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  1. Holy Crap, I thought they were adding Bayonetta to Heroes!!
  2. The developers did a great job with the last updates. There were many interface updates, that got rid of a lot of the tedium in the game. The refresh button for the trials was just great. Also, I appreciate that we can now go back and re-read the level 40 dialogue for our characters. All in all a great update for the user interface.
  3. So what a minute F!Corrin is a dragon and she is riding a Wyvern (Dragon). So you got a dragon on a dragon!? That's some Xzibit sh** right there!
  4. Got it, throw stuff at my phone and then pick.
  5. Just wondering if anyone had a different strategy for using their orbs for summoning. Normally people save up 20 orbs and then spend them all, because this is the most economical. Today, I got 20 orbs and planned on getting Sonya from the new banner. I got one green orb, two red, and two colorless. The green orb was a three star Barst (Damn you Barst!) Instead of spending the rest, I backed out. The appearance rate stayed at 3%, so maybe this is not the best method, but it would lead to more chances for a specific character. Thoughts or other ways to spend orbs on summoning.
  6. I incorrectly believe that the first orb I pick has the best chance of a five star character. So I pick the color I need most.
  7. I am in Team Elise. She was my first five star healer and first 40+ character. She also was a work horse for me during the temple trails. With her mobility, self heal, and surprisingly high attack, Elise can fight and support.
  8. You missed one category: Waifu/Husbando
  9. Rather than the 30 minute wait between battles, I wish they would just give you a set amount of battles you can fight in a day. I don't have cell phone service where I work and I don't text and drive so I am behind at least 12 hours every day making the wait between battles longer would make the limited time many of us have to play even worse. I'm sure many people who work have the same problem.
  10. To Team Cerche: Well this is vexing, right Minerva? Minerva! Minerva? Hey Minerva are you winning? Minerva? Minerva? Vote Cerche! The only character obsessed with another character in the polls!
  11. Started developing Cherche, and she has the best dialogue. I forgot her wyvern is named Minerva. Instead, I thought she was talking about the character Minerva, which made everything she said hilarious. "See, Minerva, this is the value of hard work." Super passive aggressive in this content. Also, shouting out some other character's name during combat, never gets old.
  12. This is how I feel with every summon.