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  1. Dunno about you guys, but I've taken a liking to Zephiel's "HNNNNGGG" grunt when proccing. Makes me crack up everytime. His "How amusing" also gets me and gives me the vibe as if he was saying "Wat? Tip da scales? How cute." Kudos to the VA for this
  2. Yush! High five! Unfortunately, healers are only limited to a handful of A passives such as statboosters (excluding Fury), Fortress Def, and Defiant skills. Bummer how the limitations crushed my dream of Fury Lucius who can provide huge amounts of heals with Martyr every time he takes true damage from Fury.
  3. Ladies and gentlemen, I humbly present to you... the most benevolent of them all the one who possesses such magnificent grace the trappiest of the traps He's +ATK/-SPD which is a bit bittersweet. Nonetheless, I know I have said it before so many times already, but nothing can replace the joy of how rewarding this can be. I never thought that Lucius will make it into the game considering there are lots of more popular competitors in different series. As for my dream team:
  4. This banner is basically screaming "Mehehe even though I popped up at a random time and most of the characters are irrelevant, you should spend your Gauntlet Orbs on me because Azura~" I also agree that they should have at least new quests to mess with. How disappointing, really.
  5. True. And I really miss the daily Arena quests which give out a free orb and a few feathers. I thought it was going to be a permanent feature in the game, but now it's gone as well. I just wish they'd be consistent with the daily missions. It was an interesting element in the game that kept players going.
  6. Thanks, I appreciate it! And yes, I agree that Nosferatu at this point is still questionable. I hope IS would include the tome with a much better and balanced mechanics. Cheers!
  7. And I've been wanting to make Magvel characters as well! Ehehehe, you can always make a unique batch of your own (I just started making these babies last night lol)! It's nice to know that there are people other than me who cares about the Blazing Blade. I really felt attached to it when I started playing it in my childhood days. I've been debating with myself if Javelin should be unique or not. In the end, I chose it to be unique on her even though every lancer from the original series are able to wield it. Yes, it's a 2 Mt. short because her ATK is already naturally high. Similar to Linde's case, who has a unique tome with 14 Mt., I reduced it for balance's sake. Bullet SPD may sound really good, but as an A skill, it still competes with top-notch passives such as L&D, Fury, and even Iote's Shield for fliers. I knew it. I should've modified the Nosferatu tome more considering it can be transferred to any mage. I was thinking if it should be 30% which is similar to Daytime, which honestly is not an OP amount. As for it being a Blue Egg clone isn't a bad scheme, too. Yeah I think I got too excited on creating Bolting that it sounds OP now... OH and thanks for pointing it out about the Seal Res 2. The real intention is for the tome to have a built in Seal Res 2, indeed, but since I don't really use Seals so I had no idea that it was -5 lol. Yep I also think Devotion might need a little buff... I think it's better to let also grant +2 res. Gah I completely forgot about Swift Sparrow! If the devs decide to bring back the limited editiong Spring characters, though, this might be a good alternative. Phew for a second there, I thought all of my ideas were to go down the bin. Thanks for suggesting a good buff on S&S I think it may look promising with +6 ATK. Uhm Linde's Aura is a unique Light Tome and yet she is a Blue unit. I think I'll work a bit more on Respite... Thanks for the commentary and suggestions! And I can't wait to see you create amazing FE7 folks as well! Cheers! :)
  8. I agree with you on this. My take on this skill though, is to encourage the use of Staff wielders in the game. Right now, only a few are using Healers and most people are still indulged with the current Meta. Hence, I think it would provide more team builds when this skill is in play. (More uses for healers!!!) (´。• ω •。`) Ehehe, um I forgot to put '%' right after 30. So it's like New Moon with an improved range. I seriously need to be more careful with typos. Devotion gives the ability of "Armored Blow but also works on Enemy phase" skill to an ally. Since this is not a turn buff, it therefore stacks with skills like Spur, Blow, etc. Yeah I also think that Raven isn't cut out to be slow, but because they removed LCK and evasion in this game, I think scratching SPD off of his character might be a good idea. Whoops! My bad, it was unintentional. My actual idea for Lucius' weapon is Aureola [MT. 14, Effective against Dragons] but I feel that it might feel a bit OP, and I was totally unaware that you have the same idea. Though I guess you could say... Thank you very much for sharing your insights!
  9. THE BLAZING REVIVAL BANNER!!! Greetings! I would like to share my concoctions and creations with all you dashing ladies and beautiful gentlemen. Erm... To be completely honest, I think that the characters from the Blazing Blade do not receive much love from Heroes (Eliwood, Rebecca, and Lloyd's art; Ursula's odd personality, Raven and Lucius' weapon gone wrong; etc.). Thus, I created a set of characters from the series that I hope most of you will recognize. So without further ado, let's get started! FARINA CANAS PENT LOUISE RAVEN LUCIUS Final Notes: So there we have it. I know this is far from happening in the game, but nothing's wrong with being optimistic and creative (I think...). I'd deeply like to know your opinions and thoughts on this 'banner'. What do you think about the skills? The stats? Do you agree that FE7 should gain more love from the devs? Should there be more Blazing characters in the game? Who are you looking forward to? Will you pull from this 'banner'? What are your ideas for Skill Inheritance if these skills were to be in the game? I appreciate your time for looking into these ideas. Cheers! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ EDIT: Added Movement types and note on [DARK MAGIC]
  10. How's everyone doing with this Grand Hero Battle? I personally think it was manageable. I got Lloyd already, his art is still off for me but at least they've done him justice as Kaiji Tang voices him. I think Smite helps here if you don't really find it necessary to use a flier. But yeah this map was a breeze compared to that of URSULA's 3:<
  11. Okay, though I absolutely hope to pull a second one since my luck has been untrusty these past few days. Though I have to be honest-- I pulled this Genny from the 5 free orbs earlier. Now the Gods shall forsake me again for the next 7 days or so. Will we still get free orbs from the Gauntlet?
  12. Ah help I managed to pull a Neutral Genny. I was surely decided to feed her to Lucius once I get a copy... but then I heard her voice and it was the most beautiful thing I have ever heard and now I'm torn on whether to let her go or not but Lucius is still the most precious creature in the whole world!
  13. Ah you noticed, haha. Indeed! He looks more Lucius-y (if that's even a word) here. I'm the opposite lol. I, on the other hand, used to hoard lots and lots of orbs back then, but when I blew them all on Ephraim's banner and got nothing good, I've never felt so devastated. Good thing that habit's changed and it yielded good outcome, for me at least.
  14. I do one full session to bump up the rates, then I hunt for the orb I like. Results are pretty promising this way
  15. Now, that's dedication!