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  1. New banner revealed: World of Radiance!

    For anyone still wondering about Ike/Titania being immune. All these new story chapters are played a bit differently from the others (as I recall?). When you tap and the confirmation window pops up, the mission requirements show up as well. Most of the time is just staying alive a set number of turns, with enemy reinforcements, since Ike and Titania have seals that negates all damage. But it's not permanent, so in the latest chapter you can actually attack them, and have to clear the map in a certain number of turns (six). It's fine to have more variety than killing everything that moves.
  2. "Ask Fire Emblem Heroes Questions and Get Them Answered Here" Thread

    Personally what I do when I want to level up quickly I go on strats that are a little higher than the hero and know they can clear it with proper support (dancer/buff/heals). However, what I do when I want to get more SP energy-wise, I run them on strats that are 4 levels lower at max. That way the unit still gets 3 SP per enemy defeated, but since its level is higher, it gains less experience and slows down your progress on the tower, which is a good thing because lower stratums=less energy. On the long way this allow you to do the SP farming you do at the higher strats with lvl 40 units but wasting less energy. That's what I do, I don't know if there is a better way.
  3. "Ask Fire Emblem Heroes Questions and Get Them Answered Here" Thread

    Pulled a +ATK -DEF Reinhardt so I think it's time to have a proper mage on the team (currently Lucina/Olivia/Sharena/Takumi). The thing is what to build with him. My thoughts: A: Death Blow 2 (I can promote to have a 3 version but I think the difference isn't worth?). B: He has Lancebreaker 1. I heard that Riposte works well too, but idk what's better. C: I don't have another horse on the team so either Spur ATK or anything else. Wouldn't Wary Fighter go well with him? He will never double anyone but Dire Thunder let's him attack twice. And if he's attacked twice is dead meat. Never saw it mentioned. I can promote up to two Reinhardts to merge, although I want to be sure he can be a good unit on the team (outside Horse Emblem). Also, I pulled two Nowis both +SPD, one -DEF and the other -RES. I'm leveling the later since apparently she should be a frontliner, although that way she suffers a bit more against mages. Or is the -DEF one better? What should I do with the remaining Nowi, merging her or using her as skill fodder? I have a Y!Tiki that maybe could use that ranged counterattack, although the red spot is already taken by Lucina. However I could promote the A!Tiki for that, so... For the build, I researched a bit and apparently she goes well with this but I'd like opinions. A: Triangle adept? (I guess she'll eat dirt against greens anyway. Outside Lucina I don't have anything to counter Julia) B: Swordbreaker (but Lucina/Rein could take care of the reds) / Riposte / Lancebreaker (instead of Rein, to clear Lucina counters) C: Threaten Res
  4. "Ask Fire Emblem Heroes Questions and Get Them Answered Here" Thread

    I pulled two Nowis, both +SPD although one has -DEF and the another -RES. I guess it's better the -RES one? EDIT: Adittional question: what do the white numbers that appear at the end of the battles (at least on practice tower) mean? I think it must have something to do with EXP but.
  5. "Ask Fire Emblem Heroes Questions and Get Them Answered Here" Thread

    Just pulled 5* Sheena. Is she good for anything in special besides tanking? Besides her I have 4* Draug and Gwendolyn but I don't see myself running armored units on arena. Also, sorry for the wrong answer earlier today.
  6. "Ask Fire Emblem Heroes Questions and Get Them Answered Here" Thread

    If they didn't change anything except the quantity, 99 is the max, so it will restore up to 99. So the optimal thing to do is restore stamina when you have 0.
  7. "Ask Fire Emblem Heroes Questions and Get Them Answered Here" Thread

    As far as I know, "Hone", "Rally", etc skills don't stack, only the highest one apply. Although they stack with "Spur" buffs and so (the ones that only are applied in combat ONLY). I discovered the first because the Hone ATK of Olivia didn't stack with Sharena Rally ATK. However I may be wrong, so if anyone can finally confirm it... Edit: found this thread, read the first reply.
  8. "Ask Fire Emblem Heroes Questions and Get Them Answered Here" Thread

    Hella! I just pulled a 5* +DEF/-RES Caeda and a 4* +SPD/-RES Reinhardt. In the first case I thought it may sinergy with Hinoka for... Flier Emblem? (I know it exists and it revolves around buffs but didn't look too much onto it) Is her good? On the second, it suddenly became a really good option for a promotion. Last week I was thinking about promoting M!Robin because I needed more ranged and magic heros for my arena team, so... how good is Reinhardt per se? Should I promote him instead of our whitehaired strategist? My current team is Takumi (looking to replace it, I feel the damage it's pretty low, although the counter+vantage has its uses), Lucina, 4* Michalis (for bonus) and 4* Olivia (testing to see if it's worth to have it).
  9. Skill Inheritance Discussion.

    Welp, since yesterday I've been trying to figure out what skills start to inherit for my arena team (that will change the next time because of the season hero) and I ended mindfucked with so many options and possibilities, so I'm very sorry to bother but I'll ask for skill counsel again and thanks in advance for your time. Current 5* and most of 4* roster. First thing, my current team is composed by: Takumi +SPD/-DEF Lucina +SPD/-HP Camilla +DEF/-RES and Ursula 4* for teh mageeks and bonus points. Otherwise, I have a Sharena 5* that could fit her place perfectly, although it would be a full physical team. I suppose that Spring Xander and Michalis will be bonus heroes on the next season, so I either replace Camilla with the latest (4*) or I incluse the carrot knight, although I heard he's not good at all. In the case of Michalis I was thinking on inherit a 3* Arthur skills, Emerald Axe, Lancebreaker 1 and Swap. Any opinions, if it's better than Xander? I also have a +DEF/-HP Hinoka lying around that has Hone Fliers and I thought that maybe it would be a good pair with Camilla/Michalis. Is it? Anyway, not counting a Vantage 2 on Takumi and SwordB 1 on Sharena, I didn't start yet to inherit stuff because I'm trying to get a grasp on what the best combinations are to not waste heroes, rushing without the proper knowledge. The other problem is having limited magic options (Y!Tiki, 4* Tharja, 4* Corrin, and a 3* Robin M), although I have 22.000 feathers and could upgrade someone for that (shame I got a Nino with bad boon/bane). I think it would be good idea giving my former team (second paragraph) or the possible replacements (third/fourth) reposition assist skills like Draw Back, Swap, etc. but I don't know exactly which one or to whom. I figure it would be something like letting your ranged hero attack, then taking him out of danger by replacing it or acting as a shield, but I can't make up my mind about so many options (more so considering I may be choosing something stupid). tl;dr asking the questions of the third and last paragraph and suggestions on teamcomp and skill inherit for either the one you suggest or Camilla/Lucina/Sharena/Takumi.
  10. "Ask Fire Emblem Heroes Questions and Get Them Answered Here" Thread

    There's then any recommendation on the assist skill? I'm still pretty newbie at the advanced arena tactics but I usually feel in need of some movement skills to reposition heroes after they killed an enemy, because they usually end killed as well by other foes. If Ardent Sacrifice is good for her anyways I don't mind slapping it on her. And thanks for the skill thread, it's pretty useful.
  11. "Ask Fire Emblem Heroes Questions and Get Them Answered Here" Thread

    @eclipse @DehNutCase Alrighty, thanks, I always saw people saying stuff about the stats and battles and never figured how they made it look so easy. Anyway, I don't know if this goes here or in the "Not sure what skill to inherit" thread but I found the Desperado build for Lucina on the wiki and wanted to ask for thoughts, since I have the correct IVs (+SPD/-HP). It's based on inheriting Ardent Sacrifice, Moonbow, Fury 3, Desperation 3 and Threaten SPD 3 and I'll quote the explanation.
  12. "Ask Fire Emblem Heroes Questions and Get Them Answered Here" Thread

    How do you all make all these calculations?
  13. "Ask Fire Emblem Heroes Questions and Get Them Answered Here" Thread

    Sadly the only magic options are Y!Tiki and a 4* Tharja, but that place is already taken by Lucina. There's also that mentioned 4* Corrin (F) and the downgraded Robin (M). It would be cool to have a Nino or something. Edit: well I technically have 4* Ursula too but I don't consider her because I think her stats/utility aren't anything great, correct me if I'm wrong. There's also the fact that Hinoka can buff +6 ATK/SPD on Camilla, which has 27 SPD and a buff of +6 when attacking with her Brave Axe+, which would end in 39 SPD in the player's turn and 33 every turn she glues to Hinoka. Seems pretty cool but there's something telling me it is not as good as it seems (and the magic user issue would remain, with Takumi and Lucina being the best options I have for their respective positions).
  14. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Yeah, after making the calculations of the total feather cost it totally must be an overkill unit. Maybe it's still worth with a Brave Bow, Life and Death 2, etc? Anyway, I liked a lot your detailed explanation of Setsuna, thanks for it.
  15. "Ask Fire Emblem Heroes Questions and Get Them Answered Here" Thread

    I'll add that I have a completely neutral 4* Corrin (F) but I don't think it wil be better than the Robin which, my bad for not being specific, is male. I didn't start yet to look on skill inheritance since I have yet to read more about it and the most common (and best) options for the characters.