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  1. I made my last pull from this banner, wanting to use up my 5% rate and wasn't expecting much... This has been my worst banner so far, with no 5*, leaving me with next to no orbs... At least the Easter Event is coming up with some maps to scrape some orbs back ;;
  2. I use Michalis just to hear his grumpy quotes too. Specially "Don't push me!". I might have a thing for grumpy guys because I love poking at Saizo for his line about candy. NEVER candy. Another favourite of mine is M!Corrin's "I have so many siblings... I'm very fortunate." He sounds... ironic. And that's hilarious because I have a weird sense of humour.
  3. Thank you, guys! I don't have any colouring secrets... I just pick colours and mash them together and then edit a bit if I don't like how they look lol. I'm honestly a complete novice when it comes to colours. Sometimes I just roll with it like with this one: This was done really quick on SAI, using the marker tool. Then I spruced it up with the brush to add more defined shadows/highlights. I believe I had a mask layer with a pink/purple to light blue gradient set to overlay. - Oh, as mentioned, I dug up the clean version of my Cadros design. I honestly don't want to see this lineart anymore because his pose bothers me greatly but I am too lazy to fix it up because I already merged all my line layers and ugh :) This is like my one time miracle/burst of talent in which I somehow could draw bare feet (!!!)
  4. 1. No, Nohrian Trust adds any battle skill from the supporting unit that isn't a duplicate to the possible skills to activate. 2. It's said that it's not available in Birthright. As for appearance rate, I'm unsure. You can get one at the Ballistician DLC though. 1. The first three save slots are located in the cartridge, so if you switch cartridges your file won't be available. The extra data slots are saved into your SD card, but I doubt your Conquest file will work with a Birthright cartridge. 2. You can purchase Revelations on the Nintendo eShop (which I believe is linked to if you choose the option at Fates' main menu). So yes, you'll need to either buy a prepaid eShop card at Amazon/other retailers or use a credit card to redeem currency at the eShop.
  5. I just visited your castle just fine. Maybe wait for a bit and try again? You can use my visit info to get to my castle.
  6. @Kyle Updated with Peri with Lifetaker. The address is 06342-42091 60651-18591.
  7. I have the bolded in my castle. The address is 06342-42091 60651-18591.
  8. I remember playing it a few years back, but never finished it because of the aforementioned tedious maps. Also, I spent a long time grinding for Serperior, only to find out the lord that had Servine wasn't compatible enough </3 I stopped altogether after finding that out.
  9. Wow, congrats! Seeing you get to 4.25% gave me hope 'cause I just reached that rate too and... Since it's raining orbs, I managed to get several single pulls at blue stones and I got 2 more 4* Cordelias to my collection... I guess I could pass their TA 1-2 or whatever to someone. Ninian where are you
  10. Oh darn, I turned out to be a housewrecker ): I'll trade all my 4* Cordelias for an Eirika of yours
  11. Happy times were those they'd give us a one-use incubator per day. And running pokemon... Don't remind me. There really should be a berry that prevented or lowered the chance for pokemon to escape. That's really lucky~ I got 3 of the babies, and then have only been getting Caterpies. It seems like my region has all the pokemon you're missing. I've seen way too many Wobbuffet and Phanpy (I just need another one to be able to evolve mine). Corsola and Heracross are also in my region, but starters are still rare to find. I read somewhere that they're developing a trade feature, but it might not come until much later. It'd be great to trade regional pokemon and those that are rare in certain parts of the world. Edit: Whoa there are shinies now?! Bf just caught a shiny magikarp oAo
  12. F2P here. I have pulled Lucina, Camilla, Hinoka, Cordelia, Roy, Sanaki and Kagero. I don't remember how many pulls I've made, though...
  13. I think pokemon are supposed to appear in their 'habitats', ie. water 'mons appear near water bodies. It still doesn't explain why I see a lot of water pokemon at my local stop, because there isn't any water nearby. But then again, they are the most common type, I believe? Otherwise, I see way too many Clefairy. I haven't had much luck with the new evolution items so far. I've only gotten two of the items; used King's Rock to evolve my Slowpoke (after a lot of walking with him as my buddy) and the Sun Stone is still sitting in my bag because I don't have a strong Oddish or enough Sunkern candies. I really want the Dragon Scale to evolve my Seadra!
  14. Since I trained up a team of fliers, guessed I'd use them for this map. 4* Palla, 5* Hinoka (for Hone Fliers, mostly), 5* Camilla, 5* Sanaki. 1T baited Michalis with Palla. 2T killed him off with Sanaki. Hinoka and Camilla take out the sword and lance pegs respectively. 3T took out the red cav with Sanaki and Camilla. Hinoka finishes off the lancer. EDIT: This is for lunatic... Gawd this is too early for me.
  15. I feel you there... I haven't gotten a 5* out of my pulls in this banner but I'm afraid to get my rates reset on a character I don't particularly want. I'm still going to cling to the hope I can get another dancer/singer besides the free Olivia ; v ;9