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  1. When a Wings of Mercy Spring Camilla ruins your deathless run. ; _ ; My fault for not paying attention though. XD I don't think 4715 points is bad though.
  2. Your overlord and savior The best ramen ever made, duh! :^P
  3. These 3 here consumed most of my feathers in terms of Skill Inheritance. > 3 <
  4. Groom Kellam or riot. Most likely going to skip on this banner and keep saving towards the CYL banner, but we'll see.
  5. Oh ouch. My condolences. ; _ ; The worst summon experience I had was going for Eirika on her banner. Oh man the ridiculous amounts of orbs I spent... I have her now though and she's one of my best unit's. Her and Nino tear apart a lot of teams in Arena.
  6. Haha nah I have plenty of defense wins, but thanks for the thought! Ooh lucky you have Alm and Azura. I tried pulling for those two when they had rate ups, but no luck. XD
  7. Yes that's my current arena team! What a coincidence haha. Congrats for beating my team though. :^P You should had let me win though 8D
  8. Fortify Cavalry was an option I was considering if I ever got around to making my Horse Emblem team, but until then I'll just slap whatever hone / fortify buff I need depending on my team composition. And yeah I've already run into the forest and mountain issue when testing Hit and Run, but I'll keep it on Frederick a little longer. If I don't like it then I'll try Wings of Mercy since, like you said he can fly in and destroy a enemy unit. I have other answers to mages but my main reason behind Hit and Run was for Frederick to go in swinging, then get out of the range of enemy mages (with Reposition and Draw Back support) so my other units can deal with them. I agree that Hit and Run is a much better skill for fliers though.
  9. Yeah I know she's pretty much which is why she just sits collecting dust. I normally use Hector or Anna if I need an Axe user. Frederick will be regularly used once I get him to 5*, but since I used the last of my feathers to get a LaD3 fodder I'm gonna have to wait for awhile lol. I'm thinking of going with Brave Axe+, Reposition, Death Blow 3, Hit and Run, and I might just stick to his default C skill to save some time (for now). Definitely getting Bonfire for Freddy asap though. XD Hit and Run might seem like an odd choice but I been seeing a bunch of mage teams in arena, and if magic so much as tickles Freddy he's pretty much dead. So I was thinking Hit and Run can get him out of danger quickly along with another unit that has Reposition or Draw Back.
  10. My Triangle Adept 3 Ninian normally handles him pretty well, though she's a bit of a shaky check without a +SPD boon and Swordbreaker 3. Otherwise Ryoma tends to give me quite a bit of trouble during my arena runs, especially since 90% of them tend to have Vantage. >.<
  11. This is funny since I decided to dump my 5* Camilla for the Brave Axe+ to Frederick. XD I never use her anyway and I'm completely indifferent to her as a character so might as well. xP
  12. Haha my Ike is actually +ATK -HP too! I'm glad that +3 HP seal exists lol.
  13. My most common boon AND bane is actually HP. So many of my units have a boon or bane involving HP it's ridiculous. >.<
  14. I think Freddy here is +ATK -RES? I don't have a Cherche that isn't -ATK so I was thinking this guy could be a good substitute for the Brave Axe+ nuking. ' 3 '
  15. I'm already wearing all 3 pins on my shirt...XD