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  1. Detective Pikachu Hype Check

    I'm super excited for Detective Pikachu. It's my most anticipated move this year, even more than Avengers Endgame, which is only in a few days.
  2. Famitsu Articles Coming Out

    Good to see we're getting official art of some of the characters already.
  3. April Legendary Banner Expectations

    I know, but in this case, why not all three as colorless legendaries? :P I'm not super into the meta, but I would try to get Conqueror Alm for sure.
  4. April Legendary Banner Expectations

    I'd be fine with Conqueror Alm being either red or colorless, but if it means getting Conqueror Alm sooner rather than later, I'll take him as colorless. Plus, it's always nice to have more colorless legendary heroes after a year of Female Grima being the only one.
  5. April Legendary Banner Expectations

    In that case, PLEASE BE ALM! Although I also wouldn't be opposed to either Staff Micaiah or Staff Elincia
  6. April Legendary Banner Expectations

    I forget, do we have an idea for what color this Legendary Hero will be? If it's colorless, I can see Conqueror Alm as a bow user
  7. At the very least, I'm expecting Awakening Anna on this year's Farfetched banner.
  8. VALENTIA SEASONALS, I LIVE! Also, Free Leo, that's neat. I think I'll try to pull either Lukas or Genny on my free summon, and that will be it. I still need to save up for Jill and Patty, and I'm also waiting to see what this month's Legendary Hero is (please be Alm). If anything, I'm just glad that we finally have seasonal variants of Valentia characters.
  9. Special Heroes Silhouettes for April 19th!

    Me when I see Silhouetted Genny, possibly meaning Valentia seasonal alts If this is a 100% Valentia banner, Seasonal Alm or Gray pls? More so Gray since Alm is due for an alt on the Brave banner, but still
  10. I mean, adding supports between the old characters and the new characters isn't really out of the question
  11. You do realize that Warriors games almost never cut characters right? All the characters from FEW1 will be back in a sequel, if nothing else as History Mode unlocks that way the Story Mode focuses on characters from the new Focus games like say Elibe, Tellius, or Valentia
  12. Is Jill coming to Heroes soon?

    Mkay then. I just wan't sure if the transformation mechanic was restricted to beasts or not
  13. Is Jill coming to Heroes soon?

    I think she would specifically have to be a beast unit to have the Laguz transformation mechanics. Wouldn't really work honestly
  14. If Faye could be a fucking archer despite being unable to use bows in Echoes, I don't see why Atlas can't be an axe user
  15. Is Jill coming to Heroes soon?

    With Rinea, she wasn't playable in her game, and people want to know what IS would do with her if they added her into Heroes. Would she be a tome or staff dancer? Or would she be With Lif though, we know he and Thrasir will eventually be made playable in their own banner at the end of Book 3, because the Muspell generals got their own banner at the end of Book 2. This is why most fans consider voting for ocs to be a waste, aside from arguably Bruno.