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  1. I forgot about that one. Though I'm still calling Mystery for the next one. I also think "Marth" will be here to stay for the other trials too.
  2. Actually, Mystery has 13 since it also has a xenologue.
  3. Reinhardt would probably be the most flexible to work with other people's teams.
  4. I think Block A is generally more terrifying though, not that the others aren't terrifying.
  5. That's much better than mine. I've given her no extra skills. I'll probably send out Robin for the gauntlet though since he has TA raven.
  6. Mine is in the same spot, but I'm getting close to 80K feathers. Unless I'm using flags, I'm not even sure if I'll use her though.
  7. I've actually considered promoting my Lissa to 5*. I know healers are probably gain the least from promoting, but I have an abundance of feathers and I've considered just promoting units for special events.
  8. Accepted. Any preference on leader? I have a few built up units, but for this I would recommend Robin.
  9. Well, they might get bitter, and Lissa is a fairly prominent (and free!) character. Whether that's enough to defeat the cinnamon roll, I don't know.
  10. Well, since it's a healer gauntlet, who on team Lissa wants TA Robin?
  11. I'm Team Lissa, not that anyone cares.
  12. Because Wrys has memes, he's too powerful! Well, at least their (game's) fanbase is split. Lissa does have a notable advantage of being the sole Awakening character. Will it be enough to, I don't know.
  13. So will you be changing you're signature again, or are you taking it easy this gauntlet.
  14. Who says she'll lose early?
  15. I think that's what they were going for. Is that official or an edit?