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  1. Tara Platt: She's been one of my favorite voice actors after hearing her in persona 3 and awakening and I would love if she were able to voice another character aside from Miriel someone like Elice or Karla would fit her voice incredibly well. Johnny Yong Bosch: He could definitely fit for a myriad of characters and I'd love to see his take on one of the the remaining mercenaries/myrmidons preferably Guy because the idea of that happening would be really amusing Antony Del Rio: His voice really fits adolescent or young characters he could definitely characters like Wolt or Lugh justice, Sain could also work since I think he's voice could present his persona as a flirt quite well
  2. New Heroes: Those who Have fallen

    This makes me curious if female robin will ever join the summoning pool or what the corrin's will receive in the coming year lord knows they're are a lot of costume ideas can be taken from nohr and hoshido or even valla
  3. New Heroes: Those who Have fallen

    I know it's just an educated guess since we've only had 4 variants of heroes so far but I fully expect them to exceed at some point with lucina,lyn, or camilla at some point. Admittedly the excitement is taking over me
  4. New Heroes: Those who Have fallen

    Ok now that I'm a tiny bit calmer I think this confirms that the avatars will have 4 variants between each gender so both corrin and robin will have eight variants
  5. New Heroes: Those who Have fallen

    Ok I'm so happy about Grima!Robin and Hardin finally coming to heroes as well as ghb conquest takumi I'm hyped ladies and gentlemen
  6. I call fae chickadee since she's pretty much a hatchling in dragon years Tiki is usually referred to as Teekers Hinoka goes by either Noka or Nokia because of the guard naginata Marth is bishounen and Minerva is Legretta because va jokes
  7. Who really needs a Weapon Refinery upgrade?

    If you don't mind me asking why do you think Ike needs a refine he's more solid than most of the sword characters currently present in red
  8. Who really needs a Weapon Refinery upgrade?

    I would assume that it would justify the GHB characters considering that Zephiel also received one in the most recent update. As far my as list goes it would be Navarre, Sophia, Oboro, Shanna, Narcian, Lilina, Athena, and the Awakening/SD Christmas cavaliers.
  9. Tempest Trials: Breath of Destiny!

    Man the last few trials have had pretty god intros for the event this is probably my favorite yet, though Im probably done for the time being after grinding up for to the point threshold for enough sacred coins for Drive Def 2 and five star Dapperwood.
  10. Honestly I just want the askr trio to get something since they're as much a focus as the returning characters whether it be refined weapons,seasonals, or potential promotions I'll be satisfied though a new game mode would be nice. That being said I want to delay the inevitable with CYL results this time around, because someone is gonna wind up angry no matter who gets second for guys and if Camilla is the victor people are gonna have more pointless debates that always devolve into arguments over her boobs and generalizing everyone who likes her.
  11. Old units getting unique weapons

    I'd love for Hinata,Oboro, and Niles to receive refinement buffs since these are all units prioritized for the usefulness as fodder instead of their capabilities as units.I think a good way to make them viable would give them weapons that work with their statline or carve out a niche for them like giving Niles the shining bow which he can use effectively to target low res melee units would let him stand out among other archers, Oboro receiving the Waterwheel and Hinata receiving his namesake katana could also do wonders for them because both are defensive monsters but lack a good reason for such heavy investment with the abundance of good infantry lancers and swords.
  12. I'm honestly convinced that I can't pull most of the 4* archers since I'm still missing rebecca,jeorge,and leon along with their fellow common characters merric and lucius being nowhere to be seen in my barracks. For the 5* pool I'm waiting with bated breath when Lyn, Ninian, Elise, or Leo is summoned to complete Elibe and Nohrian royal emblem respectively, rng is a cruel mistress.
  13. Weapon Refinery Update for February 7th

    I'm extremely that Caeda and the falchion users are getting refinements moreso Caeda because her weapon can offset her weak attack stat and let her carve out a niche as a decent alternative to those who can't pull elincia. My only hope for refined falchion is that it isn't too extreme in counteracting the dragons because dragon users finally got a chance to be a legitimate emblem team. I don't think Felicia's plate will operate will operate like the refined breath weapons, I think in order to simulate the effect from fates a portion of her res will be added her attack stat, alleviating her low attack problem but not ruining her current niche.
  14. Dawn of the Final day my hopes and prayers that Marth gets 2nd and that robin stays high but here's hoping my other characters get something down the line like seasonals or "braves".