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  1. New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin

    Yeah, sorry I didn't make that bit clear. I thought we were just comparing Goad & Ward, rather than Goad & other C-slots.
  2. I didn't assume they can afford Legendary Azura, though. I said Olivia was about as good, not better, which means you still run Legendary Azura if you have her since she's comparable or better in all situations. Olivia was simply comparable in this one specific case so her low cost actually mattered. Also, having to stand a square away from allies at the start of turn isn't the same thing as being a square farther from allies after their unit-turn ends. Sometimes it actually means you're a square closer. (If you place the two units in a diagonal at the start of turn, for example.)
  3. New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin

    Mind, I was assuming I had something like Hone Type on my cav already, if was running Goad it'd be either on top of field buffs or stacked like crazy to pass stat checks, hence why I compared it to Savage Blow rather than Hone Type in my original thing.
  4. If you're using horse staves it doesn't matter, and flying staves are expensive---and Loki is better if you're going for 5* exclusive staves. Azura doesn't actually get to the staves any better than a infantry dancer, unless terrain is a problem, and the Herons are better for raw mobility anyway.
  5. Mind that staff is a legitimately broken archetype in AR, and the two staves she's recommending are exactly the ones that matter. And because of the way they're broken (as long as you have a single wall breaker everything on the enemy team dies without being able to do anything), 2* Olivia is about as good as Legendary Azura. Edit: Feels weird that she's recommending this from a defense team perspective, though. Since you do need a fair bit of good positioning over multiple turns to truly leverage how absurd they are.
  6. New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin

    Cavalry also has +1 move for your back line in the direction of your front line, though. Just because cavalry can run far from the team doesn't mean that they have to, if they cared about getting buffed. You should be using fliers instead if you never plan to use their superb reach, since fliers have more stats, but you don't always have to use their maximum move if using less than that is better in a particular situation.
  7. New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin

    If I had to use a in combat buff in the C-slot it'd be goad on my cavalry, though, since if you're fighting with heavy stat disadvantage even player phase units start needing effort to pass stat checks. That said, personally I rarely use Ward or Goad on my cavalry---their biggest draw as enemy phase units is that dead units don't contribute buffs (or combat), so if you dismantle enough of the enemy team before that enemy phase the stuff that's left don't do anything. And that's mostly done by cramming as much mobility into the team as possible. All of those are equivalent to +1 move in the best case scenario. Unless there's terrain cavalry's ability to use Goads is just as good and doesn't cost skill slots. That said, the volcano and mountain maps do exist. Unless you meant in AI hands. The fact that AI prefers to teleport if possible means that the flier movement skills keeps the team together, which is great. That said, I do think Ward is more valuable than Goad in general, player phase units tend to have other ways to pass stat checks (like shoving a bunch of savage blow stacks down people's throats), and defensive teams have a far simpler time positioning for drive effects.
  8. My issue wasn't the part where she valued Sothe, that part was completely fine, even in a monarch. It's the part where if Sothe hadn't been involved whatsoever she would've allowed her army to get wrecked because she didn't want to call the retreat since that would mean 'losing.' Edit: Like, Ike was on that hill, they were about to get completely destroyed.
  9. Mostly the whole 'I'm fine with getting a bunch of mooks killed, but Sothe, oh no' kind of thing during the mountain pass ambush* where Tibarn threatened to drop Sothe off a cliff. She was fine with her entire army getting annihilated (she was going to keep fighting despite the fact that Ike's team was about to ruin her army) but one person close to her was out of limits. *Where she was pouring oil on people to ignite them and the Pegasus knights were planning a meat-shield thing to get Sanaki away I could be remembering wrong, though. I'm fine with people being like that---it's generally preferred when you're not a ruler of a country, actually---but it's a bad trait in a general or monarch.
  10. The important people already know Sanaki isn't the Apostle. (All of the Senate + during the story everyone strong enough not to be Stoned learned it as well.) And, mind, it's pretty simple to pretend to be a nice person. You can practice being charming. (I don't see Soren giving enough shits about Daein to do that, though.)
  11. To be fair, Sanaki is pretty competent as a ruler, IRRC, and it's not like 2nd in line is all that far away in terms of claim strength. And honestly I'd much rather have her than Micaiah considering the fact that she seems far more level headed, which is kind of important in a ruler. And I imagine Soren would just give Daein the middle finger and stay with the Greil Mercs (well, with Ike). It's not like he gives a shit about that country. Edit: I imagine he'd do a better job than Micaiah, though. Again, level-headed. Edit: Also, Nailah is the queen of Hatari, IRRC she didn't give up her job or anything?
  12. Personally I haven't been having Surtr problems in GC, but the fact that the hardest difficulty just stacks a set amount of extra stats on people rather than scaling for the amount of flowers & merges they already have means that it's really hit or miss in terms of how well auto-battle performs, even beyond the whole unit-selection thing. From what I've observed it seems like it's possible to design bridgades that can consistently rush down 2 camps (that is, 2 forts that aren't the main fort) on auto-battle, but there's no way I'm going through all that effort for, like, a 10% score increase when I'm already averaging something like 11k score for 8 lances on auto-battle. Edit: Also, minor rant on flowers. Holy hell they fucked that resource up. It went from a slowly accuring resource that slowly increased the stats of your favorite\most important characters to something that punished you for not sticking to a few units, since you can be pretty sure you're not going to meet un-flowered units in PvP whereas a lot of modes will need you to use un-flowered units at some time or another. I assumed it was player side only because that way actually made sense. Were people complaining AR was too easy or something?
  13. DNC's Off-topic Argument Thread

    What I meant was, if you run Prayer Wheel at all, you've already decided support ability was more important than combat, meaning something like young Azura's better combat when both Azuras are using Prfs is actually a demerit, since it cost her a weapon slot that could've been used for team support. The support tomes are kind of... bad, but the other flying Azura, for example, has Hagoita for drive Def/Res.
  14. DNC's Off-topic Argument Thread

    Mind, by centralizing I tend to use something more like Smogon's definition. That is, the unit is flat out better than other units doing the same role. The fact that Reinhardt exists means I don't run things like Vantage Camus, TA Raven Robin, -blade Mae, etc. His sheer access to sets and ability to run them at optimal or near optimal levels means that he keeps everyone that's not literally the best of the best out of consideration for serious teams. That said, the fact that a lot of his sets depends on perfect play to operate at that level means that you don't see it often in AI teams. In AI hands he doesn't have the level of consistency to operate at a 'broken' level---his Dire Thunder set is very consistent in AI hands, but Ophelia is nearly as consistent and does significantly more damage. For Legendary Azura, the only type of support* that consistently performs better than Azura is the Herons, and that's primarily for Galeforce teams. (Even Nailah would most likely prefer Azura over a Heron, because she can spend a weapon and a C-slot for +6 all stats and have an S-slot free for drive, whereas Herons can't change their weapon slot.) *Not just dancers, I'm including things like Future Vision Link Lucina, Eirika with a bunch of hones or whatever, and even stuff like Reinhardt when he's against a bad matchup---the classic Dire Thunder set has a lot of skill-slots free for support duties when necessary. Note that I consider Future Vision Lucina a semi-support even without Link, because Future Vision is an absurd mobility support skill. And the main reason Legendary Azura doesn't have good combat is because you'd rather have her maximize her support abilities---there's nothing stopping her from running stuff like TA-raven or -blade. In that vein young Azura doesn't actually have a combat lead over Legendary Azura, because it's easier to buff Type Units & Legendary Azura's move type means it's easier for her to pick her combats. The mere fact that you're running Prayer Wheel over a combat tome already said that you'd rather have your dancer maximize support abilities than sacrifice some for combat.
  15. DNC's Off-topic Argument Thread

    Double posting since the forum isn't letting me edit. Even though it did just before. Mind, even T21 isn't hard by hard-core standards (where perfect play and optimized units are expected). My CC Vantage team, for example, has 3 fliers, one of which is a bonus unit with an incomplete skill-set, Atk Tactic as the only field buff, and Legendary Azura using her Base Kit & a Drive Atk S-slot. And, yeah, Reinhardt has +10 merges, but everyone else is +0 or +1. And it's good enough to clear the majority of T21 maps deathless, as long as I take my time to play it properly. I rate units based on standards that are a lot stricter than the game requires, which is why I don't even consider people like Robin for my teams despite they fact that they are, in fact, good enough to bring into teams. Edit: When I say AR is way too hard I usually mean it's way too hard for a casual mobile game like FEH. It's simply not the level of difficulty I want or expect from a game like this.