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  1. Then what's the point? So we can have the same four win again?
  2. I doubt Masked Lucina would pull that much weight except maybe for true diehard Lucina fans (though I'll admit she did surprisingly well the first time). It makes sense for them to at least take out the winners, but this is IS, so I have no clue to be honest.
  3. Really? When I went, Boey was the only new one.
  4. The new heroes of the 24th january

    SS seems most likely.
  5. Can you say that anywhere close to a third are rallying behind Ephraim? Just because more people are campaigning, doesn't mean more people are going to vote for him. It could very well be just a bunch of loud people grasping at straws. Maybe he'll do well, he does have memes like Ike, but you seem a bit overconfident. Much like Ephraim himself. Also, let's not forget that Chrom may have picked up fans from that gauntlet too and his greatest inhibitor, Lucina, will likely not be participating.
  6. Apparently, but that doesn't change the fact that vocality does not equal results.
  7. Don't put too much stock in Reddit. It's about like here in that it's a relatively small portion of the fanbase. Besides, when does campaigning ever help in situations like this? In fact, I can personally find it annoying.
  8. I think, but we haven't had reason to doubt it yet.
  9. Uh, sure? Since when do we get one vote?
  10. Of course, the irony of this is that essentially third place will probably be given better versions than second (yes, I'm still salty about that). Maybe, but I'm still sticking with Chrom (probably).
  11. How would Chrom having multiple Heroes versions hurt him?
  12. What character is your main?

    Eh, the idea of "mains" in a Warriors game seems a bit odd to me (less so here than in HW which forced you to use most of the default cast), but I guess it is Lucina. She is my only unit at max level right now.
  13. That's dedication. Unless they give him the same artist. Could happen. Chrom's only had one artist. Same for Lyn and male Corrin.
  14. That would be cool, but I doubt he could pull it off. Indeed, but I doubt they'll do it. This is a contest, not necessarily a straight popularity contest though.
  15. It mostly come down to Chrom or Male Robin for me. I guess I technically like Robin more, but Chrom is more likely to win. Might throw a vote at Morgan though.