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  1. Hit 80k this morning and I'm pretty much done with this event lol. Love the rewards, SP and Hero Merit but I can't stand the thought of doing another run. x_x
  2. Managed to get Deathless run on my first try with Celica, Ephraim, Anna and Julia. I'm content with my 4822 score. >w<
  3. Decided to do a couple summons today and rng surprises me once again. +SPD -RES if I'm right. The -RES is a bit unfortunate but glad to have that +SPD! x)
  4. Just when I'm about to give up on her, she finally appears. >3< Apparently she's -HP +ATK. Too bad I have no Genny lol.
  5. Welp I'm never pulling colorless again. So many orbs spent. >^< Though I did pull a +Atk -Res B.Cordelia c: so it's not all bad I guess.
  6. So I pulled 2 B.Cordelias. One is +Atk -Res and the other is +Spd -Res. Which one should I use?
  7. This. I wanna make a full Lyn team consisting of normal, bride, CYL and whatever the next variant is just for fun. XD
  8. Welp at this rate it looks like I'm going down a tier. ; - ; Even if I achieve a deathless run it probably won't be enough.
  9. Love Caeda, Cordelia and Lyn's art. Indifferent to Charlotte but hey at least she's in the game now. :P I'm gonna attempt 1 summon session for Lyn, but if I don't get her then no big loss. I'm more interested in her CYL variant anyway. I hate summoning on colorless though...
  10. Aw crap if Lyn really is one of the unit's...RIP my wallet.
  11. Please no that would be disgusting. ; - ; And it's probably going to happen to me eventually because you said it lol. I would do the same except I just bought a new phone not long ago and I love it 8^(
  12. This game likes to troll me with enemies having ridiculous DEF or RES stats. ; _ ;
  13. When a Wings of Mercy Spring Camilla ruins your deathless run. ; _ ; My fault for not paying attention though. XD I don't think 4715 points is bad though.
  14. Your overlord and savior The best ramen ever made, duh! :^P
  15. These 3 here consumed most of my feathers in terms of Skill Inheritance. > 3 <