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  1. How many 5 star units do you have?

    It's been a while sine I've updated this. Since my last update I have obtained 16 new 5 star units which leaves me at 148 Unique 5 stars.
  2. New Legendary Hero: Lyn, Lady of the Wind

    I managed a +Spd Lyn on my free summon and I beat every difficulty on the legendary map on the first attempt. Robin's map was much harder in my opinion as Vanguard Ike kills so much on this map. As for Lyn I really don't know what to do with her because I also really want speed tactic for my Tactics team.
  3. How many 5 star units do you have?

    It's been a while since my last update but I've now gotten 133 5 star Units. Most of the units since the last time were either upgraded for fodder, used for fodder or merged into previous units.
  4. Bound Hero Battle: The Divine (Tiki & Nowi)

    I had Roy with his new refine cheese this map. He fought and killed everything but the blue mage. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. For Lunatic I had a dancer get Roy onto the one free defensive tile and just tank everything there.
  5. Voting Gauntlet: Bunny Battle Ballot!

    If anyone in team Catria wants to add me my ID is 9426556667 I currently have an Elincia as my lead unit but I can change it If anyone want's.
  6. Yeah Raven makes for quite the glass cannon, when I get the chance I want to try a Galeforce heavy blade set. As for the tactic skills they are quite interesting to use as they can give quite a bit more flexibility over the positioning of the units compared to the hones. Just hoping that speed tactic comes out soon and that I can get it to finish this team.
  7. So i finally decided to join in this discussion with this robin battle. I beat it with my tactics team consisting of+1 Vanguard Ike (+Atk, -Res),+2 L'arachel (+Def, -Hp), Raven (+Spd, -Hp) New Years Azura (+Def, -Spd)
  8. Bound Hero Battle: The Shepherds (Chrom & Lissa)

    I think just about everything cheeses this map from the sound of it. Using my tactics team I beat it on my first try. everything basically ran into Vanguard Ike then died with the clerics and Chrom being picked off afterwards.
  9. Next grand hero battle: Zephiel

    Well I found this one to be surprisingly simple despite Zephiel's ridiculous Hp. I beat Infernal on my first try with vanguard Ike, new years Azura, Soren and Reinhardt. I probably could have used Micaiah instead of rein though.
  10. How many 5 star units do you have?

    I'm updating this again because I have been incredibly lucky as of late (except with IVs). Even with the 175 orbs that I bought for the legendary banner I pulled 13 5 star units. Not all unique ones but 13 in total. With this in mind I'm now sitting at a total of 124 unique 5 star units.
  11. A Hero Rises - WINNER ANNOUNCED

    On mine it says we'll make sure all player have an opportunity to get Ike. It still mentions the xenologue on the website.
  12. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    SO unsurprisingly vanguard Ike won the vote. Can't say I'm disappointed.