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  1. Cleared all three difficulties using more or less the same strategy which involved destroying most of Berkut's army on Turn 1. Team + Relevant Stuff: Eldigan: Mystletainn, Ignis, Fury 3, Lunge, Goad Cavalry; Peri [-HP/+SPD]: Brave Lance+, Miracle, Fury 3, Goad Cavalry, HP+3 Seal; Note: Desperation could've been used instead of Miracle... but I lack fodder. Ursula: Blarwolf+, Fury 3, Wings of Mercy 3 Azura: Wings of Mercy 3, Hone Atk 3 Both Peri and Eldigan's Goads were important for achieving several of the KOs.
  2. Score: 4846 (Rank ~2200; Rank required to stay in Tier 20 is 2000) Defense: 582 (13 Successful Defenses) Tier: 20 --> 19 Total Earnings: 5400 Feathers + 4 Orbs Offense / Defense Team: Fae+2, Eldigan+1, Peri, Ursula Decided to run Panic Ploy on Fae just to experiment with it. Even at -HP, she can still debuff quite a few units (though it was still kinda sad seeing a debuffed Ryoma running around with 40 spd). I also had a bit of a difficult time finding high scoring fights this week and decided that it wasn't worth spending the extra crests. Back to Tier 19 I go.
  3. Score: 4846 (Rank ~550/~14000 in Tier 19); Avg. 692 +/- 4 per battle. Defense: 580 (6) Tier: 19 --> 20 Total Earnings: 6400 Feathers + 4 Orbs Offense/Defense Team: Fae+2, Eldigan+1, Peri, Ursula I do not have a 5* green horse unit yet which is why Fae is in the team (she also makes a nice score boosting cushion). After getting my desired score, I ran 4* vanilla Gunter in place of Fae; yielding about ~678 per battle.
  4. Score: 4800 (lazy week, Rank: ~3500/4500) Defense: 568 (4 successful defenses) Tier: 20 --> 19 Total Earnings: 5400 Feathers + 4 Orbs Hmm... with Peri in the next season's line up, I will probably run my incomplete Horse Emblem team consisting of Eldigan, Peri, Ursula and Fae.
  5. Did a partial summon on the Fury banner and got a second Eldigan [+Atk/-Res]. Other units included Olivia [+Atk/-Res] and Jagen [ +Spd/-Res].
  6. Mmm... I don't remember the very first character I pulled because I rerolled. Eventually, I settled for a Skilled Roy. I used him a lot during the story mode and early arena, but benched him later. Going to plan on build him up again because of new modes like Tempest, where I'll need multiple strong units.
  7. Infernal GHB was much easier this time around. Team + Relevant Stuff - Raigh (Fury 3, Rally Atk, Hone Spd 3); - Fae+2 [+Atk/-HP] (Lightning Breath+, Iceberg, Fury 3, Renewal 3, +1 Atk Seal) - Azura (Sapphire Lance+, Fury 3, Wings 3, Fortify Res 3) - Eldigan (Mystletainn, Fury 3, Drag back, Ignis, Quickened Pulse) Strategy: ~Turn 1: Break the wall and have Azura bait out and ORKO the Red Cav while having everyone else out of range. During enemy phase, all other units move towards the broken wall with Clarisse at the front on the fort tile. ~Turn 2: Eldigan hits Clarisse and pulls her away from the fort tile. She gets finished off by Fae and Raigh. Azura then dances Fae, who moves onto the fort tile and attacks the Green mage cav. The fort tile and Azura's Fort Res boosts Fae's Def and Res to 37/49. During enemy phase, Fae chips the Thief, and finished off the Green Cav with Iceberg. Watersweep prevented counterattacking the blue mage. ~Other turns: Fae retreated back. The next objective was to separate the sword fighter and blue mage. Once this occured, Fae defeats the blue mage. ~The thief was finished off by Eldigan and Raigh throws a wolfhead at the sword fighter. Next, Wings Azura flies in and dances Eldigan (the damage he took was from Fury and Savage blows) who proceeds to kill the sword user with an Ignis boosted strike.
  8. Sent you a friend request in game. Let's go team Maria.
  9. Score: 4818 (Avg. 688); score ranges from 682 to 692; was semi-selective for high points. Ranked ~2500 out of ~10000. Defense: 570 (12) Tier: 19 --> 20 Total Rewards: 6400 Feathers + 4 Orbs Offense Team: (Fae+2/Lilina/Azura) + 4* Anna Defense: Various... I tried fielding out various combinations to see which ones might yield more defenses, however, they all seemed to produce consistent results. Probably carried by wings Azuza. Don't think I'll be staying in Tier 20 sooo I'll be slacking off this week for Arena.
  10. Mannn... I just hope Tempest is shorter the next time around... like maybe 8-10 days (with scoring adjusted accordingly). Another two week grind will kill me.
  11. Hmm... I would join team Clarine if I had her, but I need them bonus points. Sooo, looks like I'll be joining team Maria instead; feel free to add me. ID: 5273515151 Going to be switching my lead often.
  12. Glad this madness is almost over. For most of the second half of TT, I've been using a team of Eldigan, Peri, 4* Barst and 4* Maria just to grind HM and SP. Barst capped out his HM (2000) while Eldigan is sitting at about 1600 HM and I've only gotten him last week >>. The score in the image above corresponds to a ranking of about ~2200.
  13. Score: 4812 (Avg. 686 per battle with battles ranging from 680-690) Defense: 564 (1) Tier: 18 --> 19 Total Rewards: 5400 + 4 Orbs This week, a score of 4812 placed me at a rank of about ~2500 and about 8000 people were promoted into 19. Promoting Fae to +2 definitely helped boost my score, where I can reach values as high as 692 per battle while running a Core + SI'd 4* team. Gonna have to run 4* Anna as a make-shift buff bot for the next season.
  14. Currently at 61k / Rank ~3100 for TT. Goal now is to stay in Top 5000 for those 8k feathers. Also, not sure why I didn't think of this earlier, but I should be using my sack team to attempt to train my other units (and get some HM, SP etc.) Then after they get KO'd, I'll complete the rest with the A team.
  15. I was trying to draw for some good banner units and dank SI fodder but I get this shit instead... Anyhow... Gave into temptation and decided to draw this morning. Eldigan [+Spd / -HP] - that's going on the Horse Emblem team. Also came with bonfire fodder. Ryoma [+Atk / -Res] - Ryoma is Ryoma... good character and all, though I'm more interested in lesser used characters. Good morning so far. I'll try again later in the afternoon.