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  1. I finally get to make use of Grani's shield that I inherited from Camus. This effectively allows Eldigan to Wall of Pain all the physical enemy units to death. Lyn dealt with the magic units and was able to ORKO the dancing dragon with Mulagir. As other's have already mentioned, Grani's shield is pretty good on this map.
  2. Well... it's been a fun two seasons being able to field a full horse team. This weeks results are: Offense: 4872 (Avg. 696; min: 692, max: 704) [T19 --> T20] Defense: 588 (~20 defenses) Offense / Defense Team: S Eldigan+1 [+Spd / -HP] - (Mystletainn / Repos. / Ignis / Fury 3 / Renewal 3 / Goad Cav / HP+3) Ursula+2 [Neutral] - (Blarowl+ / Drawback / Iceberg / Fury 3 / Renewal 3 / Hone Cav / Distant Def 1) Peri [+Spd / -HP] - (Brave Lance+ / Repos. / Galeforce / Fury 3 / Cancel Affinity 3 / Goad Cav / QP) Brave Lyn+3 [+Spd / -HP] - (Mulagir / Drawback / D.Aura / Swift Sparrow 2 / Sacae's Blessing / Ward Cav / Spur Def 1) Overall, I'm quite satisfied with the playstyle (generally defensive, Goad/Hone/Ward stacking) and performance of this team. Arena assault seemed to be somewhat more competitive this week. Scored a 4838 this week which got kicked out of Top 5k last minute (Rank 5003... RIP); last week a score like this would have place around 4.6~4.7k. Starting team is Roy+3, Masked Marth+1, Fir and Abel; though, Masked Marth was not fully SI'd which lead to large variations in scores per battle. Total Earnings: 8900 feathers + 19 Sacred Coins + 4 Orbs I'll try my old infantry team with Kagero or Anna as bonus just to see how they do in the BowLyn meta. Might have to bring Raigh along.
  3. I rerolled until I got a 5* Roy during release week. He was useful for the early game but later got benched because of how meh... he is.
  4. Cleared all three difficulty stages with the Cav team. Though, I also attempted Infernal with a non-Cav team and was able to do so with the following units below. Team + Relevant things... Hawkeye [+Atk / -HP] - (Brave Axe+ / Repos. / Glacies / DB3 / Lance Breaker 3 / Threaten Def 3) Raigh - (Raudrwolf+ / Iceberg / Fury 3 / Quickened Pulse) - min. C support with Nino Nino - (Draw Back / Hone Atk 3) Azura - (Sing / Fort Res 3) With proper setup, I was able to ORKO Eirika with Hawkeye... which was pretty... Disgusting. Video:
  5. Welp... ended up marrying Eldigan... who's also married to Ursula. >>
  6. Completed the maps using Cav. team WoMbo combo. This was made possible thanks to the Red Wolftome mage, who does enough damage to Ursula to trigger a WoM chain. Thus, I was able to clear Lunatic and Infernal in 1 and 2 turn(s) respectively. Tried using an Infantry team afterward, but they lacked the ability to ORKO the enemy units and ended up getting overwhelmed rather quickly. Team + Relevant Info: Ursula - (Blarowl+ / AOE Special / Fury 3 / R-Tomebreaker / Hone Cav / Atk+1 Seal) Peri - (Brave Lance+ / Swap / Galeforce / Fury 3 (Darting Blow 3 on Lunatic) / WoM3 / Goad Cav / QP Seal) Eldigan - (WoM3 / Goad Cav) Azura - (Sing / WoM3) Video:
  7. Arena Assualt is kinda rough lol... Currently, I have 16 viable 5*s and 7 viable 4*s. Score: 4738 Advance-Deathless: Avg 676 [min: 668, max 680] First team: 5* Fir, 5* Abel, 4* Zephiel and 4* Sheena. As for the rest of the battles, I have to play by ear and use units sparingly, generally saving the best for last. Units like Vantage Kagero help since she can solo entire blade mage + dancer teams.
  8. Ehh... wanted to try something that didn't involve horses doing the (WoM)bo Combo. Team + Relevant Stuff: Raigh - Raudrwolf+ / Iceberg / Fury 3 / Seal Res 3 Lilina [+Spd/-HP] - Raudrblade+ / Drawback / Growing Flame / Res+2 / R-Tomebreaker 2 / Spur Atk 3 / Atk +1 Seal Fae - Draw Back / Lunge / Spur Res 2 Eirika - Sieglinde / Swap / Hone Spd 3 / Fort Res 1 Seal If Fae had Spur Res 3, Lilina could have ran Fury 3 and HP+3 seal instead. Buffs and specific positioning (via movement skills) were key for this victory.
  9. Cleared Infernal using the following team below. The strat was to get Peri to trigger a Wings of Meme chain to clear the upper part of the map. Team + Relevant Stuff: Peri [+Spd/-HP] - Killer Lance+ / Galeforce / Fury 3 / Goad Cav / QP Eldigan - Mystletainn / Fury3 / WoM3 / Goad Cav Ursula - Blarowl+ / Iceberg or Glacies / Fury3 / WoM3 / Hone Cav Azura - Sing / WoM3 Azura wasn't necessary for Infernal. though she was used in Lunatic to achieve a 2-Turn clear.
  10. Score: 4826 [Tier 20 --> 19] Defense: 580 (x1) [Fae2+ / Lilina / Sharena / Azura]; 278-292 (x15) [Fae2+ / Eldigan+1 / Peri / Ursula]; Total 16 Defenses Rewards: 5400 + 4 Orbs Offense Team: Sharena [=], (Fensalir, Repos., Bonfire, Spd+3, Seal Spd 3, Fort Def 3, Fort Res 1) Eldigan+1 [+Spd/-HP] (Mystletainn, Repos., Ignis, Fury 3, Vantage 3, Goad Cav, HP+3) Ursula [=] (Blarowl+, Draw Back, Iceberg, Fury 3, WoM 3, Hone Cav, Atk+1) Peri [+Spd/-HP] (Brave Lance+, Repos., Galeforce, Fury 3, Vantage 3, Goad Cav, QP) Looks like my recent dump of 20k feathers into Anna will pay off as she's my only 5* bonus unit for the upcoming season.
  11. Cleared all three difficulties using more or less the same strategy which involved destroying most of Berkut's army on Turn 1. Team + Relevant Stuff: Eldigan: Mystletainn, Ignis, Fury 3, Lunge, Goad Cavalry; Peri [-HP/+SPD]: Brave Lance+, Miracle, Fury 3, Goad Cavalry, HP+3 Seal; Note: Desperation could've been used instead of Miracle... but I lack fodder. Ursula: Blarwolf+, Fury 3, Wings of Mercy 3 Azura: Wings of Mercy 3, Hone Atk 3 Both Peri and Eldigan's Goads were important for achieving several of the KOs.
  12. Score: 4846 (Rank ~2200; Rank required to stay in Tier 20 is 2000) Defense: 582 (13 Successful Defenses) Tier: 20 --> 19 Total Earnings: 5400 Feathers + 4 Orbs Offense / Defense Team: Fae+2, Eldigan+1, Peri, Ursula Decided to run Panic Ploy on Fae just to experiment with it. Even at -HP, she can still debuff quite a few units (though it was still kinda sad seeing a debuffed Ryoma running around with 40 spd). I also had a bit of a difficult time finding high scoring fights this week and decided that it wasn't worth spending the extra crests. Back to Tier 19 I go.
  13. Score: 4846 (Rank ~550/~14000 in Tier 19); Avg. 692 +/- 4 per battle. Defense: 580 (6) Tier: 19 --> 20 Total Earnings: 6400 Feathers + 4 Orbs Offense/Defense Team: Fae+2, Eldigan+1, Peri, Ursula I do not have a 5* green horse unit yet which is why Fae is in the team (she also makes a nice score boosting cushion). After getting my desired score, I ran 4* vanilla Gunter in place of Fae; yielding about ~678 per battle.
  14. Score: 4800 (lazy week, Rank: ~3500/4500) Defense: 568 (4 successful defenses) Tier: 20 --> 19 Total Earnings: 5400 Feathers + 4 Orbs Hmm... with Peri in the next season's line up, I will probably run my incomplete Horse Emblem team consisting of Eldigan, Peri, Ursula and Fae.
  15. Did a partial summon on the Fury banner and got a second Eldigan [+Atk/-Res]. Other units included Olivia [+Atk/-Res] and Jagen [ +Spd/-Res].