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  1. Scorched Grand Hero Battle: Valter, the Moonstone

    One of the rare GHB my default team of Nowi/Nino/Ninian/Tiki fails even after a couple dozen tries and a lot of different skill sets used. I can't kill stuff fast enough with the 4 of them and end up getting stuck near the end in a bad position. On reddit, I saw a video of a Nino + 3 WoM dancers (one needs to be azura to kill some of the red mages) clear so I ended up just replicating that. My main modification was the video used a +spd nino and as my nino was +atk I had to swap fury with darting blow. +Atk or + spd is needed as if you go darting blow and lack +atk you'll barely miss a few kills (although if you use stuff like fortify res seal and try to get nino enough buffs it might still work). Even with darting blow/fury +spd you still need a hone speed on a dancer because of the fliers having an obnoxious amount of speed. Pretty nice to have nino kill all but two of the enemies.
  2. Voting Gauntlet: Battle on the Beach!

    I never ended up using any flags on team tiki since I missed the early multipliers. I'll probably join team robin now as she is the only other summer unit I have right now.
  3. I should read more carefully. Looking at it again I guess it can be a better hone attack given that I mostly use dragons (although really what I want is hone dragons eventually).
  4. Delthea was one of my favorite characters in SoV so she's top on my list of wants. Plus her weapon would go nicely on a team with a bladetome. I'd also like gray just for swordvalor. The others I'm less interested in.
  5. I think it'd be nice to actually be able to watch your defense victories. My current team of nowi, adult tiki, nino, and hinoka gets a lot, but I'm not really sure which unit is causing the most trouble to other people. I know nino's great player phase, but a decent red should be able to one shot her if you don't let her attack first. My defense team is the same as my offense team and this week's high score was 4866. I expect my score to go down a bit next week though unless I get lucky with the bonus units (since hinoka's a +1) so staying in 20 looks unlikely. Kind of wish galeforce was inheritable to dragons/mages (just for the point boost). I don't have any aethers, so I can't use that instead.
  6. Grand Hero Battle: Clarisse!

    Completed infernal with my default team of adult tiki, nowi, nino, and ninian. Key skill inheritance was adult tiki had triangle adept and green tome breaker. Not sure how important the rest of the skill inheritance was. Fury for nowi and nino may be needed, but I'd have to check if the stat differences affected any kills. Strategy was destroy block with nino, move tiki, dance for tiki, move tiki to defense square. Tiki kills green cavalry, and weakens red horse, bow, dagger while taking little damage. Move tiki back to avoid blue mage. Move nowi closer to defense square, dance for nowi, move nowi to defense square and attack red horse. Everything dies except blue mage and red sword. Attack red sword with nino, kill with nowi, dance for nino, and then use nino to kill the blue mage. Short three turn finish. Ninian's purpose in all this was only fortify dragons + dancing.
  7. This week my deathless streak of 4854 isn't good enough. I'm currently rank 897 and the cut off for staying in tier 20 is 825 right now. Only things I can really do is, right now hinoka is still missing skills so that should increase my points some after I sp grind her and I could just surrender unless I see a battle with a high point value for my range. I think I'll be very borderline in the end though. And my thoughts on choosing battles is the same as MaskedAmpharos. Just choose advanced and maybe surrender based on point value if it looks too low. The actual character shown I don't really think about.
  8. I'm still F2P and made it this week. Merge wise my team was nowi +3, nino +2, bride lyn +1, adult tiki +0. I also had all skill slots taken except for bride lyn (since I planned on swapping her once the season ended). I'd guess you can drop a merge (maybe 2 depending on exactly how much skills count) if you make sure all skill slots are covered. You could also get there with a bit less if you forfeit matches which I never did to try get higher valued matches. I'm guessing I'll go back and forth between tier 20 and 19 as I didn't make it by much. Other mild annoying thing is I can't really vary my team much if I try to maximize points as ninian and hinoka are the only other merges I have.
  9. I have a 5* Hinoka and as she's the only 5* bonus I'll just go with that. Still need to level her though as she's only a level 20. Not sure what skills I should give her as before this she wasn't really someone I planned to do much with. One day I should actually 5* the askr trio, but I've been prioritizing feathers on more merges.
  10. Grand Hero Battle: Legion!

    This was a fun map. Nino has become my favorite nuke so I ended up using her even when she couldn't double in infernal. I ended up using azura and ninian mainly for dancing to give nino extra attacks. Azura also killed 1/2 reds for me. The last piece was adult tiki who did a good job dealing with legion and also boosted nino since she had hone attack, fortify res seal, and rally speed. The skill lists were: Ninian +2: Dance, Fury 2, escape route 3, fortify dragons, speed seal Azura: Dance, +3 Speed, Wings of Mercy 1, Fortify Resistance 3 Nino + 2: Drawback, Fury 3, Desperation 3, Hone Attack 3, Attack Seal Adult Tiki: Rally Speed, Triangle Adept 3, Green Tomebreaker 3, Hone Attack, Fortify Res Seal You can ignore azura/ninian's skills and seal with the exception that wings of mercy on azura was helpful. The specials didn't matter for this map so I didn't bother listing them. The only boon/bane that might be relevant is Nino was +atk/-hp (similarly I don't think the merges made a difference). If it was needed I probably would have given adult tiki axebreaker as with triangle adept that would have let her one round legion while she takes 0 damage in return.
  11. Monthly (and semi-monthly) Quest Topic

    Like last month I'm ignoring armor emblem. I'll do it the day I have 5* armors, but with all 4* armors it is way too annoying. Still don't have any 5* horses, but I can win with horses anyway. I got my 3rd 5* flier recently so flying emblem is becoming easy. And infantry is what my main team consists of, so no issues with that. None of the other recent quests are a problem.
  12. Grand Hero Battle: Narcian

    I wasn't able to beat hard narcian back when this first came out and was the only GHB I failed. Nowi basically soloed this for me pretty easily this time. I did need someone else to kill narcian because of the emerald axe and adult tiki fit fine. Conveniently I already had a trained Narcian for my fliers 10th stratum team so that was fine too. Although as long as I could do 1 damage it would have been fine as adult tiki brings narcian done to 1 health. For Al I just did the normal map.
  13. I kind of ignored arena the past few weeks because of school, so my tier is a bit worse then it could be at 13. I got a 4806 with subaki, nowi + 2, nino, and adult tiki. All but subaki have quite a bit of skill inheritance and subaki was chosen just because he was bonus 5* I had. My score puts me at rank 35 so I should jump three tiers.
  14. Voting Gauntlet: Battle of the Mages!

    I was partly ambivalent on what team to choose as I'm fond of both tharja and robin. I ended up choosing tharja just because I actually have her, but lack a robin. I'm mainly fond of tharja as I really like the yandere archetype and she resembles that, although she is a fairly mild yandere compared to the other main ones I like. It's one archetype I find really interesting in fiction, but would not want in real life (tsunderes are another that are better in fiction, than reality). I ended up saving most of my flags so around 2500ish got used on tharja. Slightly regret not supporting merric as he ended up with a lot of 3x.
  15. The only 5* from the next season I have is Lukas and there isn't anyone I want to swap him for at all. Ninian, tiki, nowi, and egg chrom was my current team. Mostly worked except it'd be nice to have a 2 range attacker. I think I'll just upgrade my 4* cherche and then give her a brave axe, so that I can change egg chrom with a new green axe.