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  1. I guess it's okay. I mean it's really nice that the devs are aware of real-time events and cast appropriate (appropriate being ambiguous here) characters to match the said occasion. After all, as some people have said, that's what gachapon games are all about. I am hoping, however, that they would release another focus banner that features new characters from other series along with this Easter one. I admit, it's getting kind of mundane how they release the same characters again and again because of their overall popularity, but that's how marketing works, I assume... So yep, 2 new focus banners please, IS?
  2. Lots of juicy information right here! I feel so enlightened upon using Y!Tiki now that you've provided an in-depth elaboration of her potentials! Also, it's true that it takes a lot of dedication and SP to give her the right build... I am hoping that IS will soon implement more ways to gather SP because farming for SP when a character, notably 5☆s, hits maximum level gets tedious. Personally, I like Defiant skills in general and I agree that the buffs from the said skills are huge. Vantage has always been helpful in many ways and, as you said, make a really excellent combo with Defiant as well! With that said, here is my theoretical build for her: Lightning Breath+ Swap (so that she can save a frail teammate from being assaulted) Bonfire (Never thought about this before until you discussed about it and yes, it scales well with her def and also have a shorter cooldown so it will be most likly to trigger when equipped with lightning breath+) Defiant ATK Vantage Hone SPD/ATK I guess that build is all right. Again, huge huge huge thanks for sharing useful information and tactics with Y!Tiki. I appreciate the effort! I can also see the passion that you have towards the character and that is simply lovely. Now I'm excited to use her in almost any content of the game.
  3. Tell me about it... I also have an absurd number of 3* Gordin, Clarine, and Wrys dupes (6 each!) This is true, I don't think building mono teams at this early time of the game is viable yet. Heck, even full armored or fliers aren't viable! (Thanks a lot training tower quests ) So as of now, I'm just creating teams for funsies and also capable to adapt when put in other teams. Tiki, Ninian, Nowi, Hector sounds hella good. That's super bulky and highly dependent on buffs. If I give some of them Renewal, Ardent Sacrifice, or Reciprocal Aid then they would probably be a great wall that cannot be easily taken down. (gotta be wary of Falchion though..) It's sad to say, but healers don't really provide much support in the arena where it's really fast-paced and there's no time for tanking rounds, so Lucius may be an easy prey in arena (Low Def makes him an easy target for Red Lords). If they could somehow improve the role of Staff users (Why the halved damage?!) in this game, then maybe tagging them along in Arena would be considerable. As of now my Arena team, both offense and defense, consists of Ninian(bonus unit), Eldigan (fury and BST hog), Reinhardt (basically the serial killer), and Hector (for pesky blues, baiting reds, and transferring HP to Eldie with Reciprocal aid, also has a nice combo when he trades HP with Ninian in order to use Escape Route + Dance).
  4. OOHHH I GET IT NOW! Thanks for explaining it to me (the sequences provided were very very appreciated). I honestly never bothered using these skills because I had no clear idea how they work so I just leave em be. But I think I may find myself using them a lot in the future (Hopefully when Navarre comes out). Hmm probably for a Mono-Dragons team since I already have Ninian, Nowi, and the splendid Free Corrin ♥. Also, I don't have a red unit that deals Magic damage so that creates a variety for the team. Of course! Here are my treasured babies units! Hmm for some reason, it already reached the max limit of MB for downloading... still have 2 shots left but all 3*s
  5. Aww guys! You provided such comprehensive and helpful answers! Derp, I just realised that Renewal is, a B skill. That suggestion is not too bad at all! As much as possible I'd like to have him survive more turns (not planning to use him in Arena) while also being reliable to take out a couple of blues and maybe greens as well. I'm thinking of letting him have Seal SPD so that when his Defiant SPD triggers after Enemy Phase, the attacker will then be inflicted (-) SPD and allowing him to take advantage of the Slow debuff and possibly attack 4x... Yes! This absolutely makes sense! I have also observed that he triggers Glacies most of the time because of his weapon and his average speed. I also pair him up with Azura and ohoho boy does he murder almost every enemy in the map. I agree that Klein's specially built to dominate during Player Phase and I also don't see much of a use in his Quick Riposte, so I'll have to get him a breaker skill. Ah of course, the classic Death Blow + Brave weapon. That's what I did to my Reinhardt and now, he's been slaying lots of Red Lords and Effies in the arena, a truly scary unit. As I have mentioned before in my reply to Arcanite, I plan to let him survive a couple of rounds because I plan to team him up with a healer (eherm Lucius). *Copying what I wrote down for convenience*: "I'm thinking of letting him have Seal SPD so that when his Defiant SPD triggers after Enemy Phase, the attacker will then be inflicted (-) SPD and allowing him to take advantage of the Slow debuff and possibly attack 4x... " Hmm pardon the side track but what how does Desperation work again? And how is it different from Brash Assault? Tiki: I'm not actually sure about Tiki, so I'll let someone more knowledgeable, like @Ryu Yuki give it a shot. Either way though, I would personally recommend giving her Lightning Breath+ from her adult form if you can, as the innate Distant Counter is generally more useful than the extra damage from Flametongue. For her special, I personally don't find the Growing or Blazing specials to be particularly useful given how unlikely it is you'll manage to get off a 5-charge special in most Arena matches (especially on a character as slow as Tiki), so I would replace it with a lower CD offensive special, such as Moonbow. Noontime is another option if you'd prefer healing over damage. Her B-slot depends a lot on what else your team already covers. In general, Quick Riposte is a good, safe option, especially for slower but bulkier units like she is. However, if you don't already have a reliable way to deal with Falchions, then Swordbreaker is a good option to allow her to deal with those units. Alternatively, if you have a good blue anti-sword unit but don't have a reliable way to deal with Julia, consider giving her G Tomebreaker and Triangle Adept. If you can deal with both just fine, then I would probably suggest Quick Riposte. If Julia is not an issue, I think Fury is probably the best overall A-slot skill to give Tiki as she benefits quite a bit from all of the stat boosts, given her balanced stats across the board. More contributors are always welcome! And wow I never knew that Tiki has so many potentials yet is also quite expensive to build. I'm thinking of her role to be more of like a tanky frontliner that can also support her teammates behind her. So yes, I agree with Lightning Breath+ to be comparable to Distant Counter and be an awesome Draco-Hector. Good thing I have a 3* Adult Tiki, though I might not get her to 5* very soon since my feathers are limited for now. I want to see her survive enemy phases along with Raven, so SwordBreaker against Falchion is a really solid suggestion. Quick Riposte looks fine as well so that it'll synergize with specials with shorter cool downs. How does Escutcheon/Pavise sound for her as a special? Could it possibly help her survive the upcoming 62 damage from a Lucina? Again, I think Life and Death and Fury are kind of risky for her since I really don't intend to use her in Arena, too. It sure is a lot of information and it sure is super helpful! I literally had no idea what to put on the empty slots of those characters and I'm glad you guys helped out! And about the dancers, that is absolutely true. My A-team right now consists of Lucina, Nino, Klein, and Azura and they definitely rule during Player Phase. I always use the 'Hit and Run' technique, where Lucina or Klein would hit an enemy and Nino would drag one of them back, then Azura will sing for extra positioning! It's intense!!! But for this typical team, I honestly want to try something new and try not to rely on Dancers too much given how they definitely improve the fight. Again, huge thanks for the inputs! I'm glad people here are willing to help out! Much love to you all!
  6. This is so wrong yet feels so right in many ways... I just... can't.
  7. Thanks a bunch! What's a good B skill for Raven? Was thinking of drag back so it would provide extra positioning and evasion since he's more likely to be a glass cannon. *Sigh* Wish I could pull a 4☆ Fae for the Renewal 3. Eldigan also needs that skill but so far, I've no luck in pulling her. Any recommendations for Young Tiki? I think she offers a good utility as tank and attacker while also pocket-healing her teammates. Looks like a pretty solid unit (of course, not until a Falchion user appears on the map).
  8. Must...resist...the urge...to pull...
  9. Hi! What skills are ideal for Tiki(Y), Raven, and Klein? I don't exactly recall what their Boons/Banes are though...
  10. Finally done with the Armored quests and the entire training tower quests. In all honesty, armored quest was quite a breeze compared to fliers. Then again, it depends on the units you have since I do not possess any 5☆ Flying unit and still trained about 5 of my 4☆ just to complete it (Real struggle, I tell ya!). But thanks to Hector, who is a real gem in this quest, along with 4☆ Effie and 2 Sheenas who have Swap and Reciprocal Aid for support, I managed to get it done without spending a single Light's Blessing (Well, truth be told, I only have 1 Blessing left).
  11. "I hope always for my soul to soar, but sometimes I am weak... For that, I am sorry." Love how this definitely reflects my bae's character.
  12. After so many attempts and depressing failures, I finally finished the Flier quest!! God, this quest was so annoying. I burnt about 7 stamina potions and 3 Blessings just to get it done. The last one was really trippy. I literally had 9 stamina left and the final map was just perfect for completion and it should be easy, or so I thought. DESPERATE TIMES CALL FOR DESPERATE MEASURES YO. I was literally freaking out and laughing at the same time about what might happen next (you know how sneaky these enemies are). And after using Caeda to stalk Azama into a corner, I used the other fliers to trap him while Cherche chips his health down (which was by the way, ONLY 7 PER ROUND BECAUSE OF AZAMA'S FRICKIN THREATEN ATTACK). Cherche was the only one who can attack without 0 DMG! God, that was quite a crazy adventure. Now I have to brace myself for the armor quest *goes back into the dark corner* Oh and, you might be thinking, were the 3 orbs worth the effort and resources? Thanks to all who helped out and somehow related to me!
  13. But you have Catria... Catria is one of the best fliers in the game... I just replaced Narcian with Cherche and WOW. SO. MUCH. IMPROVEMENT. She, along with Michalis, takes care of the blues. But since Michalis is sort of specifically built to take care of archers, she now specializes is taking out Armors as well. I put Glimmer on her and she does a whooping 73 x 2 on blue armors on 10th stratum (she's only lv 37! Geezus!) I'm glad @eclipse recommended her to me! I have never even thought about re-shuffling the tower. That's a really great advice! I am already done with the cavalry quest. The only quests that need to be done are the fliers and armor. I'm still training my 2 Sheenas for the armor quest, though I do have a Lv40 Hector and Lv34 Effie, but I don't think they won't be able to clear it yet, unless of course with a good match up from rerolling. Once I get the Sheenas to a higher level, I hope they would be able to clear it consistently. But so far, so good. Thanks for the motivation, @Iris!!!
  14. For those who did the 'Early Bird' event, the maps are already marked. So, most of y'all who speculated about having only 2 copies of Michalis at most were correct. Though getting 4 copies sounded too good to be true, this is I.S. we are talking about here.
  15. Oh dear, that is a valid point. This monk is missing out, indeed! Neat! Then I plan to set her up with Glimmer and Quick Riposte. The idea of Wings of mercy is actually clever, but since my fliers are always travelling together for buffs and such, I suppose there is no reason to have a Teleporting Minerva around the map. Thank you very much for the huge contribution! Hopefully this one will work out.