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  1. Radiance Dusk chat and character art

    Calling it Crimea-Daein makes sense. It'd make it similar to the former country of Austria-Hungary. Maybe it could be like a 2 kingdom country, with Daein being run by a king/queen who was appointed to lead by the former king of Crimea. It could be used to make it so that part of the Daein part of the country supports the former king while the revolution is largely supported by the Crimean populace and many generals. I'd imagine if the 2 countries united, there would still be ethnic tensions between the 2 populations due to all the wars, and If the King/Queen of Crimea happened to be Daeinese in origin, I'd imagine the Crimean population might end up going into a full rebellion.
  2. Fire Emblem: Radiance's Dusk (sign ups closed)

    I'm a little salty y'all are forgetting that I made a cat unit. and yeah Time zones should not be an issue, just posting when you can should work.
  3. Fire Emblem: Radiance's Dusk (sign ups closed)

    @KadenTheKitsune Pretty sure neither skills exist in Radiant Dawn (And I'm pretty sure Power of the Sun isn't a real skill.) I would recommend you switch them out for radiant dawn skills (plus they tend to be stronger skills than ones in fire emblem awakening and fates.) Skills Here
  4. Fire Emblem: Radiance's Dusk (sign ups closed)

    Character 2: Name: Tamrat Osie Gender:Male Age: 20 Height:5'6" Weight:125 lbs. Race (Beorc or Laguz): Laguz Arc: 2 Role: Soldier of the Gallian Prince Class (no third tier pre-promotes): Cat Weapons (you may have a personal weapon):Claw Growths: Hp:80% Str:55% Mag:0% Skl:45% Spd:65% Luck:50% Def:30% res:25% Stats: HP:25 Str:8 Mag:0 Skl:7 Spd:9 Luck:6 Def:5 res:2 (Before transformation) Skills: Renewal, Shove Backstory: Tamrat was born in Zarzi as the youngest child of a family of 5 children in a poor part of the city. Tamrat was very enthusiastic about life and was very interested about learning a large variety of things. He always wanted to explore places and as a result decided to join the army in the hopes of being able to explore. He was notable for being overly friendly to his fellow soldiers, but ultimately had unrelenting loyalty. He was often too over attached to people a\which kinda alienated dim from the other soldiers. Appearance: Tamrat has short, light brown hair and green eyes. Tamrat is somewhat muscular in his beorc-like form and has extremely dark skin. In his Cat form Tamrat has a thin brown coat with black smudges spaced about on his fur. Character 3: Name: Alexander Neilson Gender:Male Age:17 Height:5'11" Weight:142 lbs. Race (Beorc or Laguz): Beorc Arc: 3 Role: Crimean Prince Class (no third tier pre-promotes): Sword Knight Weapons (you may have a personal weapon): Amiti (I can change this if it would be too powerful early on.) Growths: Hp:70% Str:60% Mag:0% Skl:50% Spd:55% Luck:30% Def:55% Res:30% Stats: Hp:21 Str:7 Mag:0 Skl:5 Spd:6 Luck:3 Def:7 Res:2 Skills: Paragon, Canto Backstory: Alexander was born the only child of King Reginald and Queen Caroline in the capital city of Melior. Alexander grew up in Castle Crimea and would spend a lot of time in the library reading through the extensive collection of books, however sword play had always interested Alexander. Alexander got general Micheal to teach him how to ride a horse and how to wield a sword properly. When the rebellion broke out, Alexander managed to escape, however his mentor Micheal stayed behind in order to serve as a distraction for the rebels. Appearance: Alexander has medium length green hair, blue eyes and incredibly pale skin. Alexander wears a set of black armor with gold highlights running all along it. Alexander has a thin green mustache forming on his face and has a brown horse named Ajax.
  5. Fire Emblem: Radiance's Dusk (sign ups closed)

    This looks interesting Name: Jenine SilonaGender: FemaleAge: 32Height: 5'5"Weight: 134 lbs.Race (Beorc or Laguz): BeorcArc:1Role: Servant of the EmpressClass (no third tier pre-promotes): HalberdierWeapons (you may have a personal weapon): Baduhenna: 11 might, 70 hit, 10 crit, +2 speed when equipped, Javelin,Growths: HP:55% Str:55% Mag:5% Skl:60% Spd:60% Luck:25% Def:55% Res:35% Stats: lvl 4: HP:30 Str:11 Mag:1 Skl:11 Spd:12 Luck:9 Def:13 Res:7 Skills: Shove, Critical+5, NihilBackstory: Jenine was born in Begnion near the Grann Desert with her mother being a former sentinel of the Begnion army and her father a travelling merchant. Her mother taught Jenine how to wield a lance which she would use to help protect her father's merchant runs. When Jenine turned 15, she and her family were by Sienne when a small group of bandits attacked the outskirts. Jenine managed to fight off the bandits on her own, due to her mother being sick and unable to help, and a general of the Begnion Central army saw her fight off the bandits and requested that she join the arm, which Jenine ultimately agreed to, despite her mother's protests. Jenine managed to rise through the ranks and became a guard to the previous apostle, about 3 months before he passed away. Before he passed away he assigned Jenine to watch over her daughter. Appearance: Jenine has chin length, brown hair, green eyes, and dark brown skin. Jenine wears a set of dark blue armor with green stripes along her armor and carries a small dark blue shield. Will work on other 2 characters soon. Also dibs on Crimean Prince/Princess