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  1. Was a little bugged that I didn't get a defense win for the first time in a month or so. And then I realized I never set team 15 as my defense team, despite moving everyone off team 10. Ha ha.
  2. One can argue that gender ambiguity means you can use either he, she, or it with equal correctness. I could even argue that 'it' is the less correct of the three choices, since it implies that Corrin might be a gender other than male or female. Edit: The proper term for a person of indeterminate, but human, gender is actually 'they.' I don't use it because I don't like being too formal when typing
  3. Ike doesn't have to fight anyone besides Ashnard MK. 1. He can just run away from BK (he can use the escape tiles just like Mist) and let the Royals take care of Ashnard MK. II. (In normal and below he doesn't even have to fight at all, and just let the Royal take care of Ashnard MK 1.) But that's not why I said Ike's story and gameplay are integrated. Storywise, Ike steadily faces increasingly strong challenges while he himself grows increasingly strong. Gameplay wise, the hardest Enemy Strength/Ike Strength ratio happens at Oliver, and everything else is smooth sailing. Story wise, Oliver is where Ike promotes into Lord and starts being the protagonist of a classic shounen anime (or something) rather than the protagonist of a coming of age story. Storywise I'm assuming the writers think the Enemy Strength/Ike Strength ratio actually keeps increasing---not by much, because Ike grows a damn lot, but increasing nonetheless. But Oliver is still one of the 'tipping points,' and the story acknowledges that with a new outfit. I rate units based on how good they are absolutely (or rather, how good they are vs. enemy units), rather than how good they are relatively (or rather, how good they are vs. other player units). This means I think of Ike as a good unit in a game of good units, for both his games. Also, Ike's trainee phase is better than any other trainee's because of his perfect availability---usually his trainee phase is finished by the time new trainees show up. So he'd be closer to a 'regular' FE unit that's unfortunately sword locked in terms of performance than a trainee. Titania* is pretty much the only unit who's better or equal to Ike in all respects---availability, mobility, combat, resource requirement. Everyone else suffers in one department or another. Availability is obvious---you can't be good if you don't exist, or if you're a trainee who isn't good yet (Ike also suffers through this, but he suffers through it the earliest), mobility is something Ike simply can't fix, unfortunately, but combat is where he tends to excel, since his stats are kind of obscene, and in terms of resource requirement he's fairly lenient**, his high growths and early availability means that he has a high stat/exp ratio and joins right when the exp/gold ratio is highest (exp to level divided by the amount of gold you spend paying for vulneries, weapons, and healing), the very early game. *Oscar is also a contender for flat out better than Ike, but his early game is hampered by axe spam. And IRRC his availability is a bit worse than Titania's. I'd still rate him better than Ike, though. **He starts with an inventory full of swords for whatever reason, and sword drops rain out of the sky. IRRC Mia is the next sword user you get, 7 chapters in. Everyone who joins before chapter 8, where you can start using BEXP, is either Titania, Oscar, or suffers in some way compared to Ike. Everyone who joins after has the problem where, if you saved resources for them---stat boosters, BEXP, weapons not immediately needed, forges not immediately used---you're investing resources during the hardest parts of a game, the early game, for the easier, later parts of the game. Mind, Marcia, Stefan, Kieran, and Jill are probably better as units, depending on how much you value availability, and Astrid's ups might make up for her downs (I'd rate her and Ike around the same, she peaks higher but her trainee phase is also miles worse---she starts a dozen chapters later and is bow locked before promotion. You either save resources early game for her---resources that could've went to Oscar, Titania, Ike, to make the early game easier---or you suffer through a chapter 13 trainee's trainee phase), but everyone else should be comparable to Ike at best. Ignoring, that is, the laguz. I have no idea how to rate them. Their stats are unfair but they have a gauge.
  4. Ah. I never minded that, tbh. The whole point of being in charge is to have the power to make 'unfair' decisions like making sure your son with plenty of potential got as much experience as possible in leadership in as short a time as possible. (That is, yeah, 'Ike' didn't earn it. But 'Greil' did. Just like how it wasn't the prince who earned the right to rule a country, but the king before him.) Besides, Ike was Daein Nobility, being the son of Greil, one of the four riders. Daein was pretty much the most meritocratic country in Tellius, but IRRC Greil was one of the riders before Ashnard took the throne, meaning he was probably a regular blue-blooded noble.
  5. Honestly I think that was the best thing for him. He wasn't ready at the time he was handed the leadership, but it got him ready faster than basically any other method short of Titania mentoring him full-time. (And she couldn't have, because she was the natural commander candidate, meaning she'd have other duties than mentoring Ike.) Edit: Basically the 'toss the lion cub down a cliff' method of teaching. Very Greil.
  6. If you knew what's coming up, Day Breaks isn't hard. But that's one small problem with gameplay and story integration---some plot points are weaker if you see them coming. If you didn't, it's a slugfest of rout maps in a game where your main Lord doesn't get his unbreakable Prf until pretty much the endgame. (Fortunately you had Laguz, though, and the first time through lethe and mordecai have more than enough stats to solo carry, meaning you won't be locked out either way.) Gameplay wise, Oliver wasn't a challenge* in the way BK is a challenge. BK is you either kill him, run away, or he kills you---and it all happens pretty damn quickly. Oliver is a threat in the way that he can just toss bodies at you until you run out of swords---because, for the first time basically ever, you don't get to resupply and buy\forge weapons between maps---this is a slow, grindy type of challenge. *Except on manic, where he's a harder fight for Ike than BK. Story wise, yes, Oliver was expected to be a walk in the park. Until it turned out that he wasn't---turns out a Senator can have a pretty big army---and there's a bunch of spanners tossed into the works like Reyson trying to commit sudoku and a princess falling out of the sky. From what I've heard (I haven't played BB myself), Roy was deadweight after a certain part in the game because of his ultralate promotion, until he picks up BB to carry him through the endgame. Ike, past the start of the game, never actually has issues because even in Day Breaks his stats are more than enough to keep up---this is including the Leanne map. Ragnell is a bonus he picks up rather than something he needs to be a unit. The thing about Ike is that, past a certain point (which comes pretty quickly, and usually before his promotion), ranged units never damage him and melees are all ORKOd. 50/55 Atk/Spd growths and 75/40/40 Hp/Def/Res growths is kind of busted in a game where 20 in a stat is endgame level. Outside of bosses, I usually use Ike like this: He gets boots, he walks forward, he ORKOs all the melees and the ranged dogpile to do maybe 10 damage combined to him, next turn, someone kills a ranged to free up a way forward, Ike walks forward again, maybe chugging a vulnery, rest of the team clean up the ranged. Titania can do this better, earlier, and cheaper, but that's because being a trainee is kind of hard to fix---Ike is as good as it gets for a trainee, and even then he has issues in PoR. Regarding bosses: Oliver on Manic usually doubles Ike, carrying Leanne. Every other difficulty Oliver has problems doubling level 1 Ike carrying Leanne. On non-manic this is for a single Nos hit for... 9 damage. (9 mag + 7 MT damage vs. 19 * .4 = 7 [7.6] res.) Oliver is actually one of the hardest bosses, since he gets extra stats on Manic (a hilarious amount, actually, he gets 3 Str---basically 3 speed, 10 Mag, 6 speed), and can thus double and ORKO an average Ike who's not using Pure Water and never got a stat booster in his life. The boss before him, Kimaarsi, has 15 Str, 12 MT on spear, and 11 spd---not fast enough to double level 1 Ike, nor OHKO level 1 Ike. [Edit: He does OHKO level 1 Ike, actually, 27 > 24, you need to give Ike the first seraph robe to survive the level 1 OHKO. I always do, so I mis-remembered Ike's hp + def] Level 20 Ike, on average, has 33 hp, 12 def. That is, a slightly unlucky Ike (33.25 & 12.6 are Ike's actual averages) who's never given stat boosters will take three rounds to die to Kimaarsi. Manic Oliver is secretly the hardest boss in PoR, because he's the only one who will ALWAYS double Ike and usually ORKO Ike. (Not really since you just send Titania at the problem, but I'm talking about vs. Ike.)
  7. I like Ike because he's a pretty good unit (less so in PoR, mostly because he only comes in 1 map before Titania, and she's bloody Titania vs. a level 1 trainee). Beyond that, though, I always liked how his character is perfectly integrated story wise and gameplay wise. PoR, he's a trainee---great potential, but starts off more than a little below average. Yeah, he's comparable to Boyd, and maybe only a little worse than Oscar because of how many axes the early game throws at you, but the actual 'veterans' like Titania, Shinon, and even Gatrie blow him out of the water. Then his dad dies, and he goes 'oh shit, I need to carry this team.' Not only is he probably fairly strong at this point, 2 of the former main players leave (Gatrie + Shinon), which makes him relatively better. Yeah, we get a bunch of new folks like Mia, Marcia, and whatever, but none of them blow Ike out of the water like Titania & co, meaning he went from below average to above average the moment Greil died. Skip a couple chapters of character development, and we have Day Breaks. (The maps are pretty annoying to play, especially if you aren't forewarned, but I like them a lot storywise.) This is the chapter where Ike grows his goddamn beard, when the chips are down, the stakes are high, and he finds himself equal to all the shit that's thrown at him and will be thrown at him. The sheer length of the map is meant to challenge the player, gameplay wise, but, story wise, it's a challenge to Ike. This is the hardest fight Ike has faced so far---and, one can argue, that he will ever face---nobody is a match for him individually on the maps, but the constant fighting takes a toll on the team's resources and, for the last map, he saddled by the designated princess of Tellius, Leanee. (Yeah, technically Elincia's the princess, but it's Leanee who gets kidnapped all the time.) But, once he makes it through all that, he's finally gotten enough experience under his belt that, even though he's nowhere close to his full potential, he's now very definitely a star player in his own right. His lord promotion turned him into 'trainee with a brilliant future' into 'designated carry.' His bases are no longer shit, his growths had 19 levels to pay off, and his caps skyrocketed to frankly unfair levels considering how low enemy stats are in Tellius. Yes, he gets Ragnell in the future, but Day Breaks is the point where PoR turned from a coming of age story to enjoying the god damn protagonist wiping the floor with everybody. And god damn does he wipe the floor with everybody. The only reason Titania is still better at this point is because of her horse and axe access---the latter of which gets fixed once Ike grabs Ragnell. RD: It's not Ike's coming of age story anymore, it's Ike still in the 'wipe the god damn floor with everyone' mode. And god damn, those bases, those growths everywhere except speed (which starts basically capped anyway), and ranged swords actually being good for once. This is especially enjoyable because you get to look at what a crappy trainee looks like in Micaiah (not only does she start meh, she never turns good because her promotions are always like 10 chapters too late). Aside. I have a feeling the story guy really like Micaiah, but the gameplay guys didn't. Where Ike is perfectly integrated gameplay and story wise, Micaiah is a mess. The story plays her up as amazing, but unless she's freakishly blessed, she's basically a glorified staff bot because of how often enemies ORKO her. The story plays Ike up, but he's worth being played up, being one of the best characters in a game filled with some of the best characters in the series. tl;dr: Ike is basically the definition of a trainee unit done 'right.' Amazing growths, as brief a 'deadweight' stage as possible, perfect availability and doesn't slow down as a unit once he gets going (if we ignore the brief stall in levels & combat ability in Day Breaks---Ike's probably 20/0 for a while at that point, and the last map saddles him with Leanne). RD he's almost Titania tier, and that should say more or less everything. And, not only is his gameplay enjoyable, the story is perfectly integrated. Game one he's a trainee for the first half, growing and getting experience, and kicking all kinds of major ass in the second half. Game two is basically Game 1, Part 2, Part B.
  8. Fate/Grand Order General

    Lancers need lower attack than average to be balanced, thanks to their 1.05x damage multiplier. This means they scale very well with attack CEs and Fou cards. Compare her to EMIYA(Archer), for example. Yeah, EMIYA has a bit more than 1k attack on her, but, practically speaking, their cards hit for the same damage. Archers have .95x multipler, Lancers have 1.05, which essentially means, comparing an archer to a lancer, the archer suffers a 1k Atk demerit. (Assuming the ballpark of ~10k attack.) Beserkers, Rulers, and Avengers get 1.1x multiplier, but the first is made of tissue paper, although they do get 1.5x effectiveness vs. basically everything, the second basically never has effective damage, although they're usually indestructible in return, and the third is made of tissue paper and almost never has effective damage.
  9. AI Manipulation and mobility. My regular arena team beat the map without taking a single hit. (Edit: I think Cav!Lyn took the most damage at the end of the chain at 10 hp left or something, but that was from a single hit. IRRC Reinhardt might've taken 2 hits. Everyone was alive at the end, though.) Edit: You can also run armor emblem with lots of ward stacks. If you have a +10 armor team, the map shouldn't be a problem. High mobility teams just happen to beat maps with less investment required, is all. Double Edit: You should ask Ice Dragon instead of me if you want advice on how armors beat maps, though. I can't stand them due to the lack of mobility.
  10. Fate/Grand Order General

    One copy of each---I actually got NP4 before either. Like I've said, the banner's been pretty odd. (Definitely extremely lucky, of course, but very skewed for whatever reason.)
  11. Fate/Grand Order General

    The raw numbers wasn't too bad, depending on how you look at it. (I think it's like... 2-3 months of hardcore saving, but more like 6 months of casual saving for me. I roll a couple tickets every banner, but I usually control myself and limit my spending to less than 15 quarts worth of quartz/tickets unless it's a banner I really like.) The main thing is that I'm very much a 'powergamer' in terms of unit I like. I rolled a lot on this banner because Archer Artoria is kind of goddamn amazing, and the Knight's CE is one of the best out there for quick servants---and I happened to have two. Most banners don't have units on that level, so I don't really feel that compelled to pull. If you have a lot of units you like, then, yeah, saving in FGO is pretty much your personal hell. 'Like less units' is pretty crappy advice, though. : /
  12. Fate/Grand Order General

    My followup post ninja'd yours. I advize not looking at it if you've already taken your daily dose of sodium.
  13. Fate/Grand Order General

    Open the spoiler if you want to learn what being salty truly feels like:
  14. Fate/Grand Order General

    Hmm, well, my gacha senses told me to stop pulling 200 quartz ago, and I guess I might as well stop late than never. Really strange luck---wanted MLB Knights due to me having Scathach and Jack, ended up with just as many copies of Archer Artoria as Knights. *Shrug* (Note: It'll be best not to ask me how many copies I got, it's a salt filled landmine.) Guess I'll try and save a stash of quartz for the rerun.
  15. The problem is that till being 'lower' is entirely because the people writing style guides stopped reading dictionaries. (Also, is 'diction' supposed to be used this way? I always thought 'register' was the more specific term for the degree of formality of word choice, whereas diction is just what words you chose.) Till's a little far gone at this point, but one fancy ass work of literature called 'Till death do us part' which never uses until where till would do and you'll have a certain type of style guide writer suggesting till in place of until. Fair. Mind, I think I'm a bit more forgiving of a reader than you---I'm fine with people using definitions decades or centuries out of date, if only because books can easily last decades or centuries. By proper word I meant: A word that is proper, that is, a high register word. Not as in a word that's a word, that is, a word with a definition. (Also, part of the confusion is that I haven't seen diction used in place of register before now, which meant I didn't quite understand you at first.) The age of a word very much affects how strong it is, though. Older words tends to be more specific and more easily understood than younger ones simply because they're in more books. Because of that, I tend to like older words over younger ones as a rule---not an ironclad rule, mind, inflammable vs. flammable showcases a very good reason to use the word that seems lower in register. Inflammable used to be more popular and more formal, and then people stopped learning Latin, so now flammable is less ambiguous.