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  1. Aether Raids General Thread

    Very tempted to pull out 4x Ward Cav Xander for the laziest Aether Raids team in history. (Armor team at least have to try to break pots, but Xander team is full of horses.) Would only be for Anima season, though---it's basically against the law not to run as many copies of Eir as you can. : /
  2. Aether Raids General Thread

    This means that there are only 154 people in T19 at the moment. I think part of it is because being consistently good is annoying as hell (I know I don't enjoy it), and another part is that a lot of the best people either couldn't get Eir or stopped caring as much about AR once Eir dropped. (My own rank doesn't actually matter---T18 should be like ~10k people, if not larger, so the fact that I'm slightly ahead right now makes no difference past this week. Might not even make a difference this week---I'm inconsistent enough that not making T19 is a real possibility.)
  3. Special Heroes (Gifts of Winter)

    Typical min-maxing don't deliberately try to Atk tie, though. If we know going in that we might want our team's units to hit a certain Atk we'd pay more a bit more attention to natures affecting Atk. I have +Def & +Atk Surtr, for example, and if I'm deliberately trying to Atk tie I'd pick the the one that's closer to my team's, and that's on top of possibly swapping out of Surtr's Prf for a weapon with a Refine option. Coincidentally, my +Def Surtr and my Myrrh have the same Atk at the moment---he's running Hack-o'-Lantern since I'm expecting him to tank multiple rounds vs. the same people, and also S-Seal Fortress Res at the moment, costing him 5 Atk, whereas Myrrh is running +Res Lightning Breath, costing her 4. Myrrh and Surtr were weirdos within 1 Atk of each other, though. That said, as long as 180 BST, Low Spd, high everything else is a standard for armors to shoot for we'll probably have really similar Atk stats on upcoming trainee armors.
  4. Special Heroes (Gifts of Winter)

    Derp. I mean, presumably the team is built so that you're at the optimal state of 3 units buffed (for a 4 unit team) to begin with, so you'd be actively trying not to get debuffed (or get everyone debuffed, if your buffs are stronger than the debuffs) rather than trying to get some specific member(s) debuffed. It's not as flexible as horses with Hone etc. when you don't want to get buffed (vs. Laegjarn, Cleaner, and Panic etc.), but 'Always Buffed' isn't that much worse than 'Only Buffed on Demand.' It's definitely a downside, just not a big one. If it's combined arms Tactics should still be better. If it's anything but armors you should either have Type Buffs or you're Infantry (and crying). It's better than not having the option, but I think only armors really care about this type of buff. (Infantry do like it second best, since we have enough that it's easier to make an Infantry team match Atk than any other team, and their buffs are the worst of the lot---but even Infantry has stuff like Link & Bow Lucina.) Basically I treated the C & Staff as armor buffs because no other unit type cares too much---they already have comparable options, and they don't value the 'position independent' upside as much as armors. Kind of like how horses basically never run Hone Atk, they just don't value the 'type independent' upside, considering what they're giving up.
  5. Special Heroes (Gifts of Winter)

    Don't buffs & debuffs stat checks happen at the same time? (Or do debuffs check for stats first.) We do have a fair bit of leeway in manipulating the Atk stat with refines, merge levels, and 'field stat' skills vs. 'combat stat' skills (L&D vs. Brazen, etc.) . Although refines are only an option if generics are comparable with Prfs, which isn't the trend---and Merge levels is kind of 'I hope you enjoy running this team forever, because it's stuck in stone'. Mind, I do agree it's restrictive, but I find team comp restrictions a bit easier to deal with, for armors, than positioning restrictions. (Personally I wish they tried out positioning independent buffs sooner, so armors never fell behind to the point where they kind of needed skills on the level of Bold Fighter to compete. If Eirika's skills as is was too restrictive they could've lowered the restrictions without increasing the stats, which is safer from a game balance perspective.)
  6. Special Heroes (Gifts of Winter)

    Eirika's skills are actually great for armors---the biggest problem with armors is that basically all buffs are positioning dependent, which meant they never actually had the stat advantage they were supposed to have. (More mobile teams just stack more buffs than you and split you up---a lot of people don't do this, but I'm noticing that even the top 10k Aether Raids players are kind of... terrible... so yeah.) This means they have problems handling maps where objectives are in multiple locations---like, say, Aether Raids maps where they split the pots/units. Eirika + Eir both have positioning independent buffs, though, which pushes armor into being hilariously strong, since Atk/Def/Res all get better the more of it you already have. If I liked armors I'd like this change, but personally I would've preferred armors to be 2nd tier forever, but that's a personal preference. If they were just trying to milk money from whales it's better to rotate which unit type is 'overpowered,' so *shrug.*
  7. Aether Raids General Thread

    Thinking about it, a high hp Loki would be pretty useful for my kind of team. Gravity effects basically save a unit-turn, and makes planning easier. (My Tactic's Room is where it is precisely because the lava map has a lava tile right above it---people who try to prevent my setup with the lava map just get hosed.) Pity healers don't get to use repo. Edit: Turns out Surtr just flat out walls my main team, feelsbadman. (Strictly speaking my main team could've handled him, it's just that the map walled off the right side---which was the side I had to go through if I wanted to use Galeforce at all, otherwise the Veronica/Bow Lucina/Hrid/Flying Azura combo owns me. And I didn't have enough turns for that) Double Edit: Ugh, missed a Aether Pot today, even if I lost 0 units. This Spring Breeze 'wall off the right side strategy' is owning me.
  8. Aether Raids General Thread

    Mind that the Surtr maps are trivial. It's just that even the top 10k is full of mediocre players. I'd even rate myself as mediocre with my double Eir setup---the team isn't bad, exactly, but if I play my hyper-offensive teams at 80% potential or so I'm using double Eir at, like, 20%. There's a lot of high level AI manipulation by Smiting Surtr & co. into an exact spot in the middle of the enemy team that completely cripples them---2 move units can't move around each other to hit him, horses plink him for 0---but I can't do them properly because I'm nowhere near that level with the 3 protect 2 teams I'm running. Edit: And Surtr's a bit worse this season because you can't stack Eir's blessing stats on him---I swapped to a 5 armor stall team rather than my double Eir, 3 armor, with a 75 hp, 50 def/res Surtr in a corner build I used last season.
  9. Aether Raids General Thread

    Mind pulling (and running) Eir grates on me like crazy. I transitioned from basically one of the most aggressive players possible into 'just let the armor solo everything.' It's just that grails are actually much more important than orbs in the short term. (They're a much more limited resource and they get much more limited units than orbs.) And in the long term I'm pretty sure I'll eventually want to +10 a limited unit, so I'll need a huge stash of the stuff. If we don't get a Mythic Hero for this coming week, though, I should be able to run my classic team for one last hurrah. (Main problem is that I don't have a horse bonus unit, so double dancer will be troublesome fit into the team.)
  10. Special Heroes (Gifts of Winter)

    My Cordelia has Savage Blow. Her job isn't to kill you with stats (although she could---if I brought her in it's because it's a 5 flier team with 4 or more goads), it's to spread savage blow. Same for the pain staffer. Realize you're talking about 6 Eirika teams inside a meta where 70 def/res units with 90 hp is easily obtainable. Any offensive unit worth running will have ways to wall break. Like, people always talk like the AI is better at stacking buffs than the player for some god damn reason. If the AI has more stats than you you're playing and building teams like actual garbage.
  11. Special Heroes (Gifts of Winter)

    Eirika spam is actually fairly trivial to destroy. And without using Armor Effectiveness---if you're playing 'seriously' you have to assume that all an effective weapon does is force the optimal enemy to run Svalinn Shield in the A-slot rather than something else. You'll keep one in your 5 teams as a 'threat,' but it won't be the one doing the most work. I'd personally use something like my Cordelia and just Galeforce them to death, but the 'textbook' answer is just to bring a pain staffer with double Savage Blow and run them all through. Edit: Since we're running 3 Eirs + 2 Blessed though it'll probably just be a pair of Bold Fighter armors with a good special.
  12. Special Heroes (Gifts of Winter)

    The worst thing about being bad is knowing you're bad. The problem isn't that there are Aether Raids teams that stump people, it's that they know there are other players out there who have no trouble with those maps. The replay feature is a good tool to learn from, for example, but it's the worst thing in the world for people who didn't realize they were bad. And as is Aether Raids is even more centralizing than Arena---there are at least options to how you want to stack 40 merges and a bunch of expensive skills*---but 2-3 Eir and 2-3 blessed is mandatory for 160 lift/fight. So you basically have the worst of both worlds. *I don't do it myself because 1 orb/week is not worth it. If we literally only got 4 orbs a week maybe I'd consider it, but we get more like ~80 orbs/week.
  13. Aether Raids General Thread

    Yeah this SS pretty much describes playing new Aether Raids in a nutshell. (The 'rock' Veronica guy was amazing, though---he was running +0s and had so many turns free that he triggered all the traps and killed all the buildings. He left the fake traps alone, but he had enough turns free to get those as well if he wanted. The problem? His team only got +110 lift for that win, since he only had 1 Eir & 1 Blessed.) Edit: Well I stomped my two matches today by just Smiting Surtr into the entire enemy team, so I'm safe for T18 even if I actually turn into the worst player in the world. : /
  14. Orbs directly translate into grails considering how the blessings work. : /
  15. Your best & worst changes of 2018

    I was actually fine with Abyssal---even during the original 2 weeks when everyone was pushing 90 hp or so. Offensive units simply don't need that much stats to function, so the enemy getting 40 or so didn't really matter. The 'nerfed' weeks were actually so easy that I just used the original brigade I used two weeks ago---meaning I didn't have to swap around units for combat triangle purposes or positioning. Edit: I do agree with Ice Dragon that the original RD was a slog, though. (The nerfed version was so easy that I'm pretty sure I didn't have to do any map more than once or twice. Double Edit: I might be mis-remembering, though.)