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  1. Felt like playing Conquest again, so I swapped all my FEH time over to Conquest time. There's not much to talk about in the FEH sub-forum if I don't, you know, actually play the game, so I figured I'd get screenshots working on my 3DS (via Luma3DS, so nothing official), and post a fairly casual playthrough of the game over here. Since it's a fairly casual playthrough, my focus would be more on the planning phase of the game rather than the execution. That is, I'll talk a bit about why I pick certain units and my reasoning behind them rather than focusing on how I spent 50 turns plinking a bowman on a fort tile or whatever. Table of Contents: 1, Pre-run Planning + Some Prologue Chapters 2, Chapter 3: Master Tactician Edition 3, Chapter 4 4, Chapter 5 5, Chapter 6: Operation Hug-box 6, Intermission, Mission Statement, and Math 7, Chapter 7 8, Chapter 8: Enter, Odin Dark 9, Paralogue 1 10, Chapter 9 Pre-run Planning: Ah, character creation. If you don't spend 2 hours on this step, you're doing it wrong. Gender is obviously the first choice you make, and a very important one. Due to level and availability related reasons, Jakob and Felicia are more or less the two most broken units in Conquest. Camilla comes close, coming in at 10 levels ahead of everyone else and staying ahead forever due to a low internal level, but her marginally worse availability and slower skill access means that, while she might well be the stronger, better unit compared to Jakob and Felicia, she's less broken from a overall perspective. Being female means you get Jakob, who takes less to get going and ends up with a bit more bulk at the end. On the other hand, it also means that you can't pass Samurai to any females (Vantage and L&D in the same class tree is fair and balanced) . So no Vantage L&D Savage Blow Camilla or any such nonsense. Being male would've gotten Felicia, who needs to grind tomes to get her offenses going, but ends up a tad better than Jakob if you're min-maxing her. But you do have to min-max her, whereas Jakob is pretty good even if you left him more or less alone. You also don't get to pass on Samurai to any males, but Kaze and Odin both already have access to it, so males don't care nearly as much. Pity you can't do things like marry Odin to Nyx to give her Samurai. I picked female because black hair & white flower is optimal, obviously. Boons and Banes actually don't matter too much, because the Avatar starts with such nice growths already, having 45/30/45 Str/Mag/Spd and 35/25 Def/Res, so I went the lazy option of taking Unlucky because she has 25% luck growth even with a bane, and then taking Strong to counteract the minor penalty to her offensive stat. As a small note before starting the run, the run will be focused on testing whether or not Vantage L&D is as broken as I expect it to be, which means both testing it on Jakob (who gets the set with a 1-2 range weapon around chapter 10 if you rush straight for it), and also testing Kaze and Odin with the set, both of whom get it far later. Prologue Stuff: A very nice first level up, considering Corrin's job for the near future is going to be face-tanking everything for ages. (Lunatic is secretly extremely nice about level up screenshots, since even if I had to restart a chapter I don't have to take the level up screenshots again, since they'll be the same unless I class change.) Followed by a safe and secure end turn on a heal tile. Start of turn 2 spacing. Everyone moved as left as practical in order to try and make sure the AI doesn't end up in a vertical conga line that might delay things to the point where Kaze starts murdering my team. The Samurai has a throwing sword, so Jakob is spaced to handle it (he easily doubles the samurai's sad, -5 spd ass) and Corrin & Gunter rip apart the axe guy, getting her a nice offensive level. Double checking spacing before murdering Rinkah. If I remember correctly Gunther smacked her first, then Corrin moved to her left to finish her. Left Jakob for last because I wanted to use his turn to finish Rinkah if Corrin missed. But she didn't, so I healed Corrin instead. Screens like this (The 'Jagen' hitting an early game boss) should be pretty familar to anyone who plays Lunatic difficulties. It's simply not worth the effort to try and feed anyone else the combat exp (although obviously you take the last hit if possible) and risk the game over screen or losing a ton of healing items. Also note how completely reliable Gunter's survival was, even if Kaze somehow lived through the turn--Forceful Partner + Lance means that Corrin ORKOs the bottom samurai without any chance of a counter, and Jakob + Gunter has a 90%+ chance to explode the top samurai. The kid gloves are still on. Emphasis on 'if possible' about taking the last hit. A Gunter crit blew Kaze's face off. And clearing the stragglers gives Corrin another nice offensive level. Would like some more Def/Res, but she'll only be face tanking for a few more chapters, so it doesn't matter much.
  2. Chapter 9: Reset Count: 3 DS crashed twice on me while doing this chapter, both times near the end. (The 2nd time was technically after the end, since I took the Chapter end screenshot. And then it crashed.) I lost my prep-work screenshots because I was a dumbass, too, so I redid the my castle screenshots. Pre-map Planning: Honestly, if the game gave me a reason (other than saving some turns), to do the 'sneaky' route, I might actually do it. Like, I wouldn't mind missing an entire map's worth of exp (minus maybe a level or two from the things I absolutely had to kill), for something like an energy drop. Anyway, Chapter 9 is more or less the obligatory 'stealth' map that you get once in a while in FE, giving you a pair of options to skip past the mobs at the entrance by breaking the rocks either at the top or bottom of the map. Nyx is next to one of those breakable rocks, and she tells you about them, but there's another one on the opposite side of the map, giving the main 'cave' a total of three entrances. There's also a dragon vein that sets everyone in a pretty huge AoE to 1 hp, which is useful if your team doesn't quite have the damage to KO the reinforcements that pop up. But IRRC it hurts your team as well (so if you want to be in the middle of the map you need everyone paired up to be able to swap to the full hp back-line and continue fighting), which makes it more trouble than its worth since you're basically missing half your unit-turns if you do that---unless your team is so bad that they're 3RKOing people*, it's not really worth bothering with. You can do some fun stuff with Vantage Jakob (he's the only one who can practically get Vantage & a 1-2 range weapon at this point, unless you have a Levin Sword from battle points or something), but Vantage Jakob doesn't exactly need levels to carry you through the early game---he gets 10 damage from L&D and then another 5 from Swordfaire if you happen to use a sword---so there's no need to feed an entire map to him unless you want him to carry your ass right this second. *Pretty sure it's not actually possible for your team to be that bad, incidentally, considering people who aren't Mozu have actual bases. I tend to prefer to keep my entire team together if at all possible to minimize RNG screwage and to allow me to recover from mis-plays, so I'll just be going through the front door after grabbing Nyx. Azura only joins the map until it's almost done, since basically the entire map is between her and the team, but you do get to join up with her before the reinforcements come in. (You can also use the rescue staff in the chest to join up with her, but I horde rare staves like rescue for ages---so much so that I can probably sell them the moment I get them and not feel any real difference.) Since the team will be together for the whole map, there's really not much to say about the map (enemy levels are still fairly low, although they have some new tricks in random magical damage where you don't expect them). The healer has a enfeeble staff, which is a lot nicer on enemies than on you (since they don't pay an arm and leg to buy them from the shop), but we're still in the part of the game where you can just wait out staff charges by tapping end turn a few times, assuming you don't care too much about turn counts. Objectives: Azura not dying, Nyx, 3000g that a mook's carrying, Rescue Staff, and back fill some more exp for the 2nd stringers. The mook levels are now 7 and 8 rather than 6 all around, so even my A-team gets pretty decent exp, but Niles and Jakob don't really need anymore levels (Jakob's incredibly blessed, and Niles... doesn't change much for chapter 10 unless you stuff stupid amounts of exp into him), and Corrin's averages are good enough that she's fine already. Odin is already on Corrin level on everything except Str, so he's fine too. (But he's a tad behind in levels, even if he's caught up in stats, so I stuff him with a pair of levels anyway.) My Castle Stuff: Prep's a bit different because of this. Not much since she's not actually a combat unit, but it does give me like, an extra 5% chance not to have to instantly reset if I do something stupid with her. (Although I'd still get a moral reset.) Usually I don't screenshot stuff I pick up off the ground, but even 5 use staves are a nice chunk of change. I give it to Elise immediately. Lottery was about the same as the 'erased' run. (I think I got a sapphire that time.) But kitchen is only a 'good' roll rather than the outrageous high-roll of Odin's cooking. Pretty good targets, but then, it's hard to have bad targets for Def and Spd, even if the Spd is males only. We don't have enough deployment slots for everyone, so Mozu's benched. (She turns into a Niles with better accuracy, 5 or so less speed, and way worse bulk if you cram like 8 levels into her*, but that's like 4 levels you could've given someone else who has actual bases. And that's only in the 'average' case. If she low-rolls then you're going to be feeling pretty bad.) *Assuming you class change her into Archer rather than trying to make a unit that's OHKOd half the time front-line. We already have Elise and Nyx if we wanted squishy ass damage dealers, anyway. I have a habit of forgetting about Azura and getting her ass KOd by the samurai, so I make sure to move her first everyone turn until she opens the chest for her Naginata and kills the Samurai. (I think you can save the chest key for later chapters if you don't use it here, but don't quote me on that. And I'm too lazy to bother even if that works, anyway.) Getting some freebie Archer KOs while I go grab Nyx. You don't need to do this---10 units is enough to KO everyone in the front entrance after you bait them forward with someone sturdy, but I'm taking it slow anyway so why not. *Solid Snake Noises* Got Nyx, who comes with a bronze tome and a steel tome. (Not a fan of steel tomes, Odin's pretty much the only one with respectable accuracy with them this early, unless you decide to be silly and walk Nyx into melee range for Heartseeker.) She has 1 base defense outside her class bases, in case you're actually thinking of doing that. Without Odin to spot for him Niles' accuracy is pretty dodgy hence why this guy is still alive right now, but if you cared enough you can forge a Bronze Bow for +10 hit. (If you're forging Bronzes past +2 you're not forging them for E-rank hell anymore, they're just more accurate Irons that can't crit or trigger offensive skills and happen to give you 20 Luck*---and a lot of units don't really need offensive skills to murder people.) *+4 is the soft-cap, though. +5 and above only give 1 MT a level, and the exponential price increases are smacking you pretty hard at that point anyway. I've also been undervaluing them a bit since apparently one Luck only gives half a dodge. Which also means Sorcerers have an invisible 10 Luck since they get +5 dodge as a class passive---the Dark Mage line is pretty sweet as long as you ignore the Dark Mage part of it like Leo does. This tile is why you can bait archers like this, incidentally. It's waste rather than regular plains or whatever, meaning land units have a hell of a time trying to cross it. *More Solid Snake Noises* There's nothing like stale bread to get you through the day. (Jakob being in a 2nd tier class means that he actually has a good hp pool for the 20% heal weapons you can randomly pick off the ground or get via battle/visitor points.) This is half a vulnerary right here, and doesn't even cost a turn. The Spear Fighters don't like to aggro unless two of them can hit you at once, so here's me being in range of exactly two of them. This chest is the worst, incidentally. Azura doesn't auto-equip the Naginata even though she has no weapons. At least the map is polite enough to not force you to stand above the chest in order to be out of the patrolling Samurai's range. Bread for the bread god. Getting Nyx some exp so I can get her to level 10. Fishing for extra exp again by using an inaccurate bow. And I put my free 5 use staff to use immediately. Which gets Elise a level. She's not really lying. But she's also not telling you about the part that it's pretty likely for you to see like 15 of these Elise levels in one playthrough. (Not that you should mind, Luck gives accuracy, and her high Spd and Mag means that you can get away with forged bronze tomes pretty easily to fix her low skill.) Hate that chest, so much. Pretty sure Azura's 2HKOd if she's level 1 (or had bad level ups), so if she is you should probably just spam end turn and use a Vulnerary whenever she's hurt to kill this guy safely. Very Azura level, everything except the two most important stats for a unit you don't want to randomly explode. (Hp and Def.) She actually has pretty amazing growths in everything except the two stats that matter. Her personal growths are: 25/15 for Hp and Def, and Songstress adds exactly 0 to both. Yeah... It's so nice when Odin's the one baiting things. Even Niles has actual hit rates. (Although I should mention that part of this is the free +10% hit you get from standing next to people.) Should subtract 3 damage, incidentally. Effie's Prf skill is on right now, but her Str isn't really high enough yet for it to be consistent on anyone other than Samurai. Speed please. Effie rarely turns out badly no matter which way her growths go, but I tend to drop her eventually unless she high-rolls speed growths. Here's me chugging a vulnerary rather than going for the 94% hit odds to finish the Samurai. I'm in no rush, so I just sit here to bait out Enfeeble uses. That said, the enemy stats aren't really high enough for me to worry that much, so I start working on the 3 archers while I wait. It also confirms that healer prefer to debuff people in combat range, since Jakob has pretty high Luck and Res right now and Silas and Effie don't. Azura finished the Samurai on EP, so I start walking her down again. The enfeeble meant Jakob couldn't ORKO, but Niles can---even if he misses, he can tank two rounds of combat on enemy phase since his Shield Gauge would be full, meaning he's safe as long as I heal him. He didn't miss. Free Vulneraries are so nice. And here's where Azura will sit until the team gets close enough to join her. Also note how everyone's going through the bottom. It's just so much more relaxing to clear the middle of the map then grab the Rescue staff, since that way I don't have to deal with separating my team into halves or walking all the way around. Staff uses are gone at this point, and all but the last archer. Who is a Shining Bow asshole, incidentally. With actual Mag too. Next to him is a normal mook archer on the map. Ignore the extra 4 def, though, that's from the boss's Rally. Murdered him with fire on my turn, before getting a free tap in with Jakob for exp & Stale Bread healing---even if it's only 1 hp. I then use Elise to trade swap his weapon so he isn't fighting with bread. Both the stairs and the spot where Jakob is standing can only be attacked by one melee + the archer, whereas the other open spot next to Elise can be hit by 2 melee + the archer. This was Jakob crit-killing half of a lancer pair-up. Using the steel tome for the 6% chance of bonus Odin exp, lul. Attacking with bread gives Jakob his hp back, and B rank daggers. Daggers and Swords get +1 damage per weapon rank, so this is basically another point of Str. (So if your unit is Tier 2 and you have an arms scroll, feel free to just use them rather than selling. It's about half a energy drop anyway.) I actually mess up here, note how Nyx is in the 'hit by two people spot' rather than Odin. I forgot I wanted him more forward if I was going to do this. Fortunately I had enough turns left to fix things, making Arthur get Effie out of the Odin pair-up and then swapping her to the front, and also giving Nyx Silas to stop Attack Stance. And Nyx gets this level which is basically irrelevant for Chapter 10, I believe---aside from the access to promotion. Hp and Def are the main stats for that chapter, unless you get such outrageous amounts of Atk or Spd that you either OHKO ninjas or manage to double them despite the +2 speed from Shuriken. That's probably why a lot of people like Capturing the boss of this chapter for his Rally Def. (Personally I'm too lazy to use rallies.) WTA is pretty nice for people with shaky hit. Speaking of getting Def for chapter 10. (It's pretty damn lucky that Niles got 2 Def at this point.) On the other hand, weapon triangle disadvantage means pretty much jack all if you have high skill, high luck, and a Bronze Sword. But note how Odin's damage would've been a piddly 5 if he didn't have 2 forges on that sword. (If he low-rolls his Atk growths, don't meme with a Bronze. We don't have +4 forges available yet, so just forge him a +2 Iron.) Just like 6 stats is only slightly above average for Odin, this is also only slightly below average. (It's actually quite a bit more likely than 6 stat level ups.) It's a bit troublesome to use Odin if he low-rolls his first few levels---his growths will fix him eventually, but he won't be quite as reliable in Chapter 10. This is even more of an issue in Dark Mage where he doesn't have good bases to fall back on. Forging Nosferatu is also expensive as hell, if you were planning to use that but he low-rolled Mag. Doop. Jakob gets a lot more use of this early on than Odin, since he can be Master of Arms for hand axe or javelin, and if you fuck up using this Odin might just explode. (Like, say, if you left an enemy in OHKO range, Odin below half, but the enemy is pair'd-up meaning they just swap to the healthy side and smack Odin for possibly lethal.) Do not get used to this picture. Jakob's not supposed to be nearly this fast, ordinarily. And we kill the money pinata here. (I think this guy having 3k gold is to make sure the player definitely has some money to spend on things like tonics or whatnot for chapter 10, in case they didn't get a lot of money in Chapter 8 or they used it all already.) And here's the last use of the free staff I found. Didn't mean to put Arthur there---I did a lazy swap separate chain that ended up with him over there---so I walked Odin next to him to trade swap his weapon into bronze and pair'd Odin up. And he gets this pretty nice level. A point of Def would be nice, though. That said, 9 or 10 Def is pretty much already good enough* for Chapter 10, and Arthur has 9 Def at base. *You just have to chug Vulneraries like crazy, IRRC. Using Setsuna's to fish for extra exp again. All the mooks in the middle are dead, so I have my team like this to spawn the reinforcements. Which are, as you can see, 2 Samurai bottom left, 4 Spear Fighters top, and 3 archers right. It's a bad day to be on the axe side of the triangle when Odin's around. I move Jakob now so that he's not body-blocking the aggro range and making me mess up my positioning. I wouldn't have seen that Odin was in danger range unless I actually counted this squares, but moving Jakob makes it obvious. So I dance Odin and have him pick up another kill. Incidentally? Bolt Naginata asshat. I like how enemy units randomly have Mag when they need them. All the melee are high-lighted, so Niles is safe from them, and I double checked the Bolt Naginata range, so Effies safe from him. I did miscalculate Niles' Res, though---between all the random -damage buffs on him he was taking 0 damage, meaning the Naginata guy didn't get counter-killed like i planned. I hope Spd and Def being mutually exclusive isn't a law or anything, because I'd like a lot of both. (15 Def is more than enough for right now, though, even if her 7 speed means that using a Javelin would mean everyone doubles her.) She got this level from OHKOing the two samurai (thanks to Puissance) and fighting the Dual Naginata. (Yeah, there's a Dual Naginata in there, too, but Weapon Triangle Advantage damage/hit rate modifiers are based on weapon ranks and nobody has that much right now.) Since this guy wasn't counter-killed positioning is a bit annoying. I lead with Jakob to soften him up before Arthur kills him. (Forgot to screenshot that bit.) +5 Speed Katana (you won't have this unless you have battle/visitor point rewards) to make up for the fact that while Corrin has 16 or so Str already, she doesn't have a lot of speed. I suppose it comes from the Str asset that she really only wants to hit things. Puissance is barely on right now, hence 3 extra damage. And that's all the reinforcements cleaned up. Azura also did a dance of exp on Corrin, getting another very Azura level. (She's basically Elise in that she'll never have enough levels to not get OHKOd unless you give her stat boosters, although you do want her out of double range, at least.) Having Niles deal with the only 2 mooks left up top while Azura stabs a defenseless priestess for exp. C Rank bows is +1 Atk, although B rank is +5 hit instead. Silas gets the level from Attack Stancing Azura. Doop. The archer killed himself on Niles so Nyx breaks the rock and Niles picks up the Rescue. (Which will go on Elise just in case I do a fuck-up this can fix.) Using Jakob to debuff the boss before Odin goes to town. Honestly, I'd complain, but... WHY DO YOU HAVE 18 SPEED, JAKOB. I'm pretty sure he can double the paired up Ninjas on Chapter 10 with this much speed. Odin doesn't have 100% hit odds if he's alone, by the way (it's 97% instead or something). Also pictured, him being a giant baby about a 100% won fight. Odin's also crazy blessed, incidentally. 15.3 is his average speed at 11, not to mention his other stuff. Aside from Hp and Str he's basically level 15 right now. And I danced him to clear the map. You should really add 15 to the turn-count since this is my 3rd time through. Epilogue: C ranks with Azura and Arthur for Corrin, as well as an S rank with Jakob. And Jakob also gets a Silas C rank. C rank between Niles and Effie. Since we have children maps unlocked at this point I'll say a little about them, namely, the fact that I won't be doing them for quite a while, if at all. I can do them right now, I have done children maps before Chapter 10 before---which gets Jakob to something stupid like level 18 or even 20ish, meaning he obliterates Chapter 10---but I'm just not going to bother. If I do end up doing then it'll probably be after all 1st gen units join, and I'd alternate between a Chapter map and a Child map, but as is I don't really need the resources in from those maps. (Since I have a huge stash from Battle/Visit points + path rewards.) Also, might be a while before Chapter 10. Busy.
  3. Yeah I didn't actually know where to put this, since I didn't see a let's play sub-sub-forum when I went to the Conquest sub-forum. (Although I did find the let's play forum in general, later, lul.) Thanks. In other news, Reset Count: 3. Crashed twice doing this chapter, the 2nd time was especially aggravating since it literally crashed right after I took the chapter complete screen. (I'm not sure what I did to cause the crash this time, although both times happened while my DS was plugged in and charging, and the first time was while I was messing with the charging cord.) I'll just redo it later, though, but might be a while since there's a decent chance I'll be pretty busy this week. (The lead in was high-rolled like hell since Odin managed to cook bread that was +1 Spd, +1 Def for females---stacking with the +1 def bread normally gives---and he hit all 3 relevant females + Mozu.) But I'll re-do that part as well, since me being an idiot meant, after I crashed the first time, I deleted all the images I saved up and forgot the fact that I saved after I did all my prep work, meaning I lost those screens. Edit: All of my hate. All of it. (And you should add like 10 turns to this for fairness, since me playing it through twice meant the second time was a lot more aggressive thanks to me knowing exactly what reinforcements were coming and their placements---I remembered there were reinforcements going in, just not how much resources I needed to spend to deal with them.) Slow as molasses gaming, lul.
  4. Huh, weird. Also that means the 5 dodge from pair-up isn't reduced from being next to people, which is also odd.
  5. His Prf is pretty straightforward, -5 dodge. You just can't go into the negatives, is all. (That is, having negative dodge doesn't give the enemy extra crit chance, or else his -15 2 range dodge would be ridiculous.) Arthur with a tonic, 5 luck exactly. (He has 0 dodge right now.) 0 dodge vs. 4% crit. So 4% odds to get crit. Silas pair-up. 2 dodge from 5/2.5 dodge. (No idea why it works like this, it's not supposed to according to this page. It should be 0% chance to get crit right now.) Corrin Pair-up gives 2 luck. This is the bit that's weird. 12 skill should've been 4% crit exactly. (12 - 4)/2 = 4%. Jakob gives 3 luck, so you see the crit chance drop another 1% like expected. The main issue is that Corrin's 2 luck didn't give 2 less chance to get crit, and it doesn't look like a rounding thing either, since the spear guy had exactly 12 skill, rather than, say, 13, which would've given him 4.25% and accounted for the extra 1% before we get Arthur enough to have negative chance to get crit.
  6. I actually tested this because I was curious. I gave my Arthur a luck tonic (which puts him to 5 luck, or 0 dodge after his personal), and then gave him a Silas pair up. Went to hit someone both next to allies and not next to allies, both targets having 4% crit chance. He had a 2% chance to be crit whether he was next to allies other than his pair up or not. (It should've been 0% alone and 2% next to allies, at least according to, uh, Serenes Forest's page on Supports, but *shrug.*) It's a lot easier to get ~10 dodge than to go from being 2HKOd to being 3HKOd, is the thing, and Arthur has 5 hp as a level 1 skill. 10 dodge is about the difference between Arthur and a more 'normally' low Luck unit like Kaze, who has 4 base luck and 20% growths after class growths. (Arthur only has 10% in Fighter, but if you cared that much Cavalier gives him 20%.) Axes happen to be a lot better than other weapons at going up in quality, but that's for Iron to Steel and Steel to Silver, not Bronze to Iron. If you allow forges a forged Bronze Axe costs exactly the same as an equal damage Iron Axe, and is more accurate besides. (At the cost of not being able to trigger offensive specials or crit. Which are useful, don't get me wrong, but I'm meming Odin with a Bronze Sword because you don't always need them.) It's a lot easier to feed Arthur exp than other people exp, because he's 3HKOd rather than 2HKOd on enemy phase. Even if we limit him to 100% to get crit you can still play him like Elise with his hand axe. (That is, someone who really wants to be close to the front lines (to Lily's Poise for her, to hand axe for him) while being OHKOd all the time.) This asshat, this generic asshat is in chapter 8, right after Chapter 7, when Elise joins. He OHKOs Elise until she's level 16 or so. Practically speaking it's a lot better than that, of course, thanks to all the -damage skills you can stack, but it's faster to go from 3HKOd to 4HKOd than 2HKOd to 3HKOd, so the more -damage you stack the easier it is to give Arthur combat exp.
  7. Arthur has some of the best bulk in the early game. This is Lunatic, where being 2HKOd means you have good bulk, and Arthur has the very rare virtue of being 3HKOd. Like, it's nice to say that everyone else doesn't have to worry about getting crit, but they replace that with having to worry about getting hit, which is a far bigger concern. He also has 50/45 Hp/Def growths personally, and 20/5 Hp/Def from fighter class, so he'll keep that bulk lead more or less forever. Giving Arthur Goddess Icons (or using a Bronze Axe) is like giving an ordinary unit Dracoshields. Compare him with Silas, for example: Silas, coming in at level 6, has: 22 Hp/11 Str/9 Skl/8 Spd/7 Lck/10 Def/5 Res And another 3 Str when he's not standing in forests for more bulk. Arthur, coming in at level 7, has: 24 hp/12 Str/9 Skl/8 Spd/1 Lck/9 Def/4 Res And 5 hp from his fighter skill. Silas has 50% Hp growths and 50% Def growths after Cavalier class growths. Arthur has 70% Hp growths and 50% Def growths after fighter. Since Arthur's one level higher let's give Silas a perfect bulk level with both Hp and Def, giving him 23 hp/11 Def. On Lunatic, where we're worried about 2HKOs, 2 hp is more or less 1 def, and Arthur has a gigantic 29 - 23 = 6 hp lead, which means that he's more or less 1 def ahead, and gains another .1 def every level. (From the 20% extra hp growth.) If you're worried about non-cavalry growths and bases skewing the values, Arthur Heart Seals into Cavalier for: 22 hp/11 Str/8 Skl/7 Spd/2 Lck/10 Def/6 Res. Which turns into 27 hp after his fighter skill. (+5 hp is ridiculous on harder difficulties where getting 2HKOd is a threat even on relatively bulky units.) His base bulk lead stays the same because he traded 2 hp for 1 Def. His growths also turn into 60% hp and 55% def. Which is still .1 def gain per level, until you stop being 2HKOd. That said, Arthur has 5% less Speed growth than Silas in Cavalier, and starts a whole point (more like 1.5 after the level difference) lower. He's also a point (more like 1.6 after level difference) less skilled, although he has a 5% growth lead in that department. After all of that, though, just straight up selling Goddess Icons is still one of the better uses for them. I do like Arthur as a unit, but his join time is crammed with good units, he just happens to have the best or second best early game out of everyone around his join time. Edit: That said, not being 2HKOd matters a lot less on lower difficulties, so he's definitely less valuable on Normal or Hard. Double Edit: Very minor note: When you're paired up with someone you get 2 dodge, so all pair-ups have an invisible 2 Luck. (You're supposed to get 5 dodge, but for some reason you divide that by 2.5 as if you were standing next to multiple people supporting you even if you and the unit you're paired with are only adjacent to empty squares or enemies.)
  8. Paralogue 1: Pre-map Planning: Not much to say about this map, other than the fact that you do kind of need to get to Mozu (the little green dot) before she gets her ass OHKOd. If you're trying to speed things up as much as possible then you'd most likely want 3 groups, one rushing left, one rushing left and down, and one rushing down, covering as much map as possible and killing everything ASAP. Breaking your team into 3 groups is kind of annoying, however, considering that you usually only have 2 healers at this point, Elise + either Jakob or Felicia. That said, the group that goes down can easily swing left (and then up), so breaking into 2 groups is only marginally slower. I'll be moving everyone down as a single clump to start before splitting the team up. The smaller team would go up then left, and the bigger team would go left then up. (The left and up team will be bigger to deal with all the mooks that home in on Mozu.) I actually considered doing this after Chapter 9, to get Azura some weapon exp, but decided against it since it'll kind of ruin the pacing if I go do random crap after Chapter 9 rather than Chapter 10, which I assume a lot of you are looking forward to. Azura doesn't really need levels for that map anyway, between the ability to dance abuse* for exp and HP tonics. *I'll be leaving the Invasion alone, in part to have a way to dance abuse if I think I want her leveled for Chapter 10, and in part because I don't really need the extra exp + Goddess Icon right now. The fact that you get 2 Goddess Icons by this point means that if you actually cared about Arthur his Luck is fixed now, incidentally. Just give him a Luck Tonic if you're still worried, for a total of +12 Luck. While we're on the topic of Mozu: I kind of lied when I said re-classing from Dark Mage into another tier 1 class is a basically a promotion---if you re-class into villager then ho boy. There are bad bases and then there are villager bases. The biggest problem with Mozu isn't really her villager bases, though, and not even the fact she starts level 1, it's the fact that even after you get her out of villager her bases are still kind of god awful, and the one stat she critically needs, HP, is the one stat where she has only 30% growth in (40% after aptitude, and 50% after most tier 1 class growth rates---Fighter and Knight has the most at 20%, most melee classes have 10%, and most ranged classes have 0%). A level 5 Mozu who had classed changed into Samurai at level 1 (somehow), would have 18 HP/7.4 Str/0.6 Mag/9 Skill/13.4 Speed/5.8 Luck/4.8 Def/and 6 Res. Level 5 Samurai Odin has 22 HP/9 Str/2 Mag/12 Skill/ 12 Spd/ 11 Luck/ 6 Def/5 Res. In other words, she has -4 hp, - 1.6 Str, -3 Skill, -5.2 Luck, -1.2 Def in exchange for 1.4 Spd and 1 Res. Now, Res is a very good stat, later in the game, but A: early game isn't 'later in the game' and B: God damn that's a lot of shit you gave up for that point of Res. (Odin was doubling people at level 5 on his joining map---Spd still sort of matters, but he already has overkill Speed as a Samurai.) And, if you decide to tough it out and stick with Mozu all the way to level cap (20/20) without wanting to kill yourself, you'd get, assuming you promote into Swordmaster: 36 hp/29.8 Str/8.65 Mag/33 Skill/36 Speed/30.6 Luck/22.1 Def/25 Res. Odin has: 45.1 Hp/26.3 Str/15.15 Mag/33 Skill/33.7 Speed/34 Luck/21.6 Def/17.2 Res. In other words, you pay 9.1 Hp and 3.4 Luck in exchange for 3.5 Str, 2.3 Speed, .5 Def*, and 7.8 Res. *Not five Def. Half a Def. I hope you really like Res as a stat, is what I'm saying, because she didn't even get enough of it to have more Magical bulk than Odin. His huge HP pool means that he's better at taking single hits on both sides, still, and taking 2 hits without dying is kind of a pipe dream when you're made of toilet paper. The extra 3.5 Str is nice, though, if we ignore the fact that she'll never be able to run Life and Death* without exploding to everything on the map. *She does have Master of Arms access if you're feeling suicidal, but note that she can't get Vantage since she gets Master of Arms from Villager rather than Samurai. That said, she is the only source of Merchant other than, ahem, Midori if you wanted to farm Gold Bars with Profiteer. Note that Midori has basically +20 Luck as a personal, and Profiteer runs off Luck. (You know, the stat Mozu's losing to Odin in, even at level cap.) Someone really hated the idea of Trainee units when they gave Mozu her numbers. Objectives: Vulnerary, Brass Naginata, back fill some exp for units that might be useful for Chapter 10. Exp being the way it is in Lunatic, you can't really keep your 'main team' that far ahead, meaning it's fine to give the B-stringers some exp every once in a while. Jakob and Corrin are already level 11, meaning we're hitting the point of very heavy diminishing returns when it comes to combat exp, so they'll be sitting back and watching the B-stringers do things. (Except for the boss Faceless, who's level 10 in an ocean of identical Level 6 mooks.) My Castle Stuff: Pretty low-rolls this time around, although I should note that the Chosen Loaf is better than it looks. Pretty nice roll all things considered, since Elise & Corrin are our only two magic users at the moment, and she's always thankful for Def. (Technically Jakob has a 19 use staff. Spoilers: he didn't use a single charge.) Also note by 'all units' it means all units who ate the food, not everyone in your army. Resource Distribution: Gave Corrin the +3 def sword back now that she has more inventory space again, and gave Arthur the Bronze Axe I won from the lottery before Chapter 8. (I would've brought it to chapter 8, but I didn't remember the bronze +10 dodge bonus until I was trolling Odin.) Edit: Arthur got a surge of Str and Mag, I believe, hence his sky high Str and actually extant Mag. Gave Jakob some bread I found on the ground just in case I, A: Didn't feel like making him magic up some fruit, and B: Actually wanted him to hit random mooks. The Map: Honestly Odin could do with a few more points of hp, he'd be 2HKOd if it wasn't for Silas' +2 Def. Anyway, my turn one was pretty simple, pre-deploy my high move guys (Jakob, who has +1 move from promotion, and my two horses) as forward as possible, and pair people up with them to move down a bit quicker. Odin.jpg End of Turn 1. (Note: My turn numbers can be off sometimes, since I'm writing these up from memory as I look at screenshots, so don't fret if things look a bit odd.) I looked at this and went 'oh shit, Odin is 2HKOd despite Silas,' forgetting that he'd gained 1 hp from promotion. So I paired him with Arthur instead and had Elise heal him to full. Odin's in range of 2 Faceless, I believe, but Lily's Poise meant that he'd survive even if he low-rolled his dodges. This 100% hit chance is from Heartseeker, by the way. (God damn that skill is low key amazing.) A doop, and a doop. Turn 3 or something. Vulnerary and Brass Naginata, acquired. You can probably tell how I'm going to split the team now. Jakob + Effie goes up, everyone else goes left. Effie's Spd growth is actually pretty great despite the fact the Knight class only gives 5% speed. (She has 50% naturally, meaning she's more likely to get speed than not.) Main issue is her low bases, so it takes some high-rolls to get to the point where you notice she's actually pretty damn fast. She makes a pretty decent combat Maid once you promote her (she has Troubadour as her Heart Seal option), giving her access to Shuriken for 1-2 range counters. Conquest is kind of filled with Maids already, though. It's hard to see, but that's Silas paired with Mozu baiting that single Faceless. Also note Jakob going top now. (He's in range for Effie to join him.) This is why you bait with Odin. D: (+20% Hit is so nice.) He does land both shots, though. Corrin goes here so that nobody else gets double teamed, which would be lethal for everyone except Arthur. Then Odin picks up the kill. (He's being a big baby in the screenshot because he doesn't see his soon to be full Shield Gauge.) He's still going to use that Bronze Sword I forged for him, though. (At least until Jakob and Kaze starts going through E rank hell.) End of Turn 6, as the screenshot so helpfully tells us. About half the map is done by this point, but the boss tends to take a while to chip down even if you aren't abusing him for exp. We need to down two of these guys so that we don't lose anyone, but fortunately Odin has 100% hit odds and Corrin's pretty accurate as well, so this can only go south if stupid happens. Okay I'll admit he's actually kind of crazy at this point. Just because he gets 4.1 stats a level doesn't mean he's only supposed to get 5 and 6 stat levels. If your name isn't Karel*, I'm not willing to go through this shit for you. This is after a +2 Str, +2 Def pair-up from Silas. Edit: Derp, that's not Silas, that's Elise. She'll probably survive & actually do damage if it's Silas. *Presumably in a reverse recruitment run or something. Weirdly enough, the faceless goes for Silas rather than Niles. (Note how everyone except Niles is paired up, so that I don't eat an Attack Stance, and Niles is too far away for the highlighted Faceless to provide Attack Stance Support.) Gotta love armored unit base stats. (And Gentilhomme being such a great skill.) Odin stayed with Elise since they had a full Shield Guage, so I did this to save a staff use. (+ Elise gets combat exp like this anyway, so she isn't missing out on exp either.) Note the 0% chance to get exploded. Arthur's sky high bulk means that losing a bit of MT from using bronze rather than iron doesn't really matter, he's still really good at front-lining. A bronze +1 and an iron have the same MT and cost exactly the same, ignoring crystals, so if you're willing to visit castles and aren't using steel you don't really lose anything except the chance to randomly crit people. Plus you're a bit more accurate. It does mean you don't get to use his hand-axe unless you can weapon swap with a trade, though, but honestly you should be trying to swap out of the -5 speed on EP even if it wasn't Arthur. Only two mooks left before the boss, and I separate them like this. (If Effie was one more square forward I think they'd pair up for Attack Stance, ignoring the fact that Effie is a brick wall.) Pictured, 17 defense of sadness. (And 12 Res, lul.) Now this is a typical Niles level. Including the fact that you get neither luck nor skill, meaning his hit-rates have a tendency to stay sketchy. This shit should be a level 5 or level 15 skill, to be honest. Instead we get... Armored Blow, which would be pretty safe even if it was a level 1 or level 10 skill. Like, you know, Duelist's Blow. (The Samurai class so weirdly overpowered in terms of skill access.) 17 def of saaaaaaaaaaaaadness. I wait a turn for Corrin to join him, giving him Supportive. Odin is a pretty big baby considering how he works as a unit. His shield guage charges at mach speed since he doubles all the time from the combination of high speed + mediocre attack. Also, why does this guy have 13 speed on top of everything else. If it wasn't for the fact that Odin's so great this wouldn't be a 100%. (Heartseeker is a level 1 skill for some reason.) Pretty slow despite how straight-forward the map is. (Wait till we get to actually complicated maps, remember I managed to take 26 turns in a prologue map, haha.) Epilogue: Jakob gets a C with Effie, from leeching like 20% of a level from all the Attack Stance hits, and Elise gets supports with Odin and Niles. I like how Odin's the one on duty when I went to buy swords to keep trolling him. Nice that we got a small discount, but it's basically meaningless. (Just sell a Goddess Icon or something if you're that strapped for cash.) Ignore the fact that my pointer's on sell, it's because of my hotkey combo to take screenshots. The power groooooooows. (I did a castle visit for some more crystals, in case you were wondering.) Edit: A minor note on forging E-ranks. It's pretty worth it to forge to +1, since you're basically paying 500 for +2 Str (assuming you sell the sword later), which is the about the price of 3 uses of Str tonics, and it's probably worth it to forge to +2 if you plan to have multiple people going through the same weapon type. That said, the raider stuff give you +3 speed, so even after some forges they're still comparable. And all this is assuming you get all the minerals you need from castle visits.
  9. Chapter 8: Pre-map Planning: Like the map so helpfully informs us, we need to visit 3 villages for max gold rewards. (10k gold). Visiting two will get you 5k, and visiting less than that will get you jack all. Since we get 1 village visit as a freebie, that pretty much means we just need to secure 2 village visits. I'll be perfectly honest, getting 10k for visiting 3 felt really odd the first time I played Conquest considering it said it was the poor as shit route. Anyway, there's pretty much 3 ways to visit 3 villages, assuming we visit the 'freebie' village right next to our starting location. We can either visit 2 villages top, 2 villages left, or 1 village top and 1 village left. Doing 2 villages on one side has the advantage of keeping your team together, meaning there's very low risk of getting RNG screwed---other people can pick up the slack---on the other hand, you pretty much have to use freeze staff + somehow get sky high mobility to reach the top 2 villages in time. The left side villages are easier, and you can visit both pretty consistently, but it can occasionally cost you some freeze staff uses. The last option, visiting 1 on each side, gives you the most time to do your stuff in exchange for the most complication in terms of positioning. This means you're more likely to be RNG screwed*, but, on the other hand, you'll pretty much never use a freeze staff when you do this. I'll be doing this since staves are the one resource I hoard like a crazy person, and I already did the 2 on one side thing plenty of times in my older playthroughs. *I was actually RNG blessed, this run was worth 1 or 2 moral resets. (More on this later.) Aside from the villages there's pretty much only 1 other notable thing about the map, which is Flora spamming Freeze staff uses at you while you're walking to the left side villages. (She seems to prioritize people in range of being attacked, so it should be pretty simple to prevent your village runner from being frozen if you really cared.) My Castle Stuff: Got some nice high-rolls on our random stuff for this chapter, a free bronze axe and +1 Spd\Skill to our two most important units. (If you aren't doing castle visits or whatever you won't have enough dragon vein points to get stuff like the lottery and kitchen this early---particularly since you might want to save DV points for the blacksmith and jail.) Resource Distribution: Note: If you're fine with using raider weapons (from visit/battle points), there's pretty much never a need to buy bronze weapons ever. I'm doing this for, ahem, reasons. The heart seal is for Odin to class change into Samurai, and the bronze sword is to troll his ass. I put them on Corrin because obviously you waste her inventory slots like this even though everyone next to her can just Convoy. (Seriously, though, the Convoy is so god damn convenient.) Jakob also has a sword just in case Odin somehow learned swords without using a Heart Seal. (I was just being stupid.) The map: Pretty typical turn one, except maybe for the part where my village person is going to pair up with the slowest person on the team, meaning he'll be behind for a while. As you can see, Jakob flat out doesn't give a shit about any mages on this map. I spaced him like this so that he's outside the highlighted unit's range*, but in retrospect I should've moved him up 1 more, assuming that was possible, so that he counter-kills the other mage on EP. *An axe-guy who aggros the whole group from the house, I believe. Niles has some pretty sketchy ORKOs on the left side mages. 78%^2 is something like a 60% ORKO, but I get really lucky here and he ORKOs both this mage and another one that attacks him on EP---you don't really need the ORKOs, though. You need to pair him with Odin (or someone really far left), for him to be able to reach this mage turn 2, incidentally. Now I un-freeze the lake, partly because I thought being in the mage's range (the one next to the highlighted axe) was enough to aggro the group---it's not---and partly because the way Niles is positioned means that the mages can only attack him where he can counter them. Only 1 attacks him, though, the other one does 0 damage thanks to Lily's Poise, so they just stand there. And here's why I positioned Elise like that, rather than trying for some mage ORKOs on EP. End of turn 3. I was still thinking the highlighted mage was enough to aggro the whole group, so I positioned Jakob over here, rather than the square above which he could've reached. This was also the turn I found out that Flora prefers to freeze people in range of attacks. (Elise still has 2 turns to get away, so it didn't really matter, but it was nice to know.) And doop, 3 Villages in 4 turns or so. Jakob could get hit by two axes this turn, which would kill him if they both land, but his Shield Guage is full & nobody else can reach him. To be honest, I should've basically won at this point, since it's trivial to just back off and keep backing off to control combats at this point, but careless play still meant I got a pair of moral resets later. Behold the power of ODIN DARK. His first combat, and his last time using a tome for quite a while. We also finished the pair of axes that started the map above flora at this point. And Elise picks up this very Elise level for her very first level. I tend to try to conserve heal staffs if possible, since Elise doesn't really need levels to do her job, not even after promotion---her offensive growths are so stupidly high, and her hp and def so stupidly low, that levels don't really do anything for her. She'll be ORKOing everything pretty much no matter what, and either OHKOd or 2HKOd by everything (except mages) no matter what. Odin also embraces his destiny, picking up a grand total of FOURTEEN stat points in exchange for eight. Dark Mage bases are so garbage that changing out of them to a different Tier 1 Class is basically a promotion. Enemy stats are so stupid. (23 + 4 when attacking vs. 13). Of course, me being the dumbass that I am, didn't bother checking Corrin's Res (she has 4 after Yato, and technically she's ahead in Res at this point) before I placed her in range of both of these people. She survived with one hit point. All I needed to do was move Elise next to her and it'd be so much more comfortable, but I didn't bother. Moral Reset Count: 2 Things are getting pretty chill at this point, so here's a nice zoomed out screen to show everything. Everyone still on the map isn't aggro'd, so the map is pretty much won at this point unless I do something stupid. You know, like what I'm doing right here. (Not only was Corrin taking a ton of damage, we'll also be trying to fight mooks next to Flora rather than, say, not next to Flora.) Odin's offenses are pretty sweet, though. The risky part of run---aside from the whole stupid setup that led to this situation in the first place. Not only would Flora hit a melee who killed the axe, there were other units that could move up attack too. If Niles failed the ORKO I'd have to hope the axe guy attacks first and goes for Niles, who'll have his Shield Gauge filled after this combat, rather than double teaming Odin with the mage. Let's count this as half a moral reset. Moral Reset Count: 2.5 Elise had to move in to heal Odin or the axe guy could kill him, which meant Arthur had to move in since Elise is OHKOd by the axe. So I dropped Jakob with his weapon unequipped in range of the axe, forgetting that Niles had less Def + a 2 range weapon. (Didn't want Arthur to get hit because of the whole 3% to explode into tiny pieces thing.) But yeah, AI doesn't consider Shield Guages, so what happened was that the axe tried to smack Niles for 0 damage, letting me chip with Jakob before finishing with Odin. Behold, Odin Dark. (This is only slightly above average for him, by the way. His growths are bonkers. He has 4.1 average stat growth per level when he's in the Samurai Class, compared to the 3.85 in Dark Mage. Dark Mage is so fucking garbage.*) *The promoted forms are fine, though. Also, Jesus, Jakob. This guy has 17 speed level 10 for some reason. This is 3.5 points above average. (He got the level while chipping the axe.) He's so blessed it's not even funny. Nothing except mop up now, pretty much. The rest of the level is just baiting people into range to get destroyed one at a time, so you can take it as quick or slow as you're comfortable with. (That's Niles baiting the mage, in case it's hard to see.) I'm perfectly fine giving exp to Niles. He won't be a priority or anything, but he'll probably be in my team more or less forever, thanks to locktouch + very high mobility in his promoted classes. And this is very much not a Niles level, don't expect him to be getting Def all that often. Doop, and a doop. Flora's personal would be so much better if it activated on the second hit if she's being doubled---Niles would be dead right now if it worked like that. You'd care more about the stat debuff than the damage if you're using her, though. Yeah this is pretty much the rest of the map. Again, only slightly above average. (Odin's growths and bases are actually absurd, but people like using him in Dark Mage rather than Samurai.) Here's where I re-learned (I probably knew this before) that the mage isn't enough to aggro the whole group. It took him all of 2 levels to go from needing Attack Stance to ORKO people to only needing 2 Str from Guard Stance, it's nice. Setsuna's Yumi is a very inaccurate bow with a debuff component---I'm using the inaccuracy part to try and fish for extra exp. But Niles hit. (I don't think he missed a single shot this map.) Doop. Doop. Marching left. I don't think I need to tell you how this ends, even if it takes a few turns. Corrin was at 99/100, so she leveled from the combat exp from blocking a hit on EP. Elise takes a Heal staff form the convoy here. (I didn't buy it, it was one of the battle/visitor point bonuses.) And Jakob gets his first below par level of the game. R.I.P. Ultra-Perfect-Jakob. Took quite a few turns, as you can see. Epilogue: Jakob goes to A. (Again, not sure if he's supposed to be A right now, I used the my room thing on him before the map this time as well.) And Odin picks up a pair of supports. I've been feeding Lilith, incidentally. (And she very much can't be this high, normally. It's a combination of time passing + my occasional castle visits.) And, of course, to take advantage of Odin's Prf Skill, I give him a nice forged sword with a long name. (lul)
  10. I do, just haven't played it to the end. (So I'm not really qualified to talk about him in that route.) If I had to use him I'd probably just early promote him and then let his Sword-faire access fix his stat weaknesses from early promotion, but that's the kind of thing I'd need to use in a run to try to figure out the cost/benefits of.
  11. You get a choice between Witch and Ballistician for 'A Gift from Anna,' and a Paragon Scroll & Boots from the second one. (Vanguard Dawn is my paid map.) Missed this one. He's basically what Mozu is supposed to be. He starts off not as shit and has better payoffs later (at least in my opinion), but he's still very similar to a trainee unit, and Conquest kind of hates trainee units. He does join early enough in Conquest that you can get over his early game hump pretty easily, though. (And apparently he's meme-tier in Revelations, and I don't mean in a good way.)
  12. I'm counting the Anna free stuff 'maps.' (They're not real maps, of course, but they give items so I counted them.)
  13. Honestly that's part of why I like Conquest a lot. Depending on the personal rules you use it actually plays like a bunch of different games. (Like I said, if I wasn't doing a Jakob Samurai abuse run I might've even done a no class change run just to see what it's like.) But yeah, I'm kind of weird in that I'm both decently good at FE and don't particularly enjoy operating at the very highest difficulty. That said, I'm probably going to leave Odin, Kaze, and Jakob alone in terms of the 'extra' stuff I got*---it wouldn't be a very fair test of the Samurai line if I went and stuffed them full of stat boosters and DLC-seals, after all. *Aside from the weapons, anyway. Which I guess is actually pretty big since the castle visit stuff gives some very nice early game weapons. They've basically saved me something like 500g already, from a speed tonic I didn't have to use to make Jakob double, and a vulnerary use.
  14. Mind, I do value guard stance fodder. They're a very exp efficient way to use up all the deployment slots you get. And when you're not using a unit for the long run there's some nice 'timing' promotions you can do like grinding Arthur up to level 10 before chapter 10 and promoting him to make the map a lot smoother. I mean, maybe Conquest's balanced around you having all the child map exp---meaning you're not actually supposed to be that exp starved---but I'm not a fan of pairing all my 2nd and 3rd string characters up just for their child maps. The child maps are also kind of annoying in that it really feels likes you're only 'supposed' to play them when you have a mix between almost promoted units and some promoted units---like some kids straight up get ORKOd unless you rescue staff them if you go in too late in the game. Shiro has a map like that, I believe.
  15. Chapter 7: Pre-map Planning: Ah, the first real map of Conquest, and actually a step down in difficulty compared to earlier maps since I'm loaded with all sorts of stuff that I'm not supposed to have yet. (And, fittingly, I get my first 'moral' reset here---I should've lost Jakob, but RNJesus saved my ass.) Supports: Jakob and Corrin C level'd, which is pretty much guaranteed considering they went through a lot of prologue stuff together. Objectives: Get as much exp as possible for Corrin & Jakob. Due to Conquest being so stingy about exp, you usually can't even afford to keep half your maximum deployment on par with enemy levels, meaning you really want to limit how many units you run unless you're doing stuff like the exp DLC map. Not to say you can't do stuff like 0% growths even on Lunatic* (and therefore no exp needed, obviously), but not having to calculate combat math precisely is pretty damn handy if you're trying to do a relaxed run. I'm leveling Corrin because I'm not a masochist, and leveling Jakob is kind of important in a run where I'm trying to abuse him, so all the exp will be going to those two. *Although I'm not sure how you'd do that, since level ups are fixed. Guess you can hack the game or something. Healing Resources: No longer a real concern, although it's still nice to keep track of the people who can heal. At the start of the map that's only Jakob, before Elise joins a few turns later. A quick look around our starting almost island shows that there are 3 entryways to the island, a bridge 2 squares wide going to the west, and then two 1 square wide isthmi going north and south. We're also hilariously out-numbered, like Corrin comments after the first turn. No biggie, since the enemies are scaled very low just in case you changed gender or something at the branch of fate, which would've reset your servant's level to 1 and maybe even Corrin's as well, but don't quote me on the Corrin thing. On the other hand, just about everyone on the map does a bunch of post-combat damage, which is why I almost lost Jakob. Anyway, since the map has so much enemies, you'll want to divide them into nice, small, edible chunks. The most obvious way is to sit on your island and just body block all 3 entry paths using 4 units, but that leaves the team pretty separated and prone to getting screwed by RNG, so a better move would be to attack one of the three entryways, wipe out everyone in that direction, and then hold that single entryway with your team in a nice, compact formation. Any of the three directions can work, although personally I'd suggest against going bottom, since that's where the boss is---you both want to save the boss for last for exp reasons, since it's the highest level, and also because the boss is the one unit that can give you the most trouble if you're trying to kill him before shit hits the fan. The choice between top and left mostly comes down to whether you prefer getting started sooner (you can begin combats on the first turn if you head left), or if you prefer a narrower pass to defend. (1 square isthmus rather than 2 square bridge.) I went left, but honestly it doesn't matter too much no matter what direction you choose. Resource Distribution: As you can see, I didn't actually stuff Corrin with a bunch of stat boosters like I'd normally do. (I didn't even stuff the pair with tonics, even though I opened the staff shop already.) Part of it is because I don't need to, the kid gloves are still on + I got a bunch of damn good early game weapons from visit and battle points, and another part is because I kind of want to hold them for Selena. (I'll probably end up using them on someone else to have an easier time with Chapter 10, though.) Corrin's holding a nice +3 def sword (there's also a +20 avoid sword available, but she doesn't care too much about dodge tanking), and Jakob's holding a nice collection of daggers, one of which is doubling as a Vulnerary. (Corrin isn't holding any healing items since she can just grab them from the Convoy.) Kagero's Dart is pretty neat since it gives +20 Avoid and a -5 skill penalty when it hits on top of the normal +2 shuriken speed, meaning anyone holding it turns into a dodge tank automatically, but you really shouldn't rely on it unless you're named Felicia---or bought a bunch of breaker skills. [Off-topic incoming, feel free to skip to the map if you don't care about me talking about random stuff] ...It's pretty hard being Selena, to be honest, she has a lot of things going for her, and Camilla going against her. Camilla has her beat by ~20% in just about every growth that matters (Selena wins in defense, which is kind of a small consolation when you're getting dumpstered in everything else) and Camilla even starts 10 levels above her just to rub it in. You need to devote a Paragon, two Dragon Herbs, and a bunch of kills just to get her on par with Camilla. If Selena at least had 20% lead in Def and Res then there's some real neat things she can do with her access to Bows (which easily fixes her mediocre Atk stat), Air Superiority, and Shuriken-breaker (which make her real nice when fighting fliers and ninjas, some of the most annoying unit types in the game). A high bulk Bow user can be pretty damn nice for Attack Stance, you sit someone with 1-2 range in front of her and sit her behind, meaning no matter who the enemy attacks they'll get smacked around---the guy in front blocks the melee attack. But the problem is that Camilla's spread means that's not actually a real niche---if you really wanted someone to do that you can just grab Mercenary from a A+ Selena support and have Camilla do it. Which isn't to say Selena's bad, of course. I don't think anyone in Conquest is bad, except maybe Mozu---her stats actually end up pretty mediocre even at level cap, thanks to her atrocious bases---but just about everyone in Conquest is out-classed by the Royals + Servants. Note: It's a handy rule of thumb to just eat stat boosters as soon as possible, a stat booster sitting in the inventory is a stat booster that's doing all of jack all. Corrin is always available to eat + benefit. This isn't always the 100% optimal choice, but it'll always be the pretty damn good choice. The map: I had Jakob hold Kagero's Dart since the +2 speed let him double the Faceless. No KOs on enemy phase, but as you can see Nohrian Blade's +3 def means that Corrin takes piddly damage, meaning it's pretty safe to start the turn with her trying to kill someone, and finishing the other guy off with Jakob if she manages. (Supportive being damn strong means that even if she missed there's no real issue---the sole Faceless won't do enough damage to kill Jakob.) Silas and Elise join up at this point, so I have Jakob head to join them in case they need his support, he also conjurs some fruit out of thin air to heal himself. Silas' sword does 12 damage, which is exactly enough to 2RKO the faceless after you factor in Lily's Poise, but I usually use the lance here to let him build some WExp even if I'm not planning to use him. And Elise heals him to full because Silas kind of needs Corrin below half hp if you want him to face tank two Faceless in one turn without being full hp. (Minor note: I was pretty surprised when I found out it didn't matter where Corrin was for his personal to activate, as long as she was below half hp.) Corrin with her Dragonstone to continue grinding the left side down. The dragonstone is a 2HKO versus the 3HKOs with her sword, and she's not fast enough to double any faceless anyway. Also, it turns out I don't actually have every single stat booster from my visit\battle points, I'm missing Speedwings, lul. Next turn, and Effie + Arthur joins us for the fun. No need to care about the Island now that everyone's on the map, so the whole gang starts the march leftward. Also: Good old armor'd unit stats. (And Elise being so great if you can handle her positioning requirements.) And Jakob smacks the faceless around for an almost perfect level, both him and Kaze are pretty blessed so far, although Corrin's actually slightly below average, I believe. As you can see, we have the bridge more or less secured at this point---and we can do a 4 unit choke-point hold in the middle of the bridge if we wanted. (Arthur was also 1% dead in this screenshot, incidentally.) Good old 1% chance to randomly explode to a generic. This doesn't actually hold him back all that much, thanks to the easy availability of dodge supports---Keaton gives 10 dodge if him and Arthur are A-ranked and standing next to each other, for example, and there's also the more obvious stuff like using Arthur with his kid or shoving a bunch of Goddess Icons down his throat. I don't actually do the attack, incidentally, more important to keep going left. The Faceless pair-up is a real grind considering the Seal Spd + blocking Attack Stance hits. Everyone's on the bridge at this point, left side is almost cleared, and note how Effie is blocking for Arthur so he doesn't randomly explode to RNG. And here I do something retarded---Jakob was fine thanks to the -5 damage from Corrin's Supportive, Elise's Poise, and being healed... if the 2 faceless left only had Grisly Wound. But they had Poison Strike on top of that so he was dead as a doornail if he hadn't managed to dodge one of their hits. He wasn't even holding Kagero's Dart (since the Seal Speed meant he wouldn't double, and the Dart wasn't a OHKO), so this was extra stupid. Moral Reset Count: 1 He should've died this turn. But RNJesus delivered, so now we have this formation easily holding the bridge after we finished off the two Faceless. Don't really need any exp on Effie, so I un-equip her lance. (Despite my fears of needing to use stat boosters on someone other than Selena for chapter 10, I'm not actually that worried, so I'm not going to give exp to people I'm not planning to use for the long haul.) We also pair her up with Silas for the very nice +2 def. A fight on EP gives Corrin this basically perfect level. And then I adjust my formation a little so that both Effie and Corrin can benefit from Lily's poise. Unfortunately, the positioning requirements means that I have to choose between giving Corrin Jakob's support or giving Effie Jakob's -2 damage buff. I gave Corrin his support since it meant he can contribute some chip damage on his turn. This is 100% safe, incidentally. The enemies only have 19 Atk and you can't see her +3 def from Lily's Poise. I have the boss high-lighted as a reminder that there is one guy we do have to be mindful of. And only one guy. All the post-combat damage in the world isn't going to help if you smack for 0s all around. I do heal Effie this turn, though, because like the red outline indicates the boss is in range now, and I wasn't confident enough that the AI wasn't going to do something like walk away to have the boss kill Effie. I also gave Effie her lance back at this point to make things go a bit faster. Surprisingly, the boss actually had a lower attack priority than the mooks, even though he was the only one who did damage, so it wasn't until this point that he moved in. I'm hitting him with Kagero's dart so that the -5 skill makes him miss more. He was hitting way lower than expected near the end, so I ended up actually checking his stuff---turns out, his hands are made of silver. I let Jakob finish him because Corrin would've OHKOd, but this way they both get some exp. Just in: Daggers can't not get good levels. End of chapter screenshots are hard, okay? (The key combo to enter the Luma3DS screen is L + Down + Select, and Select also makes the end of chapter screenshot go away.) Support levels after the map. (I don't think Jakob is supposed to be B right now, normally, but I used the my room interaction thing to get some relationship points with him before I started the map.) Edit: Also I missed an Effie level up. her bases are: 23/13/0/8/5/10/12/4, meaning she got +1 Hp/Str/Def/Res, which was only missing speed to be a basically perfect level. (This def level is also why she was taking 0s without Jakob's -2 damage buff---normally she'd take 1 even after pairing her with Silas.) Double Edit: Actually I'm just terrible at math, 12 + 2 (from her level 1 skill) + 2 (from pairing with Silas) + 3 (Lily's Poise) = 19 exactly. She's fine even at level 6.
  16. Intermission: With the end of Chapter 6, my castle is unlocked, so we'll be taking a short break to discuss a few things now that we actually have a reason to discuss them. Namely, stuff like my stance on visiting castles, buying skills, DLC maps and so on. How you play the game has a big effect on how units would be ranked, if we played a version of Conquest where you had infinite stat boosters, free class changes, and full access to skills, then units would only be ranked on availability, and Corrin wins by default. (Stat caps sort of matter still, but not even Lunatic Conquest has that much stats. Azura would also be a contender, since Dance is very useful, but you can't be good if you don't exist, so...) To put it another way, 'good' units are more about having stuff that you're 'not supposed to have' than anything else. If you allow buying skills, for example, then Felicia loses her biggest edge against everyone else, namely, her standout skill pool and access timing. She has tome-breaker and shuriken-breaker naturally, just to name a pair of interesting skills, and can A+ support Flora for bow-breaker---you can also marry her off to Odin or Leo, of course. And, being one of the Felicia, Jakob, Gunter trio, she's one of the very few characters that can grab level 15 skills early, so early that she can easily grab multiple level 15 skills in a single run without massive degeneracy. Of course, commonly when people rate units they make a couple of assumptions (and I usually provide ratings based on those assumptions, even though that's not the rating those units would receive in my runs---since I don't use those assumptions): No DLC. Lunatic difficulty. No castle visits. No bonus items from battle/visit points and the # of paths you bought. Somewhat efficient turns. (That is, you don't do stuff like how I spent 26 turns doing chapter 3, or dance abusing Azura to level 40 on chapter 9 or some nonsense.) The above isn't a gold standard or anything, but I think most people use something similar when rating units. And my person rules for this run are: All the DLC. (I have only one 'paid' map, which is Vanguard. But even the 3 free maps gives you enough stuff to drastically change things.) Whatever difficulty I feel like. As much castle visits as I want. No skill buys.* All the bonus items I can get. As much turns as I care to spend. *I have nothing against skill buys, and I think it's very neat that you'd get to trade gold for skill acquisition like that---I'm even fine with hacked skills like putting Aptitude on first gen units. I just don't buy skills because it makes class access kind of pointless---just picking the best unit in the best class and then use gold to kit them out is... boring, and it destroys a lot of unit identity when you pretty much don't care what classes they have access to. If it wasn't for the fact that I'm planning a Vantage abuse run this time I might've gone even deeper try a no class change at all run, just for a more traditional FE feel. As you can see, I have enough battle and visit points to get 1 of every stat booster except dragon herbs, which I have 2 copies of, 3 boots, and a whole bunch of good early/mid-game weapons. (Which kind of destroys the economy since I'm pretty much set on healing for ages, and can sell a bunch of my weapons/staves/whatever for gold if I feel strapped, destroying a lot of Conquest's difficulty.*) *Sorry if you were reading this to look for Lunatic Conquest tips, lul. Not to mention my infinite Vanguard class changes, 2 Dread Fighter & Dark Flier changes, a Lodestar change, a Great Lord change, and a Witch change. (Nothing wrong with Ballistician, by the way.) Having these scrolls make Felicia and Jakob a lot less dominant, incidentally, since you can use them to give anyone 2nd Tier bases and stat caps, as well as their 'bonus' level between 20 and 21.* You also pick up some nice skills to close the cap in skill access timings. *You'd think 1st Tier stat caps aren't that bad, but then you're probably not a filthy casual like me who likes to stuff Corrin with +4 all stats immediately. But, of course, I left the biggest thing for last. (Yes, even bigger than the +4 all stats I have in stat items.) The Paragon Scroll. It probably doesn't do exactly what you think it does, but what it does is pretty stupid good. First of all, the Paragon Scroll has two 'modes,' one before the unit it's on reaches par level (that is, around the level of your 'main' team), and one afterwards. Everyone probably already have a really good idea of what the first mode does, but slightly undervalue it. You'd think the first mode halves the time it takes for a unit that's behind to become 'useful,' but it's actually a bit (maybe even quite a bit) better than that. This is kind of obvious, but the units you fight get more stats the more of them you kill---you can't just farm the same map forever, so enemy stats will keep going up as you kill them. The fact that you need to kill less of them before reaching parity with your main team means that you start contributing as much as your main team a bit before the halfway mark. This is also, incidentally, more or less the exact same thing as being a pre-promote with actual bases. (So you can think of people like Camilla, Xander, Leo as having a bit more than half a Paragon skill for free---a bit more than half since they actually start over-leveled, meaning you can pretend that they kept Paragon for a bit past their joining time.) The second mode is a bit more subtle, and requires math. Namely, once you've reached parity, Paragon lets you run .5 more units in your 'main' team than normal, whatever 'normal' means for you. I'm sure everyone knows that the less units you run, the higher level the units you do run are. (Until you hit Lunatic's exp caps, of course---it's pretty harsh about this, so it's kind of difficult to get more than 5 levels above the enemy unit levels unless you do degenerate stuff.) If we do it in math terms, it goes sort of like this: We have X exp available from whatever playstyle you use (whether it's 'kill everything that breathes' for maximum exp or 'bum rush the boss ASAP'), to be divided amongst Y units. Your main team's level would then be whatever X/Y exp gets you. If you have 2 people on your team with paragon then you can have 1 more person on your team and still have everyone on your team being at the exact same level. Why two rather than one, even though paragon doubles your exp? Well, it's because math is a bitch. If your Paragon unit killed the exact same amount as before then you'd get an extra X/Y exp, which is obviously enough to support another full unit. But they don't, they don't need half the amount of kills as before, so you only get X/Y * 1/2 extra exp, which can only support half an extra unit. On the plus side, math also makes Nobility quite a bit better than you'd think. 3 copies of Nobility (from Corrin and her 2 kids) looks like they should only be 60% as good as a Paragon scroll, since you only get 20% * 3 = 60% extra exp, but they're actually exactly as good. 1/(1 - 1/1.2) = 6, that is, you need 6 units with Nobility to get an extra unit slot, and, since you need 2 Paragon scrolls for an extra unit slot, this makes 3 copies of nobility = 1 copy of Paragon. Alternatively you can do the math like this: Nobility units need 1 / 1.2 = 0.83333333333 the normal amount of kills to reach the same level, meaning each unit with Nobility generates 0.83333333333 * .2 = 0.16666666666 extra exp compared to normal. .166 repeating is pretty obviously 1/6, so 3 copies of it gives 3 * 1/6 = 1/2 extra exp. That is, half a unit's worth of exp. So yeah, if you want to use extra units, prioritize pre-promotes, Nobles, and Paragon. And, as a minor---and hopefully obvious---note. Every unit you don't run is a copy of Paragon. Since you ran 1 less unit, it means you have X/Y extra exp to give out, and giving all of that to one unit is functionally equivalent to having a Paragon scroll on that unit. (And yes, math is unfair like that in how you have to drop a full unit to get Paragon, but having Paragon only gives you half a unit.)
  17. Chapter 6: Pre-map Planning: For some reason, the technically first (or maybe 0th?) map of Conquest is freakishly easy---probably the easiest of the 3 'choose your path' maps. You wouldn't think so, since Ryoma usually has the stats to ORKO everyone except Xander, and his high avoid can sometimes have him chipping Xander down without taking any damage, but Ryoma is amazingly polite for a boss unit, and only attacks people other than Xander if Xander isn't in range. Of course, you only need to defeat all but one enemy, so you can usually just finish everyone else off instead trying to kill him. Objectives: Get as much exp as possible. Everyone except Sakura gives decent exp on his map, on account of all of them being more or less 'boss' units, even if drastically scaled down in stats. Since Sakura pretty much doesn't give exp, this means we'll leave her alive, and kill Takumi, Hinoka, Ryoma, and... Yukimura. (One of those was not like the others.) Everyone except Ryoma can fairly safely be fought down by Jakob and Corrin, so this map actually has a nice chunk of exp despite having only 4 'real' enemies. Healing Resources: 40 uses of Heal. (Jakob starts with a brand new Heal staff here, so if you wanted to optimize a 'lead in' run, you should use up all 20 of his heal staff uses in Chapter 3.) Elise's heal staff uses also don't count---in the same way Jakob got a brand new staff, she'll get brand new staves when she joins as well, so feel free to use up all 20 heal staves if you want. Not much strategy needed for this map, really. Ryoma starts aggro'd, but Yukimura doesn't move unless you get into his range, meaning it's pretty simple to only fight 1 set of units at a time, and obviously we start with Hinoka and Takumi since they're the only ones actually in range. The fact that we can easily get our whole team together but the enemy can't is 'key' to this map, if I can say that with a straight face on one of the easiest maps in the game. The map: Pretty standard opening if you care about exp. Takumi has a bow, and Hinoka has a lance, so the only way to get combat exp on enemy phase is have someone with a 1-2 range weapon stand in range of the two of them. So that means Jakob, and I sit Leo next to him for the support bonus +hit. (Not sure if he gets this +hit, tbh, since it's not really the 'real' Leo, and I don't have animations on.) We'll want someone other than Xander to kill Ryoma eventually, and it's a bit inconvenient to swim, so we Dragon Vein the river away so Xander can start running down. And we use Camilla for this because Elise's free heal staves is more useful than Rose's Thorns & the option of kill stealing myself. As you can see, Takumi hits for an outrageous 18 damage a hit. Which would be lethal this turn if it wasn't for the fact that Lily's Poise is pretty damn good---I could also chug a Vulnerary, but screw that. (I still like Quiet Strength better, since you have better spacing options, but all 4 sisters have top tier personal skills.) Also note how Camilla is in range of Ryoma's sword. But Ryoma only has eyes for Xander so it's fine. We're backing off so that Elise doesn't get caught in the carnage while we try to turn the Hinoka-Takumi pair-up into a Hinoka solo. Note how completely not guaranteed this kill was, if we missed... I would actually still do the exact same next move, to be honest. Other than the part where I use a freeze staff for the 67% chance of -20 avoid, of course. Wouldn't want Elise to get shot. If I thought this up sooner I would've moved Leo before attacking, since Heartseeker would give us another 20% hit chance, but it doesn't really matter either way. As you can see from the fact that no one on my team is currently chunky salsa, Ryoma literally never goes for anyone but Xander if Xander is available. Picture in case you were doubting his ability to turn my entire team into salsa. The box trap was actually necessary, incidentally, Ryoma would try to run out of Heartseeker's range if possible, meaning his sky high avoid would remain sky high. A few turns of spamming end turn and Ryoma ended at 1 hp. (Lily's Poise was responsible for this, normally Ryoma would have 3 hp after 2 combats with Xander.) Corrin had very nice odds, but there's something like a .21% chance that she'll miss and then get slaughtered by a crit, so I used Jakob to finish Ryoma instead. In retrospect, I also could've just moved everyone next to Corrin for more hit chance. Ryoma was worth an enormous amount of exp, naturally, getting Jakob this near perfect level. And here we have the anti-Yukimura hugbox, with an hilarious 4 units of 10 * 4 / 2.5 = 16% extra hit chance. (And also 4 more damage dealt, 4 less damage taken.) A doop, and a doop. (Using dragonstone since the weapon triangle disadvantage would've put my hit odds at less than 100%) A nice, short, chapter with a pair of great levels despite only having 4 enemies to fight.
  18. Chapter 5: Pre-map Planning: Objectives: As much exp as reasonably practical, move all transferable items to Corrin. Corrin gets about half of level of exp on this level, and all from the boss. Everyone else is too low level to give any exp, meaning you'll want her to fight as little as possible. Since this is a Conquest run we'll really only care about Kaze and Azura. As far as I know, the only items Corrin can keep going from Chapter 5 to 6 are: Vulnerary, Concotion, Goddess Icon, and Hp Tonic. Due to inventory limits you can only keep 3 of these, so usually it should be everything except the Hp Tonic, which is the cheapest. (You can also keep everything except the Goddess Icon, which you get someone to eat, and that's fine as long as that someone isn't Corrin. More on this later, near the end of the chapter.) Healing Resources: 2 uses of Vulnerary---usually I have only 1 at this point, but Kaze being on a lucky streak meant only Corrin had to heal up last map---2 uses of Concoction, 20 uses of Bloom Festal, Azura's 10% hp a turn if you start turn within 2 spaces of her. This is the first Reinforcement map, and they trigger after you aggro the 'second wave' of enemies, the 3 mages and 2 pair'd up mercenaries right before the boss. It's 4 mages spawning in more or less the 4 corners of the map, and, honestly, shouldn't be too much trouble even if you went in blind. (When in doubt, have your Jagen murder the problem.) I do cheat a little with my n-th playthrough knowledge and had Corrin camp the spawns, which makes the whole map go a bit smoother. Anyway, since we have the objective of trying to get Kaze and Azura* as many kills as reasonably practical, we'll want to divide the enemy into chunks that the team can handle without Corrin getting involved---but RNG is a fickle mistress, so you'll still want to keep her nearby for security in case some KOs don't work out. This means we'll be using Divide and Conquer for the first wave and Fighting Retreat for the second wave. *Technically Azura will never have exp issues, since I can just dance abuse her to an arbitrary level, but getting her into combat is still nice for some weapon exp, and just because I don't care about turn count doesn't mean I enjoy spamming dance and end turn. Divide and Conquer is a really fancy name for 'just kill half of them at a time.' And there's two choices for how you divide the first wave. The left side has the easier units to deal with, since they're both melee and both utter losers, so if you rush left and kill them first you have better odds of killing them off without wasting so much time and healing resources that the right side catches up and forces Corrin to contribute. On the other hand, if you go the right side first you can abuse the fact that the left side are losers, and just have Corrin with her breath weapon un-equipped face-tank them until you're ready for them. Either way is fine, but I went left side first. No real reason. Fighting Retreat is another fancy name, this time for 'just kill them while they're chasing you.' Because people can't stand in the same place, as long as you properly control how fast you retreat, you can near perfectly control how many enemies engage you at once, letting you pick and choose your fights almost as if one large clump of enemies is actually just a bunch of small groups. Miscellaneous Notes: Effective Weapons have triple MT against things they're effective against, and in-effective weapons have -4 MT and -10 Hit. So a Wyrmslayer is slightly worse than an Iron Sword when hitting anything except Corrin. Another minor note. Magic isn't so much 'effective' against Corrin as 'not useless.' It still takes 3 hits to kill her with magic, so as long as you don't just ram her into 4 mages or something she shouldn't be in any real danger from mages. The map: Gotta go fast. Pair'd Sakura with Kaze and then split them off here, where Kaze is in dance range of Azura. Then I paired Rinkah with Kaze, danced him, and moved him into range of exactly one of the mercenaries. (They hit for 14 damage or something even after Sakura's -2 damage buff, two hits and Kaze goes down.) Then I moved Corrin over just in case her dragon form still gave support level bonuses. (I don't mean the stat bonuses, I mean the small +Hit, +Crit, +Avoid etc. bonuses that you get when people stand next to each other.) Also grabbed the Vulnerary Kaze was holding and moved it to Corrin's inventory while I'm at it. First move of turn 2. The red threat line is furthest the right side can reach, so we still have a full turn before we have to care about them, as long as we position properly. There's like a 8% or something chance Kaze misses the ORKO here, which would force me to kill the full hp Mercenary with Corrin, but that didn't happen. Kaze got to full shield gauge from the other fight, so I had him attack in melee range after healing him with Sakura. (I was considering letting the mercenary fight Azura for some weapon exp.) Decided against it in the end since low hp Azura would be in risk of getting ORKOd by the right side mage, and moved Corrin down to body block for her. Lacking other options outside of committing suicide by Corrin, the Mercenary smacked Kaze for a bunch of damage and died to his counter, giving us this... still very Kaze level, to be honest. His growths are pretty good in general, with Def as his only real weakness. His luck stat is also pretty bad, but that one's a lot easier to fix. Kaze didn't have 100% accuracy unless he was next to other people* (even if you don't have support levels, you still get the 0-rank support bonus of 10% hit per nearby unit, divided by 2.5 if there's more than 1 nearby unit), so I spend his Shield Guage & Azura's dance to KO this guy, with Sakura healing him out of OHKO range afterwards. *Technically he's 'next to' Rinkah, but when you pair up you lose your normal yellow stat (things like +hit, +crit, +avo) support bonus stats for +5 dodge, which doesn't exactly help you hit things better. Sakura had exactly enough hp to survive the mage with 1 hp, leading us to this turn. Strictly speaking I should've just danced Kaze and had him take the exp, since weapon exp doesn't matter that much, and Azura could always dance abuse, but that's neither here nor there. All aggro'd units were dead after that, so I took a few turns setting things up like this. Kaze chugged the Hp tonic, incidentally. (I don't think he needed it, but I didn't bother doing the math for the combats, and it's always nice to have that extra bit of bulk.) As you can see, exactly 2 mages will hit Kaze, which he easily survives. He doesn't manage any ORKOs, though. Also note Corrin and Azura hanging out near the top of the map, casually camping a mage's spawn point. It should be possible to have Kaze kill literally everything except the boss on this map, but killing the mages up here will make the whole fighting retreat thing tons simpler, so I do that. Then I dance her left to do the same thing to the left mage next turn. Kaze's Shield Gauge filled up the last round, and he can't be 2RKOd, so it's perfectly safe for him to fight 3 mages this turn, killing the two that were already low. Which gives him a Kaze level, except for the point of Def. Kill mage, dance Corrin, heal Kaze, who finishes off the one mage he didn't manage to kill on enemy phase. A level I wouldn't mind on literally anyone. Pity we won't be seeing her again. (On our side, anyway. We'll probably leave her as the only survivor the very next map.) End of turn positioning. Corrin's toeing the danger line in case I need her to breathe on someone, and Sakura's casually providing her -2 damage buff. (Quiet Strength is low key one of the best personal traits.) Not that Kaze needed it, since he dodged the merc pair's sword. Since he was full hp, it meant I could play greedy and have Kaze fight both the merc and the mage without worrying about him dying, so I used his turn to finish off the weakened half of the merc pair, getting this very nice level. Kaze's pretty blessed at this point, I think, too bad we won't see him again for ages. (Also too bad the 6 level ups he gets between now and when he rejoins are low-rolls for his stat growths, unlike Gunter who gets some freakish levels.) End of turn. Pretty easy to feed Kaze every single kill that's left, now, meaning we only lost the two mages Corrin ate. Kaze actually crit-killed the mage he fought on the enemy phase, meaning I had a unit-turn free to smack the mage on the left after killing the merc and dancing him. (I double checked that Azura would survive before dancing, though---if she was going to get OHKOd I'd have Corrin eat the mage.) Doop, doop, pointless Azura exp coming through. (Also some weapon exp, of course.) Nobody left except the boss, so i took a few turns walking down. Corrin managed the 69% on the very first hit---if you're absolutely insane you can have 3 units stand next to Corrin before she attacks, which would give her 10 * 3 / 2.5 = 12% extra hit chance, in exchange for losing 1 unit instantly if you fail the roll. You can also have 2 units stand next to her and then dance her with Azura if she missed, but even that's pretty sketchy. Assuming, that is, Corrin's dragon form gets support bonuses---I don't play with combat animations so I don't see the pretty yellow +stat letters. Anyway, the boss kill gave us this level. Which, incidentally, is also why you might prefer to wait on the Goddess Icon before using it on Corrin. As you can see, 24 is capped luck, meaning there's a pretty good chance that even if you would've gotten a level of luck, it'd just hit the cap and disappear rather than transferring over to her human form. (I'm not 100% sure on this, of course, it's possible that the devs actually thought of this and wrote code to give you back that point of luck, but I doubt it.) Edit: Derp, Azura's levels completely slipped my mind, apparently. I straight up forgot to take her level 2 screenshot, and didn't post her level 3. Fortunately, with the power of Lunatic's fix'd growths, I can get the level up screen for her level 2. (Although not in the same situation---I just danced for it.) ...Or so I thought. Here's her level 3 screen from my original chapter 5. Here's her level 2 screen from the save file. Ugh, I hope this isn't caused by Luma3DS or anything. Double Edit: Then again, this is Azura's recruitment map, so maybe that's what's causing this.
  19. Chapter 4: Pre-map Planning: Speaking of maps that has me caring about turn-count. (At least until some secondary objectives are fufilled.) Objectives: Goddess Icon, Concoction, as much exp as reasonably practical. Goddess Icon is trivial, Concoction needs Hinoka to be alive, and as much exp as reasonably practical needs Sakura to be alive. It also means we're taking the north then west route, so that we can hopefully intercept some Faceless before they suicide to Hinoka. Since we're in the Conquest route it means that exp for Rinkah would only be for the next map, so I'll be doing my best to dump all the exp on Kaze and Corrin. Healing Resources: 3 uses of Vulnerary, 2 uses of Concoction after talking to Hinoka, 20 uses of Bloom Festal if Sakura's alive and you walk a moderately injured injured unit near her. (If you only took a paper-cut she'll just give you the 'just walk it off' look, but won't say anything because that'd be rude.) Because Sakura gets 2RKOd by the closest Faceless and can't heal herself, there's a soft time limit on this map where you'll lose some free healing (and thus exp grinding) if you take slightly above par time, and lose a concoction if you take so long that somehow Hinoka got killed. She has to get really swarmed for this to happen, and it shouldn't if you're rushing forward for exp. The map: Pretty typical turn 1. You'd think it's better to pair with Rinkah and walk, since she has the northwest starting square, but Kaze's pair-up bonus includes 1 Mov so it's a wash as long as you pair him with Corrin rather than the other way around. Corrin moved one square left to use the Dragon Vein, which let Rinkah hand over the Goddess Icon and pair-up with Kaze on the same turn. A 82% ORKO (82% because he had a 2% chance to only need 1 hit) on the faceless. It wasn't 100% so I had Kaze kill him on a wood tile in case some hilariously terrible RNG happened. But everything went as expected. And then some ludicrously good RNG happened, with Kaze criting the first Faceless into oblivion (the faceless had a bit more stats, so he would've survived without the crit) and naturally ORKOing the second one. Also, he's a Ninja, so he dodged both hits thrown at him. Just marching to the second Dragon Vein. It wasn't possible to get the Kaze Rinkah pair into a position where only the western Faceless could hit them, so I left only Corrin in range instead, playing it safe. (If both hits landed on Kaze he would've died due to the stronger Faceless' Seal Def skill.) Naturally Ryoma kill stole Corrin after she did 75% of the work. Rushing west as fast as we can now, that Faceless is getting awfully close to Sakura. Note that Kaze is in the perfect spot where only 1 Faceless could hit him. I couldn't get in range without separating units for the extra square of movement, so I had to pick a tile that doesn't get him killed. He didn't quite ORKO, but did get a very Kaze level out of the combat exp. Moving West at a good clip, although we're 1 turn too late for a perfect clear. (More on this later.) Note the red threat range, namely, the fact that it doesn't reach adjacent to Corrin's tile. This means that the Faceless doesn't have enough Mov to Dual Strike, meaning Corrin's safe from being ORKO'd even without being paired up. Ryoma kill stole her kill during his turn, of course. Not very obvious, but Corrin moved left one square before drinking a Vulnerary. (She got it from Kaze sometime earlier.) And, of course, Ryoma kill stole her again during his turn. We also see why we were one turn too short from a perfect clear here. If the Kaze Rinkah pair was one more square to the left Rinkah could be in front of Sakura this turn, unpaired, which will let her tank one turn on enemy phase, and then either her or Kaze would be healed on ally phase, letting them pair up to whittle the Faceless down. Edit: This is actually wrong, although she would be able to get in front of Sakura next turn, paired, if we were 1 more square to the left. Which does the same thing. But we were one turn too late for that---if we tried the split up thing next turn it would risk Kaze getting OHKOd. (The easiest way to save some turns getting here is risking some KOs while using the Dragon Veins, but I made enough inefficient moves that it might be possible to get here 1 turn sooner without risking anything.) Since it's too late to get Rinkah in front of the faceless I just paired Corrin with her instead, and then moved over to talk to the sisters before separating. ~80% chance to have Sakura alive at the end of this turn, between the 78% hit, the 69% * 3% Kaze crit, and Sakura's possible Miracle/dodge. It's also possible that the Faceless just goes for killing Corrin on enemy phase, of course, but we hit on the 78% roll so it didn't matter. Nothing except farming the last bit of exp now. Tore down the mountain, healed everyone up, and walked over to start the exp farm. Pretty much the best one stat level she could get, but it's still a one stat level, so yeah. I also used the Goddess Icon on the way back to Sakura for healing. (Getting the Goddess Icon so early is a pretty good reason to take the Unlucky bane unless you really need the 5% extra Str/Mag growth and 1 extra Str/Mag cap.) And then back again for more farming. Note Kaze's positioning, he moved behind Corrin so that if we fail the KO this round he doesn't die from the Seal Def + Smacked by boss Faceless combo. The combat exp also nets him another very Kaze level. I think the idea with his freakishly high Spd growths is to let you early promote him for lower internal level, fixing his Atk with energy drops. Too bad it's such a waste of his excellent 40% Atk growth. Kaze himself has 40/65 offensive growths, making it look like his Atk and Spd should stay pretty close, but his Ninja class means that it's actually 45/85. Pretty sure I double checked that Corrin would survive a hit even after the Seal Def debuff got reapplied, or this is 28% stupid. But it killed the boss, so whatever.
  20. Aether Raids General Thread

    Honestly I'd recommend against player phase teams---when I said they can take up to 30 minutes a map I wasn't joking. They also score like shit since Eir isn't exactly a first choice ranged unit. (She is a second choice ranged unit, so I don't mind running one of her, but running 2 copies of her means you don't have variety on your two ranged damage dealers---Lyn & Rein combo well in part because they hit both defensive stats.) That said, the key to designing a player phase team for AR is realizing that the enemy has 5 units, and you have 6. This isn't a problem for EP or mixed-phase teams (hence why I, uh, used to drag CC Reinhardt around---I moved all my FEH time to Conquest time), but it does mean you have some annoying ass conditions to fulfill as a player phase team. Basically, you have to make sure you survive the first EP round after engaging, which can be done 3 ways: 1, Everyone on the enemy team is dead, which requires Galeforce, since you have to get 6 unit-turns from somewhere. (This is not ideal if you're trying to grab pots.) 2, No one on the enemy team can reach any of your units because you ran the hell away after sniping some units. (You should ask XRay about this, he should know how to pilot hit and run teams more than I do.) 3, You abused the crap out of Galeforce and managed to stand places you aren't reasonably allowed to stand, meaning you either blocked a ranged unit into having no attacks or else you controlled movement so that all possible attack targets would survive combat. I did a week of this, but back when it was 5v5 primarily, if you want to do this for 5v6s you need to look into level 1 Escape Route dancers and Wings of Mercy Galeforce units. Note that this team scores like shit because you can only run 1 Eir, in place of Fjorm. (It's also not mine.) The main concept of Galeforce PP teams is that: Every trigger of WoM or Escape route is a free unit-turn you don't have to spend on positioning. Every trigger of Galeforce is an extra unit-turn, and because you start the turn where you ended, you only need to spend turns on positioning for the first combat. You need to acquire 6 units turn (to wipe the enemy team), or 5 unit turns (if you manage to calculate a body-block), spent on combats to clear a map. In the video example Navarre was running WoM & his Scarlet Sword stuff with Galeforce. This makes him pretty clearly the 'follow-up' Galeforce unit. Ephraim is using hit and run and Galeforce, which pretty clearly makes him the one that's supposed to initiate. (Hit and Run is so that Azura can actually dance him after he fights, since he has 3 move.) Galeforce units are about consistency of triggering Galeforce and consistency of reaching combat. Ephraim is very good at both (due to his Prf and high Str stat to trigger Heavy Blade), Tibarn is very good at reaching combat, and Navarre is very good at triggering Galeforce. Cordelia is actually so-so at both, due to not having crazy Str and not having 3 move, so you don't need to be too strict about Galeforce units. The team is pretty much: 2 Dancers, 1 or 2 Galeforce units, 1 or 2 bonus units. Dancers and Galeforce should be self-explanatory, and the bonus units should do something to cover things that give your Galeforce units trouble---I ran Rein and Lyn in my old Galeforce team because they both had reposition to move Cordelia's 2 move ass forward, and because they had very good coverage between the two of them, and when they move to reposition Cordelia they end turn in the perfect spot to be danced. The pair also gave the team a back-up plan as a regular hit and run team, but I didn't use it much because that would've made my 30 minutes of pre-map planning turn into 2 hours of pre-map planning while I figured out AI movement on top of everything else. Fjorm had smite in the video above, +Atk & something Link, so she was mobility support, ranged damage dealer, and buffer) But I can see things like gravity, savage blow, as options as well. Honestly your best bet is to go in with something like 2 dancer, 2 galeforce, 1 Eir, and figuring out what exactly you want from your non-Eir support. This wasn't a perfect clear, but I don't have a lot of 5v6 records. (Since I have to remember to record them, and I was getting way too sick of AR to pilot my Galeforce team at the necessary level---it was mostly Nailah + Corrin carrying my ass or dying trying.) If you count mixed-phase teams as player phase there's also the 4th option: Everyone who can attack your main damage dealer is OHKO'd by Vantage, and he's standing in the right place so that he doesn't kill literally everyone the first enemy phase. (Reinhardt is very good at the positioning part, and running something like a Pain or Gravity staffer with double Savage Blow means that it should be freakishly difficult to wall him, meaning the main problem is using your huge mobility to combat the enemy's near perfect positioning at the start of map. This tends to need 2 dancers, but you can really only fit 1 since you have to run Eir for scoring.)
  21. I did kill the archers next to the fort. They don't move, so Jakob killed them while I was moving Corrin and Gunter down to bait the archers to the right of the boss. And the pegasi have like negative base stats or something*. Jakob ORKO'd all of them on enemy phase while I was walking to the boss. (The spawn box for them is pretty huge.) *Mind, this is intentional. They're supposed to slow you down an extra turn if you can't bum-rush the ninja boss down, since even negative base stats deal serious damage if you get your defense de-buffed. But that doesn't matter if you don't care about turn-count. Vantage L&D is just that, Vantage and Life and Death. Samurai get both of them naturally if you master seal into Master of Arms. Only Jakob and Felicia can get L&D around the time Camilla joins, since that's a level 15 skill. But they do get it around the time Camilla joins if you beeline, which is outrageous. (You have to marry them to Corrin to get the Samurai line in Conquest, though.)
  22. Chapter 3: Pre-map Planning: And now you get to see me show the map the true meaning of 'filthy casual.' Unless the map requires me to (with thieves, moving objectives, or whatnot), I rarely bother caring about turn-count, and on this map in particular that means I get to go right and take the fort rather than going down and using the dragon vein, netting me 5 more kills. Which is something like 3 or 4 levels, thanks to all the healing Jakob needs to do---with Pair Up bonuses from the Archer the Samurai on the fort is actually fast enough to double Corrin, dealing 8 damage each hit if she's paired with Gunter, which is quite hefty considering she only has 21 hp at the start of the map. The 3 unpaired archers also deal 5 damage each. Healing Resources: One fort tile in the bottom middle of the map if you're doing the map the 'normal' way, rather than the slow as molasses way. 19 heal staff uses. Because Jakob isn't level 5, he can't heal himself with his own staff, meaning if you're planning to go through the occupied fort (which I am, gotta get that delicious, delicious exp---at the cost of about 3 maps worth of turns, LUL), you only get one use of dagger debuffs before you take the fort. Fortunately, blocks from defensive pair-ups happen once every 6 hits, meaning every enemy phase one attack will be blocked. (5 hits from the 4 enemies, once each from each of them, a double from the samurai, and a counter attack hit from Corrin.) Add that to Jakob's Gentilhomme and the most amount of damage Corrin can take in a single enemy phase is 6 damage from the Archers (two hits for 5 - 2 = 3 damage, one blocked), and 12 damage from the Samurai, which is a total of 18 damage, comfortably survivable. She's straight up dead if I didn't get a point of def by now, though. If you didn't get any Def level ups you have to do the map the regular way even if you wanted to take the fort, just go through the dragon vein bridge and then come back to the fort after fighting through the mooks in the bottom right of the map. Even if you didn't get any Def level ups despite all that, one of the archers will move away from the fort to attack you, meaning it's only 3 people hitting you a turn rather than 4, and you can pick off the stationary archers before man-fighting the swordsman if you wanted to. The map: You can't get this far turn 1 just by walking, you have to pair Corrin and Gunter together and then separate them in front of the Samurai. Jakob can also reach this far forward by pairing with Gunter, if you wanted to waste a bunch of his un-healable hit-points* for some reason. *Yes, technically there's a free fort to heal him. But if you're going that way you might as well just cross the bridge and be done. You can even hit the the archer spam fort from behind if you still wanted to take it for some reason. After Corrin casually one-shots the two Samurai, I heal her and move her over here to force the Samurai to swap with the bowman and shoot her. It's not really important right now, since we still need Hans to kill himself, but it'll be useful just a little bit later to prevent the Samurai from healing to full every time you backed off to heal. (You only heal from forts as the 'active' unit in a pair-up.) Pictured: Hans, about to get shot in the face. Jakob also got shot this turn, since it wasn't the Samurai who killed Hans. Basically, once Hans is out of the way the way the fort breaks down is like this: You end turn with Corrin at full hp next to the fort, the 3 archers shoot her, and then the Samurai smacks her around for about 15-18 damage. I then move her next to Jakob, but still in range of the fort archer, so that the Samurai only heals for 4 hp before she gets back in front of the fort, fully healed from the two turns of healing. (It also gives me a free hit on the archer every time I move back.) Don't worry about Jakob, the archer that moves is programmed not to move in front of the fort, not even for a sure kill. You could also just not debuff with his dagger, of course, which is what I ended up doing after my game crashed from clicking too fast after taking a screenshot. Reset count: 1 I didn't waste Jakob's hp after the reset since I figured I might as well let him farm Archer exp on the fort, and to do that he needed enough hp to survive one hit from the moving archer. The free hits ends up grinding the archer down way before the Samurai goes down, which removes his pair-up bonus, meaning he no longer doubles Corrin. Fort, Taken. Also a bunch of levels during the process. The map is pretty much just mop-up after this point---the enemy mobs really aren't scaled for units who can brute force through the fort. But that's not why I didn't take screenshots. I didn't take them because I was stupid, lul. Anyway, I basically sat Jakob on the fort for 2 turns to heal to full, while Corrin and Gunter walked down to bait the two archers. I then retreated so Jakob could smack them for the exp before moving back to the fort to heal to full again. Moving forward again to bait the Archer and the Samurai from, uh, 'behind' the boss (the Samurai wasn't in range to attack, but the AI moved him for the offensive pair-up). I moved back again so that the boss Ninja doesn't mess with me while I'm farming exp. Forgot some screenshots again, killed the last straggling archer, and Jakob got to kill the reinforcement pegasi (who have like, 10 Atk including their weapon) for a nice level. Happened to have full shield gauge after all that, so... Corrin got exp for the fight because the shield gauge was full. Moved Gunter next to boss, swapped Corrin into a pair-up, then to the front, and smacked him for a 64% chance of murder. If it didn't work Jakob would back up one square to provide his -2 damage buff while being outside the boss's range, and I'd get Corrin to run away to heal up. (I'm not going to Gunter the boss to save some turns when I literally wasted 20 or so turns going through the archer fort.) But it worked, so cheers. Doing things the stupid way basically cost... 20 or so turns more than the normal way, and 6 or so more heal staff uses. Not really worth it unless you're a filthy, filthy casual.
  23. -blade's support requirements might've stayed the same, but supports have gotten massively better to the point where not running a full +6 suite of buffs* would be a deliberate decision to avoid things like panic and Niu rather than not being able to fit them into the team. And Panic is one of those things where you'd have to misplay pretty badly to get hit by. You can either just kill the panic person, kill the panic house, or not be in range for it in the first place. (There's also the nuclear option of just spreading enough savage blow stacks that everything is OHKOd without buffs, of course. You can get 3 hits of a pain staffer in pretty consistently if you don't care about dancing your -blade user. But honestly I've never had to go out of my way to avoid panic.) *And I am not primarily thinking of Azura when saying this. Tactics, Links, etc. all save unit-turns if you want to have consistent first round combat. And, mind, disable combat order by themselves don't stop -blade. You still need to be able to OHKO them, or you're still dead. Sophia spreads have a lot of bulk. Ophelia is pretty much the only unit that consistently runs that much Atk, so I just beeline her. (Ophelia teams don't tend to need Pain staff support to wipe, due to her wanting 2 tomes. Infantry Pulse variants are possible, of course, but also kind of weird since a lot of other people can do her job in a Pulse Team.) In the arena I can still hit people to death with -blade on player phase. And if you're getting OHKOd from losing 10 or so bulk---from +6 def/res & refine options---your owl tomer is kind of sad anyway. Having 15.5 extra hp (2.5 * 3 + 6 + 2) when you're in the negatives regardless doesn't do much, though. It's basically the difference of having 5 extra base res from being a melee rather than a ranged, and just dropping tomes entirely. Like, there are reasons to use owl over -blade, but AoE specials aren't one of them.
  24. The thing about Owl is that, unless you have the Henry spread, -blade usually gives you more bulk by just OHKOing things with Vantage. -blade being -blade also gives you more AI manipulation options (since you can just nuke a unit or two that would cause problems when EP rolls around on PP). Mind, this is only because it's so much easier to stack Atk compared to any other stat---you get +24 basically for free these days if you're running -blade, and every unit-turn you spend having a Pain staffer hit someone is another 24 Atk. I almost never run Leo even though I have -blade CC on him because OG Reinhardt is only slightly worse than Leo at being a red horse tome (that is, at killing green things and surviving the first hit from a green thing). Conversely, Leo is only slightly worse than Reinhardt at being CC Reinhardt, but Leo is 5* exclusive so I can't have him +10'd. (On the other hand, Leo having less than 40 hp means I have perfectly consistent Vantage & Brazen setup with just a level 1 bolt trap or tower, but that honestly doesn't matter too much.) If Owls used drive range instead I'd use them a lot more, since it frees up unit-slots that I would've had to put dancers in. CC -blade doesn't function well if you don't have enough mobility to snipe literally every unit that causes problems on EP, which causes team slot issues when you're also trying to stuff a bunch of mythics into the team. But even then owls aren't really 'meta' since combat buffs don't help against AoE specials, and I expect them to get more and more popular as we get more -2 cd on turn 1 effects into the game.
  25. Fate/Grand Order General

    Mind that we just got a free 5* CE with the anti-Divine effect. Fondant au Chocolat is 30% anti-Divine and 50% starting battery at MLB (and you should have it MLB'd from Valentine). It's 10% less than Versus (non-MLB), but it also doesn't go away after 3 turns. Edit: Derp'd, it's quite a bit more than 10% less, misread versus. 80% anti-divine and 40% defense is pretty interesting. The 3 turns thing makes it too niche for me to pick it, though. I just went with the 10% all card types. Off-topic Edit: LUL. The trial quest first node has Arthur as 'Knight,' but it tells you flat out his NP is level 5 Excalibur if you click on his icon to open the info screen.