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  1. How many 5 star units do you have?

    Time for an update! 16 5* so far; I'm afraid my luck is going to dry out soon ahaha...
  2. SF Orbs Giveaway Lottery [for Android users]

    I want Orbs! You're so generous, thank you for doing this giveaway!
  3. Sorry for not elaborating about my hoarder tendencies available skill fodder ;; Well... Soren is pretty much a lackluster Nino. For comparison, if I gave him LnD3, kept his weapon and gave him the same buffs I give my 5* Nino (Fury 2) from Sharena +4 atk/+4 spd, their performance is 95 wins · 9 losses · 20 draws, and 106 wins · 5 losses · 13 draws, respectively. *sigh* I might just be crazy enough to give Soren such set because I like him well enough to try and salvage him. I guess Axebreaker gives -spd Soren an edge on some variants of Hector, but I'd rather not pit Soren against Hector, or about anyone that can retaliate with physically. I'm playing around with that Soren variant, but 30 spd isn't too good, isn't it? ): Lancebreaker helps him do his work better in this case, but as for what to give him besides that, I'm still unsure.
  4. I'd have to use 22k to get a 3* Hana up to 5*, while Gronnraven+ would require a 5* Cecilia (22k) and possibly a 5* Cordelia (20k) since I lack a disposable 4* Roy. Call it a hoarder's view, because I do have 5* Roy and 5* Cordelia but they're my only copies of the character in that rank. I'm practically swimming in 4* Cordelias... If you give him Gronnblade+ I wouldn't recommend giving him TA. Unless you meant Gronnraven? Gronnblade build on Soren seems to be a waste since if you got a Nino up to 5*, you might as well stick to her. Not sure what to give him for his B slot, since I haven't found anything that would benefit him by a lot. Lancebreaker, maybe? Gives him 4 more wins, notably against Sharena and Effie (if her HP is full, anyway). There's Clair and Shanna too, but I've barely seen them in arena. I think most use this calc:
  5. (Sorry about the late reply) LnD3 with his Rexcalibur+ gets him to 54/38 offenses, but misses on notable OHKOs like Takumi and Kagero that Gronnraven+/TA3 gets. That said, the last wins 52 neutral matches, while LnD3 gets 68. I usually run a team of 2 glass cannons/dancer/bonus unit at the arena, so Soren would need to be my magic user the coming season. He'd have to take Nino's spot and I could switch in Kagero to cover other Kagero and archers. Might be leaning towards giving him LnD3 since it's easier on my feathers, haha.
  6. What's a good build for +atk -def Soren? I've considered the Gronnraven/TA build but compared to a LnD one it doesn't make much difference in the match up results, so I am not sure how to outfit him.
  7. Official Pull Topic

    Pulled a 4* Merric first, not the green-haired mage I was looking for (...), then a Raigh (.......), another red and... SCREAMING. I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE IT. THE HEART OF THE CARDS HEED MY YEARNING. Three green-haired mages tho.
  8. Skill Request Thread!

    I have these up; I believe I have a few more -faire skills but I couldn't squeeze everything in one batch. Tell me when you've grabbed these and I can update again (: [06342-42091-60651-18591]
  9. Official Pull Topic

    My luck's looking up again ; v ; I've gotten one 5* in the last 3 pulls. Sakura and Spring!Xander from the last set of banners (tbh was hoping for Spring!Lucina because I don't have a blue tome nuke yet, but I'll take Xander, he's amusing and his horse is noming on a carrot). Decided to try and summon focus heroes today... And got Takumi, who I didn't have. He's +atk -def, so he won't be seeing much close range attacks, but I'm just excited I finally got a good and low-budget archer. Now I'm just missing Ryoma to complete the Hoshido royals team! One can dream. On the other hand, I have/had like 10 Robins and none have an IV set that makes me go 'Yes, this one!'. Oh well, to the bonfire of skill fodder they go~
  10. Spent the first few turns playing ninja and getting everyone to the right. This bunny Chrom was a godsend, baiting the Kleins. Poor bunny must've ended like a porcupine from all the arrows stuck on him, tho.
  11. Official Pull Topic

    Spring isn't in the air in my game, I guess? It's summer in my region so it might've shoo'ed away the bunbuns. I got 1 green, 1 red and 3 colourless and pulled them all because I thought that maybe I'd get a decent archer or skill fodder, maybe raise my rates for those measly 0.25%... But it gave me 5* Sakura. Still not sure what to think about it. At least her art is pretty to look at and she can join Hinoka as trophy(?) 5*.
  12. Running a team of units without inherited skills is a nightmare (Hinoka, Kagero, Sanaki and Michalis 4* glued to Hinoka's hip for Hone Fliers). I had 4-5 deaths in each chain I tried, but at this point I'm content with barely breaking 4k points. Maybe if I got lucky and pulled either Caeda or Bunny Camilla, I could go Flier Emblem the next week which is unrealistic this game doesn't love me anymore </3
  13. Official Pull Topic

    I made my last pull from this banner, wanting to use up my 5% rate and wasn't expecting much... This has been my worst banner so far, with no 5*, leaving me with next to no orbs... At least the Easter Event is coming up with some maps to scrape some orbs back ;;
  14. Yes, that should be fine. Happy gaming~
  15. Voice Acted Lines

    I use Michalis just to hear his grumpy quotes too. Specially "Don't push me!". I might have a thing for grumpy guys because I love poking at Saizo for his line about candy. NEVER candy. Another favourite of mine is M!Corrin's "I have so many siblings... I'm very fortunate." He sounds... ironic. And that's hilarious because I have a weird sense of humour.