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  1. This week my deathless streak of 4854 isn't good enough. I'm currently rank 897 and the cut off for staying in tier 20 is 825 right now. Only things I can really do is, right now hinoka is still missing skills so that should increase my points some after I sp grind her and I could just surrender unless I see a battle with a high point value for my range. I think I'll be very borderline in the end though. And my thoughts on choosing battles is the same as MaskedAmpharos. Just choose advanced and maybe surrender based on point value if it looks too low. The actual character shown I don't really think about.
  2. I'm still F2P and made it this week. Merge wise my team was nowi +3, nino +2, bride lyn +1, adult tiki +0. I also had all skill slots taken except for bride lyn (since I planned on swapping her once the season ended). I'd guess you can drop a merge (maybe 2 depending on exactly how much skills count) if you make sure all skill slots are covered. You could also get there with a bit less if you forfeit matches which I never did to try get higher valued matches. I'm guessing I'll go back and forth between tier 20 and 19 as I didn't make it by much. Other mild annoying thing is I can't really vary my team much if I try to maximize points as ninian and hinoka are the only other merges I have.
  3. I have a 5* Hinoka and as she's the only 5* bonus I'll just go with that. Still need to level her though as she's only a level 20. Not sure what skills I should give her as before this she wasn't really someone I planned to do much with. One day I should actually 5* the askr trio, but I've been prioritizing feathers on more merges.
  4. This was a fun map. Nino has become my favorite nuke so I ended up using her even when she couldn't double in infernal. I ended up using azura and ninian mainly for dancing to give nino extra attacks. Azura also killed 1/2 reds for me. The last piece was adult tiki who did a good job dealing with legion and also boosted nino since she had hone attack, fortify res seal, and rally speed. The skill lists were: Ninian +2: Dance, Fury 2, escape route 3, fortify dragons, speed seal Azura: Dance, +3 Speed, Wings of Mercy 1, Fortify Resistance 3 Nino + 2: Drawback, Fury 3, Desperation 3, Hone Attack 3, Attack Seal Adult Tiki: Rally Speed, Triangle Adept 3, Green Tomebreaker 3, Hone Attack, Fortify Res Seal You can ignore azura/ninian's skills and seal with the exception that wings of mercy on azura was helpful. The specials didn't matter for this map so I didn't bother listing them. The only boon/bane that might be relevant is Nino was +atk/-hp (similarly I don't think the merges made a difference). If it was needed I probably would have given adult tiki axebreaker as with triangle adept that would have let her one round legion while she takes 0 damage in return.
  5. Like last month I'm ignoring armor emblem. I'll do it the day I have 5* armors, but with all 4* armors it is way too annoying. Still don't have any 5* horses, but I can win with horses anyway. I got my 3rd 5* flier recently so flying emblem is becoming easy. And infantry is what my main team consists of, so no issues with that. None of the other recent quests are a problem.
  6. I wasn't able to beat hard narcian back when this first came out and was the only GHB I failed. Nowi basically soloed this for me pretty easily this time. I did need someone else to kill narcian because of the emerald axe and adult tiki fit fine. Conveniently I already had a trained Narcian for my fliers 10th stratum team so that was fine too. Although as long as I could do 1 damage it would have been fine as adult tiki brings narcian done to 1 health. For Al I just did the normal map.
  7. I kind of ignored arena the past few weeks because of school, so my tier is a bit worse then it could be at 13. I got a 4806 with subaki, nowi + 2, nino, and adult tiki. All but subaki have quite a bit of skill inheritance and subaki was chosen just because he was bonus 5* I had. My score puts me at rank 35 so I should jump three tiers.
  8. I was partly ambivalent on what team to choose as I'm fond of both tharja and robin. I ended up choosing tharja just because I actually have her, but lack a robin. I'm mainly fond of tharja as I really like the yandere archetype and she resembles that, although she is a fairly mild yandere compared to the other main ones I like. It's one archetype I find really interesting in fiction, but would not want in real life (tsunderes are another that are better in fiction, than reality). I ended up saving most of my flags so around 2500ish got used on tharja. Slightly regret not supporting merric as he ended up with a lot of 3x.
  9. The only 5* from the next season I have is Lukas and there isn't anyone I want to swap him for at all. Ninian, tiki, nowi, and egg chrom was my current team. Mostly worked except it'd be nice to have a 2 range attacker. I think I'll just upgrade my 4* cherche and then give her a brave axe, so that I can change egg chrom with a new green axe.
  10. I still haven't gotten 7 deathless this week with my longest deathless streak being 4/5. If I can't get one in a day or two I'll intentionally lower my BST a bit to make the battles easier. Currently using a team of adult tiki, nowi, ninian, and egg chrom. Egg chrom is my only 5 star bonus so he isn't changing, but I may swap ninian out for nino to be better at dealing with blues and actually have one 2 range attack character. Currently linde along with falchion users tend to be the most likely to cause a death. On the bright side adult tiki, nowi, ninian, and nino make a great defense team as they've gotten me 10 victories. All of them except ninian have also gone through a good deal of skill inheritance, although nowi is still waiting for me to pull a second unit with triangle adept (the first one got devoured by tiki).
  11. I got my first deathless for the week a little while ago. 4564 puts me at rank 3288. I could probably get that to go up around 30 points if I didn't do battles that gave me low points, but getting another deathless would probably take a while. Next season I plan to change my team a decent amount. The only 5* from the new bonus I have is chrom so he'll be replacing nino (my current bonus ninian will be staying). I'm also training an adult tiki to replace seliph. Defense wise I've gotten a lot of defenses these last two weeks with 6 wins so far this week.
  12. I just finished the cavalry quest. Reinhardt was the most useful member, but gunter and jagen helped with their abilities. Stahl just took care of green characters. All that leaves is the armor quest and while I've gotten up to 6 victories, my win rate is pretty awful even while I use the starting stratum to get more favorable enemies. Draug and Sheena's non existent attack just makes killing things hard. So I think I'll just pass on this quest and hope we have less armored quests (or hope I get my first 5* armor). On the bright side the training stratum quests have caused me to gain a lot of level 40s, so I should be fine with similar quests in the future.
  13. I finally finished the flier 10th floor quest. I've now done both the flier and infantry ones. I kind of have an armor team and have gotten 3 victories, but not sure if I even want to continue bothering with it. My team is all 4* with 2 draugs, an effie, and a sheena it is a pain. Only effie really kills stuff while the rest tend to hide. Not sure if I have the time to make a cavalry team, but I'll try to make one. So far I have a level 40 jagen and a level 26 gunter.
  14. Finally beat the lunatic map. My default team was not well suited to this and I had no good way of dealing with the blue flier until I trained narcian from 2* level 1. I also got stuck having to train a red mage 20 levels so I could deal with michalis. Tharja and Henry were the only 4* red mages I had, so I just trained tharja. The rest of my team was nowi and ninian. Narcian baited the blue flier. After that tharja killed michalis with a bit of dancing help. Nowi helped deal with the blue lance unit and the red flier while ninian and tharja helped with the red cavalry.
  15. @Ryu Yuki Thanks very much for the advice. I'll probably go with Adult Tiki/Nowi/Ninian then as my core. I do have Roy and Henry so the two adult tiki skills you mentioned are doable. Roy is my only source of triangle adept, so Nowi is not getting it though for awhile. Keeping Nowi is partly just she was one of my first 5* units and has served me really well. I'm guessing I should also eventually give her swordbreaker, but first I need to actually pull a sully/abel for that. For physical hitters my only 5* choices are Seliph or Minerva (technically Roy, but he looks to be sacrificed) and I'll likely just continue using seliph (Minerva being -Atk is a bit annoying for damage).