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  1. Fate/Grand Order General

    The Demon hunting quest is surprisingly decent despite the fact that it only has 2 waves of mooks. (So less exp cards and whatnot.) The triple demon wave really carry it---I still haven't seen the legendary triple heart drop yet, although I did get a double heart run once.
  2. Fate/Grand Order General

    Seeing level 100s with imperfect skills is always kind of weird. (I mean, I'll still use that 2/6/6 Raikou, it's just odd.)
  3. My Conquest playthrough got moved to the let's play section in the general forums, and this sub-forum doesn't have a general purpose thread---so it would've been weird to spam new threads about minor updates. But it's finished now, so I figure I might as well give you guys a heads-up in case you lost track of it (but still wanted to read it).
  4. Felt like playing Conquest again, so I swapped all my FEH time over to Conquest time. There's not much to talk about in the FEH sub-forum if I don't, you know, actually play the game, so I figured I'd get screenshots working on my 3DS (via Luma3DS, so nothing official), and post a fairly casual playthrough of the game over here. Since it's a fairly casual playthrough, my focus would be more on the planning phase of the game rather than the execution. That is, I'll talk a bit about why I pick certain units and my reasoning behind them rather than focusing on how I spent 50 turns plinking a bowman on a fort tile or whatever. Table of Contents: 1, Pre-run Planning + Some Prologue Chapters 2, Chapter 3: Master Tactician Edition 3, Chapter 4 4, Chapter 5 5, Chapter 6: Operation Hug-box 6, Intermission, Mission Statement, and Math 7, Chapter 7 8, Chapter 8: Enter, Odin Dark 9, Paralogue 1 10, Chapter 9 11, Chapter 10: Camilla.exe 12, Invasion 1: Operation Nepotism 13, Chapter 11 14, Chapter 12: Everything Goes Better Than Expected 15, Chapter 13 16, Chapter 14 17, Chapter 15 18, Chapter 16: Crashes.jpg 19, Intermission II: Team Level & Stats 20, Chapter 17 21, Invasion 2 22, Chapter 18 23, Chapter 19 24, Chapter 20 25, Chapter 21 26, Chapter 22 27, Chapter 23 28, Chapter 24 29, Chapter 25 30, Chapter 26 31, Chapter 27 & Night Breaks Through: You Should Probably Read This Chapter First if You Want to Have a Relaxed Game of Conquest. Pre-run Planning: Ah, character creation. If you don't spend 2 hours on this step, you're doing it wrong. Gender is obviously the first choice you make, and a very important one. Due to level and availability related reasons, Jakob and Felicia are more or less the two most broken units in Conquest. Camilla comes close, coming in at 10 levels ahead of everyone else and staying ahead forever due to a low internal level, but her marginally worse availability and slower skill access means that, while she might well be the stronger, better unit compared to Jakob and Felicia, she's less broken from a overall perspective. Being female means you get Jakob, who takes less to get going and ends up with a bit more bulk at the end. On the other hand, it also means that you can't pass Samurai to any females (Vantage and L&D in the same class tree is fair and balanced) . So no Vantage L&D Savage Blow Camilla or any such nonsense. Being male would've gotten Felicia, who needs to grind tomes to get her offenses going, but ends up a tad better than Jakob if you're min-maxing her. But you do have to min-max her, whereas Jakob is pretty good even if you left him more or less alone. You also don't get to pass on Samurai to any males, but Kaze and Odin both already have access to it, so males don't care nearly as much. Pity you can't do things like marry Odin to Nyx to give her Samurai. Edit: You totally can, my memory is just shit. I picked female because black hair & white flower is optimal, obviously. Boons and Banes actually don't matter too much, because the Avatar starts with such nice growths already, having 45/30/45 Str/Mag/Spd and 35/25 Def/Res, so I went the lazy option of taking Unlucky because she has 25% luck growth even with a bane, and then taking Strong to counteract the minor penalty to her offensive stat. As a small note before starting the run, the run will be focused on testing whether or not Vantage L&D is as broken as I expect it to be, which means both testing it on Jakob (who gets the set with a 1-2 range weapon around chapter 10 if you rush straight for it), and also testing Kaze and Odin with the set, both of whom get it far later. Prologue Stuff: A very nice first level up, considering Corrin's job for the near future is going to be face-tanking everything for ages. (Lunatic is secretly extremely nice about level up screenshots, since even if I had to restart a chapter I don't have to take the level up screenshots again, since they'll be the same unless I class change.) Followed by a safe and secure end turn on a heal tile. Start of turn 2 spacing. Everyone moved as left as practical in order to try and make sure the AI doesn't end up in a vertical conga line that might delay things to the point where Kaze starts murdering my team. The Samurai has a throwing sword, so Jakob is spaced to handle it (he easily doubles the samurai's sad, -5 spd ass) and Corrin & Gunter rip apart the axe guy, getting her a nice offensive level. Double checking spacing before murdering Rinkah. If I remember correctly Gunther smacked her first, then Corrin moved to her left to finish her. Left Jakob for last because I wanted to use his turn to finish Rinkah if Corrin missed. But she didn't, so I healed Corrin instead. Screens like this (The 'Jagen' hitting an early game boss) should be pretty familar to anyone who plays Lunatic difficulties. It's simply not worth the effort to try and feed anyone else the combat exp (although obviously you take the last hit if possible) and risk the game over screen or losing a ton of healing items. Also note how completely reliable Gunter's survival was, even if Kaze somehow lived through the turn--Forceful Partner + Lance means that Corrin ORKOs the bottom samurai without any chance of a counter, and Jakob + Gunter has a 90%+ chance to explode the top samurai. The kid gloves are still on. Emphasis on 'if possible' about taking the last hit. A Gunter crit blew Kaze's face off. And clearing the stragglers gives Corrin another nice offensive level. Would like some more Def/Res, but she'll only be face tanking for a few more chapters, so it doesn't matter much.
  5. Mind, part of the reason it was so anti-climatic wasn't because the final maps were easy, per se, I devoted tons more resources to them than I did for normal maps---Staves are extremely strong in Conquest, hence why they're so expensive and rare. Although, mind, the Garon map is probably a fairly easy map even without Rescue staves once we get past the Entrap gimmick. If I had actually played efficiently (or grabbed child map resources---there's so much exp, gold, stat-boosters and whatnot in there it's not even funny), I think all of Conquest would've felt like the final map. : / I could've ramped up the difficulty by giving myself some random arbitrary restrictions, but I don't have fun playing like that.
  6. Night Breaks Through: Pre-map Planning: The endgame of Conquest is another one of Conquest's fake difficulty things, where the majority of the difficulty comes from a lack of information.* If you prepared for it the endgame is very easy to get through, only costing 2 Rescue staves---although with 4 or 5 you can make the Garon map even easier. If you haven't... well, then it's kind of a grindy hellhole of a map. This is a relaxed Conquest run, so I'll take the (very relaxed) RNG heavy clear option, thank you. *I don't consider things like that difficult in any real sense, since they're basically trivial the 2nd time through. The Faceless & Stoneborn room from the last chapter, for example, I consider 'real' difficulty, since you'd need to either stack a ton of stats or be very confident in your AI Manipulation skills. The endgame is 'fake' difficulty because as long as you knew about what you needed to beat it beforehand it's trivial to have enough resources to steamroll it. Since I (over) prepared for the endgame, the final two maps only took like 30 minutes including resets to do---I actually spent more time taking screenshots than doing the maps. Garon: You can't see it in this screenshot, but these 6 stairs next to the + shaped pack of mooks takes you in and out of the 6 side rooms. (You open the side room doors to take these stairs by killing the level 20 Priestesses, I believe.) It's conveniently right in front of Garon himself, so even a ordinary clear of Garon's shouldn't take too many turns. Dragonskin is a hell of a drug, but Garon only has 70 hp and 30 Defense for some reason, so he should be 2RKOd by pretty much everyone remotely competent. And you can get like 4 unit turns to hit him with if you have Galeforce users. And even without them you only need 2 rescue staves for a hit with Corrin, and another 1 for a dance. If you don't need Corrin for him then 1 Rescue staff is enough to hit him once. His stats are pretty okay, but his skills are too defensive to be threatening when you're just ORKOing his ass. Note how Bolverk has 3 range, though---which is pretty nice. It has nothing on Takumi's 4 range bow, but Takumi is kind of Takumi. Merchants are a lot less threatening now that they're stat capped, ironically enough. Their Str and Def are obscene on earlier levels, but we've finally gotten to the point where they fell off enough that they aren't too hard to kill or tank. Note the Wary Fighter, but it shouldn't really matter. The lancer mooks around him are pretty interesting, but they're all trivial to murder. The +1 move is so they have normal promoted movement, incidentally---note how they only have 6. Swordmasters continue to have great stats while being completely harmless. (The pair-up has the same stats and skills.) These sure are some endgame level stats on that Shrine Maiden. (Again, I think killing them opens the door to the stairs, but I haven't checked since I have enough mobility to 1 Turn this map with perfect reliability.) Spear Master have pretty great stats now, with near capped offenses and very good bulk. Seal Defense is also kind of neat. I'm not sure if it's even possible to ever die in the Spear Master or Swordmaster rooms, though, seeing how you can start with 4 units in there with pair-ups and they only have 1 unit-turn to hit you with if you kill the guy who isn't pair'd up. And here's the main Gimmick of the map. 200 hit chance (I think it's possible to dodge them like 10% of the time?) Entrap staves with infinite range. Pretty sure the doors close after you if you get Entrap'd inside, but they're all 1v1s so it's hard to lose. This guy has almost 60 Atk on a good day, but beyond that he's more annoying than dangerous, since being 2-ranged means physical units have problems ORKOing him, and I doubt the Priestess is stupid enough to Entrap a Dark Knight into the room. These Entrap rooms all have identical Priestess, so I won't be screenshotting them. The Sorcerer is even more annoying than the Sniper, thanks to being able to 1-2 range to prevent counters, but his stats are even worse. (Watch out for the Vantage, though. Like I said, there's a a 'gotcha' unit like him on pretty much every map.) This guy has some pretty nice looking stats---his Speed's also capped, by the way, at 35 base. But he doesn't even have Inevitable End so *shrug.* Again, he's hard to counter-kill thanks to 1-2 range, but beyond that not very dangerous since he has 41 Atk, meaning even with 40% post-combat damage he has a hard time 2RKOing. I'm... not sure why this guy has Seal Attack? How do you ever survive a combat with 19 Def at this point? His stats are great outside of that, though, with 56 Atk and Certain Blow to make sure he hits. Also has 30 speed, but you should be chugging tonics and possibly even re-rolling kitchen buffs at this point, so it's a lot easier to get out of double range. Not much to say about this map, I have enough mobility to send Corrin to chunk down like 80% of the boss's hp guaranteed, with a very likely ORKO if she procs crits, Astras, or Dragon Fangs. And even if she fails the ORKO I can spend a Rescue to dance Jakob and have him finish things off. (There's probably a way to dance Corrin herself with Azura, but I was too lazy to find it.) Takumi: I'll be honest, I have no idea what Takumi's 'attack' even does. I don't remember it from the last time I did this and this time I'm just rolling the dice until he dies in one round. His stats might be a bit worse than Garons, and he's not sitting on a Throne, but don't be fooled, apparently you do not keep kitchen buffs or tonic buffs going into this, so I hope you remembered to buy some extra sets of tonics & your 2 most important stats are probably 2 points worse. I'm not sure why Skadi has -10 crit---it's nice if you're trying to kill him with someone that doesn't have Luck at all, but *shrug*---Bold Stance is very good though, since he still gets Dual Guards. Astra based strategies are a bit annoying against him, since if you proc Astra on the first hit he'll block your second one unless you proc Astra or Aether or are using a Brave Sword. Off to the side rooms where the Entrap mooks used to be are some new folk. Heroes still aren't too threatening outside of their high Speed, but the sheer quantity of enemy units can probably wear you down without needing to go full ham on quality. Bottom left we have a pair'd up Paladin. Just like the Heroes, his stats aren't too threatening, but you don't get to Attack Stance vs. him and his other side is Dark Knight, meaning he hits both sides of bulk. Back side is this guy, incidentally. They're also not actually level 20. I think they have level 21 stats or something. Level 20 Dark Knights (and you can find them on the last Invasion map), should have 28 Str, 28 Mag. Edit: This is wrong, I think. I believe I mis-remembered about the last Invasion map---everyone other than the boss in that Invasion shouldn't be level 20, so these guys might be level 20 exactly. Stat inflation isn't too high in Conquest, though, so even level 20+ units don't have raw stats to kill you with. These guys are just jokes, though, if we ignore the Vantage. Sorcerers are a much bigger threat thanks to their passable bulk and great Mag on top of S-rank boosts to hit, crit, and---a tad less relevant---dodge. Yeah, these guys have like 6 Speed on the Sorcerers from Chapter 26, but it shouldn't matter at all. Bottom right we have another pair of Paladin pair-ups, this time with a Bow Knight backside. Since the front side has Silver Lance this means the pair-up has all 3 sides of the Weapon Triangle covered, which is pretty neat. (Also note how they have 32 Speed as a Nohr class while Onmyojis have 28 as a Hoshido class. Bow Knights are pretty damn fast.) Yeah... Somehow I don't think 33 Str 33 Def is going to cut it in terms of making an actual threat. (They do make half-decent meat shields for the maids on the map, though.) Oh and some of these guys have Tomes, because 36 magical Atk is really going to kill people at this point. Say 'hi' to Inevitable End again---honestly it was pretty odd we didn't have it last map or the map before. The 3 highlighted Maids all have Enfeeble, while the un-highlited one has Freeze, as you can see. (She also has Inevitable end so her Silver Dagger does things, I'm guessing.) Now this guy is a real meat shield. 36 Str, 38 Def, and 58 hp on top of Pavise and Wary Fighter. Nohr units tend to make decent Hoshido unit impressions if pressed, but Hoshido units don't do Nohr impressions very well. Some of them have hammer, incidentally. An alternative weapon that actually matters. Duelist's Blow is pretty interesting, and so's the fact that he actually has less stats than the Master Ninja we saw last map, but I guess that one was a semi-boss or something. Silver Shurikens are still -5 Speed, Def, Res, so be careful about the inevitable end from these guys. The Paladins have Inspiration and Aegis on top of fairly good bulk, letting them hit once and sometimes survive to provide AoE buffs to everyone else charging at you. The Malig Knights are decently dangerous on both sides, now, since Trample can push their Magic damage to 45, which is fairly respectable, and they also have a physical side + Savage Blow to spread even more pain around. The highlighted Great Masters have Enfeeble, the non-highlighted one has Hexing Rod. (Honestly it's pretty surprising we didn't see one on Garon's map, Conquest loves putting Hexing Rods all over the place.) This map is fairly RNG heavy since I need to either proc a bunch of specials on Corrin's Brave Sword or proc Astra on the second hit with her Yato. (Has to be the second hit because otherwise Takumi blocks the second hit, meaning no ORKO.) That said, I do have enough mobility to get to Takumi turn 1, and Garon's map is 100% 1-turn'd, so it's not like it took too long to do 3 resets for the kill. My Castle Stuff: Some crazy high-rolls at the end. I was going to re-roll for good food buffs regardless, but Niles made it unnecessary by giving basically the best possible food roll 1st try. Silvers only sell for 1k, sadly, and nobody except Corrin is hitting anything at this point. So I wasted a ton of money on tonics and weapons and whatnot for other people---Jakob technically had a job securing the 1 turn KO on Garon, but I didn't remember him in time the run Corrin failed the ORKO and I ended up resetting---Takumi actually only took 3 tries, that is, 2 resets + the completed run, to kill. Niles is pretty crazy as a cook. This is pretty much the definition of 'maximum' offenses. I forgot the last screenshot, but I bribed everyone except the Hero, not that my new mooks mattered. Yeah... these guys didn't end up making the team. (The maid did, but only for show, since she didn't do anything---I gave her a +4 Luck staff, but you can't use it without being damaged first, and that's not really feasible turn 1 without Galeforce, since fighting a combat or class changing costs a unit-turn.) Resource Distribution: I more or less bought 5 of every tonic except mag and res, which I only picked up a handful of. Ended up wasting most of them---although I did keep a full set on the off chance you don't keep tonic buffs to Takumi's map. Which made things very convenient when it turned out that you didn't keep buffs. (My gold count hits near 0 at the end, but I have a lot of vendor trash, so if I needed more stat boosters or whatever I could've drummed them up.) A Brave Sword for Corrin and a forged Wyrmslayer for Jakob. (I was assuming that Garon & Takumi counted as dragons, seeing how they had Dragonskin and all, but didn't end up testing it---didn't even click Jakob to see if the '!' or whatever pops up.) I already had 2 Arms Scrolls, which was enough for Corrin---these two were for Jakob. 2 Arms scrolls give as much Atk as an Energy drop if you haven't capped weapon rank for Swords yet, and swords had WTA against Axes and Bows, so they're strictly better as a stat booster. The Heart Seals were for other mooks (I already had one last map for Corrin), but the tiny optimizations I did like Nyx into Dark Knight didn't end up mattering. I also saved a Heart Seal in the convoy in case I wanted to class change for Takumi's map. I'll skip the buffs and whatnot I gave people other than Corrin and Odin, since everyone else didn't end up mattering, but here's my first move. I arms scroll'd while still Nohr Noble just to pick up a tome and a dragonstone rank. Then I class changed and went to S-rank swords. All S-ranks give +1 Atk, +5 hit on top of +1 damage with WTA and +5 hit with WTA, meaning losing 2 Str from the class change didn't do anything except make Corrin more accurate vs. Garon and Takumi. Here's a single Energy Drop to cap Str at 35. And basically every other statbooster in my convoy---I was pretty much sitting on a mountain of the stuff. If I needed more stats on someone else I would've just sold some vendor trash to buy them from the shop. This is also why I really like feeding Corrin tons of stat boosters in more serious runs (leaving stat boosters until the end like this is a giant waste---everything except the Str wasn't even relevant, really, since I could've just reset a tiny bit more), she has great growths, but also great availability and stat caps---assuming you gave her some good classes to be in---so giving her stat boosters makes the early and mid-game a lot smoother while also bumping up her late-game by a few notches, even if you'll 'waste' a tiny bit of level up stats since you'll hit stat caps before you hit max level. Doop. I didn't bother feeding her the Talismans, by the way. Neither Garon nor Takumi does magic damage and nobody else matters. Here's her un-tonic'd stats and kit after all the stat boosters, and I also swap out Nohrian Trust for Duelist's Blow. Odin was going to be my Corrin carrier, and his only special was Astra, which is kind of redundant. And here's Corrin's stats after one of every tonic but Mag. (Yeah I ended up feeding her a Res tonic, *shrug.*) Here's a pair of Boots for Odin, pushing him to 11 move before pair-ups. (Not that Corrin gives +1 move in a pair-up.) Ended up dropping Locktouch for Lucky Seven, not that minor optimizations on him mattered. (I made a ton of other adjustments, too, but nobody except Corrin & the rescue chain people mattered.) Turns out flying mobility actually did mater, after all, since the columns or whatever reduce grounded movement. The Map: Here's Nyx (who has Pass and +1 move) ready to ferry Azura to a dance target, and also 11 move Odin ready to pick up Corrin. It takes 2 extra movement as a land unit to enter the middle, so these two need to be rescued out of the room rather than just riding out. And here's my main rescue staffers for the 2 endgame maps, the Falcon Knights with Pass I captured a few maps back. They're not necessary or anything (I have no problem just grinding some S-ranks to class change Odin etc. into a flier if I needed more mobility), but they ended up surprisingly convenient, and I'm pretty happy I picked them up. And here's the main team, note the 2 Rally Bots, Corrin, Leo with a mobility pair-up, and Selena. Nobody else matters. This is Jakob down here and Xander up with the Falcon knights, but I end up swapping them later once I realized that Jakob could make Garon's map 100% one-turned. Not that it ended up mattering since Corrin killed Garon and Takumi without any issues that run. A doop. A doop. Another doop. And we have one of the most unfair fights ever recorded. Although it's still not the Selena v. random Mook Berserker's 1 Atk, 0% hit, 0% crit levels of sad. Note the Astra proc, so Garon was cleanly ORKO'd and actually gave Odin some exp from getting to block an attack. Which got him a pretty amazing level. Pity literally nobody except Corrin ever took a single combat again. Here's how Garon would've died if Corrin didn't proc a special or crit, by the way. Takumi: I didn't quite have enough mobility to give Corrin dance for Takumi's map, but it looks possible if you have Galeforce or duplicated some boots. (Boots costs 5,000g to duplicate with the card shop, meaning you'd need to pay 10k extra to clone someone you fed 2 boots. That said, even Camilla only costs ~14k to clone before boots, so it's not really a problem unless you spend your gold on a ton of random stuff.) Anyway, note the rally mooks, the Rescue Pass Falcon knight in a mobility pair-up, 2 boot Selena ferrying Azura, and 2 boot Odin ready to pick up Corrin. Nobody else matters. Doop. Doop. Doop. I'm honestly not sure which sword is better, they both do about the same damage. Yato is guaranteed to kill if Astra procs on the second hit, and has a very slight crit chance, but the Brave Sword has more procs. Corrin did this in the completed run, by the way. She was using Yato, proc'd Dragon Fang the first hit, and Astra the second. (Yeah Takumi was so dead it's not even funny---and my plan for Vengeance was just to fully buff Corrin and feed her a bunch of stat boosters, incidentally. Nothing fancy, but when raw stats work raw stats do work.) She also picked up this very nice BM level up just to troll me. The game is literally over at this point. Post-script: I happened to get to test Foreign Princess on Takumi's map, and turns out it's actually completely useless outside of Castle Battles, like the wiki says. (I didn't believe the wiki because god damn that's a useless skill---I'm fine with Dwyer having a useless Personal because personal skills don't really matter too much, but a random useless level 35 skill I am not fine with.) Corrin gets utterly wrecked if she doesn't ORKO, incidentally (and so is everyone else in the rescue chain). 100+ avoid doesn't really matter vs. Conquest units, they're pretty damn good at hitting people.
  7. 39 Skill Corrin couldn't proc a single Astra in 4 Brave Sword hits, I feel robbed. (I mean, that has a 40% chance of happening, so I guess in retrospect I should've went with the more flavorful Shadow Yato gamble---Brave Sword has 0% crit, but Yato has 5%, and a Dragon Fang or Astra turns it into a clean ORKO, I believe. Edit: Nevermind, a Dragon Fang proc leaves Takumi 2 hp, lul.) Edit: This was against Takumi, incidentally. Garon got Astra'd to death. But yeah, the final Chapter is going to be a pair of RNG based 1-turn clears---not a fan of slogging through them when I'm on fairly low resources like this. Double Edit: What the hell Corrin, stop proccing double Astra vs. Garon, you don't need them. Triple Edit: 3 Resets for Takumi, lul. Corrin refuses to proc any specials on him, although she loves using Astra on Garon. The stupid thing? I don't need special procs for Garon, I have a Dance for Garon, but not Takumi. Reset Counter: 33 Turns out I needed Astra to ORKO Takumi, since I needed either another Str statue or a better pair-up than Bow Knight. Which is easily doable if, say, Jakob had Pass rather than Odin, but the ORKO relies on proccing specials either way so min-maxing numbers a bit higher doesn't actually matter too much. Since it's just some Rescue abuse the final pair of chapters are very short, so I should have them up pretty fast.
  8. The room is very easy for a 'tall' barracks, since the moment you hit 57 defense is the moment literally nothing in the room can damage you. At that point you just teleport your solo guy in with Entrap, kill the maid, and just solo the room with 1 hp after all the post-combat damage. I don't know if there are reinforcements if you open the room 'normally,' but going up through the Entrap maid's room doesn't trigger any, so once you clear the room you can just stand on the stairs to block reinforcements---assuming there are reinforcements---if you didn't want to deal with them. I did consider just pumping Xander to hilarious amounts of Def and sending him in, the main reason I didn't bother is because I'd rather spend a bit more effort on unit-placement in order to save on resources. (And make no mistake, pumping Xander's Def that high would've been expensive as hell.) 4 Def from Siegfried, 4-5 Def from equipped weapon (Siegfried doesn't need to be equipped), 2 from Xander's Prf, 2 from Tonic, 2 from Supportive, 5 from General or 4 from Great Knight pair-up, 1 or 2 from food court and you'd only need 57 - 4 - 4 - 2 - 2 - 2 - 5 - 1 = 37 Def---which, mind, would need either a blessed Xander or some Draco Shields, and he'd need to be Great Knight or Wyvern Lord for the better Def cap and defensive weapon access. It's also technically above Xander's Def cap by 1, but his statue boosts Def cap by 1. This is also ignoring skills and support levels, but Corrin usually only gives +1 Def at most (Unlucky gives +1 Def at B-rank for all boons), and besides the obvious Defender for +1 Def you're looking into weird stuff like the apothecary 50% tonic boost thing or... Defense +2. If you have Defense +2 on Xander he was going to be General for the room, and it's kind of hard to actually mess up with the room if you got Xander General. (It's why the Berserkers all have Hammer, incidentally, it's a giant hint for how strong Generals are for the previous room.) Corrin can do something similar, thanks to Yato's +2 Def and Jakob's pair-up giving 7 defense fairly easily (Evasive Partner + Great Knight), but they need more Def cap boosts and either a Strength or Defense boon on top of chugging a ton of Draco Shields. That said, 'tall' barracks setups should be using child units for min-maxed caps anyway, so doing the math for 1st gen units is pretty academic. If you aren't grinding a lot child units are worse than 1st gen because statues costs kills and support levels to take advantage of, which requires availability. Child units lack availability pretty much by definition, so they don't actually end up with better caps. But if you are grinding---which you'd have to get multiple child units---then you can just build 2nd gen statues and support ranks with all the extra maps you're doing. There's also some stuff you can do with AI manipulation---highest damage goes first, so if you position a bunch of squishy units properly they'll all take exactly 1 hit each---but anyone who can handle that much finesse would steam roll the mage room, so they'd have to be under pretty weird constraints to do the left side with AI manipulation. (Most likely odd barracks planning that left them needing a 3-range weapon for some reason, on top of not using bp/vp rewards.)
  9. That explains a lot. (I wonder if they also half the 'bonus' -5 dodge---not that it matters since mook Berserkers have jack all for Luck.)
  10. Fate/Grand Order General

    Personally I'm just spamming the Demon node in the event. It gives pretty good QP (like 75% of the 40 AP QP node), and you can never have enough hearts. I don't really need Embers for the moment since the next person I'm rolling for is Summer Nero, and that's a few re-runs away. (Where I'll probably pick up a bunch of gold embers.)
  11. Gimmicks aside, the Conquest designers were pretty good about making sure maps were beatable with stuff you're supposed to have without doing extra stuff like DLCs and Child maps and tons of class changes. Separating the units like this lets them push up enemy stats a bit without making the map unplayable for teams that aren't min-maxed to hell and back, since mixed bulk is way harder to get than bulk in a single direction. Like, put even a single physical unit in the mage room and I'm not sure the Ninja mook I captured could handle choke pointing for the room (he'll be able to dodge tank it on a good day, but right now he doesn't even need his ultra high avoid to handle the choke point), but because it was all mages the guy could've solo'd the room if I wanted to feed him a bunch of exp for some reason. Doing things this way also encourages you to have a wide barracks with lots of medium invested units rather than a tall one with a few ultra-invested units. By making it so that units with the right combination of traits make certain rooms really easy it means that they don't have to be very invested to handle them, whereas doing something like, say, making Camilla do the first room would require either getting her a ton of Defense or class changing her. Which is part of why hybrid classes are so strong in Conquest. As long as one of their sides are useful then they're useful, whereas you can't really get a Wyvern Lord or Strategist to do the other half of what Malig Knight or Dark Knight could do. (I mean, Wyvern Lord Elise can definitely still do magic things, but that's just her personal growths being hilariously lopsided. Something like a Witch Selena would also be bulky as hell physically, but that's because she has 45% defense growths for some reason.)
  12. Chapter 26: Pre-Map Planning: Chapter 26 is one of Conquest's many, many maps where the major difficulty comes from a lack of information. Note how Iago has a Hexing Rod---it actually doesn't matter at all, but there's no way you'd know that unless you played the map before. I actually like the map's design quite a lot aside from that, though, because if you have played the map before then it gives you quite a few options on how you want to clear it + has a pretty interesting gimmick in Iago's whole red-light, green-light thing. The gimmick with Iago is that he'll use all of his staves in order, depending on turn number (rather than whether he hit you with earlier staves or not), starting with Enfeeble and ending with Hexing Rod, so as long as you aren't in range of him on turn 4/8/12/... he'll never get to use Hexing Rod on you. Reset Counter: 30 I'm just going to put the reset counter here so I don't forget about it. tl;dr on my resets is that one of them was me not knowing how the faceless & stoneborn room worked and the other two were me fucking up badly (not having Corrin chug tonics before I had her tank for one reset and accidentally opening a door too early for the other). I guess you can also give me also a moral reset or something because I didn't think of giving Leo a bronze tome (since if Leo crit he was going to die---just about everyone need a bronze weapon option if you want to be perfectly reliable---but more on that later), so: Moral Reset Counter: 11 This is the other Hexing Rod asshole on the map---note the Staff Savant. But also note her stats---if you capture a maid they make for great staff users thanks to their decent Mag, excellent Skill, and passable Luck on top of S-rank staves. She's pretty easy to kill turn 1, though---I used Pass to kill her as my first move, but as you'll see later the Pass wasn't needed at all. Entraps are a bigger issue, since it limits the places you can stand to clear the first room. That said, this maid is far easier to handle than the other Entrap user---she's even positioned so that you have 2 non-Entrap squares to kill the Hexing Rod Maid. As it turned out, I completely mis-remembered about enemy Heroes having rank A axes. Most of these guys aren't too threatening as long as you don't get your hp halved thanks to hexing Rod---everyone in the room has Wyrmslayers, though, so don't use Wyverns or Corrin for this room. The mooks mostly have stats and skills like this---pretty easy to handle as long as you remember Counter isn't the completely broken Awakening version, Counter is only active if you attack into them, if they attack you it doesn't do anything. 42 Atk Brave Weapon is interesting, and so is Lucky Seven, but honestly if you can't find multiple 40 Def people in your lineup at this point you fucked up hilariously badly. There's another guy with a Silver Sword and the same skillset on the other set of the room. There's also this weirdo with Darting Blow and a defensive skill. Just like with the Brave Sword guy, he's mirror'd by another guy in skillset on the other side of the room. Honestly this room is a freebie unless you've been relying on Corrin and Camilla to do everything, though. Anyway, on to the next room. These are the average Sorcerers on the map, very high Mag and Res, decent Def, but awful Speed. Not really much of an issue since just about any Ninja you captured from the last map can probably solo or duo all the mages on the map if you wanted them to---S-rank WTA is a hell of a drug. And if you haven't captured any your mage killers should be able to handle them fairly easily regardless. Freeze makes it harder to dodge tank, but that's about it. Enfeeble is a bigger threat, but they don't have Inevitable End so who cares. (You should have Rallies to counter Enfeeble by this point in the game, so without Inevitable End debuffs shouldn't matter.) There are some interesting weapon & skill choices on the Sorcerers, but tl;dr is that 40 Res probably steamrolls all of them. 38 Crit is pretty sweet, though. 41 Atk Brave Weapon. 50 Atk and Inspiration. This guy isn't actually part of the room---since he's locked outside. Pretty sure he's only here so you have someone to use Excalibur---37 effective Mag after Tomefaire is pretty sweet, and Excalibur gives +5 effective Speed, which bumps him up to 27 Speed, which is very respectable. I should mention at this point that opening the door to the room with a ton of mages spawns a wave of reinforcements, but it's only 4 and you don't actually need a lot of people to handle the mage room. (I end up blocking all reinforcements for my completed run, though, since it was like 3 in the morning at that point and I can't be assed to play 100% efficiently, I even skipped the Spy Yumi/Shuriken chest because I didn't want to bother doing the faceless room.) Anyway, on to the next room. 42 Atk Brave Weapon and a giant middle finger to Xander is the theme of this room. Every General has a Beast Killer. The generals have pretty great stats, though, so feel free to capture a few assuming you planned ahead and gave Niles a Shining Bow. (LUL trying to capture vs. 37 Defense otherwise.) There's a few with Silver Lances, a few with Spears. This guy is great if you don't have an Inspiration already, he's bulky as all hell meaning it's no problem to have him front line and provide Inspiration to your other tanks. (I don't need him because I can just class change Leo into Dark Knight if I wanted a tankier Inspiration user, but 37 Def and Wary fight is damn sweet---so in retrospect I wish I captured him.) This guy is also interesting, but more for offensive teams---Inspiration is just for providing the +2 damage for someone like him. 36 Str 29 Speed is some godly offenses for ORKOing a mook to start off with. Every Berserker has a Hammer, so I hope you didn't have Xander in Great Knight if you wanted him tanking, lul. Note the 22 crit, also. It seems a bit low, since Beserkers are supposed to have 20% base crit according to Serenes Forest---they have 28 skill, which should mean around 30% crit rather than 22%, but *shrug*---Keaton tanks them no problem since he has 20% dodge thank to his stone + promoted class bases, but everyone can hit 14 Luck after Bronze Weapon & pair-up so the generic Beserkers aren't too much of a problem. Guarding Hans are two of these generals. Pretty great skills, but honestly I think the Inspiration guy is better for player use. That said, I'm pretty sure this guy can just grab a Guard Naginata and solo last boss Takumi by taking 0 damage the whole time. Note how they have both types of effective weapons. Again, 38 crit feels a bit low (unless Berserker is only 10 or 15% base crit rather than 20%), but with Death Blow it's more than enough to have positive crit rates on everyone unless you're stat stacking like a crazy person. It is possible to see 0% crit rates vs. Hans, but I'm not sure why you'd bother since it's so much easier to get 50+ defense instead. Who cares if he crits all the time when it only does like 30 damage. Note his extremely crappy Res, this means it's really easy to use offensive staves on him---Entrap seems to the one other people like to use, but I just used Enfeeble since I had one lying around since forever. Didn't have enough points to get Entrap from bp/vp rewards and I didn't want to cough up 5k. Anyway, if you couldn't the Inspiration Beserker this guy's also pretty good, quick Draw is 40 effective Str and that's pretty sweet when you remember that Hans is going to drop his S-rank axe for a Capture'd Berserker to use. 50 Atk with a Brave Axe is also pretty damn nice. (For us, that is, it's trivial to reach 50 Def so this guy doesn't actually do anything ever in AI hands.) The Inspiration guy is probably better, but I ended up Capturing this guy instead. The other Berserkers are pretty boring, just Silver Axes and Tomahawks. You should remember Tomahawks can crit, unlike Hand Axes, but they're not too threatening. And, of course, there's the maids. The Physics don't matter unless you're having attrition problems, but the Freeze can be pretty annoying if you're relying on dodge tanking. Freeze doesn't matter for me since my tanks have more than 50 Def, and Physic doesn't matter for me since Amaterasu is more than enough to out heal the piddly damage from everyone other than Hans. Hans himself is pretty spooky, though, I'll give him that much. One of my resets came from me not expecting a general would move back while full hp to make a space for Hans to attack Corrin. He even rolled the crit for nearly lethal, but Corrin counter-killed with Astra. (Which didn't save her since I was stupid and didn't give her Rally speed or any tonics, meaning the generic Berserkers were doubling her---she's tanky, but not tank a crit & a bunch of doubles tanky.) The two maids in the room already have 2 maid skills learned, so they can get the full skill set in 2 more levels, but if you capture them they're mostly for staves rather than daggers. (They can still provide combat damage if needed, thanks to 26 speed and decent mixed bulk and mixed offenses, but there's a whole bunch of better pure offensive units to capture on this map.) I'll be up front---I didn't actually complete the Faceless room. It's probably the simplest room from a strategy perspective---all you need to do is ram a guy with ~50 Def into the room and steamroll, but my team's bulk is contingent on everyone being around to provide buffs, and 5 range weapons & Entrap kind of means that I don't get to do that. That said, I actually like this room for that reason, it means you have multiple options for how you want to get into the room with Beserkers and Generals. Left side is easier on strategy, harder on raw stats, whereas the right side is the complete opposite---an aggressive lineup can probably steam roll the Sorcerer room even if everyone is ORKOd. Anyway, back to the faceless Mooks themselves. Crappy damage, great post combat damage, try to ORKO if at all possible. Rock beats everything. 5 range weapons with 51 Atk, holy hell. The faceless inside the room matters for jack all, though. Yeah they have Seal Def, but Seal Def doesn't work when you're one-rounded. Some of them have this instead---again, just counter-kill and you're fine. The Stoneborn are much more interesting, carrying hefty post combat damage in Poison Strike and also having counter-magic to make the obvious just kill them with Leo solution unviable without Galeforce or a ton of mages on Leo's level. I don't have Galeforce since I'm not using DLC\Bonus classes this run, so this room pretty much demands sending someone with a ton of Def to handle. (Xander is probably the easiest choice, by the way. The obvious clear is to class change him into Wyvern Lord, give him Arthur's Axe, and have Corrin pair'd up possibly as a General, which gives something like 14 Def, which should easily push him to nearly 60 Defense after tonics, his Prf, and other stuff. If you're willing to use bp/vp stuff---Arthur's Axe is a pretty common drop---then you can even use Guard Naginata for another +1 Def over Arthur's.) The 45 Atk Rock rather than Massive Rock guys have Wary Fighter rather than Poison Strike, which is somewhat interesting. And here's why you really want to just solo the Faceless room---this Maid will entrap your ass if you try to enter the room normally, and the room's so small that there's only one safe spot from getting pelted to death by rocks after being Entraped into this tiny ass room. That said, you can just skip the entire faceless room by using her as a teleporter. If there's nobody she can attack for damage she'll Entrap rather than attacking, so it's quite doable to get your entire team teleported in. (But you will want to get your entire team teleported in, I think---if my guess is right then breaking the door into the Beserker room will trigger a double wave of reinforcements, which your leftover mooks probably can't handle by themselves.) All in all the map is pretty straightforward if you did it before---just play red light green light with Iago and get to to the Beserker room through the easiest route. Then you stick 2 50+ Defense tanks in front and just slow roll your way into killing everything. 64 Atk and ~60% crit from Hans means jack all if even a crit doesn't seriously dent you. After that you either poke Iago to death with the 3-range weapon from the Faceless room or you just have a mage killer handle him. Objectives: 20,000G, Seraph Robe, Bi-frost, Venge Naginata, Spy Yumi/Shuriken. Like I mentioned before I didn't bother going for the Spy weapon, but I collect everything else since it's not really possible to miss more than one chest on this map. Over-all strategy is just to deathball my way to the Berserker room, and then have 2 of my tanks handle the massive pileup of enemy units with the team positioned behind to provide buffs and damage support. (I ended up using Selena and Corrin as my tanks, but I had tons of people who could reach 50 Def.) Afterwards I had Jakob kill Iago since he can force Iago to 0% hit rates pretty easily. Turns out having 16 deployment slots wasn't just a one time thing, which is great. I bring in a captured Ninja because I felt like it, and drop Elise because it's pretty hard to use her with a bunch of 2+ range enemies lying around. My Castle Stuff: Pretty meh roll on the lottery, although the food court was quite good. I should mention that I actually used a Def/Res food combo before realizing my mage-killers didn't actually need extra Res---originally I rolled a +1 Str to male bonus, I believe. So this food roll is a bit better, but not extremely so. Practical isn't exactly one of the high tier food rolls, but Def is a very good stat for this map, so I'm quite happy with this. This is the only Captured mook that matters, the other two are just bench warmers. Pass is nice, but I have 3 people with +1 move on top of Pass. And this guy is definitely just a 'for fun' pickup. Note that I actually bribed these guys before using the kitchen---Kitchen buffs don't work retroactively. Resource Distribution: R.I.P. my mountain of cash. Selena's going Hero for Sol and Axe-breaker, but Odin's going Bow Knight for pure utility---he won't be seeing much combat at this point. I should mention that in one of my failed runs Beruka got a few more levels than she did in the 'real' run, and reached 30 Speed or something. Pretty amazing considering she started with 9 Speed at base. R.I.P. my mountain of cash even harder. Going all out on tonics like this is pretty expensive if you do it for the whole playthrough (and you'd need child map resources to afford it), but we're 3 maps from the end at this point---and I think you might get to keep kitchen and tonic buffs going from chapter 27 to the endgame. 150G a pop is pretty cheap, but buying full sets like this adds up, especially when you're doing it for multiple people. The last purchase is a Heart Seal, by the way. I don't actually use all the tonics I buy, most of them is just so that I have them in Convoy if I realized I wanted more stats during the middle of the map. The Heart Seal is bought for the same reason---if I needed to I can just class change someone for better stats. This is me combining Felicia's Freeze with Elise's. Elise is benched and nobody else wants to hold a Freeze so there's no loss in combining. I dropped Malefic Aura for Seal Magic since Leo's one of my mage-killers for the mage room, and Seal Magic makes the 2nd turn a lot easier---since not everyone has 30 Res. Odin's pretty much a pure support now, since I didn't bother getting him Swordfaire and L&D. Gave up Nobility for Nohrian Trust---mostly as a 'just in case' if I decide I wanted Sol (from Beruka, Camilla, or Selena) rather than a Jakob pair-up. Jakob goes full mage-killer since he doesn't have the kit to handle the faceless room, the hero room, or the berserker room anyway, so he might as well specialize vs. mages. Beruka gets Odin's old sword---everyone else has more than enough Atk even with Bronze +2, but Beruka has just a bit of damage issues if she's not using her axe collection. She chugs a HP tonic and a Defense tonic. She'll get the hp +5 skill after 1 level, but before that her bulk is just a tiny bit shaky. The most significant difference between Selena and Beruka is the Res, everything else is pretty much accounted for after you remember the massive amount of stat boosters I fed Selena. That said, Res does matter a lot if you plan on not exploding when you try to hit mages---it's part of why I like Malig Knight a lot, even ignoring Trample and Savage Blow. I have Selena chug a full set of tonics because of massive favoritism, by the way. Every little bit helps when you're trying not to die to Hans. (The funny thing is my tanks ended up so tanky that Hans never once thought it was a good idea to attack into them.) Well, okay, I didn't have Selena chug a complete set. Only Niles, Leo, and the Ninja were supposed to tank magic damage this map, so no Resistance Tonic for her. The vulnerary tome is pretty pointless now that I have Amaterasu, so I ended up giving Leo a Rescue just in case. I also make him eat a Magic Tonic. (In retrospect I should've forge him a Bronze Tome to control damage---I have a hard time remembering stuff in convoys and on other people, hence why I didn't think to give Leo Felicia's Fire or have Corrin use an Armorsmasher on armors.) Bow Knight Odin doesn't get a sword, by the way. Not having Swordfaire or L&D means that he's only on the team to do stuff Nyx could do. (Just with way better bulk on the off chance I do something retarded.) In retrospect I should've gave Niles the Bronze +4. I end up giving Felicia the Enfeeble in the middle of the map, dropping Mend for it. She's basically a pure support. Here's another picture of the maids on this map for stat comparison, though. They're 10 levels higher, of course, but as you can see for staff purposes the maids on this map are pretty hard to beat. (A 1st string Felicia would crush the maids in staff using stats, thank to her sky high Luck, but you'd have to feed her 2 Arms scrolls after class changing her back into Maid.) Charlotte gives up her sword for a pure Axe inventory, and the mook Ninja I captured gets decked out with a bunch of Shuriken. (He can probably solo every mage on the mage if I gave him a forged knife/Shuriken, and in 4 levels he'll pick up Shuriken breaker for 1st string offenses, but I don't really need more 1st string damage dealers considering I'll be picking up at least 2 from captured mooks this map---thanks to the S-rank weapons.) Corrin picks up a Bronze Sword for one last map---after this the Yato will give +10 dodge, meaning she won't need one anymore. Note the Armorslayer---I put it into convoy later to chug tonics and then forget to take it back out to slay some armors, lul. Azura gets her salve, but in retrospect I should've given it to one of the other supports---she never has a turn free or the bulk to use it, since it's only adjacent rather than within 2 range. The Map: Pretty lazy opening, I have Odin unlock the door, pair a buffed Selena into him, and then dance him to have Selena rush down the Hexing Rod Maid. (He can reach the maid due to Pass, but he didn't need it.) The 94% hit chance is less than ideal, but whatever. The green line is the Entrap range, incidentally. It's a pretty awful idea to leave a unit in range before you're ready to break into the right side. And here's why Odin didn't need Pass. It's pretty trivial to just ORKO this Hero over here to open a path to the maid. Corrin had 99 exp, so the Guard Stance exp gives her this level. Hp and Def are honestly more important than Str at this point for boss killing, but whatever. (In the worst case I'll just stuff her full of stat boosters, I have like 2 whole sets just lying around anyway.) Turn one ends more or less like this. (Not quite, since this was from a different reset---I didn't bother retaking the first turn screenshot since I did the same thing every time.) Note how Felicia is in Leo's spot this turn---this is the start of the 'real' run. In retrospect I should've attacked with Selena first, to let her Savage Blow force this guy into OHKO range, but whatever. Niles has capped Res, by the way. But yeah, his stats are pretty great at this point. This is probably the least interesting mook I captured on this map---not even sure if I'll bother bribing him, to be honest Doop. Gotta love Capture'd mook offenses, ORKOing with nothing except their excellent bases. Dual weapons are amazing with S-rank in a weapon, since S-rank has the weapon triangle adding 2 damage, meaning he has 4 extra damage right now. I don't have a screenshot for it, but I swapped into the Killer Shuriken on the Ninja---and he roll'd the crit for a ORKO. Doop. I have no idea whatsoever why she's getting so much Speed. No complaints, but it's still weird. If conquest had better hp growths this skill wouldn't be nearly as good, but pretty much nobody has good hp bases/growths for some reason. Doop. If Selena gets this level 4 times she'll be basically the exact unit she's 'supposed' to be at this point, but getting these stats at the endgame kind of sucks. Stats are much better front-loaded than back-loaded, part of many reasons why trainees tend to suck and why Jagens tend to be low-key amazing. On the topic of trainees: Mozu does have a niche in Conquest, but it relies on her high-rolling her first few levels. If she doesn't high-roll her first couple levels and get decent bulk there's pretty much no reason to use her over other options---Conquest has enough low bulk high offense units that Mozu's typical stats aren't worth investing in her for, but if she manages to high-roll her bulk then you have a front line unit with passable bulk and excellent offenses rather than just another bow user. That's basically the key to using Mozu, if you can get the exp to spare to fish for high-rolls then people like Mozu, Odin, etc. end up a lot better since you can just dump them if they don't high-roll and keep them if they do. If you don't like early promoting units that don't need exp to function then it's hard to find enough exp without doing child maps, though. (It's one of many reasons I like early promoting for chapter 10---I don't actually need it for the map itself, chugging tonics is more than sufficient, but making it so that a unit doesn't exp at all for the next few maps means that I have more exp to feed 'trial' units like Mozu who I'll only keep if they high-roll.) Selena gets Sol with this level, and I drop Lunge for it. Azura gets this pretty good level from dancing the Ninja. That said, 40 Atk from either direction explodes her into tiny pieces, so none of her stats matter. I pair Camilla into the Ninja, use the Convoy to grab him Kagero's Dart---for dodge tanking vs. the Mages once he's Entrapped. S-rank WTA also gives 20 avoid, so this guy demolishes Sorcerers. And turn 2 ends like this. I have to get out of Iagos range by the end of turn 4, but obviously that's not going to be a problem. The ninja ended up dodging the Entrap, so I move him and Xander in like this. Xander has a full Shield Gauge, by the way---otherwise having him fight 2 mages is pretty retarded. I do think he would barely survive, but I didn't bother doing the combat math. Turn 3 ends like this, with everyone who isn't a mage killer outside of Entrap range but as close to it as possible so they can move to help out if needed. The maid ended up Entrapping the Ninja, so these guys are nicely softened up. You know, if I gave Xander the Speedwing and Dragon Herb rather than Selena he'd have 28 Speed right now. My team is so damn weird when it comes to Speed level ups. Doop---he rolls the critical on the second hit, I believe. Pretty great level---Captured units rarely have bulk problems thanks to their high base hp, so usually all you want are the 4 offensive stats, and this is three out of four. Locktouch is actually pretty great, since I actually want this guy to be the one opening the door to the sorcerer room. End of turn 4, note how nobody is in Iago's range. Here's me picking up Enfeeble in place of Mend. Fully buffed Leo and the Ninja and had them choke the wall. Both of them easily survives 4 mooks ganging up on them, so this is pretty safe. (Not 100% safe since technically Leo can kill himself crit-killing everyone who hits him, though---but that's the price you pay for using weapons that can crit.) Note Beruka and (hard to see) Charlotte blocking the stairs above the chest. Opening the door should've triggered reinforcements but I was too lazy to farm them for exp at this point, so I just camp the stairs to prevent the spawn---I leave those 2 there for the next wave of reinforcements that'll spawn when I get into the Berserker room. Because of the Ninja's hilarious avoid (and the fact that Felicia's buffing him but not Leo) everyone went after Leo first, so most of these guys have their Magic debuffed. Just spreading some Savage Blow damage. Honestly this is a great level, 32 Speed is enough to double everything forever, so all she needs is Hp, Str, Skill, and Res, and Skill is only for Sol. And then I end up not spreading Savage Blow damage after all---I want Selena tanking, so Savage Blow damage might get her or Corrin killed if the AoE damage starts a counter-kill train. Axe-breaker means the Beserkers are seeing some awfully sad numbers against her, though. Doop. (Don't forget Killer Weapons do x4 damage on crit, if you're trying to see if you can survive one.) Doop. And danced Selena for this last doop. This is all the mages in the room cleared. Make sure to time your room break ins based on the turn count. Note how it's turn 10 right now, if this was turn 12 then one of my guys would be Hexed and very, very sad. Just farming more exp. (I danced her for the second combat, deliberately not going for the ORKO to get a tad extra exp.) End of turn 11, so Corrin and the rally mook needs to gtfo next turn or get Hex'd. First things first, though, gotta farm some more exp. Great level, and Def is capped. (I ended up upgrading Camilla's statue.) Not much point to this, to be honest. 18 MT is easy to forge up, and this is only 9 MT if you aren't being attacked. If you can get multiple copies then it becomes really good really quickly, but you can't. I'll want to time the break in into the Berserker room for just after Iago would've used his Hexing Rod, so even though the next room only has 1 mook it still takes 4 turns. Having multiple Locktouchers is really convenient, even if not absolutely necessary. Note Felicia being here to provide +2 damage, Niles was going to miss the ORKO without it. This guy isn't as nice as the Beserker or the General, but it's still basically the only practical option for using Excalibur unless you're into feeding someone two arms scrolls. He also gets Malefic Aura next level, which is great. Pity he doesn't have enough levels left to get Bow Breaker for Takumi (unless you give him an Eternal Seal for some god damn reason), but you can't have everything. With the turns free before my break in I have Corrin chug a bunch of tonics---so that she doesn't explode to Hans like the last tine I tried to break into the Berserker room. Being double by mook Berserkers is pretty lethal. Also note Beruka walking down here. There's 2 sets of stairs that need to be covered now, and the one closer to us is in range to get attacked, so her Rally Defense is pretty useful for her stair blocking partner. And this is the last of the tonics Corrin needs to tank reliably. I end turn 16 (the Hexing Rod turn), like this. The person up top replacing Beruka is the Ninja, by the way---he didn't have anything to do in the Berserker room. I'd actually prefer Charlotte as the pairup for Selena over the master of arms, but I didn't think of her in time. Corrin was 100% going to use Jakob, though. Weirdly, none of the mooks attack on EP even though they'd do damage. I think the idea is that they want to block your 'escape' by just clearing a path forward so that the reinforcements can catch you in a pincer---the reinforcements I'm blocking by standing on stairs. If they attack there's a chance you can just counter-kill everything, but if they just walk forward without attacking there's no escape and you have to stand your ground. Doop. Also, note the 11% crit chance on Leo. He's basically 11% dead every single time he gets smacked on EP, LUL. (Dark Knight Leo wouldn't have that problem since he'd be 3HKOd instead, but Strategist Leo is 2HKOd.) Really should've given him Felicia's +3 Fire. Moral Reset Counter: 11 Just repeating the counter now that we see why he's dead. Bronze weapons are really important for damage control. I swap Camilla out of Fire +3 and into a Bronze Axe this turn, I believe. She needs to face tank a few more turns since the the stairs she's blocking spawns reinforcements later than the ones Charlotte and the Ninja are blocking. (I wait a full 3 turns on the stairs for safety, leaving on turn 20, although I could've left turn 19 and been fine.) Enfeebling Hans for safety. Every -Atk is basically -3 damage since I have to assume he's going to crit with his 60% crit. That said, I don't think I needed to do this, in retrospect. Leo was always going to be the priority target over Corrin---so a 2-range mook was always going to smack him over Hans smacking Corrin---and Axe-breaker Selena is too scary of a target for Hans to even dream of attacking. Stupid strategist and being 2HKO'd. 24 damage from a spear. The funny thing? There's actually an easy KO on Leo just by suiciding all the 2-range Berserkers into him, since he's fast enough to double Tomahawks. But the AI doesn't look for KOs, it just looks for the most damaging combat, so they won't do that unless the Berserkers would do more than the Generals, and because Tomes are advantaged vs. Axes and Disadvantaged vs. Spears the Generals will always do more damage. This combat doesn't mean anything except debuffing the General even more and wasting Maid turns by making them Physic rather than Freeze. (That they waste half the time Freezing one of my buff-bots anyway.) And here you can see the formation I'm using. Leo's in range to both provide damage support for Corrin and also defense buffs for both my tanks, the Speed, Skill, Str buffbot is behind Leo to heal Corrin and give her Speed, while the Luck, Def, Res buff bot dances in and out of enemy range to provide buffs by using Azura's dance. Selena takes piddly damage to the point healing Descant is enough to heal her up, and dancing the Luck buff bot in and out like this means Selena, Corrin and Leo all get the Luck & Defense buffs. Felicia's also in range to provide Leo with defense buffs as well as heal him if necessary. This formation breaks down once I run out of enemy Generals, though, because the Berserkers will chain suicide into Leo at that point, which would kill him. (But once the Generals run out there won't be any Beast Killers left to kill Xander, so I get to run him in to kill Hans & solve this room.) Doop. Note how I'm using the Grim Yato rather than the Armorsmasher---I was pretty tired at this point, so wasn't really thinking about the Armorsmasher I had in the Convoy. In retrospect I should've captured this guy rather than killing him with Leo, but whatever. Note how I trade swap Corrin back into Dragonstone after her combat---I do this every time because she's dead to a Hans crit otherwise. But after this I won't bother showing the screenshot for it. I was a tad worried about Leo's hp, so I heal him up with Felicia. Slow and steady wins the race, I guess. Note how I'm gathering up the team now that I don't need them blocking the stairs anymore, which will add a bit more damage top since Xander gets to join the fun. Enfeebling Hans again just to be safe. This is a waste of Enfeeble, honestly, but it's not like I have anywhere else to use it and its sell price is pretty terrible. (Corrin will handle debuffing the end game bosses.) It's almost like we've had this turn before, lul. This part is new, though, since Xander's joining the fun now. Note sure why I didn't think to give Selena Beruka, though. Doop. Note the Bronze Sword, I was preparing for a Capture so I didn't want to Crit/Astra kill the guy. Niles is Adventurer this map because of mage killing (Bow Knight has worse Res caps) and Shining Bow. He'll probably end up Bow Knight for the next map, since Pass should make things quite a bit simpler even without Hexing Rod. The Inspiration General is probably better, but this guy's pretty good too. He kills mages with Countermagic and kills regular mooks by being a general. And here I swap Niles into Bronze Bow so he doesn't get his ass crit-killed by a spear or tomahawk (or, possibly even worse, counter-kill the other guy and get smacked again for lethal). I make sure to smack the generals with Selena whenever I remember to, since the -2 Str Silver debuff is pretty nice for lowering incoming damage. Not that Selena is taking any incoming damage. Only 4 general left, so it's almost time to murder Hans. Niles gets pretty mediocre level to cap---from combat exp on EP---but his stats have been good enough for like 10 levels before this, so whatever. Once more onto the breach etc. etc. The Corrin side is just a General murdering assembly belt. One where Leo is facing an 8-11% chance to die every EP, lul. Still haven't remembered to give Selena a more useful pair-up, but then, it's not like she needs it. I'm really worried about Leo's hp since he's not Dark Knight, so here's another Sun Festal for him. Doop. My last Enfeeble use of the map. Pretty sure none of them except this one mattered. (Since this one lets Xander ORKO Hans more easily.) Also, turns out empty levels are possible after all, lul. This makes Gunter a bit worse. It's interesting that the Silver Axe guy attacked Corrin before Hans---the AI doesn't seem to think about crit chance at all before determining 'maximum' damage. Again, the Inspiration guy was probably better, but 40 effective Str is pretty good too. Doop. To be honest, I could've just fast forwarded through all of this. But this way you get to know why I didn't want to bother doing the faceless room after I got through this one---the whole map isn't hard, per se, just a real grind. The 3 resets wore my patience down a lot. Only 3 generals left, so I decide now's the time to break through and murder Hans. No problem using Berserker's here since no way Selena dies to ranged damage. I swap her to Bronze Axe anyway, though, and have Xander murder Hans. There's only one Beast Killer left and Xander isn't Great Knight, which means the Berserkers do jack all damage to him. S-rank weapons sell for 0 gold, so it's a pretty good idea to capture S-rank'd mooks to use them. The map's pretty much solved at this point, just a matter of distributing the last few bits of exp. Doop. Corrin refuses to get levels that don't contain Str. She also refuses to get levels that contain, you know, anything else. She's supposed to have 3.9 average growths with Str Boon, Luck Bane, and Nohr Noble. Not sure I can just Pass cheese the final map with her stats like this, to be honest---her Str is fine, but I think she needs a bit more bulk, Luck, and Skill even after my stat boosters are considered. Doop. (And these sure are some numbers that Selena's taking vs. Berserkers, lul.) I'd like a bit more Res, but any level with Speed and Str is pretty good. Doop. 26 points of natural Xander Speed. Xander is faster than Corrin, by the way. The inspiration Berserker gets counter-killed this EP, which was unfortunate, but whatever. Doop. Bifrost and offensive Staffer, secured. (Her offenses are also pretty great, honestly, since Flame Shuriken would give her 2 more Speed, but the other Capture'd mooks are just better in the offense department.) She crits, by the way. Again, her good levels are after level 5. Her offenses are serviceable as a 2nd or 3rd string unit, but Charlotte definitely wants 1st string resources to take advantage of her growths and Berserker stat caps. She'll probably need boots to function properly, though. (And it'd be great if I can fit Trample and Savage Blow into her skillset somehow.) Next turn is Hexing Rod turn, but we have Jakob, so Iago doesn't even matter. I open the door with Odin and have Selena give Jakob her Sunrise Katana. And then Jakob does Jakob things to Iago. Jakob's pretty much the reason Charlotte wasn't invested this run. He took up 1st string resources (from all those class changes, not to mention getting Samurai at all---giving up Corrin's S-rank to get Jakob class access is an very expensive option), and does about the same thing as 1st string Charlotte, so there wasn't much reason to invest heavily in Charlotte. It helped that he was blessed like hell, though. Lul 29 natural Speed. Excalibur isn't really too good on Odin or Leo, since you can just forge an Iron or Steel or whatever past its MT, but the fact that it sells for 0 means that it's pretty nice to give it to an S-rank mook. (It's a decent backup option, since +5 effective Speed is great, but if Leo or Odin turned out well then you don't really need the +5 speed.) I don't know if you resurrect with a turn or not, probably something I'll test during the final 2 maps. Like I mentioned before, I value +5 hp very highly. Seraph Robes are probably the best stat boosters in Conquest, since nobody has hp for some god damn reason. Too lazy to do the left side for exp + spy weapon, so I just prepare to end the map like this. Doop. And doop. All in all, the map is pretty straightforward once you've actually done it, which is the main issue with Conquest. The maps are a lot more fun the 2nd time through than the 1st time, because the 1st time through the gimmicks tend to look like bullshit. (Like I mentioned before, the first time I saw this map on Lunatic I dropped the difficulty immediately, because fuck Iago and his Hexing Rod---I didn't know it was red-light green-light.) Epilogue: Lots of knives from the lottery---pity we basically never see mounted units in Conquest. The maid also ended up having Rapport, so I bribed her out immediately. I kind of hope the final map has like 20 deployment slots or something, because I have a lot of units I want to bring. Some random, probably irrelevant support levels. Azura earned one with Odin, by the way, I just didn't screenshot properly.
  13. Jakob is such a god damn pansy. This is an literally unlosable fight and he's worried, even without his full Shield Gauge Iago wasn't going to land a hit ever. Map didn't go as smooth as I expected, I fucked up trying to go through the faceless room for the first reset (I didn't realize the stoneborn were only holding position because I didn't open the door yet, even though they feel free smacking my dudes before that), and the second reset was me fat fingering Niles and he opened the door to the mages a whole turn before when I was supposed to---my units were caught way out of position. The third one was just Hans criting Corrin's face off because I was stupid and forgot to chug tonics before I sent Corrin in to tank. Reset Counter: 30 Main takeaway is that I really should be taking the endgame maps more seriously---if I cared enough to buy an entrap I probably would've saved an entire reset since then I could just entrap Hans and murder him rather than having to grind through all his mooks first. As always nowadays, gonna be a few days before I post the chapter.
  14. Played a tiny bit of Ch. 26 (really tiny, only did the first room + checked out how Iago works), but as far as I can tell, unless the map has some hilarious reinforcements down the line it looks pretty straightforward. Mooks don't aggro before you open the door and Iago skips his Hexing Rod if you leave nobody in range on the Hexing Rod turn (I was originally planning to just slowly have him hex my 2nd stringers 1 by one), so as long as I take it slow I don't see the map giving me any problems---since the only other Hexing Rod got rushed down by Pass. I still hate how a lot of Conquest's map design don't bother telling how the maps actually work before you actually go in and do the map, though. Because god damn the map does not look doable* if you assumed that Iago would just Hexing Rod everyone before using his other staves. *Well okay it's doable even then---just have a 50 Def Armor and a 50 Def Corrin and it's fine, but that'll need a lot of grinding if you didn't have that already. But yeah, busy as hell still, so these last few maps might take an entire month to get through.
  15. Fate/Grand Order General

    If you're doing a min-maxed 3 turn farming run, sure, but if your team comp isn't optimal the fact that you'll take longer means that isn't as relevant, and her star gen, healing, and better NP gets more relevant. Waver's also a bit worse when the map is a complete faceroll, because it takes 3 skills to get his full NP gauge charging + his face cards are worse (and his NP doesn't do notable damage). He compensates somewhat since his Atk up is pretty much just as good thanks to the bonus damage while being AoE, though. Basically, Waver has a sweet-spot at medium difficulty waves where if you min-max you can 3 turn (or thereabouts), but suffer at very easy maps (you'd rather just spam click your face cards while doing minimum buffing---he's still decent since it only takes 1 click for his Atk up, but the fact his face cards suck matters) and harder maps (where Waver doesn't quite add enough damage due to bad face cards + an NP that doesn't do notable damage---yeah it has poison, but Nero's also has burn). Edit: For reference, it takes about 5-6 turns for me to do the all caster node (the one with the demon and Nursery Rhyme) with 2 20% extra enemy CEs. Waver can possibly lower it by one turn, but I don't see him doing more than that---a 7 turn clear is already the maximum amount of turns I can take since Drake has 2 uses of Pioneer. He also makes it a tad less consistent when it comes to face cards since his cards suck ass, whereas Nero at least builds NP (for either the 2nd wave demon or 3rd wave Nursery Rhyme) or drops some stars. Double Edit: The team's Drake, Nero Bride, and a support Melt (usually level 80 with level 4 skills---I do have some level 90s with maxed skills occasionally showing up, though), using the Rumble Party mystic code (not at all optimal, but I'm grinding exp for it) & no NP Gauge CEs (everything is either + Sakura Chip or extra enemy), incidentally.
  16. Fate/Grand Order General

    Personally I haven't had an issue with the generic farming Nodes. But then, I also have a level 100 Drake and a Bride Nero, so yeah. (Nero isn't that much worse than Waver for supporting if you're just farming, and Drake is Drake.)
  17. SF Interviews 2.0 - Nominating #222

    8, 'Enough to live on' is my main goal, but that's pretty trivial. I'll probably work forever, but less hours/week as my money piles up, since my idea of a 'vacation' is doing exactly what I already do every day---that is, I'm perfectly content doing things I dislike, but are important for a while each day (working, exercising, chores etc.), then doing stuff I like doing every day + self maintenance stuff (eating, showering, etc.). 9, That'll depend on how liquid they are---I haven't actually checked how easy bonds are to sell if I needed cash rather than bonds. Main issue is that you'll probably want to keep your money in stocks or index funds or whatever in a bull market, and in a bear market treasury bonds should have some awful returns. (Since a lot of people will be wanting to buy bonds for the low risk profit in a bear market.) Again, though, I haven't actually researched bonds that much, so this is more or less just my gut feeling (which is even less reliable than my theorycraft).
  18. SF Interviews 2.0 - Nominating #222

    6, No, I mean you should actively manage when the market is on a downturn in general---i.e. a recession\depression. If the market as a whole is going up by 10% or 20% a year it's kind of difficult to beat it, but if it's actually dropping then just leaving your money as liquid currency means you beat the market. (Which is the lazy way out, incidentally---individual companies\stocks still rise in a bear market, the problem is finding them.) 7, Nope. Taking care of physical goods takes effort. (I'd do the same market research I'd have to do for stocks etc. and then I have to make sure to keep them stored properly on top of that. Plus physical goods take more effort to buy and sell.) (You should probably tag me, by the way---I don't check this thread.) 6, I don't think there's been any crazy moments. My strategies in general don't really rely on luck. My Moral Resets are generally places where I should've lost people, and getting through those were luck based, but the way I beat the maps didn't require me to do things that would cause Moral Resets---they happen because I fuck up occasionally, not because they're necessary. 7, I do occasionally, but no real favorites. 8, *Shrug* 9, I like living, but I don't think that was the answer you were looking for. 10, Math. The difference between the burger flipper who earns, say, 24 to 36k a year but invests money and the college graduate working, say, a 80k a year job isn't actually that big when you consider the burger flipper had a 4 year head start in making money + didn't have to pay money just to attend college. The college graduate will still pull ahead eventually, but at the cost of being behind for like, almost a whole decade, and I don't need that much money. Basically the burger flipper and college graduate will end up at the same standard of living, but the burger flipper gets access to it a decade earlier while the college graduate has to spend 4 years living the broke student life and then a few more years past that living the student debt life. There's stuff like lawyering and doctoring that'll earn significantly more than 80k, but they also take more than 4 years of college, so you spend even longer living the broke ass student life. That said, most people I've met don't believe in math.
  19. Fate/Grand Order General

    Main issue with the buff being stapled to his NP is that you don't get to use it reliably---the only reliable part is that his NP hits a little harder, you can't guarantee that he has the cards for the rest of his chain. Hence why I didn't count it as a buff. (It's only marginally better than an NP that gives NP damage up before damage, if we ignore the defense up.) It's fine if you're using him in the slow-roll team like he wants to be in, but waiting for cards isn't something a Beserker rush team wants to be doing. Cu Alter's good, but he doesn't do what I bring Beserkers to do.
  20. Fate/Grand Order General

    The problem with casters is that they have low base Atk on top of the .9 multiplier, having one or the other is simple enough to fix, but having both means that Beserkers will just out damage them versus Assassins in general. 2 * .9 = 1.9, and 1.1 * 1.5 = 1.65, which looks caster favored until you remember Beserkers have tons of base Atk. (I don't have a problem with Beserkers dying when I'm just rushing through a map because my back line is just more Beserkers. So I actually dislike Cu Alter, since he has 0 offensive buffs---Herc's still great, though.) That said, the SSR offensive casters pretty much all come with insane NP Gauge skills, which makes them very nice to use even in comparison with SSR Beserkers. But it's hard to find those to use since most people have support casters in the caster slot, so you'd need to pick them up yourself.
  21. Fate/Grand Order General

    Ha, EMIYA's fight was great. Front side was EMIYA, back side? Also EMIYA. lul.
  22. Chapter 25: Pre-Map Planning: Ryoma's map is more or less where I consider the start of the 'endgame' of Conquest. You can tell it's the endgame because the enemy mooks now have Inevitable End. Where the early game of Conquest is dominated by people who exist at that point, the mid game by the nobles, the end game is dominated by people with the right skills. Jakob, Felicia, and, to a lesser extent, Gunter are the three units who do the best at getting the 'right' skills, although obviously other units can chip in. If you needed Shuriken Breaker only for this map, for example, it doesn't really matter whether Felicia got it 20 maps ago or if Camilla got it during this map. The main reason the servants dominate the other units is because they have more levels to fit skills into---my Jakob has like 15 skills or something, and he isn't at all min-maxed for the endgame. (He's still good right now, just like how Camilla is still good right now, but I didn't spec him for steamrolling the endgame.) Niles also deserves an honorable mention because a lot of enemy mooks have near perfect skillsets, and he can grab at least 2 or 3 in even the lowest resource runs, and in Castle Visit runs he can grab like 3 armies' worth, meaning you're basically playing on Casual. Minor note---Captured mooks do not get stuff like Inevitable End or Staff Savant. It doesn't really make a difference for Niles because he breaks the game in half already, but don't plan strategies based on infinite staff use or using a Brave Dagger to debuff the end boss into negative stats. Plan strategies based on an infinite number of disposable mooks with perfect weapon ranks, excellent skills, and sky high bases instead, because obviously that's fair and balanced. Outlaw Bow Knight is also basically the best class in the game at this point, since flying mobility no longer matters---someone really liked Niles when they designed him. Resist Status is better than it looks, since the enemies get Inevitable End but we don't this is effectively a 66% reduction to the effectiveness of Draconic Hex---normally we'd debuff him by -4, he'd get 1 back to get -3 on his turn, and attack with -3 on everything. With Resist Status he's debuffed by -2 and gets 1 back to go to -1, which is pretty significant if it wasn't for the fact that the room's heal tiles have like 80% damage reduction or something. (My original plan involved a 49+* Def Corrin because I didn't know the heal tiles were stupid.) *I would've chugged a Draco Shield if needed by grabbing it from Convoy. His stats are high, but it's pretty trivial to take only 1 or 2 damage from him while the heal tiles are up, meaning you can take as long as you want for the map. (Hell, even without the heal tiles I could've pushed him to doing 1 damage by buying another Draco Shield from the shop and feeding that + the one I already had to Corrin.) Ah Inevitable End, the things that would've been possible with you & Brave Daggers. (It's kind of interesting how Maids & Butlers cap daggers at B-rank, meaning only Hoshido units can use Soldier's Knife, which is a Brave Dagger that requires A-rank in daggers.) They only have 31 speed naturally, but honestly they're about as good as endgame Kaze, so feel free to just Capture a few if you want some Ninjas rather than training your own Ninjas up---Master Ninja has +5 Dodge as a bonus, so you don't need to worry too much about their low luck. Capture'd units are expendable anyway, since you can get tons of more or less identical copies. Spy's Shuriken is pretty neat. In player's hands it'd mostly be for Attack Stancing with a crazy offensive unit (like, say, post-Samurai Jakob with a Brave Sword), but in enemy hands they stack a ton of hefty stat debuffs thanks to Inevitable End. Mostly it just forces you to cycle your units, though, assuming you're a precog and knew crap like this was coming and built a player phase focused, high mobility team. (Player Phase teams both require less stats---so debuffs matter less---and they distribute debuffs better since no one unit needs to take most of the combats.) You can also just Shuriken Breaker, but where's the fun in that. Plus there's also Seal Stat mooks on the map, so dodging hits doesn't prevent all the debuffs, just the Ninja and Automaton ones. The 3 MoAs I highlighted all have a breaker and an effective weapon for a specific weapon type---I think they're here so that the Spy's Shuriken actually does damage thanks to Attack Stance, because 1 MT is kind of a joke. If you're missing a dodge tank they're great Capture targets, assuming they get to class change into Swordmaster for even more dodge rather than Merchant. This guy has a interesting, 100% bulk focused front side. And a fairly neat 105% crit focused back side. Note how he only has 37 or so Atk, though, meaning it's pretty easy to get him to do 0 damage as long as you take it slow and don't run into him with -10 Def on you or something. He's a fun capture target if you want to play around with Great Club like he's doing, but being foot-locked with fairly low Atk kind of sucks for him. (The Low Atk is because the Great Club only has 6MT---if you want to use him forging a Killer Axe might be better, although you won't see 100% crit rates.) This guy would make a pretty great paladin thanks to his two faire skills, but he can't be. He's fun to have around, but not really 'good' in any real sense---if you want a backup damage dealer grab one of the Swordmasters on this map. The ninjas guarding Kagero are pretty typical for this map. They have different turn based +4 damage buffs, incidentally, so one of them will always have +4 damage. Kagero has 61 physical bulk, and that's more or less all you need to know about her unless you randomly left a unit in range for some reason, in which case you should remember that she has Rend Heaven and a Killer Weapon. Axes, Swords, and Lances occasionally do half damage to her, but it's Bow Knights who'll do most of the heavy lifting on this map anyway. (Number of Bow Knights on my team? 0.) On the left side we have a grindier collection of mooks. Where the right side had tons of burst damage the left side prefers to do post-combat damage and stacking debuffs. Silver Shurikens debuff Speed, Def, and Res by 5, and this guy debuffs another 6 Def thanks to Seal Def. The Speed debuff is probably the most important one, since 2 of those and you can go from doubling these mooks to getting doubled yourself. There's also the odd Savage Blow---it's pretty much just a strictly better Poison Strike, and if you capture him and give him a pair of levels you get to stack both effects, which is nice. Swordmasters have some pretty neat stats if you're looking for a backup damage dealer, with 34 natural speed and enough bulk to consistently survive a counter. You'll want to look for someone with better skills, though. Note the effective weapon, but honestly it shouldn't matter. The Practice Katana is much more interesting since you'd need 35 speed to avoid the double. (Only 35 since Silver Katana is already a Katana, so Practice only gives +4 over it.) Spy's Yumi is a 3 range weapon, so this guy has a fairly dangerous Lunge. That said, Automatons only have 5 move so Outlaw Bow Knights (and it has to be Outlaw Bow Knights, for the +1 move) based lineup pretty much trivializes this map. You could also just use Freeze Staves, but that's expensive. (Cheaper than class changing unit into Bow Knight if they aren't already, though.) This guy is probably the main one you'd look to Capture if you want a back up damage dealer, he even has 4 levels left, just enough to grab Sword-faire and a full set of skills. He also hurts like hell if you get Lunged into the room, but the mooks on this map don't break the walls, so it's pretty easy to player phase everything. I'm honestly not too sure about the point of this guy, yeah, he's pretty scary to attack into if you're the kind of idiot to attack into someone who one rounds you, but do they honestly expect people to be like that at this point? (They totally do---there's a couple 'gotcha' units on pretty much every map.) Back Side is this guy, though, and he's far more dangerous with his effective 30 Str after Quick Draw and 40 Speed after pair-up. That said, the pair-up is pretty easy to aggro without being in range of the Automatons, so if you're not comfortable going for the L&D Swordmaster this guy is pretty easy to grab. He also starts with Duelist's already so he gets Swordfaire a level earlier. Swordfaire on a Swordmaster make these guys pretty boring captures, ironically, since it means they don't have anything else worth noting. This guy has a Wakizashi rather than Dual Katana. Probably best to just send a Sword guy to lure these two (there's a safe spot you can get to to fight them without getting Lunged), and they aggro whenever they can hit someone, but if you can't use a sword then an Axe (a normal, non Dual Club Axe) is probably better than a Lance, thanks to the Dual Katana. There's a pair of Lunge Automatons in the boss room. If you have enough +1 move Bow Knights (ideally with Boots on one of them) you can actually kill this entire pack without having to step into their aggro range beforehand, which is nice. If your team isn't that mobile though you should probably just Freeze either the Samurai or the Automaton in the back and send a bulky unit to lure. I froze the Automaton because I assumed the Samurai would've moved to Attack Stance---turns out the programmers were smart enough to have him not do that when it's a Lunge attack. So Freezing the Samurai would be the safer move since the Automaton only has 30 Atk with Spy's Yumi. (Spy's Yumi has 5 MT.) The Samurai has 52. That said, Freezing the Automaton does have the advantage where the Ninjas body-block each other, so you can't get hit by both at once. Saizo has 70 physical bulk, so he's a tad harder to deal with than Kagero. But he's also doubled by everyone on my team so whatever. Luna doesn't even matter when you only have 40 Atk. (It matters if you're doing this map in a rush, but you shouldn't be in a rush unless you're deliberately gunning for a low turn-count clear.) We get another deployment slot this map, which is nice. (Hopefully we keep it going into the next map, but I can also see it only being here because Corrin's basically benched the entire map.) My generally strategy was just to slow-roll deathball the entire map, as long as you're not in a rush Ryoma's map is pretty trivial. Originally I even planned it doing it while being down 4 units---who'd be buffing Corrin---but the heal tiles' damage reduction meant I only needed the Def & Luck & Amaterasu Rally bot. Nyx was dropped since I wasn't going to bother with the more or less 'right' way to do the map and just Bow Knight my way through it (the map is hilariously easy if I class changed into 3 or 4 Bow Knights, but I didn't care enough), and I brought in the full buff-bot trio + Elise to maximize my buffing ability. Objectives: 10,000 G, Silence, Draco Shield. Since I'm death balling the entire map the objectives happen automatically. My Castle Stuff: I don't have any dagger users I care about, and the higher tier weapons don't sell anything close to 50%, so the Hunter's Knife is only a 'good' roll rather than a 'holy crap free money' roll. Keaton's an amazing cook, though. +1 Str over +1 Mag would've been better, but +2 Speed +2 Def is already great. Got this from an Accessory event rather than My Room. (I haven't actually been bothering with My Room much now that most of the important units are C-rank'd.) I'm not using this person---it's one of the Pass Pegasus Knights I capture'd last map, but I bribe her to free up a Jail slot. Resource Distribution: You can tell that I'm taking the map somewhat seriously now, since I'm actually buying Tonics. I thought I wanted 2 Speed Tonics, 1 for Camilla, 1 for one of my Bow users, but it turned out even Leo doubles everyone on this map, so I only used 1. Bulk for Corrin. She needed the Luck Tonic and a Rally to see 0% crit vs. Ryoma, by the way, thanks to the Luck Bane. (Which should also show you how little a Luck Bane matters, though, since you can get tons of dodge from Support Bonuses---like the 20% from Xander---or just the 5% from a pair-up.) In retrospect she probably didn't need the Def Tonics, but I didn't remember about the heal tile's huge damage reduction until I started the map. Camilla's Str isn't capped because I upgraded Beruka's Statue---turned out it wasn't silver, just bronze. 1 Str doesn't really matter, though, even if it would've been nice to have if I didn't mis-remember. I swap out Lunge for Shurikenbreaker since Ninjas exist now. Jakob drops Tomebreaker or something for Duelist's Blow, since he's not supposed to be seeing enemy phase combats anymore. I swap some bows around since Odin has D-rank in bows now and Niles can pick up Nyx's Shining Bow now that she's benched. These two end up swapping the Bronze +4 around a lot, since neither of them want to be fighting with a ton of debuffs on them. The Map: This was pretty much why I wasn't worried at all about turn count, coming into the map. She had another possible +6 Defense from Leo's buffs & the Draco Shield in the convoy, although getting Leo's buffs would've required some Shelter usage, so I would've need 4 people buffing Corrin. One last Rally picture to show you I'm using them, but from now on you should probably just assume I'm using them on the relevant units. Positioning stuff like Rally usage and what not really should be learned by just playing the game rather than reading a playthrough or whatever, anyway. End of turn 1. I have no rush or anything, so I deathball everyone right. (Both sides have their quirks, but the right side is probably easier to do with a low number of units as long as you have Shurikenbreaker, so if I redid the map and needed 4 units buffing Corrin rather than just 1 I'd probably do the left side first.) The enemy didn't bite on Selena, so I send Camilla in to start the pain train. It's kind of stupid how awful enemy unit stats are even in the endgame. This is basically a 20/7 unit and she's ORKOing people. Also basically a perfect level if we ignore the whole OHKO'd by everything issue which could've been fixed by some lucky bulk levels. Selena missed, but Leo was going to be over here to choke point the other Ninja anyway. (If I cared enough about accuracy I would've forged the Bronze Axe higher or class changed Selena to Bow Knight, but I didn't.) 29 Speed Leo. Yeah... My team is pretty weird when it comes to Speed. End of turn 2. Selena and Camilla are so bulky that it doesn't really matter how many people poke at them, even with Attack Stance debuffs, and Leo's in a pair-up. Doop. It's a tad dangerous to heal Leo like this since Felicia dies even to a Spy Shuriken, but only if I fuck up hilariously about taking care of the Ninjas. Doop. Selena's Str and Skill are behind her un-statbooster'd averages, by the way. Her speed is also only 1 ahead of her unboosted averages, but 28 is more than enough. This is also Def capped since I didn't upgrade Camilla's statue. (I might do some castle visits for it later.) It's a great level, but she'll need a lot of those to get out of the hole she's in. On the plus side, next level has Trample. Doop. Camilla's getting a lot of kills on this map for obvious reasons, but also because a lot of my team is nearing stat or level caps already anyway, so levels aren't as valuable unless they're gunning for a specific skill. The feeling when Leo of all people is doubling Ninjas. (Pity Dark Knight is going to ruin his Speed if I end up swapping back, Sorcerer might be interesting if I needed Sorc's 5% dodge for some reason, though.) End of turn 3. Xander's running forward to see if he can get some combat exp. Doop. This gives Selena Beserker's Axe access. (And 5% hit, which is nice---if her Skill has been at her averages she should see around 100% hit vs. Ninjas even with her Bronze.) Xander gets a Candy Cane before running Charlotte back up to give Selena the Beserker's. Just trying to bait some mooks---no bites. *Fake Celebration Noises* She got this buffing Xander, I believe. I have Niles heal Xander to full because why not. Another bait attempt, another nothing. At this point I go 'eh, whatever' and prepare to do some dance and Shelter shenanigans to aggro. (Hitting someone has to aggro the AI because otherwise the player could just hit enemy units for free if they knew the right sequence of moves, so learning how to do Shelter shenanigans makes maps like this a lot simpler.) Doop. Meh level, but Niles has enough stats for the rest of the game already. I full buff Xander and send him in to Shelter Niles. Giving us this for the end of turn 6. Beruka and the MoA being in range is intentional, since getting the 3-range Ninja right in front of Xander would be great. It ends up working even better than I'd planned, though, since the enemy MoA with Sword-breaker and the sword effective weapon actually walks into me for the Attack Stance. Odin was missing some damage to ORKO, so I trade him Niles' Bronze Bow. His stats are pretty meh nowadays, but if I ever need his offenses he only needs 2 levels to get L&D and 1 level to get Swordfaire, so whatever. Bronze Bows are the word of the day, so I unequip Astra. (I didn't forge him an Iron Bow since I only had 1, and I didn't care enough about it to buy another one.) I have Leo smack a loser around before trade swapping him Horse Spirit and pairing him with Charlotte. (Hero rather than Beserker makes her worse for Xander but better all around thanks to the 2 Def while keeping the 3 Speed for pair-up purposes.) Candy Canes are basically free so I don't mind using one rather than just having Amaterasu handle it. Slow and Steady doesn't get daggered into oblivion. (And also helps Selena recover her stats---losing 5 Def per hit is no joke when you're getting Attack Stanced.) The MoA suicides into Leo, so I spend the next turn positioning for a breakthrough into the right side. I did say I wasn't going to show much Rally Screenshots, but here's one anyway. It's mostly to show that you want to leave a space open for your rally unit near the front lines even though ideally it'd be mostly combat units there. (If you have someone who don't need rallies at all to function then they could start in that spot and attack first, freeing the space up to Rally.) Camilla breaks the wall because this lets me dance her in a nice position---while also leaving Azura in a nice position to get Sheltered by Xander for choke pointing purposes. Had to Rally Skill for this, unfortunately, since Leo's Skill is way behind his averages. Note how he's positioned to Heartseeker the Ninja, though. (Heartseeker is pretty amazing if you get comfortable positioning for it.) Post-Samurai Jakob isn't the best 'trivialize the game' build for him, but it's pretty fun to watch. Meh level, but he's also dumpstering Odin in pretty much everything, so as long as he doesn't get completely screwed it doesn't really matter what he gets. Doop. Turns out the Ninjas in the boss room is stupid enough to attack Camilla when she's over here, which makes the boss mooks even more of a joke than they already were. End of turn 9. I should probably mention that the space Xander is standing on isn't a normal square, so you don't get elbow room and you also lose 2 move to cross it, so be careful when you're planning your moves with a non-flier. Healing Xander here is mostly for Inspiration purposes---he's lost enough stats that I'd rather not have him front lining anymore. Leo, on the other hand, gets to do whatever he wants. (The +1 Mag from Keaton's cooking is coming in oddly useful here.) I would've liked another point of Speed, but honestly Leo's already such a wall of stats that it doesn't matter. Being level capped does mean I'd have to eternal seal him if I wanted to get him more skills, but his kit is pretty good already. I swap Leo out of Calamity Gate (because of the pair'd up MoA, one of whom has a Great Club), and smack the last Ninja in this hallway. Pretty fast clip, if we ignore the travel time from here back to the starting area. The left side's a lot slower, though, even if it's probably 'easier' from a design perspective. Doesn't help that I spend the first half of it with Leo and Xander hanging around Corrin. We knew about this level from way back, it's okay---most of the good levels in her future is after level 5, unfortunately. The MoA that attacked into Leo was the non-Great Club guy, for hopefully obvious reasons. (Again, pretty much my problem with Killer Weapons in this game.) I don't actually kill him with Leo, by the way. Instead I break the wall with Felicia and Chip the MoA inside the room. C-rank gives Calamity gate and 1 Atk for tomes, which is nice. Doubt Camilla will be holding Calamity since Leo's so good with it, though. Doop. And doop. Don't think I'll be using him for anything serious, but Certain Blow and Death Blow is a pretty fun combo. Turn 11 ends like this since I knew the Ninjas were stupid---but I also wanted to see if I could bait the MoA into a stupid position. The MoA did move, just not to a stupid spot. This guy isn't anything special, he's mostly for if I decide I wanted a Shuriken user. (We do have a lot of random Shuriken lying around.) Didn't care about the other ninja---who didn't have a Spy's Shuriken---so I end turn like this to have Niles counter-kill. (Well, not quite, I do move Niles 1 square to the left, to make the MoA move for Attack Stance.) Next turn I have Camilla chip the MoA a bit, since he ended up giving Attack Stance in a stupid location. One Shelter later, and... Niles get a great level. And a MoA who's only going to be in my barracks for looks. 34 effective Str is pretty nice, and he has enough levels left to get Life and Death, but I'd really like Spear Masters rather than MoA if I was going to lug a foot-locked loser around. Fast forwarding a bit, I get Niles to grab the 10k gold. And Jakob to do... this. The vast majority of Jakob's damage comes from his skills, so Rend Heaven doesn't do much to him even if Kagero somehow rolled her 2% hit chance. Jakob didn't give him a chance, though, he proc'd Astra and crit on the second hit. Fast forwarding even more and Azura gets this pretty much useless level while I was walking everyone back to the middle. I start things off like this to see if the Ninjas on the left would aggro one by one. They do. Giving Elise Felicia's Sun Festal since she was going to be part of the Corrin buffing brigade. Niles took 2 stacks of debuffs so I had Odin pull the next guy, clearing the first 3 Ninjas. The next pack looked pretty dangerous so I give Odin Nile's Bronze Bow +4 before fully buffing him. Only the left Ninjas and Swordmaster can hit Odin in the corner over here, so I start things off like this. These are some real crappy levels Odin is getting. Bows can pretty much carry any stat spread with enough bulk and Speed, though, and Odin has enough. Doop. Savage blow isn't really anything special---it's nice, but not necessary since I already have 2 copies---but having multiple redundant units in jail means I can just bribe the cheaper one. Master Ninja stats are surprisingly low on Speed---at least compared to Swordmasters---but otherwise they're about what you'd expect. Jakob doesn't really get to OHKO people anymore without a really good attack stance, but he's still fun to use when Savage Blow is involved. These stats, man. And this is pretty much how my team's distributed for the next bit, since I didn't know about the heal tile damage reduction yet. Leo, Elise, Buff mook, and Xander hang around Corrin to buff her bulk while the rest of the team tries to figure out a way to do the left side safely. This is how I get Corrin maximum buffs, by the way. I Rally her, move her away and next to Leo, and then Shelter the Rally Bot before dropping him off with Elise. Turns out the Rally bot was more than enough, thanks to the heal tile's massive damage reduction, and his Amaterasu would out heal 1 special proc + 1 normal attack. I didn't figure that bit out until a few turns later, though. I'm going to skip through a lot of turns on the left (note how it's turn 27), and tell you that not even this aggros anything. Which is fine, because I realized after a bit that Ryoma wasn't quite doing the damage he was supposed to, which let me bring Xander here for Shelter shenanigans. (It was hard to tell since he was pretty much supposed to only do 3 or 4 damage, and only because of Swordfaire.) Doop. Dance. And Shelter into separation. It's pretty easy to poke like this if you plan out the sequence of moves before hand. Skip forward a turn or two and we have Camilla over here, baiting the Samurai. If you don't have 9 or 10 move units like I do then you'll need to use Dance and Shelter to get in or out. Camilla's using the Iron Axe because fighting a Dual Katana sucks---thanks to the Swordmasters' S-rank. I got even more mooks than I expected since the Swordmaster in the room with Ninjas and Automatons actually moved outside for Attack Stance, so I have Camilla smack her with Fire. Neither of them OHKO and the Camilla now has a full Gauge. Next turn Camilla Dual Clubs this guy to death, which is very safe since the Silver Katana ruined his stats. Fast Forward a few turns (I had Selena Fly Camilla out), and my team's setup like this. The bait doesn't work but that's fine, my units are in position to do the right sequence of stuff. Which is a doop into a dance into a Shelter. Turn ends like this. As expected, smacking the mooks aggros them, so I just have Xander slowly lure them deeper and deeper towards my team. I kind of wanted to feed other people exp from these two, but decided it wasn't worth the effort, so I had Xander smack the guy to death. Followed by a Selena chip into a Dance'd finish. (The chip did a bunch of damage because of Savage Blow, if you're wondering how the Swordmaster lost so much hp from 6 damage.) Honestly I wouldn't mind if Xander got this exact same level until cap. Fast forward a bit and my team's positioned like this to break into the room. Niles breaks the wall since he's pretty good at killing Ninjas after a dance, and dancing a ranged unit lets Azura stand in a safer position. The Iron axe didn't have enough accuracy, unfortunately, and I didn't care enough to send the Skill rally guy over. Which is a tad unfortunate since Camilla does want a bit of bulk just in case I don't manage to kill everything safely. (The red line is the range of Lunge mooks, so she can't just get danced and kill both of the Ninjas---Bow Knight Camilla could do that, but Malig Knight can't.) I swap Camilla to Iron and have Selena do this. Here's where a bit more axe rank would've been quite good, since C and B both give 5 hit each. Oh well. Yeah there's pretty much no way Selena's going to turn out the way a massively invested Selena's supposed to turn out, but her stats are more than good enough for the rest of the game so *shrug.* She does have trample, great bulk, and decent speed, so it's not like she's bad, just... not amazing the way she's 'supposed' to be. She'll probably end up Hero for the next map, but we'll see. Doop. Some healing. And end turn. Note how I could've gotten Xander or Leo to try and kill the Master Ninja, but I wanted other people to grab that free exp. Like so. Beruka has the same speed as Selena now, by the way. She has +1 from Speed from Wyvern Lord over Malig Knight but also -3 from Selena's 3 stat boosters. And Beruka's 5 levels behind. Really tempted to turn Beruka Hero as well, it's not like Swordbreaker's worth anything, and the Fighter-Hero line has some great skills, but the 2 move from being mounted is worth a damn lot. Silence isn't awful or anything, but it's pretty niche. I might have a use for it to break into specific rooms, but it's fairly expensive to use a rare staff for that & it's pretty odd that I'd need Silence, specifically, for the break in. Fast forward a few turns and I'm ready to break into the last room. Felicia and Elise are up here for freeze purposes. Freezes are pretty expensive, so it's annoying that you lose the charge even if you miss. I didn't, though. Pretty great level, although Felicia is exactly like Elise in that she's dead to everything physical at this point. I positioned like this expecting the Samurai to Attack Stance, but even if he didn't Camilla had enough bulk to survive (and very good odds vs. Ninjas anyway, thanks to Shuriken Breaker + Iron Axe). Which was fortunate because the Samurai did not Attack Stance, instead choosing to smack Camilla for a bunch of hp. It's safe to lure Spy's Yumi with fliers, incidentally, since it's only 5 MT, meaning even with effective damage the Automaton only has 40 Atk, which is pretty easy to see 0s against. Here's a screenshot of the start of turn. Camilla would've been in KO threat if the AI sequenced properly, incidentally, but even now they still prioritize the highest damaging combat first, so they did Swordmaster into Master Ninja which meant Camilla was completely safe. (Plus the Master Ninja would've needed to land a hit versus her Shuriken-breaker anyway.) It would've been interesting to Capture this guy for his L&D, since his offenses is easily on the 1st string of my units, but I just didn't care enough. (Every Swordmaster on the map has first string offenses, incidentally, thanks to their 34 Speed, but eh.) Both Niles and Camilla landed their hits, which is great, since it let me do pretty much whatever I want for the rest of the mooks. Doop. And Doop. (Leo rolled his 11% crit, by the way.) Turn ends like this---Spy's Yumi won't Lunge my guys into any dangerous spots, and Odin didn't get debuffed to the point where the Saw is lethal. (Niles was danced to pair up with Odin.) Next turn I have Charlotte take a pair of combats for a bunch of Shield Gauge. Before finishing things off with Beruka. Fast forward a turn and I have Jakob do Jakob things to Saizo. Getting him a pretty useless level, but eh, more than enough stats, etc. etc. And I start running the hell away since Ryoma's free to come for my mooks now. I got this far by pairing Corrin into the buff-bot and then separating. I'll skip showing you the screens of the next bit, the tl;dr is that I run Ryoma around the entire left side of the map. Doing this while I was running. And setting up my team like this. I start things off with Camilla chipping Ryoma. And Corrin kills him. It got her exactly to 99 exp, I think, which was kind of annoying. Cheers. Epilogue: Iron Swords aren't too useful since I already have a +4, but they do sell for 500, which isn't too much worse than the higher quality stuff. (Steels are 750, Silvers are 1000.) The team picked up some random support levels---the Xander Azura one is pretty nice for whenever I have to do the Dance Shelter thing, and Charlotte is Charlotte. I recruit the pair of prisoners who only need food since I can always just cook with Hoshido stuff. (I go to the 'hacked' castles with every single resource, so I have a ton of the Hoshido stuff.) It's these two mooks, by the way. Basically the uninteresting MoA and Ninja, but their stats are perfectly serviceable if you needed some second stringers.
  23. SF Interviews 2.0 - Nominating #222

    1, Indifferent. 2, McDonalds isn't a specific necessity---I'm also fine working as a barista at Starbucks or whatever. Most minimum wage jobs will do. That said, food places tend to give free meals, and Big Macs are pretty nice. 3, Already mentioned earlier are my two most played, which is DotA 2 and EU4. Strategy games are probably the ones I play the most, although I'm not too big a fan of RTSs because I'm too lazy to polish up my mechanics---I do like playing them in single player, though, where I can get away with sloppy and slow build orders. RPGs are also nice, since I like watching numbers go up. 4, Lunatic Conquest is kind of like a... 3 out of 10, maybe even less, if you know how to break it properly. The existence of Niles means that it'll never get harder than a different Fire Emblem game on Hard & Casual---Kidnap is stupid good*. I haven't been exploiting him to his full potential, but then, I haven't been exploiting a lot of things about Conquest. *Only in Castle Visit allowed runs, by the way. In a low grind run he's 'only' servant tier, which still makes him basically one of the top 3 units in all of Conquest. High availability units dominate the early game, the nobles dominate the mid-game, but it's Niles, Jakob, and Felicia who destroy the late-game of Conquest if you exploit them fully. In a Castle Visit allowed run he's worth more than the rest of your team combined. Most of the difficulty of Conquest comes from the map design being 'unfair'---that is, the difficulty relies on imperfect information*---rather than the numbers or whatever being hard. *Like, take Ryoma's map for example. How the hell were you supposed to know the heal tiles gave like a 80% damage reduction before you started the map? Or that +1 Move Bow Knight utterly destroy the map even without Shuriken Breaker---you do learn that immediately once you see the map, but if you didn't know the map was coming then you wouldn't know to grab Outlaw Bow Knights. (I didn't go the Bow Knight route, incidentally, even though I had 3 possible +1 Move Bow Knight candidates). 5, *Shrug*
  24. SF Interviews 2.0 - Nominating #222

    6, Deh is a misspelling of 'The.' It's just a easy to remember phrase, pretty much. 7 & 8, No opinions. 9, Ideally I'd be that tactician guy in Blazing Blade---Fire Emblem people have pretty high mortality rates, so it's better not to be on the map at all. If I can't have that then I'd prefer near maxed out bases, hilariously overpowered growths, and only join the game when everyone except the last boss is dead, and I have enough stats to solo the boss with a toothpick. If my stats are based on me then I'd probably have awful bases across the board, low to average growths, but some kind of Paragon effect + mounted mobility. 10, *Shrug* 4, You actively manage when you can beat the market. This is easier when the market is going down in general (or if you're freakishly good with money). 5, I tend to pick either something like a S&P 500 fund or a general market index, beyond that I'm mostly looking for low management fees.
  25. SF Interviews 2.0 - Nominating #222

    1, Generally positive. 2, My dream job is a burger flipper at McDonalds. If I had gotten that job I'd have 100-300k in various investments right now. (My money management skills are pretty great.) It's not because I failed the interview or anything*, incidentally, I just had to attend College to put me 100k+ in the hole rather than ~100k in the black, after you factor in the fact that you can't work a minimum wage job when you're doing classes. *Is it even possible to fail to get a fast food job? 3, As long as they don't bother me, I'm fine with them---this is my opinion on almost everything. Currently not planning on having kids. 4, Generally speaking, I don't care about other people enough to care about their preferences. That said, if all you care about is games I like according to my steam profile I have ~1.6k hours on Dota and ~1.2k hours in EU4. 5, See 4. I'm also not the kind of person to play games\watch movies that I don't want to, so I wouldn't know about stuff I truly hate. 1, Nope---the daily grind takes too much effort. I don't mind the grind taking time---I enjoy Old School Runescape, which should give you an idea of my grind tolerance---but I'm playing mobile games to relax, not to actually put effort in. I'd much rather put effort in stuff like DotA if I was playing a high effort game---the skill ceiling is so high in that game that there are like 5 or 6 tiers of players above me, where being a tier above would mean you're almost guaranteed to win any game where it's 5 vs. 4 + you, and the other 9 players are in the tier below you. And I'm like top 98% or something. 2, I'd try to convert it into liquid currency and invest it in an index fund. (Normally I'd pick and choose my investments properly, but I don't have the time to do market research right now.) 3, I like the art. Off-topic: It'll also probably be a good idea to tag me in this thread when you ask me questions, since I won't be checking it.