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  1. Jill, Jill, Jill! Or maybe Haar. = w = But please just give me Jill IS. ' 3'
  2. Definitely excited for the dungeon crawling! I just hope they mix things up a little in every dungeon.
  3. Pre-ordered mine as soon as my friend told me it was available on Gamestop's site. ' - '
  4. Oh man the Exalt and Risen King Chrom cards I definitely want. >_< Also gotta add that Kellam R+, SR+ Lilina and Hector to my backlog of cards to purchase. I think my addiction to Cipher is getting a bit too much...
  5. And yet another special edition I want but most likely won't get because I can't keep watching Gamestop, Amazon etc 24//7... = 3 =
  6. Oh yeah the Elincia cards are really nice looking too, especially the R+ one. I'm impatiently waiting for my Radiant Hero Ike card to be delivered. ^ ^''
  7. I like all of these too XD. If Seliph and Julia SR+ didn't cost so much I would buy them. ' 3' I really should learn how to play the game. It definitely has my interest for sure, but I need to find the time to sit down for it lol. Oh yeah I really like Radiant Hero, Ike and Begnion Empress, Sanaki+ too! I'm actually waiting for the Ike card to arrive in the mail. Sanaki SR+ will take awhile though...lol.
  8. Whether it's for the card's viability in the game, the art, or both, which one(s) are your favorite? Mine is currently the R+ Morgan and SR Julia. Love the art on those cards.
  9. I had a pretty good first experience with TCGRepublic when buying a few SR's in bulk. Getting a bonus B06 booster pack was nice too. The N/HN/R prices are ridiculous though. Staying far away from those, but when it comes to R+/ SR / SR+ I will definitely buy from them again. Still need to give AmiAmi a try, mainly for the boxes, but they always seem to be out of stock. ; - ;
  10. Ike, Elincia, Jill, Black Knight. I just want some Tellius reps already. ' - '
  11. Would it be worth to raise my Ursula to 5* to pass Death Blow 3 to Nino? Thinking of it but idk if there's better options for her to choose from.
  12. I could probably do the cavalry one as I have Leo, Abel, Peri and Elise. I'm gonna have to skip the other 2 unfortunately. >_< I hope those kind of quests don't stick around for next month, but we'll just have to wait and see.
  13. Huzzah! \o/ Only took 5 pulls (22 orbs).
  14. I want the new Zelda AND the Nintendo Switch, but it's not gonna happen anytime soon when I have to make payments on essentials every month. Money woes indeed! I would try my hand on booster boxes but every site I visit says unavailable for purchase, so I have to stick to single card purchases lol. And a signed FemRobin card would be neat, but she will be waiting on my purchase list. I REALLY want Julius and Julia first. XD
  15. You bet I'm excited! Sadly I will have to wait for next week for my paycheck. No disposable income at the moment...XD