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  1. You missed one category: Waifu/Husbando
  2. Rather than the 30 minute wait between battles, I wish they would just give you a set amount of battles you can fight in a day. I don't have cell phone service where I work and I don't text and drive so I am behind at least 12 hours every day making the wait between battles longer would make the limited time many of us have to play even worse. I'm sure many people who work have the same problem.
  3. To Team Cerche: Well this is vexing, right Minerva? Minerva! Minerva? Hey Minerva are you winning? Minerva? Minerva? Vote Cerche! The only character obsessed with another character in the polls!
  4. Started developing Cherche, and she has the best dialogue. I forgot her wyvern is named Minerva. Instead, I thought she was talking about the character Minerva, which made everything she said hilarious. "See, Minerva, this is the value of hard work." Super passive aggressive in this content. Also, shouting out some other character's name during combat, never gets old.
  5. This is how I feel with every summon.