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  1. Also, remember, even if you can make an echo doesn't mean you should.
  2. Also, apparently Dark Samus is the first American created fighter in Smash along with K. Rool being the second British one.
  3. This is Mario. If anything, he may shrink.
  4. Luigi gets to come back though. Though, it is Mario so he probably has like 99 extra lives. Well, it looks like they may have some collatoral damage in their fight. Anyone else like the DK 64 final smash?
  5. Yes, but Rosalina, Shulk, Mega Man, Duck Hunt, Bowser Jr., and Greninja all had CG. Not only that, Mario and Luigi nonetheless. Though, Luigi was getting cozy back in his body, and Mario technically may not be dead.
  6. Most of the Smash 4 ones were unless it was to fit the game.
  7. You literally said, and I quote, "Guy caused more harm then any Fire Emblem villain ever did." How is that vague?
  8. When you select that option it takes you to the above gif.
  9. Why should get involved in their process of choosing a new leader. Most of them surrendered except for Gangrel's most loyal (as the game said). Chrom being the trusting guy he is and having things to take care of back home, left it to the Plegians who to pick as their next ruler. How was he supposed to know another madman would take it? And even if he had misgivings, would you have him start another war because he didn't like him? If Validar did nothing to warrant it and did not give away his intentions, what could he do? If it were an apocalypse, there would probably be more panic than just a few villages here or there or the, what, maybe two dozen that show up in the grinding missions. They aren't exactly in apocalyptic proportions and they don't even have an intelligence behind them for the most part. It's not Chrom's fault Lucina didn't tell him about it sooner.
  10. Well, rebuilding your defeated enemies without just taking their land is a relatively new concept I think. And it wasn't exactly an apocalypse level event, and it's not like he massacred their armies since most of them surrendered. Let them take care of any Risen! Remember, they goaded Yllisse, what obligation does he have to babysit them? As for rebuilding, do you not remember that their capitol which is apparently fairly close to the coast meaning they had to cut through the country to get to it, was overrun? Not to mention their villages being hounded by Plegian bandits to incite a war. And, yes, they took some of their ample gold for reparations, but they still had enough to fund the entire Valmese expedition (save for the Shepherds apparently; they have to buy their own stuff or bring it with them when they join). That's not Chrom's fault.
  11. He didn't know about Valm because someone (Virion) failed to mention it. And it was two years. He also didn't know about Grima's eminent return. Don't expect the man to know everything. Plus, he was a little busy rebuilding his own nation after killing Gangrel.
  12. Well, he did liberate Valm from a dictator and had to run off to, you know, deal with a dragon that threatened them too. And it's not like he was telling the world to go die by sealing Grima. Assuming they didn't mess up in the future, Grima could theoretically never be released again. Also, don't assume female Robin and if you do, don't assume they're married.
  13. Wait, if Awakening is like FF7, are they going to turn Chrom into an edgelord?
  14. Wasn't the stage recognized as something actually from Monster Hunter? If so, why would the story lead them there? Unless it's Melee style which I'd be on board with.