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  1. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Possible, possible I'm not against the odds of her being an actual dragon, just point it out it's not explicitly stated, she can be other entities as well.
  2. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Well, the entirety of FE franchise itself still have Fomortiis and Ashera. it's still not explicitly stated she is dragon, just not human although I wouldn't be surprised if she's really a dragon.
  3. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    I just noticed that Loki's VA name sounds Japanese, even the ones in English version. Is she actual Japanese who can speak English or someone of Japanese ancestry?
  4. New Heroes Banner: Brave Redux

    All infantry banner! My orbs is once more safe, I blew a lot in halloween banner! And Aversa, the only unit that is to my liking (gameplay-wise) is a GHB! Yay! Although C Infantry Duel skill? Cue more wrazzle dazzle shenanigans in Arena. And Loki.. Is it not too soon? I thin she will still be relevant in Book 3...
  5. Who would you like to see in the next Tellius banner?

    I'd kill for sane Rajaion released in FEH.
  6. New Calendar!

    I'm sorry if I wasn't being clear enough. Let me rearrange my words. I mean since book 2 all new heroes banner have been story chapters excluding CYL, which is a event. Beasts are out of topic because like the case with colorless breath/colored dagger/bow, it's a new thing that would be an update and since the update/datamine don't include beasts, nah.
  7. New Calendar!

    23/10 october banner has to be Farfecthed Heroes since version 3.0 and new story chapter isn't in yet, and the only paralogue with new heroes is cyl -related event... yeah
  8. New seasonal Banner: Land’s Bounty

    Arden says hi
  9. New seasonal Banner: Land’s Bounty

    I missed last year's Christmas all-armor banner just so I can skip it. I've been puling at so much banners lately despite I'm picky (only pulls for player phase ranged cavalry or flier or armor dragon) yet they keep throwing what I'll pull smh.
  10. New seasonal Banner: Land’s Bounty

    This logic is why I'm happy with seasonal banners being so armor-loaded so I can skip it, I only use cavalry and fliers as well But armored dragons, specifically armor dragons, are too good to not pull even if I'm a player phase player with ranged units .
  11. Halloween silhouettes for the 10/10 banner

    So if the 10/10 banner is a halloween banner, meaning the second october main banner could be the farfetched heroes as there is no book 3 yet.
  12. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Free summon always worth it. No matter how bad the unit you got from the free summon, hey, it's free.
  13. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Hector returned in December. Meanig for December we have Hector, Marth, anf Fjorm returning... Wait, does this mean for both December and November we got colorles LH? Because for November it's Ryoma, Gunnhtra and Lucina who returns
  14. September's Legendary Hero - Tiki: Legendary Dragon

    *cringes* That Tiki looks so good but I already have the other two blues..... Or should I wait for MGrima to appear in another banner instead?
  15. September's Legendary Hero - Tiki: Legendary Dragon

    I know it is in Archanea games Tiki is broken when not so in Awakenin, but FEH doesn't care that much for canon, can we have broken ADULT tiki for once?