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  1. Managed to get score of 4786 (deathless) with core + Alm. Currently ranked at 2321.
  2. I decided to fight Zephiel with a bunch of Binding Blade characters that I had lying around. It was a trial and error process but I've eventually reached a solution. Team (All L.40 5*) and relevant skills: -Roy(+2) (Vanilla) -Raigh (Fury, Renewal) -Fae (Light Breath+, Blue tome breaker (sacrificed from fRobin a while back...), Draw Back) -Fir (Wo Dao+, Iceberg, Repos., Threaten Def.) Turns: 11~12 Here's a quick breakdown of what happened. Though, there's a lot of important enemy positioning that I can't describe through text. 1. Raigh kites the green knight with Fae pulling him back for 2 turns. 2. Roy gets hit by the red mage... blue knight swaps the red mage back. 3. Blue mage gets ORKOed by Fae. Fae gets hit by the red mage and blue knight on the following enemy phase. Fae is at 3HP, blue knight has just under 50%. 4. Raigh finishes off the blue knight. Fir repositions Fae away from the red mage. 5. Red mage attacks Fir, who survives blazing thunder + attack. 6. Fir attacks the red mage, though can't ORKO because of Seal Atk; Iceberg becomes fully charged. Raigh finishes off the red mage. 7. Raigh and Fae kites Zephiel for 2 turns. Fir unleashes Iceberg which deals just enough damage to finish off Zephiel. So yea... Roy wasn't very useful during the entire fight. :PP I used my standard arena defense team (Raigh, Fae, Abel, Azura) afterwards and they were able to clear the map in 5 turns with relative ease.
  3. Hmm... looks like everyone wants a Catria (myself included). Neutral IVs are also cool too; can't complain :).
  4. Offense Score: 4756 Rank: 9385 It's interesting to see how the amount of points awarded for each duel could vary by quite a bit; I've been getting anything between 666 - 684. This means that my final placing could vary by a few thousand places based on luck alone. (I could always skip low point battles, but mehhh... such a waste of dueling swords). Defense: 288 / 5 Successful Defenses (The usual team...) Total Feathers: 5000
  5. I went for a single pull today and drew a +HP/-Spd Alm. Probably gonna use him on the arena team, though I'm not sure how well he'll fit.
  6. Nice write-up / analysis on Raigh; I appreciate it :). Just a few things to note though... Raigh naturally has 36 HP (41HP is with his base skill). Also, instead of +Atk/Darting blow (which gives Raigh 48 Atk / 29+6), (+Spd/-Def) + Fury 3 might be better as it gives him 48 Atk / 35 spd on both offense and defense. His bulk also becomes 36/22/32, which allow him to survive neutral ATK vanilla Reinhardt's dire Thunder. Edit: I'm starting to question whether +Atk/Darting blow is even worth using over +Spd/Fury 3 for any sets in general... (other than not having that particular IV variant).
  7. Scored 4736 with the usual core + 4 star palla. The arena... feels different now... not sure how to put it but my run felt a bit easier than pre-update ones. The defense team also claimed its first victim with a score of 285 (last week's was about ~265).
  8. I just need to sacrifice a Hinata to make her Furious Fir!
  9. Ended with 4506 this week, placing me just outside of top 10k (1500 feathers). I also got the usual rewards for a score of 4000+ and successful defenses.
  10. Just spent another 20k feathers on upgrading Fir from 4* to 5*. So far, I've promoted four characters to 5* using feathers.
  11. Got a new score of 4506 (deathless). This moved me from a rank of 13k to 6845. BST= 673
  12. Got a score of 4443 with a 1 death run and a team of BST = 673. I should really start checking for things that can fly around and potentially kill things... like Julias...... Almost lost a run cause of her.
  13. Got a score of 4477 today (1 death) with a team of Fae, Azura, Raigh and a 4* Fir that I've got from the new banner. Combined BST for the team is 681. Interestingly, this new score that I got was better than my no death run with Ursula (instead of Fir). Defense-wise, I currently have my standard team of Fae (Leader), Azura, Raigh, and Abel. They've been doing pretty well ever since SI came out. Before SI, they would probably get about 0-2 wins per week. Last week, they got about 15 successful defenses :P. Some of the notable skills that I have on them are; Fae: Lightning Breath+, Fury3, Draw Back Azura; Wings of Mercy Raigh: Fury3, Rally Attack Abel: Reposition Combined BST: 680 So far, the team has 7 successful defenses this week.
  14. He has HP+5 (5*), Growing Wind (4*) and Spur Res (4*).... sooo nothing really. Edit: His Excalibur can't be transferred.
  15. Went into lunatic with Raigh, Abel, Fae, Azura. Abel went in on the Red cavalier which triggered the other units to move. Baited blue flier into Fae, baited red flier into Azura... Raigh with Fury 3 ORKOs Michaelis with a double hit. The blue lance guy was trying to catch up, but yea... he got KOed in the end.