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      Hey everyone, we've finally gotten the gallery up and ready for viewing, be sure to check out all of the great submissions the FE community sent in before voting begins! LINK TO GALLERY: https://serenesforest.net/scribbles/serenes-forest-scribbles-2016-entries/ MORE INFO ON SCRIBBLES & DISCUSSION THREAD: ----- If you're one of our entrants and we missed something involving your entry (a description, name, etc) just send me a PM and let me know! And nice job everyone, great year of entries :P:.


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  1. Error 404: Wallet not found.
  2. @Anacybele Sure they don't want all the answers will be..."Gimme Ike!".
  3. Just found this Survey on FEH facebook fanpage https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdhS9pYGFW6-nVi3aw59W0iGSA51elganfzXfEkanhb-_aj4Q/viewform
  4. Yay! New focus banner "Bunny skins"...oh wait...screw this.
  5. F2p and I got Marth, Tiki, Julia, Eirika x 2, Ephraim, Lucina, Sharena, Priscilla x 2 and no Jaffar...Why there's no Jaffar...
  6. My brother is on the list...but still looking for my name...when can I fight myself
  7. Even scarier than Grima
  8. 1. You have 3 Barst. 2. you like Barst. 3. Barst is your comgrade, Ogma. Then you don't need to pull Hector or those boobies. Just áşınoy your favorite char. Just kidding.
  9. Chilling wind and Glacies...Feel cold already
  10. Well...Poison Dagger on Jaffar would make you rethink.
  11. Best graphics too...
  12. We already have Young Tiki and Old Tiki, why not Young Bartre and Old Bartre lol
  13. Hmm...Jaffar...good enough for me.