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  1. How Would You Improve FE Warriors?

    Just realized another thing I would do for a FEW2 5. Give the focus games equal focus I honestly really didn't like the clear amount of favoritism towards specific games in FEW1, in this case Fates, which got a whopping total of 9 characters in the base game, Awakening got 6, and Shadow Dragon only getting 3, despite being, I dunno, THE ORIGIN OF THE FIRE EMBLEM SERIES. This even extended to the main story, where the Shadow Dragon characters were clearly an afterthought. With a FEW2, I would give each focus game an equal or close to equal number of characters like say 8 characters.
  2. Revelation plot complaint (spoilers)

    I really don't understand why Izana and Scarlet have to die. I thought the whole selling point of Revelation was being able to recruit everyone, yet Izana and Scarlet get killed off? I understand they needed an excuse for Corrin and co to accuse Gunter of being a traitor...but honestly you could leave out Scarlet's death and not much would really change with the Gunter sub plot (which is a very shitty sub plot to begin with btw). And with Izana...there's literally no point in him dying at all. Like, I guess you could argue it was enough to convince Takumi to help Corrin on their path, but there are other ways you could've done it by just having Sakura convince Takumi to help Corrin after Izana assures him that he/she isn't an enemy to Hoshido. To a lesser extent, I also don't understand why Yukimura doesn't join in Revelation. As far as I'm aware, they don't even give a reason for it.
  3. How Would You Improve FE Warriors?

    As for what improvements I would give for a potential FEW2, I'm gonna get the obvious one out of the way first 1. More games represented that aren't Awakening, Fates, and Shadow Dragon. For what games I would choose as the focus games for a FEW2, my picks would be Elibe, Valentia, and Tellius. Elibe and Valentia just so Lyn and Celica aren't alone and Tellius because Ike. With Elibe it could possibly be more focused on FE7 since it was the one that localized, and in terms of FE6, we'll probably get Roy and Lilina at the bare minimum. I suppose Three Houses could also be represented with Byleth or Edelgard as a bonus character like Lyn and Celica in FEW1. 2. Better variety of villains Pretend like you didn't see this one coming. We all knew that the villains wouldn't be the selling point of FEW1 considering the games they chose, but the fact that they went out of their way to pick the worst villains from those games if for no other reason than laziness doesn't help. With the focus games I've mentioned, they would have a better variety of villains to choose from. With Elibe we could have either Zephiel or Nergal (or both if we have both FE6 and 7 represented), Valentia we could have Berkut that way we have a lance cavalier, and with Tellius we'd obviously have the Black Knight, who could easily be the Lu Bu of the game. Bonus points if the villains are actually playable this time around. 3. Add new weapon types I would add dagger units and beast units to the game. That's it. 4. Not locking characters in the base game behind DLC Honestly I thought it was really scummy that Oboro, Niles, Owain, and Navarre were all locked behind a paywall despite technically already being in the game. Like, did we learn nothing from Street Fighter x Tekken?! That's about it for what I would do in a possible FEW2.
  4. Tellius too. If nothing else, just give us a Virtual Console release of both Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn just so people can play them without having to shill out hundreds of dollars on eBay or trying to get a Dolphin emulator to work. Of course that can only happen if Nintendo actually gives us a damn Virtual Console on the Switch instead of the pathetic excuse of the Online Service they have.
  5. I think Archanea should get a third remake in the style of Echoes and have it contain both Book 1 and 2 with elements of the DS remakes...but not immediately. I still feel like Jugdral and Binding Blade need a remake first just so newer fans who became interested in them via Heroes can play them without having to resort to emulation.
  6. These were my votes In terms of just new units, I only got 1 this year in the form of Canas (I say 1 cuz Tibarn isn't until next year). Although if we're counting alts, 2 cuz Brave Hector
  7. I feel bad for Kaga tbh. He went from the creator of one of Nintendo's (currently) most popular franchises at this point, to leaving IS to form his own company to make his own Fire Emblem games only to be sued by Nintendo and IS, to making RPG Maker games. It's kind of sad honestly :I
  8. So, in light of Mayumi Hirota (the character designer for Thracia 776 and Tear Ring Saga) suddenly passing away, I thought it would be best if we paid tribute to her by sharing our favorite character designs by her. I haven't played Tear Ring Saga (I will eventually though, it's on my bucket list), and while I haven't beaten Thracia 776, I really did like a lot of her character designs. These are some of my personal favorites I even love some of the character designs that she did in one of the art books for Genealogy of the Holy War What about you guys? What are some of your personal favorite character designs done by Mayumi Hirota?
  9. Who can we expect for the Radiant Dawn banner?

    I mean being a GHB isn't as bad as it used to be anymore considering we can actually +10 free units now. Yeah it will take a while to get a +10 Naesala, but still
  10. Who can we expect for the Radiant Dawn banner?

    I would think Naesala would be more likely for the GHB than Dheginsea just cuz he's more popular, though I guess he also works too.
  11. Who can we expect for the Radiant Dawn banner?

    Why not Ranulf? He's one of the most requested Laguz, so I can see him being part of the banner if we do get all the different tribes
  12. So now that we know that beast units are indeed a thing coming to Heroes with both Tibarn and Nailah, that got me thinking as to who else could possibly appear on the Radiant Dawn banner in January. I would love Jill and Haar to be on the banner (especially Jill since she's my most wanted character for Heroes besides Patty from FE4), but if it's just gonna be beast units, I can see Reyson and Rafiel being on the banner instead, and I totally wouldn't mind. Nailah needs her boyfriend (and so does Tibarn :P). I think it would also be cool to see Naesala as a GHB. He makes the most sense for a GHB besides Dheginsea imo. What about you guys, what other characters do you think we'll get on the Radiant Dawn banner in January? Do you think the rest of the characters will be beast units or regular/beorc units?
  13. Was bored, so I felt like making this topic on who our single most wanted character from each game that isn't already in Heroes are. I did this template a while ago, so these are my most wanted Shadow Dragon: Julian Shadows of Valentia: Python Mystery of the Emblem: Feena Genealogy of the Holy War: Patty Thracia 776: Fergus Binding Blade: Gonzales Blazing Sword: Dart Sacred Stones: Gerik Path of Radiance: Jill Radiant Dawn: Jill (again :P) Awakening: Gregor Fates: Forrest And here's a template for everyone else Using this template (or just simply typing if you're on mobile), who are your most wanted characters from each game that aren't in Heroes yet?
  14. What is Your Current Focus?

    Honestly at this point, my focus is just saving up as many orbs as I can in case Jill, Patty, or an Alm alt are added.
  15. My favorite cast is a tie between Path of Radiance and Shadows of Valentia. Both games have likable casts that behave and feel like real people, and with the exception of Makalov and Faye, there’s no one in either game who I dislike. I also like Genealogy’s cast a lot, since it has some of my favorite characters in the series like Arthur, Tine, and ESPECIALLY Patty. Compare this to my least favorite cast, which is unsurprisingly Fates. Now for the record, there are some characters from Fates that I do like. I like Takumi, Leo, Oboro, Beruka, Benny, Charlotte, the Awakening trio, Azama, Silas, Kaze, Orochi, Nyx, Forest, Midori, Niles, Kagero, Saizo, Scarlet, and Shura. That’s about it tho. Everyone else I either don’t like, or I flat out hate (and there’s a lot of them including Corrin, Azura, Camilla, Xander, Hinata, Hisame, Nina, Rhajat, AND ESPECIALLY Peri). And while I do enjoy some characters like Arthur and Izana, I can’t imagine anyone in real life actually acting like them (especially Izana, there’s no way someone like him should be the leader of a country, it doesn’t make any sense).