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  1. How many 5 star units do you have?

    The amount of 5 stars that I've gotten since my last update hasn't increased that significantly because once again the majority of my 5 stars have been repeats or used for skill inheritance. Regardless I am happy with my unit library because 86 unique 5 star units is quite a large array of characters.
  2. Bound Hero Battle: Distant Blade (Tana & Amelia)

    I finally had to resort to Reinhardt and a brave bow user to beat this one. Those armoured units have way too much defence for Ike to wall them like he normally does. So in the end I beat it with Reinhardt +Atk, -Def, Celica +Hp, -Def, +1 Azura and, Leon +Atk, -Spd. There were some very specific things with Reinhardt and Celica that needed to be done so they could effectively one round the army of armoured knights that kept coming. While Leon with Azura killed all the fliers very quickly.
  3. How many 5 star units do you have?

    It's been over a month since my last update and most of the 5 stars that I obtained during that time was repeats that I used for skill inheritance. For example a second brave Ike and hector. I am happy with most of the units that I got in this time even with some pretty bad IVs. Regardless I'm currently sitting at 81 5 star units.
  4. How many 5 star units do you have?

    Well with the performing arts banner and the genealogy banner ending it's time to update this again. I'm sitting at 73 5 stars at the moment however there have been a few 5 stars that I've either upgraded or summoned who were immediately used for fodder. I'm happy with the units that i got since my last update especially Elincia despite the bad IVs.
  5. Grand Hero Battle Before Dawn: Ursula

    I kinda blew this map up with Hector, Julia and the Black Knight. The Black knight vantaged most of the map while Julia killed Ursula and Hector killed one dagger user. All in all a fairly simple one though I was using some pretty busted units.
  6. Grand Hero Battle Arvis

    I beat infernal with a team of Ike, Hector, Julia and Lilina. That was a bit of a challenge beating it without a dancer but it only involved killing everything as they attacked. Lilina had Red tomebreaker to kill the red tome users and because mine was -speed I needed a speed + seal to double the armoured units. Took a few tries to manage to find a team that allowed me to kill things on the counter.
  7. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    I'd like to see more actual radiant dawn characters in the game it's nice to see Tellius getting more representation in the game though. Seeing the dawn brigade would be nice, Maybe the god of radiant dawn himself Haar. However i don't know think they would keep true to how horribly busted he is in that game. Though it would be better for them to put in some more Thracia characters. I kinda want to see what they are like because I've never played that one.
  8. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    I guess thani would make sense as her weapon but I'd prefer rexaura for that ridiculous animation that it had, not sure what effects to give it though.
  9. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Thought so. I realized somehow I didn't put in any extra stats in her total either. *Radiant dawn Spoilers*
  10. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    As fun as it would be to have Micaiah with her average stats that may slightly break the game. If we look at her max possible stats and make them more in line with heroes. Hp:34 Atk:36 Spd:26 Def:15 Res:36. I'm not sure how similar this is to other characters but It's probably quite similar to someone. Maybe a bit more speed but this could work.
  11. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Well the powercreep continues. Sigurd seems pretty busted against mages looking at his skills. RIP Seliph and his Tyrfing.
  12. Voting Gauntlet: The Blood of Dragons!

    I already got the victory feathers from Ninian the results are already in.
  13. Bound Hero Battle: The Ladies of Macedon

    So I managed to beat it with Ryoma, Klein, Raven and azura. It took a while to get the positioning right on infernal with how the AI decided to move but I managed to beat all the difficulties in the end.
  14. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    I get a similar result with a raven, triangle adept, bow breaker Cecilia against brave Lyn. But she's specialized for that and there's builds to counter it including the firesweep bow. Thankfully it's locked behind a 5 star but it's still terrifying to see when you do.
  15. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    Man that's actually quite impressive especially given that it's not attached to an emblem team. But that would definitely help running a mono colour team with defensive stats like that basically nothing can kill them even with some of the more powerful specials. Though if the black knight had higher merge potential he could be a problem because eclipse (Black Luna) is ridiculous.