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  1. Plus, it could add Sumia. She's not...totally irrelevant after all and I actually like her. @Jingle Jangle Wrong thread. There's another one for costumes.
  2. I'm fine with that too. I win either way!
  3. This is essentially what I would hope for. Pretty much giving characters with no chance a chance.
  4. Trying to recreate Lucina is like trying to recreate Awakening (both of which Fates tried thought the former is debatable) it won't end well. Best to just make new characters and hope one of them takes off.
  5. What are the typical level caps? 99?
  6. Don't have a gif, but I love the Ganondorf punt that Barons do in Echoes. The shield bash is good too.Not sure if it qualifies as my favorite though. Generally speaking the GBA had good animations (as it was pixel art instead of models) with stuff like swordmasters, but I like how Echoes actually moves around like they're actually fighting.
  7. It's possible it was either lost or they have no one who can use it since Falchions tend to be rather picky about who can use them.
  8. Stuff happens. Anyways, no, the series is stronger than ever. People can complain about how Awakening ruined the series, but, honestly, I don't think it's that different from the older games I've played. Flat characters exist across the board, it's hard to flesh out 30+ characters, some will get lost in the cracks. Honestly, I find Awakening's supports more interesting anyways. People harp on Robin getting a mere compliment (even if they are deserved), yet let's not forget that "perfect" characters are not exactly new from what I gather, it's just because this time it's an avatar. The burning of the armada...well, what would you do? Let them pillage your homeland? Robin won them the day, and they congratulated him/her for saving the day and subsequently, their homes while they waged war. And, let's be honest, Fire Emblem is far from Shakespeare. Awakening's plot actually seems pretty par for the course as far as Fire Emblem plots go: country invades, lord flees, lord defeats other country, oh no more baddies, kill baddies, oh looks like there's this big evil thing, let's kill it (optional insert macguffin here)! Oh, yeah, and strategy and stuff. The fact it split the fanbase is rather ironic considered how alike it is to said older games. To me, it just seems like a natural development of those games.
  9. 100 even I believe. Missing two silhouettes: Valter and Summer Elise.
  10. Creative liberties. They couldn't use dark magic as a tactician either.
  11. None...though Chrom is getting close.
  12. I pulled the freebie for Sacred Ike.
  13. Fair, I was out of line on that one. My apologies. I still think treating Nintendo as the bad guys is out of line as they just seem to be doing damage control. To my knowledge, they never picked the focus games, but they're trying to make sure what they have works. Of course, not everyone will be happy, but they're trying. They know Fire Emblem, they made it after all and it's a lot easier to mess up than Zelda so a little more feedback is to be expected. Will this change anyone's mind, probably not, but I would at least like people to realize that I was not arguing for Lucina, I was using Lucina to argue for Nintendo. That point seemed to have been lost that the subject was Nintendo and Lucina is currently the only specific example we have of them requesting something. Though Lucina isn't the only character I defend, she just seems to come up more than the others. In any case, I'm done here.
  14. It does have the single biggest cast of any map, so it stands to reason that it would break faster. Especially with so. Many. Summons.
  15. Mine broke before 200. I think it was like fifty. But, yeah, the final level took me forever to finally beat only took a few tries, but they could take a while.