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  1. Bring in a boom box.
  2. Play as Lucina and defeat everyone. LIKE A BOSS!!
  3. Buy my tickets for the next movie.
  4. Bring the party like the boss I am.
  5. I agree that a 2D Artstyle would be a cool thing to try out. Imagine GBA animations with Dragon Ball Fighterz graphics. Ultimately, however, I think that Nintendo will most likely go for improved 3D models to off show the Switch's power.
  6. Counter with this
  7. Let the GIF wars begin!!!
  8. Figured it out
  9. Say I don't know how to share gifs
  10. Hype up for Volume 5
  11. Ask the gem for his opinions
  12. Declare WhiteRose canon
  13. Get ready for the Fairy Tail movie coming to America
  14. 7/10. A pretty powerful magic user with the right parent. Also one of the only two romantic S-supports left for Soleil, so that's handy. Dwyer