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      Scribbles Gallery is up! Check out all of the great submissions before voting begins!   03/22/17

      Hey everyone, we've finally gotten the gallery up and ready for viewing, be sure to check out all of the great submissions the FE community sent in before voting begins! LINK TO GALLERY: https://serenesforest.net/scribbles/serenes-forest-scribbles-2016-entries/ MORE INFO ON SCRIBBLES & DISCUSSION THREAD: ----- If you're one of our entrants and we missed something involving your entry (a description, name, etc) just send me a PM and let me know! And nice job everyone, great year of entries :P:.


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  1. Hello guys. Does anyone with a US version have any of the skills shown below? Really appreciate if you can share the castle. Reina : Aegis, Pavise Scarlet : line of death, quixotic, rend heaven Flora: movement+1 Gunter: movement+1