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  1. New Event: Grand Conquests

    Was there a way to review the results of the previous day? I don't remember seeing anything like this, it would have been nice to review what I did wrong. Also, did anyone else get messed up by the enemy having the same character? An enemy Lucina defeated my Lucina and moved into the same spot. I don't have the combat animation on, so it just looked like the enemy Lucina disappeared and mine lost some health, I kept wondering why I couldn't move her :P
  2. Are FEH's later maps unfair

    It's more a a pet peeve than a complaint. No reason to be so angry. I agree with you on the difficulty levels, it's an investment to beat Lunatic, some are willing, some are not. It's great that you finished Minerva's mission with Healers. You are one of those that has chosen to invest heavily in this game, and thus you see things from your perspective. I am more casual so I see it from a different perspective, but still enjoy the game. I do disagree that to properly challenge someone in a strategy game you must create new obstacles and break the rules. Chess is a good example, the core mechanics have remained the same for hundreds of years. If suddenly I said my bishops can now move horizontally across the board, that would be unfair to a lot of people. Some people might welcome the change, a good example of this is 3D chess. We are arguing from two different views. No hard feelings.
  3. Are FEH's later maps unfair

    I don't think it's that unfair but can be seen that way and is a big pet peeve of mine. I dislike it when a game has to break its core mechanics to provide a challenge. I call this the 8 bit Nintendo Boss Cheat. When you were playing an old Nintendo game and you built up an elaborate set of moves and abilities that you used to beat the level. When you finally got to the boss you might have thought to yourself, hey I'm going to use this super cool move on the boss. So you execute the move flawlessly, but surprise they are immune to everything but your basic attack. The game basically had a set of rules and then threw them all away to artificially create a challenge. The latest bound heroes map is a good example of this. A bunch of flyers, I should use Archers. Oh, they have a skill that makes them immune to archers. This I think breaks the core mechanics of FEH. It's a rock-paper-scissor game. Every unit has its counter. The exceptions irk me. Archers beat flyers, except when they don't. Swords beat axes, except when they don't. Cecilia is the queen of blasting colorless, except when she can't. You can see how the exceptions start to take over the game. A special ability had to be made to break the rules and add an artificial challenge. I say artificial because if the map stayed within the rules this map probably would have been a lot easier, almost not a challenge. So did they redesign or just put in a Deus Ex Machina. Yeah, they went with the latter. I dunno it's kind of like saying you can beat Kasprov in chess, because you knock all his pieces down and hit him in the face. Hey, it made chess more challenging for him.
  4. Are FEH's later maps unfair

    I think it depends. If you are a casual player like me, who wants to pick the game up and put it down in like 10-30 minutes. Yes, the maps are getting unfair. It seems like you need a certain character with a certain skill set, spend hours finding the correct strategy, or spend hundreds getting uber-characters. With each new map, movement seems more and more restrictive. I figure there will be a time when the map is just one large, one square wide hallway with level 40+40 Reinhardts with 50 speed and 100 defense/resistance, supported by Quad, Bride Cordelias with Iote's shield and +200 speed. If you are not a casual player then the maps seem very fair. Either you have every character at 40+10 or you like spending your time finding that perfect strategy. Then the maps would be fair. So there isn't going to be a clear consensus. But I tend to agree that the maps are more unfair, because I just want to pick up and put down the game at my leisure. I can understand other people who have the opposite reaction, because hey it's their choice what to do with their time and resources.
  5. Whaling

    In my neck of the woods 40 McNuggets cost about $10. So at 25 cents each, you could get about 30,000 McNuggets or about 8.79 million calories. I don't know people might be better off buying the orbs. But that Szechaun sauce tho...
  6. Boon Bane Display

    That would be really nice. Just something so you don't have to remember to record boons and banes before you level up a character. For instance I was leveling up Tana and then I got a second TANA, but I didn't remember what the first Tana's boon was. So I haven't merged them.
  7. Boon Bane Display

    I'm hoping that the developers add a boon bane display to each character's page. Something that would let the player know right away that a character is ATK+/RES- or whatever combination. That would make merging and leveling up characters that much more pleasant. Right now you can get that information from the web, but I just think it would be a time saving stat. Also, my memory isn't that great anymore so yeah I forget who is what.
  8. Bayonetta would seem like a perfect fit.
  9. Tempest Trials: Twilight of the Gods Edition!

    Holy Crap, I thought they were adding Bayonetta to Heroes!!
  10. The developers did a great job with the last updates. There were many interface updates, that got rid of a lot of the tedium in the game. The refresh button for the trials was just great. Also, I appreciate that we can now go back and re-read the level 40 dialogue for our characters. All in all a great update for the user interface.
  11. Special Heroes - Nohrian Summer

    So what a minute F!Corrin is a dragon and she is riding a Wyvern (Dragon). So you got a dragon on a dragon!? That's some Xzibit sh** right there!
  12. Orb Summoning Strategy

    Got it, throw stuff at my phone and then pick.
  13. Just wondering if anyone had a different strategy for using their orbs for summoning. Normally people save up 20 orbs and then spend them all, because this is the most economical. Today, I got 20 orbs and planned on getting Sonya from the new banner. I got one green orb, two red, and two colorless. The green orb was a three star Barst (Damn you Barst!) Instead of spending the rest, I backed out. The appearance rate stayed at 3%, so maybe this is not the best method, but it would lead to more chances for a specific character. Thoughts or other ways to spend orbs on summoning.
  14. Superstitious Summoning

    I incorrectly believe that the first orb I pick has the best chance of a five star character. So I pick the color I need most.
  15. Voting Gauntlet: War of the Clerics

    I am in Team Elise. She was my first five star healer and first 40+ character. She also was a work horse for me during the temple trails. With her mobility, self heal, and surprisingly high attack, Elise can fight and support.