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  1. How to play FEH on PC (Windows only)

    Enable all google apps when FEH stops working and see if FEH will be able to start up. If not (I assume it won't) - it's probably because of hardware issues, though I can't be sure in your case. Try enabling/disabling hardware virtualization and try again. And if it starts - well, I have an idea, but first you should confirm if FEH actually works or not.
  2. How to play FEH on PC (Windows only)

    First I'd like to know what processor do you have. If both latest MEmu and BlueStacks don't work for you - it's probably because of some hardware incompatibilities. You can still try MEmu, though I'm not sure it'll help in your case.
  3. How to play FEH on PC (Windows only)

    The problem is Due to unknown reason if you try to import 7.1 instance - it'll convert to 5.1. They changed the way the ova is imported and now it doesn't just copy and paste all files from ova - system files are copied from files in image folder. And since image files for 5.1 are original ones - you get all google apps back.
  4. How to play FEH on PC (Windows only)

    If I understood correctly you reinstalled MEmu, replaced image files and imported the 7.1 ova you exported earlier. Problem is - for whatever reason if you try to import 7.1 instance - it will end out as 5.1. At this point you can't properly export 7.1 instance - that's exactly why there's no disabled google apps for Android 7.1 option in the topic. So if you want to use Android 7.1 - you have to create new instance and redownload everything again.
  5. How to play FEH on PC (Windows only)

    Well... You can't recover this account now. If you get 803-3001 error on unlinked account - it's gone. My condolences.
  6. How to play FEH on PC (Windows only)

    Alright, I've added instructions for MicroG on android 7.1 on MEmu in the topic. Still I'd like to hear more feedback about 7.1 performance.
  7. How to play FEH on PC (Windows only)

    Don't enable them, press "enable" and then back, repeat this 2 times.
  8. How to play FEH on PC (Windows only)

    I've tried to make ova with disabled google apps, but for whatever reason its impossible to import it successfully. Somewhy after importing and launching new instance it'll be android 5.1. Probably because 7.1 in MEmu is still in beta. For now you can follow the guide for BlueStacks (steps 3-5) and you'll be able to play FEH. I'll make archive with microG for android 7.1 soon enough.
  9. How to play FEH on PC (Windows only)

    Problem may be caused by using arm version of FEH apk, download x86 version and try again.
  10. How to play FEH on PC (Windows only)

    Of course you can. FEH doesn't rely on google services for connectivity. Since Play Store is unusable without google services you'll have to download and install new updates manually.
  11. How to play FEH on PC (Windows only)

    Apparently FEH works on android 7.1 instance of latest (6.0.1) MEmu. Can anyone confirm this for me? I'd also like to know if FEH on 7.1 works any faster than on 5.1. Is it even worth to make new instructions for android 7.1? I can't test it myself (because everything equally and horribly lags on my crappy laptop and I can't see a difference anyway), so any help would be appreciated. 803-3001 is still there though, so disable google apps before proceeding.
  12. How to play FEH on PC (Windows only)

    You set resolution to "Custom" and then you have to type preferred resolution manually.
  13. How to play FEH on PC (Windows only)

    I believe it'd be easier for you to have two instances of BlueStacks - with enabled and disabled google apps. You can manage instances by going to "More apps" - "Instance Manager" at the bottom of launched BlueStacks. You can also make two separate desktop shortcuts from there too.
  14. How to play FEH on PC (Windows only)

    Make sure that Root Mode is "Open" in Others tab of MEmu settings. You don't have to change any settings of MiXplorer. If it doesn't work - create a new instance, enable root mode, launch this instance after that and see if there's files in any folder from data/data.
  15. How to play FEH on PC (Windows only)

    They note in change log that they upgraded core engine for "better performance", also "Reduce boot time by 30%" - those are the only useful features of updated MEmu.