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  1. Opinions on Lloyd's Heroes artwork

    Looking at the picture for hundreds of times and keep asking myself who the hell is wearing Lloyd'suit...
  2. Favorite character art

    Beside those above that everyone have said, I really really like Bruno's art, specially the damaged one, so bad ass for a mage.
  3. Voting Gauntlet: Battle of the Mages!

    All right. Lets go Julia. May the best mage win.
  4. Any playable bow cavaliers?

    GHB Uhai, the Soaring Hawk, also wielding the Rienfleche.
  5. Next grand hero battle: Zephiel

    Haha yeah, those armors let their mage go alone? Bad armors.
  6. Next grand hero battle: Zephiel

    Yeah, I did see the screenshot, I'm just curious that how did you kill the mages with one Takumi and no dancer, repostion support skills. Well yeah, that's all.
  7. Next grand hero battle: Zephiel

    It doesn't matter what people think haha having the right team make things easier. But I can see that you have no dancer, only 1 range unit, do you have any reposition, drag back or something? If not, how did you kill the mages?
  8. I hope they'll give us 10 orbs for this wrong description, lol
  9. IMO, i actually like how Arena has changed, we now face tougher enemy teams and there for even more points. Before this, arena isn't hard enough for my team and I keep running deathless streak but can't get higher than ~4400. Now they give chance to increase points but more challenging as well. If you find that the enemies is too hard, take a breath and choose a less difficulty level.
  10. Pulling Nino is the best thing that happened to me so far, just 3* back then, but with a lot of love and feathers effort, she reaches 5* now. Ephraim the all sisters's brother, Y!Tiki and Fae for unlimit cuteness. And Jaffar...wait, I still have no Jaffar
  11. Yeah, i don't intend to use flags on the first round too, just wait and see how things go.
  12. None of my friends has joined team Cordelia too. My Cordelia team up with a straght 4* Azama and 4* Michallis and got rekt in the very first match. So sad.
  13. Prince Alphonse advice

    Alfonse Weapon: Brave Sword+ Assist: Anything you like Special: Moonbow Passive A: Death Blow Passive B: Sword Breaker (x4 if initiate attack) / Quick Respote Passive C: Anything you like Passive S: Waiting for update
  14. I think you should have a dancer or one more range unit instead of 3 close combat units. 1 to 2 close units is enough for me, there's no room for a lot of them stand around watching their teammates fighting to the death, especially in those strategic arena maps.
  15. @Anacybele What is the other blue unit?