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  1. Staff of Ages (Version 2.1 is here!)

    I really enjoy the changes made so far, and I'm really looking forward to the finished product. In particular, I really enjoy the story. More so than even the main Fire Emblem series, SoA does a great job addressing the subjective nature of war and in creating great anti-villains. Seneca is far greater than just about anything IS has done, especially the first part of Radiant Dawn. What I'm anxious for is seeing how you handle Oberon. It seems like it will be really easy to get him wrong. You do a great job with gray villains so far, so I hope that you are able to keep him above the normal "evil for the lulz!" attitude that many FE villains have. As a minor critique, it would be nice to see the hexing rod curable with a restore staff. In order to give it some more power, increase its usage to three, along with its hit rate. Therefore, a staff wielder could use it to fell tanks, but not ruin a tank for the rest of the chapter. I further hope that it might be possible to do the branching paths simultaneously, akin to Radiant Dawn and Echoes. Then players could take up the job of rationing characters between the two different parties. I always thought that FE Sacred Stones would have been better for the simultaneous Erika and Ephraim paths. That said, I do understand if this is asking for too much. If the paths are not simultaneous, it would be cool if you had to fight the character that you did not choose. For example, if I choose Sawyer, then perhaps Owen under the orders of Federica gets possessed or just goes full on Bramimond. He seeks out order and peace, whereas Sawyer seeks out radical freedoms, perhaps even destroying the monarchy itself after becoming so disillusioned with how the monarchy can so easily be manipulated to serve personal ends. If something along these lines is done, then SoA will also blow FE Fates completely out of the water. It is also cool how the situational dialogue works so far. It is definitely unique and adds a lot to chapters in ways that normal supports might not. Especially if you decide to go with cannon paired endings (i.e. Belle and Charles, Owen and Oona, etc.) then a bit more fleshed out talking options might be a good way to explore certain relationships more in depth as opposed to covering a lot of interactions in a shallow manner. As for everything else, the unit design is amazing, the reliance on theft for resources (and a good thief unit for this purpose) is clever and interesting, maps require forethought and strategy, and overall I cannot praise this enough. This really seems not only professionally done, but a masterpiece of turn based strategy. Keep up the great work, and I'll continue checking teh site daily for the release of part 2.