faster mooks, but it's pretty easy to get him to double the slower mooks. Conquest is weird like that. (This is from Corrin's Draconic Hex, by the way.) I'd like some more Speed, but honestly my team is freakishly Speed blessed already for whatever reason. With the one obvious exception. Doop. The assault half of the map is basically over at this point. Fast forward a few turns and Sakura's out of Freezes, so I start killing the Mechanist. Xander also does this stuff while we were waiting. Corrin is a tad behind her Speed averages, but only by 1.25, unlike Selena. You also don't actually need all that much speed to double the endgame bosses, so mostly it's a matter of getting her the levels to kill them. Swordmaster Corrin is a damn good endgame boss-killer, thanks to the truckload of Atk you can get. Swordmaster has 2 less Atk at cap compared to Nohr Noble, but S-rank Swords means that they actually deal the same damage, even ignoring crits---you get 1 damage from S-rank itself, and then another point of damage from the weapon triangle advantage giving 2 damage at S-rank. That said, for general use Nohr Noble blows Swordmaster out of the water, since it's only slightly worse at the sword using bit but also has other roles in magical weapon usage and bulky dragon tank. *Fake Celebration Noises* Like I said, it's weirdly easy to get Xander to double people despite the fact that he's doubled all the time. I also clean up here. Fast forward a bit more and we use up all of Sakura's staves and are properly setup to bum rush the middle. (I think you can step one more square forward without triggering the final wave, but I'm not 100% sure and I don't need to step one more step forward, so I play it safe.) It's actually kind of stupid how much Xander is doubling. I dance Xander to let the right side in. Hate these Mechanists a lot, since there's no good way to kill them without triggering the last wave. Everyone's set up to begin the defense half of this map. I skip the nonsense and have Camilla ORKO Yukimura with the Berserker's Axe. Note that you take the damage even if you attack in Attack Stance, unlike Silver Weapons. It's still good as an Attack Stance weapon---since you can just sit at 1 hp the whole time if you're the type that's comfortable doing that---but if you're not a forged Silver is probably better, even if pricey as hell. This is Speed capped and I should mention that her recent levels have been very good to her. Camilla's basically ahead in everything, and that's kind of scary since her averages are pretty bonkers already. (She was leaning on the higher end of her averages the whole time, but it wasn't until the last few levels that the raw amount of stats she was getting pushed her into blessed territory.) It's hard to get blessed when you average around 4 stats a level, but somehow Camilla managed. Her offenses are near their caps already, so if I do eternal seal her it'll be for bulk purposes. (She has more than enough skills to make a full kit at this point.) Don't need Str+2 when I have Str+5 and Mag+5. Since the mooks will break this themselves anyway I might as well rush Sakura down while I'm here. (It's safer to move Selena right to handle the Falcons and have Camilla handle the middle, but AI Manipulation means I don't have to do that.) Sakura has lower Def than Res, but also Voice of Peace, so you'll want your Attack Stance unit to be out of the range of the Voice. She fails her dodge and miracle rolls so she explodes. Get some more Speed, please. Doop. (He lands both shots.) This is one of the very rare situations where Seal Magic actually matters, since it's all magical mooks that can actually hurt Leo on this side, and he isn't guaranteed to ORKO. I move Felicia over here to heal Camilla so that Leo's getting the -4 damage buff. Corrin's in range to join Jakob to choke the left side, and most people are in the middle of the map so they can get where ever they need to (note the 1 square choke-point, the left half is amazing for choke point strategies). Leo gets this pretty meh level on enemy phase. To be honest, the only stat that matters for him is Speed at this point. Which is kind of a very minor advantage for turning him Butler if I just hand wave the fact that I need to forge him a pretty crazy Bronze Knife to actually kill things. Which would cost 4k or so after you factor in the fact that selling Bronzes do get you 50% back, unlike basically everything else. If the Speedwings had more than 1 in the shop I'd just buy one and give it to Leo, but the fact that they're limited means I want to save it in case I need some extra stats for the endgame. I also crash around here, so the rest will be from a my screenshot grabbing run. Niles kills this Falcon Knight twice, thanks to Azura's dance. Leo's done with his side, just like the old run. (He has better odds this time around since I actually bothered Rallying Skill for him, but it's still fairly lucky that he managed to kill everything. Heal'd Camilla to full. Felicia would've been better middle, since the bulk is shakier there, just like Camilla would've been better there, but eh. (The best move would've been Selena\Beruka here with Elise support, and Camilla with Felicia support middle, but whatever.) Note how I'm on an odd turn*, so this time I actually wouldn't have needed to use the AI Manipulation to make sure I don't get 2HKOd, since it's a 8 damage swing. I also didn't have any Res debuffs on me (from Launchers), so it's another 4 or 6 damage saved. *You can plan for this if you figure out the spawn timing, but that requires multiple playthroughs of the same map. Xander and Selena stalled for the one turn Leo needed to come in and own everyone, so I send him in. Xander and his random doubles. His shield gauge goes to full from this so his hp doesn't matter. Niles and Camilla take care of the last Falcon. I'd like them a lot more if they had less mobility or you got to prepare for them. But their high mobility means that if you didn't know they were coming there's a pretty good chance you'd get caught out of position. Only the Pass mooks remain as threats, since Corrin can hold the right side literally forever. (She takes 0 damage after Draconic Hex debuffs the enemies.) Note how Niles is in range to bait the Bow puppets. (The only dangerous ones to Camilla.) On our turn we finish the back half of the pair up, effectively finishing the right side. (Camilla kills the rest.) More of Xander's random ass doubles. He's low-rolling his total growths but he's also getting Speed, so it's a win. Like I said, 0 damage. If you don't have Festals just heal then Shelter or heal then dance in situations like this. Far pricier in terms of unit-turns but a tad cheaper in terms of gold since Nohr staves heal for more. This run doesn't matter so I spend like 20 turns giving all the exp to Charlotte just because I can. As an interesting note about stat growths and class changing on Lunatic, it doesn't quite work the way you'd naturally expect. E.x. If you go from 60% speed growths to 40% speed growths you don't necessarily lose .2 Speed per level on average. If you had gotten .6 Speed on average per level then that's what would happen, but as an extreme case pretend you got 0 speed in 10 levels, obviously you lose 0 speed. If you had gotten 10 speed in 10 levels then you'd on average lose 3.3 Speed. The speed you lose is [Levels you got speed] * (1 - [New Growths]/[Old Growths]). Similarly, the levels you'd on average gain speed if you go to higher speed---let's say from 60% to 80%, is [Level you didn't get speed] * (1 - [1 - New Growths]/[1 - Old Growths]). So you'd get 5 Speed if you manage 10 levels without a single Speed level up, but swapped to an 80% growth class rather than the 60% you were originally in. tl;dr is that you'd lose more Speed than you'd 'expect' if you were blessed, and swapped to a lower Speed class, and gain more Speed than you'd 'expected' if you were screwed, and swapped to a higher Speed class. Usually this doesn't matter since usually you don't get to see your future level ups like this. (You can reset maps to do this, but you can also just do child maps and get the levels + get a bunch of items & a kid. It's not like you need to min-max that hard to beat Conquest.) The gist of it is... I'm not swapping Charlotte to Beserker unless she really needed the base stats or wanted more Axe rank, since she only missed 1 Str* between level 5 (when I'd want her to swap out), and level 9. She'd still be quite a bit behind in terms of offenses (missing 2.1 Str and 1.7 Speed), but 3 points of Def she'd get in those 5 levels are well worth the possibility of getting another point of Str, despite her being a tad Strength screwed. *Hero has better Skill than Beserker and the same Speed, in terms of growths. I took a lot less time in the 'real' run since I didn't bother feeding all the left side kills to one person. Epilogue: The map took long enough that I got an extra roll on the lottery, which basically got me 2k gold (assuming I use it), or 500 (assuming I sell it). The sell price on Fates stuff is really confusing since it's not just the usual buy at full sell at 50%. Odin and Niles went to A, which is great, since it means I can move Odin out of footlock whenever I want, and only lose 2 Speed rather than 6. (That said, Dark Knight does get 2 extra Str compared to Swordmaster, and a bunch of extra Mag.) Stat Updates: Corrin's basically a whole Speedwing behind her averages, but that doesn't really matter. (Swordmaster gives +4 Speed, and, like I mentioned before, basically doesn't have a Str penalty versus endgame bosses.) Camilla capped Speed---unless I get Kaze or Keaton a Silver Statue, or switch her out of Malig Knight*---and Niles is surprisingly bulky. *She'd have room for 2 more speed in Hero or Bow Knight, and 1 more Speed in Wyvern Lord. Beruka is still freaky fast, and Felicia is busy being Elise. It might be nice to get Leo Malig Knight somehow, but the only source is Beruka. Butler would be the best class to fill his slots if Malig Knight wasn't an option (and I do want Gentilhomme), but Dark Knight Leo's a pretty important unit in my lineup---Malig Knight Leo does basically the same thing, sans tanking bows, but Butler Leo is a completely different unit, even if I Arms Scroll him into Flame Shuriken. Nyx is 3 levels away from Pass, which is great. (I'll probably still want Niles level 15 and Felicia S rank with him, though---it's expensive to duplicate units.) Charlotte didn't see a single level in the 'real' run, and Odin's still being Odin. I'm very tempted to make him a Bow Knight for the moment to grab Movement +1, though, so Swordmaster's foot-lock is easier to deal with. Jakob is stupid fast again (lul 27 Speed in Paladin) and Selena's still completely screwed if we ignore her stat boosters. Xander and Elise says hi. Same for Shura and Flora. And here's Izana's stats. He has Rally Magic and Rally Luck, which are decently useful, and his Peacebringer is a hilariously hard to use personal. In the best case it's an anti-melee only Quiet Strength, that said, it does have its uses when you're trying to control damage for captures and exp feeding and such. His class set is quite strange, though---he only has 2 magical classes, despite his bases, the other 4 are physical. I'm fine with Flora's stats so I'm fine with his as well, and having 2 Rallies naturally means he's pretty good at supporting (if we ignore the whole -2 damage to allies thing).
  9. Well I stand corrected about Selena being able to survive the middle mooks. Moral Reset Counter: 8.5 The mooks do like ~18 to Selena and ~22 to Xander, so if they targeted either with both hits they were both fucking dead. I did think to myself 'wow, this doesn't look survivable' beforehand, though, so I had Selena holding a Fire and Xander holding his sword. Selena's low mag meant the AI attacked her first---since she doesn't do damage on the counter, unlike Xander who managed a crit kill (he was fine without it, I had him in a Nyx pair-up for the 4 Speed + 2 Res, so he was 2RKO'd, not ORKOd)---and, because I positioned her behind Xander, meant the person going second couldn't hit her, so both of them took one hit each rather than one of them being KO'd like what's supposed to happen. Again, though, AI Manipulation count as moral resets since: A, it's a hard to learn skill that only works for the game you learn it in---the AI changes every game, and B, I'm not playing on Casual, where I can just do a mid-chapter reload if I fuck up with my AI manipulation. (Or just complete the chapter and get them back anyway.) Plus that was my back-up plan rather than my main plan, my main plan was Xander and Selena both being able to survive two hits. Besides that the Chapter was a clean sweep, though, map was wiped clean by the time I Seized. Will probably grab the few missing screenshots & post the Chapter tomorrow. (Even though I have gripes with the Chapter from a information perspective---I'd be a lot happier if they at least started 1 or 2 Falcon Knights in a pair-up on the right side so you knew what's coming---I do still like design, since it's basically a classic castle assault map combined with Chapter 10 redux.)
  10. Oh right, my memory is just shit. Edit: Reset Counter: 25 Not me this time, just another crash. -_- (If I crash another time I'll just do the same old clear the map regularly and then go back to an old save for screenshots thing.) Double Edit: Reset Counter: 26 Feelsbadman. Another crash. (The map was more or less completely solved this time, too. There was like 30 mooks of exp left to take, but all the bosses were dead, Leo was even free because he landed his shaky hit rates to ORKO all the mages, so the only issues were the middle---which Selena had more than enough stats to take care of---and a couple of pass mooks and Silver Bow mooks who need to be spaced to handle.) Out of time for today, so I guess I'll finish the map tomorrow, grab the screenshots I'm missing from the map's second half, and then post the day after.
  11. I haven't actually played Conquest that much, mind. I'd say I started like 4-6 runs of Conquest that I played semi-seriously and completed only one. I have tried janky stuff before, of course, and things like reclass timings and child map usage and so on, but mostly what it boils down to is that your units tend to be best in their base classes, not because they're optimal in them, but because the people who designed Conquest were very good at it, and handed you basically an ideal lineup in terms of team composition to beat every map. (I'm basically leaning on their team-building skills rather than my own, and Conquest tests team-building more than min-maxing individual units, so their skills are carrying my ass.) (So if you reclass people, especially ones that fulfill hard to find roles like Flying + Bulky + Mage + Physical (Camilla), all at once, or dodgy + 1-2 range + healer + debuffer all at once (Felicia\Jakob), the game gets harder than it 'should' be because you end up missing the right tools.) The DLC classes and child maps completely break the game, though. DLC classes are basically a free set of tonics all the way until Chapter 20 (my units weren't promoted until around then), on top of a 'free' level of stats from 20-21. They even have better weapon access for grinding weapon ranks because why not. Child maps are even more hilarious, since they basically triple or even quadruple the resources you have to distribute---and Conquest is beatable with only doing the main route Chapters. Off-topic: In other news: Reset Counter: 24 Apparently the AI would break the breakable Levee in the middle of the map to get to your stuff, but only the last wave of reinforcements, the replacement Mechanists and such would still stay in Sakura's box. You learn something stupid everyday. This is actually a pretty huge problem, Leo & Camilla are both needed right side (Leo for the mages, Camilla for the Falcon Knights), and even though I have Corrin blocking the left I'm not actually sure my remaining units can deal with the ass-load of units in Sakura's box. (There's like 10 total in there or something stupid, even if she only started with 2 mooks around her.) Good thing I have Selena with a hilarious amount of stat boosters, so hopefully she can handle it. As you can see I have the map completely handled except these random jerkwards that break breakables. I have legit never seen the Conquest AI break breakables on any map before this. At least, I don't remember it happening before---my memory is pretty bad.
  12. Lunatic is about higher enemy densities and lower player team stats. I already showed you the math on why everyone on my team is counter-killed, which is also why everyone on my team is 2RKOd on EP. The fact that you aren't taking lower player team stats into consideration is why you don't understand Lunatic. Camilla, the highest leveled unit on my team, is level 17 at the start of map, or effectively 2 levels higher in terms of exp. Everyone else has a lower level than the mooks on the enemy team, in terms of exp. Like seriously, just try Lunatic without child maps. You're either right, in which case you can do whatever you want, because the game is so easy for you. Or you're wrong because you have no idea how resource distribution works. Charlotte has: 46.25 + 5 hp, 12.5 Def, and 1.75 Res as a level 20/6 Beserker. She's just as dead as Odin against mages, but she has a way better shot at OHKOing because of her 31.5 Str, and her 25.75 Speed means that unlike Xander etc. she can consistently survive a magical unit in a pair-up. (Xander is consistently dead even with a pair-up versus the 30 Speed Falcon Knights on this map.) Versus physical units her 18 hp lead versus Silas easily cancels out his Def lead, especially once her higher speed is taken into consideration. Higher enemy density means that you can't afford to have everyone pair'd up for stat bonuses unless the map allows you to slow-roll, because you have to kill enough of them so that nobody is taking multiple fights on EP, which would kill them. There are strategies that let you do choke point stuff to limit enemy phase combats you take, but they're not always available. I can trivialize this map by just pairing up everyone left side and abusing the left side's better choke points, for example, but that takes longer + I have to back track the entirety of the right side.
  13. I use mobility because I'm lazy. I use Charlotte because most of my team is under-leveled, and it's extremely difficult to get damage or bulk on the cheap, but she has both. And the weapon rank argument would work better on someone who isn't using Bronzes on pretty much everyone. The majority of my team is looking at being straight up counter-killed in a Counter hit + Attack Stance hit, and most of them don't have the speed to double in a pair-up, nor do you get enough unit-turns to properly advance if you're only using half (since the other half is busy being backpacks). This is an average mook on the map, he has 43 Atk half the time. Odin, for example, has these stats the next time he levels up. He takes 33-ish from the counter-attack and then 16-ish* from from an Attack Stance. This happens to everyone on my team other than Camilla, Leo, Corrin, and Selena. Camilla, Selena, and Leo are extremely heavily invested (they have levels, stats boosters, and optimized inventories). Corrin has +9 Def, +7 Res from her Dragonstone+. *Edit: I did the math wrong. It's more like 30ish and then 15ish from the Attack Stance. So he's only overkilled by 11 hp. If you think this is because Odin is a squishy unit Silas has 33.5 hp, 21.5 Def, and 13.95 Res on average at level 6 Paladin from a level 20 promotion. Everyone is fucked on Lunatic if you don't get the obscene child map resources. The reason children are broken is because a child joining gives you a map's worth of exp, since you didn't need to grind them up to par, and then their map gives you another map worth of resources. If you can get children without affecting resource acquisition it'd be pretty obvious they're on the same level as the 1st gen units, except with worse availability. Niles and the like can survive the mages, but this: Is also an average mook on the map, if we ignore Death Blow. He has Heartseeker and 106 natural hit, incidentally. If you stack stats from AoE skills this stuff is survivable, but you need a heavily invested unit + the relevant AoE skills, and also the map not giving you a reason to kill mooks. And the map isn't kind enough to just give you all physical units in one side and all magical in another anymore. They're stacking high speed (the Falcon Knights in a pair-up have 30 speed), decent Atk (the Lancefaire Falcon Knights hit for ~35 magical and ~41 physical), and hit both sides of bulk at once. And we're hitting stat caps on people like Camilla already, meaning being over-leveled isn't going to give her (or people that ate a ton of stat-boosters) bulk very soon.
  14. It was the beast killer, actually.* I fucked up positioning really hard since I wasn't paying attention. (I caught the first bolt naginata properly and happened to have Selena available to deal with it.) Xander managed to survive the 2nd Bolt Naginata by counter-killing with a crit, but the beast killer caught him anyway. *Edit: Oh wait, no, it's just a Silver Naginata---the pair'd up Falcons had double Bolt Naginata and double Silver Naginata unlike the first set. The reason it did so much damage was the Lancefaire. In other news, Reset Counter: 23. Really feels like the game wants me to actually use tonics at this point. (Or maybe just not farm the massive amount of exp that the map is handing me on a silver platter.) I also completely mis-understood what the reinforcements were tied to---I figured they were tied to certain unit kills, but no, the mass wave just comes from being near Yukimura, and this time my right side team was caught completely out of position because the left side happened to reach him sooner, unlike my 1st attempt where both sides reached him at around the same time. (It was fixable with good RNG, but I was exactly one unit-turn short because I had too many units paired up and I missed my first Freeze Staff use.) The 4x mage spawn was hilarious, too, since they have 2RKOs even on Selena, and everyone else had it even worse. Fortunately I happened to have a full shield gauge so I managed to choke point that reinforcement wave properly. Really dislike this kind of map since it's hard to prepare for it without doing it before or looking up a guide---I'd still dislike them even if you had the ability to swap between sides, but at least then you can compensate for the fact that you didn't actually know what you were dealing with on each side at the start of map.
  15. In retrospect, sending Xander to the right side, where every pair'd up Falcon Knight ORKOs him might've been a bad idea. Reset Counter: 22 The problem is that I only knew about it in retrospect. All the Falcon Knights were fucking reinforcements. (I could've ended the map, but wanted to grab the exp from the hilarious amounts of reinforcement mooks that popped up, and I didn't position Xander properly for that.) Anyway, updates are probably going to be slow since my free time is going away again.