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  1. It's honestly really exhausting that every single banner as of late and even some refinery announcements send people up in arms I understand the worry of some over Sanaki but I feel like it's going overboard a bit
  2. Probably the same as Performer Shigure and Performer Inigo since her status as a flier won't affect her bst but it will definitely be impeded by her status as tome user and dancer
  3. I think your concerns are extremely warranted but I think it's pertinent to also wait until the other pieces of the unit are unveiled like her voicelines,castle quotes, and skill lines are available to get the full picture on what IS plans on doing with this and with the way her art has been handled tastefully I feel her designation is more tongue and cheek than IS being serious about this. I doubt she'd get anything overboard like suggestive art or a bikini since even Elise was given a one piece swim suit so your fears are understandably and hopefully in the future unsubstantiated.
  4. Tharja looks amazing here the colors look stunning and I like that her chibi has the darkish expression on her on at all times, curious to hear what her voice lines are since the seasonals usually have something interesting to say. Bridal Ninian's existence allows me to have couples emblem with best boy marth and eliwood which is the best thing to come from this banner, gotta say that I really enjoy her art it looks so smooth and appealing to the eye it fits Ninian to a tee. Sanaki... is interesting I'm happy her art isn't lewd whatsoever, thankfully the established from the get go these dresses are purely for aesthetical and nobody is getting married, her personality as well as tharja's don't seem to be flanderized or butchered so far. She looks fine but I'll be upset if they her voice lines are inappropriate, though I'm a little surprised Titania, Nephenee, and Micaiah were not used here but I guess Sanaki is the Neil Armstrong of Tellius, the Apostle of Firsts
  5. It's disappointing that Corrin can't reap the benefit of +6 to his stats like his support partner can but I think this refines pairs pretty well with takumi,brave lucina,hinoka, and camilla it's cool that it at least fits him thematically and references his personal skill
  6. Well Julius shares the same va with Akira from devliman crybaby maybe that's the reason for the vibe you're getting his voice is perfection tbh
  7. Julius looks stunning like my god Sachie outdid themselves with him and the animation on his tome is fantastic probably the best one yet, and the refines this time around are interesting but not anything crazy except for maybe Corrin since I'm not sure if the buff yato gives is an active buff or spur because it's the latter it stacks with ally support bonuses
  8. Had a feeling Fe4 would be represented next since we've been getting a wave of child units recently and they all look fairly great. Ishtar was the character who pushed me to start fe4 so I'm gunning for her and Lene's sword will be nice on defensive reds like Draug and Hinata, kinda disappointed about no archanea or binding blade characters but hey there's always next time
  9. New Legendary Hero: Lyn, Lady of the Wind

    Well think of it this way, even though from narrative perspective they are essentially the same they've always been portrayed slightly different in supports based on their gender, and during both CYL campaigns nobody raised an issue with either robin or corrin being featured in their respective gender poll because they both have different appeal in contrast to folks like Marth and Ike.There is nothing wrong with Lyn or any of the prior characters receiving alternate versions of themselves since the true issue would be IS not spacing out these units appropriately, causing many characters to face the ire of the general fanbase
  10. New Legendary Hero: Lyn, Lady of the Wind

    I guess it sorta annoyed me since neither Hinoka or Eirika had alts before and they got blasted even though with gleipnir and kinshi mounts being in the game it's more probable to put the characters who were "snubbed" in the heroes. Alts being on the legendary banner isn't a shock it's just why her out of everyone surely she isn't the only character associated to wind or the only protagonist with the potential to be an archer. I agree that if it were a regular the anger would've soared higher than it already was and I apologize for assuming based off serenes and calling it a double standard when I should've taken into account the fanbase at large especially the poor folks on reddit
  11. New Legendary Hero: Lyn, Lady of the Wind

    I'm honestly not upset by this since we knew that Lyn was going to be a legendary hero once we realized they were following the in game affinities for each character, should they have waited to release most definitely but I'm not angry, that being said not a fan of the double standard of Hinoka and Eirika getting blasted for "stealing the spot" of a character while everything with Lyn is tame in comparison. All things considered this confirms for me that canon promotions of each lord are going on these banners so I expect another salt wave again when great lord Chrom comes or grandmaster Robin.
  12. Ya know I'm pleased with this banner because even though I'm not much of a fan of shigure those who are can finally have him in the summoning pool and have a better chance at getting him eventually then dealing with stacked odds on a legendary banner same goes for Kana being added since they can be around their counterpart Morgan. Kishi Knight Hinoka is great from her art to the chibi though those who are actual fans of reina have my condolences she'll come eventually though, and we can finally have the christmas ninjas now. Probably will go for Hinoka and Kana, quick aside does anyone else think the anger with each banner is steadily increasing it feels almost excessive at this point
  13. Say something nice about your least favorite character

    It's not but it is something that's nice about Celica