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  1. Also knows the joys (HA HA HAAAAA) of a Canadian winter
  2. Feedback for a bunch of folks incoming! xD +1 Mallow - Items arrived in awesome condition and well within ETA! +1 DATbee - Ditto! +1 Kirie - Ditto again!
  3. +1 to Kirie - awesome transaction, everything well and securely packed, and everything arrived well within ETA. Thanks!
  4. I think one of my absolute favorites has to be Sully's "A lot of guys have underestimated me. They're dead now."
  5. I just promoted Sharena the other day. No regrets. xD The next promotion is going to be harder to figure out, I think. I've got Tharja and Sharena promoted, I'm debating between Narcian and Michaelis next - having a flying unit would be nice, and I don't have a green 5* yet so this would check both of those boxes.
  6. The responses on this so far are tremendously helpful, and makes figuring this all out on my end a lot easier. Thanks, all!
  7. This one's probably going to be an odd question and I don't know if someone's already done this, but thought I might throw this out as a question to any math/probability nerds around (and all glory and honor to thee, math nerds, because even though I'm a university history major most high school math lies far beyond my grasp) but I was trying to work this out for a friend of mine who's been stockpiling her orbs. She's waiting on some of her faves (one blue and one green both in the 4*-5* group specifically) and I'm trying to figure out if it works out better from a probability point of view for her to just stick to summoning blue and green or if it works out better from a probability vs. cost point of view to just keep doing a full summon each time. So, trying to work it out myself, I started with identifying the number of each unit in-game by color and star: 5* - Red 18, Blue 12, Green 9, Colorless 9 4* - Red 26, Blue 19, Green 15, Colorless 20 3* - Red 15, Blue 12, Green 9, Colorless 13 And then I tried to break each down to a percentage chance per unit by color: Red Orb: 3% for Focus (if applicable) 3% for 5*, 1/18 of 3% which would basically work out to 0.167% per character 36% for 4*, 1/26 of 36% which would basically work out to 1.38% per character 61% for 3*, 1/15 of 61% which would basically work out to 4.07% per character Blue Orb: 3% for Focus (if applicable) 3% for 5*, 1/12 of 3% which would basically work out to 0.25% per character 36% for 4*, 1/19 of 36% which would basically work out to 1.89% per character 61% for 3*, 1/12 of 61% which would basically work out to 5.08% per character Green Orb: 3% for Focus (if applicable) 3% for 5*, 1/9 of 3% which would basically work out to 0.33% per character 36% for 4*, 1/15 of 36% which would basically work out to 2.4% per character 61% for 3*, 1/9 of 61% which would basically work out to 6.78% per character Colorless: 3% for Focus (if applicable) 3% for 5*, 1/9 of 3% which would basically work out to 0.33% per character 36% for 4*, 1/20 of 36% which would basically work out to 1.8% per character 61% for 3*, 1/13 of 61% which would basically work out to 4.69% per character But this leaves me with a few questions that I was hoping anyone who's been working with stats for the game so far would be able to clarify: If the color isn't in focus, does that 3% just not apply? Is there an equal chance of getting the four different colors in a five-summon group or is it distributed based on the number of units in each category? (With higher chance for example of red showing up in a summoning block than, say, green?) And if one could work out an overage or a percentage of the number of times that a color would appear in the summoning group, could one then use this to more or less predict, if dumping a set number of orbs in (say 100 orbs in one batch for example), what the probability would be of coming up with certain characters? Most of what I'm managing to accomplish with this is hurting my brain at this point, lol, but I'm wondering if anyone could either fill in some blanks or make corrections to where I'm making any wrong assumptions or guesswork on this.
  8. Thanks for some of the suggestions on this! And for some of the pointers relating to MC selection, that definitely helps point me in a few good new directions. I've started looking over these and over a few cards from the new set and I hoping I'll be able to pull something a little more effective off now. EDIT: Not as an MC but I'm definitely looking at Patty as an option for support as well. The ability is risky and very conditional but looks like it could pack a lot of punch under the right circumstances.
  9. Hi Myst, thanks very much for the response! The frankness is hugely appreciated and yeah, given the relatively low attack from what I'd gathered from other tutorials and such I figured she wouldn't be great as an MC. I'm definitely going to consider shifting the concept of whatever deck I run around slightly, but knowing that there's some synergy with Thief class cards helps too. I've seen a couple deck concepts that work the Series 1 Tharja in really well, so I'll definitely look at possibly switching over to that as an MC as well. Thanks again! EDIT: It occurs to me that this particular Gaius might not be a bad replacement MC or supplementary card because of the ability: Door of the Treasury - At the start of your turn, you can pay the cost. If you do, reveal the top card of the opponent's deck, and add 1 card from your Retreat to your hand with a lower cost than the revealed card. Depending on the cards in the other deck I could see that lining up well with 3/2 Tharja, and could give me some effective card recovery options. Plus would definitely help me keep more cards in my hand than my opponent if there are cards that hinge on that.
  10. I tried this with a bunch of my own units and got pretty thoroughly ROFL-stomped. xD The suggestions I've seen here look awesome though, and I'll definitely try and work something new in next time, probably training Narcian up. I'd meant to do that a while anyways!
  11. Okay, so while I'm waiting on my set 8 boxes to come in, I've been reading up on how the game works, and deck building tutorials and basics and such, and I'm hoping to eventually get a few local friends of mine in on building decks and just doing some casual games together. What I kind of want to try is build a deck that will either use Tharja (specifically Dark Knight from Series 8) as my main character. I know that I'll definitely need a bunch of support cards, but...past that I'm really not sure what card abilities work really well with her abilities, or what cards would help to make her viable as an MC. Specifically, I feel like I want to try and do something that will play off of or exploit the "Spiteful Flame" ability: "Select a card from your opponent's hand and reveal it. If the revealed card has a deployment cost of 3 or less, send that card to your opponent's Retreat Area." Offhand, can anyone think of cards that would synergize well with this or...ways of going about building a deck that might allow me to make use of this card? I figure like in general this means that I can more or less force out cards onto the field, reduce my opponent's hand, pick off weaker units with more powerful ones, but...I really don't know how to make that happen or how to go from there. Ideally, suggestions from Series 8 or cards from Series 8 would be great, but I'm definitely willing to invest or look into other series if there's something that would work well. Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions? Any help would be hugely appreciated!
  12. Oh man, good question...I got Robin, Takumi, Marth, Ryoma, and Elise...then Seliph and another Elise on pulls. I can't honestly remember if any of those involved spending on orbs, though I'd say that probably about 33% of the orbs that I've used have come from buying, so...say 4-5 / 7 were acquired F2P, and 2-3 / 7 were paid? I also have a five star Tharja I promoted from four-star who is like the star of my team, and I'll be promoting Sharena as soon as the day rolls over and we get feathers for arena stuff. (So stoked. So. Stoked.)
  13. I mostly collect for the art, and I've only got a few cards outside of what I've pre-ordered for the upcoming set, but right now (and admittedly strongly biased towards the character anyway) I have a soft spot for the art they're using for "Dark Knight" Tharja. I think it's some of the best (and least over-sexualized) art that's been released for her as a character and I really dig both the card and the mechanics of it. Hoping to build a deck around it, assuming I get enough pulls of it in the boxes I'm waiting on. Speaking of series 8...DAT CHROM THO. I can't get over the sheer level of detail that went into the art on the Risen Chrom card and I'm keeping my fingers crossed I pull this as well. And...another favorite (and one I recently ordered for a friend who's a big fan of hers) is the Bride Charlotte card. The mechanics and the flavor text are hilarious in themselves but...the ART. There is /so/ much going on here. The facial expression, the husband over the shoulder, swinging from what I presume was formerly a chandelier or something, just...I can't look at this card art and /not/ grin.
  14. Admittedly I would love to see Libra from Awakening, Charlotte from Fates, and...hmm...from the older games, I would be thrilled to see Canas. I have a weakness for the "dark mage" archetype characters and Canas is just the nicest and most chill of them ever. And scholarly.